Messy Life With Grace

By: silverwriter01

Copyright, February 2012. All rights reserved.©


All characters are mine and mine alone. If they look like anybody you know or think you know its sheer coincidence. This story does contain some violence, foul language (Yes), and sexual content (God, yes). If you don’t like any of these, please try your call again.

Synopsis: Agatha was hired to be the store manager of a sex store in the small town of Messy, Alabama. She soon meets the owners of the liquor store, three sisters called Hope, Grace, and Faith. Can Agatha handle living in a small town? Can she ignore Grace’s smile, which makes her weak at the knees?  How will Agatha handle Messy life with Grace?

My never ending thanks to Rosa for editing this story.

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            “Turn right now.”

            Agatha Kneeland glared out her right side window. She had been driving down what could be described as a tunnel of trees for the past twenty minutes. She had not seen any other roads, or even any other cars.

            “There is no right!” She shouted at her GPS. “Where the hell am I?”

            “Turn left in one mile.”

            Agatha was normally a level headed person, but her patience had been pushed to the limit. She had been trying to get to Messy, Alabama, for the past day and her GPS had taken her to the most backwards, backwatered place in the US.

            Agatha had been assistant manager at the Empornium sex store  in Atlanta. The store manager in Messy had retired and when asked if she wanted to transfer, Agatha had jumped at the chance. She had recently broken up with her girlfriend of six months, a strap-on saleswoman who she had caught testing her wares with someone else.

            The only bright side of the breakup was that she didn’t have to introduce her family to Tisha. While her parents would be pleased she was dating an independent, successful black woman, they would not have been pleased to learn Tisha’s occupation. Her parents declared themselves to be liberal, and indeed they were, as an interracial couple who were both literature professors. When she had come out as a lesbian, they barely made a fuss. There had been a time when it was illegal for them to get married.

            Still, liberal only goes so far when it comes to sex. They didn’t know their youngest child worked at a sex store. They thought she ran a clothing store. It wasn’t quite a lie. The Empornium did sell some types of clothing.

            Agatha was looking for a new start. The new job came with use of a fully furnished apartment above the store that the former manager owned and was willing to rent. Giving her landlord her notice, Agatha sold most of her things on Craig’s List and packed up the rest in her car.

            “Make a 360 degree turn when possible.”

            Agatha slapped the GPS off the dashboard. “Start making sense, you piece of crap. What was your mother? Sure as hell wasn’t a Ran McNally map, let me tell you that.”

            A few miles down the road it chirped, “Recalculating route.”

            Agatha grudgingly picked the GPS off the floorboard and placed it back on the dash.

            “Turn left in 300 yards.”

            Agatha was all set to smack the machine again, but slowed down her car when she realized there was a road on her left. Her eyebrows snapped together in a frown when she realized it was an unpaved road. She was prepared to keep driving until she saw a small, practically hidden sign saying 'Messy' with an arrow going to the left.

            “A dirt road?” The dark-haired woman muttered. “The direct route to Messy is a dirt road?”

            Granted Agatha had never heard of Messy, Alabama, but she figured it had to be a semi-established town to have a sex emporium like Empornium. She was starting to get worried.

            Agatha reluctantly turned her little Echo onto the dirt road, and soon decided it was the worst decision she had ever made. It was like driving on a washboard. She was only driving 10 mph and her head had already hit the top of the car several times.

            After ten minutes of driving over basketball sized potholes, she passed an old convenience store that looked like it hadn’t seen a customer in fifty years. The old, rusty sign in front of it read, “Messy Liquor Store.”

            She muttered as the car bounced past it, “I could use a drink right now.”

            “When possible, make illegal u-turn.”

            As much as she wanted to turn around and get a drink, she saw an old sign that read, “Messy, five miles.”

            She said, speeding up, “No way, Josephina. Not turning around when I’m this close.”

            As Agatha was talking to the GPS, she didn’t see the deep rut she drove straight into. The car fell into the rut with so much force that the airbags deployed.

            Agatha’s face was slapped by the airbag, sending her head back into the head rest. She groaned as the rest of her body felt the impact.

            “You have reached your destination.”

            “You product of a bitch,” Agatha shouted as she tried to claw her way through the inflated airbag to reach the GPS. “When I get my hands on you, you’re going to be in so many pieces that even Bill Gates couldn’t put you back together again.”

            Agatha tried in vain to reach the GPS but was unable to get around the airbag. She muttered, struggling to get out of the car, “I thought you were supposed to deflate after the crash.”

             It took a few minutes for Agatha to get her seatbelt unbuckled and her door open. The airbag deflated once she was free of her car. She gave it a withering look and then looked at her car. The rut was about two feet deep and there was no way she’d be able to drive out of it.

            She shook her head tiredly, and reached into her pocket for her phone. She didn’t know who she would call but calling someone seemed like the best idea. Flipping it open, she saw she had no signal.

            “Great, just great. Now what am I going to do?”

            The brown-eyed woman sighed and looked up and down the road. She could walk the five miles to town or try the old liquor store she had just passed. She decided on the liquor store, hoping it wasn’t as deserted as it looked.

            Since it was the middle of the day in the middle of summer, Agatha was soon drenched in sweat as she walked the two minutes back to the liquor store. She really hoped it didn’t mess up her hair which she had relaxed before she left Atlanta.

            As she came closer to the store, she was able to see some fairly new trucks parked behind it. The door held a new sign that stated the store hours. Glancing down at her watch, she was happy to see it was open. Hoping she wouldn’t walk in to find a bunch of horny rednecks, she opened the door. Or at least she tried to. The door was locked.

            Not looking forward to a five mile walk, Agatha started knocking on the door. She knocked a couple of times and then waited. After a minute, she started knocking again and didn’t stop until she heard someone shout, “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

            Agatha was pleased that it was a woman’s voice and waited for the door to open. Agatha jumped as the door was ripped open. The woman gave her a vivid look. At least Agatha would have called the look vivid, but the half-asleep stance of the woman lessened the severity of it.

            Agatha looked her over as the sleepy woman leaned tiredly against the door frame. The woman looked to be in her mid-twenties though her sleepy look made her look much younger. She was almost six foot tall and well muscled. The few inches of blonde hair she had stuck straight up, and she wore an old wife-beater that barely covered her huge breasts. 

            “My car…”

            “Can’t you read! The store doesn’t open till…till…” The woman leaned down to look at the sign. Agatha couldn’t help but watch the woman’s breasts as she moved. They had to be at least double D’s. She wondered why butch women always seemed to have giant breasts.

            The blonde woman blinked at the sign a few times trying to focus her blue eyes. Finally able to read the sign, she straightened and tried to growl, “Till 1 pm. And it’s…it’s…”

            The woman looked down at her wrists, which were bare, and then grabbed Agatha’s wrist. Squinting at Agatha’s watch, she growled, “It’s two. We don’t open till one. Come back during business hours!”

            Agatha could only gape in shock as the woman slammed the door shut. She was still staring at it in disbelief when the door opened again a moment later to reveal a girl who couldn’t be older than 17.

            The girl smiled and said, “Hello. Sorry about that. My sister Grace gets cranky when someone wakes her up before she can get 12 hours of sleep. We usually keep this back door locked. No one comes in this way anymore.”

            “Umm, okay,” Agatha replied hesitantly.

            “Come on in. I’m Faith by the way. I can’t sell you anything, but you can look around until Hope comes downstairs.”

            Agatha walked into the store closing the door behind her. “I’m Agatha.”

            There were shelves and aisles full of all types of bottles, and there were a few coolers in the back full of beer and Smirnoff. A long, large wooden counter ran along the back of the store and held a cash register and an open bag of chips. Faith hopped onto the counter. With one hand, she ate chips and with the other she pulled out a cell phone and started texting.

            Agatha noted that Faith didn’t favor her sister. Grace was a blue-eyed, well-endowed blonde whereas the younger woman looked to be of Hispanic ethnicity and had a much smaller chest.

            “See anything you like?”

            Agatha eyed the bottles around her with great desire but said, “My car got stuck on that road back there. I need some help getting it out and to Messy.”

            Faith’s eyes were wide as she looked up from her phone. “You tried driving down the dirt road?”

            “Umm, yes,” Agatha replied, confused. 

            “No one uses that road unless they want to go mud bogging after it rains. Most people use the paved road.”

            Faith pointed her thumb at a window behind the counter. Agatha walked closer to the counter to see out of it. What she had thought was the front of the building was actually the back. The front view had a nicely paved road in front of it.

            Seething, Agatha promised to break her GPS with a sledge hammer when she got her hands on it. And when she found a sledge hammer.

            “Well, you’re in luck. Grace drives the only tow truck around for thirty miles. She can pull you out and tow you to town once she wakes up.”

            “And when will that be?” Agatha asked.

            Looking at her phone Faith said, “Another hour or so.”

            Agatha jumped as Faith’s phone started playing a Lady Gaga song. Faith flicked it open and started texting again.

            Agatha gasped, “You have signal out here?”

            “Yeah. There’s an Alltel tower not too far from here. Well, I guess it’s a Verizon tower now.”

            “Damn, I have T Mobile,” Agatha muttered.

            Agatha decided to wait for the cranky Grace to tow her to town. The liquor store was nicely air-conditioned and she could ask Faith questions.

            Before Agatha had the chance to speak again, there was a loud shout, “OWWW! HOPE! That hurts! Let go!”

            Agatha looked at Faith with wide eyes and the girl shrugged. “Hope is the oldest. She probably heard the way Grace shouted at you and is dragging her here to apologize.”

            A few seconds later two women appeared in the store through a door off to the side. The older looking one was dragging the sleepy Grace by an ear.

            Hope didn’t look anything like her sisters. Asian in appearance, she wore a John Deere tractor shirt, camouflage pants, and had a fierce energy about her. Agatha knew a woman in charge when she saw one.

            Hope growled, twisting her sister’s ear between her fingers, “Apologize to the nice woman.”

            “OUCH! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Now let go!” Grace shouted trying to swat her sister’s hand away.

            Hope released her sister, who immediately covered her ear. The oldest sister smiled at Agatha, “How can I help you?”

            Slightly shell-shocked, Agatha repeated to Hope what she had told Faith. As Agatha talked, Grace wandered over to the counter and crawled up on top of it. Lying on her side, with one arm tucked under her head and sucking the thumb of her other hand, Grace fell back to sleep.

            Agatha did a double take when she noticed that, but soon turned her attention back to Hope.

            Hope said, patting Agatha on the arm, “There, there. You’ve had a long day. Come with me and I’ll give you something for the nerves.”

            “Um, thanks, but I shouldn’t drink so early in the day.”

            Hope only laughed. Soon Agatha was seated at a kitchen table with a plate of sushi in front of her.

            Agatha could only stare. She was starting to think she had stumbled across the strangest family in America.

            “Try it. I just made it.”

            Agatha didn’t think sushi would relax her, and she wasn’t sure she should eat anything they gave her. However her hungry stomach won the argument.

            “Do you have any chopsticks?”

            Hope gave a hearty laugh. “Chopsticks? Please. This is Alabama. We use forks around here. And here’s some sauce.”

            Agatha jumped as Hope slammed something in front of her. The red bottle of ketchup looked very out of place next to the sushi. Agatha picked up the fork beside her and kept her head down as she ate a piece of a California roll. As she chewed it, she had to admit it was very good even without soy sauce.

            Hope pulled out a chair from the table and turned it around before sitting in it. She said, resting her arms on the back of the chair, “So what brings you out here?”

            Agatha swallowed before saying, “Work. I’m the new manager of Empornium.”

            Hope whistled, “Impressive. Well, I know several Messy citizens who will be pleased to see it reopened.”

            Agatha opened her mouth to ask more  when Faith came walking into the kitchen, still thumbing her cell phone. She muttered, all her attention on her phone, “Grace is up.”

            The transformation left Agatha speechless. Grace practically bounced into the kitchen. She seemed to radiated energy. Grace exclaimed, “Ah, sushi for breakfast. My favorite.”

            She leapt into a chair and started helping herself to several pieces. She snatched the ketchup bottle from in front of Agatha and squirted it all over her food. Agatha thought it looked like the blonde’s food was bleeding but she kept that thought to herself.

            Hope said, watching amused as Grace started shoveling in her food, “We have company, Grace.”

            Ketchup on her chin, Grace finally noticed Agatha sitting beside her. The manager watched as Grace’s face turned as red as the ketchup on her chin.

            In the blink of an eye Grace flew out of her chair and went to hide behind Faith. Grace shot Hope a murderous glare as the eldest sister howled with laughter. Even Faith was smiling as she stared down at her phone, “Grace is shy.”

            “She didn’t seem so shy when she shouted at me a few minutes ago,” Agatha remarked.

            “I what? I mean, I…I couldn’t have. I’ve never seen her…you…I” Grace stammered.

