July 31, 2000

Added part 17 of BlondeBard's Redemption Song

Another story by Chickram, this one is called Then the Morning Comes

Added part 7 of A Handful of Heaven by Midgit


A Blind Eye, A Deaf Ear by Ellie Maziekien



July 29th, 2000

A new and exciting story by a new bard, KM called Undeniable

This is a simple story centered around a law firm in which a new associate is assigned to work withİa newly made junior partner, and the growing attraction that develops between them as they work closely together, overcome past hardships, and their journey as they discover their deep feelings for each other.

Some more stories added from Heartbrkn Bard

Love Therapy [finished]

Knew It Was You [finished]

Chickram has a couple of stories today too. Both are bascially story fragments of how I wanted the window scene in "Livia" to have been shown. I felt that too many things could have been better, and needed to be touched down upon, and so this is my take on it all.

This Time Around

You Drive Me Crazy



Beth also has two additions


I Believe

July 28th, 2000

Designs of the Heart by Heartbrkn Bard

Jack reminisces about her life with Desi, the women she can't forget.

added part 1 [unfinished]


Moonrise by Ellie Maziekien (Highly suggested reading! It is a very beautiful poem!)


July 27th, 2000 part duex

The sequel to Vertigo's VERY popular story, Private Dancer, has a beginning.

Part 1 of Reece's Faith

Added part 6 of Love is a Ballet Dancer by Debox

Added part10 to A Conqueror's Harvest by ArdentTly


Mother's Love by ArdentTly

Red Meadow by ArdentTly

Troth by ArdentTly

Artistry by ArdentTly




July 27th, 2000

I have found that keeping up with this site is so very much easier than throwing a birthday party for a three year old!

Title: The Vampire Hunter: Hunting Clarion by Jp

It's an uber and it's R-rated on account of the blood and bad words. The gist...well it's a little too complicated to just say a Vampire Hunter and a Vampire meet up and butt heads, so I suggest just reading it. ;) By the by, this is just book I, there is a book 2 which is still incomplete.

Added part 3 and part 4 of of Culture Clash (the sequel to A Year in Paris) by Malaurie Barber

Added part 4 of Daydreamer's Untamed Heart





July 25th, 2000

Late breaking news! First, I mistakenly said that Taught by Love was finished. It is not, sorry about that.

Next, I have an update to Rock of Ages by Elaine L. Becker

added part 15

And another late update that will make a lot of people happy,

Part 4 of Belief by Troubleshooter

Got a great update for the on-going story by Midgit called Handful of Heaven

added part 6 [unfinished]

Zoe gives us Taught by Love [alt/uber/unfinished]

Set in America's public school system, an English teacher and Dean of Students deal with their own demons while trying to care for the students in their school. Their two hearts learn love's hard lessons.

parts 1 through 11

And Tovie, this next update is for you!

The Conclusion of Define Destiny by JM Dragon

Added the synopses for Kwipinky's submissions yesterday

Very Innteresting: A very tired Xena and Gabrielle decide to stop in a town that has a few surprises.

Vows: Herodotus brings Gabrielle home to stay; Xena considers leaving her there.

Bittersweet Banter: Xena and Gabrielle discuss Xena's inability to get a certain song out of her head.

In the Game of Love: Ares and Aphrodite talk about his future and his love for Xena.


Hegira by ArdentTly

Enigmatic Tenure by ArdentTly

dis_tense by ArdentTly

Ballad of Victory by ArdentTly




July 24th, 2000

Another new bard joins our ranks! Today we have B-Bard ...


Have an appetite for something new? Read this and find out who Xena's old friend is and how she affectsİthe lives of our favorite beauties.

Oh Avalon, My Amazon

Rhiannon, Celt and champion of Avalon tells the tale of how she met the Amazon Queen, Gabrielle and reunited with an old friend. Greek and Celtic history collide when Ephiny gets taken for a ride.

More stories from Kwipinky! I read Bittersweet Banter while I was coding it. It made me laugh..take a look! Summaries are pending on all the stories.

Bittersweet Banter


Very Innteresting

The Game of Love


More from ArdentTly

sweet deceit

She Done Him Wrong With the Girl at the Five 'n Dime

This Son of Mine

Bilateral Bliss

July 23rd, 2000

We have an update to Alexiares' story A Centaur's Tale

click here to go right to the updated section of the story


A few more by ArdentTly

...and the dawn comes slowly

Life's Chore

The Dying of the Light


July 21st, 2000

Our new Academy helper Anna has organized my mess over at the Über section and split it up into sections alphabetically. It is wonderful! If you guys get a chance to check it out and like it, drop her a note at the academy address. I think she did a fantastic job!

