Three Piece Heart

By Colleen

General Disclaimer: This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is property of the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright 2004.

Love/Sex Disclaimer: This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

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This is a sequel to a previous story, One Perfect Rose.

The dark haired sleeper popped open a single blue eye and glared at the gray dawn of a mid-winter morning as it slithered through the blinds of the nearby window. The same eyeball rotated to peek at the time on the small, bedside clock. “No,” she grumbled, “it can’t be seven already.” Now days they didn’t need the electronic alarm; they had a living version, who was much more demanding. The eye drifted shut again and the heavy head burrowed deeper into the pillow. She had just been up at four thirty and those stubborn fingers of sleep were loath to release her to the day. Her grumpiness lasted for all of another minute before two voices vanquished the ire, putting a peaceful smile in its place. Evan Marlow flopped over onto her back and listened to the baby monitor beside her as her wife attended to their four month old daughter in the nursery across the hall. Evan and Lisa always took turns responding to their little bundle of joy’s first cries of daylight. The wailing stopped almost instantly as the soaked diaper was tossed away. As Evan continued to listen, the picture formed perfectly in her mind. A tiny fist was actively gummed and quickly covered in a fair amount of drool as Emily Rose patiently waited for her breakfast. The vivacious giggles that squealed across the airwaves were no doubt caused by tickles that were flittered across a pudgy, naked belly. In the baby’s room, the beautiful blonde haired mother began chanting a nursery rhythm to help placate her daughter as she chose an appropriate outfit for the day. A pair of forest green, corduroy overalls and a white turtleneck with tumbling teddy bears down the arms would do the trick.

“Evan, honey can you come in here?” the busy mother asked as she reached for a new diaper. Once the bare bottom was adequately covered, she wrangled the flailing arms into the tiny shirtsleeves. Just as she finished with the last snap on the darker garment, a voice spoke in her ear.

“How did you know I was awake?”

Keeping one hand on the wiggling baby, Lisa turned and gave her spouse a sizzling good morning kiss. Licking her slightly bruised lips, she asked another favor. “Will you get breakfast for her while I make a quick phone call?”

“When have I ever refused you anything,” Evan said as she reached for the baby. “Especially when it involves our beautiful daughter. Morning sweetheart,” she said as she kissed the pink cheek. Her attention turned back to Lisa and she flashed that cocky smile that the smaller woman loved so much. “You didn’t have to bribe me with that kiss.”

Lisa poked a well-muscled belly. “That wasn’t a bribe, I kiss you every morning.”

“Not like that, but thanks.” Evan trotted through the house and into the kitchen, her bare feet only slightly chilled on this February morning. Four fingers made their way back into a slobbery mouth as Evan pulled over the high chair. “I’m going as fast as I can sweetie,” the tall woman told the tot as she fastened the safety buckle, checking it twice. “What will it be this morning, huh?” she asked as she looked over the array of selections in the corner cabinet. The rhetorical question was only answered by the widening of two eyes and a wet fist pounding on the empty tray. Placing a box of cereal and a small jar of peaches on the counter, Evan laughed as a huge squeal assailed her ears. “I know where she got that sound from,” she mumbled to herself as she grabbed a rubber-coated spoon from the drawer. Pushing aside the risqué thought, Evan returned to the task at hand, feeding her ravenous daughter. About the time she had scooped the fourth little spoonful of mushy peaches into the nearly toothless mouth, Evan noticed the calendar hanging on the wall. Not that she had forgotten the date, but just seeing it circled with a big red heart filled hers with joy.

Once her belly was full, Emily was settled into her bouncy seat and giving her parents a breakfast serenade with a cloth-covered, bunny face rattle. Her big playmate was right next to her, sipping orange juice, coffee and reading the paper. Her shorter mother was standing at the stove making big people food. All in all it was a pretty normal morning. Evan and Lisa had both arranged to take the day off, and considering that they owned the business that wasn’t too hard to do. After the phone call, Lisa had informed her family that a client insisted on a morning meeting, but she promised that it would only take a couple of hours.

