Okay. Maybe this new human wasn’t so bad after all. Fido purred deep in her throat and grabbed Teresa’s wrist with her front paws, holding the large hand in place as she licked the fingertips with a rough tongue.

“Aw, aren’t you sweet? There isn’t anything at all ferocious about you is there, Fido?” she asked in a baby voice, bringing up her free hand to wiggle her fingers in the soft white fur under the cat’s neck.

The cat stopped licking the callused fingers and went still for a moment. Then as if to prove the woman wrong, the cat tightened her hold on the thick wrist, and sharp claws came out over soft pads just before the orange tabby began gnawing on the fingers she had previously been covering with cat spit.

“Ow,” Teresa screamed as she snatched her hand away. “You little monster.”

Renee came running out of the kitchen. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Teresa stood up, shaking the ache out of her hand.

“That little jungle beast just bit me.”

“Fido, bad girl. Go to your room.”

Feeling like her point had been made, the cat obediently jumped off of the sofa and headed down the hall, but not before she once again presented Teresa with a raised tail.

Renee took the injured hand and began to examine it. There were tiny little indentations on the tip of one, but no skin was broken. Without any though, Renee pulled the hand to her lips and kissed the injured digit.

“There, all better.”

It wasn’t until after she released the large hand that she realized what she had done, and her face immediately bloomed a bright red.


Teresa didn’t say anything for a second. The warmth of the soft lips still lingering on her finger. God, I wish that little beast had clawed something a little closer to my mouth.

“No problem, Renee” then her voice got husky. “Feel free to kiss my boo-boo any time.”

Renee’s throat was suddenly dry, and she could feel her pulse slamming against her neck. “I think I should go and check on dinner.”

“Go ahead. I’ll be out here waiting.”

Renee escaped to the kitchen and rubbed her hands across her flushed face before she began banging her head on the counter. “I can’t believe I just did that,” she mumbled.

“You okay in there?” Teresa could have sworn she heard her hostess talking to herself.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Um…how do feel about beef stroganoff?” Renee yelled from the kitchen.

“One of my favorites.”

“Great. Good to know. Hey, feel free to turn on the television, I’ll be out shortly.” Renee had to stop herself from talking. She knew she was on the verge of babbling.

Teresa picked up the remote and started channel surfing as a few fantasies began to form in her head. I wonder what she would do if I burned my tongue on dinner?


Teresa sat back in her chair, her belly tight from overindulging in two helpings of the beef stroganoff. “You know, you’re a really good cook,” she said as she expelled a long breath

Renee mirrored her dinner guest’s relaxed posture. “Thanks, it’s kind of a hobby of mine. Since I spend all day preparing quick foods, there are times when I like to prove to myself that I can actually prepare a complete dish.”

“Well, I’m here to tell you. You can most definitely complete a dish.”

“Thanks, T,” she stood and began clearing the table. “Why don’t you go have a seat on the couch while I clear the table?”

Teresa stood with her hostess. “Let me help you with this first,” she said, picking up her own plate.

Renee reached out and grabbed Teresa by the wrist, stopping her movement. “No, T. I’ve got this. You go on and relax for a couple of minutes.”

Teresa couldn’t ignore the heat that the unexpected contact was causing. Tendrils of carnal desire began winding their way through her body, and the suddenness of it made her feel lightheaded and confused.

“O…okay then.”

She moved to the lounger, and almost let out an audible moan of satisfaction when she felt the cushions give beneath her. She closed her eyes, and while she waited her mind started to wander. We’ve only just met, but Renee seems so familiar to met, she thought.

Although their knowledge of one another was only days old, that timeline didn’t sit right with the dark woman. The chronology of it felt off. It seemed like once they had met the clock sped up, and brought with it an array of feelings, emotions and knowledge that settled into place with an easy comfort. That was why when the question came it was almost like an accusation.

Where have you been, Renee Baxter? And what took you so long to get here?

She was pulled away from that mystery when a solid weight landed beside her. Looking to her left, she smiled when her blue eyes made contact with eyes that were light green.

“You back for seconds?” she asked as she held her hand out to the orange cat sitting beside her.


Fido looked at the offering in contemplation, trying to decide on whether to lick it or bite it. In the end the mild hint of beef that lingered on the digits made the choice for her, and the feasting began.

