Love, Honor, Duty
by Anais

Part II


After Erika walked away, Cynthia was too wound up to do much of anything. She tried to pack things but would lose track of what she was doing, her thoughts focusing on what had happened earlier in the evening.

"If she'd only give me a sign or a word, that is all it would take for me to stay. I thought I knew what I wanted and now....I don't know anything anymore. " Yes you do, you want her. Nothing more, nothing less.

Cynthia gathered some items and took them to the bathroom. "A shower, that will help clear my head," she said aloud.

She turned the water on, a little on the cold side, to counter the heat she felt a few minutes ago. "It's been so long since I have felt this way about, I take it back, I have never felt this way about anyone ever in my life."

Cynthia leaned against the cold tile shower wall and let the water hit her. "What should I do?" You should stay; it's that simple. "Yep, you are right; it really is that simple. Why didn't I just turn down the acceptance letter from the beginning?"

Erika's wandering led her where it always seemed to, the front of Mike's house. Leaning her head on the steering wheel, she debated going to knock on his door, or just staying here and crying. She opted for the former. Gathering her wits, she walked to his front door and rang the bell. After the sounds of scurrying around, a more mussed that usual Mike answered.

" Rickie? What's up? What's wrong?"

"Can I come in?" her voice hoarse from the singing and holding back the emotion she felt.

Mike held the door open wider, "of course." He directed his friend to the living room where Tiffany sat on the couch in a stage of undress, not complete, but close.

Embarrassed at what she was interrupting, Erika turned to leave the room. "Oh Mike, I am sorry, I forgot you had company. I'll come back some other time."

Mike grabbed her by the shoulders as she tried to pass him in the small door opening. "You're doing nothing of the sort. Tiff, go in the bedroom will you? I'll come get you in a bit. My partner needs to talk."

The lanky blonde gathered up her discarded clothing and quietly went into the other room.

"Ok bud, what's wrong? You look like you just lost your best friend. You and Cynthia didn't have a fight or something did you?"

"I feel like I lost my best friend too, " she hesitated. "No, we didn't have a fight. It's just that she's leaving to that school I told you about…she's leaving in the morning."

"Oh," was the simple response.

"I'm being stupid aren't I? It's not like she isn't coming back. Heck, it isn't like I can't go visit her or that she can't come home for holidays. I just feel like someone has taken my heart out and stomped the shit out of it."

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, silly, did you tell her how you felt?"

"No, I want her to make the decision without my input. I didn't tell her anything."

Mike sighed, "you know, that's not like you. I mean, I know you are all into honor and stuff but for god's sake Erika, what do you want? Are honor and pride going to keep you warm at night? Are you being fair to her allowing her to make a decision without all the facts? How would you feel if we were on a SWAT call out and the sergeant kept a vital piece of information from us and we made the best decision we could…based on the information we had…but it was the wrong resolution because that one piece of data would have changed everything?"

Erika allowed the words Mike spoke to her penetrate through her almost impermeable mind.

Slowly the advice began to make sense. What he said was very reasonable. As it seemed more and more like the right thing to do, the only thing to do, was to tell Cynthia how she felt, a smile brightened up the formerly dour face.

"You're right," she whispered.

Mike prepared to stand firm in his opinion, began to speak. "Listen Erika…"

"No Mike, you are right. I hadn't thought of it that way. It really isn't fair to her…or me, to let her leave without me telling her how I feel. I mean she knows, but she doesn't know. I don't want to let her go Mike, is that so wrong?"

"Absolutely not. Fight for the girl Erika, if you don't want to let her go and tell her."

Her jaw now squared resolutely, she merely repeated the words Mike spoke, "fight for her," and then walked out the door.

She was so focused on the task at hand she didn't notice Mike still standing in his doorway, waving and shaking his head with a big smile on his face. "I never thought I'd see the big bad cop fall in love. Will wonders never cease? Speaking of love…" he sauntered in the bedroom to find a now totally unclad woman snoring lightly on his bed.

"Of all the freakin' luck…" he said as he tried to think of ways to wake Tiffany up.

Cynthia now confident of her decision to stay, she felt like a load of bricks had been lifted off her shoulders. She turned the water off in the shower and reached for one of the large, heavy white towels hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Wrapping that around her torso, she grabbed a smaller version to put turban-like around her hair.

"I should have known my heart would never be into this as long our relationship was unresolved." Genuinely smiling for the first time in days, she bounced about the apartment, returning the few items packed back to their original locations.

