A tale of two sisters

She could smell the sea; it was sharp, tangy, and crisp, almost to the point that she could taste it on her tongue. It had been really easy to escape the two guards, especially when they expected her to be unconscious for several more hours. For the first time she was really happy she had taken that training seminar on what to do if you are drugged. She had been so certain it was a waste of time, but her bosses insisted that she had to take one training seminar a year. Combine that with the monthly booster shots to help their immunity to bio-weapons, poisons, and other such things, the sedative really hadn't worked all that long.

She was running down a hallway her body hugging the wall wondering what the heck was going on. She really wanted to know what that woman had meant about sweeping her off her feet, but she would think on it later. Right now all she wanted to do was find a way out of here.

All of a sudden alarms went off and she just about jumped out of her skin. Damn, she had been hoping for more time. Her adrenaline pumping at an all time high, she sprinted down the hallway only to come to a sliding halt as she heard the sounds of a lot of booted feet. Turning around she ran back to the stairs and headed up. Maybe there was a helicopter pad on the roof. She had taken that training seminar last year, 'Piloting a Helicopter in a Pinch'.


Casey hummed that stupid Jimmy Buffett song, unable to get it out of her mind now and it seemed a somewhat perverse thing to be humming while decorating a kid's birthday cake. She sighed and tried to remember how to get to Sesame Street, but to no avail. With a last swirl of blue frosting she stepped back smiling at the creation. Not bad in an 'all kid show creators are on LSD' sort of way.

She picked up all her tools and went to the kitchen sink were she washed everything and set them in a rack to dry. She then wet a towel and started wiping down the counters. As she did so she casually pulled one of the hidden guns and turned pointing it at the woman standing behind her.

Nancy guiltily put the chair she was holding over her head down. "I wasn't going to hurt you, just knock you out," she said sulkily, wanting that point made very clear to the woman with the gun.

Casey bit her bottom lip in thought then said. "I think getting knocked out would hurt a lot."

Nancy shrugged conceding the point, "Well I wasn't going to kill you."

"Fair enough and unless you do something stupid I'm not going to kill you either." She motioned the woman to sit in the chair she had put down. Then she backed up until she found the drawer she wanted and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs. "Hands behind the chair."

Blue eyes widened at the handcuffs. "Have a lot of need for those in the kitchen?"

"Secret lives of chef's and all that," Casey responded dryly as she cuffed each of her hands to the chair. She then went back to the counter staring at the super spy. "That was disappointing I have to admit, I think I expected more of a fight from a super spy."

"Huh? Super spy?" Nancy looked confused.

Casey set the gun down and picked up a cordless phone. "Simon, get me Stacy. Well tell her to call me as soon as you can, I have what she's looking for." Absently she picked up a small knife. It had been stashed next to the phone; probably Stacy's doing. She started to twirl it in her fingers as she talked.

Nancy studied her surroundings as well as the woman who had put a stop to her escape plan. The kitchen was nice, full of every shiny gadget that a person who cooked would want she figured. She wasn't big on cooking and lived mainly through take-out. The woman on the phone looked like a mob enforcer, or a butch wet dream. She was a little taller than Nancy with solid frame and muscle to spare, the hair was desperately in need of a stylist, but the thing that Nancy couldn't stop looking at were the woman's hands. They seemed strong and dexterous, as she watched the woman on the phone unconsciously twirl the knife she'd picked up next to the phone. A lot could be said about a woman's hands in Nancy's book. As the woman hung up the phone, Nancy realized she needed to get her mind back on the task of escaping.

Casey set the knife down in the kitchen sink and looked at the kidnapped woman. "Well honestly I don't blame you for trying to escape, and I don't know how long it will be until Stacy stops panicking and checks her messages. Would you like some lunch?"

Nancy shook her handcuffed hands and Casey rolled her eyes. "I'll undo one of your hands."

Blue eyes stared suspiciously at the green-eyed woman in front of her, not willing to trust her no matter how much of a lesbian wet dream she was. Her eyes went wide. Oh god this could be a bad lesbian porno. Fighting really hard she managed to get her thoughts under control. "Um, food would be nice."

Casey wondered if whatever they gave the poor kidnapped woman was making her stupid. "Ah okay. I can make you a grilled steak sandwich, unless... " Her eyes narrowed to cold emerald slits. "You're a vegetarian?"

"No, no, a steak sandwich sounds great."

Casey sighed in relief and turned around to pull out the stuff she would need. "Don't get me wrong," she said as she worked. "Nothing against veggies and stuff, and there are some really great vegetarian recipes out there, but we just recently got rid of the vegetarian house guest from hell."

Nancy nodded her head not understanding anything at all. "So, um, who are you?" she asked wondering who had captured her.

"Oh me, I'm the cook," Casey said as she thinly sliced some meat.

"The Cook. Is that some sort of mob enforcer name, like The Bull?" She gulped looking at the knife being wielded with such great skill by the woman.

"No. I'm just the cook. I make breakfast, lunch, and dinner; you know cook stuff." She placed the meat on the indoor grill to fry over the propane flame.

"I can't believe I got caught by the cook," Nancy said grumpily.

"Not just any cook. My sister Casey Blackheart," said a very unamused voice from behind them. Stacy stood in the doorway, her small frame seeming to fill it with her unhappy presence. "So how long were you going to let me run around looking for her before you were going to tell me the two of you were having a cozy tea party?"