When Renee walked in she was pleased to see that her pet and her date had called a truce.

“So, you two decided it was best to try and get along?” she asked as she took a seat beside Teresa, leaving the cat between them.

“Yeah, so it seems.” She gave the cat a second, then a third finger to lick. “She really is a sweet little…”

She stopped mid-sentence when sharp claws made a slow reveal, and the cat went still. Teresa knew a warning when she saw one.

“Ah, what I meant to say is, Fido is one scary cat.”

Seemingly appeased by the change in tone, Fido went back to her beef treat. It always made her fur rise when her human’s mother made those cutesy tones with her, but she had learned early on to never harm the woman because she was the alpha female, but this newcomer would not get away with it.

Renee’s eyes twinkled before she delivered the ‘I told you so’. “See? I told you she was ferocious,” was said as she got up and left the room to retrieve a warm washcloth for Teresa to clean her hands with.

Teresa slowly removed her hand from Fido’s white mittens and rolled her eyes. “Yeah, yeah.”

With her treat taken away from her, Fido jumped off of the sofa and went in search of her litter box, but this time she didn’t salute Teresa with a raised tail.

Renee returned with the cloth and handed it to her guest. “Here you go.”


Nothing was said as Teresa clean her hands. When she was done Renee took the cloth and tossed it on a coaster.

“So, how ya doing?” the blonde woman asked.

“I’m doing great. How about you?”


That feeling of familiarity washed over Teresa again. Renee was resting on her right hip, facing her, and Teresa was leaning her head on the back of couch, turned in Renee’s direction, just sharing space in a comfortable silence. And the longer they stayed that way the more it made her feel like they had done this many times before.

A slow and tacit revealing of souls began to weave themselves together. Enlightening, reminding, allowing their two essences of who they were to one another. And even though the women couldn’t see it happening they could definitely feel the pull, and found themselves being drawn together.

The air crackled between them as they slowly moved toward each other. There was no thought to stop what was about to happen. After all, it was what they both wanted. What they both needed. And when their lips finally met, they brushed together lightly before settling into a firmer hold. Right a way, emotions began to swirl, hearts started to pound and breathes quickened. No first kiss had ever been like this before.

An eternity later they separated, but stayed close enough to breathe the same air, not quite ready to stop sharing their personal space.

“What…was that?” Teresa whispered.

“The beginning,” Renee whispered back.

A bright smile lit Teresa’s face. “Yeah, I like that. The beginning.” So many feelings, Teresa thought. There are so many feelings flowing between us. Then a lump formed in her throat with the next thought. I want her to be mine.

“Renee?” she asked in a low voice. “I hope this doesn’t sound too old fashioned, but would you consider being my girlfriend?”

Renee was surprised that she wasn’t surprised by the question. Something inside of her had already known it was coming, expected it even. And to ask if it was old fashioned was hilarious to her. She who watched her Grease DVD ad nauseam. 

“You asking to be my steady beau?” Okay. Stop it, Renee. Next thing you know you’ll be saying things like, you’re the bee’s knees, or let’s go up to lover’s lane and park.

Teresa laughed, liking the dated term, and played along. “Yeah, doll-face. I’m asking you to be my girl.”

Seeing that her companion was going go with the mood, Renee continued with her outdated references, doing her best Rizzo imitation.

“I have to think about this first. Let’s see. You got a letterman’s jacket I can wear, or a pin I can stick somewhere?”

“Hmm, let me think about that one,” Teresa tapped her temple with a long finger. “Okay. How’s this? I’ve got an old black leather jacket from my teen years, and if I look real hard I could probably find the set of pilot’s wings my dad got for me back when I was about ten years old.”

Renee pretended to consider the offer. “Well, if that’s the best ya got…it’s a deal. Consider yourself officially one half of a couple.

Blue eyes softened. “I’ve never been that before.”

Renee leaned in and kissed moist red lips. “Well you are now. So, when do I get the jacket and the pin?” she teased.

“As soon as I can find them.” Teresa moved closer. “But until then, how about we explore the benefits of being a couple?”

