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Sisterly Love

Kim Pritekel

"What?!" Caison jumped up from the couch, magazine she'd been reading falling to the floor.

"Now, hold on before you go and get all upset," Doug Broderick said, raising his hands and lowering his voice. "You knew that Lori and I were serious, honey."

"Yeah, but serious and her and her brat moving in are two different things!" the seventeen year old raged.

"Now just a minute, Caison!" Doug raged back, giving as good as he got. The brunette flopped back down onto the couch, shame filling her. She respected her father more than anyone on the planet, but this was almost too much. It had always just been the two of them!

Doug sat next to his only child, sighing as he tried to find the words. He could see what had been perceived as betrayal in her eyes, and as though he were reading her mind, he spoke, "Look, honey, it's been just the two of us for a long time, huh?" She refused to respond, so he nudged her with his shoulder, almost tipping her off the couch. She grinned, nudging him back, almost knocking him off the couch. Steadying himself, he continued. "That doesn't mean that you and me won't always be buds. Kay?"

Caison nodded, but didn't truly believe it. She'd seen her dad with Lori, who was a nice enough chick and all, but she wasn't her mother, and never would be. And her brat. Ugh!

"Why does the kid have to come, too?" she asked finally, glaring over at her father.

"Caison, come on. That isn't fair. You and Julia go to school together. It's not like you don't know her or anything."

"Yeah, but ignoring her in the halls isn't sharing a damn house with her!"

"Hey, watch your mouth, Caison." Doug looked into his daughter's eyes- just like her mother's.

Maggie had died suddenly when Caison had been three years old, leaving him to raise their child. He knew this reaction was much in part his fault. He had given the girl everything he could, anything she asked for, never making Caison share him.

Lori Strickland was the first woman he'd looked seriously at, for something more than a tumble, in more than ten years. Caison had always managed to run every woman off. He had allowed it, but not this time. His daughter was seventeen years old, and would soon be going off to college. It was time Doug did something for himself.

"I don't know her, dad," Caison grumbled, unwilling to see his point.

"You'll get to know each other, honey," he said softly, patting his daughter's knee. "She's a good kid. I think you guys will do just fine."

Caison sighed, resting her elbows on her thighs, wrists dangling off her knees. She glanced over her shoulder at her dad.

"You really like this chick, huh?"

Doug nodded. "Yeah, I do."

"You gonna get hitched, or what?" the brunette ran a hand through her long hair, gathering it all to one side, feeling the soft strands tickle her neck. Her father smiled, dimples that ladies loved so much, winking at her.

"I don't know." He shrugged. "Guess we'll have to see."


Julia looked around her room, well, what used to be her room. Now it was just an empty space with random holes in the plaster where her posters used to hang. She took in the freshly shampooed carpet, forgetting what a pretty color of burgundy the carpet really was, after years of use.

Tugging on her ponytail, the strands falling free around her shoulders, and halfway down her back, she headed down the hall, where her mother was helping to load the last little bit of their stuff. They'd sold or gotten rid of most of it. Basically all they were taking was some kitchen stuff, and all of Julia's.

Her deadbeat of a father had taken so much from them four years ago, when he'd come home one night after work, announcing he'd gotten himself an apartment, and no longer wanted to be responsible for two other people. Starting over with next to nothing, Julia and her mother had done what they could, scouring the Good Will, and taking old furniture from sympathetic friends and family.

Julia could remember her mother crying deep into the night, feeling like she'd failed her daughter.

Lori Strickland had been devastated, and had leaned heavily on her then twelve year old daughter. It had been quite the weight to bear for young Julia, but she and her mother had gotten so close, a bond forming between them that was unbreakable.

"You ready, my girl?" Lori asked, walking over to her daughter, putting a darkly tanned arm around the girl's shoulders. Julia looked around her childhood home, empty, echoes of the past ringing in her ears- first laugh, first cry, first heartbreak, first joy.

"I guess," the blonde said, leading the way out the door. She saw Doug slamming the tailgate of his truck, then glancing at the two blondes headed his way.

"Let's take this show on the road!" he exclaimed, clapping his hands together as he took Lori into a tight hug. A quick kiss, and the three were climbing in, Julia stuffing her frame into the back seat of the double cab.

Julia tried to not pay any attention, but she couldn't help watch until the small, ranch-style house faded out of sight. Sighing, unable to help the pang of sadness that riddled her body, and try to look forward to the future, with Doug. And his daughter.


"Dude, come on, I gotta go home," Travis whined, tossing the basketball into the hoop with a satisfying whoosh.

"Then go, you pansy." Caison ran after the bouncing ball, dribbling it aimlessly, through her legs, around her hips, then blindly shooting, the ball banging against the rim before dropping in. Travis Mason watched, impressed. As usual.

"I still don't understand why you never went out for the team. You would have kicked ass." He caught the ball that was thrown at his chest, spinning it on his finger. Caison rolled blue eyes.

"Yeah, no. And be a dumbass jock? I don't think so."

"Whatever. Look, I really have to go. You staying out here or what?" Travis tossed the ball back and forth between his hands before tucking it against his side. The tall brunette sighed. "They moving in today?" Travis asked, heading toward his car, his friend walking beside him.

"Yep. Yee friggin' haw."

"Come on, Caison. Can't be that bad, huh? I mean, it could be worse. It could be, like, Kelly Morgan's mother dating your dad." Travis laughed at his own joke, thinking of the nasty sophomore with the case of acne and pudgy body.

"I don't give a crap. I don't want her there. Period." Caison yanked the door open, tossing herself inside. Travis piled into the car next to her, sticking his key into the ignition. "This sucks."

Travis shook his head, thinking his friend was being pretty stupid about the whole thing. He'd seen Julia Strickland, and her mom, and they were both hot! And he had very strong feeling that Caison thought so, too. Not like she'd ever talk to him about it, though.

Travis' car rolled up in front of the Broderick' house, just behind the small U-Haul that was parked at the curb. He glanced over at his friend to see her slouched in her seat, arms crossed petulantly over her chest.

"Look, do you wanna come over and hang out for a bit-"

"No, Trav," Caison pushed herself up, running a hand through thick hair. "I have to face it some time. See ya at school, man."

Caison felt the late afternoon sun kissing her skin as she headed toward the house. It looked like the majority of the moving had been done, which was good; there was no way in hell she was going to help.

As she yanked the front door open, she heard laughing and the excited gushing of a young girl. She rolled her eyes, trying to ease by the kitchen, where she saw her father and Lori laughing at something Julia was saying. Caison's bedroom was half of the basement, and unfortunately, the only way to get there was the stairs just outside the kitchen.

She bared her teeth for a moment before turning at her father's request.

"Join us, Caison. We're about to barbeque some steaks."

"Oh, ah, that's alright, dad." She glanced at Lori and her daughter, both looking at her expectantly. "I've got homework to do." With that, she disappeared down the dark stairs, followed by the slamming of an unseen door.

Doug sighed, looking down at the kitchen tile. Lori put a hand to his arm, squeezing slightly. He looked up at his new live-in girlfriend and smiled his gratitude. This was only the first day, after all. Deciding to not let it ruin their evening of celebration, he slapped his hands together.

"Come on, ladies. Let's get some steak!"


Julia laid on her bed in her new room, so vastly different than the one she'd just come from. She had to admit, though, it was nice having her own bathroom.

Tugging a pillow over her face, she tried to snuff out the noises coming from across the hall. They were quiet and subtle, but still very much there. She was grossed out, and a little embarrassed, to realize that her mother and Doug hadn't quite finished celebrating yet.

About to suffocate herself, Julia tossed the pillow aside, and gasped as her bare feet hit the cold, wood floor. She was used to sneaking around on berber carpeting. Quietly, oh so quietly, she opened her bedroom door, not stopping to listen. She didn't want to hear what she was already hearing.

Scampering down the stairs, she found herself in the living room, moonlight bleeding over everything through the large, floor to ceiling bay window. Making her way through the archway that led to the kitchen, she grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge, twisting the cap open. As she took a long swig, she glanced to her right, seeing the dark stairwell that Caison had disappeared down earlier.

Julia held the bottle in her hand for a moment, trying to decide what to do. Curiosity getting the better of her, she stealthily descended the stairs, finding herself in a finished basement, thick carpeting beneath her feet. She wiggled her toes for a moment, glad to be off the cold tile and wood of the rest of the house.

It was dark, the small basement windows made darker by the window well covers made of latticed metal, giving the basement creepy shadows.

Looking around, she saw the dark outlines of a few pieces of furniture, and a large-screened TV in the corner, surrounded by an entertainment center. She walked further into the room, seeing what she figured was a small bar at the back of the room. Right across from that bar was a door, a sliver of golden light beneath it.

Figuring that for the door to Caison's room, Julia chewed on her lip as she looked at it. It was obvious the older girl was still awake. Trying to decide what to do, against her better judgment, she raised her fist, about to knock, when the door was flung open.

Caison had decided to grab herself a beer from the bar, since her father and Lori were more than likely otherwise occupied. She had to put a cap on her urge to yell in surprise, when she threw her door open to find Julia standing there, frozen in mid-knock.

"Jesus! You trying to scare the shit out of me or what?" she hissed, taking a step back from the irritating little blonde. Julia grabbed her chest, startled into heart pounding silence. "What do you want?"

"I was just wandering."

"Well, don't wander down here," Caison growled, pointing at the floor at her feet. "The basement is my domain. Got it?"

Julia took an involuntary step back from the other girl, stunned by her vehement tone.

"Sorry. Jeez." Hurt, but not about to let Caison see that, she hurried through the darkness, climbing the stairs, virtually stomping across the kitchen floor before she mounted the stairs to the upper level, and her bedroom. Her domain, she thought bitterly.

Wanting so badly to slam her bedroom door, but not wanting to snag the attention of her mother, she instead threw herself on her bed, burying her anger-reddened face in the bedding.


It was three months into the school year, Thanksgiving days away. Julia and her mother, Lori had been living with Doug and Caison for just over a month.