* * *

More than happy to care for her daughter for the morning, Evan saw her spouse to the door and sent her off with a kiss. With just a little assistance, Emily waved bye-bye as her mommy drove off. Evan kissed the chubby babe on her sparsely haired head, stopping for just a second to take a lovely sniff of the unique, clean baby scent. She headed back into the house speaking to her babbling daughter. “We’ve got to get busy punkin. Mommy won’t be gone long.” She retrieved a bag of supplies from the closet in the bedroom and proceeded to the family room. There she placed Emily in her swing and then spread out the patterned papers, stapler and scissors over the low coffee table. She sat down on the floor with her back against the sofa and got started. Evan and Lisa both agreed that the romantic holiday had become much too commercialized. Lisa learned that from her previous job when she was commissioned to create an ad to romanticize tires as a Valentine’s gift. They bought plenty of presents for anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas, so they made a pact that any gift given on this day had to truly come from the heart, meaning things created by their own hands. Evan had carefully and lovingly planned out the theme of her present and during a trip to the craft store, her idea developed completely. As she set about cutting strips of paper, Evan began humming along with the music which was mesmerizing the baby, who was swinging from side to side, pacified, but wide awake.

Grabbing the stapler, Evan began shaping the pieces of paper into the proper configuration. “You know Emmy,” she with a definite bounce in her voice, “there are some very important lessons you need to learn, so we might as well start now.” The crafty woman chuckled softly. “I’ll probably have to remind you of this again in a few years, but that’s okay. We’re gonna have a lot of these chats over the next…well hopefully over my lifetime. Anyway, lesson number one: we always give Mommy a big bouquet of flowers for every special occasion. She doesn’t really have a favorite- well she does, but I’ll get back to that in a minute.” Evan looked up to find the baby riveted to her every word, the pacifier in her mouth bouncing up and down rhythmically. “I pick out a dozen of the prettiest ones I can find at the shop. In a few years you can come with me and help choose the best blooms. That’ll make her smile. She has the most incredible smile.” Evan paused on that thought for a few seconds. Then she sighed happily at her incredible fortune. “Oh, back to her favorite flower, she has had one for the last two years. Every special day, I give Mommy a single rose. And every day since the first day I saw her has been the most special day of my life. Even if everything else on any given day has been a total bitch, she…” Her blue eyes went wide and flew to Emily’s face. “You didn’t hear that,” she told the infant, who proceeded to spit out the chewing implement and give her a gummy grin. Evan burst into a duplicate smile, only hers had about thirty-one and a half more teeth. “There it is,” she said with a little laugh. “You definitely got that smile from your Mommy. But then you also have her nose and ears…now your eyes are blue, but they look green sometimes. Your Mommy has green eyes, but they sometimes look blue.” Evan got a far off look in her own sapphire eyes as she contemplated one of those times. The silent thought soon gained voice. “Especially when she’s about to c…” Snapping back to reality, she glanced at the totally oblivious baby. “But you are never gonna want to know about that and I’d never want to tell you. We’ll just say that you do have her eyes. Anyway you look at it you are going to be beautiful too. Love you sweetie.”

Evan worked on with her project as she sang songs, recited stories and recounted memories to Emily. She really loved this time she was getting to spend with her daughter. Emily was a good baby, never throwing a fit unless something was very wrong in her tiny world. One of those problems appeared halfway through The Three Little Pigs.

After a quick, but quite messy diaper change, Evan returned to the family room, but instead of putting Emily back in the swing, she kept the baby on her lap and tucked her into the crook of her arm. A snowman printed strip of paper took shape beneath Evan’s fingers and she held it up to little blue eyes. “See the snowmen Emmy? We’re going to build a lot of these when you get older. Good thing we get a lot of snow around here then, isn’t it? Mommy and I like to play in the snow every winter. When you get down to it we’re just a couple of big kids. You wanna hear about it?” The baby gurgled around the fist in her mouth. “I think that was a yes,” Evan said. “Well, not long after we met there was a big snowstorm…”

* * *

Evan hefted the tenth shovelful of wet, heavy snow and tossed it over into the yard, adding height to the ten inches already there. She stomped her boots on the now visible concrete, releasing the caked on white stuff and adjusted the black knit hat that blended perfectly with her dark, shoulder length hair. She went to scoop up another load when a voice sounded out from the front doorway.

“Are you going to be done anytime soon?”

Evan quickly adopted a wide-eyed, incredulous expression and turned around. She was standing on a clear patch about five feet by two feet on a drive that was 30 feet long and 16 feet wide. “Very funny,” she huffed, her breath visible in the twenty degree temperature.

“Oh, right.” Lisa grinned adoringly. “Just checking.”

“You could come out here and help me, you know.”

“I could.” The blonde waved and shut the door.

Evan chuckled silently and went back to work.

Lisa pulled on her heavy boots, then her waterproof gloves and stepped out of the laundry room. Not looking up soon enough, she ran straight into the solid, 150 lb. body of her girlfriend. As their padded forms bumped, two hands grabbed her before she fell back on her unpadded behind. “Ooops! I was just coming out to help.”

