October 30th, 2000

Just a note to let everyone know that we are heading out to Florida for a week. Ruth has graciously consented to take on the updates, please send all updates to academyofbards@egroups.com or if you have any questions, etc, that would be the place to address them. Anna is continuing to update the indexes. She can be reached at that same email address or at goalieanna@yahoo.com if there are any problems, corrections, etc.

New update to the Ultimate Uber List by EM

TWILIGHT by Richard B. Franke

a Xena alternative fanfic. It is an alternative ending to the fifth season of Xena: Warrior Princess, one in which the Olympians aren't quite so easy to kill

Added part 8 to The Life in Her Eyes by Debox


Alpha by Ellie Maziekien




October 29th, 2000

This is not really a story but a joke tool to help bards write sex scenes, it's called "ABCDEFG" or "A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator".
It's as simple as ABC, or to be more precise, it's as simple as ABCDEFG. Bards, do you struggle when it comes to writing that passionate and erotic sex scene? Yes? Then struggle no more. Claire Withercross Productions in association with Claire Withercross International Conglomerate Enterprise Associate Consultants bring you the ABCDEFG! Yes, the ABCDEFG! The tool all writers of erotic fiction in the Xenaverse have been waiting for. Twosomes! Threesomes! Lonesomes! With multiple usage of the tool you can create orgies with up to 17, (YES 17!!!), of your favourite characters in the Xenaverse in the most dirty, explicit, disgusting sex scenes you can imagine, (and I know how much some of you bards can imagine!). Never be stuck for making your sex scenes original, sexy, passionate, or bizzare ever again with the ABCDEFG. A Bard's Convenient DIY Erotic Fiction Generator.

The Gabrielle Effect by Kamouraskan

I wanted to write a full French farce with door slammings, mistaken identities and still be true to the characters of the show.

Judgment by Kamouraskan

As a Montrealer and a human being involved all my adult life in rights organizations, the 10th anniversary of the Politechnic Massacre was extremely painful. There were still commentators willing to call it the act of a nut without any political reflections. Then I read the latest crime statistics for Quebec. Over half the deaths in the province involved the killing of women and children by their ex's. This piece was written in very cold anger after many tears. It was supposed to ask: What will it take?

Added part 3 of dikern's Uninvited

Added part 7 of Troubleshooter's most excellent story, Belief.

October 28th, 2000

Take One Head And Call Me In The Morning by Lariel

Lady Xena was never one to let a little thing like death get in the way of a good relationship...

Added the conclusion to Lena's story The Honeymoon

Added parts 9 and 10 of Conspiracy of Swords by Shadowriter

Added Finding My Way part 2

Part Two of a five part series by Mavis Applewater. Stephanie's journey continues.


Tortured Soul by Terri Lyn Stanfield


October 27th, 2000

Another new bard enters the Academy today, welcome Shadowriter with the unfinished story Conspiracy of Swords

FBI agent Alexia Reis joins forces with ex-CIA assassin Teren Mylos to find out who's behind the murders of several left-wing activists and politicians. The mystery deepens as they uncover a conspiracy involving the far-right, old Nazis, new Nazis, and a hoard of looted gold.

Added parts 1 - 8

Added synopsis of Shade by Temora

What happens when a lonely man in an army camp fixates on a certain bard.

Fixed the link to Whacked by an Amazon Angel by Cassandra and Bik


I have one from a wonderful writer and a buddy, Nene Adams:

Just in time for Halloween, Nene's Living Library brings you two new spooky stories for your chilling enjoyment! Plus, an added story in the Xenaverse Faery Tales. Yeah, I posted these to the list, but if you missed 'em then, here's your chance to read the tales complete with cool new graphics & such.

"The Legend of Cassus Somnus" is a classic X&G story, based on Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Xena and Gabrielle travel to a quiet little village at the behest of one of Greek's greatest bards... only to confront an evil that threatens to destroy the villagers one by one. Will Gabrielle lose her head entirely? Read this tale to find out!


"The Alabaster Hand" is a special Gaslight short story for the season. When Lina and Rhiannon are invited to a Halloween party, it proves to be more tricks than treats when an ancient Egyptian curse is seemingly responsible for murder! Can our intrepid Victorian heroines solve the mystery in time? Read this tale to find out! http://www.corrieweb.com/gaslight/alabaster1.htm

"Bright Ribbons of Gold" is a brand new offering in the Xenaverse Faery Tales. Based on the Russian fairy tale, Baba Yaga and the Wise Doll, Gabrielle must travel to the Ukrainian plains to rescue Xena from the clutches of an evil witch. Only her cleverness, bravery and wit stand between Xena and certain death. Find out how by reading this story today!