Since that first night, when the brunette had bitten off the blonde's head, Julia had kept her distance. She knew it bothered her mother, and no doubt Doug, that the girls just did not get along. But that was just life. Caison would be graduating this year, and would be gone, then Julia a year later. They could handle it for a few more months. They had to.

Resting her elbow on the fold down armrest of her thirteen year old Oldes, Julia was careful as she drove down the road, the fresh snow from the night before making things slick.

She whimpered as a large truck roared by, making the new driver uncomfortable as snow, sludge and ice swept back into her car.


As she began to slow for a red traffic light, up ahead she saw a stranded motorist, motorcycle pulled off the side of the road. The rider was kneeling next to the bike, tinkering. It wasn't until Julia noticed the backpack sitting on the ground next to the bike, the huge Guns 'N Roses patch across its side, that she realized it was Caison.

Seriously contemplating leaving the girl there, she growled as she pulled off the side of the road, knowing her mother would kick her butt.

Reaching across the large car, she rolled down the window. At least her mother could have found her a car with friggin' electric windows!

"Hey!" she called out the open window, trying to be heard above the howling wind. The biker stood, turning her hooded form to look at the car. Bending down, Caison pushed her hood back, looking at the blonde.

"Hey," she muttered, embarrassment filling her. Julia Strickland was the last person she would want to see her broke down on the side of the street.

"You okay? Need a ride?"

"I'm fine," Caison lied, sniffling. It had been cold enough on the bike, speeding along at sixty-three miles per hour, let alone standing in the wind chill.

"Come on, get in. Your dad will kick my butt for leaving you out here."

"No, Julia, I'm fine-"

"Get in the damn car, Caison!" Julia sometimes admired the brunette's pride, but good god! This was ridiculous.

Taken off guard by the normally quiet, reserved girl's outburst, Caison snatched her backpack, and climbed in. The belching heat of the car engulfed her, causing her to stifle a moan of relieved pleasure.

Julia glanced in her rearview mirror, then her side mirror, then over her shoulder, then back to the rearview mirror.

"Jesus, girl, just merge for crying out loud!"

Julia glared at the impatient older girl, but she gave the car some gas, and they were on their way.

The blonde was quiet for a while, her brain whirring with questions. She glanced at her passenger, quickly returning her eyes to the road. Chewing on her bottom lip, she finally voiced her thoughts.

"What happened to your bike?"

Caison shrugged. "Not sure."

Ooookay. That went well.

"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know, Julia!" Caison almost whined. "My damn lips are too frozen to work."

Both girls stopped, surprised by the brunette's remark. It isn't long before Julia's lips spread into a huge, amused grin. Caison tried to stay annoyed, but can't. Soon enough, her grin joined the blonde's, though she tried to hide it out the passenger window. Too late. Julia had seen it.

Interesting. So she does have teeth.

Caison and her father worked steadily in the garage, trying to get her bike working again.

"Why did you have to choose this damn bike, when grandpa had that Cadillac, too?" Doug muttered, wiping grease from his hands.

"Oh, come on, dad. If grandpa had left his cars for you and Uncle Chad, do you really think you would have chosen that boat of a car, or the cool, sleek, motorcycle that we have here?" she indicated the bike, like Vanna showing off a prize. Doug grinned, shaking his head.


"Alright, then. Ow, crap," Caison sucked on the finger that got squeezed in her pliers.

"I just worry about you on this thing." Doug reached into the toolbox, grabbing the tool that he needed.

"I'll be okay, dad. Honest. I'm careful."

He studied the beautiful young woman for a few moments, then nodded.

"I know I can't keep you under my thumb forever. No matter what I might want to do."

Caison smiled. She'd never admit it of course, but she adored him. They worked on in silence, until Doug told his little girl to start her up. Caison swung her leg over the black, double-leveled seat. Gripping the handlebars, she balanced the heavy bike between her legs. Balancing on the handlebars, she pulled a vicious kick to the kickstart, listening in satisfaction as the beast roared to life.

"Alright!" Doug pumped his fist in the air.

"Yeah. We did good, dad." Caison sat on the seat, revving her baby, just to hear the ear-shattering roar in the confines of the garage. Doug grinned like a loon, secretly loving the bike. He'd taken more than one spin on it.

"Dinner!" Lori screamed above the ruckus. Both Doug and Caison looked guiltily over their shoulders. With a tap on the shoulder from her father, the brunette cut the engine, the silence almost deafening. Her ears began to ring.

"Thanks, baby," Doug murmured against Lori's lips, making his daughter want to puke. She had nothing against her father's relationship, and in fact approved, thinking that Lori Strickland was a great gal. She just had a hard time dealing with the mush.

Dinner was a quiet affair, at least for Caison. While Doug and Lori chattered, Julia's voice joining in now and then, the teen preferred to brood over her corned beef and cabbage.

She stopped shoving her green beans around when she felt eyes on her. Glancing up, she met green eyes, lost in inspection.

"Yes?" Caison drawled, snapping the little blonde out of her stupor. Julia's eyes quickly dropped, shoving a forkful of food into her mouth. Caison rolled her eyes, returning her attention back to her own dinner.

Two hours earlier. . .

Julia padded downstairs, excited to sit down and relax, watching some TV on that mammoth tube in the basement, before dinner. She had been thrilled to find out there was a pool table down there, too, in a bedroom that had been turned into a game room.

Flipping on the can lights, which shed muted light over the large room, she found the remote buried between cushions of the leather couch, and clicked POWER.

A contented sigh eased between her lips as she tucked her feet underneath her. Oprah's voice boomed into the room. Julia watched for a few minutes, but for some reason, she glanced behind her, noting Caison's bedroom door, which was ever so slightly ajar.

Turning back to the program on TV, Julia chewed on her lower lip, fingers reaching to her ponytail, pulling it over her shoulder. As her mind began to turn faster and faster, her fingers began to twirl the end of her ponytail faster and faster.

Eyes wandering back to that door, curiosity got the best of her, and within moments, Julia was on her feet. Glancing over her shoulder one last time, seeing she was still alone, the blonde pushed the door open, just enough for her body to fit through.

Caison's bedroom was huge, spanning half the basement. It was separated into three rooms, a living space, which was where Julia stepped into, the bedroom area beyond that, and a bathroom. The bedroom and living area were separated by an archway. Stepping fully into the living area, green eyes scanned her surroundings.

The walls were splattered with posters- Harley-Davidson, music groups, and movie posters.

"Bit of a slob, aren't you, Caison?" Julia muttered, looking at the random trails of clothing, where the brunette had obviously stripped as she walked. Clothing draped over the couple arm chairs that lazed around the living area, and a pair of boxers that were thrown on top of the twenty-seven inch TV.

She chuckled as she realized there were tiny Mickey Mouse heads all over the underwear. Walking over to them, she noted a magazine sticking out from under them. Again, glancing over her shoulder, she nudged the boxers aside, curious as to what Caison was interested in reading.

Green eyes got huge as she slowly slid the magazine off the top of the television. Slowly, a scantily clad woman became revealed- first long legs, that didn't seem to end, ending in a blue g-string, which moved on to a flat, tanned stomach, and just the underside of very large breasts, nipples covered by the dental floss bra. The woman was blonde, her long hair covering half her face, the one revealed eye intense, oozing a look of sex.

"Holy cow," Julia whispered, magazine fully in hand now. Once more, glancing over her shoulder, she thumbed through it, eyes getting bigger and bigger, taking in the pictures of the women, getting more and more naked with each page. What the heck was Caison doing with this?

Suddenly, she heard someone pounding down the stairs.

"Shoot," she hissed, trying to stick the magazine under the boxers as quickly as possible, and get out of Caison's room. She could tell that pounding was the brunette's heavy boots. The boxers almost fell off the TV in her haste. Panicking, Julia managed to get them back on, leaving just that little bit of magazine showing, and get out just as Caison was rounding the corner from the stairs.

"What are you doing, pest?" Caison asked, glaring at the blonde with suspicious blue eyes.

"My mom asked me to run down and grab a roll of paper towel from behind the bar." Yeah, good thinking! Acting like nothing whatsoever was out of the ordinary, the little blonde strutted her stuff over to the bar, snagging the roll, and heading back upstairs.


Caison kept feeling the blonde's eyes on her off and on during dinner. Every time she'd either look up, or ask what her problem was, Julia would look away. Starting to get annoyed, the brunette was about to pop her top when something occurred to her. Glancing over at the counter, she saw that the paper towel holder had a half roll on it. The new roll Julia had grabbed downstairs was nowhere to be seen.

Glancing back at the blonde, she saw that green eyes were firmly fixed on her near empty plate.

"I've had enough. Thanks for dinner, Lori." Caison shoved her chair back, taking her plate to the trash and scraping the rest of her food in it. Almost throwing the plate and her glass into the dishwasher, the brunette headed downstairs, her heavy footfalls reverberating through the first floor of the house.

"Uh oh," Julia murmured.

Caison slammed into her room, blue eyes automatically looking for anything that was out of place, or that jumped out at her. What had that little rat done?

Taking a few steps into the room, all looked alright, until she turned and saw the magazine sitting atop the TV. Something about it . . .. Caison couldn't tell if it was her own guilt, or if something truly was wrong.

Walking over to the TV, she looked closely at the way her boxers lay. Something, what was it? The corner! She felt her jaw muscles tighten, snagging the magazine from its perch on the TV. The corner was bent up ever so slightly. Caison never, ever allowed her precious magazines to get bent. They were too hard to come by.

"Julia," she growled, stretching the name out into its full three syllables. Her eyes rose to the ceiling, thinking of the blonde sitting there, finishing her dinner. There was nothing the brunette could do at the moment, as it would draw attention to what she was so angry about.

Blue eyes opened wide. What if the pest told her mother what she'd found? What if she told Caison's father?!


Caison tried to find something to keep her occupied until she could pounce on Julia. Her mind kept feeding her all the possible things that could be happening upstairs, the possible things the cute little blonde could be telling the two parents.

