June 30th, 2000

Happy third month anniversary everyone! I can't believe it has only been three months..but I can see that people do love their fanfic by the traffic we have gotten through the site. Thank you all for giving us an opportunity to encourage new and old writers alike.

Another new person has joined the academy. Let me say this much, when people send me really excellent fanfic to code, it takes me much longer to finish my update...such was the case again today <g>. Please take the time to go and read our new entries!

Elemental by jtd [alt/finished]

Set immediately after the events in ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, this "first-time" story is an emotional excursion. It is on Lunacy's Must Read list and who am I to disagree!

Motherhood Revisited, Again by Lena [alt/finished]

Another look at the XWP 5th season episode, "Motherhood". This one offers an alternative, and much better (in my opinion) ending..another great read!


Soulmates by Terri Lyn Stanfield





June 29th, 2000

Welcome a new entry to the Academy! We have the scrolls of Temora to whittle away the time now. Folks, I was reading this stuff as I was coding and it is terrific! If you haven't read it before, rush over and remedy that!

Wish You Were Here... collaboration with Lariel another fantastic writer!

Yeah, But With A Really Sword (drama, which won a Xippy )

Fighting The Good Fight (parody)

The Lady Knows When To Leave

Solitaire (very, very, very short)


The Wonder of Your Love by Terri Lyn Stanfield




June 28th, 2000

Added the conclusion of the much acclaimed A Year in Paris by Malaurie Barber

added part 21 conclusion


Gabrielle Responds by Ellie Maziekien



June 27th, 2000

Added part 15 of BlondeBard's Redemption Song

A Centaur's Tail by Alexiares

Life is never dull for the weaponmasters of Ankitheas. Dealing with Eumache's pregnancy and struggling with home improvement projects has Thraso's hands full, a situation Artemis can relate to. An unfortunate argument with Cyrene has led to the home improvement project of all improvement projects in Amphipolis... and their own joining arrangements besides. Throw in a centaur and the remainder of Gabrielle's labours and... ummm... well, the author has no idea, but will keep you posted.


Joined at the Heart by Terri Lyn Stanfield



June 26th, 2000

New updates to the INCREDIBLE! Uber Xena List maintained by Eileen Marks


Egyptian Prophecy - Scrappyone

Summoned to Egypt at the request of Cleopatra, Xena and Gabrielle set sail on the Royal ship. Romance, intrigue and the start of a little mayhem fill a story that introduces the first story by a new bard. The story is set after the end of the third season.[alt/unfinished]

Settlers - Kwipinky

Xena gives Gabrielle a home after years of traveling.

If Only You Believe - Xenamour

The original inspirational story of the Warrior's fight to free hersef from her dark past...led by the Bard's light. by Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour

Xena Warrior Gardner: Destroyer of Nasturtiums By Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour

A humorous look at the everyday warrior in all of us.


My Warrior's Love As Translated by Trisha Von Doss For Gabrielle the Bard of Potedia

Epitaph for a Hero by Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour

The Woman in Your Eyes: from Xena of Amphipolous to Gabrielle of Potadia, as translated by Trisha Von Doss

Life Begins by Terri Lyn Stanfield



June 25th, 2000


We have another story concluded today!

Added part 14 - conclusion of Nanook's A Fire Ignited Within

The Rebirth of the Xenaverse: A hopeful look toward the future going into the 6th and final Season of Xena Warrior Princess. by Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour


Lucy Vs. Xena by Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour

Where for Art Thou Steven Sears? by Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour

Ember's Fire by Trisha Von Doss, AKA Xenamour


June 24th, 2000

Whew..a busy day out in bard land! I have several new entries to share with you guys including a new bard to add to the ranks.

First I want to add a note from a friend of mine, Tragedy88. This is a really good book and I do have a copy of it already and I LOVE IT!

Remember a few months back when I said the book was no longer for sale? Apparently John decided to keep it going, but couldn't contact me. So, for about four months the book has been available, but no one knew it. Sooo...if you still want a copy of "Blood Red Scream" go to Buy Books and get one now, before they really DO stop selling it! http://www.buybooksontheweb.com/description.asp?ISBN=0-7414-0163-0 (If this link doesn't work go to www.buybooksontheweb.com and type in the title, "Blood Red Scream" in the search box.)


