At the time it was created, ubers were becoming popular and it was a way to identify them out of the many X&G stories.  The only thing I wouldn't include (and personally still don't consider 'uber') are crossovers with other FF.  The list eventually morphed to include original stories as authors began to spread their writing wings beyond the X&G uberverse.  The list was a means to consolidate all the various sites and story links into one location so readers could search for a particular story based upon title, author and character names/occupations.  Simple graphics were added to help identify new additions or completions along with stories that were no longer available (publication or hosting site gone).


As Anders is finding out. a lot of work keeping it up-to-date and with changes in my life, it just became too much to do.  And for the record, even though Steph may growl at me (Phil will probably just cackle). I hate adding poems to an Author's page, too much work for little output.  Thankfully the volcano that was Mavis has gone into a dormant phase as I think I was running out of table space on her page. [bg]




Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:19 pm ((PDT))