November 29th, 2000

Welcome to another new bard to join us!

Passion and Romance by Kris Johnson

summary pending

Added part 19 and part 20 of Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords


Imagine Me There by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Loving You by Ellie Maziekien

November 28th, 2000

Sorry guys, I have had a heck of a cold the past week and still haven't quite recovered. I am trying to keep the updates up in a timely fashion however, I am not always succeeding.

New Ultimate Uber List Update!

Perspectives by Idryth

A short story involving Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, Amazons, a kidnapping and a rescue. Add in a traitor and you end up with a bit of a different view on things on a very rainy day in ancient Greece.

Insight by Idryth

A random act of violence brings two women together. They allow their friendship to grow and become something neither knew they were looking for, in a tale of murder and mayhem.

Goodbye, Again by Lariel uber/alt

Following on from "Deja Vu All Over Again", Mattie and Harry talk about their future.

A Prayer for You by Lariel [gen]

A poignant prayer said over Gabrielle's grave.

Omega's Folly by Alexiares

Nothing can turn your life upside down quite like being evicted and inheriting half of an ancient house in another country from an eccentric relative. This is something Benton Basilas knows on a personal basis. What she doesn't know is if she has jumped from the frying pan and into the fire. A wild trip in a rattling jalopy will keep you guessing, after all. Added part 1 and part 2

added part 2 and part 3 for A Centaur's Tail by Alexiares

Part 5 of Uninvited by dikern

Added Conquered part 8 by Leslie Ann Miller

Here's the next in the New Beginnings series - Wedding Preparations by Carole Giorgio

Added part 5 and part 6 of Soul Crossing by Web Bard

Added part 17 of Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash


November 26th, 2000

THE ROAD TRIP by Dee (uber/alt)

A story of a young woman traveling on her own across the US, and a troubled soul with whom she is entangled, in an adventure filled with violence, rescue and love.

THE FENCED FIELDS by Dee (beyond uber/alt)

The tale of two long time friends driven apart, only to rediscover so much more to their relationship in the small Virginia town where they grew up.

Added Conquered part 7 by Leslie Ann Miller

Added Undeniable part 11 by KM Moon

Added part 2 and part 3 to Hamutal's Reflections

November 24th, 2000

Added part 4 of Soul Crossing by Web Bard

Beth and Reese pack up to move and plan an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner (and sexy dessert) in their new home.

Added a new version Hope Full Book 3: Devi's, Demons and Deceits by Bill the Semi-Bard

Hope Full Book 4, The Cross Roads. by Bill the Semi-Bard is an X:WP Gen Fic, with subtext as per the show.

This story is my own look at what happened in Alti's vision of Xena and Gabrielle being crucified, and differs substantially from what happened in the show.

Hope Full Book 5: This March to a Different Drum by Bill the Semi-Bard is an X:WP Gen Fic, with subtext as per the show.

Continues and finishes the story Hope Full, by again departing the cannon of the show to tell my version of Xena and Gabrielle's final meeting with Caesar and a little bit more.

November 23rd, 2000

Although not everyone who reads this lives in the United States and celebrates Thanksgiving, I would like everyone to take a moment to give thanks for the things that are important. Also, take a second to send a note to the writers of all the terrific fiction they have shared with us. I would like to thank all of you, readers and contributors alike, who have made this website successful. I never thought beyond my wildest dreams that after only eight months we would have as many stories, poems, plays, etc to offer. I am also thankful for the friends I have made while doing this. All of you make this worthwhile.

I am thankful for all the help I have on this site, Ruth with the updates and Anna with the indexing (an incredibly huge job!). Cie and her help with some of the graphics, she does a fantastic job with them and Sum...what can I say about Sum. The poems are a big part of this list and the job she does is invaluable to me, thank you Sum! Last but not least, I would like to thank Missy Good for allowing us the freedom and space on her site. are awesome, thank you for everything you do! Thanks to these folks and the rest of the Academy for making this a joy to work on.

I would also like to thank my good friend Adrienne H. for pointing me to the direction of some of the best stories I have ever read (and for babysitting so we could go to see Tina Turner last night<g>). Without her gusto for reading fanfic and making me read hundreds of stories, I doubt I would be doing this page today. Thanks bud!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Added part 15 and part 16 to Lady Savay's Beneath the Brambles

Added part 17 and part 18 to Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords

Added Chapter 4 of Patsbard's Capture My Heart


November 22nd, 2000

Hope Full Book 2: The Bound Bard by Bill the Semi-Bard [ X:WP Gen Fic, with subtext as per the show]

Book 2: The Bound Bard takes place during the Xena ep A Family Affair, and goes through that story, adding things that were not shown during the ep and giving insight into Gabrielle's thoughts and actions as based on Book 1 of Hope Full, Sacrifice Survived.