Next, I have a very IMPORTANT announcement.

The Library has grown to such an extent that we had great difficulty in maintaining it. In order to facilitate management of the site - and spare you problems like dead links and the like - we've had to do a complete re-organization.

This means: If you have direct links or bookmarks to any stories, THEY WILL NO LONGER WORK!

All URL's, with the exception of the main library index, have been changed.

If there are any Webmasters on the list, and if you have direct links to any stories in the library, please contact me for a complete list of all changed URL's. My e-mail address is cfkuipers@home.nl

We apologize for the inconvenience this is going to cause. Hopefully, this is going to be the last time such a reshuffling takes place.

Because I don't know everybody who has links to my stories, please feel free to pass this information on to anyone you feel might benefit from it.

The Library has also been completely redesigned, with all new graphics, faster loading pages, etc. Go ahead and take a look; if you find anything wrong, please let us know immediately.

Now, for some bad news...

Blood & Thunder: The Continuing Adventures of a Pirate Queen has been discontinued and taken down from the site. Due to incidents of ill health, I can no longer keep up with the story, and feel it isn't fair to keep faithful readers waiting and waiting for updates. If, at some future time, I feel able to complete the story, it will then be posted in its entirety. I sincerely apologize to any fans.

Just a reminder: Direct links to stories will no longer work! Webmasters can contact Nene for a list of all changed URL's.





October 26th, 2000

Shade by Temora

summary pending

We have part 10 of Alison Phipps' Fire and Ice

Added part 15 of JP's Vampire Hunter story

Fixed the links for Reece's Faith (thank you everyone who wrote to tell me about this!)



October 25th, 2000

I am still having a few mail problems so again, if you have sent something and don't see it posted, please drop me a line!

A Day Off by Lariel

Our warrior and bard are all set to enjoy a nice, restful day off from saving the world...but Gabrielle decides to liven up Xena's fishing holiday with a little diversion of her own. How does a fishless Warrior Princess deal with a bard high on hallucenogenic berries, and bent on mischief?

Growing Pains by Lariel

The innocent eyes of a child see less than they should; can one such child tell the difference between good and evil, and make the right choices? A child's account of a fateful meeting with a certain blonde hiding up a tree.

Whacked by an Amazon Angel by Cassandra and Bik

The spiritual Xena and Gabrielle meet the spiritual Ephiny, and return with her to the Amazon village. They are greeted by the spiritual Solari. It seems there are still Romans lurking around the village, and the Amazons need all the other-worldly help they can get. Xena, in her usual style, makes everything right. Along the way Ephiny and Solari receive some much-appreciated pointers on afterlife activities. Once again that burning question - is there subtext in paradise - receives a possible answer.

Whacked by and Angel Too:Taking Care of Joxer by Cassandra and Bik

Our favorite angels decide to see how Joxer is doing - at least Gabrielle wants to see that Joxer is okay and Xena goes along for the laughs. They convince him, they hope, to give up his idea of being a warrior and settle down with Meg, who can probably handle him.

Added part 4 and part 5 of S. K. Allen's Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Added part 5 of Faces of Evil by Shoe X

Added part 13 and part 14 of Reece's Faith by Vertigo (warning! two chapters of SMUT!!)

Added part 15 of Culture Clash by Malaurie Barber


October 23rd, 2000

AJ has part 2 of Rightful Claims completed

Midgit has part 3 of Cold finished

Added part 11 of Carole Giorgio's Sedona Rain

Added part 20 to conclusion of Under a Colorado Sky by PatsBard


Spirit of the Forest by Ellie Maziekien

Generosity by Ellie Maziekien


October 22nd, 2000

More Than There Are Stars by loubug

Alt/Uber Sci-Fi. Two souls find one another and a love as eternal as the stars around them. Destined to be together, Robin and Sarah will face there greatest enemies, and bask in the joy and abilities that only true soul mates can share. Join them in a fantastic outer-space adventure.

Haunting Shadows by JM Dragon [unfinished]

Summary Pending. Added part 1 - 6


October 21st, 2000

What do you get when you combine the talents of three of the best in the fanfic business? You get a hilarious look at the first e-mail list! Get over and read

You've Got Scrolls by Advocate, Fanatic, and TNovan (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS STORY! I couldn't stop laughing!)