            “She woke you up,” Hope explained.

            Grace turned a deeper shade of red and tried to hide further behind Faith. It didn’t really work. She was twice the size of her sister.

            “Sorry,” Agatha heard Grace mutter, “So sorry.”

            “It’s fine,” Agatha reassured.

            “You can make it up to her by towing her car. She took the dirt road by mistake,” Hope told her younger sister.

            Grace gave a curt nod and dashed upstairs to get away from the stranger at her kitchen table. Hope shook her head, watching her leave, “She’s going to have to get over that shyness if she’s ever going to find a wife.”

            Agatha arched an eyebrow at the comment. It wasn’t hard to guess Grace was gay, but she was surprised Hope volunteered such information.

            “Ready,” Grace said as she stumbled back downstairs. Faith glanced up from her phone, “Is that your new shirt?”

            The blonde fidgeted as she brushed her hand over the light blue men’s shirt she wore, “No.”

            “Well, it’s not your work shirt,” Faith continued to tease.

            “Shut up,” Grace retorted, turning red again. Not meeting Agatha’s stare, Grace muttered, “I’ll just go start the truck and turn the AC on.”

            Hope stood up and took the plate out from the sex-store manager, “You don’t eat much. Guess I’ll save the rest for Grace’s lunch. Come back to see us whenever you want a bottle or to chat.”

            Agatha nodded, though she wasn’t sure she wanted to come back. Things just got stranger by the minute the longer she stayed with the three sisters. She reluctantly followed the way Grace had gone and spotted the blonde sitting in a large, running tow truck.

            Spotting the brunette, Grace leaned over the seat to open the door for her. Agatha reluctantly climbed inside. She hoped Grace didn’t turn all psychopathic on her. She needn’t have worried. Once inside the cab, Grace didn’t say a word. She merely drove around the back of the store and onto the dirt road.

            Once on the road Agatha was shocked when Grace turned to go the opposite way of her car. She was about to say something when the tow truck stopped and Grace put it in reverse. If Agatha thought going down the road forward was bad, it was worse going in reverse. The bumps seemed bigger and she had to keep a hand on the ceiling to avoid smashing her head.

            Agatha sighed in relief once her car came into view in the side mirror. Soon Grace stopped the truck and got out. When Agatha finally climbed out of the cab, the blonde was already reviewing the damage.

            “Big hole,” Grace muttered, mostly to herself.

            “Yeah,” Agatha agreed.

            Soon Grace had a wrench attached to the back of Agatha’s car and started pulling it out of the large rut in the middle of the dirt road.

            “I can take you both into town if you want,” Grace suddenly said, looking down at her shoes.

            The brunette let out a sigh of relief, “I’d appreciate that.”

            Agatha then spotted something in the back of Grace’s truck that caught her eye. It was a sledgehammer. A rush of chaos flowed through her veins.

            “Can I borrow that?” Agatha asked sweetly, pointing to the hammer.

            Grace gulped. She recognized the crazed gleam in others' eyes. Her late father and Hope often got that look. She reluctantly nodded.

            Agatha gleefully went to her car, which was tilting up in the air, and took out the GPS. She took it back beside the truck and laid it on the ground, “You, GPS, have been found guilty of being a piece of crap that couldn’t give directions to a pair of headphones trying to find a pair of ears. You are sentenced to death.”

            Grace watched, slightly horrified and yet amused, as Agatha tried to lift the sledgehammer out of the back of her truck. It was heavier than the other woman expected because she stumbled at the weight. The blonde imagined the hammer winking in the sunlight before it delivered the fatal blow to the electronic device pleading for its life. It was soon over.

            Agatha let out a heavy sigh. She had barely been able to lift the hammer and thus she was surprised when she actually hit her target. She kicked the pieces of the GPS into the ditch. Satisfied, she placed the hammer back in the truck and said, “Let’s go.”

            Once inside with the AC running on high, Grace asked, “Where do you want me to drop you off?”

            “The Empornium. I’m the new manager.”

            Grace turned a bright red and squeaked, “Really?”

            Agatha nodded, giving the blonde beside her a curious look, “Are you a customer?”

            The butch woman shook her head too quickly and turned a deeper red. Agatha knew she was lying. Grace suddenly tried to backpedal when she realized her actions could be considered rude, “Not that there’s anything wrong with working or going into the store. I just…I mean I don’t….but I do…”

            Grace shut her mouth with an audible click. She didn’t speak for the rest of the drive into town.

            Agatha was rather surprised by Messy as they drove through it. It wasn’t as large as she thought it would be. The population didn’t look to be over 2000; not the type of place you would expect to find a sex store.

            Grace drove them to the center of town, where the courthouse sat. All the buildings around it were full of different types of stores and there, on the corner with a café beside, was her shop.

            It didn’t look anything like her old store, which was dark and covered in neon lights. This looked like someone had taken an old country store and painted Empornium on the front glass. She couldn’t believe it was even in business.

            Grace parked in front of the store and unhooked the Echo. She even inspected the front of the car for Agatha as the woman stared in shock at the shop.

            “You’ll have to replace the front for sure. Fiberglass frames don’t take much to break. I don’t think you ruined anything inside of it, but you might have. Take it over to Rudy’s and tell him I sent you,” Grace said.

            “Do people actually shop here?” Agatha demanded to know, not hearing what Grace said. She couldn’t believe she uprooted her whole life to work at a store that could be closed when any church in the neighborhood decided they wanted it gone.

            Grace went red again, “I wouldn’t know.”

            Agatha sighed, forgetting who she had been talking to, “Well, thanks for the lift. How much do I owe you?”

            The blonde quickly shook her head, “No charge. I hope you enjoy living here.”

            Grace flashed Agatha a quick smile before getting in her truck to leave. It left Agatha rather stunned. It had been a brilliant smile and it pierced the misery of her bad day to make her realize Grace was pretty cute.

            She then shook her head, “You are not here to start a relationship with that crazy white girl. Imagine introducing your families.”

            With that sobering thought, Agatha took the key she had been sent and opened the shop.

            The store was smaller than her last one, but no less filled with sex items. The main room was filled with racks of books and DVDs lined the walls, all filled with familiar titles. Going into the next room, she found boxes of sex toys stacked against the wall, lingerie racks, and bins of miscellaneous items. There was even a swing harness on display. It wasn’t a bad shop, she decided. She just didn’t think it would get any business.

            The sound of the front door opening caused Agatha to jump. She went back to the front to see a little old, gray-haired lady standing there.

            “Can I help you?” Agatha asked.

            “Oh, you must be Agatha Kneeland. They said you would arrive today,” The lady said with a grin, “I’m Mrs. Peacock. I used to run the store before I got too old to read the bottles of lubricant. So I retired and I’m going to live off my social security checks until they run out. I’m living with my daughter on the other side of town. Come, come. Let me show you around.”

            Dumbfounded, Agatha followed the old woman.

            “Now we do have a rental service here for the books and movies. I’m not sure if your old store did that. Three dollars to rent a DVD for a night and three dollars to rent a book for three nights. Customers are responsible to return the items in good condition or they’re charged extra fees. Nothing like semen to ruin a book.”

            “I imagine so,” The younger woman muttered.

            “Come on, dear. So much to cover, so little time. Reruns of Matlock start in an hour.”

            Mrs. Peacock showed her the rest of the store and led her up the stairs to the apartment. Agatha was surprised to see it wasn’t a bad place. There were lots of windows with a view of the town. The kitchen and bathroom were up-to-date and the bedroom was medium sized.

            “My son lived here before he moved to Canada to be with some girl he met online. He was, surprisingly, a neat freak so you should find everything in order. If anything comes up, just call me. I’ll send someone over to fix it.”

            Agatha was really pleased with the arrangement. The rent and apartment related bills would come out of her paycheck. She was barely making above minimum wage, but she knew she had a good deal.

            “Welcome to Messy,” Mrs. Peacock said before leaving. Agatha closed the door behind her and leaned against it. She had a feeling her life was only going to get more interesting.

            After wandering around the store some more, she decided it was time to unload her stuff. First she had to look at her car. Her jaw dropped when she saw the front had a large crack in it and the headlights were busted. She didn’t want to think about how much it was going to cost her to get it fixed. She just hoped the car still cranked.

            Luck was briefly with her as the car did start. She turned it off again and decided she would deal with it later. She spent the next hour unloading everything in her car and taking it upstairs. As she climbed up the stairs with her four trip of boxes, she found herself wishing for Grace. Butches were supposed to be good at moving things.

            Agatha wanted to finish unpacking by the end of the night, but the citizens of Messy had other ideas. Almost every twenty minutes someone would pop inside the shop to introduce themselves. The café owner, whose name was Greg, brought her a sandwich and pastry and Agatha was so hungry she declared him to be her new best friend.

            Greg was in his thirties and he ran the café that his mother and father opened. He wasn’t married, stating he liked the single life. Agatha couldn’t decide if he was family or not.

            “You should take your car to Rudy’s. Go up three blocks, take a right on MLK Jr. Drive, and he’s two blocks down on the left,” Greg told her after she finished her meal.

            “I really should get groceries and stuff before I put my car in the shop,” She said.

            “No problem. Piggy Wiggly is just three minutes that way down 2nd Street.”

            After getting groceries and other stuff she decided she needed, Agatha finally went in search of Rudy’s. It wasn’t hard to find and she pulled into the two garage lot. A couple of men were changing tires on a truck. They gave her a long look before going back to work. She fought down any nervousness she felt.

            An old white man with a crew cut and full beard came out to greet her and introduced himself as Rudy.

            “What can I do for you?” He asked.

            “Well, I had a little accident on a dirt road trying to get here,” Agatha started.

            He nodded knowingly, “We keep putting closed signs up on that road, but kids keep taking them down. Let’s see what we got here.”

            As he went to open the hood, Agatha remembered what Grace told her, “Oh, and Grace sent me.”

            “Yeah, she said you might be by,” Rudy said as he lifted the hood, “She’s a good girl, Grace. All the Smith girls are.”

            So Smith is their last name. Such a plain last name considering their first names. That Grace was really cute though. Wait, no! Don’t think about how cute that crazy girl was.

            “So does Grace tow for you?” Agatha asked after Rudy finished checking her car and closed the hood.

            Rudy wiped his hands on a rag from his back pocket, “She’s not my driver if that’s what you're asking. She’s her own tower. Got the truck from her daddy. Tows pretty much anything around here. Tows cars, trucks, tractors to whatever shop they need to go to. Even tows watermelon trailers in the summer.”

            Agatha didn’t know what a watermelon trailer looked like and made a mental note to look it up on Google later.

            “Well, you gotta replace the front for sure.”

            “And how much will that cost?”

            “Well, I won't know until I order the parts,” Rudy admitted, “I’m guessing about five or six hundred dollars.”

            “Jesus,” Agatha hissed, not liking the sound of that.

            “That’s not written in stone,” Rudy reassured, “But you’re going to need a new bumper, lights, and grill.”

            “Okay,” The woman accepted, “I have to trust you.”

            “Would you like one of my guys to drive you back to Empornium?”

            “No thanks,” Agatha politely declined, “I’ll walk. It’s not far and the sun is finally going down.”

            He nodded and she handed over her car keys before setting out back to her new home and shop. It was a nice walk until the gnats started coming out as she neared the shop. She grew more frustrated as she waved them away from her eyes and ears.

            “Damn pests,” She grumbled as she rounded the corner to her shop.

            “Not talking about us, are you?”

            Agatha’s head shot up and she saw all three of the Smith sisters standing in front of the Empornium.

            “No,” Agatha quickly answered, “Bugs.”

            She looked at the three sisters. Grace was trying to hide behind Faith, who was still looking at her phone, and Hope was now wearing an Auburn cap with her black hair pulled back through the hole.

            “We brought you a welcome present,” Hope said, “Grace, show her.”

            Faith stepped to her left to show Grace was holding a covered dish in her hands. Grace muttered, “It’s a hash-brown casserole. If you don’t like it we can…”

            “I love hash-brown casserole,” Agatha quickly declared with a smile. She didn’t really love it, but it was a sweet thought. Plus it got Grace to briefly smile again, which once again lifted Agatha’s spirits.

            “I would invite you guys in, but my apartment is a wreck and Faith is kind of underage. No one under 18 is allowed,” Agatha apologized, “I’m sorry.”

            Hope waved her hands, “No problem. We just wanted to drop this off. We know you’ve been having a rough day and we’re Baptists. If a casserole isn’t enough to make you feel better, we’ll make you a jug of sweet tea.”

            Agatha tried not to smile too much as she took the dish from Grace, who blushed again when their fingers touched. She was beginning to wonder if red wasn’t Grace’s natural color.

            “Best of luck,” Hope said, tipping her cap before leading her sisters away.

