What's New - April 2000

May 27th, 2000


Yeah, I know I said no update today but this story has gotten such good reviews I couldn't resist when the bard contacted us to post it.

A Year in Paris by Malaurie Barber

What happens to Chloe Jones when she comesİ to Paris to spend the year as an au pair, and is placed in the family of the very enigmatic Laurence Glairon? [unfinished/über/alt]. Added parts 1-11.


Dark Rage by Ellie Maziekien


May 26th, 2000


Have a couple of new stories and an update. The update is a story that is drawing me in. I highly recommend it!

Updated Rock of Ages Past by Elaine L. Becker

Added part 4

The new stories come from someone whose work I had not previously been aware of before starting this website. She has quickly become one of my favorite bards. These are the first two stories she published on the web.

The Release by Claire Withercross

Gabrielle arrives in a village and finds work at the local tavern to pass the time until Xena arrives. When the warrior turns up she brings news that three warlords are making a treaty that will stop their infighting and strengthen there grip on the country. Can Xena and Gabrielle stop them? Or will Xenaís past get in the way?

I Will Remember by Claire Withercross

An old woman reminisces about an old friend.


May 25th, 2000


I am really excited about the updates today. I happened to come across perhaps the best looking Xena website I have ever seen and in surfing around I found a piece of fanfic that really caught my attention. The website is Talaran's Realm and the story is Vendetta. It's über and unfinished but it worth a look!

Vendetta - Talaran

Nicole Stone is a detective with a painful past. Often reclusive and driven to succeed, she never imagined herself falling in love, but when she meets Carly Jamison, her partner's sister, her beliefs are shaken. Can Nic open her heart to Carly, while trying to save them all from the clutches of a ruthless drug lord bent on revenge?

Next, I have a story that has been around for a while but I don't think it has gotten the exposure it has deserved.It has won both a Swollen Bud Award and an Amazon Ice Award. It is HOT! Take a look at the story written by someone I am happy to call a friend and I am going to miss when she moves next month :(

At Charon's Dock - Kate

A sensual tale of love, longing and sacrifice; set after 'The Rift' - as an alternate end to the tragedy of "Maternal Instincts".



May 24th, 2000


Added update to the much talked about All in the Family by Sarkel

added part 16


A bunch of stuff today from EpTalk!

A revised Love of a Season (Poem)

A poem that is a summation of Xena, Warrior Princess season five using all episode titles to create the joy and love this latest season offered.

Lyre, Lyre - Relight the Fire

Poem based on fans reaction to the missing relationship of Xena and Gabrielle during season five and inspired by the episode, Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire.

Sons of a Bacchae

More than twenty-five years later, Xena & Gabrielle learn the music from Orpheus has ceased again in the forest. Apparently there were Sons of a Bacchae which survived after Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer's last visited the Bacchae cave. Despite the story having danger, action and peril for the heroines, there is love in the night air. OOOoooooh......., prepare yourself and enter at your own risk. [general/finished]

Sheriff Aris and Deputy Boxer

A spoof of the old TV show Mayberry RFD and the future descendents Aris and Boxer from Xena, Warrior Princess' characters, Ares and Joxer. Aris can still poof out of sight in a flash and Boxer cannot hold on to his ticket bookİbutİLefty, the mailman is ever relentless to get the mail delivered, as always. The mystery of Old Miss Crumpet and Widow Purdy remains a curiosity. *Warning* - Speakun suthurn will hep ye read dis story. [general über/finished]



May 22nd, 2000


Update to the captivating story Rock of Ages Past

added part 3



May 21st, 2000


Added part 13 of Redemption Song by BlondeBard


Each Kiss is More Intense by Ellie Maziekien


May 20th, 2000

Only one story today but it's a good one!

Shattered Innocence by Tragedy 88

Eighteen year old Shane runs a gang called the 'Panthers.' She's tough, wild, angry...until she meets Antonia, the new transfer. Tony's not afraid to stand up to Shane, even thinks she can see the good in the depths of those tortured blue eyes. But who can live and love in the Ghetto with danger all around?