The brunette racked her fourth game, rolling the balls roughly in the triangle to get them all to gel. Removing the plastic tool, she tossed it into its little nook in the side of the pool table, and grabbed her cue, chalking the tip.

Getting into position, bent over the table, she paused, listening. Definite footfalls down the stairs. Caison held her breath, waiting for her father to come around the corner of the room, and kick her out or at the very least, ream her.

The footsteps got closer, muffled in the plush carpet. Caison felt her heart begin to beat faster, palms sweating around her cue stick as she made her shot

"Can I play, too?"

Caison's head jerked up, eyes narrowing as she took in the blonde, standing timidly in the doorway of the game room.

"You," she growled, dropping her cue stick on the pool table, and took a step of aggression toward the girl. Julia stepped back, finding her back against the doorframe, Caison in her face. "Stay out of my room, Julia," the brunette pinned the girl with her eyes, and a finger poking her in the chest.

"I wasn't-"

"Don't lie to me." Caison looked down into the terrified girl's eyes, and for just a moment felt bad, almost moving away from her. But something kept her where she was. As she watched on, those eyes turned from terror to something else, though what that was, she had no clue. Just not fear.

"I wasn't, I didn't," Julia swallowed, her heart about to pound out of her chest. She could feel the immense heat rolling off Caison's body in waves. "I'm sorry." She met the brunette's gaze, and held it. Finally Caison pushed away, unable to take it anymore, her body responding to something horribly primitive that she didn't entirely understand. All she knew was she had to put some distance between herself and Julia.

Moving across the room, she took several deep breaths. Her back to the girl, she heard soft footfalls leading away. Turning back, she saw that she was once again alone.


It had been weeks since the magazine incident, and Caison had heard nothing from her father. She could only assume, as he acted completely normal, that Julia had said nothing. Still, she was careful, watchful, and curious of what the heck was going on in Julia's head.

The brunette walked along the breezeway that connected two of the high school's buildings, hands tucked into her pockets, head bent against the ravaging December wind.

She glanced up in time to see the steamy windows of the swimming pool. On the other side the girls were practicing for the dive team. Stopping, she stepped closer to the large windows, a number of Speedo-clad girls standing a few feet away from her, bare backs to Caison as they watched their fellow teammate on the high dive.

Blue eyes traveled up the column that ended in the blue diving board. A figure stood at the very edge of that diving board, a figure with an amazing body encased in a very revealing green swimsuit. That figure was Julia.

The blonde, hair slicked back from previous dives, stared straight ahead, eyes focused, sure. She held her arms out, extensive muscle tone popping out from her arms and shoulders. Caison's gaze melted down to her legs, thigh muscle standing at attention, then her calves as the blonde raised herself to her toes before executing a perfect dive.

"Wow," Caison muttered, truly impressed. Julia broke the surface of the water, her gaze making immediate contact with the brunette. Quickly, Caison made her way down the rest of the breezeway, and into the building.

Julia pulled herself out of the pool, absently taking the towel Coach handed her. Her gaze still lingered on the spot where Caison had been standing, watching.

Not sure what to think, she headed toward the locker room. What was it with that girl? She ignored the blonde most the time, and if she wasn't ignoring her, she was calling her a pest and treating her as such.

Yet, sometimes, when Julia wondered if she were crazy, she'd catch the older girl watching her, looking at her. Why? And what was up with that magazine? Julia knew that Caison's best friend was a guy, so was it his? Maybe she was keeping it for him?

Julia shook her head as she stepped into the shower. She didn't think that was the case at all. Something niggled at the blonde. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but it was there.

Caison saw Julia in the halls more this year than she had before, both of them upper classmen now. It seemed that there was a light over the blonde's head- wherever she went, there was laughter and vibrant energy. There was always a string of girls and guys behind her, everyone vying for the blonde's attention.

Caison stood from taking a drink at the fountain next to the stairs, Julia's entourage, led by her boyfriend Jessy, heading her way. The brunette wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, moving to the head of the stairs, a little mischief entering her eyes.

Julia walked up to the bottom stair, slowing as she neared, seeing a very cocky Caison standing in her path.

Green eyes faced blue defiantly, locked in a silent battle of wills.

"Are you going to move?" Julia asked finally, crossing her arms over her chest, letting her eyes hood in feigned indifference.

"Maybe," Caison said, leaning against the rail, her long legs stretched out across the stair she stood upon, crossed at the ankle.

Julia, getting tired of the game, started to climb over and around the legs, but was stopped, Caison pushing off the rail, and standing in her way. The blonde looked up into her face, brows drawn.

"Let me pass, Caison."

"What's the magic word?" Caison said, her voice chocolate smooth.

"Now?" Julia asked, irritation more than evident in her voice. Caison smirked, shaking her head.

"Try again."

Julia glanced over her shoulder, seeing her friends watching, some amused, most annoyed, as she was. Looking back to her housemate, she stepped up, mere inches from the brunette. She looked bravely into her eyes, sweeping her face before finding her gaze again.

Caison looked down at the blonde, a shiver moving through her body as she took in the determination in her green eyes.

"If you don't move, I'll just have to let slip your extracurricular reading preferences." Julia grinned, almost sexy in its fierceness.

"You wouldn't," Caison purred.

"Watch me," Julia whispered back. For a moment, their gazes locked, each daring the other to look away. Caison began to feel nervous, her pulse racing. She knew her game was no match for Julia's threat.

With a loud sigh, eyes never leaving the blonde's, Caison stepped aside.

"Thank you," Julia said sweetly, passing by, her perfume wafting after her, filling Caison's memory.


It was getting late, but Caison couldn't bring herself to get up and do anything remotely productive. Her homework still sat in her backpack, her Karin Kallmaker novel sat in her bedside drawer, hidden underneath piles of underwear. Even though Val and Carrie were about to get down to some serious business, the brunette couldn't make herself grab the book to read.

Instead, she lay on her disheveled bed, hands tucked under her head, staring at the ceiling. She was thinking of everything and nothing, though there was one image that blinked before her mind's eye over and over again, and that was defiant green eyes.

No one could deny that Julia was a sweet girl, but in that moment Caison had seen an underlying passion and spark that belied the blonde's sweet, pure façade. "Thank you," she kept hearing in her head over and over again. That sweet voice, laced with daring.

Caison could feel her body beginning to ignite. Damn her all to hell!

Eyes closing, one of Caison's hands was brought out from behind her head, rested casually on her stomach. The brunette felt anything but casual. She saw the incredible body of the blonde in her memory, barely clad in the Speedo. It didn't take much to strip the small amount of spandex away, revealing the rest of the firm, muscular form.

So beautiful.

Just when Caison's hand had begun to roam south, a knocking on the door of her living space spurred her out of action. Quickly looking around, she saw that there was nothing incriminating laying around.

"Come in!" she called, snapping her hand back behind her head.

The door opened, and a blonde head peeked in.

"You all alone in here?" Julia asked, a smirk on her face as she pushed the door open the rest of the way. Caison glared.

"What do you want, pest?" She watched with lazy eyes as the sexy little pain in the ass made her way toward her bedroom. Caison's eyes couldn't help take in the mesh shorts, fitted to narrow hips, and showing her wonderfully muscular legs. The baby doll tank top did nothing to hide beautiful shoulders and upper chest. Her hair was down, bare feet making little tracks in the thick carpeting.

"Dinner's ready, big pest," Julia said, looking around the sleeping area. She hadn't made it that far that day while snooping. Blue eyes followed the blonde's progress around her room. "Impressive," Julia said, smiling over her shoulder before turning back to the wall of ribbons and trophies. "Basketball. There's a shocker." Caison said nothing, just watched. "These are for community events. Why don't you play at school?"

"Because I don't want to be a jock dork like you," Caison said, keeping her apathetic appearance while her heart beat like crazy all the while.

"I'm hardly a jock, Caison," Julia snorted, taking in the new set of posters in this room. "And for not wanting to be a jock dork, you certainly have enough sports posters in here."

Caison rolled her eyes, not wanting to see the truth in the blonde's statement. "Did you get sent down here or what?"

Julia headed toward the archway separating the two rooms, stopping only to glance over her shoulder.

"I volunteered."

Caison watched, mouth open, as Julia let herself out of the rooms, closing the door behind her.

The brunette growled out her frustration. What the hell was the pest's game, anyway? One last growl for good measure, she pulled herself up from the bed and stomped upstairs.

The entire dinner Caison glared at the girl seated across from her. Julia, for her part, ignored it. She talked freely and happily with her mother and Doug, whom she'd grown to truly like and respect. No, he'd never be her father, but chances were good he'd be her mother's husband someday, and she intended to be on good terms with the guy. Plus, he was just a genuinely nice, caring guy. Fun, too. So whatever happened to his daughter?!

Doug Broderick enjoyed the meal with his family, but he kept his eyes on his daughter and Julia. At first he wanted to laugh at the looks Caison was shooting at the blonde, but as the dinner continued, and the glares had yet to cease fire, he couldn't help but worry that maybe there was something to them.


"Are you aware of anything going on between Caison and Julia? Has she told you about anything?" the tall, dark-haired man asked, shoving his shirt into the hamper.

"What do you mean, honey?" Lori asked, tossing the decorative pillows off their bed before turning down the covers.

"Well, did you notice the daggers Caison was shooting across the table tonight?" Tossing his jeans across the bench at the end of the bed, Doug climbed in with the beautiful blonde.

"I did see that. I just figured either Caison was pissed about something, or that Julia had managed to annoy her in some way." They both chuckled, knowing just how easily that was done. One of the things Lori loved most about her daughter, her love of life, was what drove others so crazy. Especially the brooding one in the basement.

"Well, that is possible, but I don't know," Doug sighed, heavy brows drawn as Lori snuggled up against him. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders absently, pulling her close, her head resting upon his hair swept chest. "There just seemed to be," he paused as he thought of the correct term for what he was thinking. "tension, I guess. Yeah, tension between them. I just don't want to see this blow up into something irreparable. These girls are going to be a part of a family unit, and I just," he sighed again, filling sadness bubble up inside.