            “Bye,” Faith called out over her shoulder. Grace looked over her shoulder with a shy smile, and Agatha had to tell herself yet again to stop thinking of how cute the middle sister was.



            “College Jocks In Socks III isn’t in yet, sir,” Agatha politely told the man, “I’m still trying to update the store since it closed a month ago. A shipment should come in on Tuesday. How about Trading College Anatomy Notes instead?”

            The middle-aged man grumbled, but went to find the movie. She sighed in relief. In the first week, she had gotten more clients than she thought she would have. Apparently several people in Messy liked their pornography and erotica.

            She had asked one customer who had come in four times that week why he didn’t order stuff online and he proudly declared he supported local business owners.

            After the man left with his rented movie, Agatha sighed. There wasn’t enough business to hire someone to help, but it was almost too much to handle by herself.

            The dark-haired woman was glad for busy days. During the nights she started to feel lonely without her friends in Atlanta. She texted them, but it wasn’t the same. She was trying to talk her best friend Claire into coming for a visit. She was also trying to talk her parents out of coming for a visit.

            The bell above the door rang to let her know someone else had entered the store. Agatha lifted an eyebrow. While Agatha wasn’t able to place many names with faces in town yet, she knew the person who just walked in. The thick trench coat and pulled down cowboy hat couldn’t hide the big boobs and blonde hair that Agatha would know anywhere. While the store manager wasn’t entirely sure why Grace Smith wanted to hide who she was, it caused her amusement nevertheless.

            She had seen the tall blonde around town sometimes, driving her truck. When she got her car back and paying only two hundred dollars in damages, Agatha was tempted to drive to the liquor store to see the strange sisters. She didn’t go, but she was sorely tempted.

            Agatha leaned forward on the counter and watched as Grace moved slowly to the lesbian book section, stopping at random sections to make it seem like she wasn’t heading that way. Once at the section, Grace spent only 30 seconds looking before she grabbed a book and made her way slowly to the front, keeping the hat pulled way down.

            “I’d like to buy this please,” Grace said, trying to deepen her voice.

            It took everything in Agatha not to laugh. She said, hearing her voice crack, “Will that be all?”


            “Are you sure? We have a nice sale on vibrators.”

            “I’m fine,” Grace said roughly, still keeping her head down as she pulled out a wallet to pay for the book.

            “The Extraordinary Adventures of Jane Barson, Pool Girl: Adventure Six? Interesting choice. Is it a good series?” Agatha had already read the series and loved them, but she wanted to know what Grace thought.

            Grace gushed, “It’s a great series. The characters are normal but sexy. There’s a plot and the sex scenes are…”

            The blonde stopped as soon as she realized she was talking in her normal voice. Grace coughed and said in the rough deep voice, “They’re alright.”

            Agatha bit her lip, “Well, I need to see some ID.”

            Grace felt herself pale and then all the blood rushed back to her face at once. She had put on the coat to hide who she was and showing her ID would put that all to waste.

            “I…uh…left it in the car,” Grace tried to bluff.

            “Well, I can’t sell to people who don’t show they’re over 18,” Agatha reported, feigning regret.

            Grace silently cursed her lack of foresight. She reluctantly opened her wallet and placed it on the counter, her picture showing. Agatha snatched it off the counter, “Oh my God, look how long your hair is.”

            In the picture Grace’s blonde hair was past her shoulders.

            “Wow,” Agatha repeated. She looked up at Grace who still had her head ducked. She reached over and plucked the hat off the blonde’s head, revealing a blushing face. Agatha inspected the picture and then the woman in front of her. She handed the wallet back, “I like the short hair.”

            “Thanks,” Grace mumbled.

            Agatha thought it was sad to see a woman so cute be so shy and worried. She decided to fix that.

            “Grace, look at me.”

            Grace didn’t want to. She didn’t want to find the woman in front of her so beautiful with her golden brown skin and deep eyes, but she did.

            “I’m not interested in starting a new relationship, but if I was I would definitely be looking at you. You have nothing to be shy about. You have a smile that could light up this entire shop and you don’t have to be shy about coming in the shop. I like a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t mind walking into a store to get it.”

            “But I hid,” Grace protested.

            “You still walked in the door,” Agatha reassured, “And that takes balls.”

            Grace had to laugh, “You’ll have to tell Hope that the next time you see her. She says I don’t have any balls.”

            “And she does?” Agatha asked, glad Grace was opening up.

            “She brags she does. Says she’ll whip them out and put them on the table anytime she needs to.”

            The dark-haired woman laughed, “Remind me never to make her need to. I’ve seen enough testicles in the store to last me three future lifetimes as a straight woman.”

            Grace chuckled as Agatha rang up her purchase and she paid for it.

            “Thanks,” She said, taking the dark bag where her book was held.

            “No problem,” Agatha said and watched the other leave with a small smile on her face. That hadn’t gone so bad.



            “So how goes things in the middle of nowhere?” Claire asked as she and Agatha chatted on the phone. Agatha had been in Messy for a month and she had changed to a Verizon phone to have service.

            Agatha half sighed/laughed, “It goes. It goes. The people here are nice, but kind of strange.”

            “Well, they have to be to have a sex store next to the courthouse.”

            “You’re telling me. This woman came in yesterday, introduced herself as the sheriff’s wife, and asked what size dildo she should get to peg her husband with. There were other customers in the store,” Agatha exclaimed.

            Claire just broke down laughing, “I really will have to visit.”

            Her friend’s voice then turned sly, “So tell me more about this Grace?”

            Agatha felt herself flush, “There’s nothing to talk about. We’re sorta friends … that’s all.”

            “Yeah, ‘sorta friends’ my ass.”

            “Yes, friends,” Agatha reaffirmed, “She comes into the shop to buy or rent a book every few days and sometimes she gets us coffee so we can drink and talk in the shop for a while. She’s a very sweet person once you get past her shyness.”

            “I bet she’s sweet,” Claire agreed, the hidden sexual innuendo in her voice was not so hidden.

            Agatha rolled her eyes, “I’m not looking for a girlfriend. I’m just trying to get my life together.”

            “And there’s nothing wrong with sampling the local fruit while you’re there. I mean you two have got to be the only lesbians in a twenty mile radius of that place and shock of all shocks, you like her and she likes you. You’ve been given a gift from the heavens. Now open up the damn wrapping paper already,” Claire ordered.

            “Maybe you’re right,” Agatha muttered.



            “I’m sick,” Faith declared, pleading evident in her voice.

            “No you’re not,” Grace declared, a smirk firmly planted on her face. It was so rare that she got the chance to top one of her sisters and she was fully enjoying it.

            “I think my tonsils are swollen. Look! Auuuuu!” Faith held her jaw open to show Grace her perfectly healthy tonsils.

            Grace pushed her sister towards the door, “You’re fine, your breath’s fine, your outfit’s fine, and he’s at the door. You’ve been wanting this boy’s attention for two years and you’re not missing out on the first date cause you’re scared.”

            “What if he doesn’t like me?” Faith asked, suddenly shy.

            Grace gave her little sister a quick hug and said, “He already likes you. He’s here after all. Now do you want to leave him alone with Hope any longer?”

            Faith’s brown eyes went wide and she took off towards the front door with Grace following her, chuckling. They arrived to find Hope cleaning out her nails with a large Bowie knife, standing very close to the eighteen year old boy standing at the door.

            Hope smiled at her sister, “Oh, here she is. Now Robby, you remember that conversation we had now. You hear?”

            “Yes, ma’am,” The boy stuttered.

            Faith gave her sister a glare and pulled the boy out of the house. Hope and Grace watched out of the open front door as they drove away in his truck.

            Grace already knew what would happen before it happened. She wrapped an arm around Hope’s shoulders and the eldest sister turned to sob into Grace’s large chest.

            “She’s growing up so fast,” Hope cried.

            Grace patted her sister’s back, “There, there. It’s okay.”

            That’s how Agatha found them when she pulled into the liquor store, still hugging each other. Hope pulled away as she saw the sex store manager. She sniffed and wiped her nose on her sleeve, “I’m just going to go shoot something.”
            Grace patted Hope’s back again and turned her attention to Agatha, who looked confused.

            “Bad time?’

            The blonde shook her head, “She’s just over emotional. Hope kinda took on the main parent role after Dad died eight years ago.”

            “Can I…uh…ask you a question?”

            Grace tilted her head, “Sure.”

            “What’s the story with you and your sisters? I mean none of you look alike,” Agatha said, hoping she hadn’t overstepped her boundaries.

            Grace surprised her by laughing, “Oh, well, why don’t you come in and sit down? It’s not a long tale, but it isn’t short either.”

            The dark-haired woman nodded and followed her inside. A series of loud shots caused her to shout and cling to Grace, “What was that?”

            “Hope’s just working out some issues,” Grace said, trying so hard not to laugh, “Sounds like the AR-15 rifle.”

            “Oh,” The brown-eyed woman said, letting go of Grace. She briefly flushed when she recalled how warm Grace was.

            They sat on the counter since Grace was technically watching the store. As she fiddled with a tiny bottle of Jack Daniels, Grace started talking.

            “Well, most people around here say my dad was a good man and I think he was. But you have to know that Valor Smith could not keep his penis in his pants and that got him into trouble. He joined the army when he was seventeen and traveled around the world. For a while Dad was stationed in Japan, where he met Hope’s mom. She died in childbirth.”

            Agatha’s face twisted in sympathy but she let Grace keep talking.

            “After that, he came back to Messy to settle down and raise Hope. When Hope was about five, Dad got drunk one night and ended up buying a plane ticket to Norway. Don’t ask me how it happened, but it did. So he goes on a mini-vacation and what does he come back with? A new wife. Nine months later, I was born. She only stuck around for a year before she left to go to Vegas.”

            Agatha placed her hand on Grace’s thigh, “I’m sorry.”

            Grace shrugged, “It happens. So when I was six years old, Selena moved into town. She’s actually the one who opened the liquor store. Dad just worked on Papa’s farm. Selena was from Mexico, having moved here with her parents when she was ten. She was legal and everything. Anyway Dad and Selena fell in love, we moved here by the store, and we were a pretty happy family until Dad started to get that itch in his pants again. He slept with some tramp in the next county, luckily not getting her pregnant. Selena found out and left us. I mean she still calls Faith every now and then. Dad died about eight years ago from a heart attack.”

            “I‘m sorry,” Agatha repeated herself. Then she said, without thinking, “Your father did not have much luck with women.”

            Grace chuckled, “Yeah, it wasn’t his strong suit. And so there you have it. The story of the three half-breed sisters. Hope’s half Japanese, I’m half Norwegian, and Faith’s half Mexican.”

            “I don’t like the term half-breed,” Agatha frowned,

            Grace briefly panicked, wondering if she should backtrack because she didn’t want to upset Agatha, “I don’t care about the term, but I guess it’s easier for me to say since no one gives me a second glance when thinking about races. Me and my sisters don’t give it much attention. We’re all Alabamans if anything and Hope will tell you if you cut her, she bleeds Auburn orange and blue. And you know the most famous person in the world right now is a half-breed.”

            Agatha arched a brow, “The President?”

            “No, Harry Potter,” Grace stated proudly, “He’s a half-blood.”

            Agatha ended up laughing despite herself, “I’ve never read the books.”

            A horrified look came onto Grace’s face, “You haven’t? That’s…that’s like a sin against nature.”

            “Well, most of the books I've read lately have characters that lack clothes,” Agatha shrugged.

            “Those are valid and necessary books, but Harry Potter…Harry Potter is life. Harry Potter is…is…awesome. You’ve at least seen the movies, right?”

            When Agatha shook her head, Grace let out a long groan. She finally shook her head, “I just don’t know if we can be friends anymore.”

            “How about you come over to my place one night with the movie, I’ll make dinner, and we can watch it?” Agatha slowly offered.

            A tiny look of hope crossed Grace’s face before it disappeared. Grace was sure Agatha didn’t mean it as a date.

            “As a date,” Agatha confirmed, as if reading Grace’s mind.

            “But you said you weren’t interested in a new relationship,” Grace protested before she could stop herself.

            “I wasn’t, but Rudy came into the shop today for some lube and we ended up having a talk.”

            Grace felt herself start to blush, whether from the thought of Rudy getting lube or what he might have said she didn’t know.

            “He told me what you did for me,” Agatha said, “How you’ve been towing cars to him for free for the past month so I wouldn’t have to pay the six hundred dollars it was going to cost me.”

            “I was just trying to be nice,” Grace muttered.

            Agatha smiled, placing her hand back on Grace’s thigh, “Exactly. I thought I better figure out if you and I can work as a couple before someone else comes along and snatches you up.”


            “And if you’re that nice to a total stranger,” Agatha added with a sly grin, “I can only imagine how nice you’d be when we’re dating,”

            “I can be very nice,” Grace added with a sly grin of her own, though the blush took away some of the mischievousness.