Added part 9 of KM's Undeniable


October 20th, 2000

Here is Verrath's latest story from the Tell-Me series! Run, Alice, Run

The hidden horrors of a lonely path through the park unexpectedly work in the Sina's and Gabby's favor. Rated PG.

Carrie's AJ has a new story started, this one is called Rightful Claims

Added part 1

Added part 6 of Carrie Carr's uber, Love's Journey.


Alone by Ellie Maziekien


October 18th, 2000

Updated the Ultimate Uber List by EM

A new story by Kwipinky. It is called Requiem for the Warrior Princess

Xena is arrested and tried for the murder of General Marmax.

Added part 2 to Uninvited by Dikern [alt/über/unfinished]

Added part 2 and part 3 to Don't Ask, Don't Tell by S.K. Allen

Added part14 to Culture Clash by Malaurie Barber


Changed Happiness by LGuzzino to Happiness by Inspired Lor



October 16th, 2000

Added part 9 of DS Bauden's A Sacrifice for Friendship


Happiness by LGuzzino


October 14th, 2000

Added part 12, part 13, and part 14 of Lady Savay's Beneath the Brambles

October 13th, 2000

Not only is it Friday the 13th and a full moon, but it's also Beta Reader Appreciation Day. For more information about this please go to http://devoted.to/BRAD. Support the beta readers!

One last LJ Maas story to add today:

Journey's End [conqueror/finished]

For those not familiar with this continuing story that started on the Ex-Guards Mail List, this Xena is not the dark ruler from many Conqueror stories, so some will not care for it. It is more the story of that same dark Warrior after she has ruled for twenty years or so. She has come to the point in her life where she is trying to change, for many reasons...enter slave, Gabrielle.


October 12th, 2000

Huge update day guys! Before we get to that however, I want to take a moment of your time. I received an e-mail from a friend of mine today, it said this:

I've noticed a recent trend lately - very few people are writing when they look at something. I wrote a bard just the other day, commenting on her story, and she seemed genuinely surprised that someone wrote her back - it's a shame.

I have to agree with this sentiment. It is a shame. Sending a note to a bard is about the only way we have to support them in the work they do. Please...take the time to write to the authors of the stories you read. Who knows, you might just make someone's day!

There is another way you have to support a bard and that is to order books when the writer has been picked up by a publishing house! Today I am happy to announce another of my very favorite bards has joined the Academy. LJ Maas has kept me up many nights because I just haven't been able to put her stuff down! So, I'd like to take the opportunity to let you guys know that her publisher, Renaissance Alliance Publishing, is now taking pre-orders for her novel, None So Blind. Their online catalog is at: http://www.rapbooks.com/Store/catalog0_0.html

And now for her stories:

Tumbleweed Fever

In the Oklahoma Territory of the old west Devlin Brown is trying to redeem herself for her past as an outlaw, now working as a rider on a cattle ranch. Sarah Tolliver is a widow with two children and a successful ranch, but no way to protect it from the ruthless men who would rather see her fail. When the two come together sparks fly, as a former outlaw loses her heart to a beautiful yet headstrong young woman.

None So Blind

It's been almost 15 years since Chicago writer, Torrey Gray has set eyes on the woman she fell in love with so long ago. Taylor Kent has become one of the most celebrated artists in the country, and has spent the last 15 years trying to, unsuccessfully, forget the young woman that walked out of her life, stealing Taylor's heart in the process. Best friends forever, neither woman has ever been able to find the courage to speak about the growing passion they felt for one another.

Now an unusual, but desperate request will throw the old friends together again, but this time, will either of them be able to voice their unspoken desires, or has time become their enemy?

Meridio's Daughter

Tessa (Nikki) Nikolaidis is cold and ruthless, the perfect person to be KarÍ, the right-hand, to Greek magnate Andreas Meridio. Cassandra (Casey) Meridio has come home after a six-year absence to find that her father's new KarÍ is a very desirable, but highly dangerous woman.

Set in modern day Greece on the beautiful island of M´ykonos, this novel weaves a tale of emotional intrigue as two women from different worlds struggle with forbidden desires. As the two come closer to the point of no return, Casey begins to wonder if she can really trust the beautiful KarÍ. Does Nikki's dark past, hide secrets that will eventually bring down the brutal Meridio Empire, or are her actions simply those of a vindictive woman? Will she stop at nothing for vengeance...even seduction?



To Become A Queen

In this "first time" story, a brutal attack leaves Xena and Gabrielle to recuperate in the Amazon village, as their hidden dreamscapes threaten to tear Warrior and Bard apart.