She had just completed her task when she heard a knock on the door. "Hmmm, who could that be?" She glanced out the small peephole in her door and recognized the tall, lean form of her friend.

She threw the door open, happy to see her. "Erika, I am so glad you......"

"Wait, me first." Erika walked in and hugged the smaller woman with all her might. "I can't let you go. I know it's selfish." She urged the other woman with her touch against the wall, shutting the door behind them.

Mirroring their earlier movements outside, Erika put her fingers under Cynthia's chin and made her look into her eyes. "But I don't care if I am selfish. I can't live without you, I won't live without you. Either I go with you, or you stay, I don't care, but I can't be separated from you......not now....not ever." Erika moved to kiss Cynthia's lips, imparting every emotion she was feeling, the desperation, the need, the want from the bottom of her heart. It wasn't exactly how she had rehearsed the scene on her drive over, but it seemed to be working.

"Oh god, yes," Cynthia moaned into the other woman's mouth, not wanting to ever part their lips again. The emotion conveyed in the kiss struck her right to the core of her being. "Please," was all she could say.

Erika pulled the towel out of Cynthia's hair, letting the mane fall free. Erika thrust her body against Cynthia's slender physique trying to get closer than even the towel would allow.

"I don't want to stop," Erika rasped into Cynthia's ear.

"Oh, baby, I don't want you to stop. Please....don't stop," she breathed. With that encouragement, Erika grabbed her by the wrists, but didn't stop kissing her. Walking backwards, she led Cynthia into the bedroom, stopping every few feet for increased touching.

The dim light from the nightstand clock was all that illuminated the dark room. Erika soon found the back of her calves pressing against the bed. Cynthia pushed her onto the bed with a small shove, breaking their embrace. She reached to the top of the towel, somehow still intact covering her torso. Before she could get it off, Erika rose from the bed. "Wait." Cynthia tilted her head in confusion.

"You want to stop?" she said unbelieving.

With a wide smile, Erika replied, "I've never wanted to do something more in my life. I just need to tell you something before we do anything." Erika really couldn't believe she was using her lips and tongue to talk instead of the much better things she could be doing.

"You have to know that this means something to me. It means more to me than anything I have ever done. I swear to you, this is not a one-night thing. This means everything in my world." She paused to look into the meadow-green eyes.

"I swear, I will never hurt you intentionally. I swear, with everything that I am, that I'll do my best to never make you cry." She wiped away a tear that had begun to fall on Cynthia's face. "I swear, I will try to be everything you need, if you let me." Erika swallowed hard, she was uncomfortable being this vulnerable, but she had to speak her heart. "I swear on everything I am and everything I believe in, that I will be here, in good and bad times." Her lips began to quiver, the honesty unquestionable, the sincerity evident in her eyes. Again she cupped the shorter woman's face with her hand, the blue eyes looking deeply and intently into the ones she had dreamt about. "I swear, if you need me to move heaven and earth for you, I will. I'll give you the sun, the stars and the moon. Anything you want, I swear to you."

Cynthia was stunned. No one had ever said anything to her like this before; there was no describing the depth of joy and love she was feeling. "You are so beautiful, Erika," she caressed the cheek of the dark haired woman, "inside and out." Returning the unwavering gaze, she continued, "I swear that I believe you, and trust you. I swear that if you give me a chance, I'll be the same and do the same for you." She paused. "I’ve never felt this way before either. You make me feel complete. I have always held back with people, but I swear I won't hold anything back with you." Cynthia smiled; her heart felt as if it were going to burst open with happiness. "And I swear I won't need the sun, the stars, and the moon because you are my universe. I am so glad I waited. I’m so glad we waited."

Both women had tears streaming down their faces by the time the words of commitment were exchanged. Cynthia reached up with her free hand and held Erika's face with both "I swear to you that I love you." Their lips again sought each other, joining in passion.

"I love you too." Four simple words that, once said, changed the world as they knew it. "I've waited so long for you, I won't stop anymore," and with a grin, "I swear."

Cynthia again began to reach for the towel, then she changed her mind. "Oh no. If we are going to do this, we are going to do it right." She stroked the arms of her love, removing her jacket so painfully slowly, if she had been any more leisurely about it there would have been no movement. Finally, when the jacket had been freed, it was dropped with an audible thud on the floor.

With each deliberate touch, bolts of electricity flew. The only sounds escaping were low groans and moans of encouragement. Cynthia reached under Erika's shirt with feather-light touches causing skin to jump with longing. Moving quickly this time, she lifted the shirt over Erika's head in one fluid motion. Standing on her tip-toes, she pulled it off, desire emanating from her eyes as she looked at the woman who would soon be her lover.