            They both stared at each other with a pleasant smile when the sounds of sobs caught their attention. They turned to see Hope standing in the doorway that connected the house to the store, wiping her tears with one hand while the other held a rifle.

            “Don’t mind me,” She sobbed, turning to leave, “Both of my babies are growing up. I’m just going to go blow something up. Agatha, I expect you over for lunch after church this Sunday.”

            Grace gave Agatha an apologetic look, “I think you should go. The last time Hope blew something up…well…let’s just say we used to have a shed and now we don’t.”

            “Okay,” Agatha agreed, “So, Friday at 8 for our date?”

            “I’ll be there,” Grace promised, a soft smile on her face. It took a lot of self-control for Agatha not to kiss her then.



            “So what’s your full name?” Faith asked, meeting Agatha’s glance. Agatha was surprised the girl was even looking at her. Every other time she had seen Faith, the girl was glued to her cell phone. She would learn later that the Smiths had a rule against cell phones during Sunday dinner.

            “Agatha Ophelia Kneeland.”

            “Your initials spell AOK,” Faith declared with a laugh.

            “And the first syllable of each name makes Ag-Oh-Nee. Agony,” Hope laughed though she was the only one. Grace gave her sister a look and then shook her head at Agatha, twirling a finger by her temple where Hope couldn’t see.

            “What’s your full name?” Agatha asked, turning her attention back to Faith.

            “Faith Ana Gustavo-Smith.”

            Grace teased, “Her initials spell FAGS.”

            Faith rolled her eyes, “It’s hilarious considering I’m the only straight girl at the table.”

            “Hey,” Hope protested, “I’m straight.”

            Both her sisters gave her a disbelieving look, “That thing with Crystal Adams at the 4th of July party doesn’t count! It was just a kiss and I’ve been seeing Jim from Guns & Ammo.”

            “Only because you want discounted prices,” The youngest sister retorted. Grace also counted, “And I’ve seen Crystal stop by the shop well after closing and you two head off into the woods where your large deer stand is.”

            Hope flushed, “We just take a few beers and talk. Our lips never touch! There’s nothing going on.”

            As the sisters argued back and forth, Agatha watched them with an amused smile on her face. She and her older brother never interacted the way the Smith sisters did. They were crazy, but she liked them. Especially Grace.

            A larger smile crossed her face as she remembered their first date. Grace had shown up with the first Harry Potter movie, a bottle of wine Agatha liked, and a shy smile.

            Had it been the most romantic, earth-shaking first date in the history of first dates? No. Had it been nice and well worth a second date? Yes. Had their first kiss been nice? Yes. Had the second kiss been incredible? Hell, yes.

            Grace had surprised her with the kiss. Agatha had been sure she would be the one to take the next step. So when she walked Grace downstairs to the door, she hadn’t been expecting the other woman to lean forward and press their lips together. It had been sweet, gentle, and over before her next heartbeat.

            “I’m going to need a larger sample to decide if this is going to work out,” Agatha declared before pulling the woman in for another kiss. That one had lasted two and a half minutes, leaving Grace to stumble to her car while Agatha leaned against the door.

            Hope’s shout brought Agatha back to the present, “Fine! We make out like rabid teenage werewolves under a full moon! Is that what you want to hear?”

            Both Grace and Faith wrinkled their nose in distaste, “Eww. I didn’t want to know that.”

            After dinner Grace and Agatha sat out on the houses’ screened-in porch. Agatha said, rocking back and forth in the chair she was in, “This is a nice chair.”

            “Thanks. My Grandpa made them. He likes to fiddle around when he’s not farming.”

            Grace looked out at the sky and said, “Hey, we have a few hours before dark. Do you want to go for a ride?”

            “A ride?” Agatha asked, her brow raised in question.

            Grace grinned, “Yeah, a ride.”



            “Is this safe?” Agatha asked as she squirmed on Grace’s lap. Grace smirked, “Of course it is. I’ve known how to drive a tractor since I was as tall as my dad’s hip.”

            “So you were three when you learned to drive?” Agatha asked, feigning seriousness. She jumped when Grace goosed her and laughed.

            Grace started the engine of the John Deere 7030. The loud sound and rumbling caused Agatha to stir and she yelped when the thing started to move forward.

            “Relax. It will be fun.”

            Agatha had to trust the blonde woman. When Grace said she would take them out on a date, she hadn’t known it would involve a tractor. Still, as they continued to drive through across the fields and over gentle hills, she had to admit it was peaceful and beautiful.

            “So is this your way of telling me that you’re a big, redneck farmer?”

            Grace laughed, “No. I hate farming and I hate being in the sun for too long. Hope is the redneck.”

            Agatha ran a hand down Grace’s pale arm, admiring the contrast in their skin, “I wondered why you barely had a tan.”

            “I burn easily. Luckily the sun is going down or I would be slathered in sunscreen.”

            Grace drove the tractor around the perimeter of her family’s farm until the sun started going down. That’s when she turned it around to head to the barn.

            “Your farm is big.”

            “Yeah, it is. We have cows in one area and the rest is divided up into peanuts, hay and cotton. Before you came, I was hauling hale bales left and right. Peanuts and cotton are about to be ready to harvest once September rolls around in a few weeks. Trust me, once harvesting time starts, my family will be calling me into work. We’ve gotta get the peanuts in before we get the cotton in.”

            “Something about farm talk in a tractor makes you seem so sexy,” Agatha said. Grace was about to start singing ‘She thinks my tractor’s sexy’ when Agatha turned to kiss her. The blonde barely had enough sense to hit the brakes before she crashed them into something. By the time they got back to the barn it was dark.

            “Well, I can scratch making out in a tractor off my bucket list,” The store manager quipped. Grace grinned, “Well, if you ever feel like something more physical in a tractor, give me a call.”

            “I’ll be sure to,” Agatha promised.



            “So have you banged her yet?” Hope asked.

            “Suck the fuck up and watch your language,” Grace snapped, roughly taking the bottle Hope held out to her. She turned to place it on the top shelf where Hope couldn’t reach without a chair.

            “Sorry. Didn’t mean to be crude. Have you made the two-backed beast with her yet?”

            Grace blushed as she continued stacking bottles of Grey Goose Vodka, “No.”

            Hope almost dropped the bottle she was holding, “Good God, woman! That is one hot piece of lady and you haven’t had sex with her yet? What’s wrong with you? Where are your balls, man?”

            The blonde rolled her eyes as she again snatched the bottle away from Hope, “For the millionth time, I am not a man and I don’t have balls. We haven’t had sex yet because it’s only been two months and I don’t want to mess this up.”

            “Two months in lesbian time is like a year,” Hope protested, “And a year is a long time to go without sex.”

            Grace snorted, “And how would you know that? That two months is a year thing.”

            “I read it. Now quit changing the subject. Are you the reason y'all haven’t had sex yet or is she the reason?”

            “That’s none of your business.”

            Hope studied her tall sister and said, it finally dawning on her, “Ah. I get it now. You’ve never had sex before. Well, I did my best to give you the talk back when you were a kid, but I guess we need a refresher course. Now when two people like each other they…”

            “Hope!” Grace shouted, quickly cutting off her sister’s speech, “I’ve had sex before!”

            “With who?” Hope demanded to know after she overcame the shock of her little sister having sex, “Who defiled my baby?”

            The taller woman patted her shorter sister, “That’s for me to know and you to stop thinking about before your nose starts bleeding like all of those Japanese anime characters seem to do.”

            “There’s a racist comment in there somewhere and I’m not sure whether I approve or if I want to hit you.”

            Grace left before Hope could make up her mind.



            “So why haven’t you had sex?” Claire asked.

            Agatha watched on her computer screen as Claire was putting on her makeup. They were video chatting as Claire got ready to go out on a date.

            “Because we’re waiting for the right time.”

            “Sure, sure. So is there something wrong with her? Does her body turn you off? You described her as a big, breasted giant. That’s not your usual cup of tea.”

            Agatha protested, “No, no. It’s not that. I think she’s really cute and for some reason her breasts are kind of a turn on. It’s like I want to…”

            “Hold it,” Claire interrupted, “Too much info, not enough wine. I only want the juicy details when I’m drunk.”

            Agatha laughed, “We could easily, and cheaply, get drunk if you would visit me.”

            “I’m afraid of getting lost and ravaged by the locals,” Claire said as she put on some mascara.

            “You’re not their type,” Agatha retorted.

            Claire turned her attention towards the camera in front of her, “I’m going to take a not so wild guess and say you’re the reason you two haven’t had sex yet. Because of what happened with Tisha.”

            “No,” Agatha protested hotly. Clare merely gave her a look. “Okay, fine. That has something to do with it. Tisha and I were having sex right from the start and I want it to be different with Grace. She’s kind of special. Not in a low intelligence way but as in a kind of sweetness one rarely finds these days.”

            “Well, I’m not going to push you to do something you’re not ready to do yet. Still if I was in your shoes, I’d be climbing into bed with that girl and not come out for a week.”

            “That is a tempting thought,” Agatha mused.



            Agatha looked at her girlfriend and said, amused, “Are you crying?”

            Grace didn’t even try to deny it. They had just finished watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at Agatha’s apartment and Grace knew she would always tear up at the end, “Dobby just died. How can you not be crying?”

            “I mean it’s sad but I’ll make it through,” Agatha chuckled. Grace wiped away her tears with her hand, “Well, you just don’t have the emotional connection I have with the books.”

            “I suppose so.”

            Agatha studied her girlfriend as the blonde went to take the DVD out of the player. She realized Grace and all her quirks made her happy and she wanted nothing more than to kiss her.

            “Come here you.”

            Grace arched an eyebrow but did as she was ordered. Agatha tapped her lips, causing Grace to grin as she followed the silent order for a kiss. One kiss became three and before Grace knew it, she was lying on the couch with Agatha straddling her.

            Long, slow kisses caused their hearts to beat faster. Agatha sat up on her knees to remove her shirt, causing Grace’s heart to pound painfully in her chest as butterflies started fluttering in her stomach.

            Agatha noticed both the arousal and nervousness in her lover, “It’s just you and me. No judging, no rush.”

            “Sounds good to me,” Grace said, running her hands up Agatha’s sides. Agatha leaned forward so Grace’s hands could slip behind her back to undo her bra.

            “Would it be okay if…”

            “If?” Agatha prompted as her bra slid off.

            “If I talked during,” Grace asked, all her attention now on her girlfriend’s breasts. Agatha grinned, “I think that would be alright.”

            “Good, because these are amazing.”

            Agatha had expected Grace to be shy when it came to sex, but the tall blonde wasn’t shy at all. She wanted to know exactly how Agatha liked having her breasts touched and when she found out, Grace did exactly what Agatha said. She started off pinching the dark nipples lightly and progressed to firmer. Soon Agatha’s nipples were in her mouth and she was lightly biting.

            By the time Agatha was reclining against the couch, her sweatpants long removed, she couldn’t tell Grace what she liked anymore so Grace tried what she knew, “Do you like this? Do you like long, firm circles rubbed on your clit?”

            Agatha suddenly gripped Grace’s shoulder tightly as she made a keening sound. Her orgasm took them both by surprise though Agatha suspected Grace’s voice had something to do with it.

            Grace was all set to start over when Agatha stopped her, “No. I can’t again so soon. I promise.”

            The blonde made a mental note to see about that later, but settled beside darker-toned woman on the couch.

            “So tell me, blondie, are you ever going to take off your clothes?” Agatha asked, suddenly very interested in making love to Grace. Now her lover became shier, though the eagerness was still there. Grace removed her shirt and sports bra, and Agatha was on her lap again.

            “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to see these things,” Agatha said, placing her hands over Grace’s large breasts. Agatha started her exploration of Grace’s body, more content to explore than ask. She found Grace loved having her nipples sucked, which Agatha was happy to do. Soon she was kneeling in front of the couch, having gotten Grace’s pants and boxers off.

            Agatha paused in surprise at finding Grace clean shaven, but saved her comment. She wanted to know what Grace’s clitoris felt like on her tongue. Spreading her lover’s lips apart, she placed her mouth on Grace.

            “Jesus,” Grace gasped, fighting to keep her hips on the couch. Agatha was amused, but she focused on twirling her tongue around Grace’s swollen clitoris before licking her way down. Given how aroused Grace already was, Agatha didn't have to lick long before Grace started to come.

            Agatha didn’t mind they both were over fast the first time. She was actually thrilled they found each other so exciting. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand before moving up next to Grace.

            “So are you multi-orgasmic?” Agatha teased, brushing a strand of blonde hair away from Grace’s face.

            “I’m not entirely sure. We might need to find out,” Grace laughed lightly, out of breath.

            Some hours later they lay in Agatha’s bed resting against each other.

            “Have I ever told you I really like your hair?” Grace said, brushing it with her hand.

