2006 Valentine's Invitational graphicDisclaimer: Okay, the characters are mine, even if they do resemble two ladies we know and love. But they are mine. . . mwahahaha. . .mine. . . I do not, however, own the candy Conversation Hearts. If I did, I would be rolling in, not only money, but tons and tons of conversation hearts.

Author's Notes: This little ditty came from a personal experience. I have to say that I am addicted to the same thing Shawn is and I know it will be the death of me. In fact, I am indulging in my addiction right now as I type. . .

A big thank you to Laura for being a wonderful beta and an even better friend. She was a huge help in all of this, even if I do act a little crazy at times.

Not much bad language and no sex or even a kiss. But if my muse stays with me I may make this a series. Dunno, can't decide. How bout y'all help me? Drop me a line and let me know. Should I leave it here or go on? Or just tell me how ya liked this. Email me at broadwaybaby2t2@yahoo.com

And now. . .on with this sweet little ditty. . .

Late Night Cravings

By: Alcandre

"Why the hell am I doing this? What is wrong with me?" The small blonde opened her apartment door and quickly shut it behind her, locking it with shaking fingers. She stuffed her license and money in the pocket of her jeans and walked briskly to her car. After unlocking the small Honda she slid into the driver's seat and started the ignition.

"I'm crazy. I've finally gone crazy," she muttered to herself as she backed out of her parking space. "I've gone over the edge."

It was 11 o'clock on a Monday night and she had gotten a craving. And it was a bad craving. She had told herself just last night that she was giving the stuff up; that she didn't need it anymore. But that all flew out the window just five minutes ago when it hit; that sudden urge to feel the gritty sweetness between her teeth and the rush of flavor on her tongue.

"Oh, God," she groaned as she stopped at a red light. "God in heaven! Help me!"

And as if He had decided to help her, the light changed. She was on her way again, toward her goal.

The music blaring on her car stereo didn't distract her. She just wanted to get to Wal-Mart. And she was almost there.

As she parked her car, Shawn Wilson giggled. She was close. So close.

"I'm addicted to conversation hearts," she said to herself as she walked through the sliding doors at the Super Wal-Mart entrance. "I am addicted to a candy that signifies the one holiday I can't stand."

It was true. Shawn Wilson was terribly addicted to conversation hearts. The small blonde went through this same thing each year when the little candy hearts with sweet sayings on them came out. She would buy one bag at the beginning of January, vowing that one bag was enough, and that would be it. She would be hooked. She would carry a bag with her to her classes, she would eat them while she studied, and she would sneak them into movie theatres and eat them during the movie. All of her friends knew what Valentines' Day was to Shawn; the month of the C-Hearts!!!

She resisted the urge to run to the candy aisle. She knew she probably looked bad enough. She probably looked like a crack addict. She felt her green eyes dart around, looking for the candy, her hands were rubbing together, and she knew she had a weird smirk on her face.

Finally, she was at the aisle. With excited breaths she scanned the candy and gave a small squeal when she found them. They beckoned her forward: the red bags with pink and white hearts all over them and the one word she loved the most: Sweethearts.

She grabbed the first bag she touched and hugged it to her chest, not caring if anyone was around. It was Monday night at Wal-Mart, who else was there but the weirdo people like herself or the ones who liked to shop at night?

Deciding that eating just a few before she paid for them wouldn't hurt, she tore open the bag. Sticking her hand in and pulling out on single heart, she grinned and popped it in her mouth.

The sweetness assaulted her taste buds and when she bit into it the sugar that slid down her throat made her close her eyes and groan in delight.

"Oh God," she groaned. "Yes."

And that's when she heard it; a deep chuckle. And it was coming from right beside her.

Her eyes popped open and her common sense returned in full force.

'Shit,' she thought frantically. 'I've just made a fool of myself over some stupid candy. Shit!'

"Are they that good?"

The voice sounded familiar. So, Shawn slowly slid her eyes over to the person observing her and almost choked on the few remnants of heart left in her mouth.