Evan leaned down and warmed her lips. “That’s okay,” she said. “Jason, that nice boy from down the street is going to finish it for twenty dollars. It’s worth it.” She took a step back and admired her blonde, bundled in blue. “Very cute. As long as you’re dressed, we could go out back and play…maybe make a snowman.” Evan saw the possibilities light up those green eyes.

“Hot chocolate after?”

“You bet.”

* * *

Evan picked up a handful of snow and started rolling it across the white ground. She turned around to find Lisa ducked down behind a tree with just the very top of a dark blue hat peaking past the rough bark. “What are you doing?” Evan asked.

Obviously mistaken about the tall woman’s intent, Lisa stepped out and intently searched the gray sky, covering her chagrin…and disappointment. “Oh nothing,” she said, stuffing her hands into her coat pockets.

“Well, get over here and help me with this snowman.”

Together they rolled the orb down the yard and back up again until they just couldn’t move it another inch. Evan patted it down, rounding off a few pointed spots with a gloved hand. “Okay, that’ll work. Go ahead and start the next one and I’ll…”


Evan straightened to her full height, but didn’t immediately turn around. “Did you just do what I think you did?” she asked with a definite attitude.

“What do you think I did?” Lisa asked in a melodic voice.

“Hit me in the back with a snowball.” Evan finally spun around to find the blonde sporting an angelic grin that spoke volumes of her guilt. The dark haired woman pursed her lips and bobbed her head a few times, her gaze never wavering from the pretty face. “Do you really want to play with fire little girl?” she asked menacingly. But the definite twinkle in her eye betrayed her projected wrath.

Lisa let lose with the hand she had held behind her back, spattering the front of Evan’s red coat with more cold, wet goop. “No, I want to play with snow!” she laughed.

Evan stood her ground and simply flicked a droplet of water from her cheek. Suddenly she turned and hurdled the big ball of snow, gathering up a handful as she landed behind it. “You’re in for it now!” she yelled as Lisa scrambled back to the big tree. The snow games were on.

They tossed the chilly ammo back and forth for over twenty minutes, amidst more mock threats and gales of laughter. A volley of teasing insults also joined the fray.

Tucked firmly behind her barricade, Lisa yelled out above the roaring wind, “You have wimpy balls!”

“You peeked,” Evan returned, devilishly.

Lisa giggled. That certainly wasn’t what I meant. I wonder if… Suddenly, a snowball came whizzing by her ear along with, “Maybe I should go down the street and borrow my Mom’s glasses, so you could have at least half a chance of hitting me from all the way over there.”

“Hey! I have perfect vision. You certainly provide a big enough target, that is if you weren’t afraid to come out in the open!”

Lisa waited, but her taunt wasn’t answered. “Evan! Did you hear me? Evan!” Still nothing. “Hmmm,” she pondered. “It’s a trick. But far be it from me not to take advantage of it.” A barrage of four shots flew across the yard, landing behind and around the snowman’s bottom third. Again no answer…in the form of snow or words. With two fistfuls of projectiles, Lisa eased away from cover and tiptoed across the ground, hoping the crunching beneath her boots was hidden by the wind. Nearly finished with her twenty-foot journey, the blonde knew that her girlfriend was not where she was supposed to be. Lisa looked all around, but didn’t see any red in the sea of white or any definite tracks because of their earlier play. Still wary, she decided to head back for safety and she wasted no time, looking over her shoulder all the way. Coming around the tree, Lisa tripped and landed with a soft thump. She mumbled around the face full snow. “Stupid roots. Stupid…”


Lisa froze…figuratively. Green eyes quickly blinked away the wet and she found herself sprawled out over a pair of long legs and staring at the grinning face of her friend. “Hi. Did you? Were you? How did?”

“I know there’s a question in there somewhere,” Evan said.

Lisa’s chilled lips twitched nervously before she sprang to her feet. But before she could achieve traction, she was lifted into the air and carried to a patch of deep snow and plopped down unceremoniously.

“You wanted to play,” Evan said. “Let’s play!” They both just started flinging snow as fast as they could until it started to invade their clothing and they both tumbled into a heap of laughter. But only when toes and fingers began to tingle from the cold did they call a truce or a draw as Lisa put it.

They shook themselves off and ran for the house, but Evan grabbed the smaller woman from behind just before they reached the back door. She pulled her close and whispered, “Draw huh?”