"You are so beautiful," Cynthia whispered hoarsely.

"Not as beautiful as you," came the faint reply.

Cynthia reached for the buckle of the black leather belt around Erika's waist. She knelt before the tall woman and pulled the belt out of its holders. The belt soon joined the jacket on the floor.

The kneeling woman could no more keep her hands still than stop breathing. She again slowed the pace to an excruciating crawl, opting not to go for the buttons that were begging to be torn off the worn blue jeans.

Instead, she felt her way down to simple black shoes. She loosened each lace with her anticipating fingers, exaggerating each movement to heighten the mood, as if it could get much higher. The abrasion caused by her hands running their way back up to the top of the pants created a heat that refused to be extinguished.

Cynthia ran her finger the length of the button fly, inserting her finger behind the fastening. Willingly, the buttons succumbed to the pressure; yielding one by one until there were none left clasped to the denim.

Grazing her fingers along the long muscular legs as she pulled the pants down, she left goose bumps in their wake.

Erika looked down at the woman below and was gifted with the most sensual thing she had ever seen. Cynthia's head was barely tilted back, her eyes closed, and her lips slightly parted. She wanted to be down on her own knees and worship this goddess who had put the light back in her life.

Erika extended her hand down to the prostrate woman, helping her to her feet. "Oh no you don't....I have about as many clothes on as you do now. I want to keep this equal," Erika said while stepping out of her pants.

"Well if you want equal, dear, you are wearing two items, and I have just one," Cynthia rebutted. Impetuously, she opened the towel quickly, not allowing time for anything to be seen. It didn't matter, just the thought of what was under the towel proved to be the undoing of Erika's equality issue.

Erika grabbed Cynthia, spun her around, and lifted her on to the bed. As she straddled Cynthia's hips, she placed her hands on the prone woman's stomach and slid them toward her breasts, splaying the towel open as she went.

Wanting nothing more than to rip the towel off and toss it across the room, she willed herself to go slow. A leer spread across Erika's face as she stopped and looked down at the inclined woman arching into her hands.

Bending down, Erika replaced the movement of her hands with her mouth and tongue, retracing the movements and opening the towel completely. A sudden gasp was heard as the flesh was exposed, Erika realised it was from her own throat, reacting to the exquisiteness of the sight below her. The dark shadows playing with the light provided just enough cover to keep some of the mystery alive.

Catching Erika off balance, Cynthia decided it was time for Erika to be in the same state of undress as she was. She flipped Erika onto her back, the control now firmly in her court.

The blonde lifted the bra over Erika's head and flung it, landing on the lampshade next to the bed. Moving to kneel between the tall woman's legs, she pulled off the last vestige of clothing between the two of them.

Cynthia crawled up and took a place beside Erika. Looking into her eyes, she whispered, "Do you have any idea how incredibly sexy you are? How much you turn me on?"

This succeeded in eliciting a very audible moan from the raven-haired woman.

Cynthia kissed Erika, soundly on the mouth. Then with smaller kisses, she made her way over to the side of her head, tracing Erika's ear with her tongue. "I've waited for you," she said breathlessly, "all my life, I've been waiting just for you."

Another groan.

"I need you Erika, I need to touch you. Will you let me touch you?"

Erika tried to answer but not even a groan could escape her throat. She only could nod.

Cynthia reached first for Erika's hand, placing a gentle kiss on her knuckles. "Thank you," she said reverently.

Cynthia slid her hand between the bodies pressed against each other. Reaching her goal, she continued to murmur into Erika's ear. "You are ready for me aren't you? You've been waiting too."

With slow and sure movements, Cynthia explored. Her strokes matching tempo with the words being spoken. "All I want you to hear is my voice, all I want you to feel right now is my touch. Can you do that?"

Erika obediently followed the instructions.

"Can you tell how much I want you?"

Erika's breathing turned into ragged pants the more Cynthia whispered, through the breaths she managed to utter, "yes."

"Good… I want you to know what you do to me. I want you to feel the same way I do when I think about you."

Cynthia could feel Erika's body begin to tense. "Do you like how I touch you?" Erika's breathing was coming faster.

"Oh God yes…yes…right there," followed by a loud moan.

"You like that, do you?" Cynthia teased. "Maybe you'll like this too." With a sudden change in sensation, Erika's hips rolled in rhythm to the thrusts.

"Oh…my…God…yes!" Erika responded to the movement. Her hands reached up to clasp around the nape of Cynthia's neck and then up through her hair encouraging the ministrations.