Renee wound her arm around her girlfriend’s neck and pulled the dark head down. “I like the way you think, stud.” she gave herself a mental eye roll. Okay, Renee. It’s time to put the Grease back in the box…for now.

Their attraction to one another increased their need for contact, and before they knew it second and third kisses gave away to deeper explorations. First in one mouth, then in the other. They pulled apart and just stared at one another. Then they kissed again, this time less frantic, but their hands started to roam.

When large hands cupped her breast Renee moaned into the kiss, and her underwear became damp. This feels so good, was her last thought just before Teresa’s hand began to make a trail down to the waist of her jeans.

So fast, Teresa thought. This is moving so fast. But I don’t want to stop.

Renee was drowning in emotions, the one foremost in her mind being, this is the person I want forever with. Then she felt the button pop, and heard the zipper come down on her pants, and like a bell’s toll, the sound of the metal teeth being pulled apart alerted her to how far they had gone. That’s when she grabbed the busy hand and stopped it from going any further.

“Not yet,” she whispered. Her lips lightly pressed to Teresa’s. She saw the need in the blue eyes so close to her own, and knew they were a reflection of her own need. “Soon, T. Soon. But not yet.”

Renee watched, amazed as the burning desire that was just moments ago so close to the surface, retreat to be replaced with warm affection. Then, with absolute clarity she heard, “You can trust me,” echo in her mind, and she smiled.

“Something funny?” Teresa asked after seeing the curious smile.

“You mean other than the mounting sexual frustration I’m having to deal with?”

Dark brows, then long fingers wiggled. “I can remedy that for you.”

Renee zipped and buttoned her pants back up, while stifling a laugh. “I just bet you can.”  

Teresa maneuvered her way forward, intending on starting up again, when Fido jumped in between them meowing with a purpose. It was time for Teresa to leave.

“I think someone is showing me the door,” Teresa said as she nuzzled the smaller woman’s neck.

“Ignore her. I pay the rent here,” Renee breathed out heavily.

Teresa looked into the cat’s unflinching eyes and begged to differ. “You might pay the rent, but I think Fido here has claimed squatter’s rights.”

Renee released a long exhale. The cat’s arrival and refusal to leave had succeeded in tamping down her lust, and now that her mind was clearing she agreed with Fido. Teresa needed to leave…now.

She pulled the tall woman up from the sofa. “Now that I think about it Fido might have a point.” Blue eyes were calling to her, but she held to her resolve, and led Teresa to the door. “You, my friend, need to head home.

Teresa laughed as she pulled her coat on. “Is this any way to treat your girlfriend?”

When a bottom lip formed a pout, Renee dropped her head on the taller woman’s chest.

“Don’t make this more difficult than it already is, T,” she whined.

Deciding to take pity on the equally aroused woman, Teresa wrapped the blonde in a tight embrace, and laid her cheek on top of a soft nest of fair hair.

“Okay. I won’t.” But she made no attempt to separate herself from the woman that was in her arms.

Finally, both women exhaled and stepped away from one another. After one last kiss, Teresa turned to leave.

“I’ll stop by the coffee shop in the morning,” she promised as she left the apartment. 


When Teresa arrived home she changed into her pajamas and wandered into the living room. Feeling a little lost, she stopped briefly in front of the tank, and was mesmerized by the crystal clear water. The clarity was so pure that the black fish appeared to be floating in midair.

“Guess what, guys? She’s got a cat,” she reported to the guppies.

Back fins wiggled frantically as the fish moved up and down the side of the tank, clearing off speaks of food and algae.

“Her name is Fido,” here she laughed. “And she’s quite the little monster.”

Morticia swam away, finding a new area in the tank to start sucking particles from. It didn’t take long for Gomez to follow.

She tapped on the glass a few times, trying to get the guppies attention…they ignored her, more interested in scavenging the bits and pieces they could find on the glass.

She continued to watch them for a while longer before realizing that the usual satisfaction she got from talking to the fish was eluding her, and she found that troubling.

“You guys are no fun tonight,” she complained, and walked away.

Not feeling the least bit sleepy she turned on the television. “Might as well see what’s on.”