"I know, Doug. I know. We'll get through this."

"I hope so." With another sigh, Doug reached beside the bed and switched off the lamp.


"What'cha doing?"

Caison glanced toward the stairs that led down into the basement from the kitchen. Julia was just coming around the corner, the short, mesh shorts she had started wearing of late. Her t-shirt was old, stretched, shoulder and collarbone visible.

"Ignoring you," the brunette grumbled, turning her attention back to the TV. She sat splayed across the couch, arm running along the back, hand dangling off down the front.

"If you were ignoring me, you wouldn't have answered me," the blonde pointed out, plopping down in the love seat adjacent to the couch. Caison said nothing. Julia turned her attention to the large screen, curious to what the brooding teen was watching. "The History Channel, huh? Never would have guessed that one."

"Then don't guess."

The blonde studied the other girl for a moment, taking in her long, dark hair, pulled back into a ponytail, her beautiful face looking clean and fresh.

"What?" Caison asked, eyes pinning the staring blonde. Julia shrugged, turning away. It was Caison's turn to do some studying. Julia's hair was down, golden down her back and across her shoulders. It always looked so soft. The brunette had thought more than once about running her fingers through it, what would it feel like, smell like.

"What?" Julia asked, feeling those intense blue eyes boring into her. When her gaze met Caison's, the blue was quickly ripped away, the brunette shaking her head. Nothing.

Caison raised her hand, remote control held in her fingers.

"Hey, I was watching that."

"Tough." Caison clicked quickly through the channels, not stopping on anything longer than a few seconds, just long enough for the blonde to figure out what it was before the remote was off and running again.

"Caison! Damn it!" Julia jumped over to the couch, grabbing for the remote, which of course was snatched from her fingers.

"I don't think so, pest. I was here first."

"Yeah, but there are two of us here now, Caison. Don't be such an ass."

"An ass?" The brunette stood, the blonde rising to her feet, too. Caison kept changing the channel, just to drive the pest crazy. She raised the remote high over her head, making Julia jump up to try and grab it.

"Yes, an ass."

"That's no way to get the remote, pest." She took a step back, moving away from the couch, where she could see Julia was looking to climb upon to give her height and leverage.

"I don't want the remote, I just want you to be considerate of someone else for a change."

Caison mimed the motion of digging a hole, deeper and deeper. Julia glared, Caison grinned. She was being backed up further and further as the feisty little blonde tried to grab the remote from her.

"What? Problems, squirt?" Caison was almost frightened by the growl that erupted from Julia's throat, and the shine in her eyes. Suddenly she found herself being pounced upon by a very determined little blonde, head bouncing off the thick carpeting. Once her eyes opened again, her vision no longer jostled from her fall, she saw Julia sitting atop her stomach.

"Give it to me!" the blonde growled, leaning over the brunette, who was still too stunned to squirm, trying to grab the silver, plastic remote.

Getting her senses back, and trying not to lose herself in the vision of the blonde's ample cleavage, right in her face, Caison stretched her arm far over her head.

"No!" she growled back, body beginning to get into things as Julia was making some ground.

"Yes! Give it to me!"

As Julia's body weighed further down on Caison's, she swallowed a groan. Oh, I'd love to give it to you. She brought a hand up, bracing it against Julia's shoulder, trying to push her back as she waved her arm around, panicking as the blonde's fingers scraped against her wrist, trying to reach that last couple centimeters to finally snatch the remote from her hands.

"Nooooooooo," Caison groaned with bared teeth. She was losing the fight, her arm stretched as far as she could. Julia's was almost laying on her face now, pushed further on as she almost had it . . .

Caison's eyes closed as she felt an erect nipple brush against her chin, the soft material of Julia's t-shirt tickling her skin.

Her body shuddered involuntarily, Julia's body following suit, the blonde suddenly stopping her desperate grab. She pulled back, raising herself slightly, resting her weight on Caison's stomach, and her own hands.

The two girls looked at each other, both eyes wide with surprise, Caison's dark with a desire she was unable to hide. She could feel Julia's rapid breath against her skin, the blonde's hair falling to cascade around them in a golden curtain.

Caison could feel her thighs clenching, terrified of her want being discovered. For her part, Julia was almost hypnotized, unable to move or act. She was so drawn into those two eyes of the sky, the ring of the sea surrounding them. So lovely.

Julia was startled to find herself sitting on her butt on the carpet, something cold and hard dropped against her bare foot.

"Keep the fucking thing." With that, there was a loud BANG at the slam of Caison's bedroom door.

Sitting there for a moment, stunned, then pissed. Julia got to her feet, tossing the remote to the couch. She marched to Caison's bedroom door, pounding.

"Caison!" she yelled out. "Let me in!" She waited, her temples pounding with her racing heartbeat. "Caison-"

"It's been open," the brunette smirked, standing in the doorway, which very suddenly opened. This, of course, just proved to make the little blonde even more pissed. Caison turned, heading back into her space. Julia followed.

"What the hell did you do that for?" she demanded, following Caison into the brunette's bedroom.

"Do what?" Caison asked absently, stopping in the center of her room.

"Drop me on my damn ass! That was uncalled for, Caison. Totally uncalled for." The blonde nearly yelped as Caison whirled on her.

"You don't get it!" the brunette hissed, mere inches from a stunned Julia's face. "You are dangerous."

Julia was completely taken aback. "What?"

"You saw that magazine. You know what I'm into." She saw understanding dawn in those green eyes, but she really needed to pound the point home. Leaning in dangerously close to Julia, the blonde using all her will power to not move away, Caison lowered her voice. "When you're near me, I want to fucking ravage you."

Julia's breath caught, her eyes widening. She was able to keep Caison's gaze for only a moment before her own dropped. Swallowing heavily, stunned at the flushed wave that was overtaking her body, she turned and left the room, the door clicking softly shut behind her.


Caison had started avoiding the entire family like the plague. She felt she'd crossed a line with Julia that was unforgivable. Nothing had been said, and Julia often wouldn't even meet the brunette's eyes.
Fuck 'em.

Caison just was biding her time until graduation in a few months. Then she'd be gone, and not have to face any of them again.

Sitting on her bed, Caison was finishing up a paper for school, now more intent than ever to do well and get out. She glanced up at the firm knock at her outer door.

"Come in."

The door opened, and Doug entered. Caison glanced up, then turned back to her paper.

"I'm not hungry, dad," she muttered, readying herself for the lecture she'd heard off and on over the past couple weeks. He didn't say anything as he entered into her bedroom, dragging a chair with him to the bed. Caison looked up, her stomach doing a flip flop at the determined look in his eyes.

"You are going to tell me what's going on with you." His voice was gentle, yet left no room for lies of half truths.

Caison met his gaze, then sighed, setting her laptop aside. She leaned back against her headboard, arms crossed over her chest.

"Dad, you know that you and I talk about all kinds of things. Right?"

"Of course."

"Well, I can't talk to you about this." Caison felt horrible as she saw her father's face fall. She knew she had to explain. Even if she were just dealing with the fact that she were attracted to girls, maybe she could talk to him about it. But not when that girl was Julia. Something inside was telling her to keep that to herself. "Please, dad. I need you to trust in me that I'll work through this."

Doug looked down at his spread knees, wrists dangling from each one. "Alright," he said at length. Caison could tell he was hurt, hear it in his voice. He looked up to meet her gaze. "Does any of this have to do with what's going on with you and Julia?"

"Kind of."

"Anything Lori or I should be worried about?"

"No." Caison shook her head. "Just kid stuff, you know." She smiled, though it was weak. They both knew she was just this side of lying, but Doug let it go.

"But you are okay? I mean, it's nothing illegal? You're not hurt?" He looked into her eyes, boring into them, actually. Caison shook her head and rolled her own eyes.

"No, dad. I'm not into drugs, pregnant, or anything else like that. It's just something I have to deal with."

Doug sighed long and loud, but he had to accept this as gospel. He couldn't force it out of his daughter, but could only hope she'd go to him if she needed to. Standing, he put the chair back where he'd gotten it from, and smacked the girl playfully on her torn-denim knee. Turning to leave, he stopped at his name.


Caison looked at him for a moment, almost telling him never mind. "Uh, well, how would you feel if, well, I dunno," she shrugged with a lopsided grin, "if you found out that I was . . . different."

"Different?" With drawn brows, Doug turned to face his daughter again.

"Yeah. You know, not quite like everybody else."

Doug grinned then, and for a moment, Caison's paranoid brain thought it was a knowing grin.

"Then I'd say good for you. Be unique. Never allow yourself to be a cookie cutter." With a wink, he was gone.

The brunette chuckled. "Shit, dad. You have no idea just how bad they broke the mold with me."


Caison turned off the bike and settled it on its stand in the parking lot of the school. There were a smattering of scattered cars, which belonged to the swim team.

The heels of her boots made hollow thuds in the empty halls. It was a strange experience to be in the school on a weekend day. She pushed through the double doors that led to the pool, the humidity hitting her in the face, making her sweat almost immediately. She looked around, trying to find her cargo. It didn't take long to spot her.

Julia stood with the swimming coach, the blonde in her bathing suit with mesh shorts covering the bottom. Her long hair was slicked back from being in the water, a nice white bandage taped to the right side of her forehead.

Caison waited for the blonde to finish her conversation, leaning against the wall next to the bleachers. Coach Andrews nodded toward the brunette, Julia looking in that direction. She gave Caison a quick wave, then turned back to the coach. A few words later, Julia was headed toward her housemate.

"Got a boo boo, huh?" Caison said, nodding toward the bandage on the blonde's head. Julia smiled sheepishly. Shaking her head with a roll of her eyes, Caison headed out of the large pool area, and back into dry civilization. Julia followed quickly, tugging her swim bag over her shoulder.

"I'm sorry you had to come get me," she said once they'd left the building. Caison shrugged.

"No biggie." Swinging her leg over the bike, the brunette kicked the stand up and then kicked the bike to life.

Julia tethered her bag where Caison had pointed, then slid on behind her. She chewed on her bottom lip, not sure what to do, where to put her hands.

