September 24th, 2000

The third (and for the time being final) part of Barbara Davies' Hellcat series is now up. It's called Silver Lining (aka A Mission for the Hellcat)

Sequel to A Prior Engagement A train robbery interrupts Zee and Christie's attempt to get better acquainted.

Added part 15 of Carrie's AJ's Fresh from the Road Kill Cafe


Another couple of entries by Lida for our eBook collection:

Midnight Oil - Carrie Carr

While burning the Midnight Oil in an office high-rise, Monica and Geri finally take their attraction to each other to·new heights.

Oceanbreeze - Scout13

A friendship begins in a small Southern college and ends abruptly. Years later, a marriage, a ship, and a cruise stir up memories and hopefully some answers.

September 23rd, 2000

We (as in myself, my partner and our son, not the Academy <g>) will be heading off on vacation Monday morning to Kauai for a week. There should be no interruption in the Academy postings as my faithful sidekick Anna will be taking over as of Monday. Please make sure to direct all your questions and submissions directly to the Academy list at unless you want to wait for a week for my return. Thank you. Steph

Now....onto the update. We have a new bard...a prolific new bard <G> join us today. Please take a look at the offerings by Verrath:

The Tell Me series (rated G unless otherwise noted):

Tell Me, Gabrielle

Man-eating giants and a big siege engine delay two girls on their way to school. Only Xena the mighty Warrior Princess and her mighty steed Argo can save the day (though Argo's wheels do tend to skip and skid on that gravel)!

I'm Bored, Gabrielle

Sina struggles to while away the days until Gabby is ungrounded. This kid just cannot stay out of trouble. And of course, Sina wouldn't be Sina if she didn't find a way to pull little Gabby into it as well.

What's With The Sun?

Sina and Gabby round up all their friends to battle an unseen force that threatens their existence! Will Xena yet again save the world? The premise for that story was taken from a children's tale titled "Someone Is Eating The Sun" by Ruth A. Sonneborn, where a bunch of farm animals experience the same horror. I read that while sorting through some of my old stuff at my parents' house, and found it too cute to pass up. :-)

Pillow Talk

Some serious soul-searching and a pillow fight during a sleep-over at Gabby's.

We Got Him, Gabrielle!

Sleep-Over II - a bad b/w horror movie in the middle of the night has the girls in a stir. Rated PG for messy violence against murdering monster.

Summer Slave Camp

Finally! Summer Camp is here! But what would a camp be without proper supervision...? More fun for the kids, in Sina's opinion.

Summer Slave Camp 2 - Slave Hunt

A daring team of adventurers sets out to find a hidden treasure, while a miserable little Warrior Princess is toiling in the kitchen. Maybe the scheduled afternoon activities will bring a few surprises.

Flukes, Fauns & Griffins

Who would have thought what weird and wonderful creatures this world holds...? Battle Kicks A wise general always keeps to the back of the battlefield - no matter how badly the battle is going...

The New Kid

The summer is taking a new turn as a huge truck unloads furniture down the road from Gabby's house.

... a companion to the series:

Remember When, Gabrielle?

An unexpected reunion after many, many years does not turn out the way either Sina or Gabby imagined. Rated PG.


The Heart Of A Leopard

What can I say, it's a uber about life in the wild, and one surly, deadly black panther with blue eyes who makes an unlikely friend


The Fire's Reach by Xenamour

September 22nd, 2000

I have just read a fascinating new interview by EM and posted it at the Beyond the Sandbox section of the Academy. This month several well-known bards have answered the question, 'Who's your conqueror?'

See the interview

A new story by Carole Giorgio titled Reunions~Potidaea


If At First You Don't Succeed... by Kristien Damon [Alt/Comedy]

In this, the first story in the Misadventures of the Warrior and Bard Series, after a string of bad luck leaves our heroes needing but not getting, the Amazons face one of their toughest challenges when they must deal with the frustrated Warrior Princess and bard.

