August 30th, 2000

Whole lot of new stuff today so I won't mess around:

Added the eBook version of the steamy Brush with the Law by Jaden

Do You Know By Kristien Damon (a.k.a. Lawlsfan)

Drama/Alt - Gabrielle's thoughts during the cell scene in Ides of March.

Mr. Turnip Head Rides Again By Kristien Damon (a.k.a. Lawlsfan)

Drama/Gen - Xena finds herself lost in a childhood memory about a certain toy and special friendship.

It's In The Subtext, Gabrielle By Kristien Damon (a.k.a. Lawlsfan)

Comedy/Alt: Gabrielle goes home to take care of her ailing mother and shares some subtext filled correspondence with the warrior princess.

Added part 14 of Carrie's AJ's Fresh from the Road Kill Cafe

And now for the Xena: Warrior Poodle <yes you read correctly!> series by Katrinna Pint...

Xena: Warrior Poodle

Xena is reincarnated as a black poodle. She soon learns that her companion is really Gabrielle and together they take on an intruder.

Xena: Warrior Poodle, Poodle To The Rescue

Gabbi is dognapped by a lab for experiments. Xena must come to her rescue, while Gabbi works to escape with a little help.

Xena: Warrior Poodle, Romancing The Poodle

Xena meets a love from her past at a dog show, as well as an enemy. Together, they must work to save the day.

Xena: Warrior Poodle, Poodle In The Dell

Xena and Gabbi go to the farm and meet a calf they knew in a prior life. They romp around the barnyard and foil a late night caper.


Isn't Life Hard Enough? by Ellie Maziekien



August 28th, 2000

We have the most recent addition to Carole Giorgio's Xena and Gabrielle series.


A new one by Barbara Davies A Prior Engagement (aka Return of the Hellcat)

Sequel to 'In Contention' Deputy Zee Brodie comes back to Contention with more than retrieving her horses on her mind ...

Added part 4 of Talaran's The Darkest Hour

Added parts 10 and 11 of The Vampire Hunter: Return of the Prodigal by JP [über/unfinished]

A new update for the very funny story, Fresh from the Roadkill Cafe by Carrie's AJ

Added part 13

Added part 7 and part 8 of Culture Clash by Malaurie Barber

Updated the Ultimate Uber List by EM

Another eBook sent by Lida. This one is For the Love of Miss Bard by Crow



August 27th, 2000

Added the 5th entry in the Xena and Gabrielle series by Carole Giorgio

A Royal Proposal

Added part 5 of Undeniable by KM


Defenseless by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Xena's Ballad for Gabrielle by Kristabella

Gabrielle's Ballad for Xena by Kristabella



August 25th, 2000

Added a revised version of Just the Beginning by Lena

Added the 3rd and 4th stories in Carole Giorgio's wonderful Xena and Gabrielle series

Our Village - Our Home

To Challenge the Queen


August 24th, 2000

First a note:

The first editions of True Colors and Darkness Before the Dawn with covers made by Cie are being redone. If you want to own one of your very own, you'll probably need to go to RAP Books and order one soon, before they are all gone!

Added the beta version of Culture Clash by Malaurie Barber

chapter 7

We have another new bard to the Academy. Please join me in welcoming Mavis Applewater to the site. She has a three parter [X&G/alt/finished] to offer.

The Legend of Faith - What if Gabrielle had a second child by Dahak? Takes place post season five. A three part series. Added all three parts.

Added the second in Carol Giorgio's on-going Xena and Gabrielle series [most definitely alt!]

What a Difference a Day Makes

Added the eBook version of All in the Family by Sarkel


August 23rd, 2000

We have one new story and a ton of updates!

First the story is a X & G story:

A Place to Heal by Carole Giorgio

A Place to Heal begins a few days after the episode 'Motherhood' ends. There are still questions needing to be answered as to why Xena found it necessary to throw the chakram at Gabrielle ~~ their relationship is definitely suffering the consequences of the warrior's actions. As Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve head toward the Amazon Village the answers are found in a most unusual of settings and a romantic reunion ensues.

Added part 18 of Blonde Bard's latest, Redemption Song

Added part 2 of Lena's new story, The Honeymoon

A new update for the hilarious story, Fresh from the Roadkill Cafe by Carrie's AJ

Added part 12

And another update, added part 2 and part 3 of Vertigo's Reece's Faith

And last, but certainly not least. I am adding part 40 of the wonderful story by Jenah titled "Our Reunion." It is a bit unusual to start posting a story nearing the end, but I think I finally wore her down and she is allowing me to post it on the Academy. We will be getting the complete story eventually but we have opted to wait on the edited version of the story when it is done. We'll just post the remainder of the story here for now. In the meantime, always remember that you can get the rest of the story at Wolfie's or MaryD's sites if you want it.


Insomniac's Dirge by Terri Lyn Stansfield

The Raging Battle Within by Harley


August 22nd, 2000

Here is the sequel [unfinished] to the highly recommended story from yesterday, Laguna Nights.