“Yeah. I don’t like to lose. Thought you’d better learn that about me early... in case you want to change your mind.”

“Nah. I knew I picked a winner.”

* * *

“We did get to finish that snowman, in case you were wondering,” Evan said as she held out her palm, letting the curious baby awkwardly slap at it with her tiny hands. “Your Mommy and I have a lot of fun together,” she said. “She makes me feel so happy and totally loved.” Evan hugged Emily close then she grabbed the bottle she had had gotten on their last trip to the kitchen. The baby latched on and snuggled back in her mother’s arms, still listening as she sucked down her lunch. “That’s just the best feeling in the world,” Evan told her. “And I love her just as much. I always want to you to know that sweetheart. Cause I want you to think about that when you go to choose your life mate…man or woman, it doesn’t matter, just as long as they complete your life.”

* * *

Emily had gone down for a noon nap just before Lisa pulled into the drive. The two mamas had a light lunch and had finished washing the last dish when the phone rang. This time it was Evan who was being called away. Her sister Alex needed a ride to an appointment because her car was being repaired. The raven-haired rescuer gave her spouse a quick kiss, an I love you and a pat on the rear when she was reminded of their special dinner date.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world hon,” Evan said. “I’ll be back in plenty of time.”

“Yeah, as long as you don’t get caught up in whatever her newest project is. I love your sister, but she really needs to find something to concentrate on and settle down a little.”

“I know. I gotta talk to her.” Evan caught sight of the warning suddenly flashed in her direction. The twin blonde brows reaching for the sky shouted louder than any words. Evan reached out with two index fingers and lowered the agitated hairlines back into place. “But not today,” she assured with a sexy smile.

After the car disappeared down the street, the blonde rubbed her hands together briskly. “Good,” she said with glee. “Now I can finish up without having to lock her out of the bedroom.” Lisa had been working on her present for the past week and it just needed a few finishing touches. After retrieving her project and the accompanying box of materials, Lisa tiptoed down the hall by the baby’s room, bypassing the squeaky floorboard, which Evan still hadn’t fixed. She could have saved the stealthy techniques though; she heard the coos and gurgles on the monitor by the bed the minute she stepped into the room. Without a regret she backtracked to the nursery. “Okay honey,” she said as she reached into the crib. “You can watch Mommy finish Mama’s present.”

Before long, Emily was swinging away…again, with a variety of toys hanging within reach. She watched happily as her Mommy sat on the bed, rustling paper, scribbling words and smiling almost non-stop.

It only took about twenty minutes before Lisa began cleaning up. “That’s it sweetie,” she said to the quiet tot. “It’s finished. Think your mama will like it? Of course how would you know; you haven’t seen it?” Carefully removing Emily from the swing, Lisa carried her over to the bed and showed off her colorful gift. As they came to the last page Lisa said, “I remember when you were born, and your grandma Colette and both of your grandpas raced to the hospital that night to see the most beautiful baby in the world.” Lisa clapped the baby’s hands together, eliciting a big belly laugh from them both. The baby crinkled her button nose and turned her face. “Yes you are beautiful,” Lisa said. “Don’t go all modest on me. Anyway, your Mama was just about to burst with happiness and pride over you. She couldn’t wait until her mom and dad got there. But your grandpa Nick arrived first.

* * *

Nicolas Butler turned the corner and into room 312 on the maternity floor of St. Francis hospital. He was a man of average height, but to his daughter, he was ten feet tall. Having raised Lisa as a single parent from the time she was nine, a very close relationship was forged between the two. The slight wrinkles around his eyes were enhanced as he smiled upon seeing his baby with a baby of her own.

Lisa looked up from the infant tucked into her arms. “Daddy!” she exclaimed. “Come here, come here. Your granddaughter wants to meet you.”

He chuckled as he approached the bed. “She told you that did she?”

“Of course. She inherited her intelligence well.” Lisa pulled back the soft blanket and closely watched her father’s deep brown eyes as he gazed upon his first grandchild. The tears that gathered there were multi-layered and true.

“She’s absolutely beautiful, sweetheart,” he said thickly. “Your mother would be very happy.”

“She is Daddy. I felt her there with us in the delivery room. She was there to keep us both safe.” Lisa handed off the wrapped newborn to her father.

Nick gently rocked the newest member of his family as he reflected on his own life. “You know, I never would have thought it possible, but when you were born, the incredible love I already felt for your mother…it tripled.”