            “Good hair.”

            “Excuse me?” Grace said, tilting her head to look down at her girlfriend.

            Agatha adjusted her head on Grace’s large breast, “Black women used to tell me I had good hair because it was more like a white girl’s hair. I received a lot of compliments and harassment about having hair like this because I’m mixed. Lot of compliments and harassment from being mixed in general.”

            “People can be dicks like that,” Grace said. She laced her fingers with Agatha’s, “At the risk of sounding like a dick, I really like the contrast of our skin.”

            Agatha laughed, “It’s not that I’m dark, it’s that you’re so white. You never go out into the sun more than you can help it.”

            “I burn easily,” Grace said, defending herself.

            They continued to tease each other until Grace turned out the lights where they shared softly spoken secrets until they fell asleep.



            “You will not burn the coffee this morning or I will kill you,” Agatha declared to the coffee pot, “I’m not asking for Starbucks here but you don’t have to act like the bastard cousin of an engine.”

            Grace watched from the archway of the kitchen as her girlfriend talked to inanimate objects. It was one of her quirks that both worried and highly amused her at the same time.

            “I’ll make a note to get you a new coffee pot for Christmas,” Grace said, walking topless into the kitchen, “I wonder where my shirt went to.”

            Agatha grinned as she picked at the large shirt that stopped a few inches before her knees, “Did anyone ever tell you that you’re really tall?”

            “My mother was a giantess.”

            “That would explain it.”

            Agatha turned to the cabinet to get two coffee cups from the shelf. She smiled as Grace’s arms wrapped around her and she set the cups. When kisses started peppering her neck, she said, “I can’t cook breakfast with you wrapped around me.”

            “I’m not really hungry for food.”

            The way Grace almost growled into her ear made Agatha shiver. Grace moved one hand towards Agatha’s breast and started to lightly pinch the erect nipple her fingers found, just the way she had discovered Agatha liked. With her other hand, the blonde tugged her shirt above Agatha’s hips and let her hand slide in from behind.

            Agatha bit back a gasp and shuffled her hips, pushing back against Grace’s hand. Grace smiled as her fingers found her lover already wet. She ran two fingers along the outside, not yet pushing in. She asked, pausing in her kissing but pinching harder with her fingers, “Do you want me to go inside?”

            Remembering Grace’s long fingers inside last night made Agatha tighten and then relax, wetter than before, “Yes.”

            Grace slipped one, then two fingers inside. Agatha’s hands clenched against the counter, searching for something to hold onto. When Grace dropped her other hand to start rubbing Agatha’s clitoris in time with her thrusts, Agatha came undone with a soft moan.

            “That was totally unfair,” Agatha said afterwards, “That was like an ambush.”

            Grace shrugged with a smirk as she washed her hands, “You said yes.”

            “Well, now I’m rather hungry,” Agatha said. Grace turned off the faucet and turned towards her girlfriend, “Oh really?”


            Nothing changed and everything changed with their relationship after that. They started spending more time with each other, which Agatha hadn’t thought possible, and were spending the night at each other’s houses.

            They still had their bumps in the relationship, but they worked things out. Agatha personally felt they had passed a milestone when they settled out the sleeping arrangements soon after they became lovers.

            The first few nights after making love, they had cuddled together throughout the night. One night in Grace’s room Agatha noticed her girlfriend seemed more restless than usual.

            “What’s wrong?” Agatha asked as she felt Grace fidget underneath her as she rested half-way on the blonde.

            “Nothing,” Grace quickly lied.

            The store manager raised herself on her elbow and looked down at her girlfriend, “Do you not like cuddling?”

            Grace quickly protested, “No! That’s not it at all. It’s just…well…it’s kind of hard to sleep like this.”

            Agatha tilted her head, not sure if she should be offended or not, “So you don’t like cuddling?”

            “No, no. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying I like cuddling but I also sleep on my stomach. I mean cuddling with you is amazing. It makes me feel warm, cozy, and special. And I know I haven’t done much of the cuddling while sleeping with someone thing but I’m pretty sure cuddling is cuddling and sleeping is sleeping. The two don’t have to always go together. I mean I never understand why all those romance books write about how two people in love always have to sleep cuddled to each other and they only sleep apart when they’re fighting. And I’m rambling. I’m sorry,” Grace finished, looking away.

            Agatha paused to think about all that Grace had said. There was some truth in the rambling. She had never slept very well when her girlfriends had been over and they cuddled throughout the night, but she had always blamed the sex for the lack of feeling rested. But the truth was she mostly slept on her side and it always woke her up when a girlfriend would suddenly move or cuddle against her during the night.

            “I concede to your wisdom,” Agatha said after pondering out Grace’s statement.

            “That means you’re okay to sleeping without cuddling?” Grace asked, wanting to make sure she didn’t mishear.

            “Yes. I think it would be fine if we slept separately.”

            “Okay then.”

            Agatha and Grace moved apart from each other. Agatha rolled onto her side, facing away from Grace while the blonde lay on her stomach. Grace enjoyed being in her normal sleeping position but she couldn’t go to sleep. Something felt unsettled.

            Agatha wondered what Grace was doing as she felt the other woman moving suddenly. She then started to smile as she felt Grace pepper her shoulder with kisses, “What are you doing?”

            “I just wanted to tell you that you are so amazing and beautiful before I go to


            Agatha’s smile widened, “Well, you’re not so bad yourself.”

            Grace placed one last kiss on Agatha’s shoulder and rolled over. Instead of the awkward air from before, there was a comfortable ease that allowed them both to fall asleep on their sides of the bed.



            Agatha jerked awake as she felt someone shaking her arm, “My vagina isn’t open for another eight hours. Call back later.”

            “You asked me to wake you up, Aggie,” Grace said, mirth tainting her voice, “You said you wanted to go pick pecans with Faith, Hope, and I.”

            “I lied,” Agatha said, rolling over.

            Grace chuckled, “Okay. I’ll talk to you later then.”

            The sleepy woman rubbed her eyes, “No, wait. I’m up. I’m up. Just give my body a minute to realize it’s up too.”

            Agatha peered at her girlfriend, “How are you so awake anyway? It’s like pulling a horse through mud trying to get you to wake up in the morning.”

            “Hope came in and poured some Coke down my throat about thirty minutes ago.”

            Agatha suddenly pulled the blankets up around her naked body, “Your sister was in here? And she saw me like this?”

            Grace suddenly looked worried, afraid she was in trouble, “I don’t think she saw you. I mean she used a flashlight because she didn’t want to wake you and I umm…I…”

            “Go get me a cup of coffee, Grace,” Agatha ordered her stammering girlfriend. The blonde ran off to do as she was told.

            Thirty minutes later with two cups of coffee in her and the sun barely over the horizon, Agatha and the Smith sisters were at a small pecan orchard their father had planted.

            “They’ve been fallen for a few days now,” Hope explained, getting pecan harvesters out of the back of her truck, “We need to get them before any thieving varmints decide to get them.”

            “You mean like wildlife?” Agatha asked.

            A dark look crossed Hope’s face, “I mean like trash.”

            Agatha looked to Grace for an explanation. Grace said, “She’s talking about thieves. Pecans bring in good money and people will go onto other people’s property and pick them. We never thought we would have a problem with thieves but one year we came out here to find a lot of pecans missing from the trees but none were on the ground. Now we make sure to get out here early. Hope doesn’t take kindly to thieves.”

            Hope said adjusting her Auburn hat, “Well, let’s get to work. The sooner we pick them, the sooner we can take them to get shelled or sold.”

            She handed a harvest roller to Faith and Agatha while Grace started strapping on knee pads.

            “Oh my,” Agatha said, “I don’t know whether to be amused or worried.”

            Grace rolled her eyes, “Best way to pick pecans is to get on your hands and knees. You two will be rolling.”

            Agatha didn’t have time to make another joke before Hope ordered them to work. In a few hours they had several sacks and buckets filled with pecans. The eldest sister looked pleased, “That’s good enough for now. Let’s take these to the sheller’s then I’ll treat everyone to pancakes.”

            “Your face is a pancake,” Faith said, her first words spoken all morning. She resented having to wake up early to work.

            “That insult was just plain horrible. I should make you write a paper on how bad it was,” Hope said, shaking her head in disappointment.

            “I should make you eat your face since your face is a pancake.”

            Grace looked over Agatha and shook her head, “This is what I grew up with. I think that deserves a pity kiss.”

            Agatha gave her girlfriend a quick peck, “You all deserve a place in a mental institution, to be honest.”

            “We were all committed once, but you see, the closest place they could put us was the prison’s mental institution. They had to let us go three hours later because we kept making the prisoners cry.”
            “The scary thing is I almost believe that,” Agatha said solemnly.



            Even though she knew she should be downstairs finishing the last day of work before the store closed for the week of Thanksgiving, Agatha couldn’t get out of bed. Her period had just started and the first day left her riddled with cramps that only Midol and heat pads seemed to slightly ease.

            Grace had done her best to help Agatha out. She covered her shift at the store and bought her girlfriend some chocolate. The store was officially closed for a week and Grace was sitting on the bed next to Agatha.

            “I’m dying,” Agatha moaned. Grace frowned in sympathy, “I’m sorry, baby. Is there anything I can do?”

            “Cut out my uterus? You have big knives. I’ll hold really still,” Agatha promised, pushing her hand right into the spot in her pelvis that throbbed.

            Grace gently pushed her hand away and said, “Let me see what I can do.”

            “I’m not in the mood for sex.”

            Grace grinned, “Well, orgasms are very wonderful for relieving cramps and I’m not making that up. But I wasn’t going for sex.”

            The blonde started massaging her thumbs deep along Agatha’s pelvic bone and mound. The dark-haired woman sighed in relief as the pain started to lessen, “That’s actually working.”

            “I do know what I’m doing on occasion,” Grace smirked.

            Agatha merely hummed in agreement. After a while she felt Grace’s thumbs slip a little lower, massaging just an inch away from the top of her labia.

            “I said no sex.”

            Grace begged, “Please?”

            “No,” Agatha stated. She would have knocked Grace’s hands away except they relieved her cramps. She was also starting to feel a bit more aroused, though she wasn’t sure she wanted to continue, “It’s gross and messy.”

            “You’re wearing a tampon right?”

            Agatha wrinkled her nose, “Yeah but what does that have to do with anything?”

            Grace leaned forward so she was hovering over her girlfriend, “Means no mess. Haven’t you ever masturbated during your period?”

            Agatha frowned, “No. Like I said, it’s gross. You’ll get blood everywhere.”

            Grace shook her head, “No, you won’t. I promise. Please? I promise it will relieve your cramps. I’ll just use my fingers. Okay?”

            “Well,” Agatha hedged. Grace leaned down to draw her lover into a slow but deep kiss. Agatha started to respond. As they made out for several minutes, the blonde woman slipped her hand down until she was cupping her. Agatha let out a moan as Grace’s palm slowly ground atop her clitoris.

            “Please,” Grace begged in her ear. Agatha gave a bare nod before pulling her into another passionate kiss. Grace groaned in pleasure as she slipped her hand underneath the brunette’s panties. She glided her fingers down to search for wetness, the tampon string briefly tangling in her fingers as she found what she wanted.

            Agatha arched up in protest and tore her mouth away, “See, I’m bleeding through.”

            Grace sighed as she pulled her fingers out and held them up for Agatha, “See, no blood.”

            Feeling a little wicked, the blonde leaned over and kissed Agatha’s ear before whispering, “Relax and let me rub your little clit. I promise to rub hard and slow until you come.”

            Agatha involuntarily clinched at the words as a throb of pleasure ran through her. She opened her legs wider for Grace’s returning hand. She whimpered as she felt the fingertip press against her and start a slow but firm spiral.

            Grace followed her girlfriend’s movements. As Agatha started arching her hips, she switched from circles to strokes. With her free hand she started teasing one of Agatha’s hardened nipples as she sucked at the wildly beating pulse on her girlfriend’s neck. She knew it would be over soon.

            Agatha couldn’t believe how close she was with so little touching. Soon with Grace’s steady rubs and her own walls clenching the cotton mass inside of her, Agatha came.

            The blonde smiled proudly and she continued to rub softly as the last of the tremors went through Agatha’s body. When the brunette’s hips settled down, Grace stopped her rubbing. She leaned up to give her girlfriend a kiss and an “I told you so”, but Agatha’s eyes were already closing. With a soft smile Grace removed her hand and eased off the bed. Covering her girlfriend with a sheet, she went to wash her hands.



            “So how much further till we get there?” Faith whined, “Your driving makes me carsick. Why couldn’t Grace drive?”

            “No side-seat whining,” Hope ordered, “We’re almost there.”

            Agatha would have grinned at the fighting sisters except she was feeling slightly carsick as well. Grace patted her hand and whispered, “Don’t worry. I’ll drive home.”