Quest For A Queen

Xena must fend off her past against mortals and Gods to rescue the other half of her soul. At the same time, Gabrielle must complete her own Quest to find out who she is as a woman, a bard, a lover & friend, most importantly, as an Amazon Queen.

The Heart Of A Queen

Before they are to be joined in front of the eyes of the Amazon Nation, an old flame comes back into Xena's life. Will an old lover be able to tempt the Warrior to step across the line of fidelity? Gabrielle must deal with this very real threat to her future, while at the same time the young Queen must also find a way to face her own heritage, finally revealed by her mother.

The Queen of My Heart

A deadly sickness sweeps through the Amazons until even their Queen is afflicted with the unknown fever. The only thing that can save an entire Nation is the Elixir of Life, a liquid with the ability to heal the ills of any mortal or God. Xena, along with her friends Eponin and Autolycus, embark on a quest for the Elixir, which can restore the Amazons, but the potion is being closely guarded on the island of Delos. Along the way, Xena reminisces to herself about her wife. It is through the Warrior's eyes that we get to see how she met and traveled with the young woman from Potidaea, the woman that has become the Queen of her Heart.

Happy Anniversary, Gabrielle

The Summer Solstice is Xena and Gabrielle's first anniversary and this just happens to be the Warrior's present to her bard. It also takes care of one of Xena's biggest desiresœto have been Gabrielle's first lover. So, what would happen if Xena had the ability to go back to that day? You knowœthe infamous one when Perdicus asked Gabrielle to marry him? Would said Warrior finally swallow her pride and tell the bard about her feelings, or will she allow history to repeat itself?

Happy Anniversary, Xena

This is the Bard's present to her Warrior. Turnabout is fair play, as they say, and Gabrielle has a surprise for Xena. We've seen what can happen within the dreamscape when two people try to relive an event in the past. Things don't always go as planned. Gabrielle is ecstatic about the gift that Xena gave her. So, what about Xena's first time? The young Queen begins to wonder what would have happened that summer that Xena turned sixteen, if the bard actually met her wife as that young woman.

And from other bards:

Don't Ask, Don't Tell by S.K. Allen

Uber- Alt A Military Tale of romace, two women bound by a common goal yet separated by a common rule: Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Their bond is like a flower among choking weeds. Added part1 [unfinished]

Added part 2 of Cold by the wonderful Midgit

Finding My Way By Mavis Applewater.

When Stephanie begins her new career teaching history at a small New England University her well planned future takes an unexpected detour, when she meets Allison. Part one of five.


Cross-Generational Muses, Working at Last by Ellie Maziekien


October 11th, 2000

The Song of the Candle by Kamouraskan

Summary pending

Added part 15 and part 16 of Zoe's Taught By Love

Added part 9 of Fire and Ice by Alison Phipps


Until You Came Along by Beth

Unbelievable Need by Beth

My Heart Has Walked With Yours by Beth



October 9th, 2000


Only in my Dreams by Terri Lyn Stanfield


October 8th, 2000

Uninvited by Dikern [alt/über/unfinished]

summary pending

As the Camera Turns by Claire Withercross

Ted Raimi introduces a short programme of out-takes from the filming of my story "As The Stomach Turns". See the actors have trouble with their lines, props, and flatulence. Discover how Kevin Smith gets paid; be amazed by the eloquent use of the words and in the same sentence; and find out which of the stars forgot their underwear. Also features footage of a scene that never made it to the final version of "As The Stomach Turns".

The Garden of My Soul by Eileen Marks

summary pending

Added chapter42 of Jenah's Our Reunion

just a note if you have been keeping up with this story, this update is a MUST READ!!!! It's a good one!

Added part 5, part6, part7, and part 8 of DS Bauden's A Sacrifice for Friendship

Added I Found My Heart in San Francisco: Disclosures by SX Meagher eBook version

Added the conclusion(part17) of Fresh from the Road Kill Cafe by Carrie's AJ


Love at First Sight by Terri Lyn Stanfield




October 6th, 2000

Has it already been two months since the last story? Well apparently it has and one of the most prolific writers is at it again! Today we are adding Book 4 of I Found My Heart in San Francisco, Disclosures to the scrolls.

For the on-going story of Jamie and Ryan go to Book 4 Disclosures


October 5th, 2000

Another new bard, and one of my personal favorites! Lariel has yet to disappoint me in anything she has written. I am very happy to add her to our ranks.

Last Night - uber alt.