Nancy's blue eyes went wide as she took in the woman before her, and then she tried to turn her head to see the woman behind her.

Casey's face turned equally unhappy at her sister's tone. "May I present my sister and head of the Blackheart Crime Syndicate, Stacy Blackheart." She turned facing her sister. "And, miss grumpy, I did call. Simon and I, both left you a message that she had found her."

Nancy quickly understood she was the new toy. "Hey, I am not... a... toy." She barely said the last part seeing the warning look the cook, er, Casey was giving her.

"What?" Stacy pulled out her phone, "Hehe, oops." She managed to look sheepish as she checked the display of her phone.

The handcuffed woman began to feel a real sense of fear, as she realized who had kidnapped her. She was now a prisoner of the notorious Blackheart Gang. "Oh my God," she squeaked out as she started to hyperventilate.

"Ah jeeze, see what you did you big bully?" Casey snapped at her sister.

"Me? I didn't do anything."

"Did too. You scared her, I think she's going to pass out." Concerned, the cook started looking for a paper bag.

"Me? You're the one that handcuffed her."

Casey knelt down next to the woman. "Hey there, I want you to put your head between your knees... ."

"I could put my head between her knees," Stacy said helpfully.

Her sister just glared back.

Nancy nodded and went to lean forward only to be stopped by the handcuffs.

"Well crap. Okay just a second, everything's going to be just fine let me find the keys." She started rummaging through the drawer she kept miscellaneous stuff in for a moment before looking at her sister. "Handcuff keys?"

"Hey I put them back. Honest. Why don't you bug one of the minions I bet its their fault."

"'Cause I have trained them better. They know not to bother my stuff. Something you still have yet to learn."

"Well you don't need them now, she's passed out."

Casey turned wincing as she saw the woman passed out in the chair, the handcuffs biting deeply into her flesh. "That's going to leave a mark."

"Well my big strapping elder sister, why don't you carry her downstairs while I go upstairs to my room and look for either the keys or some bolt cutters."

Casey raised a blonde eyebrow. "I thought you didn't know where my keys were."

"Well... " Stacy hedged and fumbled for a second. "I'll just look, 'kay?" she finished defensively.

Casey sighed and then picked up the woman and the chair and headed for the elevators. She stood in the elevator humming 'Girl from Ipanema'. She was trying very hard not to notice how good Nancy Steele looked, even when comatose. There were other things Casey was trying not to notice: like the way she smelled, and how her button up shirt bunched up around the swells of her breasts causing a gap, giving her teasing glances at the lacy bra hidden underneath. There were things she was trying very hard not to notice about herself as well, her heart rate, and sweating palms for instance. There was no way she was getting involved in this mess. Besides she'd never do that to her family. Her big motto was, girlfriends come and go, but you can never replace family.

She breathed a sigh of relief when the doors slide open. Stepping out of the elevators, she nodded at the woman sitting behind a desk looking at a recent copy of Gun and Ammo. "Hey Joni, open up a cell for me and get me the lock picks. We can't find the keys."

Joni put the magazine down with a nod. "So that's the flavor for the month. Nice tits, but I'm not certain it's worth the headache."

Casey frowned and set the still unconscious woman down.

"A bulletin came across the wire; the three countries that work with this Agency are pissed, probably going to cause us a need to be invisible for months." There was a clearly annoyed tone in Joni's voice.

"Fuck." She groaned taking the lock picks Joni handed her and working on the cuffs. After the cuffs were off, and she had moved the unconscious woman to the cell's cot, she gently massaged each wrist checking the damage.

"Hey I couldn't find the... . What are you doing?" Stacy nearly screeched at her sister.

The blonde looked up frowning again at the tone. "Checking for any damage."

Furious Stacy pushed her sister away from her soon to be girlfriend. "Get your own date."

Casey's green eyes flashed in anger as she hit the ground. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I kidnapped her fair and square, go kidnap your own date."

"Do you even listen to yourself? You sound like some creepy stalker or rapist. You can't just kidnap someone and get them to fall in love with you."

"Sure you can. Its called Stockholm Syndrome." Joni replied helpfully, only to lower her eyes and go back to her magazine as both sisters glared at her.

Stacy grabbed her taller sister and pushed her out of the cell. "I can too get her to fall in love with me. All she needs is a chance to get to know me."

Casey recognized the stubborn tilt to her sister's chin, and knew that logic would not be welcomed. "You know for a super genius you sure can be a dumbass," she muttered.

Stacy's eyes narrowed and she said coldly. "Joni, my sister is not allowed down in the containment area. If she is found down here at any time she should be placed under lock and key until I can deal with it."

Casey stiffened at that and her eyes lost their warmth. "So, a woman you don't even know is worth that, huh? Don't you come to me for any help with this. When it all goes to shit, you're on your own."

"Joni. Escort Casey out, now."

Joni, sucked in a breath, but went and took the taller sister's arm to guide her out. The minion felt the tense muscle of the woman's forearm twitch, and with that touch for the first time realized what Casey's gentle nature truly hid. "Come on Casey, lets not cause a scene," she whispered hoping the woman wouldn't take anything out on her.

Casey tore her arm from Joni's grasp and marched to the elevator.

Crazy little thing called Love

Nancy had thought she was being held for ransom, or maybe for some bit of important information she had gathered over the various cases she had handled, or even about the Agency itself. To her horror it was much worse.

