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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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V-Day Fantasy

by Kim Pritekel

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She was nervous.  She was really, really nervous.  Megan sat in her car, fingers tapping on the steering wheel as she looked at the outside of the club.  She was determined to go in and fulfill a desire she’d had for a long time but had never acted on it.  That was to change tonight.  It was Valentine’s Day and she was determined to enjoy herself.

After a final deep breath for courage, she climbed out of her car.  She knew she looked good: blonde hair pulled back to reveal a graceful neck.  She wore a black halter top shirt and a charcoal gray skirt that just barely hit mid-thigh.  Black stilettos finished off the outfit as well as a slash of red lipstick and smoky eye makeup.  She looked good and she knew it.  She was definitely ready for this.

Her heels clicked on the pavement as she walked across the parking lot and, after paying her fee, she entered the dark, dangerous club.  The club was filled with mostly women and a few men, all dressed in some various of leather and chains, one couple walking in front of Megan with one in a leather collar being led by her partner with the chain that extended off of it.  Megan felt nervous and very unsure of herself, not meeting anyone’s gaze as she made her way to the bar.  She felt foolish and completely out of her comfort zone, but if she was going to get what she wanted, she needed to calm herself and be that confident woman she knew she was.  She was hoping a drink would help.

A man dressed in black leather chaps and an open leather vest walked over to Megan behind the bar.  “What can I get for you, sweetheart?” he asked, leaning on the bar and waiting for her order.

“Something very strong,” said with a small smile.  With a chuckle and a nod, he walked away to make her a drink. 

Megan turned around to study some of the people that were in the club, shocked at some of their behavior.  A beat pulsed through the club, and some of the couples dancing to it were nearly having sex right on the dance floor.  At a table in the corner, a woman dressed in a black leather bra and leather micro-mini was sitting on another woman’s lap and were locked in an extremely passionate kiss.  Though the surprised to see that in a public place, it made her clit twitch with excitement.  About to turn back around to the bar, a woman caught her eye and she couldn’t look away.  Standing just off the dance floor and leaning against a wall was the sexiest woman Megan had ever seen.  She was wearing skin tight black leather pants with black boots.  Her flat tummy and full breasts were showed up well in the tight black tank top she wore.  Megan’s gaze fell to the woman’s crotch and, again felt a twitch in her clit when she realized the woman was packing.  The most exciting fact, however, was that the woman was staring back at her, her blue eyes ravenous.

Megan felt her stomach roil in nervous butterflies when the woman pushed off the wall, pushing her long, dark hair over her shoulder as she made her way to the bar, eyes never leaving Megan. 

“That’ll be four-fifty,” the bartender said from behind Megan, startling her.

“I’ll get that,” the brunette said reaching the bar, bringing out a folded wad of money from her pocket.  She tossed some money on the bar and handed Megan her drink.  “I’m Jamie.” 

“Thank you.  Megan.”

“Megan.  Nice to meet you.”

Megan couldn’t keep her eyes off the utterly stunning woman who stood before her as she sipped from her drink.  Jamie took the opportunity to blatantly give Megan’s body a slow once over, a small quirk in her lips at what she was seeing.

Without a word, Jamie took the drink from Megan’s hand and set it on the bar before taking her hand and leading her through the throng of people to the dance floor.  Megan was too surprised to do anything but allow herself to tugged along.  Once they found some space on the dance floor, Jamie turned around to face Megan and took Megan’s other hand, drawing them both up around her neck while she grabbed Megan’s hips, pulling them together. 

Megan gasped as suddenly she was held in a tight embrace, Jamie pressing their hips together, the dildo tucked into her pants pressing against Megan.

“You got the greatest ass I’ve ever seen,” Jamie murmured into Megan’s ear, her hands moving around to cup that very body part.

Megan gasped once again her hands gripping Jamie’s shoulders.  Her heart was racing so fast, she almost felt lightheaded.  Part of her wanted to push the woman away, but she knew this was exactly what she’d come to the club for, so took a deep breath and held her courage.  