Erika's body arched into Cynthia trying to get even closer. As the feelings became more intense, Erika jerked up, crying her lover's name.

Cynthia pulled her in close, brushing the sweat soaked hair away from her face. "Are you ok, honey?"

Erika smiled. She didn't have enough energy to do much more. "I am sooo ok. In fact, " she paused, "I would say I am wonderful, fantastic, incredible. You are wonderful, fantastic, and oh so incredible. Thank you." She said as her heart rate and breathing slowed to a more normal pace.

Cynthia leaned down and kissed Erika's nose. "I'm glad I could please you."

"You are way beyond pleasing. I don't think I know the adjective that describes you. If I knew it would be like this there is no way I would have waited."

Cynthia looked her in the eye," if we didn't wait, then perhaps it wouldn't have been 'like this'. I have to tell you again, good things are worth waiting for. And you…you are definitely a good thing."

"You know, I have never had anyone talk as much as you. And…as much as it turned me on, there is only one thing I want to do right now."

"What's that?"

"Shut up and kiss me," Erika barely finished before their lips once again met.

Erika used her leverage to settle Cynthia back on the bed. Starting with the top of her head, she began to lavish her with kisses. Working her way downward, Erika stopped at the base of the extraordinary throat.

Cynthia pushed her head further into the pillow allowing for more access to the places Erika was kissing. The gentle bites and suction were working both women into a frenzy. Once Erika was satisfied the territory was properly marked, she continued her descent, stopping at all the interesting places and showing her respect.

The pilgrimage proceeded till Erika reached the inside of her thighs. Kissing and teasing, she broke away to speak, "do you like how I touch you?" A pause accented by more nuzzling and caressing. "Can you tell how much I want you?"

The breathless response came, "you know what? Talking is way over-rated," as she pushed Erika closer by the back of her head.

The next morning found the new lovers wrapped tightly in each other's arms. Erika gradually opened her eyes, afraid to find what had transpired last night was yet another dream. Waiting to exhale, she turned her head toward the weight on her left side. Blonde hair that smelled like a summer rain shower met her face. Thank god, it's not a dream. Actually... it is a dream, but I am actually living it instead of thinking about it. Or maybe I have died and gone to heaven. Whatever it is, I don't ever want it to end.

Turning onto her side, she was content to observe the sleeping woman. Did she really tell me she loved me? The memory brought a wistful smile to her face. Is this what love feels like? I thought I had been in love before…but it doesn't even come close to this. Erika reached up to trace the arch of the brow of her...her …my what? Partner? Friend? Lover? Well she is my friend, but she is my heart too, how can I explain that to people. Lover? That sounds so 1970s. I certainly don't care if people know but it's just not for me. Partner…hmmmm…I don't want to sound like we are a law firm. I guess for right now I'll just consider her my girlfriend and we'll see from there.

Her finger stroked the eyebrow then trailed along the bridge of Cynthia's nose. The nose scrunched at the light pressure, then a smile graced the face. The wandering digit followed the line of the profile, dipping down and tracing full, red lips.

Those same lips placed a gentle kiss on the finger so delicately outlining their form. The finger continued its downward trek up and over the chin then along the jaw to the hollow of the throat. A content smile spread as the finger sketched the boundary of a dark mark. Funny, last time I had one of those, I regretted my actions. There is absolutely no regret over this one...

"And I thought the best way to wake up was when you fixed me breakfast," the words came lazily out of Cynthia's mouth. "This would always give me motivation to wake up early."

"Good morning," Erika drawled. "Sleep well?"

"I slept like a baby." She stretched out languidly the sheets barely keeping her covered. "I had this incredible dream. Wanna hear about it?"

"I'd love to hear about it," Erika's breath already had begun to quicken seeing how the sheets were dangerously close to slipping off.

Cynthia stretched again, then looked into the sapphire eyes staring at her. "I had this dream that this incredibly beautiful woman, probably the most exquisite woman I have ever seen in my life came in here last night and made love to me until I couldn't take it anymore."

Erika moistened her lips with her tongue since her mouth suddenly felt dry.

"Then you want to know what my dream woman did?"

"What did she do?" Erika questioned quietly as her hand slipped under the sheets, tracing slow-moving circles on Cynthia's abdomen.

"Then," the verdant eyes sparkled, "she told me she loved me and she made all my dreams come true."

Erika leaned in to kiss Cynthia, "funny... I had the exact same dream last night myself."

The end of part II

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