Our newest bard to join the Academy is Marie Gilbert who offers us an interesting Xena & Gabrielle story with a twist.

Gummy Bears by Marie Gilbert

This story is about Gabby and Xena who are in the present time and act like teens! [ General.]


Battle Fatigue by Ellie Maziekien (I think just about everyone can relate to this)

Another set of 4 by ArdentTly




was a happily bard

July 20th, 2000

Pull out the ice..got a few hot entries today.

I'd like to welcome Vertigo to the scrolls. Her story is oh so very hot! Wow, that's all I can say about it.

Private Dancer by Vertigo

part 1 through conclusion

Another hot one is the part 2 of Culture Clash (the sequel to A Year in Paris) by Malaurie Barber

Poems (even the poems are hot!)

Four entries by ArdentTly



life misspent

take a breath

July 19th, 2000

Another Chance, by Nalysia (alt)

Picking up where 'Welcome Home' left off. Xena sees that she had not been treating Gabrielle all that well and she want to change that. Will Gabrielle be willing to give her another chance?

Aphrodite's Got a Secret by Lena

Here is just a little story idea I had that was inspired by a rumor that I heard

Added part 8 and part 9 to A Conqueror's Harvest by ArdentTly


And the Wheel Turns by Windborn

July 18th, 2000

Here is a new and another winner from Troubleshooter!

Oh and just a warning (I learned the hard way <g>) DON'T READ AT WORK!!!!

Belief - Troubleshooter [über/unfinished]

This is a slice of two people's lives, each of whom are far less than perfect and have their own fears, strengths, views, dysfunctions, opinions, etc. It is a rather dark piece that deals with a couple's struggle to overcome a devastating event in their lives by having them both look back and write about how they met, what happened and how they're dealing with it. I guess it's ultimately about hope and how we cling to it, despite everything and, often, in spite of ourselves.

part1 part 2 part3

Figured if you could take one, you could take two "do not read at work stories" <G>. In fact, don't read before work like I did either. Whew. I'll tell you I have never been attracted to hunting before until reading this story. Here is a PWP story by one of my favorite bards, Jules Kurre.

Hunt Safely - Jules Kurre [über/finished]

Now to do an about face, here is a new and wonderful story for kids by my friend, Advocate.

A Best Friend's Magic [finished]

This is a children's tale and suitable for all ages. Although, I must admit that it was specifically written for very young children ages 4-5. And it just so happens that in this story, Gabrielle just turned five and Xena is seven.

From another friend of mine and the queen of angst, Midgit. She has scored another hit with her new story!

This Time by Midgit [über/finished]

An action packed adventure. The tale of what two people will do to find their way back to one another.

An update to the hysterical Fresh From the Road Kill Cafe by AJ

part 11


Pain and Pot (or Pot and Pain): An Experiment by Ellie Maziekien

July 17th, 2000

Added Part 1 of the sequel to A Year in Paris by Malaurie Barber

Part 1 Culture Clash


Role Model by Ellie Maziekien

July 16th, 2000

We are going to be changing around the way we do things a bit. We are splitting out the responsibility for coding the poetry and the stories. So when a poem is submitted, Sum (the bored pup) will be doing the coding. So you poets out there, make sure to direct your poetry to either academyofbards@egroups.com or to Sum directly at boredpup@hotmail.com

I am also interested in someone who is html literate and would like to help out. We need someone to assist in keeping the pages updated. If you are interested please contact me at rocky@teleport.com or the academy email, thanks!


Younger brother Lyceus touches little Xena's heart as only he can.


Join ablaze little Xena on her first runaway from home and her meeting with a mysterious stranger.


Teenager Xena experiences feelings and thrills completely new to her.


On the second anniversary of her son's death, with a lot still unresolved in her heart, Xena seeks the answer to the most difficult question - how would have things turned out if only...

Chakram Toss - Stacia Seaman

A night of fun and games ensues when the bard has a little too much wine.

Time Is On Our Side - Stacia Seaman

Xena is awaiting Gabrielle's return.

Interwoven - Stacia Seaman

A Vegnette in which Xena looks after a very tired Gabrielle.

Illusions I Recall - Stacia Seaman

Xena and Gabrielle face the changes in their lives following their resurrection.

"Twilight's Eve..." Part III A

By Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour

Welcome Home by Nalysia

Xena, Gabrielle and Eve head back to Amphipolis to find out what happened to Xena's family. Is Cyrene still alive after 25 years? What about Toris and the rest of her home village?