“I believe it.” Startled, Nick and his daughter looked in the direction of the voice. Evan was standing in the doorway, a small, but endearing smile graced her beautiful features. “In fact,” she said as she strolled over to the bed, “I’ve known it for a fact since 3:22 this afternoon.” She presented her wife with a pale pink rose bud and followed it up with a tender kiss that slowly turned into another and one more before they parted. Nick had drifted away from the loving couple to give them some privacy. Knowing that Emily was in good hands, Evan and Lisa momentarily let themselves sink into their own private world of nuzzling and cuddling. Grandpa just enjoyed his new granddaughter, humming a little lullaby and remembering good things.

Back in the present, Lisa reached across the bed and grabbed a small, framed photo. She showed it to her little girl. “This is your other grandma. You’re named after her, well your first name anyway. This is my mommy and even though she had to go away a long time ago, I know how much she loved me.” Lisa put the picture down and gathered her baby close. “And she would just love you to pieces.” She pulled back and took in all of the tiny features that Evan says mirrored her mommy’s. Lisa just stared for a very long time, grateful to be so blessed. “But nobody,” she finally said, “except your mama, could ever love you as much as I do. I love you Emily.” Lisa released a long breath, shaking off the happy, but slightly painful thoughts of her mother. The baby stared back at her in a mutual admiration moment. Emily might not look anything like her mama, but Lisa still saw her there, clear, bright and beautiful. She sent out a silent praise. Oh Evan, thank you for sharing this wondrous gift with me.

* * *

A key turned in the front door at seven o’clock sharp, giving Evan an hour before her deadline. Her mouth began to water immediately at the aroma coming from the kitchen. Evan and Lisa both loved to cook, so they decided not to go out to a restaurant and to stay home and celebrate in private. The taller partner had done her fair share and had prepared a chocolate delight the night before. Evan found a note addressed to her on the coffee table. It read in elegant handwritten script.

“Sweetheart, dress in the outfit that makes you look so sexy. I know that’ll be a tough choice since that covers just about your entire wardrobe. A hint: royal blue. I’ve got the baby with me in the guestroom so take your time. We’ll meet you at the bottom of the stairs at eight. Love forever, Lisa.”

Evan finished dressing in plenty of time and occupied herself for the remaining minutes by moving Lisa’s delicious meal to a couple of warmed plates and onto the elegantly set dining table. A quick check of the clock and with a flick of a finger, she set aflame the tips of three yellow candles. Evan then picked up her pre-gift and reached the staircase just in time to see the vision descending with an easy pace. Her lips lifted in smile as the two ladies in her life approached. They were wearing similarly hued dresses, the younger one’s just a shade or two lighter than her mother’s plum gown and definitely more frilly, especially in the undergarment or in Emily’s case, over garment. The couple always dressed in their finest at least once a month for a special date, either staying at home or going out. So this was the perfect occasion. Lisa stopped on the last step, bringing her even in height to her spouse, and leaned forward giving her a soft, but lingering kiss. The loving action must have lasted just a bit too long for tiny attention spans, because Evan felt a tug on her dark locks. She pulled back gently, joining Lisa in a giggle.

“I know a little Miss with a bit of a jealous streak,” said Evan.

They each kissed a chubby cheek, throwing in a few tickling snorts for good measure. Evan then cupped the fuzzy head as her gaze fixated onto Lisa’s deep green eyes once again. “You two are so precious to me,” she said. “I feel like I’m in a dream. I have everything I have ever wanted.”

“This is a living dream,” Lisa said. “We’ve made it come true.”

Evan pulled the bundle from behind her back. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” The flowers fit perfectly into their holiday pact, since Evan grew them herself.

“They’re lovely as always,” Lisa said. Sticking out of the top, a head above the rest, was the only red rose in the bunch. Lisa removed it and took a gentle sniff, giving the dapper flower bearer a saucy wink. The flirtation ended when five tiny fingers mistook the colorful blossoms for a new toy. “Okay, we get the point,” the adults said in unison.

Evan took the squirming baby and placed her in the highchair then sat down to relish the feast before them. They each took turns spooning the soft cereal into the hungry little mouth as they laughed over their daughter, flirted more with each other and just enjoyed their time together. After dinner they took various snapshots to remember the day. They were already working on the second photo album, recording Emily’s first months of life and they had almost a full videocassette for future viewing. The camcorder always sat on the bookshelf in the living room, always within easy reach. Lisa couldn’t even imagine what the girl’s first birthday was going to be like. But she would love every minute of it. She loved her life.

