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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick trfan Xena Scrolls: The Cave of the Witch
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Phantom Bard Xena: Defender of the Faith
Val/Anna Women meet at convention [90's] Arista Xena Convention (A) No Longer Available -- Beg for a Copy
Xena Immortal in space [SciFi] Phantom Bard Xena: Goddess of War
Dawn/Krista Two young women meet Xena [40's] Madeline Xena Scrolls are COOL!! (The)
Xena/Gabrielle Two poodles Katrinna Pint Xena: Warrior Poodle (1)
Katrinna Pint Xena: Warrior Poodle: Poodle To The Rescue (2)
Katrinna Pint Xena: Warrior Poodle: Romancing The Poodle (3)
Katrinna Pint Xena: Warrior Poodle, Poodle In The Dell (4)
Kathryne /Sarah History Prof./ student [SciFi] T. Novan Xena: Warrior Princess: Reunited
Devyn/Teri Toddler in store brings women together [90's] Shay Xmas Crash at the Mall
Karen/Whitney 1st Sgt./ temp. XO [90's] C. Paradee XO (The)