Charlie and Emily are reunited after some time spent apart, and the two lovers spend the night together reliving their relationship. Will things ever be the same for them, when morning comes?

One Enchanted Evening or An Awful Tale Involving the Hideous Side Effects of Sex & Drink & General Hard Liviní...alt.

Will Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer survive the Curse of Ugliness that has struck down a village's most beautiful inhabitants? Will they be Hungover and worse in the morning? Will Joxer really have to make out with his own sister? Enter the depravity, steel yourself against terrible stereotypical accents and hideous plot contrivances and find out......if you THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!

Another one of my favorite writers is my pal Midgit. She has another new story she has started. This one is entitled "Cold".

From Midgit's Webpage - Originally I was only going to post it to my mailing list, but I've changed my mind. I'm a woman, I'm entitled:). A Handful of Heaven WILL be finished, I'm just not getting any good ideas for it at the moment. So maybe a change of scene and characters is what I need. Here is part 1 of Cold.

Added part2 part3 and part 4 of DS Bauden's A Sacrifice for Friendship

Added part 14 of JP's The Vampire Hunter: Return of the Prodigal

October 4th, 2000

Three stories (2 finished, 1 in progress) by a new bard to join the Academy. Please welcome DS Bauden to the ranks.

A Fresh Start (summary pending)

In Healing Arms

sequel to A Fresh Start

and the new one A Sacrifice for Friendship

Added part 1 [unfinished]




October 3rd, 2000

Updated the awesome work by EM the Ultimate Uber Page

Reunions ~ Amphipolis by Carole Giorgio

Here's the next in the New Beginnings series

My Cup of Tea by dikern

Summary Pending


Forests by Ellie Maziekien



October 2nd, 2000

I am back from vacation from the very beautiful island of Kauai. Sorry about the lack of updates, I believe it was due to a technical problem on my sidekick's computer...anyway, I have a couple of announcements and some great updates and new additions:


The Swollen Bud Committee is pleased to announced a new set of award-winning X:WP fan fiction to keep you occupied while you wait for this season's opening episode...

The Swollen Buds of October 1 include seven terrific stories by Anon, C.L. Bactad, Inyx, Seana James, Ella Quince, Della Street, and last but not least XWP Fanatic. (Quince, Street, and Fanatic are repeat winners, but the others are new to the awards -- and may be new to you as well.)

The Buds this time range from classics set early in the X:WP canon to one based on last season's Chakram episode. Two are Conqueror stories; one is an uber, and a hilarious one at that. All are finished -- and very well crafted. To check out this winners, visit the Swollen Bud page.

I'm happy to announce that 'The Story of Me' by Advocate is now available in print for purchase. For those interested -- orders can be given directly to the publisher today! (deliver time 2-3 weeks). So here's how to order -- Go to www.iuniverse.com Do a book search by: author Advocate OR by title The Story of Me That should take you to the ordering information. OR here is a direct link (this worked today, folks, and I'm assuming it won't change- but if it doesn't work in the future - use the steps above)


The book is $9.95 and when you go to the site you'll get to the see the cover and a preview, etc. It will also be available for order at Amazon.com and bookstores in about 3 weeks (so for quicker service - get it right from the publisher).


Just to let you know that the printer delivered GUN SHY to Justice House Publishing on Friday, and they have spent a lot of the weekend packaging up orders. You can all expect to receive any ordered books within a few days. If you haven't yet ordered GUN SHY, you can still do so on the internet at the following site: http://www.justicehouse.com/GunShy_sale.html You can also go to your local bookstore and order the book. Information you need to order the book is: Book-----GUN SHY Author---Lori L. Lake ISBN-----0-9677687-4-8

Now the Stories:

Infidelity by Warriorjudge

Type: alt rated nc-17 for explicit f/f sex.

Perdicus wasn't killed by Callisto. After one year of marriage, Xena comes to pay a visit to Gabrielle.

Conversion by Warriorjudge

Type: alt-uber rated nc-17 for explicit f/f sex.

A lover affair between two nuns, Sister Gabrielle and Xena the Prioress, which takes place in a convent in 18th Germany.

The Lumberjack By Vree

A woman meets a lumberjack in the woods after an accident. They fall in Love. Songfic Parody.

The Fan by Lena

summary pending. Very short story.

Added part 14 of Taught by Love by Zoe

Change of Heart by Kawai added part 3 and part 4

Added RKC 16 by Carrie's AJ

Added parts 12 and 13 for Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash

Added part 8 to KM's Undeniable