Sedona Rain by Carole Giorgio

Alex and Samantha have affirmed their love for each other, each with an inner feeling that this may not be the first lifetime they have spent together, yet one of them is still battling the validity of reincarnation. Each has been given the gift of the other; neither understanding just how intricately they are connected.

Sometimes it only takes a little rain to start you down the path to reawakening old beliefs.

added parts 1 through 9

Lida has been very busy. Today we have the eBook version of The Apartment by Lena. Lena also wanted for me to let you guys know she has her own home page now at She has all her own fanfic on the site called "Guilty Pleasures" and she would live everyone to sign her guest book. She also said we can continue to look forward to more stories here on the Academy site.


Fantasy Love by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Until There Was You by Terri Lyn Stanfield





August 21st, 2000

I have a really good story for you guys today! I am sure most of you have read it, but if not, it is a "DO NOT MISS" story!

Laguna Nights by Carole Giorgio

Alexis Dorian may have been born with a silver spoon in her beautiful mouth, but that doesn't guarantee success in her love life. Just as she is about to give up on the hope of ever finding her elusive soulmate, Samantha Riley materializes one summer's evening, right before her eyes, on her private beach in Laguna, California. The vivacious blonde catches the eye and then captures the heart of the solemn raven-haired executive. Drawn together by a force neither can explain, they follow their instincts, as their immortal souls reunite.


August 19th, 2000

I love all the new people joining the Academy. Here's another one:

From the Heart by angelrum

Short vignette about a woman who overcomes her fear and conquers it with love. Very nice!

Added part 4 to KM's Undeniable

More eBooks compatible stories formatted by Lida Verner

Absolution by Morrig

The Blaze by ArdentTly


So This is the Empty Nest by Ellie Maziekien


August 18th, 2000

Unspoken - by loona [short uber - alt]

A stream of consciousness piece about an awful awakening: lying next to the one, she loves, but having in mind another woman from the past, the protagonist is caught on the thin line between reality and dream world...

Thanks to Lida Verner, we now have the eBook version of I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book Three:Coalescence by SX Meagher on-line. Thanks Lida!

Added parts 8 and 9 of The Vampire Hunter: Return of the Prodigal by JP [über/unfinished]


August 17th, 2000

Early Update!

The long (ok not that long <G>) awaited third part of I Found My Heart in San Francisco is here.

Book Three: Coalescence by SX Meagher has been added.


Title change:

Love is a Ballet Dancer is now titled The Life in Her Eyes by Debox


Worthy by Harley

Still Awake by Ellie Maziekien


August 16th, 2000

Extra update!

Part 8 of Handful of Heaven by the very busy Midgit is now up!

A new...and funny...story from EpTalk

Houston - We Identified the UFO

Xena gets a little restless and with some time on her hands, she decides that she can launch more than a fish into the heavens. EEEeek! She launches herself and Gabrielle into the constellations for a close look. The groups of stars called a Greek warrior, Argo.Ýbig and little bear and milky way are all confirmations of their journey.

Another new bard joins us. Welcome Katrinna with her story, Breath of Change

Xena and Gabrielle are dismayed to discover an Amazon village has been persecuted by local villagers. They assist a small group of survivors to safety, but must deal with the instigators of the assault first.

Added update to Daydreamer's Untamed Heart

added part 5


Can't Sleep by Ellie Maziekien

Transformation by Ellie Maziekien


August 15th, 2000

Another new bard has joined our little corner of the Xenaverse. Welcome Crow with For the Love of Miss Bard [alt/über/finished]

It's the first day of school for Samantha Trout, and when her mommy meets Sam's kindergarten teacher...she'll do anything for the love of Miss Bard.

added part1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

Added part 2 of Alexiares' A Centaur's Tail

Added part 7 of Love is a Ballet Dancer by Debox

Added Hardcore Nutcrackers, 2 by Nalysia

Added part 9 of the wonderful story Ligara by Midgit.

Speaking of Midgit..congratulations are in order. The Swollen Bud Awards are out again and we have several winners listed at the Academy. We would like to applaud the bards. Thank you guys for sharing your talent with us!

A Little Piece of Paradise by Midgit

Spider by Kamouraskan

Cobb Island by Advocate


August 14th, 2000

In Contention (aka The Hellcat Comes To Town) by Barbara Davies [Alt/ Über/ Western]

Deputy Zee Brodie's task seemed simple enough: to escort her prisoner onto the Yuma train. Then she met Miss Christie Hayes, and things got a little more complicated ...

Added the updated version of the Ultimate Über List by EM

Added parts 6 and 7 of The Vampire Hunter: Return of the Prodigal by JP [über/unfinished]



August 13th, 2000

Here is a special treat...added Lost Heart by PatsBard [über/unfinished]

Added part 5 of Troubleshooter's incredible, fantastic, <insert every good adjective here> story, Belief

Also, another one of the bards whose scrolls hold an honored place at the Academy has a book coming out! D. Jordan Redhawk's incomparable Tiopa Ki Liota is available for pre-order now. Go here if you're interested: RAP Books. It's listed under the "Yellow Rose" label.