"Hold on," Caison instructed, pulling her sunglasses into place.

Julia placed her hands on Caison's waist, a tentative touch. The brunette grabbed the girl's hands, roughly pulling them around her, holding them both against her stomach with one hand.

"I said hold on." She glanced over her shoulder, glaring at the blonde.

"You know, you don't always have to be so damn mean, Caison."

The brunette stared at her for a long moment, seeing the hurt in the girl's green eyes. With a sigh, she turned back around front.

"Please hold on tight. Your mom will have my ass if anything happens to you on my bike." With those soft words, she got them on the road.

Later that night Caison sat on the couch, sprawled out over the couch watching Deep Sea Detective on the History Channel. She heard the tell tale sounds of someone heading downstairs. Quickly changing the channel to MTV, she donned her 'life sucks' look.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Julia turned as she rounded the corner, seeing Caison on the couch. She was about to head back up.

"It's your house too," Caison muttered. "Kind of."

The blonde snorted as she turned back to the large room. She took in the older girl's demeanor, not wanting to be the cause of another episode of the brunette's moods. She sat on the loveseat, opposite end from the couch, where Caison lay.

Over the past few weeks she'd been doing everything she could to avoid the girl. Yes, for Caison's moods, but mostly because of what had happened that night in the basement, with the remote control war, and then Caison's revelation later in her room. The blonde hadn't been prepared for that, ad had no idea what to do with that information. Where do you even begin to store something like that?

She glanced over at the beautiful taller girl, who looked at the large screen of the TV with bored eyes.

"You know I'm not going to say anything if you turn it back to that history show you were watching when I came down the stairs." She caught Caison's smirk.

"Yeah, well dad already said a geriatric lived here when I blared my Beethoven that day. I don't need to prove him right with Deep Sea Detectives."

"You are who you are. Nothing to be ashamed of." Caison met Julia's gaze, which held for a moment. Julia hadn't even meant it for anything more than the surface comment it was, but soon realized the double meaning.

"Oh yeah?" Caison asked, eyes locked on the program on TV. She watched as the boys looked for remnants of Nefertiti's statue in the Nile.


They were silent, both knowing there was no reason to continue the vein this conversation could head in.

Julia brought her legs up, tucking them under her body as she looked at her nails. Her hair fell to shield her eyes from Caison, who seemed to still be absorbed in her show. She studied the darker girl, sprawled out in a pair of Addidas shorts, her long legs tan, ending in white feet. Caison's farmer's tan, that stopped at her ankles, amused the blonde. Her arms were covered by the baggy sweatshirt she wore. The long, dark hair was swept up in a messy bun, just enough to get it out of her face.

Her face.

Julia truly thought Caison was the most beautiful person she'd ever seen. She was truly a stunning individual. Physically. She needed some serious work on the insides.

She saw blue eyes flicker her way, but knew Caison couldn't tell her own green eyes were raking over the taller girl. She nearly gasped when she realized that Caison's eyes had rested on her breasts. Julia's nipples felt like they were on fire, that electric blue boring into them. Since the blonde was all curled up, there wasn't much for the brunette to look at.

Trying to make it as natural as possible, Julia continued to mess with her nails, but slowly unfurled her legs, crossing her ankles as she rested them on a nearby ottoman.

Caison's tongue involuntarily flicked out to sweep over her bottom lip as she stared at those legs. So strong, so muscular. She had a quick image of those legs wrapped around her.

Feeling like she'd just been hit in the stomach, Caison took a deep breath, getting her libido to settle and not pound right out of her shorts. She could feel herself becoming wet.

Damn you, Julia!

Julia looked up in time to see the remote slide to the floor from where it had been tossed to the couch.


Caison took a swig from her beer, flipping the burgers. She glanced over her shoulder, watching as Travis did a cannonball into the pool, splashing their other friends. Grinning, she turned back to the grill.

It was a three day weekend, and none too soon. Doug and Lori had decided to take a little vacation together, and the house was free for the taking. And Caison was taking.

The music was loud, beer free flowing, and the late spring sun was shining down.

"Come on, Caison! Come swim," Shannon called from the pool, her forearms resting on the cement around the built-in. She was giving the brunette a look that said, "Come swim with me, big daddy."

"Alright, alright. Hang on." Shannon was a recent transfer student to their high school, and she had latched her eyes onto Caison from almost minute one. Now the brunette was trying to figure out what the hell to do with the attention.


Caison turned to her left, seeing Julia standing there dressed in an itty bitty bikini. Blue eyes opened wide, taking in the whole of the hot little blonde.

"What the hell is that?" she asked, indicating the dental floss. Julia looked down at herself.

"It's called a bathing suit. You have one on, too." Julia grinned, a shit-eating grin.

"No, what I have on is a bathing suit. What you have on is a few strings holding on a couple Band-Aids!"

"Jealous?" Julia asked, then sauntered toward the pool. Every eye was on the blonde as she did a graceful dive off the side of the ten foot end.

Growling deep in her throat, Caison continued on with the party. She laughed and played, swigging one beer after another. She also kept a close eye on Julia, for numerous reasons. Caison knew her friends could be jackasses, and wanted to make sure no one was doing or saying anything inappropriate to the hot little blonde. She also wanted to make sure that same hot little blonde didn't get herself in over her head. And she didn't mean the pool.

After watching Travis flirt with Julia, and the blonde reciprocate in kind for an hour, Caison had had it. There wasn't anything more she could do, other than the warning glares she'd been sending Travis' way already. So, instead she began to clean up. Less to do later.

Huge trash bag in hand, she walked around the patio area, angrily throwing in empty liquor cans and bottles, uneaten food and napkins.

"What's your problem?" Julia asked, padding into the kitchen to get another bottle of water. She'd never been one for alcohol. Caison's back was to her as the older girl tied the trash bag closed. "What, are you going to ignore me now?"

Caison was nearly driven mad by the little condescending tone Julia was using. She whirled on the girl.

"So are you just going to be down here flirting with all my friends, Julia?" She growled, her voice low and dangerous. The blonde was taken aback for a moment before quickly getting her bearings.

"I hardly think I'm flirting with all your friends." The smirk that lined her lips would have been sexy as hell if not for Caison seeing it through the green eyes of jealousy, which Julia easily saw. She set her water bottle on the counter and took a step toward the brunette. "Who do you think I should be flirting with, Caison?"

Caison could feel her jaw clenching, but held her ground. The blonde took another step, then another. She looked up at the brunette, not flinching from the turmoil in the girl's beautiful blue eyes.

"Why are you here anyway?" Caison growled. "Thought you were supposed to be at Jessy's today." She tried not to stumble over Julia's boyfriend's name, doing her level best to keep her voice calm. It wasn't working so well.

"Obviously I'm not. I wanted to swim. It's not my fault you're having a party back there."

"It's not a party."

"No?" Julia raised a brow, amused.

"No." Caison looked down into Julia's eyes, seeing their vibrant color, the twinkle in them unmistakable. Her eyes dropped to take in the girl's full lips, just the slightest bit of a smirk on them. God, she wanted so badly to see what those lips felt like, tasted like. With both of them standing there, nearly naked, Caison was having a hell of a time breathing.

"You don't have to worry, Caison," Julia said, her voice softening. "I won't tell your dad. Or my mom."

"Thank you." The words tumbled out, but Caison was far from remembering their meaning as she felt a magnetic pull towards the girl. Her heart was beating manically within her chest, wave after wave of want crashing between her legs. She could feel her clit pulsing. Her fingers were burning, aching to touch the hot skin of the blonde, yet having to be consciously glued to Caison's sides.

Julia could feel warm breath caressing her face, and suddenly realized that Caison was getting closer, the brunette's lips nearing her own. For a moment she sucked in a breath of surprise, but couldn't stop it.

Oh my god. She's going to kiss me.

"Caison, where's the Tabasco-" Travis stopped, frozen. "Shit. Sorry." Shaken from his stupor, he turned on his heel and headed right back outside.

Julia was also shaken from her own brand of stupor, or was it stupid? She turned, grabbed her water bottle and ran up the stairs.


Caison felt Travis' eyes on her, but ignored him, and the questions she knew he was too chicken shit to ask. Shoving the last of the trash into the plastic bag, she synched it and tied the yellow straps. She felt his eyes on her again.

"Travis, if you don't stop staring at me, I'm going to tear your damn eyes from their damn sockets." She heaved the bag onto the small pile on the trash bin.

"Dude, what happened?" he asked, tossing his own bag.

"You wanna be a little more specific there, champ?"

"You know what I'm talking about, Caison. I don't care what anybody says, you're not stupid." He grinned at the smack that got.

"Nothing happened." Caison wiped her hands on the legs of her shorts, heading back through the gate to the backyard.

"Yeah, cause I came in."

"Don't flatter yourself, Travis," Caison muttered, shoving the lawn chairs underneath the table, then wiping the table down with a wet cloth.

"No way, man, you can't get out of this one. The tension in that room was so thick you could friggin' cut it with a butter knife." Travis grabbed the net and began to clean the pool, fishing out a floating beer can.

"Yeah, I was pissed at her," Caison said, turning to the grill to start cleaning it. She heard her friend chuckle.

"No, Caison. It's wasn't pissed off tension."

"Then what was it, smart guy?" she turned to her friend, hand on hip.

"Girl, you two wanted each other." Travis wiggled his brows, hanging his tongue out. His eyes got huge as he found a handful of his tank top clutched in Caison's fist.

"It's not gonna happen, Travis. Got it?"

"Jesus, Caison!" Travis pulled away from his long-time friend. "What the hell is the matter with you?"

The brunette ran her hands through her hair, eyes falling. "It's so hard, Travis."

Travis was surprised to hear the softness, almost gentle, voice of his friend as she walked away from him. Immediately his anger was quenched, seeing the pain in his friend's eyes.

Caison sat heavily in a chair, feeling sad and tired. Travis sat across from her. He was shocked to see tears brimming in his usually stoic friend.