July 15th, 2000

Added part 16 of BlondeBard's Redemption Song

New Stories

From Paranoia we have a new Mel/Janice alt fic story called What Dreams May Come

Janice gets the treasure, defeats the villain and saves the girl. Now how is she going to explain that to Mel? Very Short.

Stacia gives us What Flew Over the Chakram's Nest

All the uber clichés I could think of, all in one place.

Socko submitted Reciprocation

On March 16th, Eli and Amarice return to the Roman prison to morn the loss of Xena and Gabrielle. However, the god of war does not accept Xena's death so easily as the origins of The Chakram are revealed in this alternate season 5 premiere!


New artist with lots of works!

Welcome Beth to the Academy





Back to the Beginning by Ellie Maziekien

Daddy's Girl by Terri Lyn Stanfield

July 13th, 2000

Added part6 and part 7 of Ligara by Midgit

Added the "Tense" series by Carrie Carr, the 2nd and 3rd additions to the series was a collaboration between her and her partner, AJ (of Road Kill Cafe fame)

This series is a kind of filling in the blanks of the last few seasons of XWP. An excellent read of how Gabrielle finds her way back to her warrior.

Past Tense Present TenseFuture Tense

Speaking of Road Kill Cafe, here's part 10 by AJ

Added more of Alexiares' A Centaur's Tail

Added part 3 of Daydreamer's Untamed Heart


Proud Lady by Mikki Hibbens

Changes by Mikki Hibbens

Thank God for Apron Strings by Terri Lyn Stanfield

You Promised by Terri Lyn Stanfield <hankie alert on this one!>

I Dared by Terri Lyn Stanfield

July 12th, 2000

I think I am finally receiving e-mail again, so if you have sent an addition to the Academy for posting and don't yet see it, please...resend it! Thanks. Now for the things I have missed being off line! The new Swollen Bud Awards have come out and again, we have some of the stories right here on this site! Winners this time include two stories by Barbara Davies, Pendragon Cove and Beneath the Surface.Excellent reads folks, if you haven't yet gotten to them.

There are also scores of other stories I would love to get on this site as they are amongst my favorites..those include stories by Llachlan (Silent Legacy) and Friction (Awakenings). Of course, I have read just about every story they have awarded and these works are definitely stand out bardic tales!


HardCore NutCrackers by Nalysia

A short funny story about Immortal Xena & Gabrielle talking about the show. I know, I know it's been done but this one is different, I promise!


Completed by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Gabrielle, Master of the Staff by Ellie Maziekien

Perfect Love by Ellie Maziekien

July 10th, 2000

Sorry kids, but my ISP has been slammed by spam. I am unable to receive or send out any e-mail at this time so any stories submitted haven't made it to me. Let me say, it is weird coming home to only 20 e-mails in my mailbox after being at work 10 hours. Unknown e.t.a. on fixing the e-mail problem. Hopefully I will be digging myself out from under the pile tomorrow evening.

July 9th, 2000

Today's offering includes the conclusion of a couple of stories. We also have the newest version of The Ultimate Uber List by EM...it's fantastic folks! The most comprehensive über listing I know of! http://www.merwolf.com/academy/ubermain.html.

We also have the first part of the sequel to Vendetta by Talaran. This one is called The Darkest Hour. It promises to be a great continuation.

Here is part 10 and the final chapter of The Apartment by Lena

An Alternative Uber story of the hurt/comfort genre. A retired nurse with failing health and love of life takes in a nursing student to help her to the great benefit of both.

part 10conclusion

Then JM Dragon's story, Define Destiny

Catherine thought she was leaving trouble behind her when she deserted her Publishing Empire for a ranch in New Zealand. However, she soon succumbs to Beautiful Jace's charms and embraces. She cannot resist the young woman's invasion of her heart.

added part 12 part13part14part15part 16part 17part 18part 19

Cross Words by Claire Withercross

An epic tale of love, set against the backdrop of ancient Greece. Two women, one, a tall dark and menacing warlord, the other, a short, naive young bard. Thrown together by the horrors of war, they forge an unlikely partnership to fight for the greater good. Sounds good? Unfortunately my story is just a little campfire scene.


My Warrior by Warriorbard 104

July 7th, 2000

Another offering by jp, this one is the very popular Practical Lies

It's uber and it's alt and it's finished. I'll rate this one with a BIG FAT R, pushing NC-17. It's a little raunchy in some places. Anyway, the gist: A smart-mouthed mob enforcer gets stuck with the job of babysitting a so-called politicians' cocky daughter and winds caught in the middle of a government conspiracy and the worst four days her personal history.

The chapters are as follows (in order), White Lies, Fairy Tales & Fables, Tall Tales, False Reality and Truth.