Hope Full Book 3: Devi's, Demons and Deceits by Bill the Semi-Bard [ X:WP Gen Fic, with subtext as per the show.]

Book 3: Devi's, Demons and Deceits takes place during the Xena episode, Devi. The story takes a quick look at all of Season 4 up to the India Arc, and then follows Xena and Gabrielle to India and through the story of Devi, but with extra scenes and delves deep into Gabrielle's mind as well.

My Daughter, My Nemesis by Kwipinky

This story occurs a few days after the episode Motherhood.

Added part 6 of Leslie Miller's Conquered

Added part 3 of Soul Crossing by Web Bard



I Am What I Am by Harley

I Traverse This Road by Harley

Loves Conquered by Harley

Midnight Flight by Harley

Mocking by Harley

The Light by Harley

Connections by Ellie Maziekien



November 20th, 2000

Added Chapter 11 of Alison Phipps' Fire and Ice

Added part 5 of Conquered by Leslie Ann Miller [alt/unfinished]

Added part 7 of Mythe's Loving the Conqueror

Added Chapter 19 of Troubleshooter's Trial of Conscience

Soul Crossing by Web Bard

This tale takes place after "Falling" and "Falling Stars" will eventually take the friends to Greece to trace their common ancestral past. This first chapter deals with a reunion after a short separation. Rated PG 13.

added part 1 and part 2


November 19, 2000

BATTLES AND BLOOD Scenes from The Conqueror's Life by Nancy

Flashes of the events that bring forth The Conqueror of Greece and much of the known world. Ares', and others', involvement in her rise to power and an alternate timeline from the standard genre.

Hope Full by Bill the Semi Bard

Hope Full is an X:WP Gen Fic, with subtext as per the show. Synopsis of Book 1: Book one is called "Sacrifice Survived" and deals with what happened after Gabrielle fell into the volcano with Hope in Sacrifice 2. It attempts to answer all the questions which the show never did as to where she was, and why she did not remember what had happened to her when she reappeared in Family Affair.



November 17th, 2000

Conquered by Leslie Ann Miller [alt/unfinished]

Xena the Conqueror is defeated in a rebellion and imprisoned on Shark Island. Gabrielle, historian, poet, and active participant in the uprising, goes to get information from Xena in order to finish her histories.

GabriSybil by Temora [comedy/alt]
Can Xena survive a Bard on the Rampage? Is leather really a summer fabric? And how many personalities can one small Amazon have in the space of a single morning?
Initiation By Temora [drama/general]

A short story about the beginnings of violence as an antidote for pain.

The Warrior, The Witch And The Nightmare by Verrath

It's Xena, it's ALT, it's PG13 (creep factor!)and it's finished!

Winter Chills by Kamouraskan

A piece I wrote after watching God Fearing Child in about 15 minutes, which thankfully is now a little dated.

Winter's Thaw by Kamouraskan

The sequel, Xena's chance to make things right.


Reunions ~ Potidaea by Carole Giorgio

A Night at the Beach by Crow

Falling by Web Bard

Falling Stars by Web Bard


November 15th, 2000

Soul Searching by Advocate and TNovan

My pal Advocate is at it again, this time with TN-- yet another quality piece of fanfic has been created!

(I tell her it is almost incestuous<g>... the writing relationship between her, TN, Fanatic-- in fact, it might be a good Über story if anyone wants to take that on!)

Realizing yet again that running a country is nowhere as thrilling as over-running one, Xena the Conqueror slips away from her castle to travel unfettered through the empire she rules with an iron fist. Her spur-of-the-moment decision turns out to be a date with destiny -- in the form of a gritty inn worker determined to do whatever it takes to support her child.

Added part 4 of Cold by Midgit

Added part 15 and part 16 of Shadowriter's Conspiracy of Swords

Added part 17 of Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash



Always on My Mind by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Through the Eyes of a Queen by Terri Lyn Stanfield

November 14th, 2000

Episode 2 of Knowing Me, Knowing You.

Janna deals with a few of her fears and insecurities when asking Aaryn out.

Our own wonderful interviewer has been at it again. Please rush over and see the new edition of the The Muses' Sandbox. And remember guys, if you are enjoying this please drop Eileen a note!

And Then There Were Two by Eileen Marks

The bards talk about sequels


November 13th, 2000


From Troubleshooter -

Two things - The folks over at the Uber Abode have graciously invited me for a chat session about Trial of Conscience and Belief. It takes place on Friday, November 17, 2000 at 6 p.m. Pacific time, 8 p.m. Central at the chat room for the Uber Abode.

The chat is on Delphi and you have to be a member to participate. The link will take you to the page and give you the instructions on signing up if you're interested. It's fast and easy, as evidenced by the fact that I did it with no problems in about two minutes. Log in to Delphi when you get your confirmation email and do a search for "Uber Abode" in the forums and there you are. I have no idea how this chat stuff is done, so it should be interesting just trying to figure it out.