We got several new submissions by the newest bard we are adding to the scrolls today..everyone give a big hand to Trish Van Doss AKA Xenamour!

Twilight's Eve [alt/unfinished]

When Xena and Gabrielle go in search of their lost daughter Eve, they discover that twenty-five years in an icy tomb has changed more than the topography of Greece. A bond unbroken by death and resurrection is threatened once agian by life. Will the cost of finding Eve be their love for each other?

The Last Ever Episode of Xena Warrior Princess: Final Scene - Xenamour

The end of our time with the Warrior and the Bard has come


I have 4 more parts to the great story Rock of Ages Past by Elaine L Becker

added part 11, part 12, part 13, and part 14



The Effects of Xena Warrior Princess on Middle America by Xenamour

This is a humorous essay of sorts, on being a Xena fan in middle America.

Even in Death I Will Never Leave You by Xenamour

A love letter of sorts, to the characters.


When I iz Watchin' Xeener by Xenamour

Flawless Lucy Lawless by Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour

Summertime Memories by Ellie Maziekien

From My Heart to Yours by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Silent Scream by Bored Pup

Sister Dearest by Bored Pup -Sequel to Silent Scream, may offend readers



June 23rd, 2000 (Happy birthday Honey!)

You know, I have said this before that when the webperson starts getting mail about an update, it must be a good story. A Year in Paris has been compelling enough for people to send me email asking about updates! We have the next to last update for this story, so if you were waiting for it to be finished, I would say now is a good time to start reading. Now about that sequel .....<g>

Added A Year in Paris Part 20 by Malaurie Barber


A new story by Kwipinky joins the ranks today. It is called Ignatius.

Unaware they are on the verge of a catastrophic volcano eruption, Xena and Garielle find an infant dragon and discover he is the key to the salvation of Greece and the island of Thasos. Many enemies including Poseidon, want him stopped and the only way to get him to his destiny Xena has to go face to face with the sea god. [gen/finished]


Uploaded the revised version of part 5 of Love is a Ballet Dancer by Debox

Fixed links and added part 8, part 9 and part 10 to Rock of Ages Past by Elaine L. Becker


Pinch Me by Ellie Maziekien

Zachy by Ellie Maziekien


June 22nd, 2000

Got this just before I went to bed and I know people have been waiting for it! We have the conclusion of All in the Family by Sarkel!

Added part 21 (conclusion)

We also have the last part of Liasons Ridiculeuse by Alexiares and Rachel Hahn

It will continue on but according to the disclaimer part five will be the final chapter of Liaisons for Alexiares . Rachel will continue the story for Ephiny, Callisto, Solari, and Eponin as soon as she is able. Alexiares promised the next part of hers soon!


Dizzy by Terri Lyn Stanfield



June 21st, 2000

Added part 19 of Malaurie Barber's A Year in Paris [uber/alt/unfinished]

Added Chapter 7 to ArdentTly's The Conqueror's Harvest

Once again, I am adding an oldie but favorite story to the Academy scrolls...here is another story from my friend Redhawk

Oktoberfest [uber/alt/finished]

Off for a vacation in beautiful Europe, Xena and her young lover, Rickie Gardner, are in for a sinister surprise. Sequel to Only One.

Found an old gem today <g> for those of you not around January of 1999, a bunch of bored 'pups (everyone was at the Santa Monica con) got together and wrote a little story, myself included <bg>. If I have to say so myself, this one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Out of the archives is....

Double Trouble by the Merpup Collective [x/g alt/finished]




June 20th, 2000

Added part 5 of Love is a Ballet Dancer by DeBox




June 19th, 2000

Added part 18 of Malaurie Barber's A Year in Paris

The Warrior's Journey by EpTalk

A story which takes place after the final episode of season five, Motherhood. Xena leaves Eve with the Baptist and Gabrielle with Aphrodite as she begins a journey to find out what has happened to their families.áXena's journey takes place on land butáthe story's journey takes place in Xena's mind. [general/finished]


Since I am adding some of my very favorite stories this week, I have decided to put up another one <g>. This one is from the wonderful bard, Advocate. Well from her and her writing partner rsawest. It was the first story I read of hers and made me a life long fan!