See surfed up and down, and up and down again, but nothing caught her interest. Pushing the mute button she closed her eyes and tried to clear her head. What is wrong with me? I’m never this restless. She concentrated on her breathing, hoping to bore herself into sleepiness, but that didn’t help. Exhaling an exasperated breath only served to make her cheeks puff out and her lips flap from the wind. Then it dawned on her what the problem was, and the realization was startling.

“I’m lonely,” she whispered.”

She looked around her apartment. The minimalist style of her décor was still the same. Only the necessary pieces of furniture filling the room. A sofa, a reading chair, a coffee table, two end tables and an entertainment rack. There were no family pictures on the wall, they were all stored digitally, and the pictures that were on display was of the abstract type. No sunsets or warm-water lake scenes, only symmetrical lines and geometric shapes in shades of black, white, and red. The coffeemaker and toaster in the kitchen was the only extras she had purchased for that space. Even her fish lived in an uncluttered environment. But for the first time ever she noticed that there was nothing in her home that screamed warmth, and it bothered her like it never had before. But why now?

She closed her eyes again, and was immediately assaulted by visions of passion filled green eyes and moist coral colored lips. In her mind she recalled the feel of silky blonde hair tumbling through her fingers, and the smell of wildflowers, that just from memory made her nostrils flare. That was when she knew the answer. Turning her head to the side, she looked at the phone sitting on the end table, and considered calling her girlfriend. Then she smiled. Girlfriend. The only one I ever really wanted to be that. With that thought she became as still as a statue.

“Oh my god. I think I’m falling in love.” She sat up straight, eyes wide, and breathing hard. “What am I going to do about it? What do I want to do about it?”

After a few moments of concentrating on slowing down her breathing she relaxed again, and let the thought of falling in love float around her head, and travel through her body, testing out the feel of it. “I wish there was someone I could talk to about this.”

She though about calling her mother, but thought better of it. Her mother would only tell her to do what she thought was best for her. Her parents had always been supportive of her, and she knew that they loved her, but they had never been the type that gave definite opinions to their daughter. They always felt it was best to let her find her own way.

So, she resigned herself to her solitude and turned the sound back up on the television, settling back to watch a crime drama.

“I guess this is one of the pitfalls of being a loner,” she reminded herself. “No one to give you advice when you really need it.”


Renee was sitting on the sofa, Fido beside her, watching a late night Project Runway marathon.

“I’ve never been kissed liked that before, Fido.”

The cat continued licking her paws then cleaning her ears.

“I almost lost total control. I was real close to begging her to just take me.”

Fido stopped her grooming and looked at her human with accusatory cat eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that, Fido. I didn’t do it. We stopped. You saw to that.”

The cat went back to her previous activity.

“I need to stop thinking about her or I’ll never relax,” she turned her attention back to the television.

“Who do you think is going home, Fido?”

The cat looked at the television, then back to Renee as if to say, “It’s a rerun from season two. You know it’s going to be Emmett.”

“Look at that ice skating outfit, Fido. How is anybody suppose to perform with all of that material hanging from the back?”

Fido yawned and stretched out, extending her claws for maximum pleasure. As she turned on her side, intent on settling down to listen to her human’s running commentary, the phone rang.

Renee snatched up the red case and checked the display window. The smile that appeared on her face was so big it threatened to unhinge her jaw.

“Hello?” she answered, almost bouncing off of the sofa.

“Hi,” came the low tone. Then silence.

When nothing more was said Renee thought that maybe the call was dropped.

“T? Are you there?”

“Ah, yeah. Did I wake you?”

“Nah, me and Fido were just watching Project Runway.”


Something was going on. Teresa was acting really strange. “Hey, are you okay?”

Hearing the concern in Renee’s voice, Teresa knew she needed to pull it together. “Everything is fine. I just um…I just wanted say good night again.”

The smile was back on the blonde woman’s face. “I’m glad you did.”

“So I’m not interrupting anything?”

Renee looked down at her lazy cat. “Nothing at all. What are you up to?”

“Nothing really, just channel surfing.”

Fido jumped off of the sofa, going in search of one of her toys.

Renee watched the cat leave the room, but quickly returned her attention to the woman on the other end of the phone. “Why aren’t you in bed?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” was the succinct answer.

What is going on with her? This is like pulling teeth. “There’s nothing on the boob tube to put you to sleep?”