I have been having an absolutely horrible time with the Crosswinds website, so it will no longer be updated. The official site at is now in full swing, so please make sure you change your bookmarks. Oh, and ToC 19 is almost in the can. Stephanie goes on vacation and I get inspired. Go figure.


Kindred Hearts by Web Bard

A short and very sweet tale of Xena, Gabrielle and baby Eve.


Updated the most comprehensive über list there is! Updated The Ultimate Über List

Added part 4, part5, and part 6 of Mythe's Loving the Conqueror


November 11th, 2000

Leave Well Enough Alone by SarkelBard [Uber Gen/finished]

A fortune-teller gives up her trade because of a terrifying occurrence. She's learned her lesson... or has she? She must confront her own fate when her granddaughter discovers evil.

Welcome Home by jtd [alt/finished]

Summary Pending

Added part 15 and part 16 of ArdentTly's The Conqueror's Harvest



Love Mourned by Terri Lyn Stanfield


November 10th, 2000

Added part 12 of DS Bauden's A Sacrifice for Friendship


Eternally Inseparable by Terri Lyn Stanfield


November 9th, 2000

A Hard-Headed Hound by Verrath

Dogs will be dogs, no matter how many heads they have.

Turning a Corner by Web Bard

This story picks up at the end of the "Is There a Doctor In The House" episode. Xena comes to grip with the fact that she almost lost her bard for good and how much their friendship really means to her. Rated G.

Tales From The Heart by Lariel [alt/finished] hanky alert!

A relationship at breaking point, yet two hearts still wanting the same thing.

Gumboots For Hire by Lariel [alt/finished] another hanky alert but this time for the tears from laughing so hard!!!

The Bogey and Bacall of the Xenaverse hit the seedy underworld of Ancient Greece. Xena:Warrior Investigator wisecracks her way through mystery and adventure as she takes on a new client Gabrielle, and the hunt for her missing husband. Can Xena fight her way through her own dark and frankly nasty past, hundreds of former lovers and her own libido? Will her dark, inscrutable ways and killer chat up techniques be enough to woo the classy dame? Or will she have to bump hubby Perdicus off in the end? Find out, in the first of the duo's thrilling adventures...

Added part 4 of dikern's Uninvited


Babble by Ellie Maziekien

November 8th, 2000

Welcome to another new bard to submit her scrolls to the Academy!

Falling by Web Bard

Beth and Reese meet and through a series of "falls" soon realize that they are falling for each other.

Falling Stars by Web Bard

Beth and Reese travel to the Grand Canyon for a writing assignment for a magazine. Over the course of several days, they take their relationship to new levels and begin several adventures in the Grand Canyon, including horseback riding and a night under the stars.

November 7th, 2000

From the Beginning by Warriorjudge

After the resurrection, Gabrielle finds out that Xena lost her memory. Xena thinks she's back in her warlord days. She set to conquer the world, and manages to do so. Gabrielle tries to make Xena fall in love with her all over again.

Rat by Kamouraskan

Gabrielle has a pet Rat.

Champion by Kamouraskan

Gabrielle and Xena meet in a different way, and Gabrielle is already an Amazon

Knowing Me, Knowing You by Jaden

A weekly (Hopefully) episode story that follows Janna Ross on her quest to find true love.

In Episode One, Janna has a night out with her best friend Karen, and comes away with something unexpected....

Added chapters 17 and 18 of Troubleshooter's Trial of Conscience

Added part 11 of D.S. Bauden's A Sacrifice for Friendship

Added part 10 to KM Moon's Undeniable

Added part 16 of Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash


Fleeting Hope by Ellie Maziekien



November 6, 2000

A Night at the Beach by Crow [finished/alt]

It's a short one. It takes place between episodes "Who's Gurkhan, and Legacy" Xena and Gabrielle talk about the loss of their parents, and love they have for each other Well they show it more than talk about it..

Added part 13 and part 14 of Conspiracy of Swords by Shadowriter

November 5th, 2000

Added chapter43 of Jenah's Our Reunion

Added Warriorjudge's A Simple Love Story


That's Life by Terri Lyn Stanfield

When by Terri Lyn Stanfield

November 4th, 2000

Added Claire Withercross' The Case of the Missing Snowmen

Added Nalysia's In the Heat of the Night

November 2nd, 2000

Added part 10 of DS Bauden's A Sacrifice for Friendship


Changelings by Ellie Maziekien


November 1st, 2000

I'm deputizing for Steph while she's taking a well-deserved break in Florida. Ruth

Added parts 11 and 12 of Conspiracy of Swords by Shadowriter


Ruminations by Terri Lyn Stanfield