Connections by Advocate and Rsawest

An attorney's first venture into criminal law leads her on an investigation where she encounters an interesting psychologist who changes her life. [uber/alt/rated-R/finished]




June 18th, 2000

Added one of my very favorite stories on the internet! I just love this story...it is simply compelling. If you haven't yet begun to read it..just know this....it is a MUST READ!

Trial of Conscience by Troubleshooter

This story is one of my most favorite stories on the internet! If you haven't read it yet...you just have to! It is a MUST READ story!

part1part2part3 part4 part5part6part7part8part9part10part11part12part13


Legacy by Ellen Maziekien



June 17th, 2000

First I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Missy Good on her invitation to write another XWP episode. Missy..you totally ROCK! Congratulations!

Added part 19 of PatsBard's terrific story Under a Colorado Sky

One of our most prolific bards (other than Ellie of course <g>) is Claire Withercross. She has given us yet another excellent story.

In The Name Of Love

Xena's word is her bond, and when she vows to kill an enemy the next time they meet, she means it. But that was before she met Gabrielle. Now, after turning away from her evil past a reformed Xena and her former enemy meet. Will Xena keep her word? She wants to, and she's not alone in that wish. But the outcome of keeping her word could have far reaching consequences.


ArdentTly's The Conqueror's Harvest

Greece has had nothing but civil war ravaging her endlessly, as each warlord rose through the ranks to try and wrestle power and leadership from the Corinthian thrown. The realm was ruled by a despotic ruler whose short sighted goals only included the lining of his purse.

The land cried out for a change and roared their approval when a strong and fearless warrior strode forth and vanquished all enemies before her.

She was Lord Xena, Champion of Corinth, and the people had never known a ruler quite like her.

Dark in both deed and desire, she held her empire in a painful grip, determined to have her reign go down in the annals of history as not only the most powerful, but the most fearsome as well. Into her stronghold was brought a young woman naive in the ways of the world but learned in the ways of the heart. Her fierce determination to change the cold and heartless Conqueror would have both women in a battle of wills, pitting both against each other, the truth, and life as they both knew it.

Would either survive this clash of hearts?


Love Brings the Light by Ellie Maziekien

The Charm Workers by Ellie Maziekien




June 16th, 2000

We have the conclusion of the excellent story, Vendetta by Talaran

Added part 9

We are getting near the home stretch for the ever popular All in the Family! I actually had to read this while I was coding it just to get my fix <g>

Added part 20 of All in the Family by Sarkel with the conclusion in part 21 coming soon!


Added the revised version of Mended Hearts by Alix Stokes

This is a whole new version folks! Cleaned up and edited and yet it is still different from the printed version..check it out!



June 15th, 2000

When we first started this site 2 1/2 months and 40,000 hits ago, some of my pals allowed me to put their work on this site to help us get readers over to it. My pals just happened to be some pretty good writers. In appreciation of the favor, I would like to get the word out regarding a project two of those bards are doing now...

Starting Friday, June 16 at Noon Eastern Time, Fanatic (author of The Seven Wonder Series and co-author of the hit series 'Exposure') and Advocate (author of 'Untitled: The Story of Me' and most recently, 'Cobb Island') will present a new weekly mini-series called Castaway. Join our mailing list, Castaway2000 at www.eGroups.com, to subscribe to each episode. Also visit our website at: http://www.stas.net/twincreation/castaway/index.html ; there you'll find cast photos, biographies, and much more about this romantic-comedy that parodies the hit television show 'Survivor'. (alt/uber)

It promises to be a good one. Already I have seen many familiar names on the Castaways list (you know who you are <g>). So get over to the site and check it out. If you like what you see, then sign up for the mailing list.



The long awaited Chapter 18 of Under a Colorado Sky by PatsBard is up! This will be something only for the over 18 crowd <g>

Update Chapter 17 of A Year In Paris by Malaurie Barber

Salina has given us two stories today.....

Ep 19, Forced Encounters:

Xena gone for the past three days on a "Fact Finding Mission" has left a tired, and somewhat sick bard in Amphipolis. Gabrielle has gone to the healer and discovered something extraordinary has occured. Will Xena be upset? How did this happen? How is Xena planning to confront Ares this time? Will this all be resolved? Please come and go on this journey with are favorite two women, and answer these questions for yourself. This is the 1st episode of the final 4 for Xena: Warrior Princess for Season 6, at least my interpretation of what could happen per the suggestion by ANA on the Merwolf Pack List. Stay tuned for Ep. 20

Ares Time. Ep. 20:

Gabrielle now knows Xena's plan to defeat Ares for all time. Is she capable of it? Will she more importantly survive from it?! How can another Gods help insure Ares demise? Are you ready to find out how Gabrielle is doing. Will the love and friendship these two women share be enough to over come the odds stacked against them? This is the 2nd episode of the final 4 episode's of Xena: Warrior Princess for Season 6. stay with me for #3 Hope Everlasting.