“Nope. I can’t find anything,” was said. Then a bored breath was released.

The sound made Renee smile. “Sounds like somebody is missing me,” was said in jest.

“I do,” came the quiet response.

Okay, I wasn’t expecting that kind of honesty. “I do too, T. I miss you a lot…do you think that’s strange?”

“Don’t know. I’ve never missed anyone before so I don’t have anything to compare it to.”

That’s when it hit her. She’s afraid. Scared out of her wits. You made the choice to close yourself off after being hurt too many times. But she’s never made the choice to open herself up to anyone. Make her feel better, Renee. She’s putting herself out there. Show her that she’s not alone.

“I haven’t missed anyone either, T. Most certainly not like this.”

The audible sigh of relief coming from the other end made the blonde smile.

“Does it scare you?” the deep voice asked.

“A little, but I’m willing to take the chance.”

“After the other relationships? You’re still willing to take a chance on me?”

At this point, even without saying the words, the women knew that they were talking about something a little more serious than sex, and lot deeper than being girlfriends.

“Yes, T. You are nothing like the others.”

“But how could you know that so soon?”

“That’s easy…my heart told me so.”

A low laugh, then a sigh of acceptance. “Yeah, mine has been talking to me too.”

“Are you going to listen?”

“Yeah…I think I can trust it.”

“And just in case you didn’t know it. You can trust me too.”

“Believe it or not, I knew I could trust you before I decided to trust myself.”

“Really, T?”

The happiness in the fair woman’s voice made Teresa smile on her end. And in that instant she knew that Renee’s happiness would always be her happiness too.

“Yes. Really.”


The month of January passed with not a day going by that the new couple didn’t at least talk on the phone. Each morning Teresa would stop by the coffee shop for breakfast, and each afternoon she would buy a large chai tea to take home. Usually Renee would be waiting, tea in hand, and Teresa would walk her to her car.

They had shared weeks of long talks, long walks and many dinner dates, exchanging in equal measure, stories of happiness and heartbreak, celebrations and mourning. And through it all the women grew closer, their hearts easily forming a seamless bond of devotion that the woman were slowly becoming aware of.

Fido was even warming up to the dark woman, giving her only the occasional bite or scratch when she got too cutesy with her. Renee had also been introduced to the terminally uninterested Morticia and Gomez. She had to hold back hysterical laughter the first time she watched Teresa tap the side of the tank and use her plastic stick to try and force the guppies to swim through the hoop.

“They’re not bears in a circus, T. You can’t make them do tricks.”

“Says you,”

“Well, if they are learning anything, it’s to run and hide when they hear the tap, ‘cause the big stick is coming next.”

Teresa was going to discount the observation, but thought about it. Well, damn. I think she might have a point.

And the sexual tension. The sexual tension was about to drive Renee mad. The kisses. The caresses. The roaming of hands and mouths. If Renee didn’t get some relief soon she knew she would burst into flames. Her want for Teresa was bordering on obsession and it was time to give in to it the longing. But she wanted the timing to be right.

Sitting in the coffee shop break room, she glanced at the calendar and realized that Valentine’s Day was coming up. And just like that, a decision was made. The day that lovers, both old and new, celebrated their commitment to one another would also serve as their catalyst. You couldn’t get anymore perfect than that.

She picked up the phone and pressed speed dial.


Teresa was in the rafters running copper pipe when she felt her pocket vibrate. “Hello?”

“So, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”

“And hello to you too,”

“Oops. Sorry. Hi, T. Now, what are you doing on Valentine’s Day?”

“I’m hoping I’ll be spending it with my girlfriend,” was the laughing response.

“Good answer. How about I prepare us a romantic dinner?”

The way the word “romantic” was said sent shivers down Teresa’s spine. “Well, that sounds promising.”

“You never know, T. Promises could very well be made that night.”

“By whom?”

Renee’s voice dropped an octave. “By us both if you are willing.”

Now, Teresa spoke with a purr. “Oh, I’m more than willing. I’m craving.”

Renee had to swallow the lustful moan that had made its way up her throat. This was conversation was taking a wrong turn, and she knew it was time to hang up. 

“I’ll see you this afternoon, T.”

“I’ll be there a little after two.”