“Thank you,” she finally managed.

“Why did you come here?” Jamie asked, the tips of her fingers coming dangerously close to the hem of Megan’s short skirt.  “Hmm?  Did you come here to get fucked?”

Megan was left breathless by this woman’s incredibly forward nature.  It almost made her wish she’d worn panties, as she was becoming incredibly wet, especially as Jamie’s fingertips just barely grazed the heated skin of the back of her thigh.  Megan opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.  Finally, she just nodded. 

Jamie grinned, sliding her hands further up until they were under the skirt, knowing full well that the busy dance floor would hide what she was doing.  “How about I be the one who fucks you then?” she murmured into Megan’s ear.

Megan’s eyes slid closed when a tongue swiped at that ear, Jamie’s hand running up further under the skirt and caressing the soft flesh of her ass.  “Yes,” she gasped.

“I don’t live far, baby.”

Megan nodded, a small whimper escaping her lips as she felt a solid slap against her ass cheek.  “Yes,” Megan breathed.  “Yes.  I want you to fuck me.”

Megan was almost trembling from her level of excitement as she followed behind Jamie’s car in her own, pulling into the driveway of a small but well-kept house less than a mile away from the club.  Once again, Megan sat behind the wheel for a moment trying to get her racing heart to slow a bit before she passed out.  She watched as the gorgeous woman climbed out of her black Jeep Wrangler, glancing over at Megan before she pushed the door to the Jeep shut then stood next to the vehicle, watching Megan through her car’s windshield. 

Megan removed her keys from the ignition of her car and pushed open her car door, gaze never leaving Jamie’s.  She pushed her own car door closed and hit the lock button on the alarm remote then walked up the driveway to meet the brunette at her Jeep.

“You sure about this?” Jamie asked, voice soft and understanding.

Megan met her gaze, and with a small smile, nodded.  “Yes.”

With a stunning smile, Jamie took Megan by the hand and led her up the path that led to the front door, quickly unlocking the knob and deadbolt before she pushed the door open, standing aside to let Megan enter before her.

Megan found herself in the living room, which was dark, with only moonlight shining in from the large front bay window.  Shadows and shapes of a normal living room could be made out, including a couch against the wall and a matching chair set up perpendicular to it.

Megan stood at the center of the room, her heart pounding in nervous excitement when she heard the front door closed and locked.  This was really going to happen, and before she could really prepare herself for that realization, Megan was grabbed from behind and pulled back into a strong body.  A small gasp left her lips. 

“You’re mine now,” Jamie whispered into her ear, one arm pressing possessively across Megan’s stomach, the hand of the other arm moving up to cover one of Megan’s breasts, squeezing just shy of painfully.

Megan’s eyes fell closed as her head fell back to rest on Jamie’s shoulder.  She began to reach her hand up, intending to bury it in long dark hair, but her wrist was caught in a steel-like grip, followed by her other wrist. 

“I don’t recall telling you you could touch me,” Jamie murmured, roughly shoving Megan towards a wall, where she was pinned by the taller woman’s body.  “Do you?”

Megan swallowed, her clit pulsing in time with her racing heart.  She shook her head.  “No.  I’m sorry.”

“As you should be,” Jamie murmured, leaning down and taking Megan in a rough kiss which left them both breathless.  “Let’s see how things are doing, shall we?” Jamie managed a moment later, bringing both of Megan’s wrists up over her head and held them with one hand while the other trailed down over Megan’s throat, between her breasts, down her belly and finally to the hem of her short skirt.

Megan’s eyes fell closed once more and a shuddering breath escaped her lips as questions fingers found their way up under her skirt and into the slick folds between her legs.

Jamie let out an appreciative sigh as she ran a finger over an engorged clit and then down to Megan’s swollen opening.  “Looks like your pussy is nice and wet for me already.  Good.  Very good.”

