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In a scoop of mega proportions, the illusive Xena Amphipolis, who plays actress Lucy Lawless on the autobiographical docudrama, Xena: Warrior Princess, has finally agreed to be interviewed as herself. Xena has convincingly played Ms. Lawless over the last 4 seasons of this top rated syndicated show. Her portrayal of Ms. Lawless is complete with an extensive backstory that most xenites and all HCNB's know by heart. It is usually in this character of Lucy, that Ms. Amphipolis agrees to be interviewed, plays the Xena Cons, etc.

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TF: Xena, thank you so much for agreeing to meet with us to launch this new magazine dedicated to all things Xenaverse.

Xena: Glad to do it. I've watched MaryD's site over the years and like her style. Especially when I heard she had a head collection. (nodding her approval).

TF: a head collection??? oh dear.... um, yes, well, (gulp) Why exactly did you go to all the trouble to create such a believable character as Lucy Lawless? I mean, everyone seems to think she is real!

Xena: HeHeHe, yeah. It's been fun. Well, there's a part of me that is Lucy. We can't play a part that we don't draw on some part of ourselves. I decided to create an actress persona to play me to protect my own privacy. Plus, she's just fun!

TF: Has there been a particular aspect of your role as Lucy that you've especially enjoyed, or say a favourite episode in the life of Lucy?

Xena: Favourite episode as Lucy, hmmm, there are so many. It's hard to pick, but I've loved playing her at the Cons (The Cons the Thing), and playing her at the Emmy's was a hoot ( Grrls Just Wanta Have One). I guess playing her at the wedding was one of my favourites- course I made him go fishing with me for a honeymoon-(Royal Couple of Fishermen), no wait, playing Lucy playing Stevie Nicks on Saturday Night Live (NY Academy of Barbs), that is my favourite so far!

TF: Oh yeah, that was so funny, and having Lucy say she didn't get the joke of Stevie singing about her Burrito Rock Cafe was a stroke of genius.
(WOW, I was rewarded by that dazzling smile.)
I've been wondering what you think about the plethora of fanfiction on the internet. Have you read any of it?

Xena: Plethora? You need to get that fixed.

TF: um, yes, I will. There's lots of fiction out there.

Xena: There sure is. I've read quite a bit of it and not even in my warlord days did I fall into the bedrolls that often. And what is the fascination with my juices? (glaring).

TF: (gulping) um, well, I don't know that to say, I mean, um, you are stunning and um, - I'm sure I have no idea.
Would you be willing to answer one of the major questions addressed in alt fanfiction? (I was greeted with ^raised eyebrow) How did it happen? Did Gabrielle really seduce you?

Xena: What??!

TF: Well, you know, there's all this speculation that you wouldn't want to take advantage of a young village girl, so um, everyone kind of figured....

Xena: Hera's Left Boob!! Is that all you people do? Speculate about my sex life?

TF: Well, pretty much, yeah. Well, we like the adventure and the way you call Gabrielle, "my bard" too.

Xena: Centaur Balls. I've never called Queenie "my bard", oops, I mean Gabrielle, never called her that.

TF: Well, the first time story is an alt fanfic classic. What comes closest? What really happened?

Xena: You do know that in the Xenaverse no one stays dead, don't you? I mean there was me dying a few times, and Gabrielle dying a few times, Callisto twice so far, and I killed Joxer at least once, wish that one would have stuck, my mom, my brother, my horse..... so let me just say there have been a lot of first times. They're all true.

TF: What fanfiction do you like? Any favourites?

Xena: Oh yeah (leaning forward) I love the uber stories. That Janice just cracks me up.

TF: Oh, you mean Janice Covington...
Xena: Yeah, thought that fru-fru she hangs out with leaves me cold. Don't know who that's supposed to be.
TF: Do you have any other uber favourites?

Xena: Well, I kind of like that Dana. She reflects the existential crises of the inner conflicts from my tortured warlord memories against the determination of Every Man to rise above adversity, embrace their inner child and have great sex while eating peppermint ice cream. That Grace is a psycho though.

TF: Wow, that really was a mouthful!

Xena: Yeah, Grace is a mouthful. I have to agree there........ (reflecting).

TF: Oh yes, and just recently we read that Dana was wearing black tangas. Was that the inspiration for the Maxim cover?

Xena: Yup, that was Dana. I tried to bring in a few of my favourites in that. (She picked up a mag and thumbed through it to show me) Here (pg 99) I was going for a Dar thing. You know, in the negligee Kerry bought her. The leather and lace look here is a new character I'm working on called Reed, and this last photo (pg 102), this one was sort of a tribute to Tina.

TF: yeah (glazed over, then gulping) Do you have a favourite of this bunch. Dar’s been getting a lot of attention lately.

Xena: I like Dar. She’s got a ruthless edge I can relate to but she never kills anyone. And she’s all soft and mushy over a blond who will go unmentioned. Now Tina. She’s my kind of grrl. You get in her way and she’ll go through you like my chakram through butter. I’ve been thinking it might be fun to have them meet up, you know sort of a Meg/Xena thing. Tina might be able to snap Dar out of it. I’ve been consulting with a bard in Antarctica about it. But that would be entirely another story.

TF: Does Gabrielle like any of the fanfiction by the way??

Xena: She sure does. She loves that story called Queen. She bought the tape and has been making me listen to it over and over. Do you know, that sex scene goes on for 3 hours???? Personally, I think she’s a little obsessed with the whole queen of the amazons, “I want to direct” thing.

TF: She sure looks cute with her new haircut. Which brings me to this. Xena, bangs, are we going to see them again?? I have to ask.

Xena: Haaa. Yeah. I’ve been growing them out you know, as part of marketing Lucy. We’ve been looking for a movie part for her. Trying to let her develop her own look. But next season they become a story point. I have to stop a knife thrown at Gabrielle in a fight, but my hands are already full. I have to whip my hair into the knife’s path to save her and so I get my bangs back.

TF: Speaking of Lucy, do you have any plans for her?? Surprises you can tell us about??

Xena: Yes, I do. I already said we are looking for a movie role for her. She can’t be in a docudrama forever, you know. The question is do we go with the sultry Susan Sarandon kind of thing, or the Candice Bergen/Meg comedy thing? I’m planning on playing her all the way to the Oscars, so it’s hard to say. And we might go with the having more children thing. It’s sort of a nice balance to my “alt” interests. Something for everyone that way. The important thing is that Lucy should always be happy. I mean one tortured WP is enough in my characterizations. So, I promise, no tragedies for my uber character Lucy. A long and happy life for her. Joxer, on the other hand, I am currently planning a tragic death for him!!!

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