The diminutive leader of the Blackheart Gang, Stacy Blackheart, fancied that she was in love with her. What was worse, no matter what Nancy said the little psycho wouldn't believe her words of loathing and hatred. Every time she spouted words like, "I'd rather have a rabid naked mole rat hanging off my bottom lip than kiss you," the woman just smiled and ignored her comments.

She missed the cook; she had at least seemed stable. She sighed, tied to a chair, as the littlest Blackheart gallantly unfurled a tablecloth and draped it over a small round table that had been set up in her cell. Next candles were produced and set down followed by a nice red wine and some glasses.

The wine was presented to her to look at. "I don't like red... " she growled but gave up as her statement was characteristically ignored and the wine was poured into the glass in front of her.

Stacy coughed and a chair materialized from some nameless minion and the pint-sized leader sat down.

"So tell me Ms. Steele, what is it like to be a super spy?"

Nancy blinked at that. "Wha? I'm not a super spy."

Stacy laughed, and Nancy was uncomfortable with the low-throaty noise, actually on the whole she was uncomfortable with the deliberate seductive timber to Stacy's throat.

"Its okay, I find your humility refreshing. You may just be a spy but I think you're super."

"Okay, you're not listening to me, and that line was just awful."

She felt some fear as, for the first time in the string of two weeks of wooing tactics, the small woman frowned. She watched as Ms. Blackheart waved a minion over and whispered something. The minion looked uncomfortable and shrugged.

Stacy said something, obviously angry, before pushing the young man away and then stormed away from the table pulling out her cell phone. Nancy could hear words being shouted but didn't understand the context. She struggled against the ropes, wishing she had taken the training seminar on 'Restraints: For fun and escaping life-threatening situations'. When she saw Stacy toss her phone at the wall she stopped struggling knowing the woman would be returning.

"Sorry about that. Dinner will be here shortly," she said pleasantly as she returned to her chair and sipped her wine. "What were we talking about? Oh yes." She took another sip of wine. "Isn't it funny how life works sometimes. We should be enemies but find ourselves drawn together in this web of love we've created."

"You sound like an unhinged madwoman," Nancy said. Then, screwing up of her courage, she said, "You are the insane leader of crime syndicate, you sell drugs, guns, and other such stuff to the highest bidder. You tried to blow up the small European country of Liechtenstein, and you're insane." She frowned. "Wait I said that already, but it really can't hurt to repeat it. There is no way in the world, I'm going to date you, let alone fall in love with you and have your illegitimate love child. So why don't you just let me go and we can pretend these two weeks never happened."

She cringed as she saw the Crime Lord pull back her hand to slap her. Only to jump and nearly topple her chair over as a cistern of soup was dropped unceremoniously on the table.

"Tomato bisque soup," came a surly voice. "As requested by her royal anal-ness."

Nancy looked up and gave a weak smile of gratitude, flinching as the only thing returned her way by the cook was a glare.

The slap that had been intended for Nancy was redirected to Casey's arm. The cook just frowned and looked down at her sister. "You still hit like a girl." Then she gave a little sniff and walked off.

Nancy desperately didn't want her to leave; she was the only sane one around here. Her heart soared as the cook stopped by the elevators and turned around. "The Green Conifer called, she was quite surprised to hear you had another woman here for dinner." There was a very evil look to the cook's face before she turned around and hit the up button.

"Casey you didn't?" There was a tone of horror in the small woman's voice that Nancy only heard from torture victims.

"Who is the Green Conifer?" she asked the pale woman sitting across from her. Nancy didn't miss the beads of sweat that had broken out on the woman's face.

"My girlfriend."

"You asshole, you're sitting here wooing me when you have a girlfriend already."

"Its not like that, we're breaking up... er, broken up."

Nancy raised an eyebrow. "Which is it?

"We're broken up, she just doesn't know it yet."


Stacy's eyes fixed on Nancy's icy blue ones and winced. "But my beloved... ."

"Get out of my cell! I can't believe you were wooing me before you had the balls to break up with your last girl friend. OUT!"

Stay scrambled out of the chair and out of the cell. "Really it's not as bad as it sounds."

"Out!" Nancy kicked the table and everything went flying.

Stacy had enough time to close her eyes as hot soup splashed up her chest and face.

One for the money, two for the show,
three to get ready, and go man go

Stacy marched into her room her face twisted into a snarl of rage as she stripped off her soup stained shirt. Turning on the sink in her bathroom she washed her face removing the soup there, the water in the sink ran orange for a moment before going clear again. Half naked she crossed her arms over her chest, the fingers of one hand tapping against the arm of the other.

Nodding to herself, she came up with a plan. It was a simple and straightforward sort of plan; her sister had to go. Happy with the plan she put on clean clothes. Her cell phone rang again, and she sent it directly into voice mail, dodging yet another phone call from Green.

Casey was sitting in her boxers, a ratty t-shirt that said "Say it with flambé", and ugly fuzzy socks on her feet, on the couch in her room watching Iron Chef and eating frosting out of a can. She wasn't really watching the television, she was thinking about the current situation. Something had to be done and soon. Stacy was being obsessive, the Green Conifer was on her way here, and a pissed off International Super Spy Agency was looking for one of their own. It was only a matter of time before it came to a very awkward and painful climax, and not the kind were you just had the best mind blowing orgasm, which was a pity 'cause she'd never had one of those.

She ate more frosting and moped about her lame love life.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock to her door. "Go away, Stacy."

The door opened and her sister walked in.

Casey rolled her eyes, turned up the volume on the TV, and ate more frosting.