Spirit by Harley

Would That I Could by Harley

Just a Typical Day by Harley

Long Overdue Thank You by Harley

The Fort by The Countess


August 12th, 2000

Added part 3 to KM's Undeniable

Added part 3 to Lena's The Awakening

The Honeymoon by Lena

Here is the first part of The Honeymoon. Don't read at work. It is very NC17. Afterall, it is their honeymoon.


Several submitted by Harley

I Seek

Lovers Dance

Note to Self


August 11th, 2000

No new stories today but a new addition to our site. It is called "The Muses' Sandbox." Eileen Marks of "The Ultimate Über List" fame has complied an excellent interview with popular bards about their view on their writing. It is articulate and informative. I am very happy to be hosting it at the Academy. I can't wait till next month's installment, "Who's your conqueror"!

The Muses' Sandbox

Also, one of the bards whose scrolls grace the Academy has a book coming out. Jules Kurre's Bar Girls is available for pre-order now. Go here if you're interested: RAP Books


August 10th, 2000

Uber Uberalles Ubers By ksp [über/finished]

summary pending

Added part 12 of Taught by Love by Zoe

Added chapters 4 and 5 of The Vampire Hunter: Return of the Prodigal by JP [über/unfinished]


Dark by Ellie Makiezien


August 9th, 2000

The Vampire Hunter: Return of the Prodigal by JP [über/unfinished]

Our unlikely duo of Hunter and Vampire are on the lam and on the search for a certain Master with special plans for the human race. As always a little love and romance, some fearsome fighting, and lots of help from things that go bump in the night.

added part1

Culture Clash by Malaurie Barber

added part 6


August 7th, 2000

I hope all the stories I am adding today makes up for the day off I took yesterday <g>.

Update! Trial of Conscience part 16

Read these next ones in order!

Incident at the Antiq**s and Eats Truck Stop by Cassandra and Bik

A cashier (Bri) at a truck stop meets her soulmate (Zeena), a sometime monster truck driver. She leaves her cash register and rides off with Zeena in her Mustang.

Life is a Two-Lane Highway by Cassandra and Bik

Picks up several minutes after the action of the first story. Bri realizes that she has in effect quit her job and has nowhere to go. She takes Zeena up on her offer to stay with her for now.

Destiny Rides Again by Cassandra and Bik

Things are not moving fast enough in their relationship for Bri. She thinks maybe a movie will get her slow-moving friend in the right mood. After the movie they go for a drive; eventually they stop the car and look at the stars - for a few seconds anyway.

Bri Said, Zee Said by Cassandra and Bik

Our two clueless heroines have their first real fight. But since they are soulmates, they will make up.

The Beanbag Chair Incident by Cassandra and Bik

Zeena has a great day; Bri has a so-so day. But the day ends perfectly for both of them - finishing up with pizza.


Added the revised verison of Then the Morning Comes by Chickram which combines the now deleted This Time Around and joins the two stories.



Midsummer Revelry by Ellie Maziekien

Love's Embrace by Bo Merg


August 6th, 2000

A new update from Xenamour from her story Twilight's Eve

added part IIIb


August 5th, 2000

The latest section in the new story by Carrie Carr titled Love's Journey

added part 4

Here is newest of the talked about new story by KM called Undeniable

Added part 2


August 4th, 2000

Another good cause:

Join me in's Race for the Big Cats - where you support habitat for endangered big cats by clicking your mouse! Just click: You can click once a day to generate a donation which supports habitat for endangered Tigers, Jaguars and Leopards. It's free to you! Each day you click, sponsors make a donation to the Wildlife Conservation Society's Big Cat programs, which support up to 5.2 acres of habitat.

We have even more of Talaran's sequel to Vendetta

Added part 3 of The Darkest Hour


Reflections by Carmen

Future by Carmen

The Promise of a Rainy Day by Ellie Maziekien



August 3rd, 2000

A few updated stories today:

Added part 15 of Trial of Conscience by Troubleshooter

We have more of Talaran's sequel to Vendetta

Added part 2 of The Darkest Hour

Added part 8 of Ligara by Midgit

August 2nd, 2000

Today is my anniversary so I am putting the update up early to go and spend time with my partner.

We have another new bard joining the scrolls!

Faces of Evil by ShoeX [uber/unfinished] added part 1 part2 part3 part4

When a government operative mission goes bad, Doctor Kristen Amphipolis decides to leave that life behind and use her skills as a doctor instead of a killer before she loses her soul. A week later a young woman named Rebecca Daia walks into her emergency room and her life changes forever. Just as their friendship is growing, Rebecca becomes the victim of a brutal rape. Will Kristen and Rebecca's special bond be enough to see them through the nightmare and find love in the end?


August 1st, 2000


Ligara by Midgit

added part 7

Culture Clash by Malaurie Barber

added part 5