"I'm gay, Travis," she said at length, her voice nearly a whisper. The boy's first instinct was to laugh and say, no shit. This was something he'd suspected for years. But she didn't need a smart ass right now.

"I know, Caison," he said instead, voice quiet and understanding. Brilliant blue eyes raised to meet his. He nodded with a small smile. "I've known for a long time, girl. It's okay. You are who you are."

A wave of relief washed over the brunette, a small half laugh, half sob pouring from her. "Thanks, man." She sniffled, angry at herself for allowing her emotions to get the best of her.

"So," Travis said, looking down at his hands as they played with the rag he'd been holding. "what's the deal with Julia?"

Caison sat back in her seat, swiping at her eyes. She shrugged. "I'm totally in lust with her, Trav. I can't shake it, no matter what I do. I stay away from her, avoid her like the damn plague."

"What she say in all this?" Travis handed his friend a napkin, keeping it casual, no big deal. The brunette took it, studying to waffled pattern in the material before wiping her eyes and nose.

"She doesn't. We don't exactly talk about it, you know?" Caison chuckled, but it was short lived. She glanced up at the house, then turned to her friend, lowering her voice. "It's like she plays with me, man. She knows, but still plays with me. With my head."

"Maybe she wants you, too," Travis said simply, tossing the wet rag to the table next to him.

"I don't think so." Caison sniffled the last of her upset, sighing heavily. "She has a boyfriend, and seems to be fine with that. I think she likes the attention."

"That may be. What are you going to do?"

"What can I do? Dad would have my head if I defiled Lori's daughter." She shrugged again. "I graduate in June, then get the hell out of here. Out of sight, out of mind. It's only a couple more months."

"I'm really sorry, dude. I can't imagine. I mean, she's friggin' hot!"

"Tell me about it. She prances around in next to nothing. Damn."

"It's almost over. You can make it, bud. I have no doubt." Travis gave her his biggest smile, punching her lightly in the arm.

"Thanks, Travis. I mean it. Thank you."

Travis sobered, nodding. "Any time."


Julia took her backpack from Jessy with a smile of thanks.

"You'll be done when from Speech and Debate?" he asked, leaning against the stand of lockers.

"I should be done by five." The blonde slammed her locker shut, the lock clanging against the metal door with the swift motion.

"Alright. I'll be here to get you." He leaned down, placing a kiss on her neck. "We still going to Levy's tonight?" he asked against the soft skin.

"Maybe," Julia hedged, slowly pulling away from the guy she'd been dating for a little more than a year. He nodded, knowing that was the best answer he was going to get. A quick kiss to her lips, and Jessy was heading to his class, which was at the opposite side of the building from Julia's.

Shifting her backpack strap, the blonde headed down the hall. She knew that Jessy had been fairly patient with her, agreeing to keep things at a make out level. But he was starting to get antsy, more aggressive, using his good behavior as a weapon for rewards. She wouldn't be able to hold him off for long. She new that some decisions would have to be made.

She walked along, heading to German when she noticed shadows near the girl's bathroom. Two people, girls, were talking, leaning very close. The shorter of the two reached a hand up, tugging at something the taller girl wore. Maybe a necklace or collar of her shirt.

A small gasp escaped the blonde's lips when she saw the shorter girl reach up and kiss the other girl. The kiss wasn't long, but lingered far more than a friendly peck. A sliver of excitement ran through her when she saw a hand being buried in the hair of the taller girl, the kiss seeming to deepen.

"Whoa," Julia whispered, shocked by such behavior, which was fairly public. She was also slightly excited by what she was seeing.

About to walk away, not wanting to be late for her class, Julia's eyes widened, and she was frozen in place. The shadows parted, and Caison stepped out from around the corner, looking left and right, making sure she hadn't been seen. Shannon, the girl from the pool party two weeks ago, followed soon after.

Julia was surprised to feel sudden anger flare to life, her lips becoming a straight line of discontent. She turned with a flourish, storming off to her class.


Julia ran inside the house, pounding up the stairs with a quick hello and goodbye to her mother. In her room, she ditched her jeans, changing into a black skirt that reached just above her knees. The blonde glanced out the window, seeing the rain start to fall. The gray skies had threatened all day. It was a warm rain, but she decided to grab a light jacket, anyway.

"Be back later, mom!" she called out, on her way back to Jessy, who waited in his idling car at the curb. Hurrying down the path, she finally reached the car, the rain coming harder. Julia glanced down the street at the tell tale roar of a motorcycle. She saw Caison slow the bike as she neared the house. The brunette's hair hung around her shoulders in wet strands from riding in the rain, her dark glasses hiding her eyes.

Caison slowed, seeing Jessy's corvette parked in front of the house. He looked out his window at the approaching bike, while Julia stood at the curb, her hand on the passenger door. The blonde looked over the top of the low car, eyes meeting those hidden by Caison's Oakley's.

Bringing her hand up, Caison slid the glasses down just far enough to reveal her eyes. Julia looked into those eyes, transfixed. She saw the brunette put her booted foot down, balancing the bike where she had stopped across the street.

"Julia, come on," Jessy said, confused as to what the hold up was.

Julia felt the slick metal of the door handle against her fingers, and was about to tug, lifting the handle when something inside stopped her. Rain gluing her hair and clothing to her, the blonde let go of the handle, tossing her jacket to the front lawn, and hurrying around the car, across the street. She saw Caison tighten her grip on the handlebars as the blonde climbed on behind her. Without a word, the bike was speeding down the street.

"Julia!" the blonde heard yelled behind her before she focused on what she'd done. Resting her cheek against Caison's upper back, she wrapped her arms tightly around the older girl's waist, clasping her own hands at Caison's stomach.

Caison had no idea where she was going, and didn't care. She was just driving, getting as far from their regular lives as she could. The rain was cold against her face, her t-shirt glued to her chest. The heat from Julia's body behind her translated to a pulsing between her legs.

Julia held on tighter, trying to mold herself even closer to Caison. Her skirt had hiked up when she jumped on the bike, and she could feel the denim of the brunette's jeans pressing between her legs. She wasn't sure how long they'd driven, but Caison began to slow the bike, turning off into Malinus Park.

Pulling off the side of the park path, Caison turned off the engine, putting her feet down. She didn't move as she and Julia stayed put. She sat up a bit, feeling more of the blonde's warmth absorb into her body, the girl's arms still wrapped around her waist from behind. Caison's heart was pounding, beating in her throat and temples.

Julia released her hold when she felt the brunette moving, the bike momentarily off balance as she got off, putting the stand down. The blonde looked up at her, taking the hand that was offered. She was helped from the bike, her skirt stuck to the skin of her thighs. Both smiling at that, Julia quickly tugged it back into place.

Caison led the blonde further into the park, the leaves talking as rain slapped them. Her body was filled with a fire that she'd never known before.

The feel of Julia's fingers tucked inside Caison's hand was wonderful, warm, safe, soft; nothing like the tough, calloused hold of Jessy.

Caison couldn't walk anymore. She stopped, turning to face Julia, who looked up at her with trusting eyes. Bringing a hand up, she placed it against the blonde's cheek, Julia's eyes closing as she leaned into the touch. Caison's heart stopped when Julia covered her hand with her own, slowly drawing that hand down over her jaw, down her neck, onto the water soaked t-shirt she wore, finally settling on her left breast.

Julia's mouth fell open as she felt that hand cover her, nipple hard against Caison's palm. Caison leaned down, taking Julia's mouth in a hard kiss, the blonde immediately responding. Julia felt her back come into rough contact with the trunk of a tree, though she didn't miss a beat. Her hands snaked their way into Caison's hair, bringing the brunette's mouth closer. She sucked Caison's tongue inside, moaning into the onslaught.

Caison pressed her body into Julia's, her hand remaining on the girl's breast. It was soft, yet firm, the nipple rock hard as she grabbed it between two of her fingers. Julia cried out into her mouth as she pinched it slightly, then rolled her palm over it.

Caison ran her other hand over Julia's side, down to her ass, which she used as leverage to pull the blonde's hips into her own. She couldn't get close enough, her clit about to explode.

Julia broke the kiss, her head falling back from the sensation of Caison's fingers on her nipple. She felt the brunette's other hand making its way up under her skirt, pushing the tight material up over her hips.

Caison's mouth found the blonde's neck, licking and kissing her way to Julia's jaw before finding her throat. She heard the blonde moaning her name, which made her press further into her, her hand reaching down to Julia's thigh, bringing it up against her side, her fingers caressing the soft skin. Julia hooked her foot around the back of Caison's leg, thrusting her hips into her. She gasped at the feel of Caison's jeans rubbing against her sex, with only her saturated panties as barrier. She was stunned to realize just how wet she really was.

"Oh, Julia," Caison moaned into the warm flesh of her neck. She pushed herself into the blonde, feeling the smaller girl's frantic thrusts against her. Julia let out a long, low moan, beginning deep in her throat. Julia's own moan brought the blonde back to reality.

"Wait, wait," Julia panted, squeezing Caison's body to her with her thigh to still the brunette's motions. Caison lifted her head.

"What? What's wrong?"

Julia lowered her head, resting her forehead against Caison's chest, just under her chin.

"I'm sorry," she muttered, feeling like such a tease. Her body was still throbbing, begging for release. She couldn't do it, fear stopping her short.

"It's okay." Caison hugged the blonde to her, squeezing her eyes shut to try and calm her breathing and body. "We should get home before they start to worry." She felt the blonde nod. Caison stepped away, turning away from her. She took several deep breaths, letting the chill from the rain calm and cool her down. Running her hands over her wet hair, she pushed it out of her face.

Julia straightened her skirt, her sex pulsing when she lowered her leg, making her squeeze her legs together for a moment in an attempt to stifle the sexual screams from her body. She'd never been so turned on in her life!

The girls walked silently back to the bike, Caison helping Julia to mount before she, herself slid her leg over the other side. Julia tentatively snaked her arms around Caison, only relaxing when she felt the older girl's hand cover her own. The bike roared to life, and they headed home.