Renee closed her phone and rested her forehead on the tabletop. She knew that their Valentine’s celebration would be a night to remember.


Just as she had done on their first date, Teresa showed up with a bouquet of flowers. A mixture of a dozen pink and red roses. When the door opened, she was pleasantly surprised to see that Renee had also taken steps to set the mood for the evening.

The lights in the apartment had been dimmed and candles were placed strategically around the room, sending flickers of flames across the walls, instantly created a warm inviting ambiance.

“It’s all very beautiful, Renee,” Teresa complimented as she walked in.

“Thank you, T. I really want this evening to be special.”

Teresa removed her jacket and hung it on the coat rack. “Well, you’re off to a great start.”

Renee reached for the flowers her date was holding, with every intention of stealing a quick kiss then going in search of a vase, but that wasn’t the case. In an instant the heat was turned up and the kiss deepened. Her free hand reached up and grabbed a fistful of Teresa’s hair to hold the taller woman in place, but when she felt her knees grow weak the anchoring became a source of support. It wasn’t until she felt a well muscled thigh settle between her legs that she realized how fast this was getting out of hand. When she pulled away both women moaned their frustration.

“I think we need to stop,” Renee panted.

Teresa’s eyes were closed tight, as she worked on ignoring the lingering heat that Renee had left on her thigh. After several moments she felt centered again and opened her eyes. “You’re right,” she said, and looked around the room to refocus her attention. “Hey, where is the furry terror?”

“If you are talking about Fido, she is in the bedroom. I didn’t want her ripping you to shreds tonight.”

Dark brows wiggled. “What? You got plans for me for later?” was asked in jest.

Without cracking a smile, Renee answered. “Maybe,” then she walked into the kitchen.

Teresa sat at the small dinner table and felt herself getting warm. Could she mean…? Nah. No way. Then she recalled the look in those smoldering green eyes. Maybe.


The grilled salmon, parmesan infused risotto and green salad that Renee had prepared was in Teresa’s opinion, one of the top three meals the barista had cooked for her so far, and after cleaning her plate she rubbed her belly and exhaled, causing Renee to raise an eyebrow. “I hope that doesn’t mean you are full.”

“Why? You have something else you want me to eat?” Teresa couldn’t believe she had delivered that line with a straight face. That was two so far.

“You never know,” Renee said, not the least bit embarrassed. She headed for the kitchen and returned with their desert and two spoons. She settled on the sofa and realized that Teresa had not moved from the table. “What are you waiting for?”

Still shocked by Renee’s off-the-cuff response to her tease, Teresa had to shake the cobwebs out before joining the other woman on the couch. Once settled in, Renee handed her a spoon, then held up the bowl.

“Try this.”

Teresa smelled it first. “What is it?”


A dark brow rose. “You offering me coffee, Blondie?”

Renee snorted at the moniker, but after seeing that her date wasn’t making a move to try the dessert, she used her own spoon to force a bite into Teresa’s mouth.

Teresa was about to protest the ambush when, suddenly, the flavors of the espresso soaked cake danced across her tongue, and by the time the chocolate and mascarpone cheese joined in she was hooked.  

“Mmm. This is delicious,” she said around the mouth full, using her own spoon to scoop up more.

“I was hoping you would like it.”

Teresa rolled her eyes back in her head, before expressing her delight. “No worries here.”

They finished the treat in silence, and by the time the dish was empty Teresa felt energized by the euphoric little zings that skittered around her system.

“That was the most incredible Valentine’s Day meal anyone has ever cooked for me.”

Renee turned onto her right hip and glared at her date with narrowed eyes. “How many people have cooked a Valentine’s Day meal for you, Teresa?”

“Well, let me see. There was…” she turned her full focus on Renee. “You.”

Renee felt her breath hitch, just a little, when the intensity in the electric-blue eyes nearly swallowed her up. Oh, my god, she thought. That coffee is doing a number on her. She could feel the heightened energy rolling off of her date in waves. She could also feel the power that was being used to keep all of that excess stimulation under control, and it made her stutter. J…just me, huh?”

“Yeah, Blondie. Just you.”