Cassandra and Bik's stories are not to be missed!

Gabrielle's Fables 6: The Revenge of the Hawk

This fable continues the story begun in Fable 5. The hawk is out for revenge on those who fooled him. But his foes are more resourceful than he realizes.

Whacked by an Angel

Written in response to the 5th season opener. If you are going to be dead, you might as well enjoy the afterlife. Xena and Gabrielle are on probation from paradise, doing good deeds on earth.

Whacked by an Angel Again: Return of Callisto

The "reformed" Callisto is getting on everybody's nerves in paradise so the powers-that-be come to Xena and Gabrielle for help. They hope that if Callisto can travel with our gals and see that doing good is a positive force, she may get back some of her old spirit.


In the Wink of an Eye by Ellen Ferejohn Maziekien



June 13th, 2000

Added sequels to Ares' Gift by Lena. Both are alt and finished.

Just The Beginning (The strain is affecting our girls relationship in more ways than one. Rated NC17 for sexual content.) Sequel number two.

Return of the Warrior (Xena must revert to her warrior ways to save her family from raiders.) Sequel number three.


June 12th, 2000

updated the Ultimate Uber listing at http://merwolf.com/academy/ubermain.html. Thanks EM!


Added part 16 of A Year in Paris by Malaurie Barber

Penitentia: The Second Sacrament - Morrig

Everyone has a cross to bear, a sin to contend with, a penance to serve¹some sacrifice it all for another, while others betray. When innocence is shattered and faith torn asunder, who will stand and make amends? Magali's life is a countless toll of mortal sins, and Casey, her Saint, will offer up her own sacrifice in this sequel to Absolution.


Uber in a Nutshell ..a Swollen Bud winner, by Beth Gaynor

Here is the summary from the Swollen Buds page done much better than I could have done:

The Xenaverse is filled with uber stories that are suffused with splendid imagery that evokes a sense of being 'in frame' with the characters. Tender emotional scenes, angst-filled conversations and heart-felt discoveries of souls clicking into place are commonplace and often span multiple timelines, with the eternity of the love occurring over and over. Each meeting is as rewarding as the next. This story is refreshing in the manner in which it quickly cuts to the heart of the relationship with clear, concise writing. Using an economy of words, that same feeling is evoked in striking simplicity. (As a matter of fact it's exactly half as long as this summary!)


Three Weeks does not a Lifetime Make...Oh Yeah by Lena

A comedic sequel to Ares's Gift. Xena and Gabrielle learn just how frustrating motherhood can be. Rated R for content.) Sequel number one.


Received an email from Alix Stokes today I thought I would share.

I am thrilled to announce that Mended Hearts is now available for pre order! You may order it directly from this site www.rapbooks.com/Store/index.html The number of books printed is dependent upon the number of books pre ordered. So order now if you don't want to wait for the second round! This is a re-written, edited, revised version of the original net version. I sincerely believe that you will enjoy it much more than the original. My editor and I worked very hard to improve it. Mended Hearts is done, but now I am facing joint fusions of three fingers, two of them on the right hand. I haven't decided yet whether or not to have surgery now, or wait until later. So Choices is temporarily on hold. Hopefully, not for long! I may even be able to type with splints. Who knows? I hope to be sending you the edited version of MH to put on the Merpup Academy soon. It isn't the book version(I'm forbidden by contract) but it is far superior to the net version.

If you want to send well wishes to Alix you may write her at alix_s64@hotmail.com. As soon as I get the revised, re-edited version of Mended Hearts, I'll get that up for you guys!


The Journey by Ellie Maziekien





June 11th, 2000

Added part 4 of Liaisons Ridiculeuse by Alexiares

Reposted chapter 17 of PatsBard's Under A Colorado Sky


Maybe Jiminy Cricket was Right by Ellie Maziekien


June 10th, 2000

Hopefully we are back on track now!