Dinner was a quiet affair, though it wasn't like that was anything new. Doug looked from one girl to the other, noting, to his delight, that Caison wasn't passing menacing glares over to the blonde. In fact, neither blue nor green eyes had left their respective plates since they'd sat down.
"So, Julia," he said, putting a bright smile on his face. "How did Speech and Debate practice go?"

"Huh?" Julia looked up, confused for a moment as she'd been ripped from her own head by the sound of her name. "I'm sorry, Doug. What?"

"I asked how practice went today."

"Oh. Good." Julia smiled to cover her own foolishness. "I think we've got a really good shot at taking the meet."

"Good deal." Doug smiled, sharing a look with Lori, who just shrugged and shook her head.

The small amount of moonlight coming in shone on two blue eyes. Caison lay in her bed, one hand resting on her stomach, the other behind her head. There was no way in hell sleep was coming any time soon, no matter what her stinging eyes told her. She was doing her best to forget about earlier in the day. She didn't know what possessed Julia to climb on the back of her bike, and even more than that, she didn't know what possessed her to, well, to do what she did after Julia climbed on.

A mistake. It had been a mistake.

Caison groaned as she turned to her side.

It had been wonderful. How could anyone be into guys? After knowing what it was like to kiss a woman, and what it felt like to feel their breasts, guys didn't even hold a distant second.

Caison was about to delve further into those thoughts when she heard the outer door of her space open, then softly click closed. Pushing up to her elbow, the brunette tried to look through the inky darkness to the archway of her bedroom.

She passed under a sliver of moonlight before disappearing into darkness again. Caison felt her stomach flip and heart pound. She couldn't speak, her mouth suddenly going very dry.

Julia took a deep breath, then climbed onto the bed, Caison scooting over toward the wall to give her room. Her eyes were glued to her sudden bedmate, unsure what was going on.

Julia had to search hard through the darkness to catch Caison's eyes, but once she did, she couldn't look away. She slid under the covers, lying on her side, facing the brunette, who faced Julia on her own side. They stared at each other for long moments, the room filled with the sound of labored breaths, both trying to stay calm. Finally Julia moved, sliding over to the brunette. She could feel body heat emanating from Caison in waves that nearly burned her.

She didn't speak, but instead leaned forward, her hand coming to rest on Caison's shoulder. She could feel the older girl's Crest scented breath coming in quick, nervous puffs. She faltered for a brief minute, then let her eyes slide closed as she brought her lips to the brunette's.

Caison sucked in a breath at the feel of Julia's lips, and the way the blonde's t-shirt clad breasts brushed her own. The kiss quickly deepened. She had wanted this girl for so long, and now here she was, climbing into her bed in the middle of the night. Julia had just made about thirteen fantasies come true.

Caison rolled to her back, taking Julia with her. She was taken by surprise when she felt soft lips on her neck. Sighing, she offered more of her neck to the feisty blonde, Caison's hands running down Julia's back, finding her ass. As she squeezed, Julia moaned, her hips pressing into the brunette's.

Caison tried to remember what she had read in her lesbian love stories. What would Karin Kallmaker do in this situation? She also thought back to the months of fantasies she'd had about the gorgeous blonde.

Julia yelped slightly in surprise when she suddenly found herself on her back, Caison hovering over her. She reached up, bringing the brunette down to her. She sighed into Caison's mouth as their bodies pressed together.

Something clicked inside Caison, and she realized that everything she'd wanted was happening, and she decided to grab it with both hands.

Julia moaned as her breasts were cupped and massaged. Her t-shirt was being pushed up, her skin exposed to the night air, and Caison's eyes. Her breath left her altogether as she felt the brunette's mouth on her, tongue swiping across her nipple, which was becoming painfully hard.

The taste of Julia's skin filled Caison, making her heart race, her boxers sticking to her skin, completely saturated. The soft sounds Julia made beneath her made her blood pound through her body, pulsing between her legs. The blonde buried her fingers in Caison's thick hair, pulling her closer to her breast.

Caison could feel Julia's hips moving against her. The brunette's hand left Julia's breast, a whimper of disappointment quickly replaced by a hiss as that hand found its way to the waistband of Julia's panties. Caison could feel the liquid heat burn her fingers as they dipped just beneath the soft material. She left the blonde's breasts altogether as she rose to her knees, throwing the blankets to the end of the bed. She looked down at the gorgeous girl laying in her bed, Julia's bare breasts heaving with every breath she took.

Feeling new wetness leak from her at the sight, Caison turned back to Julia's panties, quickly sliding them down muscular legs. While she did that, Julia swept her t-shirt over her head, tossing it to the floor. Naked, she leaned up, tugging on Caison's own shirt. Once it, too was gone, she got to her knees, grabbing the brunette's face, pulling her mouth to her own.

Caison moaned loudly as her naked breasts were pressed against Julia's for the first time. Her mind exploded with the bliss of it all. Julia fell back to the bed, taking Caison with her, the blonde wrapping her legs around the older girl's waist.

Breathing heavily, Caison was desperate to feel Julia against her, no barriers. She reached down with the hand that wasn't holding her up, trying desperately to slide her boxers down her legs. Julia used her feet to help, until finally the brunette was completely naked.

Julia couldn't believe how amazing it felt to feel Caison's sex against her own. She thrust herself into the brunette, Caison taking the hint and pushing back. Both girls moaned at the contact. As wonderful as it felt, Caison was determined to continue where she'd left off.

She began to kiss Julia's neck, licking her way down between the blonde's breasts, which one of her hands began to fondle. Julia whimpered, her body on sensation overload. She reached down as far as she could, fingers slipping further up Caison's spine as the brunette moved further down Julia's body.

Julia felt her legs being unclasped from around Caison's body, spread to accommodate the brunette's sides. The blonde's eyes were closed, mouth open as she felt lips and tongue sampling the skin of her stomach, tongue flicking over her navel, then teeth gently grazing over a hip bone.

Caison was nervous, never having done this before. She just hoped that Julia had never had it done before, either. She could feel the heat against her skin as she got closer, the blonde's passion had been trailed up the length of Caison's torso as she'd made her way further down the girl's body.

Julia's fingers ran through dark hair, her eyes closed and breathing shallow as she concentrated on the feel of Caison's tongue sweeping through her sex. She'd heard of oral sex for women, obviously, but had never given much thought to it. Now her entire being seemed to pulse only around Caison's mouth.

Caison was surprised by the thick muskiness of Julia's sex, but soon that surprise was taken over by rich desire and devotion to giving the blonde as much pleasure as she possibly could. Never one to visually explore her own sex, Caison had to try and orient herself with all that made a woman just that. Using fingers and mouth, she discovered the landscape, and judging from Julia's reactions, what made the girl feel good.

Julia gasped, hips slowly rising to meet Caison's finger as the blonde was entered for the first time from someone other than herself.

"Oh, Caison," she breathed, her body feeling almost lethargic as she was consumed with warm heat and pulsing pleasure. She whimpered, followed by soft panting as Caison began to flick her clit with her tongue in rhythm with her finger stroking her inside. "Yes."

Encouraged, Caison quickened her pace, trying to ignore the intense spasms of her own clit against the mattress. Soon the blonde's hips were bucking, the brunette doing all she could to keep the girl still as she began to suck on her clit, her fingers pumping steadily slicing through the immense wetness pouring from the girl. It took some concentration to get everything coordinated.

Julia turned her head, burying her face in the pillow as she screamed out her release.

Caison was surprised how sore her jaw and tongue were as she raised her face from between Julia's limp legs. Adjusting the mandible, she crawled her way back up the blonde's body, feeling Julia's arms wrap tightly around her. She could feel the blonde's hot breath against her neck as the girl got herself back under control.

"Did you like that?" Caison asked, looking down into Julia's flushed face. The girl swallowed and nodded. Her mouth was dry and cold from her panting. She opened her eyes and looked up into a very pleased smile. Wanting to give Caison pleasure, too, she leaned up, kissing the stunned brunette hard, forcing her to her back. Looking down at the beautiful girl, green eyes took in firm breasts, the nipples rigid and hard. She remembered the feel of those nipples scraping up her body as Caison had made her way back up from between Julia's legs.

Flipping her hair over one shoulder, Julia lowered her head, flicking her tongue over Caison's right nipple, seeing what it would do. The brunette's head flew back, her back arching with a deep groan from her throat. Liking that reaction, Julia did it again, though this time she wrapped her lips around the nipple, sucking it into her mouth where she played with it with her tongue.

"Jesus, Julia," Caison gasped, her body already so close to exploding. The constant sucking was sending waves of pleasure straight to her clit. She grabbed one of the blonde's hands, easing it between her legs. "Please," she begged, her voice a whimper of need.

Julia lifted her head, watching her own hand as it disappeared between Caison's spread thighs. She was astounded at the soft wetness she found there, so abundant. The silk-soft skin responded under her touch as her fingertips danced through Caison's folds. She gasped as two of her fingers were guided inside Caison's core. She was amazed at the feeling of velvet heat that her fingers were immersed in.

"Yes, baby. Oh, yes," Caison whispered, lost in a haze of pleasure as Julia began to thrust inside her. It didn't take long before her walls squeezed Julia's fingers, her head pushing back into the pillow. Julia ate up the brunette's cries with her own mouth, not stopping her actions until Caison's body fell limp to the bed.

Both turning to their sides, they stared at each other. Caison combed Julia's face with her eyes. Now that her lustful haze had been somewhat sated, she realized just how beautiful the girl really was.

Reaching out a hand, she brushed her fingers along Julia's cheek bone. The girl closed her eyes for a moment, then lazily opened them again.

"I should get back to my room," Julia said quietly, Caison nodding. Neither of them moved.

"Why did you come here?" Caison asked finally, dying to know why the girl had finally given in. Julia smiled softly.

"I got sick of you always coming on to me." She chuckled lightly at the glare she got. She turned serious. "I couldn't resist you anymore, Caison. I've thought you were the most beautiful girl I've ever seen since I first saw you."