After a couple of yawns stretched the tiny features, Evan took the tired baby for her evening bath. Once she was read to and tucked snuggly into her crib, Evan made one last check of the doors. She retrieved her gift from the closet and headed to the bedroom, where she found Lisa waiting just inside. The tall woman smiled as her lovely spouse slipped into her arms. “We shouldn’t hear from her for a few hours,” Evan said, as a couple of buttons on her shirt were slowly undone. “Are you stopping there?” she asked, when Lisa gave her a simple kiss and headed back toward the bed.

“For now. Besides I like those teasing glimpses.” Lisa turned around with gift in hand.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” they spoke simultaneously.

After exchanging wrapped boxes, Lisa asked, “Who gets to go first?”

“I want you to go first,” Evan said.

The blonde didn’t argue; she loved opening presents and tore off the tri-colored covering in one resounding rip. Her eyes sparkled as she opened the lid and pulled out a chain of paper hearts, each one in a different pattern or color. “Sweetheart, this is beautiful.”

“Each of these links represents some of the firsts in our life together. Because every one of our firsts is imprinted on my heart.” Evan pointed to the first heart that was stamped with yellow roses. “This one is for when we met. The day my life changed forever.” The next one showed paired of ice skates. “This is for our first date and of course this one with all the lip prints stands for our first kiss.” Evan reached over and touched her lips to her spouse’s coral tinted pair. She lingered, tasting the soft flesh and teasing with just a quick swipe of her tongue. “Mmmm, surely as sweet as the first,” she said, “but our love makes each and every one the best.” Lisa caressed her cheek as Evan continued. She had one for their first Christmas and the first New Year’s Eve. There was even one for their first major fight, because it had taught them an important lesson in their developing relationship. A dark red heart with a satiny sheen captured Lisa’s rapt attention and Evan’s voice. “This one…this one is…,” she whispered the next words, “secretly my favorite.” Evan held her thumb and forefinger close together with just a tiny space between them, which she peered through with one blue eyeball. “Just barely, but…” She smiled with a slightly wicked flare and threw in a wiggling eyebrow for effect. Lisa had a very good guess what she meant. She giggled and tackled her lover to the bed, careful not to crush her great present. She loved Evan’s wild, wacky and sexy sense of humor. They lay there staring into each other’s eyes as Evan explained more. “Seriously, the first time we made love, I really understood what it meant.” The blonde head nodded in silent, but total agreement. The final link was actually made up of three pieces, a small heart connecting to two larger hearts, all in gold. Evan fondly brushed her fingertips over the glittering surface. “Our baby,” she said, with awe “Our first child. My family is priceless to me.”

Lisa kissed her once and then again, finding it hard to stop, but she did. “I love it and I love you…forever. Now open yours.” Once Evan nearly had it revealed, Lisa said, “You know what they say about great minds?”

Evan lifted the homemade book from its bed of pink tissue paper. On the cover was a rendering of two hands clasping in a loving embrace and the title, Thoughts of Love.

“This is also about special moments in our life together,” Lisa said. “Not necessarily firsts, but memorable just the same. You know that I keep a journal.” The dark head nodded. “Well, I used some of those excerpts in here. I wanted you to know exactly what I was thinking and feeling at those times.”

Evan turned to the first page, titled The Beginning. There was a pencil sketch of a bouquet of flowers with one being a real, dried, yellow rose petal. She threw Lisa a questioning gaze.

“Yes, I saved them.”

Evan read the quote written across the bottom half of the page. “Today I had one of the greatest surprises of my life. I got flowers from a stranger. But what a stranger!!! When she spoke with the sexiest voice I have ever heard in my life, I nearly melted into a puddle and slid to the floor. She’s charming and witty. And gorgeous!!! By the time we parted ways, she was definitely no stranger; it felt like reuniting with a very old and very dear friend. If I don’t marry this woman…well, I’ll just give up dating, because nothing will ever compare.” Evan loved it. Flipping more pages brought some fond and funny memories. They had visited a nearby amusement park on a lovely, spring day just before their wedding.

* * *

Lisa took a pinch of the fluffy, pink candy and slipped it passed Evan’s lips. Her fingertips were cleaned of any lingering spun sugar on the trip out. “Thanks for bringing me here honey. I’m having a lot of fun.”

“Me too,” Evan agreed. “I’ve almost forgotten that our wedding is in two days.”

“Excuse me.”

The tall woman threw an arm around Lisa’s shoulder, hugged her and kissed her cheek. “I didn’t mean it like that sweetheart. You know that there’s nothing more in the world that I want. I meant my headache has almost disappeared. The headache caused by Mrs. Ross Marlow.”

