Come Here My Lover

By: Anne Azel

Anne has been a published author for over ten years and currently has eight books under contract. Her well known Seasons series is in its third printing and her Murder Mystery Series are now in their second printing. Anne’s book Gold Mountain won the Golden Crown Literary Society award for dramatic general fiction last year and she has been recognized with the Cdn LesFic Addicts’ Reader’s Choice Award.

Come here my lover. I am the wolf. The lupus. The wild one of your dreams. Thousand of years ago my desires were marked by the ancients. The Romans celebrated my passions with a holiday called Lupercalia. They believed that I was a she-wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. But I am much older still. I am the temptress. The burning desire low within us all. I am Helen of Troy and her Paris, Isis of Egypt, Ala of ancient Africa, Inanna of the Tigris, Aphrodite of Greece, the Mayan Ixchel, Frigga of the Norse, Tantra of the Australian desert, and many others. I am all of these and more. Come here my lover.     

I am the wolf. Hungry. I have hunted for you. Only you. The animal within me needs this mating. My eyes are dark, liquid passion. My body tense, fit and ready. Our mating will be hot with need. We will take each other - and give. Come here my lover.

I am the hunter. My bow is the backbone of lust. My arrow knows its mark. This orgasm, this little death, is what we both must have. Do you not feel the beast within? Do you not feel that overwhelming natural desire? My arrow’s pain is delivered with incredible excitement and unbelievable release. I am the hunter, you my goal. Come here my lover.

I am the song of Sappho. Sappho, the Greek wolf within the hen house. Should I sing it to you while I hold you?

Close your eyes. My touch is soft. The fingertip tickle of a bow feather across the palm of your hand. Sense only the feel of my gentle touch tracing messages of love on your soft, warm palm. Sense my mouth sucking your finger tip. Feel my warmth around you. I whisper softly into your ear. I want you. It is our destiny. You are my song. Come here my lover.

I am the wolf. The lover of your fantasies. Only I can give you completely what you desire. When I touch your breast your nipples harden with want. When I kiss your lips, they open willingly to my entry. My body is warm, hard, demanding. My mouth claims your most cherished place. I lick the warm, wet drops of your desire and part your velvet lips to go deep, deep within. My thrusting is the movement of life. The mating of love and need. There are no other thoughts, no other people, no other needs, no other worlds but you. We are one.

I am the wolf. The lupus, the Valentine. I am your desire. I am the fantasy that you hold so close and secret. Tonight we will be one again. Come to me lover.

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