May 19th, 2000


You guys are in for a real treat today! Claire Withercross has written a couple of Conqueror stories. Beware...cliffhanger/angst warning <g>

The first one is called Waiting To Happen

Summary : Waiting in the rain seems just like a normal, boring day on border patrol for Ephiny. Only the thought of Queen Gabrielle waiting for her when she gets back is keeping her going. But her life is turned upside down when Xena, The Conqueror, and her army arrive. For Gabrielle has a difficult choice to make when she begins negotiations with Xena. Can she solve the problem without anyone getting hurt?

The second one is called Warm Wet Circles and happens to be the sequel to Waiting To Happen

Summary : Gabrielle takes an injured Conqueror to the Amazons for treatment. The reception they receive is far from warm, but that's only to be expected. While wounds, both physical and emotional, are healed death stalks in the shape of a woman bent on vengeance.


May 18th, 2000


Wyoming - Redhawk

A cute junior high school coach searching for her tree in the forest....an EXCELLENT read!

I Can't Do This Alone - Kamouraskan

The title is kind of self explanatory. Make sure you have a tissue handy when you read this.

Stashed - Kamouraskan

A thief and a wannabee reporter cross the path of a drug dealing enforcer

Capture My Heart - PatsBard

Can one night of passion lead to forever? Or will Stacy become just another name on a long list?


People everywhere are singing the praises of this almost finished story! I am adding part 15 of this great piece of work, but I am also adding an outside opinion in case you need more prompting to read the story:

"All In The Family" by Sarkel Reviewed by Jordan Falconer I thought we'd start with a synopsis I found on the The Merpup Academy of Bards: 'This story has it all: Intrigue, murder, love, heartache... The story of two families that are joined in marriage, facing challenges and crises. Last but not least, love blossoms for our two favorite gals. Will either last, the love and/or the marriage?'

My dearie me --- this does not even begin to do this fine piece justice. Put simply, it's an absolute knockout. This story has everything --- our two heroines ('one is deaf and has an attitude. The other can't resist responding to the challenge she presents), a nasty stepmother, insensitive father, cute younger brother and a sick admirer. It begins pretty simply with Allison's mother marrying Sam's father, and the startling revelation that they are going to be stepsisters. Things get off to a rocky start, and the ride takes off from there. I won't tell you any more on pain of giving all the fun away. Let's just say that this is a gripping tale with very strong characterizations and a story line that will keep you hanging out for the next installment.

Unfortunately it's not finished yet. We are truly lucky that Sarkel promises weekly updates, and that promise has been delivered on. Pull up a seat, grab a cuppa and enjoy yourself --- this piece is well worth the read!

Added part 15 of the wonderful story All in the Family, y'all check it out!



Wishes - Bored Pup



May 17th, 2000


Anxiously awaited updates on two stories:

Added part 2 of Rock of Ages Past by Elaine L. Becker. It's a good update <g>

Added part 12 of Redemption Song by BlondeBard...another good update!

Synopsis: Deputy Federal Marshal Megan O'Brien is tasked with hiding former mob enforcer Antonia Ferenci until she can testify against her former bosses.


We also have a new story out today. Trust me folks..it is soooo GOOD!!! This one is from Advocate. You know..the squirrel lady <g>. No squirrels in this one..sorry to disappoint..we will just have to convince her to write a sequel. This story I have the pleasure of announcing has got it all. Romance, drama, mystery and of course, love. It is the story of a family history and two hearts coming together. This has..to quote Lunacy..my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! I have had the opportunity to read it and I just can't say enough good things about it! If you find it as entertaining as I did, drop her a line and tell her that her stalker sent ya <beg>!