"How dare you call Green behind my back?" Stacy screamed, prompting her sister to turn the volume up even more.

There was a crack and the electrical smell of ozone, and Casey stared at the lamp now sticking out of her TV in shock. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"You! You're what's wrong with me. You are deliberately trying to steal my girlfriend from me. Then there's the blatant disobedience; you're really making me look bad in front of the minions... ."

"Oh can it, Napoleon." Casey barked. "You really are unhinged. She's not your girlfriend. She's a prisoner. And for your information, I didn't tell Ms Eco-Terrorism about your new girlfriend, even though you are a world class schmuck for trying to get into her pants before breaking up with your last girlfriend... ."

Stacy ran her hands through her hair in frustration. "I told you I haven't come up with a brilliant plan to dump her yet."

"I raised you better than this. For fucks sake, Stacy, engage your brain, you're smarter than 95% of the population, fucking act like it."

The room was swallowed in silence following the sound of Stacy's palm striking Casey's cheek.

"You're not my mom," Stacy hissed.

The blonde could only stare at her sister in shock. "No I'm not," she finally said, "But I have been supporting you since day one, I have always had your back. I guess it finally took this super spy to make me realize that you never had mine."

"I don't need the help of a cook, I'm a super villain, and I need the support of a Blackheart, not a cook. Casey, I want you gone in the morning."

"Fine, it will be a Godsend not to have to clean up your messes anymore." She sat somewhat stunned as her sister stormed out. For a long while she sat blinking away tears staring at her open door, before in a fit of anger she chucked the can of frosting at the open doorway. "Shit, shit, shit!"

After a moment she was done feeling sorry for herself and she grabbed some jeans, angrily stuffing her feet into the denim.

The cell smelled like tomatoes, which wasn't all that surprising considering the amount of soup that had been spilled on the floor. It looked like old blood, congealing on the gray cement. It was dark, except for the single desk lamp and glow from the computer her nightly jailer was using while studiously ignoring her.

She couldn't help wonder if this was her last night in this place, she was surprised she was still breathing. Especially after her little stunt earlier. She closed bloodshot blue eyes and turned over in her little cot so her face was to the wall. The underlings were shooting her pitying glances whenever they thought she wasn't looking. When the hired help felt sorry for you, you knew you were screwed.

She was almost asleep when she heard a quiet thump, for a moment she almost ignored it, but then, giving in to her mind's escalating churning which ended up with her being cut up and fed to sharks, she rolled over to look.

Angry green eyes staring at her from the door of her cell, made her give a squeal of alarm.

Casey stared at the woman on the cot for a second, biting her lip in thought. "You know for some super secret spy I would have thought you would have escaped by now."

"Why do you all keep calling me that? I'm not a spy? My name is Sarah Pickering I work in PR. Just because I work for the Agency doesn't make me a spy."

Casey's mouth opened and shut a few times, before she squeaked out. "PR?"

"Yes, public relations. We can't send our spies to pick up awards and such. It kind of defeats the whole 'secret' thing in secret spy. So I deal with media relations, give a face to mystery."

Again the cook squeaked out. "PR?" Then she couldn't help it, she started laughing. She was laughing so hard she was hanging on to the door to stay up right.

"Stop laughing. PR is a very hard and rewarding career. Its better than being a lackey for a super villain," she sneered in annoyance.

Casey slowly stopped her laughter, but it was still there, dancing in her eyes. "Well I was going to let you out, but since you're going to be mean to me... " She held up the keys to the cell.

"Um, is this a trick?"

The cook slid the key into the lock and turned. "Nope. You see your presence here has single-handedly done what no other crime boss or government agency has managed to do. You have broken up the Blackheart family." The door unlocked and Casey pulled it open. "You, my highly attractive PR person have driven a wedge between the Blackheart sisters. I'm leaving and I'm taking you with me. That will teach the little over-achieving weasel." The last part was mumbled to herself as Casey stood waiting by the now open door.

"Um, when you mean highly attractive and taking me, you mean that in a non-stalker way, right?"

Casey rolled her eyes. "Sarah, I have no illusions that you find me remotely attractive, but my sister is acting a bit unhinged and I find that I cannot in good conscience leave you here. Plus, I'm hoping once you are returned safe and sound, the heat will die down from your kidnapping and my family business can well, get back to business."

Casey guided the woman out past the knocked out guard and to the stairs.

"Where are we going?" she asked nearly out of breath from climbing the stairs after being inactive for so long.

"Helicopter... on... roof." Casey answered equally out of breath. Elevators would have been faster and easier, but also a good way to get trapped if they were discovered. Not a lot of places to hide in an elevator trapped between floors.

Suddenly the alarms started going off and the building was plunged into darkness. "Shit," Casey mumbled, "I thought we'd have more time."

"They're looking for me, aren't they?"

"Yeah." Casey nodded her head, her blonde hair swaying slightly.

"Um, I... ." She moved closer to the cook. Wrapping her arms around the thick muscular waist she pulled herself into the body, smiling slightly as she felt the muscles under her hands tense.

"Sarah what are you... oh." Casey breathed against lips that were nibbling on hers in a very pleasant manor.

There was a grin as she felt the cook's body relax. "Thank you for trying." She pulled back letting one hand trail along Casey's body.

"Um, you're welcome." Unthinking, Casey reached out in the dark and grabbed the retreating woman's hand holding it tight. She didn't say anything just pulled them both up the stairs. In the back of Casey's mind, while the kiss had been pleasant, something wasn't quite right.