Update to Under a Colorado Sky by PatsBard

Added part 2 with the promised of an NC 17 version to come <g>


Added part 2 of The Awakening by Lena



June 9th, 2000

Sorry about the delay in the updates. The server was acting up and wouldn't let me upload anything.

Added part 6 and part 7 of Rock of Ages Past by Elaine L Becker

June 8th, 2000

A big happy birthday for Ruth, the person who codes a lot of these stories. Happy birthday Ruth, thanks for everything!

Added part 19 of All in the Family by Sarkel Bard



June 7th, 2000

A couple of updates today....along with a request to help save the Rain Forest. Please take a minute to join up by clicking the button on this page or the main page. Every little bit helps all of us!

Added part 8 of Talaran's Vendetta

Added part 7 of Alison Phipps' Fire and Ice


June 6th, 2000

I would like to start off this update with a great big CONGRATULATIONS to several of the stories listed here on the Academy list. The announcement of the Swollen Bud Awards was made today (I really love these awards!) and the following stories on the list won:

Destiny's Bridge Series by Carrie Carr

Our Souls Series by Tragedy88

I Found My Heart in San Francisco by S X Meagher

and tonight we are adding the first story in the Infinity Series by DJ Redhawk which is also a winner, Only One

You guys..these stories are really good..in fact, most of the stories awarded the Swollen Bud Award are amongst my favorites.

Now...onto the update:


As noted earlier...we have added the incredible story, Only One by Redhawk to the scrolls.

We have the first six parts of a really good (and long) story

Define Destiny by J M Dragon

Catherine thought she was leaving trouble behind her when she deserted her Publishing Empire for a ranch in New Zealand. However, she soon succumbs to Beautiful Jace's charms and embraces. She cannot resist the young woman's invasion of her heart. [alt/über/unfinished]

Another entry into the scrolls is a teleplay by Mikki Hibbens called Peach ala Xena.

I made the mistake of trying to code this while I was at work and reading it. I must say, I did want to run right out and buy a nice, juicy, succulent peach.......ahem....sorry about that!


Thoughts of Beaches by Ellie Maziekien

Harmony by Ellie Maziekien



June 5th, 2000


Added update to Redemption Song by BlondeBard

Part 14

Added update to A Year in Paris by Malaurie Barber

Parts 14 and 15

Here is a new and exciting new story written by my pal, Barbara Davies..I haven't read it yet but have heard (and read) tons of great things about this story!

Beneath The Surface

'A life on the ocean wave, tra la!' When Piper Redmond joins Capt. Cordie Bellamy aboard her swordfishing boat, what should be a routine fishing trip soon becomes anything but....

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3



The Human Spirit by Ellie Maziekien




June 4th, 2000


I am going to start with the updates since we have MANY stories added today! I am reading both of these stories in progress and let me tell ya..these are good updates!

Added part 5 of Rock of Ages Past by Elaine L. Becker

Added part 18 of All in the Family by Sarkel


We have three new bards added to the Academy today...Alexiares, Mikki Hibbens, and Heartstarter. I look forward to reading all of these stories!

It All Began With A Trout by Alexiares

A look at Xena and Gabrielle, from an outsider who isn't carrying a 747 worth of baggage. Weaponmaster Thraso has a quicker mind and wit than most would expect, and some difficulty walking in a straight line without tripping. The trip to her home village leads to some surprising results, and a rousing game of 'Slap Your Neighbour.'

And It Continued With A Skunk by Alexiares

Thraso is as hapless as ever, this time travelling with her girlfriend Eumache to Arboria on a diplomatic mission. The little party soon picks up not only Xena and Gabrielle, but also Cyrene with her supply of pastries and mischief. No meeting between Thraso and Xena can be an ordinary one, and revelations and mayhem are the result.

Liaisons Ridiculeuse by Alexiares

The first five parts of this epic of foolish proportions were created by Alexiares and Rachel Hahn. Starting with Rachel's idea that Ephiny and Callisto should be a couple and Eponin and Solari were just made for each other, the craziness starts with an invitation to Thraso and Eumache in their village of Ankitheas to attend the joining of the regent and the reformed Goddess. Artemis, Aphrodite, and at least one Muse are soon cheerfully wreaking havoc behind the scenes while Xena struggles to avoid decorating duty. heck, there's even a bay boom happening in this thing!