Advocate did want me to relay to the pups that she really appreciates all the encouragement she has gotten from the pack. As anyone who has been around for a while knows, she usually will post it directly to the mailing list. Unfortunately, due to life and its constraints..she has had to put the Merwolf list on hold.

Anyway, without further delay..the new story by Advocate

Cobb Island [uber/alt/finished]



An EXCELLENT new poem by Ellie Maziekien

Dialog Between Lovers



May 16th, 2000

We have a lot of *hot* stuff tonight...this is going to be the kind of update that I would put a warning on...definitely read disclaimers!!! Stories and poetry alike..yowza!


Two stories from the 101 Aurellian Nights series

Blood Benediction - Redhawk

Ever wanna meet a vampire?! [uber/finished]

Dolls, Dames, and Skirts - Tragedy 88

Short story set in the 30's. Jack is a PI in the seedy underbelly of Chicago, and Lois is the blue-eyed dame in trouble.

Resurrected - jtd

This short vignette is settling Gabrielle into her new place of Xena's protector early in the 5th season.


Poetry (some of this stuff made me need a cold shower!)

Your Puppet - jtd

Flushed -jtd

Still There -jtd

Tiptoeing - jtd

Centered - jtd


May 15th, 2000


Forgotten Way - Tragedy 88

Alex lives in Bluerock, a tiny farming town, where nothing different is accepted. So, who should come to town but Dusty? A loner...a drifter.... Two women will meet, gain friendship and love, even as those around them protest it, and try to kill it. Can love really overcome all? [finished/ Alt./ Uber/ PG-13]

Home - Warrior Nutcase

Xena and Gabrielle (of the second season) embark on a mission for King Gregor. Circumstances force them to separate with unexpected results. Lots of hurt/comfort, some violence, some humor. Lots of spoilers for past episodes. [finished/gen]

Loving the Conqueror - Mythe

Added part 3 of this engrossing story. The Conqueror is advised by her Oracle (Gab) to ally with the Queen of the Amazons in order to change her destiny. . [unfinished]


May 14th, 2000 Happy Mother's Day!


Two new stories by Claire Withercross, both comedies.

The first is "As The Stomach Turns"

Gabrielle, convinced that she is dying, recounts one last adventure. A mission where she and Xena unite two nations through the love of a prince and princess. A tale of love, a tale of gods, a tale of vomit!

The second is "Pillow Talk" a tiny vignette that is definitely alt.

Summary : Been there, done that, torn up the t-shirt in frustration; sharing a bed is never easy! You are cordially invited to spend some time in bed with Xena and Gabrielle. Find out what happens when Xena gets a mouthful of hair and Gabrielle's pillow won't shut up!

Next we have a classic story which has been reworked and is getting the premiere on our pages!

Blood Red Scream by Tragedy88

[finished, alt, uber, R] A young hacker's past comes back to haunt her. Can she quit her life of crime? Can she fight for the greater good? She meets a woman through the internet, that could change her life forever. Together they will fight the ultimate evil, or die trying.



May 13th, 2000


Added Part 14 of "All in the Family"

Just a note to those of you who haven't started this story yet. *I* am actually getting mail asking when the next update for it is. It has gotta be good <G>


Added Part 13 of Nanook's Story, "A Fire Ignited Within". I have heard nothing but good things about this story!


A new story by Elaine L. Becker titled, "Rock of Ages Past". It promises to be a good one!

Soulmates, separated by 360 years and two continents, find a way to be reunited. (unfinished)


Added two more stories by Tragedy88. I really am touched by a lot of her stories, but I think one of my very favorites has to be "Revolution" which I am adding today.

Desert Wind Rising

[finished, alt., uber, PG-13] Georgia's plane crashes in the desert and as she crosses it, on the edge of death, a nomad rescues her. Together they flee from slavers, and run to the city. Where a curse from the past could destroy their future.


[finished, short, alt., uber, G] The '60s are a time full of turbulence and revelations. For Rain, a down on her luck street performer, her revelation comes in the form of a tall, dark haired stranger.