Stacy sat up in bed and hit the switch for her super-sized monitor. "Simon, what's going on?" She barked out before everything went dark then a few seconds later the backup kicked on and the monitor blinked back to life. "Simon!"

A man with thick glasses peaked up at the camera. "I'm not sure. I think, oh yes, we have a serious problem. We are being invaded."

"Invaded? How the hell does anybody know where we are?"

There came the answering response of keys clicking on a keyboard. "I'm sorry Ms. Blackheart I didn't notice it before, but it was really well done... ."

"Stop blabbering Simon. What was really well done?"

"The transmitter, someone has been piggybacking a signal on my normal encoded transmissions. It was really well done I didn't notice until I thought to look... ."

"Blabbering again Simon. What's the skinny?"

"Skinny? Oh, skinny. Well, basically it's a locator... ."

"That little imp, beauty and brains." Stacy gave an appreciative leer of her captives super spy skills. "Too bad I'm going to have to blow her brains all over the place." She mumbled to herself. Looking back at the screen she asked, "Are we breeched?"

"No, but soon. Looks like divers came up from the ocean with cutting torches. The outside power has been cut and we're local back-up."

"Okay, Simon, I want you to activate self-destruct sequence. Looks like we'll be looking for a new hideout."

Stacy activated the mic from her workstation. "Escape plan Alpha. All personal should immediately execute escape plan Alpha, if that should fail please switch to Gamma, skipping Beta all together. Self-destruct sequence has been initiated, you have 30 minutes to escape, and all computers have started drive wipe protocols."

She disabled the microphone and grabbed a backpack hidden under a chair, and the gun sitting on the desk top. In quick steps she made her way to the door and ran for the elevator.

Casey paused hearing her sister's voice ordering escape plan Alpha. She frowned and let go of the other woman's hand, slowly turning. "I'm a fucking moron," she muttered. "Oh, poor me, I'm not really a super spy. I just work in PR," Casey mocked in a high falsetto voice. "I saw the newscast Nancy, but I just wanted so much to believe I was doing the right thing, I failed to remember that very important part."

"I'm sorry Cook; you were nice, maybe too nice. I have a hard time seeing you as a bloodthirsty Blackheart. After I received flowers from your sister we figured it was a matter of time before she pushed her hand. So I was outfitted with several locators and other devices I would need, figuring this was our chance to get on the inside of the Blackheart organization." She laughed, "Your sister was so busy trying to get into my pants she failed to have me stripped and searched."

Casey groaned. Of all the stupid things her sister had done. She reached for her gun only to find herself staring down the barrel. "When you kissed me?"

The spy nodded.

"I'm such a dumbass."

"If it makes you feel better it was a really nice kiss, one of the best I've had in a long time," Nancy said as she handcuffed the cook to the stair railing.

"So you're just going to leave me here? My sister has started the self-destruct sequence," Casey shouted after the woman.

Nancy paused. "I'm sure our best hackers are working on it right now. Don't worry everything will be fine."

Casey made a face. "Everything will be fine." She mocked. "My ass. I am not staying here to get blown up." Lifting her leg up she was able to pull her pants leg up and pull out the knife strapped there. Holding the razor sharp blade she looked at her arm and then the knife with a mournful look she lowered it to the railing and inserted the knifepoint into the screw head, and started to twist. "A fucking 1000 dollar work of culinary magic reduced to being a screw driver," she muttered."

The doors from Stacy's private elevator opened and the pint-sized crime lord stepped out on to the roof of her hideout. There was a helicopter waiting and, per her orders, a pilot was always on duty. She waved alerting the pilot that they were leaving in a hurry.

The great machine started up, and Stacy hurried forward.

"Leaving so soon? I didn't even get a good-bye kiss."

Stacy froze and whipped around staring first at the gun pointed at her head and then the woman attached to it. "Um, Nancy, hi."

"Fancy meeting you here, Ms. Blackheart."

"Yes, well, I really underestimated you," Stacy said with an easy grin as she held up her hands.

Nancy rolled blue eyes. "That's what happens when you think with your clit." She raised her wrist, which had on a very cheap looking worn watch, to her mouth and said. "Voice code, Nancy Steele, one-six-three." The watch made a beep, and then she spoke again. "I have Ms. Blackheart up on the roof. Where are you guys? We have 20 minutes until the place blows?"

"Copy that. Nice to hear your voice again, Nancy, the office has been too quiet. We are currently in the computer room, trying to by-pass self-destruct, but someone's wiped the hard drives so this is going to get tight. Hold there and I'll send some guys up."

"Thanks, Tank; can't wait to see you're ugly mug."

Nancy looked over at the other woman. "Bet you're really regretting forcing your unwanted attention on me now. I have little news flash for you, when a woman says no, please try to respect that."

"And using handcuffs without a safe word can really piss off a woman as well," came the angry voice from right behind the super spy.

Nancy was really impressed for a second, right before a fist hit the side of her head and she blacked out for a moment. Sluggishly she came too, held in someone's arms. Gently she was lowered to the ground.

"Jesus Casey, stop being nice. She was going to shoot me. Just drop her and let's go. Hey why are you wearing handcuffs?"

"Nancy handcuffed me to the... ."

"Wait, the girl I've been trying to date handcuffed you."

"Will you just let it go? She's not interested in you."