Megan moaned softly as she was entered by that one finger, desperately wanting to move her hips in time with the slow thrusts, but knew instinctively that Jamie wouldn’t like that, so she forced herself to remain still, even as her breathing continued to grow heavier.

Jamie removed her finger then used both hands to lift Megan’s skirt to her waist, looking and what was revealed.  “I’m really going to enjoy fucking this pink pussy of yours,” she murmured, delivering a somewhat hard slap to the area in question, Megan gasping with a soft moan at the sensation.  “Aren’t I?”

Megan nodded, keeping her hands above her head where they’d been left, even though they’d been released.  Suddenly, her hands were grabbed once more and she was yanked away from the wall, struggling a bit as she was shoved to the couch, a hand flying out to brace herself on the coffee table or fall off the edge of the couch.  Jamie was on her like a tiger, attacking Megan’s mouth, biting a full bottom lip before moving onto her neck. 

Jamie braced her hands on the arm of the couch on either side of Megan’s head and lifted her upper body just enough so she could look down at the panting blonde.  “Reach down and take my cock out,” she demanded, placing a knee between Megan’s spread legs and lifting her hips.

With slightly trembling hands, Megan did as she was asked.  It took her a moment to get the leather pants undone, but finally they popped open and she shoved the tight material down over a shapely behind, just enough for the thick dildo to be brought out.

“Rub it,” Jamie ordered, her voice somewhat shaky.  “Rub that big cock with your hand like the good little whore that you are.”

Megan stroked the cyberskin dildo, sure to push it against Jamie’s crotch with every down stroke.  She looked up to Jamie’s face, pleased to see blue eyes closing and her mouth falling open slightly, her pleasure evident as her hips began to move slightly with Megan’s movements. 

“Do you want this cock, baby?” Jamie asked, words breathy. 

“Yes,” Megan gasped, her body on fire. 

Jamie lowered herself, the dildo still in Megan’s hand.  “Put my cock in your pussy.”  She watched as Megan spread her legs wider, her skirt ridden up to her waist when she’d fallen to the couch.  She let out a soft groan as she watched first the head then the shaft disappear inside Megan’s shaved wetness with a slow push of Jamie’s hips and Megan’s guidance.

Megan’s eyes fell closed as she was filled.  She reached her hands up to Jamie’s hips, but they were once against grabbed and pinned to the couch, Jamie’s face suddenly mere inches away from Megan’s.

“I said no,” Jamie growled, her hips slamming hard into Megan’s once, pulling a startled gasp from Megan’s throat.  “You don’t tell me, I tell you.”

Megan nodded, reaching her hands up a bit further on the arm of the couch and turning her wrists so she could somewhat grab the arm beneath her head.  “I’m sorry,” she whispered. 

“As you should be,” Jamie whispered, voice softer as she began a slow thrust inside Megan.  “Because tonight, this pussy belongs to me, and I’m going to fuck it however I want to.  Do you understand?”

Megan nodded, biting her lower lip to stop herself for reaching for the other woman, wanting to touch her.  Instead, she accepted the gentle kiss she was given, her lips still bruised from the brutal kisses she’d already received.  She moaned softly at the feel of Jamie’s tongue caressing her own, even as Jamie’s cock caressed her deep inside. 

Jamie broke the kiss but continued her thrusting.  She moved to Megan’s ear.  “How many cocks have you fucked, hmm?”

Megan was trying to wrap her brain around what was being asked of her through her intense pleasure and arousal.  “I … just yours,” she managed, then cried out from the loud slap that suddenly landed on her behind. 

“I don’t believe you,” Jamie growled.  “A little whore like you …”

Jamie pulled out of Megan and climbed off of her, tugging Megan to her feet and roughly shoving her to the chair, forcing her to bend over the piece of furniture, her ass to Jamie.  Her skirt was raised and another slap delivered to her ass.

