Techies en Gray, the Adult Version

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"Please," begged Agent Eff, "It's been sooo long." Agent Pond knew which way this argument was going and headed the car towards their new destination even before Agent Ell replied, "Alright, but it will have to be a fast one, we're technically still on duty." Agent Eff smiled and leaned back against the seat anticipating their next stop. Agent Pond rolled her eyes.

Agent Ell craned her head up to the window and said to Agent Pond, "You're sure you don't want to come in, or at least meet us someplace?" Pond had said she'd rather wait and keep an eye on things from the car. Agent Eff was now tugging gently on Ell's coat sleeve and urged her towards the doorway. Once inside, Agent Ell took off her coat and handed it to Agent Eff. "I'll get something to drink, this always makes you thirsty." While she was gone Agent Eff hung up their coats and struck a pose as Ell re-entered the room. Agent Ell put down the bottled water she was carrying and approached her partner, "You ready?" to which she received an eager nod of agreement.

Agent Ell reached out and gently tweaked the tight nob, then gave the other the same attention. She twisted and turned til Agent Eff hissed, "Yesssss" Their bodies began to move to the same ancient rhythm. "I love the way you move Ll." crooned Agent Eff. There were the occasional grunts and murmurs of "come on, twist.... harder" A fine sheen of sweat built up on their bodies as they rocked together. Eff leaned down and whispered in Ell's ear, "Let's go for the G Spot." Ell nodded again, reaching once more for those hardened nobs and twisted.......
Eff practically swooned right then and there when Ell turned the radio off. Dancing at home to those old rock and roll favourites like 'twist and shout' was terrific, but the G spot was her favourite bar and the music was always great. They grabbed their jackets and headed out the door to join the waiting Pond.

Agent Pond burned rubber as she sped away from the curb once her companions had rejoined her. It had been a long day of TEG activities and she was ready for a little personal technical escalation. She took the last few corners on two wheels, but they arrived safely at the bar. They always did due to the special bubblewrap airbags they were equipped with. Agent Pond’s accidents tended to be of a more personal nature. There was that one time that Agent Ell had insisted that they all pile into the shower looking for Dar which had resulted in an ER visit. But now Pond was taking precautions and the headboard was protectively wrapped. Agent Pond tended toward a cavalier attitude despite her “woman in grey” persona. She parked the techmobile and popped the trunk. She lovingly removed the bubblewrap case that held her Gibson electric and followed the other agents into the bar.

As soon as Pond crossed the threshold, the room quieted. Only the occasional sound of a clinking glass, then the noise level grew as everyone began to talk at once. Snips of conversation could be heard,
“Lucky to be here when she shows up...”
“...but the tour with the Grateful Dead was....”
“Yeah, well I knew a waodie who....”
“....legend, you should hear her play the one...”
“I was at Woodstock when she sat in with Jimmy Hendrix.”

The agents made their way to their usual table while Pond teased the waitress and nodded to the bartender. She then made her way to the stage and after breaking out her old Gibson, began to play. The Dark Blue Grrls, Emily and Amy, who were already performing, gladly made room for her and stepped back to follow The Artist’s (formerly known as Pond) lead. She ripped out a blues number that bent them all to her mood, then leaped into a Rift that dragged them along with her, ignoring their debts, sacrificing all hope and forgetting all maternal instincts, finally culminating in a Bittersuite tune that left them wanting more. They needed to know her source.
She nodded to Holly, the theater lighting tech up in the rafters and she was hit with a blue light. She spoke softly with the Grrls and then began a soulful ballad. It was the one she’d been working on in the car while waiting for agents Ell and Eff. She’d thought it was going to be a small piece, sort of the first movement in a Suite she was working on. It seemed to have a life of it’s own as she played it out loud for the first time. It played for 26 minutes. The crowded knew they had witnessed something special and had been totally drawn into it’s intricate melody and counterpoint. Something The Artist had worked hard for. Even The Grrls had tears in their eyes as they had played along, the impending tragedy of the ballad moved them so.

Pond slipped the strap of her guitar over her head and nodding to The Grrls, she left the stage for a break. LilZonked, the bartender, breathlessly watched her walk all the way across the room, still shrouded in blue light. They stared at each other face to face for a moment, LilZonked finally breaking the silence, “You forgot you hat last night.” Pond arched an eyebrow in response. LilZonked reddened but bravely flirted forward, “I thought you might need...... your hat.” Pond grinned at that, “Yeah, well, I guess I’ll come by later and pick it up.” LilZonked hit her with a dazzling smile as she handed her a bottle of Guinness, “Don’t forget your handkerchief, you’re gonna need it.” and she turned away to tend her other patrons. Oh it was going to be a good night.

Agents Ell and Eff occupied themselves during the break by playing with all the nobs and buttons on their palm pilots, pagers and cellphones. They liked nobs and buttons almost as much as they like bubblewrap, footwarmers and chocolate mendhi dispensers. Luckily, these were all tools of the trade in the TEG. They were proud to serve as women in grey.

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