"Why because you stole her from me? I can't believe you'd do that to me. I'm your sister."

"God damn, it would you shut up about that. I didn't steal her from you. Fucken A! We kissed once, and she only did that to steal my gun. Its not like she's really interested in either of us."

"Whoa back that up, you kissed her?"

"God damn it, Stacy, you're not listening! She kissed me."

"Did you like it?"

"At the time I did."

"You fucking traitor I'm going to... ."

Nancy regained her feet and pointed her gun at the fighting siblings. "Will you two shut up?"

Both sisters turned staring at the spy. "Casey, I'm not really interested in you," Nancy started, pointing the gun at Stacy.

The older sister's face fell and the younger one gloated.

"Your sister, however, is in charge of a huge crime syndicate and is under arrest for various crimes, the very least is kidnapping me, and trust me you little psycho I will be pressing charges."

Nancy heard footsteps coming up the stairs behind her and she turned for a second making sure it was her people. Smiling, she turned her focus back on the two in front of her just in time to see Stacy make a break for it.

"Halt, or I'll shoot!" She aimed her gun at the fleeing Blackheart only to have the older sister get in her line of sight. "Damn it Casey, get out of my way."

"I can't let you hurt her."

Nancy swallowed nervously as she saw the knife in Casey's hand. "You're going to give her your loyalty like that? She's leaving you here."

Casey shrugged. "I promised I'd always look out for her." She raised the knife.

"Casey," Nancy pleaded. "Who's going to look after you? Please drop it."

Nancy spotted a shot as Stacy scrambled aboard the copter. She raised the gun and fired. Casey moved and took the bullet in the shoulder.

The tall blonde's eyes widened and she sank to her knees. "Holy shit, that hurts," she groaned. The knife fell from nerveless fingers and she was only vaguely aware of the helicopter taking off. Nancy was there, a hand pressed into her wounded arm. She looked up into blue eyes. "You shot me."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean too. That has to have been the stupidest thing I've ever seen." The super spy said as she tried to staunch the flow of blood.

"I'm under arrest aren't I?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry. You know, I'm not certain if this is the whole being held against my will thing speaking, but I was growing rather fond of you. I wish we could have met under different circumstances."

"You have to be fucking kidding me? You just shot me and now you're hitting on me?"

Nancy blinked and started laughing. "Well yeah, I guess I am."

They were both kneeling on the roof laughing their asses off when the rest of the Agency troops showed up.

Absence makes the heart grow fungus

Nancy stood in her office watching the sunset; she continued the stare but she really wasn't seeing anything. For a while now she had been feeling restless, and unhappy. Maybe it was time for a change, the world of the super spy was really a young woman's game, and 40 was creeping up on her.

The intercom buzzed and with a frown she reached over and hit a button. "Margo, not now I'm feeling melancholy."

"Yes, sweetie, I know. The whole staff knows, but that's not why I buzzed you. Your supervisor is here, would you like me to send him in." Margo's droll voice crackled through the tiny speaker.

"I suppose telling him I'm not here wouldn't work."

"Not in the least, he is standing right here, overhearing everything."

Nancy sighed. "Send him in." She released the on button and sat down in her desk chair.

Her door opened and a short, squat man, with a red sweating face and a slight resemblance to a toad walked in. She thought it might be the lips; he didn't really have any, just this large slash of a mouth that looked like it might gap open at any time so his tongue could lash out and snag a fly.

"George, do have a seat, before you pass out."

He waved off her comment but did sit, popping a Tums in his mouth as he did so.

"We have a situation that I feel you would be best able to handle."

"George I don't... ."

He waved his hand indicating she should save it. "Seven years ago, you were key in crippling the Crime Syndicate run by the Blackheart family. With you're help we were able to bring in one Casey Blackheart, its not your fault that bitch got the best lawyer and was only convicted of some minor aiding and abetting crap. Can you believe that load of pucky that lawyer fed everyone; that we were just railroading her because she happened to be related to the family?"

Nancy opened her mouth to point out that they had been trying to railroad Casey in hopes that her sister would slip up, but shut it knowing he wouldn't hear what she had to say anyways.

"Well, after serving five years, Casey Blackheart was released back into society, where she changed her last name to Black and got a job in some mob run Italian restaurant in New York City. For the last two years we've been keeping minor surveillance on her in hopes of catching her sister Stacy, or at the very least, catch her up to no good so we can bring her in again. Three days ago we received some intel that Casey will be meeting Marie Bronto, at a jazz club called Lady Blue on the 14th. I don't think I need to tell you who Marie is?"

"No, I'm quite familiar with the woman's work. She is the youngest daughter to Mob boss Mario Bronto and is known for her brutal and efficient ways of dealing with anyone who gets in her way."

"Excellent. Since you're familiar with Casey and Marie, I would like you to be lead on this, I suspect that Stacy is using her sister as a middle-man to set up a meeting. I don't need to tell you how screwed we are if these two families join forces."

"George I don't know... ."

"I know you want out. You help me with this, and I'll make sure you retire. You help me get them and it will be a whole new identity, not just a desk job in the mail room."

She stared at him for a long time; it was very rare that they actually got to retire. Often they were just shuffled off to a desk job, but never really let go or sometimes an agent just disappeared. "You serious?"

"Oh yes. You can trust me."

With absolute certainty she knew he was full of shit, she said, "Okay. One more time for old times sake then you help me get out."

"Deal." He stood up and walked out, never once looking her in the eye or shaking on it.