When Souls Collide by Mikki Hibbens

The first story is what you might call a prequel to the series. I personally read this story a while ago and I thought it was fantastic back then and I still think it is a very good read!

Blind Faith Revisited by Mikki Hibbens

A First time romantic alt-fic epilog to the episode Blind Faith.


Hard To Say Goodbye by Heartstarter

This is the first story in a series that sees Gabrielle leave Xena to studying at the Athens City of Performing Bards. It follows our heroes for the day or two before they have to say goodbye. sob. Sob

The Weekend Visitor by Heartstarter

This is the second story in the series, which basically has no plot, it's just all about sex, sex, sex! Xena and Gabrielle are reunited and it's set 2 weeks after the last story.

That Scroll by Heartstarter

This is the third story in the series, and we find out what was in that mysterious scroll Xena handed Gabrielle at the end of The Weekend Visitor.

Wasted Moments by Heartstarter

This is the fourth story in the series, so after the surprising scroll, Gabrielle decides to reward Xena with some you-know-what... but, as always, things don't go to plan....

The Fallout by Heartstarter

This is the fifth and final story in the series. Xena has left Gabrielle again, but Gabrielle is determined not to let her get away with it... an interesting and surprising final act!

June 3rd, 2000


Impressions by Claire Withercross

Mistress and slave, friends, lovers, what is the nature of the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle? I was sent back to Ancient Greece to secretly observe and record my findings. I only had one day and through the conflicting evidence I think I found the right conclusion.


Making Love by Ellie Maziekien


June 2nd, 2000


Tons of updates and added stuff today! I am almost caught up on all the stuff submitted during my absence. The first story is a new one..finished uber/alt by S X Meagher. It is book two of I Found My Heart in San Fransisco..this one is the continuation of the wonderful story she told us in Book 1: Awakenings.

Added Book Two: Beginnings
Also added Xippy award for Book 1:Awakenings


Added part 13 of Redemption Song by BlondeBard

Added part 2 of Handful of Heaven by Midgit

Ares' Rift by Kwipinky

Families and friends of Xena and Gabrielle's come together in Cyrene's tavern to give eulogies for Xena and Gabrielle after they are killed outside Demeter's Acropolis. [finished/gen]

When In Rome by Redhawk

...Do as the Romans. Enjoy a span of time in the notorious bathhouses with a beautiful woman.Gotta love those PWP stories <g> [uber/finished]


More stories from one of our favorite contributors Claire Withercross...

The Adventures Of Gabrielle (and some other person)

This is a parody of how the dynamic duo first got together. It's likely to be the first in an occasional series.

A young woman ventures into the big bad city and applies for a job as a sidekick. However, the hero may not be all she at first seems!

Next up is A Near Life Experience andááA Near Life Experience, Too, these are the same story told from different POVs and is "Sins Of The Past" revisited, with a twist.

After hesitating when Dracos men capture the women of Poteidaia, Xena finds herself rounded up with them. One story, two points of view. Gabrielle sees a dark, mysterious and dangerous woman, yet at some level there is an attraction for her rescuer. For Xena, it's just another day at the office, except at the end of it she acquires a sidekick.

A new bard to our list is Jaden

Brush With The Law

A Plot? What Plot? story about a young woman who meets a great looking cop on a lonely stretch of road.

Making Up

Following events in Egypt, and the season 5 episode "Antony and Cleopatra," Xena has one miffed Gabrielle on her hands, and has to figure out a way to make right between them again. Xippy winner.

25 Years Without

Another Plot? What Plot? story about Xena and Gabrielle's need to be close together following the season 5 ender "Motherhood".

No One Else For Me But You

Another story following the events of "Motherhood," theááseason 5 ender that has Gabrielle and Xena reflecting on where theiráárelationship has been and where they would like it to go.



Is This Love by Ellie Maziekien

Ode to Xena by Salina R. Cousins

Ode to Gabrielle by Salina R. Cousins


June 1st, 2000


Back from a wonderful vacation and with me I have some updates with more stories I will post tomorrow. I figure everyone wants the updates first so here they are!

Updated the story that has me hooked now too <g>

Added part 17 of All in the Family by SarkelBard

Added parts 12 and 13 of A Year in Paris by Malaurie Barber