Added part b to section 2 of Xenamour's Twilight's Eve

part 2b

Untamed Heart by Daydreamer [uber/alt/unfinished]

added part 2


My Hero by Terri Stanfield

Epiphany by Ellie Maziekien

Season of Time, Muse of Rhyme by EpTalk

July 6th, 2000

A Rose in Blue by jp

It's the sequel to yesterday's Blue Oblivion. Same deal on the ratings and all that.

We find Blue and Conner making an attempt live an love outside the reach of mob rule. Good intentions are cast to the side as our girls find themselves caught between people with scores to settle and people that don't appreciate progress.

Untamed Heart by Daydreamer [uber/alt/unfinished]

An offering by a first time bard. Drew leaves her life behind to start over in a new city.

July 5th, 2000

Wow..lots of great stuff today! I don't even know where to start sooo I guess I'll start at the beginning <g>.

A new offering from SarkelBard called Love on the Lam

In this "unbelievably unconventional love story" Bailey and Etain meet in a most unusual way. They go on the lam from the law and who knows what else!

From EpTalk and Gypsy we have Life's Twists and Turns

This Uber story is about a producer and his actress wife who's final season of a successful TV series is a major concern as season five concludes. It shows a compromise of how family pulls together and it show thatİthree women on a mission,İsave the day (or capture their faces for all time). The story defines where theİpictures of Xena and Gabrielle come from and they match up nicely with Gabrielle's scrolls byİa story-arc of a new character named Portraya.

Next, we have a story that has been around a while but it is an excellent read. If you haven't read it yet..now is the best time!

Blue Oblivion by jp

It's uber, it's alt, and it's not for the kiddies on account of the violence. The gist: A singer and a gangster's sister start an unlikely romance admist dark pasts, unpromised futures, family vendettas and the crimes of youth.

A Cat Named Xena by Warriorkat

A condemned warlord gets a second chance at redemption in the body of a---cat?!


The Reliability of Friendship by Ellie Maziekien

Fearless Heart by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Fill My Senses by Terri Lyn Stanfield

July 4th, 2000 Happy Independence Day

Added part 8 of Alison Phipps' Fire and Ice



Miracle of Life by Terri Lyn Stanfield

July 3rd, 2000

Love After War by D_exphagus [alt/finished]

Set after the 1st season ep 'Is there a doctor in the house?'. Xena and Gabrielle discuss their feelings after Gab's 'accident' at Thesally.

Added part 9 of AJ's refreshingly humorous Fresh from the Roadkill Cafe

part 9


Warrior Princess by Heruda

Ode to Gabrielle by Heruda

Gabrielle Was Her Name by Heruda

Graveyard.........Shift, that is by Terri Lyn Stanfield

July 2nd, 2000


I have added more of the Perspectives Series by Minerva. This is a good series! Oh and thank you Minerva for sending the stories properly formatted..it was a pleasure!

See No Evil

This installment (the 5th) takes place about almost 2 weeks after Eyes Wide Shut. Things forever change between Taylor and Cory as they venture closer to each other.

Seeing is Believing

This installment takes place right after SNE. Someone comes out of the closet or rather is pushed, and the consequences of it unfurl.


Takes place about 2 weeks after SIB. Even though they have become close friends, Taylor and Cory still clash in more ways in one. The office is treated to a unforgettable visitor and an unbelievable tragedy.

Looking Within

Taylor and Cory deal with the ramifications of the office fiasco, new friends, and each other on a whole new level.

Added part6 through part 11 for Define Destiny by JM Dragon

part6 part7 part8 part9 part10 part11


Destined Soulmates by WarriorBard104

July 1st, 2000


Another Day in the Life (a.k.a. How Gabrielle got her Pink Nighty) by Barbara Davies

In which Xena and Gabrielle face yet another giant ... and Gabrielle acquires a new nighty.

Ligara by Midgit

added part1 part2 part3 part4 part5

Added part 5 of A Handful of Heaven by Midgit

Past Tense by Carrie Carr

Carrie *finally* tries her hand at Xena and Gabrielle fanfic!

Fresh from the Road Kill Cafe by AJ

added part8 (any resemblance between me and another 911 dispatcher named Stephanie is purely coincidental<g>)

Corrina by Artemista [Uber/Alternative (but definitely G rated)]

Science fiction. Before birth, Kristen Collins underwent routine genetic alteration to fix a number of errors in her DNA. Years later, a chance occurrence at a university-sponsored production of Hair and her feelings for a beautiful actress lead her to suspect that the alterations were not successful.

Added more of A Centaur's Tail by Alexiares


Scream by jtd

Just a Woman by Terri Lyn Stanfield