She followed him out perching herself on the corner of Margo's desk. Margo was waiting, drink in hand; with a grateful smile Nancy took the drink.

"What's up sweetie?"

Nancy took her time enjoying the flavor of the vodka, trying to come up with a response. "Casey Blackheart," she finally said.

"Oh is that the woman you went all Stockholm syndrome on?"

"I did no such thing," she spat out. "Doesn't matter she hates me. Refused to see me when she was in prison."

"Sweetie, shooting a girl and then sending her to prison doesn't really convey the message; 'I like you, lets rent a U-Haul.' You really can't blame her for being pissed."

"She wasn't mad at her sister. That bitch just left her there; Casey took a bullet for her sister, a bullet." Nancy made herself calm down and sipped her drink. "Okay, that whole thing was just too odd for words, I don't even know why... ." She bit her lip and tried to think of something to change the topic.

"Why you fell for her? Attraction is just funny that way, plus oddly, she seems a lot more stable and responsible than the rest of the women you've dated. Plus, a woman with a strong sense of family just screams longevity and stability."

"Can't be that stable, she's meeting Mario Bronto's daughter at some place called the Lady Blue."

"Really?" Margo's fingers flew over her keyboard. "Interesting."

"Interesting? What does that mean?"

"What day is this supposed meeting?"

"The 14th."

Margo smiled mysteriously, "Well this meeting is taking place at a jazz club known for catering to a lesbian cliental, which is why they probably want you to do it, but it seems odd that they would send you, sweetie."

"What? Why is that?"

"Well, sweetie," Margo said slowly as if she was speaking to a small child. "It can't exactly be covert, undercover ops stuff, because she knows you. She'll spot you right away."

"So what are you thinking?" Nancy asked carefully watching Margo's face.

Margo reached over hitting the switch on the room silencer; if there were any listening devices in the room they were now useless.

"Everyone knows you're burnt out and that you want out. I think the company is setting you up for a fall, as well as sending a message to the Blackhearts. You know they were never happy with the way Stacy slipped through their fingers, and Casey only got a slap on the wrist."

Nancy bit her lip, "What do I do?"

Margo looked at her boss, an evil glint in her eyes. "Sweetie, I thought you'd never ask. But first do you want out?"

Nancy looked at the ceiling for answers. "Yes, I'm done."

"Excellent, Sweetie." Her fingers started typing frantically on the keyboard. "Executing escape plan." The assistant turned in her boss and said. "Let me just say it's been a pleasure working for you. So this is what you're going to do... ."

Casey stared at herself in the mirror, unsure of a lot of things at this moment. Her hands ran over the forest green shirt she was wearing, amazed at the feeling of the silk under her fingertips. She looked over at Nathan, "Why am I doing this?"

The ex-minion sighed. "You're doing this because, you look good in green, and hopefully an attractive woman will be running her hands over your body. An action I think she'll appreciate doing if you're wearing a silk shirt.

Casey went pale. "I can't do this."

"Its just a date, it will be fine."

"Just a date. Just a date." Her face went even paler and she rushed for the toilet.

"Um, Casey, please don't do that once you get to the club it will make a bad first impression." Nathan followed after his once upon a time boss.

Casey looked up from where she was hugging the toilet. "Remind me why we didn't just go back into crime."

"Because we're both extremely pissed at your sister for leaving us to get caught and spend time in jail. Plus, when we got out, it seemed like a good idea to go straight."

Casey coughed.

Nathan grumbled. "Okay not straight in your case."

Casey stood up and rinsed her mouth out with mouthwash.

Nathan looked her over with a critical eye. "You're still too pale, but that shirt just makes your eyes look incredible. Now your date's name is Marie, she's Italian, and comes from a mob family so your whole tortured dark past will really not matter to her." The bulky man instructed as he ushered her to the door.

"Tortured, dark past? Nathan, I was a cook."

The man just tsked. "And a Blackheart, well, you're still a Blackheart." He shoved her out the door. "Now go get 'em tiger."

Once outside Casey started to panic, she turned around only to find the door shut firmly in her face and heard the locks engaged. "Traitor," she muttered before turning back around. She took a deep breath and like a prisoner being led to the gallows walked out into the night towards her date.

After 15-minutes Casey knew several things. The club was great: smooth jazz, great drinks and a lively atmosphere that wasn't too overwhelming. Her date was a high maintenance woman, who was already planning how many kids they'd be having and what their names were. The last thing was, she was positive they were under surveillance. She sighed and slowly swirled her chocolate martini as Marie talked and talked and talked about what an important family she came from and different torture techniques she was fond of to get people to talk. After five minutes Casey had given up even plastering on the fake, 'I'm really interested in what you have to say' smile and just grunted on occasion. She was going to duct-tape Nathan to a flagpole for this.

She raised the glass to her lips for another drink and nearly choked as she spotted the last person she expected to see standing next to the bar. Casey stood up, avoiding the oily grasp of her date. "I'll be right back," she croaked out as she wiped her chin with the palm of her hand, and then dashed to the bathroom.

Grumbling in annoyance, she turned on the tap and splashed water on her face. "Of all the... . Fuck seven years after the fact and I still can't get a break." She closed her eyes and leaned forward trying to think. That fucking Agency was still sniffing around her, trying to catch her up in her family business, "Why doesn't anybody ever believe I'm just a cook?"

"Because you're meeting Mario Bronto's daughter," came a quiet reply from behind her.