            Agatha gave her girlfriend a grateful smile even though she was nervous. She had agreed to meet Grace’s extended family at Golden Corral for dinner because she would be staying with her own family in Georgia for the Thanksgiving. She wondered how she would handle the five-day break from Grace.

            “Agatha,” Grace started, turning to look at Agatha, “I think I should warn you about certain individuals of my family. To put it lightly, we have some interesting characters.”

            “AKA they’re bat-shit crazy,” Hope translated from the driver’s seat. Agatha kept her sarcastic comment to herself.

            “That too,” Grace agreed, “There will be Maw-Maw and Grandpa. They’re okay. Then we have my aunts and uncles, who I’ll just have to explain when we get there, as well as most of my cousins. There are really two people you have to know about. One is our cousin Jordan, who is our favorite, and then there’s Dill. Dill is…hard to get along with.”

            “AKA he’s a racist asshole most of the time,” Hope translated again.

            “But he hates everybody equally. So he’s going to say some pretty bad things and you have every right to get offended. If he says anything directly to or about you, I promise to knock his lights out,” Grace pledged.

            Agatha smiled as she put her hand on Grace’s leg, “It’s okay, Grace. I’ve heard racist stuff before. What’s faster than the black man who stole your TV last week?”

            Grace was taken back. After a moment she slowly said, “I don’t know.”

            “His cousin with the VCR.”

            The blonde felt the laughter bubble in her stomach and fight hard to come out. She quickly covered her mouth to hide the grin on her face.

            Agatha nudged her, “See. That was kind of funny.”

            Faith said, never looking up from her phone, “What do you call a Mexican driving a new car? A felon.”

            Agatha and Grace both shook their heads while they smiled. Hope barked laughter. She said, “How do you blindfold an Asian? With dental floss.”

            Hope laughed for a second but stopped when she realized no one else in the truck was. She grumbled, “You bitches don’t have a sense of humor.”

            Grace looked at Agatha, who was smiling. She felt better about introducing her to the family.

            When they arrived at the Golden Corral, Faith quickly exited the vehicle, “Land! Solid land!”

            “No chocolate fountain dessert for you,” Hope said, following her youngest sister inside.

            “So you eat here often?” The sex store manager asked.

            Grace shrugged, “I guess so. It’s an endless buffet and some folks in our family can eat a lot.”

            Agatha hesitated a moment when she noticed a crowd of people waiting by the front door, “Are all of those your family?”

            Grace gave a curt nod, “Yep.”

            Between endless faces and names, Agatha found herself seated between Faith and Grace with Hope and their cousin Jordan sitting across from her. She wasn’t certain if Jordan was Uncle George’s son or Aunt Sally’s. Or were George and Sally married? She shook the thought from her head and tried to focus on a conversation, which was hard to do, since a dozen seemed to be going on at their long row of tables.   

            Agatha was about to dig into her macaroni and cheese when she noticed Grace taking Hope’s plate. She watched as Grace started cutting Hope’s steak into tiny pieces and looked up at the eldest sister.

            “Why can’t you cut your own steak?” She asked.

            Hope’s mouth twitched and she didn’t say anything. Everyone in the Smith family who heard Agatha’s question started laughing. Grace explained, a large smirk on her face, “It’s a really funny story. Well, to us, I don’t know how funny it will be to you. I guess it was about two years ago. We were eating here like we always do and we were laughing our heads off over this and that. I was sitting next to Hope and we were laughing over something. I felt her grab my arm and I didn’t think much of it. I just thought she was laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe. I look over and see she has panic written all over her face. She was choking on a piece of steak that was too big. I panicked, asked if she was okay and started gently patting her back. I had completely forgotten about any first aid crap. Luckily she coughed the piece up herself.”

            “Wow,” Agatha said, not finding the story funny, “I’m glad you were okay, Hope.”

            Jordan laughed, “She was fine physically but she looked about to cry. Like she had seen death or something. She said all she could think about was people reading about what had happened in the newspaper and how it was such a pussy way to die. She didn’t want everyone to know she had choked to death on a piece of steak at the Golden Corral. So I picked up my steak knife and said, ‘I wouldn’t let you go out like that. I would leap across this table and stab you in the heart before I let people think you died on a piece of steak.’ Then Grace added,” He paused, signaling Grace to speak.

            Grace had to catch her breath from laughing before she spoke, “Then I said I would steal her wallet and take her jewelry. That way people would think she died in a mugging gone wrong instead of choking on beef. And now that’s why I always cut her steak into tiny pieces for her so she won't choke again.”

            Agatha started laughing and even caught Hope trying not to smile. The eldest sister added, “It wouldn’t have been near as bad if the waitress hadn’t been standing right beside me, refilling my glass tea.”

            Jordan snapped his fingers, “That’s right. You should have seen her, Agatha. That waitress had raised her fist back like she was going to knock the Hell out of Hope. She said Grace’s patting on the back wasn’t enough and she was going to smack the hell out of Hope if she hadn’t coughed it up when she did.”

            “Probably would have knocked my lungs out of me too,” Hope laughed.

            “There’s rarely a dull moment with you, guys,” Agatha chuckled.

            “Agatha, dear, would you take me to go get some dessert?”

            The whole table quieted as Maw-Maw spoke up. Agatha looked quickly at the others before saying, “Sure, Ms. Smith.”

            “Oh, you can call me Ms. Elizabeth, dear,” The gray-haired woman said, getting up from her seat. Agatha walked alongside the woman as they made their way to the dessert bar. She copied the woman’s gesture of grabbing a new plate.

            “Now what are your intentions for our Gracie?” Elizabeth asked, grabbing a pair of tongues to put a cookie on her plate.

            “Excuse me, ma’am?”

            “I want to know what you plan to do to our Grace? She’s a very lovely girl. Very tender hearted. I won't have you coming in to steal her heart and run away again. She couldn’t handle it,” Grace’s grandmother stated, turning to look Agatha dead in the eye.

            “Since their daddy died, them girls have stepped into roles they play. Hope’s been the strong one, Faith is the light-hearted, and Grace is the glue that keeps them all together. They’re all good girls with big hearts, just like my Valor was and just like my husband Earnest has always been.”

            “They do have big hearts,” Agatha agreed. Elizabeth nodded as she went about getting a piece of cobber, “They do. It gets them into a lot of trouble and it doesn’t help that they’re crazy as Hell.”

            Agatha paused to stare at the woman in wonder. Elizabeth scoffed, “Don’t give me that look. You know as well as I do how crazy those people are. I married into the Smith family and haven’t met a sane one yet in four generations. But their other qualities make up for it. I want to know, what you plan to do with Grace?”

            “I plan to care for her as best I can,” Agatha answered honestly, “I don’t know when or if our relationship will end. All I know is that she makes me happy and she makes me laugh all the time. I’ve had my heart broken enough times not to promise forever or to say that we’re soul mates. But I really do like her and I plan not to hurt her and to make her as happy as she makes me.”

            “That’s all one can do,” Grace’s grandmother said, patting Agatha’s arm, “Now we best get back because Grace is hiding behind the bread rack trying to eavesdrop on us.”

            Agatha turned to look at the bread rack, which wasn’t tall enough to hide the top of Grace’s head.

            Elizabeth shook her head, “Crazy as hell.”

            Agatha smiled, “Yes, she is.”



            “Call me when you get there,” Grace said.

            “I will,” Agatha promised, planting one last kiss on Grace’s lips before getting into her car. Six hours, one soda, two rest stops, and five curses at Atlanta traffic later, she was at her parents’ house.

            Before getting out of the car Agatha called Grace.

            “Hey you,” Grace greeted.

            “Hey,” Agatha said, “I made it.”

            “Any traffic?”

            “Yeah, but nothing too unusual,” Agatha said. She watched as her mother opened the door to greet her from the doorway. She said, “I got to go. My mom’s waiting on me.”

            “Call me later?” Grace asked, almost shyly.

            “Of course.”

            She said goodbye to Grace and got out of the car.

            “Hello,” Agatha greeted, getting her bag out of the backseat.

            “Did you run into traffic, darling?”

            “Just the usual.”

            Agatha walked up the steps of the typical urban-suburban house that she and her brother had been raised in. She kissed her mother’s cheek once at the door. Charlotte Kneeland looked her daughter up and down, “You seem different. What’s been happening in your life?”

            “Oh, you know, just working and sleeping,” Agatha said, moving by her mother to go into the house, “Am I sleeping in my room?”

            “Yes, I cleared off the bed for you. Steven and Dominique are in his old room and the children will sleep wherever they want, I suppose,” Charlotte laughed, “Come back downstairs to help me in the kitchen once you put your bag away. Dominique and I are cooking.”

            “Sure thing,” Agatha lied. She didn’t like her brother’s wife and they got along best when they didn’t have to interact. After dropping off her bag, she went to her father’s office. She found him inside, reading a book.

            “Hello, Dad,” Agatha greeted, bending down to kiss his cheek.

            “Well, hello baby-girl,” Thomas Kneeland said, putting down his book. The lean, middle-aged black man took off his glasses and gave his daughter his full attention, “Long time, no see.”

            “Yes, I know. Life has been really busy for me,” Agatha said, sitting down in the chair across his desk.

            “Life in Messy, Alabama. Tell me about it.”

            Agatha shrugged, “Work, eat, and sleep. That describes my day.”

            Thomas arched a brow, a trait he passed on to his children, “Really? Is that all? Have you made any friends?”

            “Yeah, a few.”

            “Tell me about them.”

            The father and daughter stared at each other for a moment before Agatha relented, “Well, there’s Greg, who runs the café next to my shop, and the Smith sisters: Hope, Grace, and Faith.”

            Thomas studied his daughter for a moment, “Tell me about Grace.”

            Agatha felt her jaw drop, “How did you know?”

            “You said her name differently,” Her father said with a smirk, “Is she your girlfriend?”


            “Are you going to tell me about her?”

            “Eventually, yes.”

            Thomas smiled, “Well, I suppose I can live with that.”

            “Agatha,” They heard Charlotte call throughout the house, “I need your assistance, please.”

            Thomas and Agatha shared a look. He said, “You better go. You know how your mother gets.”

            The rest of Agatha’s day was spent cooking in the kitchen, avoiding her sister-in-law, and playing with her niece and nephew. That night she spent an hour talking quietly to Grace in her room before saying goodnight.

            The next day was spent playing with the children and getting the turkey ready. Soon they were sitting at the table, but the adults were quiet, not knowing what to talk about.

            Agatha found herself smiling as she remembered making love to Grace before she left. Having discovered Grace was multi-orgasmic had led to many fun times between the two.

            “Why are you smiling?” Charlotte asked.

            “Oh, just remembering something,” Agatha hedged.

            “Tell us.”

            Agatha thought quickly of another answer, “I was thinking about my name. Did you know the first syllables of my name pronounce agony?”

            Charlotte said wiping her mouth, “How did you come to this revelation?”

            “Oh, it was just something a friend mentioned,” Agatha said, suddenly interested in her food.

            “So how is life in Alabama?” Steven asked,

            “Agatha’s got a new girlfriend who she has yet to tell us about,” Charlotte said before Agatha could speak. Agatha shot a look at her father, who shrugged. He couldn’t keep many things from his wife.

            “Tell us about her,” Dominique said after cutting up the ham on her youngest’s plate.

            “Yes, what does she do?” Thomas asked his daughter.

            Agatha carefully tried to phrase her answers, “She drives for local companies or individuals.”

            “So she’s a truck driver?” Steven asked, arching a brow.

            Agatha fought not to glare at her brother, “No. I mean, yes, she drives a truck but it’s not a semi or anything. She has her own towing company, which is the only towing service in a thirty mile radius. She also transports local harvests and imports.”

            “So is she butch too?” Steven asked, a smirk on his face.

            “Shut up, Steven,” Agatha snapped at him.

            “Well, is she?”

            “Yes, she’s butch. She’s a six-foot tall, double D breasted, white, butch lesbian who drives a tow truck. Is there anything else you would like to know?” She snapped. Agatha was angry. She wanted to be angry at her family, and she was mad at her brother, but mostly she was angry at herself. She hated that she was ashamed to tell them about Grace. In that moment of realization, she decided to stop being ashamed and to stop hiding.

            “You know what else? She lives with her sisters next to the liquor store they own. She sometimes sleeps with her thumb in her mouth, which I find adorable. Grace loves to read more than anything and will always cry when she reads the last Harry Potter book. She likes to drive around with no destination in mind and I really like her,” Agatha added, “And I’m the manager of a sex store. Anything else you would like to know?”

            After a long quiet moment Charlotte cleared her throat, “ Messy sounds like an interesting place. Your father and I will have to come visit soon and meet your Grace. Pass the turkey, would you, Thomas? Now where shall we go shopping tomorrow? I have the sale papers in the living room but we must make out a plan.”