Hmmmm...here is a premise I hadn't thought of...Xena: Warrior Chicken??? The Warrior Chicken series has hit the Academy! Enjoy the writings of Cassandra and Bik!

Gabrielle's Fables: New Friends

The story begins and ends with a Xena/Gabrielle vignette. The fable has an eager, young chicken meeting a free-range warrior chicken who helps the young chick rescue her family, with the help of a farm horse. The young chicken decides to travel with her new-found friends.

Gabrielle's Fables: Sometimes You Get The Bear

The three companions see a caravan with a performing bear. Billie, the young chicken, wants to help him get away, and her companions reluctantly agree to help. Their plan succeeds; the bear returns to his family. Billie visits her family, and learns that her home is with her friends.

Gabrielle's Fables: Ergo's Tale

Told from the point of view of Ergo, the horse. Our three friends expose a corrupt mayor and save a town from flooding. And if you don't think chickens and a horse can clean up a town, read the story.

Gabrielle's Fables 4: A Dazed Life

(Since this was turning into a series, we started numbering)

Chronicles a day in the life of Billie, the young chick, Aquila, the warrior chicken, and Ergo, the former farm horse, who has to fight off the advances of a donkey. We lost count of how many X:WP episodes are hinted at in this fable. We do cover the entire rift in about two paragraphs; too bad the series writers couldn't have done the same.

Gabrielle's Fables 5: The Rabbit and the Hawk

The three adventurers meet a rabbit who is after a con hawk who cheated his mother out of her savings. They come up with a plan to con the hawk, with the help of a travelling sales bear.



May 12th, 2000


Yesterday's update included a wonderful short story by Tragedy 88. She now has made that story, "Destiny Waiting", part of a series. The series is called 'Our Souls.' The first one is 'Sing to Me,' the second, 'Destiny Waiting,' the third, 'Finally' and the conclusion, 'And she Sang.' It's a series not to be missed!!!


Here's the final part of the captivating "Random Thoughts" series by Claire Withercross

Conclusion : Made Again : Gabrielle writes her thoughts down after tending to a sick warrior.

Claire also has a new story. "A Stranger In The Garden", this is a sequel of sorts to "Eve's Garden" by Kamouraskan. She writes, "it's difficult to categorize but I'd call it uber(alt) to be safe."

Summary: A Stranger In The Garden : There are stories that tell of a place far from the hustle and bustle of the world where a person can find peace. Somewhere in Greece a man goes in search of that place, and hopefully, some answers. What he finds are the spirits of two long dead women and a small piece of heaven on earth.


Added Eve's Garden by Kamouraskan <g>


From someone I have chatted with a time or two <g>, we have two story submissions! A name which should be familiar to the Merpups!

In My Life by Warrior Nutcase

Consider this as General Fiction and G rated (nothing objectionable or extreme). Synopsis: Inspired by the Lennon/MacCartney song and the events of SACRIFICE II.

The story is continued in the sequel "A Place In The World".

Based on the M. Chapin-Carpenter song and speculation about the outcome to events in SACRIFICE II.



May 11th, 2000


Added part 13 of Sarkel's All in the Family


I am really excited to have this new bard share her first story with us. What a wonderful...and VERY long story this is! I couldn't put it down once I started it! Join Jamie and Ryan on the beginning of what promises to be a long and very exciting new series. S. X. Meagher is definitely a new name to look out for!

I Found My Heart in San Francisco

Book One: Awakenings - S. X. Meagher


Destiny Waiting - Tragedy 88

A new short story by the author of "Blood Red Scream". We will be seeing more of her stuff on the Academy pages shortly!





May 10th, 2000


For those on the Merwolf list, you are well familiar with this wonderful story. If you haven't read it you should!

Under A Colorado Sky - PatsBard

A western set in the late 1800s. The story of the bounty hunter Ty and Brianna. [unfinished]

Spider - Kamouraskan

How *does* Gabrielle keep the suitors away from Xena? This short ditty is a very good explanation!