September 21st, 2000

Added parts 5 and 6 of Vertigo's Reece's Faith

Added part 5 of Love's Journey by Carrie Carr


Deserving of Love by Ellie Maziekien

September 20th, 2000

Obstacles by Fantasy [unfinished]

This story is set in the world if International Grand Prix Show·Jumping. The main character Katrina 'Kat' Maria Andreas is an AGA champion rider and trainer. She and her partner, Marcy Daniels, have to work through some issues in Kat's past so they can move one with their relationship.

In the background are all of the 'beautiful people' found in the world of show jumping.··The story is set in the horse farm country of Virginia, and·includes a southern gentleman, who owns a major textile manufacturing company. Travis Worthington became Kat's mentor.

Things are going along fine until an old friend·of Kat's brings the news that Kat's estranged mother has died back in Greece. This brings back old painful memories for Kat and threaten Marcy and Kat's relationship. The·genre is Uber and alternative in nature. There is a physical relationship between two women, and in some places quite graphic.

Added part 8 , part 9, part10, and part 11 of Lady Savay's Beneath the Brambles

Added part 11 to Malaurie Barber's Culture Clash

September 19th, 2000

Fields of Gray by Redcat

Alt uber, but very tame. Keep a handkerchief handy for this one!!

Added part 16 of Rock of Ages Past by Elaine L. Becker


Love of a Season by EpTalk

Emotions by Carm

Soulmates by Lor

This poem was written for, and is a part of 'The Heart of a Queen' the third story in LJ's Queen Series

September 17th, 2000

Added part 7 of Undeniable by KM


The Journey by Lor

September 16th, 2000

Added part 3 of The Honeymoon by Lena

September 15th, 2000

Terreis's Lover by Paranoia

A visit to the Amazons reveals the mystery of··Terreis's lover: a woman who hasn't been seen since··the day Terreis died. Why did she leave? Where is·she now? And why did Terreis give her Right of·Caste·to a sweet, untested bard? Old choices have·long-reaching repercussion in this 'Gabrielle's-mask-gets-challenged-and-Xena-can't-possibly-save-her'story with a twist. [finished]

The Last Episode By Unni Wohlen

Xena's past finally catches up with her in this suggestion for last episode ever of XWP. Alternative (first time), short.

Death, Resurrection, and Taxes by Xenamour [comedy]

Contributing to the Greater Good has its down side; After 31 years, plus, (6 + 25 years entombed), of unpaid taxes, the Greek version of the IRS has come looking for the Warrior Princess and her side kick. Xena's filed their first ever Tax Return, with a little help from Salmoneous's kid brother. Now they're being Audited, and it's up to the Bard to sort out their friend's handy work.

Justifying their creative accounting recalls some of the funnier moments in their travels. They'd be laughing too... But when an honest man and his family are threatened with foreclosure on their business and home, Xena and Gabrielle become suspicious. Someone's been altering people's tax returns... And cheating the people of Greece out of their hard earned dinars.

Added part 10 to Carole Giorgio's Sedona Rain

Added parts 11, 12, 13, and 14 to ArdentTly's Conqueror's Harvest

September 14th, 2000

Beneath The Brambles by Lady Savay

Added parts 1 - 7

A brilliant, jet set, celebrity author is banished to a small town by her publisher.  There she finds a beautiful Sheriff, an unknown enemy, an eclectic, if not kooky, group of people and a plot to damage or destroy all she has found worth saving in this"really small town". She'll need to look closely, because not everything is what it seems on the surface. She learns, sometimes, even if it's painful, you need to dig deep to find the answers, beneath the brambles.


We have four of them by Harley tonight

A Soul Such As You (A Note to Miss Ellie)


Hurricane of Life

Three Simple Answers

September 13th, 2000

I was asked to pass this along:

Would those generous folks who are making donations for the Bard's Brunch Auction please contact Mary Priddy at either or We need to comprise a list to be handed out at the door.