The built-up tension coming off of her date made Renee take notice of her appearance. Dark pupils had dilated, leaving only a brilliant rim of blue around the edges. The pulse point in her neck was ticking rapidly and her breathing was slightly elevated. To Renee’s eyes a more erotic sight she had never seen. And it filled her with a desire that was foreign to her. Maybe the coffee is working on me too.

Feeling bold. Without saying a word, she took possession of Teresa’s lips, swallowing the moan that the contact had provoked. One kiss. That’s all it took. Just one kiss, and they found themselves writhing together on the sofa.

Renee’s mind was flying high and she had no intentions of coming down. Not this time. She broke the kiss and stood up. It was time to move forward.

“There is something I’ve been wanting to share with you,” she said as she extended her hand.

Without hesitation, Teresa took the offered hand and allowed herself to be pulled up. Renee led her down the hallway in silence. Her heart was pounding out a beat the entire way, but not from nerves. The source of her increased heart rate was something a little more carnal than a short walk. Once inside the bedroom, Renee sent Fido out and closed the door.

Now facing each other, Teresa pulled Renee’s hands to her chest and held them there. “Are you sure, Renee?” There was no pretense of acting like they didn’t know what was about to happen. They knew why they were there.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

After a gentle kiss, no more words were spoken as they slowly removed each other’s clothes. Once they were standing beside the bed, fully exposed and on display for one another’s inspection, Teresa closed her eyes and pulled air in through her nose, picking up Renee’s floral scent.

“You are truly beautiful.”

Renee ran the tips of her fingers between Teresa’s full breasts, sliding them along smooth skin all the way down until she reached the nest of silky dark hair.

“So are you. I like that you aren’t shaved,” she offered, as her fingers brushed through the downy softness just below Teresa’s navel. “There is something visually stimulating about the triangle of hair that protects the mystery of a woman’s femininity. I find it incredibly sexy.”

“I’m glad you like,” Teresa strained out. Renee’s fingers were wreaking havoc with her over sensitized skin.

Teresa pulled Renee close until their bodies were touching all along their length…and they moaned at the warmth and pure pleasure of skin on skin.

Renee backed herself toward the bed, pulling Teresa along with her. When she felt the mattress hit the back of her knees, she let the taller woman use her greater weight to lay them down. Looking up into Teresa’s eyes she communicated how she wanted this to go. 

This first coming together would not start off with thrusting fingers and lashing tongues. Full-bodied explorations using teeth, tongues and hands would be a journey for later. What she wanted now was soft kisses, gentle caresses and a face to face sharing of themselves that would convey all that they felt, but had never said. “I want you to stay right here.”

Teresa smiled wide and ducked her head, first whispering in Renee’s ear, “As you wish,” then following the curve of her jaw until she reached waiting lips. The kiss was soft and sweet, expressing a desire to share, instead of a need to dominate, and as their tongues danced together a large hand slowly moved up Renee’s side until it covered a full, soft breast, where it began to rub and squeeze the nipple until it became stiff.

Renee broke away from the kiss panting. “That feels so good, T.”

“Then let me make it even better.” She removed her hand and replaced it with her lips. Once the warm mouth tugged on Renee’s breast her back strained off of the bed offering more. The pulling and the licking and the sucking felt like bliss to her aching mounds.

The pleasure she was receiving caused her hips to begin to rock, and Teresa was right there with her, meeting each upward thrust with a downward response. Wanting more, they reached between their bodies, and opened themselves to each other, and as soon as their sensitive flesh came into contact their passion flowed like a river, creating a slick cushion for their sensuous glide.

“Oh, god, T. This is so, so good.”

Teresa could only grunt. Never in her life had she been this turned on…or this frightened. She felt like the moment she gave in to her release she would be both lost and found, and the conflicting emotions were paralyzing her, keeping her climax at bay. Her body screamed for release. Her head warned her to use caution. Her heart wanted to be set free, and her soul cried out for its mate.

Then Renee locked her legs around her waist, tilting her hips forward, causing the contact between them to become deeper. That’s when she felt herself spiraling down, down, down on a collision course with her throbbing center. Her hips pumped faster, and the hold she had on Renee’s shoulders became tighter.