            Agatha smiled down at her plate as her mother rambled on. When she caught her father’s eye he gave her a wink. A few seconds later her pocket vibrated and she carefully pulled out her phone under the table. Seeing it was a text from Grace, she thumbed to view it.

            “I miss you.”

            She couldn’t keep the smile off her face, which her mother noticed right away, “No texting at the table.”

            Agatha rolled her eyes as she put her phone away, “We’re not in one of your classes, Mom.”

            “You would have all failed from lack of etiquette by now.”



            “Are you alright?” Grace asked looking at Hope. Hope growled, “I’m fine. I’m about to fry a turkey and all is right in the world.”

            “Maybe I should just cook the turkey in the oven,” Faith suggested, also looking worriedly at her sister, “You almost burned the house down last year.”

            “It’s fine,” Hope barked, “I know what I’m doing.”

            Except the eldest sister couldn’t light the propane stand because tears kept rolling down her face. Grace rallied her courage to step in and turned off the gas. Then she wrapped her arm around Hope. Hope turned to cry silently into Grace’s large cleavage.

            “You take her inside. I’ll get the turkey and put it in the oven,” Faith ordered. Grace nodded and did as she was told. Soon Hope was seated on the couch with her sisters on either side of her.

            “Now what’s wrong?” Grace demanded, soothing Hope’s hair.

             “It’s Crystal.”

            Grace and Faith shared a knowing look. The younger Smith sisters had decided the stunningly beautiful 3rd grade teacher was no good the first time they saw her arrive at the liquor store after dark to go play with Hope in the woods.

            “What about her?”

            “She’s getting married,” Hope sobbed, “I thought…I thought all our kissing was starting to mean something. We have fun you know, and now she’s going to go off and get married.”

            “If she’s stupid enough to marry someone else over you, then she doesn’t deserve you,” Grace dutifully stated.

            “Yeah. She’s a bitch,” Faith pledged.

            Hope sniffed, “Thanks, guys. It just still hurts.”

            Grace and Faith hugged her sister close. They knew that Hope had a hard time connecting to others. Hope’s relationships rarely went beyond drinking, shooting, and skinning deer.

            “I know what will make you fell better,” Faith said with a smile, “We have that backup turkey in the fridge. Let’s go blow it up.”

            “Yeah. That sounds like fun,” Grace said, giving her younger sister a grateful look. Hope nodded, “Okay. We can do that.”

            As Faith took Hope to get the explosives, the blonde pulled out her phone. She smiled when she saw Agatha had replied to her text.

             “I miss you too. Life seems rather dull without you and Messy.”



            Christmas was just around the corner in Messy, Alabama. The town was decorated with Christmas lights, making the view from Agatha’s apartment very beautiful.

            Two weeks before Christmas Agatha was sitting in her apartment waiting for Grace to get done towing a car to Rudy’s. She smiled when she heard Grace come up the stairs, already knowing her lover’s footsteps.

            The large-breasted blonde came in holding a gift wrapped box.

            “What is that?” Agatha asked pointedly.

            “It’s your present,” Grace said, placing the beautifully wrapped box on her lap. She sat down next to Agatha on the couch.

            Agatha pursed her lips, “We agreed not to exchange presents. That makes you a liar, ma’am.”

            Grace grinned, “You can punish me later. Open it.”

            “It’s not Christmas yet.”

            “Open it,” Grace prompted again, beginning to feel nervous.

            “Okay, okay.”

            To punish Grace, Agatha took her time opening the present. She was usually just one to rip off the wrapping, but she made a show of delicately opening a piece of tape. Grace was practically fidgeting by the time she unwrapped it.

            “It’s a box,” Agatha stated.

            “Well, yes, you have to open it.”

            “Feels kind of light if you ask me,” Agatha said, opening the top gingerly. She stared blankly into the open box, “Well, that would explain the lightness. You gave me an empty box?”

            “It’s not empty,” Grace said, reaching in to pull out the white sheet of paper that Agatha had thought was the bottom.

            “Oh, a piece of paper. It’s lovely. Thank you,” Agatha teased.

            Grace pulled a marker out of her pocket and Agatha grew serious. The sound the marker made when it was uncapped seemed really loud and it made a squeaky noise as it rubbed across the paper. Agatha decided to focus on Grace’s face instead of on what she was writing. She already had an idea of what it said.

            Grace capped the marker once she was finished and gave Agatha a hopeful smile as she lifted the piece of paper to show her girlfriend what she had written.

            Written in large, block letters were the words ‘I love you.’

            It felt perfectly right to say it back, “I love you too, Grace.”

            Grace broke out into a grin that never failed to make Agatha’s world brighten, “Really?”

            Agatha laughed as she placed a quick kiss on Grace’s lips, “No. I’m just leading you so that you’ll give me your tow truck.”

            “Oh, okay. Well, now I know.”

            Agatha was a little fuzzy on the details, but somehow she and Grace were naked in her bed.

            “When did you know that you loved me?” Grace asked, tracing circles with her fingertips on Agatha’s stomach.

            “I knew when all those silly love songs were talking about me and you,” Agatha confessed.

            “Would it be cliché to say I think I loved you when I first saw you?”

            “So you mean you loved me when you were shouting at me?” The darker-skinned woman teased.

            Grace blushed, “I told you I don’t remember that. I loved you when I saw you eating sushi at my kitchen table.”

            “There’s a lesbian joke in there somewhere.”



            It was just a regular night in January when Agatha had ten years scared off her life. They had been sleeping in Grace’s room. Agatha would never forget the first time she went into the blonde’s room. The walls were covered with books. It was like entering a small library.

            The couple had been asleep for a while when Agatha was awakened.

            Agatha jerked awake at the sound of something banging loudly. When she realized it was someone banging on the door, her heart started pounding equally loud. What if someone was trying to break into the liquor store?

            She turned to Grace and started shaking the woman. She whispered fiercely, “Grace. Grace. Wake up.”

            Grace made a small sound and started fidgeting for the covers.

            Another series of bangs caused Agatha to jump again and she became desperate. She grabbed Grace’s nipple and pinched it as hard as she could.

            The blonde cried out in pain as she awoke sharply from her sleep. She slapped Agatha’s hand away, “What the fuck, Aggie?”

            “Someone’s beating on the door,” Agatha whispered desperately, “What if someone’s breaking into the store?”

            Grace paused and listened. She went still with fear as she heard the pounding. She quickly rolled out of bed and started searching for something to put on. She found her discarded boxers and tank top and went down the stairs.

            Agatha hissed, “Shouldn’t we call the police?”

            “It’s probably just a drunk. Might even be Hope, since I know Crystal showed up and they went out to the deer stand. That damn teacher cancelled her marriage and suddenly Hope’s acting like a teenager in love. Anyway, I wont open the door unless I know who they are,” Grace promised.

            Agatha cursed as Grace left her alone and started looking for clothes to put on. She was not going to be naked when her girlfriend stupidly let in a serial killer who wanted the blood of lesbians to paint his walls.

            Grace slowly walked down the stairs to the kitchen floor. She could see headlights shining out the window and wondered who it could be. She almost jumped out of her skin when she felt someone touch her back.

            She whirled around to find Agatha and she angrily whispered, “You scared the crap out of me.”

            The blonde didn’t have time to be mad when the banging started again at the door, scaring both women. Agatha barked out, without thinking, “What!”

            “Sheriff’s Department.”


            Grace went to the door and peeked out of the blinds. Seeing the uniformed man and cop car, she asked, “What’s this about?”

            “This is concerning Faith Smith.”

            Grace almost ripped the door off its hinges trying to get it open, “What about my sister? Is she okay? Is she hurt?”

            “She’s fine ma’am. We just arrested a group of teenagers for underage drinking and your sister was one of them. We tried calling, but there was no answer. You’ll need to come get her.”

            Grace leaned heavily on the door in relief. Agatha came up to place a hand on her girlfriend’s back and said, “Thank you, officer. We’ll come right away.”

            The man nodded before getting back in his car. Grace muttered as she closed the door, “I’m going to kill her.”

            Agatha didn’t argue as she went back upstairs with Grace to get dressed. She insisted on driving since Grace wouldn’t stop mumbling about how she was going to kill her little sister.

            Once at the Sheriff’s department, Grace listened to the arresting officer’s story, filled out paperwork, and bailed Faith out. Agatha had never seen her girlfriend so furious before and it turned her on as much as it worried her.

            “Go to the truck,” Grace ordered as Faith was brought out to the front. The youngest sister did as she was told. The drive back was filled with an awkward silence.

            “I’ll be upstairs,” Agatha quietly stated, running her hand across Grace’s back before leaving.

            “What do you have to say for yourself?” Grace quietly asked, alone in the kitchen with Faith. Faith nervously twisted her fingers, “We…were just having some fun.”

            “Fun? Fun? You were caught drinking underage. How many times have Hope and I told you that if you want to experiment with alcohol, do it here where we can keep an eye on you? How many times have we told you to be careful? To be smart? Did all that advice just go in one ear and out the fucking other?”

            “No! It didn’t. It was just…”

            Grace interjected, “And the officer said he found lots of alcohol but no one would confess to how they got it. Did you take it from the store?”

            Faith looked stunned, “No! How could you think that? I wouldn’t steal from my own family!”

            “I don’t know what to think anymore. I expected more out of you and this happened. You’re grounded. That means no phone and no going anywhere after school except home.”

            “What!” Faith shouted, “That’s not fair!”

            “Neither is the money I just had to pay to get you out of jail. Neither is that we may have our liquor license suspended for supplying alcohol to underage minors. Did you ever think about that? We’ll discuss this further tomorrow with Hope. Go to bed.”

            Just as Faith was up the stairs, Crystal and Hope came in giggling from outside. Hope stopped when she noticed her sister was up.

            “What’s up?” Hope asked.

            Already angry, Grace ignored her sister and focused in on Crystal. She growled, “What are your intentions for my sister?”

            Both Hope and Crystal looked surprised. Hope started to speak, “What kind of question is…”

            “Sit down and shut up, Hope,” Grace snapped, “I’m talking to Crystal.”

            Hope was so stunned, the half-Japanese woman sat down at the kitchen table without protest. Crystal looked nervous but remained firm.

            “You wanted to talk to me?” The beautiful auburn-haired woman asked.

            “What are your intentions for my sister? You left her a fucking wreck when you said you were going to get married. If you’re just playing with her emotions again, you best walk your ass right out of this house right now.”

            “Hope and I have agreed to start dating as in going out in public for movies and dinner. I’m scared as hell about it but I like Hope more than I ever liked my ex. I want to see where this goes,” Crystal said, looking Grace in the eyes.

            Grace studied the woman for a long time before nodding, “As you were.”

            The tall blonde walked up to her bedroom, where she found Agatha fast asleep. There was a note on her pillow that read, “Remind me to ravish you tomorrow.”



            Grace slowly turned the handle of her fishing reel, the slow clicks reassuring. She kept her eyes on her cork as Hope wrestled her hook out of a catfish’s mouth beside her.

            “Give it here you fucking little bastard,” Hope cursed until the hook finally came free, “Thank you.”

            Hope dropped the fish into their bucket of water and went about putting more chicken liver on her hook, “So what’s up, sis?”

            “I want to ask Aggie to live with me.”

            Hope paused before casting her line back out, “At our house?”

            “At our house, at her place, at a new place. I don’t care. Wherever she wants. I want us to be together. We’re sleeping in the same bed six days a week. I got plenty of money saved up to start paying on a house and whatnot.”

            “Well,” The oldest sister mused, “I see you got two things you need to address. The first being does Agatha even want to move in with you. The second being what if she does but she doesn’t want to stick around in Messy.”

            Grace reeled her line in and threw it back out again before she answered, “Then I’ll go with her. I love you, Faith, this town, but I’m in love with her. I always thought I would have to move to find love anyway. If I have to move to keep love, I will.”

            Neither sister said anything for a time. Hope was trying to adjust to the thought of her sister no longer being in her life and Grace knowing her sister was trying to think things out. Hope finally cleared her throat, “Well, if you think she’ll have you, I would say go for it.”

            Grace’s face lit up in a smile which quickly changed to surprise when her cork went under. She quickly started reeling in with Hope shouting her encouragement. Next thing she knew, she had a large bream hanging in front of her.

            Hope clapped her sister on the back, “That’s how you do it.”

            Both sisters started at the fish flopped on the line, neither moving. Hope finally asked, “Want me to take it off for you?”

            “Please,” Grace begged, not liking to touch fish with her bare hands until they were dead.

            “Sissy,” Hope declared as she started unhooking the bream.





            “Hmm?” Grace asked, never looking up from her book. She and Agatha were resting on opposite sides of the couch; she reading a book and Agatha working on inventory sheets for the store.

            Agatha felt nervous about how to start, “I want to talk to you.”