Include what articles and how many you'll be donating. If you cannot attend and would like to donate, Mary or I can help you with shipping information. Thank you all so very much for your generosity. Let's make this an affair to remember.

Written in My Days by Deb

I didn't get a chance to read the whole thing but I just happened to catch the ending. <ahem> Gotta love alt-fic <g>.

This is a tale of jealousy, romance and best of all an admission of love.


Silent Muse by Terri Lyn Stanfield

September 11th, 2000

Well unfortunately for me, word of my vacation has been highly exaggerated <g>. I will be going soon, just not yet! Anyway, I'm here and so is tonight's update!

Added part 41 of Jenah's very wonderful story Our Reunion

Added chapters 12 and 13 of JP's The Vampire Hunter: Return of the Prodigal

Updated the Ultimate Uber List by EM. You guys, if you get a chance to write her let her know how valuable this is to us! What a fantastic piece of work she has put together!


Grandpa by Ellie Maziekien

Mystery Man by Terri Stanfield

September 9th, 2000

Steph is away on vacation for awhile, so I'm going to be filling in for her.

Anyhow! Just a samll update today.

Tintagel - Ellie Maziekien

An interesting piece from Ellie. At first, I couldn't figure out how to catagorize this one, but so I decided on an epic poem.

September 8th, 2000

Incommunicado by Claire Withercross

We all love silence now and again, but silence can be a killer. Watch as silence tears apart a relationship that no-one thought could be broken. Can Xena and Gabrielle find the few words to save it?

Added part 2 of A Change of Heart by Kawai


My Son by Beth

I Want So Much by Beth

A Sight To Behold by Terri Lyn Stanfield

September 7th, 2000

Added the Xippy award logo on Warrior Nutcase's In My Life. Congratulations!

Added part 13 of Zoe's Taught by Love *don't read at work!*

September 6th, 2000

A Change of Heart by Kawai

With the arrival of her new roommate Michelle, problems erupt in Alex's quiet college life. Can a budding friendship overcome her past and help her accept love again?

Added Part 10, the Conclusion to the great story by Midgit, Ligara

Added part 10 of Culture Clash by Malaurie Barber

September 5th, 2000

An interesting story, rather three versions of the same story by Crow and Barbara G. Smith. Megan is a mechanic happily working...until she comes across a woman stranded and in need of assistance....little does she know how much assistance is needed. There's two sides to every story then there's the truth....

Part I - Damn! Why Can't It Just Be Sex? by Crow and Barbara G. Smith

Megan's tale.

Part II - It's So Much More Than Just Sex. by Crow and Barbara G. Smith

This is the same story just told from Jodie's perspective.

Part III - Sex is Good...Love is Better by Crow and Barbara G. Smith

The Truth

Added part 6 of Undeniable by KM

The eBook version of I Found My Heart in San Fransisco by SX Meagher for the first two books in the series have arrived!

Added -

Book One: Awakenings

Book Two: Beginnings

September 3rd, 2000

Teach Me Everything You Know By Kristien Damon (a.k.a. Lawlsfan)

Summary: Drama/Alt - A touching narrative of the final moments shared with a beloved friend and companion.

The Gift By Kristien Damon (a.k.a. Lawlsfan)

Summary: Drama/Alt - Gabrielle receives a very special solstice gift from the most unlikely and surprising of sources.

September 2nd, 2000

Added part 6 of Belief by Troubleshooter

September 1st, 2000

Charmed by Katrinna Pint

Xena dreams that Eve is being targeted by a sexual demon. She and Gabrielle travel to free her, but find themselves enchanted as well. Together, they must unravel the secret to the predators demise. Warning: Contains sexual scenes.

added part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6 part7 part8

Added part 9 of Culture Clash by Malaurie Barber

Added part 4 of Reece's Faith by Vertigo


Life's Highway by Terri Lyn Stanfield

Dream Lover by Terri Lyn Stanfield

A Cry in the Night by Terri Lyn Stanfield