Casey's eyes snapped open and she stared at the blue eyes being reflected in the mirror in front of her. "Jeeze, can't you take a hint? I told you I never wanted to see you again." She had meant it when Nancy had visited her in jail. She'd still been really pissed then, but seeing Nancy now, in that black dress that was hugging the spy in all the right places. Honestly Casey didn't mind seeing her all that much.

"Your mouth says one thing but the way you're eyes are looking at me, I'm going to have to call you a liar."

"Yeah well... ." She coughed uncomfortably not really having a snappy comeback. "Well, when you're an ex-con and part of the Blackheart family you really can't get a date with a nice normal woman. In fact you really can't be all that picky most of the time."

Nancy blinked. "Date? You're on a date with that woman?"

"Yeah, I am," Casey, said turning around, her back leaning against the sink. "Its Valentine's Day what did you think I was doing? Brokering a deal for some ballistic missiles?"

Nancy was speechless, "Its what? Oh my God. You were on a date with that... that, thing?"

Casey pushed herself away from the sink and deep into Nancy's personal space. "I'm not sure what I should be more insulted at; the fact you did think I was doing something illegal or the fact you seemed shocked I'm on a date."

The situation could have gotten worse, but Nancy just threw her head back and laughed. "I completely forgot it was Valentines. We have a whole task force down here to watch you go out on a date. Unbelievable."

Casey just rolled her eyes. "I think that means your life is a lot sadder than mine, if you forgot it was Valentines."

Nancy's eyes narrowed. "Well if you're date is going so well, why are you in here with me?"

"Jealous. At least I have a date," Casey shot back. Her green eyes widened in surprise as Nancy just bit her lip and looked away. "No, no, no. We talked about this. We are too opposite to even consider having a date let alone a relationship. Besides you shot me."

Nancy let her head fall into her hands. "Will you let that go? I didn't mean to shoot you; you jumped in front of my bullet. I was aiming at your sister."

"And that's supposed to make me feel better?"

"Well I didn't just leave in my personal helicopter, leaving the rest of my family and friends to fend for themselves."

"I know Stacy's interpersonal skills suck."

"She had to kidnap me to get a date."

"Another reason this would never work. You dated my sister."

"Those weren't dates. That was being held against my will."

"You're seriously cracked in the head, after all my family did to you. You want to date me?"

Nancy grabbed the annoying blonde by her shirt, for a moment she appreciated the silky softness before pulling the other woman to her and kissing her passionately. She pulled back looking at Casey. "You really are clueless. You should have kissed me three verbal spars ago."

"Sorry." Casey mumbled against Nancy's lips. "You know this is seriously messed up."

"Shut up, were kissing now."

"Yes, ma'am."

Maybe it was because the woman was a cook, but Nancy was quite please how Casey followed instruction.

Casey was leaning against the wall enjoying the pleasant tingle in her lips caused by her being so thoroughly kissed. "Um, what do we do now? My date is still out there and your buddies with the Agency are still out there. Won't this cause you some problems?"

Nancy chuckled, and looked at her watch. "Answer me one question Casey 'the cook' Blackheart, are you attracted to me? Do you want to try to date and have a relationship?"

"That's two questions, but... ." She frowned in thought for a moment. "Yes. That's my answer to both."

"Excellent. As of... ." She watched the second hand move. "Riiiight, now, I am now an ex-agent."


"I'm retired. I'm 99% positive we were both going to be set up to take a fall tonight, so I am retiring, my way." She hit a button on her watch. "Margo. Start my retirement party."

"Sure, where are you, sweetie?"

"Women's restroom."

"On it."

"Sweetie?" Casey asked getting jealous.

"Its Margo, everybody she likes is called sweetie."

"Oh," Casey said somewhat flustered.

Nancy leaned over kissing her. "You were jealous for a second, it was cute."

"Duck and cover," came Margo's voice over the watch.

There was a muffled boom and the next thing Casey knew she was covered in plaster and dust. She coughed, and brushed herself off, while staring at the hole in the wall of the women's bathroom, there was a flashy sports car reviving its engine.

Nancy reached out her hand. "Can I take you out on a date? It is Valentines?"

"I don't know. I mean I have a date already."

Nancy's face fell. "Oh, I thought... ."

Casey laughed and grabbed Nancy's hand pulling her through the gaping hole. "Come on. Just so you know I expect some serious wining and dinning. You did shoot me and send me to jail."

"For the last time I didn't mean to... ." She cut off as the cook pushed her against the car and kissed her.

They broke apart as gunfire erupted around them.

"Could you two put your hormones on ice for a moment. The Agency isn't that thrilled we are making a getaway." Margo's unhappy voice came from inside the car and she gunned the engine to make a point.

Nancy ducked her head avoiding a bullet and yanked the door open she pushed Casey inside the car and followed after.

Casey scrambled over the seat and squished her tall body into the cramped back seat.

Nancy followed slamming the door shut. She lowered the window and held a hand out. "Casey hand me the black bag that's back there with you."

The blonde rooted around then handed over the bag.

Nancy opened it and pulled out a grenade; with practice care she flicked the pin and tossed it out the open window. It sailed through the hole in the women's restroom. The gunfire ceased for a second and few agents scrambled out of the hole.

"If you're done sweetie, we have a flight to catch."

"By all means Margo."

The sports car shifted into gear and belch of thick black smoke came out of car surrounding and hiding it, as it zipped away.

The End

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