When Renee felt the change in her lover’s rhythm her fingers dug deeper into the broad back her hands were resting on, and she matched her mate’s cadence in a race to the end. Then she felt Teresa struggling to regain control of her body, and she opened her eyes, surprised to see hesitant blue eyes looking down at her.

There was a conflict going on behind those eyes, and Renee thought she knew what the problem might be. They had shared so much with each other over the last month that Renee felt like she understood who Teresa was. This was a woman who had never given herself to anyone for fear of abandonment or rejection. Those  were fears that Renee had an intimate knowledge of, so it felt almost karmic to be in a position to give reassurance, instead of needing it. That’s why she spoke the words that would put her lover’s fears to rest. She spoke the truth.

“I see you,” she whispered. “I see all of you, and I love every bit of you. You can trust me, Teresa. I’ll never leave you.”

It felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from her chest, and with the restriction gone her soul gave flight to emotions that had been caged for far too long. Teresa’s hips began to thrusts with a purpose, digging deep, trying to reach something that until that moment had eluded her grasp. And when she finally found it the climax came with a roar so loud that it carried down the hall, making Fido’s fur stand on end, sending the feline to her human’s door where she waited to hear if all was well. But after hearing her human’s breathy release follow the call of the tall one, the cat sneezed with disgust before turning and walking away.

Their hips were still pumping, both women trying to ride out every twitch and grind of their shared release, and when they finally came down Renee was euphoric.

“Oh, my god, T. That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt in my life.”

When there was no response she pulled back and tried to get a look at the face buried in her neck. It took a little effort, but finally she was able to lift Teresa’s head enough to see her, and she was instantly alarmed. The eyes looking back at her had teared up, and slow tracks were making their way over the plains of high cheekbones.

For as startled as Renee was by the display, Teresa was reeling with confusion. What the hell is wrong with me? her mind screamed, desperate to understand. 

“What’s wrong, T?”


Renee held the strong face between her hands, drying the remaining tears with her thumbs. “Teresa, tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I…I’m not sure. I…I just feel so much. It’s kind of scaring me.”

Ah…this, Renee understood. Giving a piece of yourself to someone, and becoming vulnerable had to be terrifying to someone like Teresa. A person with a loner’s heart.

She wrapped her lover in her arms and gently rocked her. “Shh, I’ve got you, T,” she ran a soothing hand through thick tresses. “I’m not gonna let you drown, sweetheart…I swear I won’t.”

Teresa felt like a child. Never in her life had she needed as much support and comfort during sex as she had needed this night, but she was thankful. The few words that Renee had spoken seemed to calm the roiling sea of emotions that had threatened to overcome her. Without a bit of shame she sniffed, and snuggled closer to the woman holding her. “I love you, Renee.” She like the way the words felt on her tongue. They seemed so natural to say.

Green eyes went wide. She wasn’t surprised that Teresa felt it, but she was extremely surprised that she had said it. She had not expected the self-sufficient woman to voice the words this soon, but she was thrilled to hear them.

“I love you too, T…so very much.”

They relaxed in each other’s arms, basking in their new found love, when Renee broke the silence.

“So, should I call for a U-Haul truck in the morning?”

Teresa went stiff…until she felt the smaller woman’s body shaking with laughter. “Brat,” she teased before swatting the firm backside her hand rested on.

“Yeah, yeah, but I got you good with that one.”

Teresa kissed Renee’s temple and whispered in her ear. “Yes, you did, because I was thinking that we should at least wait until we decided who would move in with whom.” Teresa wanted to laugh. Gotcha.

“Now who’s being a brat?” Renee pouted.

“I’m not teasing, sweetheart.”

Renee raised up on her elbow, green eyes dancing. “You’re serious?” she asked with delight.

“Very. But let’s take it slow, okay?”

Renee laid back down, this time resting her head on Teresa’s warm chest. “We will take it as slow as you need to, T.”

They rested there in silence, each woman weaving her own fantasy about the future, until Teresa exhale and ran her fingers through tangled blonde hair.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Renee.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Teresa.”

Both women laughed out loud when they heard a very loud, opinionated “meow” coming from the other side of the door.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Fido. You little eavesdropper,” Teresa yelled.

The cat hissed and headed for the kitchen, hoping to find a discarded morsel of salmon. Her tail was raised high in the air.

It was only the beginning.


The End



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