The little blonde giggled. “Your mother has been quite…”

“Demanding. Impossible. Maddening!”

“I was going to say, resolute.”

“That’s because you are the nice one in this duo. No, I should you have warned you about her before you even said yes to my proposal. She nearly drove my brother to run off and elope.”

“Maybe that’s why your sister never gets serious about anyone.” Evan shrugged. Lisa stopped and turned to face her partner, looking deeply into her eyes. “Honey, nothing, including your mother, would ever stop me from committing my entire life to you in front of our family and friends. Legal or not, that’s our dream.”

Evan took both of Lisa’s hands and kissed the backs of each one before she clasped them to her chest. “You’re right. And it will be perfect.”

* * *

After remembering the day, Evan read Lisa’s quote aloud. “It was the simplest of days today. The sun may have been shining, but I didn’t really notice. The sky was clear and blue, but I didn’t really see. The wind’s caress was fresh, but I somehow I didn’t feel it. But then you looked at me and smiled like you had so many wonderful times before. But this time I suddenly had a wow moment that hit me like a jolt from head to toe. I was in love with you. I had finally found you. I was whole for the first time and again. You had made my world brand new. The sun was more luminous then it had ever been before. The brilliant sky all but matched your beautiful eyes. You made me experience everything sharper, richer…better, simply because you were with me. And I beat you at the shooting gallery.” Evan gave her a lovable chuckle before she went to the next page.

“Our Wedding Day. When I saw you waiting to walk with me down the aisle, I was never surer of anything in my entire life. Of course you were breathtaking. My insides danced giddily when I saw the small, red bud pinned to the collar of your shirt. I knew it would be mine before the end of the day. Your special way of reminding me of your devotion. But that is something I could never forget. You spoke your vows, your voice deep and full of love. You accepted my ring, your eyes glazed with tears. We kissed, sealing our lifelong commitment. And now I know that no matter how far apart we may ever be, I’ll never be alone again.”

Evan’s gaze landed on that gold band on her finger as she turned the page where she found a scarlet heart cut into a jigsaw puzzle. A puzzle with only three parts. “Baby Makes Three,” Evan read. “Seeing you now, the pain and illness of these last many months has suddenly vanished into oblivion. Those hands that I love, that plow God’s soil and cultivate nature’s colorful wonders, hold our perfect, little miracle. Your fierce vow to guard our new family beacons in your sapphire eyes. And your pure and devout love for the tiny life in your hands glistens in the tear that falls from your eye, splashing on a pudgy cheek, anointing the child that is not of your body, but is the best part of your heart.” A water stain suddenly appeared near the corner of the page before the book was gently closed. Her jaw twitched. “I lo…” The emotion robbed the words from her throat.

“I know,” Lisa said. “Forever.”

No other words were spoken and none needed as they set aside the wonderful gifts and began undressing each other. Their intense love cried out to be physically expressed as it had dozens of times before and would again, hundreds of times over the course of the rest of their lives. When Evan’s shirt hung open and Lisa was down to her slip, Evan lifted her smaller spouse until they were face to face. They kissed thoroughly by the sweet joining of lips, and deeply, reaching in to dance a very familiar rhythm. When that need was temporarily satisfied, Lisa slowly slid back to her feet, tasting and nibbling a trail that led her to the valley between a pair of full, perfect breasts encased in dark lace. She leisurely dallied in the area for a lengthy period of time, enjoying herself immensely, knowing that her partner was feeling the same. Lisa ran her hands over the seat of the black slacks and squeezed the muscles that excellently filled out the linen apparel. Evan suddenly and forcefully kicked off her shoes, causing Lisa to smile into the smooth skin below her lips. She knew that was usually a sign of Evan’s increasing impatience when she took the lead in their love making. Stepping up her sensuous assault, Lisa slipped her hands inside the loose shirt panels, skimming her palms across the taught, but satiny terrain and breathing in the heady scent of her lover’s cologne and natural essences. This incited a string of rumbling moans and a passionate chanting of her name. It also came with a bonus. Her own body’s reactions began to mirror the tremors she felt rippling across a ribcage and similar vocalizations sprang from her throat. Moving deliberately, Lisa opened the front closure of Evan’s bra and removed both garments at once. Now bared to her eyes, the generous breasts begged for her attention and she happily obliged. She lingered around a swollen nipple, alternating suction with short nibbles. Curling all ten fingertips, Lisa teased down the sides of each breast and back up again, but not stopping there. Moving further down Evan’s sides, she wiggled the digits madly.