Beside her stood the one woman she had been secretly in love with for the past 6 months. Caryn Parker was a beautiful woman that lived in Shawn's apartment complex and the blonde only slightly knew her. But Shawn loved her. Caryn's long raven hair and piercing blue eyes could make anyone stop in their tracks but it was her smile that got Shawn.

The two had formed a tentative friendship a few weeks ago when some of Shawn's mail had ended up in Caryn's mailbox. They talked for the longest time but Shawn made herself forget about things going farther. She hadn't caught any vibes from the taller woman so she wasn't going to pursue something that didn't seem to exist.

But if she had actually thought to look for the vibes she might have been surprised.

Caryn herself had been watching the blonde. Not in the stalker way but in the "I'm really interested in her" way. The taller woman had a feeling that Shawn felt the same way but she was never really offered the opportunity to see for herself.

But back to Shawn, whose beet red face matched the bag of candy in her hands.

The blonde didn't stop to think as she stared at the woman before her. "What are you doing here?"

Caryn smiled and motioned toward the shopping cart beside her, full of groceries. "Shopping, like most people here. There are less people at this time of night." She paused as she studied the small blonde. And with a smirk asked again, "Well, are they?"

"Are they what?" Shawn asked softly, her hand unconsciously going back in the bag of candy.


Shawn blinked and started when she realized she had just popped about three hearts into her mouth without thinking.

Caryn chuckled again. "They must be," she said with a grin. "You're popping them like pills."

Shawn swallowed and managed a smile. "They're wonderful. My favorite candy ever!" The blonde mentally rolled her eyes. 'I sound like an idiot.'

"I gathered," Caryn said. "The way you breezed past me with a weird look in your eyes I kinda figured you had something important on your mind."

'And another strike for Shawn.' The blonde thought. 'Just stackin' 'em up tonight, aren't you Wilson.'

"Yeah," Shawn said with a small smile. "I get a little weird about these things." Inwardly she snorted. 'A *little* weird. How 'bout a lot?!'

"Interesting," Caryn said as she glanced at the bag in Shawn's hands. "I've never tried them."

Shawn felt her eyes widen and she once again almost chocked on remnants of a heart. 'These will be the death of me,' she thought.

"You've never tried them?" she asked, her voice raising an octave at the mere thought of such a thing.

Caryn chuckled. "Nope. Never have."

"Well, then you have to try one now!" Shawn said with wide eyes. She quickly picked a heart out of the bag and handed it to Caryn. "Try it!" she said with an excited voice.

Now, Shawn had been hooked on this candy for so long, she had forgotten about the conversation part of conversation hearts. She didn't even read the little messages anymore. You know, the little sayings on the hearts that said "Call me" or "cutie" or "Much luv". That wasn't why she ate them.

But Caryn had never had one. So, when little words on the face of the heart caught her eye she read them. I mean, who wouldn't (besides crazy addicted people)?

"Well," Caryn said with a smirk, her eyes still on the small white heart between her fingers. "I didn't know you felt that way."

And that's when Shawn remembered the sayings. That's when the significance of the holiday that the candy revolved around came back to her mind.

"Felt what way?" she managed to squeak out.

Caryn held out the heart for Shawn to see. And as the blonde's eyes focused on the writing, she felt her own heart clinch and her grip on the bag tighten. There, in little pink letters on the heart Shawn had just given Caryn read "I love you."

She wanted to say something, something that would help the situation. But in her candy addicted mind nothing intelligent came up. She just stood there with her mouth hanging open. Until finally, something did come out; something stupid:

"Well, the candy can't lie."

Time seemed to stop. All activity in Wal-Mart just halted. And Shawn begged for the floor to swallow her whole.

But that didn't happen. Shawn just stood there, the conversation hearts bag still in a death grip in her hands and her mouth still open. Caryn was the one that broke the silence.

"Well," the brunette said. "That's a really romantic way to tell me. I wonder if that's been done before."

Shawn looked into Caryn's blue eyes expecting to disgust, rejection, and maybe even laughter but only saw something that shocked her to the core.


And that's how it began. All over an addiction to conversation hearts. It just goes to show, candy can bring people together in the weirdest ways.

The End (for now)