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April 22, 2018

Added Part 2 of Finding North by Goddess Kissed (Original/Alt/Incomplete)

Accidental Forever by Kim Pritekel (Original/Alt/Complete)
This is the third and final installment to the Accidental series. I strongly recommend reading Accidental Seduction and Accidental Fall first. Enjoy!

April 8, 2018

A new bard joins us today. Hello and welcome Goddess Kissed!

Finding North - Part 1 by Goddess Kissed (Original/Alt/Incomplete)
Rhiannon (Rhi) MacReynolds' whole world changed when informed she has cancer. Rhi begins the fight to save her life with her best friend, Val, beside her. Astrid is a coffee shop owner that relies on her business to fulfill her life. Astrid and Rhi have been talking for a year and have been skirting around what they both want for fear of ruining what they have. This is the story of three strong women fighting for the life they have and the dreams they want.

Another new bard is joining us. A big welcome to Gili Estlin Hirsch!

Snow in Crete by Gili Estlin Hirsch (Classic/Alt/Complete)
On a cold winter's night, Xena is close to a breaking point regarding her romantic feelings towards Gabrielle. Clueless at first, Gabrielle slowly understands, then coaxes, Xena to let go of her fears and self-depreciation, and opens up to Gabrielle.

April 2, 2018

Added Part 12 of Traumatic Love by Capt_Esq (Original/Alt/Incomplete)


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