Deathless - Rainne



May 8th, 2000


One of my favorite stories finally has a sequel. If you haven't yet read, "A Little Piece of Paradise", well...what are you waiting for! It is a wonderful story. If you have read it already then I bet you are as happy as I am to hear there is now going to be a sequel.. Called "A Handful of Heaven", it's going to deal with Eden and Tori's attempt to make a home for themselves. [unfinished]



May 7th, 2000


I was informed I inadvertently overlooked this story previously, so I want to make sure and let everyone know about it!

Feeding The Jaybirds - Bradley Sparks

An observer finds a touching scene of love in the unlikeliest of places


I'd like to offer another wonderful story by my pal Redhawk:


The meeting of a dark young nomad leader and a foreign courier set against the backdrop of the future Second American Civil War.

Alpha İİİİİ Journey İİİİİ City İİİİİ Survival İİİİİ Omega İİİİİ Future


Midnight Musings - thenorm

A vignette. Gabrielle reflects on the first three seasons while Xena sleeps.

The Chalice - thenorm

Takes place after the India Arc.(Spoiler alert) Xena & Gabrielle must find the Chalice of Hemera.

Nice, Comfy, Sensible Slippers - thenorm

Xena & Gabrielle help a new Goddess find her place in Olympus.


May 6th, 2000

Sorry kids, no updates today only a couple of announcements. First, I was asked by my buddy Alix Stokes to pass along a message to everyone about her wonderful new story, "Choices of the Heart":

I wanted to let you know that Choices of the Heart won't be updated for a while. I am knee deep in editing Mended Hearts for publication, and I am trying to give it 100%. I should be done with the most time consuming part by Sunday evening. I really hate to keep my readers waiting, but this can't be avoided. As soon as MH is taken care of, I'll be free to devote myself to Choices full-time.

Speaking for, I am sure, many others beside myself Alix, I'd like to say ..take your time! We'll be here waiting...chomping at the bit..but waiting <g> for when you are able to update again.

Second, the Academy received a request to have an "update only list. We have created this for anyone who wants to make sure you get any and all of our updates. Go to http://www.egroups.com/group/Academyupdates and sign up for the announcement only list. No chatter, just updates.



May 5th, 2000


Added synopsis

Fire and Ice - Alison Phipps

Nia is the manager of Fire and Ice, a bar in the centre of Manchester, England, and is finding the shady undercurrents that come with her job a little too much to handle. Into her life walks Jake, a dark, imposing figure who seems to promise her the protection she needs, and perhaps a great deal more. But Nia is to find out that things aren't always the way they appear...


Here's parts 9 and 10 of "Random Thoughts" by Claire Withercross

Part Nine : Brave : Xena attends a gathering to say goodbye to a friend. Afterwards she asks herself an important question.

Part Ten : The Great Escape : Xena and Gabrielle help a group of wrongly imprisoned people escape, with a little help from a friend and a rat. At the end of a tiring day Xena considers the greatest escape of all.

The Apartment - Lena

An Alternative Uber story of the hurt/comfort genre. A retired nurse with failing health and love of life takes in a nursing student to help her to the great benefit of both.


The Awakening - Lena

This story deal with sexual abuse, it's aftermath, and the healing power of love. [unfinished]



May 4th, 2000


Fire and Ice - Alison Phipps

[unfinished] alt/uber


Eternal Night - Red Raven

As immortals, torn apart by jealousy and hatred a few hundred years ago, Xena and Gabrielle are about to see in the new millennium. Will they destroy each other, or rediscover what they lost? How will they face the hunters, looking to rid the world of them, especially with the discovery of a new and lethal weapon? Will they be aided by their human allies, the mystical Talisman Circle?

Future Imperfect? - Red Raven

A light-hearted bit of fun. Xena and Gabrielle visit a fortune teller who gets it all a bit wrong!