            “I’m listening.”

            When Grace didn’t put her book down, Agatha felt a flare of annoyance rise up, “Will you put the damn book down?”

            Startled, Grace looked up. Quickly the surprise faded to be replaced by a defensive barrier, “What’s with the attitude?”

            “You’re always reading. You could have put the book down for two seconds to talk to me,” Agatha snapped.

            Grace argued, “I was listening. That’s what talking is. You talk, I listen. Then I talk and you listen. I don’t have to stare at you the whole time.”

            The blonde rubbed her short hair roughly, “Now did you have a point to this conversation or was the point just to start a fight?”

            Agatha pushed off the couch, “You know what? Forget it. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

            “We haven’t talked about anything,” Grace said, her voice rising, “You snapped at me for no reason and now you tell me to forget it?”

            “Quiet down, will you? The whole town will start hearing you in a second,” Agatha said, gesturing with her arm.

            “Fine. Whatever. I’m going to take my damn book and go home. Call me when you’ve figured out what the hell is bothering you.”

            Agatha watched as Grace leapt off the couch and headed out the door leading to the stairs. She pinched the bridge of her nose as she berated herself. She quietly rushed to open the door, ready to chase after her girlfriend only to find her sitting on top of the stairs.

            “You didn’t make it very far,” Agatha said, relieved.

            “My shoes are by the couch,” Grace said, stretching out her legs to show her sock covered feet.

            Agatha smiled, “Hate it when that happens. She sat beside Grace on the stairwell and laid her head against the blonde’s shoulder, “I’m sorry.”

            Grace relaxed as her anger started slipping away, “Me too. What was that all about?”

            “I’ve been worried and it’s getting to me,” Agatha finally admitted. Blue eyes met brown ones, “Worried about what?”

            “Business has been slowing down. Not enough to really hurt the store, but enough to make me start worrying. With the economy the way it is, I’m worried the store will eventually have to close. Then what will I do?”

            Part of Grace wanted to ask Agatha to move in with her right then, but she held back. She didn’t want it to be a helping offer. She wanted it to be romantic, which was why she planned on asking her on Valentine’s Day.

            “I don’t think you have to worry just yet. Valentine’s Day is coming up and that’s one of the store’s busiest days. Even after that, I’ve noticed people can’t live without four things: food, alcohol, and sex. The liquor store is still doing great business because even in hard times people are going to drink. Probably even drink more when they shouldn’t drink at all, but that’s life. People are still going to need to eat food and are still going to want to have orgasms.”

            “True,” Agatha admitted.

            Grace wrapped an arm around her girlfriend, “And if the store does close…well… we’ll cross that bridge when we get closer to it. But it’s not going to get between us.”

            Agatha smiled as she kissed Grace’s cheek, “You’re one smart cookie.”

            Grace turned her head to kiss her back on the lips, “So I’ve been told.”

            Their small kisses soon turned heated. Agatha asked, “Have you ever done it on some stairs?”

            Grace laughed, “Can’t say I have.”

            Agatha grinned, “Neither have I and I imagine one of us would break her neck. Let’s go inside.”

            Grace readily agreed and soon she found herself topless, lying flat on the bed with Agatha straddling her.

            “I know I said you look really hot in tighter jeans, but I also like it when you wear these loose cargo pants,” Agatha confessed as she planted kisses on Grace’s neck while unzipping her pants, “It makes it so easy to push them off your hips.”

            The blonde lifted her hips as she felt her pants being pushed down. Agatha didn’t bother to take them off. She slipped her hand inside Grace’s boxers and smirked when she found her soaking wet.

            “Grace?” She asked as she parted the blonde’s soaked lips with her finger. Grace’s whole body jerked as she felt Agatha’s finger brush her clitoris. She half moaned, “Yes?”

            “I know what I want for Valentine’s day.”

            Grace tried to focus on what Agatha was saying but the dark-haired woman was now slipping two fingers inside of her, “What do you want?”

            “I want you to fuck me,” Agatha said, feeling Grace clench her fingers.

            “Oh God,” Grace gasped, “Okay.”

            Agatha used her free hand to pull up Grace’s bra to get to her nipples. She sucked one into her mouth as her hand kept a fast pace, thrusting in and out of Grace. After nipping the pink nipple, she said, “I want you to get a strap-on and fuck me.”

            That was all it took. All Grace could think about was making love to Agatha and feeling Agatha’s fingers inside of her. Her hips arched to get Agatha deeper inside of her as she started to come.

            Agatha smiled, pleased with herself, as she felt Grace rapidly clenching her fingers, and she slowed her pace before gently slipping out of her. She rested half on top of her lover while Grace caught her breath.

            “Think you can get me that present?”

            “I’ll certainly try my best,” Grace chuckled.



            The Empornium was extremely busy the week of Valentine’s Day. Agatha was so busy that she begged Mrs. Peacock to come back on Valentine’s Day to help people pick out gifts and explain products while she ran the register.

            Agatha had been originally excited about Valentine’s Day because of what would happen Valentine’s night with Grace. However, as the day went on, she grew more frustrated and tired. She didn’t expect to get a lunch break but Mrs. Peacock made her take one.

            “The store will last fifteen minutes while you go upstairs and eat,” The gray-haired woman stated, “I think I can manage to ring up people’s edible panties and cherry flavored lube.”

            The dark-haired woman nodded gratefully as she went upstairs to eat a sandwich and sit down for a while. When she came back downstairs, she stopped as she saw a truck pass by outside.

            “Was that Grace?” Agatha asked, moving to the desk. Mrs. Peacock was the picture of innocence, “Grace? Grace Smith? You know, her daddy was a real looker and I heard what he had in his pants was…”

            “Okay, okay,” Agatha quickly interrupted, not wanting to think about her girlfriend’s late father’s penis, “Let me go straighten up the DVDs.”

            By the time she closed the store the sex store manager was exhausted. As she climbed up the stairs to wait for Grace, she wondered how she was going to tell the blonde that she was just too tired for sex. All Agatha wanted to do was eat some dinner and relax in her bed.

            Agatha opened the door to her apartment at the top of the stairwell and she was taken back by what she saw inside. Grace was sitting on her couch, a pizza box lay on her coffee table, and there was a single red rose in a vase next to a lit, white candle. It was simple and romantic at the same time.

            “How in the world did you get up here without me seeing you?” Agatha asked, leaning on the door jam.

            Grace grinned, “I used the backdoor and Mrs. Peacock distracted you while I crept upstairs.”

            “Sneaky old lady,” Agatha commented as she went to sit beside Grace on the couch. Once seated, Grace lifted Agatha’s legs onto her lap and took off her lover’s shoes. Agatha let out a deep sigh, “It was a long day.”

            “Yeah. It looked like it,” Grace commented, rubbing the legs in front.

            “Did you come by the store earlier?” Agatha asked. The blonde shrugged with a smile, “I may have.”

            Agatha arched a brow, “Did you buy anything?”

            “Possibly,” Grace hedged. Her girlfriend sighed, “I know what I asked for, but I just don’t…”

            “It’s okay,” Grace interrupted with a smile, “It was a long day and I know you have to be tired. We don’t have to do it tonight.”

            “God, I love you,“ Agatha beamed, “How did I get so lucky to find just a great girlfriend?”

            “Just lucky I guess.”

            “I promise I do have an actual present to give you,” The manager stated, “I just don’t want to move right now.”

            Grace decided this was her moment, “You know there’s a gift you could give me without moving.”

            Agatha lazily arched a brow at her lover, “Sex is out, babe. Sorry.”

            Grace smiled briefly before turning serious, “Agatha, I love you and I want…”

            “Oh my God, are you proposing?” Agatha squeaked, scrambling to sit upright.

            Grace looked just as surprised, “What? No! I mean not, no, no. Just not now, no. I mean someday, yes, I imagine I will ask you to marry me, but not now. I’m trying to ask you to live with me.”

            The blonde mentally smacked her forehead. That had not come out the way she had planned.

            Agatha relaxed, “Oh. You want us to move in together? At the liquor store?”

            “There. Here. We can buy or rent a place together if you want,” Grace said, “I just want to live with you. We practically almost do. I know we each like our own time and I promise we’ll still have that. I just want a place that is ‘our’ place. Do you know what I’m trying to say?” Grace asked, hoping that Agatha did understand her.

            A soft smile crossed Agatha’s face, “Yes. I understand. Yes, I’ll live with you, Grace Thea Smith. I would be more than happy to.”

            The smile on Grace’s face let Agatha know she had made the right choice.

            “Now let’s eat some pizza, take a nap, and tomorrow we’re going to play with that toy I know you bought.”

            Grace tried to appear innocent, “I have no idea about what you’re talking about.”


            The couple spent the rest of the night nibbling at pizza and watching sappy love stories on the television. In the morning Agatha woke up early. She wanted to surprise Grace with breakfast. She went into the kitchen after freshening herself in the bathroom.

             Grace felt her lover getting out of bed and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and slip on the harness she had bought at the store the day before. It took a while to figure out how the buckles worked and how to slip the silicon dildo in the O-ring. Luckily Agatha had mentioned what she thought to be the perfect size cock or she wouldn’t have had a clue what to buy.

            Once she felt everything was in place she walked back to the bed. She never felt more strange in her life, watching it jostle as she climbed into bed. There she waited.

            Agatha looked into the bedroom and smiled to see her lover awake, “The pancakes are done. I was just coming to wake you.”

            “I am awake. Can breakfast wait a bit, because I feel really awake?”

            Agatha felt a ball of warmth start in her stomach and slide down right between her legs. Her eyes fell to look at Grace’s crotch.

            “Let me go turn off the stove,” Agatha said hoarsely. Soon she was back standing by the bed in one of Grace’s shirts, “I had meant to dress sexily for this.”

            “Oh, you’re plenty sexy enough for this,” Grace promised, “You always turn me on.”

            Agatha smiled as she climbed into bed with Grace, straddling her. She could feel the hard prominence beneath her. She rocked once to get a feel and bit back a groan.

            “I’ve never used one of these before,” Grace confessed. Agatha smiled, “Well, so far so good. Now come kiss me a while.”

            Grace had no problem following that order. Between their long kisses, Agatha’s shirt disappeared and she found herself on her back. Even though she had done this several times with her last girlfriend, it was just as, if not more exciting to do it with Grace.     

            “Condoms?” Agatha asked. Grace nodded as she leaned over to open the bedside drawer and pulled one out of the pack she had bought yesterday. She leaned back on her hunches to see how to put it on.

            Agatha said, “Let me.”

            Grace gulped as she watched Agatha open the little package and slide the condom down the blue dildo. The way it rocked into her made her even wetter than she already was.

            “Can you feel that?” Agatha asked.

            “God, yes.”

            Agatha grinned, “I want you inside of me.”

            Grace had never come from just words before, but she almost did then. Together they moved Agatha’s legs to the outside of hers and Grace slowly rubbed the tip against Agatha’s wet lips, getting it wet to go inside. Slowly she slipped the dildo into place and moved her hips forward.

            Agatha’s head fell back as she arched her hips up to make more room inside. She clenched as she heard Grace whisper, “Jesus, this is so hot.”

            “More,” Agatha asked. Grace answered by pushing inside slowly but firmly until she was seated. She rolled her hips causing Agatha to keen.

            “Does that feel good?”

            Agatha placed her hands on Grace’s hips, urging her to thrust instead of replying. Grace did just that. She was slow at first, wanting to know how to properly thrust inside. She increased her speed causing Agatha’s hands to fly to her shoulders while her legs wrapped around Grace’s hips.

            “Just like that,” Agatha said, her eyes closed tight. The end of the dildo was hitting the back of her womb and it was sending bolts of pleasure straight to her clitoris, “Don’t stop.”

            Grace had no intention of stopping. The dildo was rubbing against her and this was the most excited she had ever been in her life. The blonde leaned down to suck one of Agatha’s nipples between her teeth, biting it sharply, and that was all it took to send Agatha over the edge.

            “Grace,” Agatha moaned as she felt her walls clenching desperately on the dildo inside her. Grace slowed her thrusts, riding out Agatha’s orgasm until her lover was through.

            “Give me a minute,” Agatha said breathlessly, “And I’ll make you come.”

            “Too late,” Grace said. She reached around the harness to find herself dripping wet. It only took a few rubs on her clitoris remembering Agatha’s cries, to make herself start coming.

            “God,” Agatha whispered, feeling herself clench once more at the sight. She made a note to have Grace masturbate for her. The sight could probably make her have multiple orgasms just like Grace.

            The blonde collapsed beside her lover. They lay quietly beside each other, relaxing. Then Grace leaned up on one elbow to look around.

            “I think we made things a bit messy,” Grace laughed, noting how wet they were and how tangled the sheets had become.

            Agatha smiled, “I think we can handle it.”


The End


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