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March 24, 2019

The Affection Factor by Bat Morda (DS9/Alt/Complete)

The Broken Arrow by Bat Morda (Classic/Alt/Complete)

Assassin...Oracle...Bard by Bat Morda (Classic/Alt/Complete)

Minor Adjustments by Bat Morda (Classic/Alt/Complete)

The Search for Amphipolis by Bat Morda (Mel & Janice/Alt/Complete)

March 9, 2019

A new bard joins us today! Welcome Maryeic!

Horse Sense by Maryeic (Classic/Alt/Complete)
From Argo's point of view, getting Xena and Gabrielle to admit their feelings takes horse sense. There are over 100 episode titles embedded in the story. See if you can find them all.

Conversations in the Dark by Maryeic (Classic/Alt/Complete)
Trapped in a pitch black cave, Xena and Gabrielle must fill the time before dawn provides light for them to find their way out. Many mishaps occur while they wait.

Vacation Interuptus by Maryeic (Classic/Alt/Complete)
On vacation, Xena and Gabrielle's anniversary is interrupted by the need to help Joxer. Fun and sexy.

Dear Gabby by Maryeic (Classic/Alt/Complete)
Gabrielle takes on a task from Aphrodite to answer lovelorn questions. She needs Xena help to find the answers.

Announcement from Q. Kelly
First, there was “Reality Lesbian,” then “Reality Lesbian 2,” and now comes the aptly named “Reality Lesbian 3”! It's available for purchase on Kindle and Smashwords (and very soon, stores such as Apple and Nook). It will also be in Scribd. Here are the links:



It is also in print, available anytime now through Amazon. This novel stands completely on its own with all-new characters except for the host and an appearance from a previous season's lead. No need to read the prior books although, if you do, I believe you're in for a treat!

BLURB: The producers of “Will You Marry Me?” need a new lead ASAP, and Bree Vaughn fits the bill. Never mind that she applied to be a contestant and may not truly be ready for love.

The moment that Bree sets eyes on Izzy Fontana, she thinks Izzy may be the one. Except...oops! Bree dismisses her as a prospective love match seconds afterward because Izzy is Deaf and communicates through sign language. Bree's son, Austin, wears cochlear implants, and Bree is afraid he might backslide with a Deaf stepmother. Sayonara, so long, Izzy!

Of course, it wouldn't be PC to kick Izzy off the first night, so Bree keeps her around along with contestants such as a poly couple, a Muslim Republican, a sixty-two-year-old dildo purveyor and a cowgirl with subpar lassoing skills. Bit by bit, enough of the contestants begin to make their mark on Bree, and the emotions, drama and tears become the real thing.

Will Bree propose, and to whom? Find out in “Reality Lesbian 3”!


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