It Never Rains, but It Pours! - Red Raven

Xena and Gabrielle (finally) accept the depths and ramifications of their love and commitment. With Gabrielle about to fully undertake her reign as Amazon Queen, what does this mean for the tribe, who last saw Xena when she abducted Gabrielle and horse-dragged her from the village? Similarly, Ares sees this predicament, along with the theft of an enchanted chalice, as the opportunity to challenge Artemis for Xena's allegiance. Can Xena retrieve the chalice from the keeping of a vicious warlord, win over the hearts of the Thessalian Amazons and defeat Ares once and for all? (6 Parts)

Taken - C. E. Gray

part 1 - The story of Samantha Martin, a rancher with a big heart, and her long-time best friend McKayla Farr, a bank teller who has a nose for trouble. When an accident brings them closer, their feelings turn to something more. Yet another disaster arises - will the women's relationship make it through?

part 2 - When their relationship is revealed to nearly all of Utah, it brings mixed reactions from friends and family. Confrontations with parents are unavoidable, but what will Sam do when an angry ex-boyfriend goes too far?

part 3 - Kayla helps Sam solved the problem created by Aaron, and things are normal for a while. Until Hank makes his appearance - will Kayla fall for his charms? As if that wasn't enough, Sam's knee begins giving her trouble. After an attempt to exercise the joint fails, the rancher is left even more injured than she began, and with a predator on her trail.

part 4 - With the help of Luke, Sam's brother, Kayla convinces an injured Sam to go to the doctor. When x-rays reveal that the pain in her knee is caused by her wound received in the line of duty so many years ago, the rancher agrees to surgery. While Sam is recuperating, Kayla takes care of Amy, after the girl's secret is out - to her parents. Christmas approaches, and the counselor becomes suspicious of Sam's actions; staying out later, lying, and smelling of men's cologne. The morning after a bad fight, Sam must find a way to get Kayla to forgive her, before their love is lost forever.

part 5 - In the sweet conclusion, the rancher does whatever it takes to be forgiven, and the girls go all out for Christmas. But, the best gift is yet to come...


Redemption Song - BlondeBard

added part7part8part9part10part11




May 3rd, 2000

Late Breaking Update

The very popular and ever fun-loving Rohan the Thunder Chick has *finally* submitted to us <g>. Please don't forget feedback!

There is Always Hope - Rohan the Thunder Chick

Quantum Leap/Xena crossover..a QLeaper accidentally ends up in ancient Greece with out her holographic sidekick and must figure out what is going on...She has entered into the body of the reborn Hope and tries to stop the cult of Dahok with help from Serapem, Hope herself and works to undermine an evil high priest and Ares. After successfully destroying the cult, the holographic companion appears telling Chase (the main character) that she is the descendent of Xena and Gabrielle and since out of her time loop, will not be able to return home but spend her days leaping from ancestor to ancestor helping out during situations....

Quick synopsis...it has violence, some foreplay, general fiction and gore..but I like it anyways!!



I am happy to post tonight the beginnings of a very promising new alt/über story. It is, as of now, unfinished

Redemption Song - BlondeBard

added part1part2part3part4part5part6


May 1st, 2000 - Happy May Day!


All in the Family - Sarkel

added part 12

This story has it all: Intrigue, murder, love, heartache... The story of two families that are joined in marriage, facing challenges and crises. Last but not least, love blossoms for our two favorite gals. Will either last, the love and/or the marriage? [unfinished]

Warrior and Bard - Gabgal

This story takes place near the end of season five. Both, Xena and Gabrielle know something is wrong between them, but theyíve been afraid to face what it is. Finally Xena and Gabrielle decide to talk about their relationship and try to find our what's really inside their hearts.

Oceanbreeze - Scout13

A friendship begins in a small Southern college and ends abruptly. Years later, a marriage, a ship, and a cruise stir up memories and hopefully some answers. Finished