"Really?" Caison was surprised by this admission. Julia nodded. Caison reached for the blonde, pulling her toward her. Julia happily went, her mouth meeting the brunette's with a hungry fire, newly rekindled. Caison rolled on top of the blonde, pushing her thigh between Julia's. She could not pull her mouth from the smaller girl's as their hips moved together.

Julia felt her thigh being painted by Caison's passion, just as she was slick against the brunette. She was almost moaning constantly into Caison's mouth as her clit rubbed along the brunette's strong thigh, their stomachs slapping together with each thrust.

It didn't take long before Caison felt her body clench, then convulse. Julia wasn't far behind.


Green eyes opened, gray light pouring into the room. She lifted her head, looking around. Caison's cheek lay on the blonde's stomach, where the girl had fallen asleep, her body still between Julia's legs. She could feel the older girl's soft breath tickle her belly button.

"Caison?" she whispered, trying to push the girl off her. Groggy blue eyes opened. Caison muttered something, then began to fall asleep, before her eyes sprang opened. Looking around, she jumped off the bed.

"Shit!" She began to gather up Julia's clothes, glancing over her shoulder. Julia hadn't moved, lying on the bed on her side, head held up on one hand while the other arm laid across the natural curve of her hip. "What?"

Julia shook her head, eyes traveling over the incredible body of her mother's boyfriend's daughter. This is so fucked up.

"You are so hot," she said, her voice soft, filled with desire. Caison was about to toss the blonde's clothes back to the floor, and devour the girl when they heard footsteps overhead. "Shit." Julia scrambled out of bed, snatching the clothing from Caison's hands. It was the brunette's turn to stop and stare. Julia quickly got dressed, gave the older girl a quick peck, then raced out of the room.

Caison released the breath that had gotten sucked right out when she'd seen Julia's naked body in the light of day.

"Oh my fucking god," she whispered, clit pulsing with her heart.

Julia ran up the stairs, crying out when she stubbed her top on the edge of the wall.

"Goddamn, son of a-" she stopped, frozen when she realized Doug, standing at the coffee maker, was staring at her. His brow was raised in a similar expression of his daughter. The blonde forced a smile. "Good morning, Doug."

"Hey, kiddo." His voice was light, but he looked puzzled. Looking from the girl to the stairs behind her to the clock on the coffee maker.

"I uh," she stuttered, trying to think of a quick explanation as to why she was up at five-thirty six in the morning, coming up from the basement. "I had one of Caison's books in my backpack, and wanted to drop it off to her before I forgot." She smiled big, then quickly scurried up the other flight of stairs to her own bedroom. Doug watched her go, then shaking his head, turned back to making the morning coffee.


Julia walked through the halls at school in a daze. Her mind was still somersaulting over what had happened. It had been amazing with Caison, better than the blonde ever could have imagined. And she'd imagined a lot!

Holding her books to her chest, she sighed, a soft smile curving her lips as she felt her body begin to pulse at the memories.

Julia yelped in surprise when she was suddenly grabbed and pulled down a hallway. Slammed against a brick wall, she looked up at a very pissed off Jessy.

"What the fuck, Julia?" he asked, face red with remembered humiliation. She looked at him with huge eyes, not even thinking about him once since she'd hopped onto the back of Caison's bike. She had no idea how to defend her actions without being blatantly honest, which there was no way in heck she was going to do that.

"I'm sorry, Jessy." Her voice sounded weak to her own ears. He obviously was not appeased by her lame apology.

"What happened? I tried calling but you weren't there. Where did you go? Where did that chick take you, huh? To meet some other guy?"

Julia almost wanted to laugh at the question, hiding her smile by looking down at her feet. Her face was lifted by two fingers under her chin. She was forced to look into her boyfriend's eyes.

"There another guy, Jules?" he demanded. Julia shook her head.

"No." She shook her head. Wasn't a lie. "There's not another guy."

Jessy sighed, arms crossing over his massive chest. He studied the blonde, deciding to let it go. Besides, maybe he could use this to his advantage.

"Come with me tonight, the Levys."

Julia stared up at him, mouth opening, yet nothing came out. She knew she was stuck. Finally she nodded.


Jessy grinned. He leaned down, bruising her lips with a possessive kiss. When he walked away, Julia wiped her mouth, grimacing at his bad breath and prickly chin.


Julia's earlier thoughts of delicious pleasure were overridden by thoughts of her obligation to Jessy. It stunned her to realize that was exactly what he'd become- an obligation. Sure, he was cute, sure he could be fun, sure her mother loved him. But she didn't. it rocked the blonde's world even more to realize these feelings had been there before last night's events.

She was stuck, not sure what to do. She sat heavily in her seat in math class, ignoring the noise around her. She had a decision to make.

Thinking about Caison, she decided that last night was a one time thing. The blonde had been curious, and the beautiful brunette made it more than obvious that she was quite willing to experiment with Julia. Anyone would have taken her up on that, right?

Nodding to herself, she came to the conclusion that had it had been wonderful and amazing, but couldn't happen again. She would re-think her relationship with Jessy, but based on her feelings toward the guy, and not what had happened with Caison.


As the day went on, Julia felt better about herself and what had happened the night before. It helped that she had avoided the older girl the entire day. Not seeing Caison helped to keep her constitution strong.

She slammed her locker closed, about to head to her last class of the day when she felt a hand on her arm, then was being tugged around the corner into an unused classroom.

Panting from surprise, she looked up to see two piercing blue eyes looking down at her. The blonde was about to yell at the older girl for scaring her half to death when her mouth was covered by that of Caison.

The brunette pressed Julia against the wall with her body, cupping the smaller girl's ass with her hands. Julia's hands were on Caison's shoulders, trying to push her away. But at the touch of Caison's tongue against her own, her fingers twined themselves into the brunette's shirt, pulling her closer, needing to feel the older girl's body press into hers. She was surprised when she heard a small whimper, and realized it was from her own throat.

Caison was breathing hard as she broke the kiss, the blonde burying her face in Caison's neck.

"I want you so bad," the brunette whimpered. She lowered her mouth to the blonde's ear. "I want to suck on your nipples, Julia, and lick your clit. I wanna make you come so hard."

Julia felt a wave of heat flow through her, slicking the insides of her thighs. She gasped at the words, fingers clinching even harder on Caison's shoulders.

Suddenly her earlier resolve returned to her. Pushing Caison away, she looked at her.

"No. I need to get to class." Her voice was as shaky as her legs. Grabbing her books that had fallen to the floor, she hurried out of the room. Caison, chest still heaving with the desire that pounded through her, rested her forehead against the cool, painted cinderblock wall.

"This is crazy," she whispered.


Julia rolled her eyes heavenward, intrigued by the falling star that raced across the darkened sky. She realized that her name had been whispered. She looked into Jessy's expectant face.

"What?" she said, making her voice soft and breathy, like she was actually enjoying what was being done.

"I said do you like this?" he asked, his hand giving her bra-clad breast another squeeze. Julia smiled, nodding. He grinned, returning to his rough exploration of her neck. Julia, meanwhile, returned to her exploration of the night sky.
Jessy's hand ran up her leg, fingers inching up under her skirt. Green eyes opened wide, suddenly becoming very aware of what was going on. She restrained the instinct to slap her boyfriend silly. He had never tried to be that bold, as he knew his exploration was only allowed above the waist.

The blonde's mind flew back in time to Caison's touch, the way she caressed Julia's breasts, reverently, lovingly- not the way Jessy was squeezing hers like he was checking for a ripe melon. The thought of the brunette's touch sent warm ripples through Julia's body, pooling between her legs.

She heard Jessy groan, and felt his excitement against her leg. His hand was far enough under her skirt to feel the liquid heat nearly burning his hand.

"Damn, you're all excited!" he gushed, his voice quivering with his excitement.


The blonde gasped as she felt thick fingers brushing against her panties. He groaned at their dampness. Julia tried her damndest to get Caison out of her head so she could control how her body was responding. She didn't want to give Jessy anymore encouragement than he already had.

"I want you, baby," he groaned, his hips moving, crotch rubbing against her bare thigh. "Come on," he said against her ear, his hot breath making her want to shiver as it tickled the short hairs at the nape of her neck.

After some arguing, they compromised. Julia lay on the blanket Jessy had 'conveniently' had in the trunk of his corvette. Her legs were half-heartedly spread, skirt off, but her panties were still on and in place. Jessy's jeans were down around his ankles, his excitement tenting his boxers as he rubbed himself against her satin-clad sex. She grimaced at the feel of his sweat dripping on her face as he panted and grunted. She plain wanted to vomit as he came, wetness squirting out from under the waistband of his boxers, landing hotly on her bare stomach.

He groaned, collapsing, his full weight on her. She tried to breathe and push him off her at the same time. Finally getting the picture, he rolled off her, chest still heaving.

Jessy looked at Julia, grinning proudly at what 'they'd' just done.

"That was good, baby."

Julia couldn't even pretend. Face still wrinkled, thoroughly grossed out, she grabbed the t-shirt he'd whipped off his barrel chest, and wiped her stomach off with it.

"Hey!" he sat up. "Julia! I gotta wear that shirt home."

"Yeah, well I have to wear this skin." Julia threw the shirt at him, then began to walk toward the car, pulling her skirt on as she went. Her shirt hung unbuttoned on her small frame.

"Where are you going?" he asked, grabbing the shirt, grimacing at the sticky spot he'd accidentally stuck his thumb in. Quickly putting it on, he got to his feet.

"Take me home, Jessy."

"Why? What's wrong?" Truly perplexed, he walked over to his girlfriend. She was tugging uselessly on the locked door.

Julia felt sick at what she'd allowed him to do. She hadn't wanted that, and couldn't believe she'd allowed herself to basically be pissed on by that asshole. Any self respect she may have managed to garner for herself was gone. She felt like a whore.

"Just take me home, damnit!" She was even angrier at herself as she felt tears begin to slide down her cheeks. Jessy was stunned enough by her emotions to simply nod and gather up the blanket, shoving it in the trunk then unlocking his door, reaching across the small car to unlock hers.


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