“I think you’d fuck anything that moved,” Jamie said, against her words shaky, her own wetness oozing out from under the harness and down the inside of her thigh.  She ignored that as she brought both hands to the gorgeous ass before her, caressing the reddened skin.  “I bet everyone wants this beautiful ass, don’t they?”  She dipped a hand between Megan’s legs, a low groan escaping Jamie’s throat at the abundance of wetness she found there. 

“I’m giving it to you,” Megan breathed, almost in tears with her intensifying need.  “Please,” she whimpered. 

“Please, what?” Jamie asked, her fingers stroking the slick folds between Megan’s legs, though staying clear from her clit or her entrance.  “Hmm?  What does this little whore want?”

“Please,” Megan whimpered again, almost beside herself with her need.  “Your cock,” she gasped, hips moving with Jamie’s strokes without her permission or control.  “Fuck me with your cock.”

Jamie was losing control of her own body, so grabbing her cock in one hand, still slick from Megan’s juices, she guided it to Megan’s opening once more, pushing it inside with a hard snap of her hips, Megan crying out.

“Fuck,” Jamie groaned, taking hold of Megan’s hips as she began to slam into Megan.  “Your pussy feels so fucking good…”

Megan held onto the back of the chair the best she could to keep herself from taking a header over the chair as Jamie began to pound into her, Jamie’s flesh slapping against the flesh of Megan’s ass with every thrust. 

Jamie sensed Megan was about to cum, so she stopped her thrusts, her hands once against running over the smooth skin.  She smirked at the desperation in Megan’s whimper, as well as frustration.  It was taking everything in Jamie’s power to hold steady inside Megan and not just bring them both to climax, both on the verge. 

The room was filled with their heavy breathing and Megan’s soft whimpers.  Jamie tried to get her breathing under control, but was struggling.  Her arousal level was at fever pitch.  She studied the gorgeous woman bent over that chair, her skin so warm and soft beneath Jamie’s caressing hands.  With ample will power, she removes her hands from Megan’s softness, though was still buried deep inside of her. 

Megan whimpered and looked back over her shoulder, pleading in her eyes.

Holding her gaze, Jamie formed her hands into claws and ran her nails up over Megan’s ass to her lower back then around, her hand flattening on her lower belly, just above her public line.  Her other hand grasped Megan’s hip again, the first two fingers of the hand on Megan’s belly moving to Megan’s clit, rubbing it quickly as she began to pound into Megan again, Megan holding on for dear life as she cried out in surprise and pleasure. 

“Cum for me, you dirty whore!” Jamie exclaimed, teeth bared as her hips slammed against Megan’s ass.

Within seconds, Megan did, her hoarse cry filling the room as her body exploded, her own fingers like claws on the back of the chair.  Megan’s cries of release helped send Jamie over the edge to her own intense orgasm.  She held them together, her body rigid and fingers digging into Megan’s flesh. 

After a long moment, Jamie realized she was still inside Megan, so gently pulled out, as she knew Megan had taken a beating. 

“You okay, baby?” she asked softly, helping a trembling Megan stand. 

Without a word, Megan turned in Jamie’s arms and buried her face in Jamie’s neck, finding herself completely engulfed in her love’s arms.  “Oh my god, Jamie,” she breathed, calmed as the fingers of one of Jamie’s hands lovingly pulled Megan’s ponytail free and then combed through the soft strands. 

“Was that okay, sweetie?” Jamie asked softly, placing a kiss on Megan’s head.  “Was that what you wanted?”

“My god,” Megan managed.  “Perfect.”   She pulled away a bit, looking up into Jamie’s face.  She cupped it and placed a soft kiss on full lips.  “Thank you for that.  It was everything I wanted.”

Jamie smiled, bringing up a hand to caress the side of Megan’s face.  “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.”  Jamie pulled Megan tightly against her.  “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too,” Megan whispered back before pulling away, taking Jamie’s hand in hers.  “I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.”

Jamie chuckled.  “Yes.  Time for bed.”

The End


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