“Hey!” Evan exclaimed, grabbing the tickling hands in hers. But instead of admonishing her lover, she pulled the grinning face back up for more kisses. After another long fix of their mutual kissing addiction, Lisa retraced her former tracks. Switching her attention to the previously neglected individual, Lisa continued the tricks that she knew would drive her partner wild.

And it worked like a charm. Evan was rapidly loosing her focus, her chest heaving to bring in fresh air. Lisa studied her lover’s beautiful face, made even more so by the ecstasy painted across the tan canvas. The vivid, blue gaze shimmered to a near violet with excitement. A rosy flush radiated across her cheeks. Quick strokes of black added to the colorful palette as a head was tossed back, yielding to the incredible sensations. In spite of the amazing feelings, Evan’s craving for the small blonde surged. She swiftly turned the tables and another piece of clothing dropped to the floor. They locked eyes, quickly drowning in the desire they saw there as the remaining garments fell away. The entwined couple slid onto the bed and moved together, delicious flesh upon delicious flesh. The sheer and utter happiness washed over them in wave after wave as the reality outside the room clicked away. Making love that night was luscious, bold, captivating, generous, fanciful, and enchanting. Their bodies touched in very erotic ways, but each caress of their hearts and souls binds their love for a lifetime.

The sheen on their flushed skin softly sparkled in the low light as they floated back, murmuring words of love. “It always feels so good just being here in your arms,” Lisa said. “All those months when I was pregnant and so uncomfortable lying down. I couldn’t even be beside you on so many nights because I couldn’t sleep.”

A pair of startled blue eyes pinned her. “I know there were a few times when you couldn’t sleep, but how many were there, really? Please tell me.”

A sigh escaped the smaller woman’s lips as her hand reflexively curled tighter around Evan’s side. “A lot,” she confessed. “Especially near the end.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t I know?”

Lisa propped herself up on one elbow so she could look her spouse directly in the eye. “Honey, between taking care of me, the house and the business during the day, you were exhausted at night. I didn’t want you to know. You needed your rest. That was the only thing I could do for you all those months.” She put her head back on Evan’s shoulder. “You still helped me though, believe me. I would usually start out by reading or watching television in another room, but I would always drift back in here and sit by the window. Then I would just stare at you, loving you.” Lisa was cuddled closer as she continued. “I always knew that our connection was soul deep and on one of those nights I saw it demonstrated.”

“That’s very true,” Evan said. “But what happened?”

The muscles in Lisa’s relaxed face suddenly pulled her mouth into a joyous grin. “You were sound asleep,” she explained. “I have no doubt of that. Silently, I said I love you and your soul heard me because you mumbled, ‘I know. I love you too’.

Evan kissed a damp temple. A hug was her only other response. She pondered for a few moments then light heartedly asked, “Do you think we’ve gotten a bit too mushy today?”

“I don’t think that’s possible. For us it just comes naturally.”

Evan agreed and eyed her present on the nightstand “I really love knowing what your thoughts were on those special days,” she said. “I can usually see what you are feeling by looking in your eyes, but that was especially nice. I know you are going to keep some things private, but it would be great to get a new page or two a year.”

Lisa gave her partner a powerful squeeze. “I think that could be arranged,” she said with a lazy smile. “Do you think we have any more firsts left?”

“I can’t imagine not. I’m always finding new and exciting things about you. And with a four month old, we have a lot of new kinds of firsts in store.”

On cue, with burning ears, Emily made her displeasure known. They waited a few minutes to see if she would fall back to sleep, but when it became apparent that wouldn’t be the case, Lisa grabbed for the covers and then a robe. “I’ll get her,” she said then leaned back for a quick kiss. “We’ll be right back.”

Evan grinned her approval at that idea. Lisa returned in just seconds with a bundle of baby who was now bright eyed and giggling.

“She didn’t need changed,” Lisa informed. “She shouldn’t be hungry. I don’t know what woke her.”

Evan tenderly brushed the back of the baby’s head. “Maybe she had a bad dream,” she suggested. Evan scooted back down onto her pillow and patted the bed beside her. “Let’s keep her in here for a little while. Maybe she just missed us.”

The trio remained quiet as Emily divided glances between her moms and played with her little toes. Evan and Lisa spoke to each other without the benefit of words as they clasped hands across a tiny, round belly. They each kissed a baby cheek and settled in to just revel in what was their near perfect life.

When Evan and Lisa became a couple, two hearts became one. Emily was joyously delivered into their family and now one heart has three pieces, linked by love.

The end.

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