A Big Ol’ Word



“No,” the tall goddess with mahogany skin, “Absolutely NOT.  Those kids are sacred gifts to  humanity and to the gods, and they are simply too young to experience, what you propose.   So many young people experiment with sexuality before they are fully ready,  or old enough to understand both the most profound union between humans and the well of cosmic energy they have entered.. It can get so very messy; single moms, kids in foster care… Need I go on, Sister?”

“Oh Sister, “ Aphrodite linked arms with Artemis. “Don’t be so austere: you know Birdie and Rachelle, are not only bonded to you, but also they are devoted to you and very serious about their responsibilities. All I ask is to allow them to hear the music of the Cosmos… just a little taste of the highest vibrational possible for a human being.”

Artemis rolled leonine eyes,  “Phro, don’t start with that metaphysical woo woo.  We all know where we came from and what our roles are in ruling the earth.  all except for that goofy little offspring of yours, Eros.  I don’t appreciate his use of arrows; you should have given him a wand or rattle or something.”

Aphrodite smiled, she was well used to her sister being a bit crotchety. Secretly she thought if Artemis could just get “l---” (she dared not even think the entire word).. she would be far less grumpy.  But she also understood the value of an ancient oath.  And though the words would never be spoken, she admired her sister’s dedication.


The two girls under discussion were enjoying a classic romantic day. A horse, a river, sunshine, a picnic, and furs strewn for a nap.  Both were asleep, with their respective foxes, Zephyr at Birdie’s feet and Rain at Rach’s.  



“What… ?”

“They really are such good kids.  Would it be so terrible to give them a taste of  the great  Joy and Source?”


“C’mon, Arte,” The goddess of love could see she was bending the iron will of her big sister.

“Only if it stops when I say,” the goddess of the hunt rolled her eyes.

“I love you,” pale arms went around her waist.

“watch the arrow quiver there,”  she tried to sound crabby.


I love to sleep to sound of a river.  The constant roar of water on stones  lulls my hyperactive mind into a place of  pervading peace. Morpheus had me riding Hades in a cobalt dream land on a cool windy day.  Might have been going to see Marcus and Bartholomew  and I was entering the whole scene well when I noticed trouble breathing.  Dreams don’t usually cause difficulties for me.

I awakened to find the love of my life, Rachelle straddled across my “nether” belly.

“UH, Rach?”

“Just be still and be quiet for once, Birdie,” her lower body began undulating in a fashion which I was not supposed to be aware of.

I tried to lie quietly and allow my love to work out whatever she was needing to work out. But “quietly” was becoming very difficult.

“There you go, “ she purred, and to my horror, MY body was answering hers with its own ripples and flows,  and it felt darned GOOD.

Was this what the phrase, “fire in the belly” meant?  Certainly fire was being kindled in my body but it was not precisely in my belly.

“Rach,” I TRIED to remind her that we were both still under age and also under the scrutiny of Artemis, which was more than a little intimidating at best.

Her hand went over my mouth, “Hush,” she said, “just let it happen.”

Oh by the gods…. we were going to be in so much trouble, but I had made fair attempt.  Rach’s pelvis began addressing mine in a most personal manner and she bent forward to hold down my wrists. As if I had any power over what had been set in motion.

And what exactly was in motion?

 Uhhh… volcanoes boiled, thunder clouds gathered, lightning zinged through the air and through my... belly.  

Nevertheless, something was happening which could not be stopped now: stars collided,  wild horses thundered across the plains, rivers ran rushing over immense boulders, the earth itself vibrated.

I gave noise to the experience, as did Rach.  It was madness, it was beautiful, it was dazzling, it was far beyond words .

A tsunami swept over us simultaneously; warm waters over me, under me, through me and through the girl I loved.  When I could open my eyes, I saw tears in Rachelle’s  and I pulled her down beside me in a gentle embrace while reaching for the water skin.

I truly did not know what to say.. “Thirsty?”  I tried.

She drank deeply, as did I.

“Wasn’t there some grapevine up the creek a little?” she asked, “I rather fancy a smoke.”

The ground trembled again, as  a goddess sized arrow struck between us.  Rach squealed, but I had been expecting something along these lines.

“I DRAW THE LINE AT SMOKING!!!” the voice thundered and surrounded us like the trees.

I came to my knees, head bowed; Rach took cue from me.

“Yes, My Lady, we’ll just be going back to Amphipolis, if it please you my lady.”

“IT PLEASES ME,” the voice made me quake more than our recent experience had done.

“Well then, we will just be going….”  We folded the blanket, repacked our basket threw it all on Hades and I reached down to pull Rachelle up behind me.

“Let’s go, “ she whispered… “Let’s just GO.”

“You heard her Hades,” I give my big fellow a nudge with my knees and he commenced a brisk gait.


“On your feet, my silly Sister, “ Artemis now addressed Aphrodite who was rolling in the clouds laughing.

“Oh, Sister, “ she breathed, “admit it, that was FUN.”

“Well, it certainly made your day,” Artemis growled, “I hope those kids aren’t too confused… ah, no matter.  This will not happen again until they are at least eighteen seasons round.”

“Oh that is a long time, “ whined Aphrodite, “A very long time.”

“Plenty of time for them to think about it.” Artemis shouldered her quiver, “I will leave you to ponder, ‘love is no thing to take lightly’.”  She raised her arms and vanished into the woods.

“But neither should love ever be a heavy thing, “ Aphrodite whispered to herself, “I will watch over them, Sister.  I am not as giddy as you think.”  She closed her eyes and faded into pink smoke.


Rain came to all fours, “Well, Mother, that was all very disturbing,” he spoke quietly.

“Yes, it was, “ his wise mother responded, “ for some reason I have a mad desire to run through the woods pursuing and yapping wildly at every squirrel I see.”

“I think that is an excellent idea, “ he consented quickly.

And both foxes ran like rabid dogs into the woods sniffing and uttering little barks…


“They will show, “ I comforted Rach as we dismounted Hades, “Perhaps they needed a bit of a romp as well.”

I was surprised to see tears in my love’s moldavite eyes, “Hey,”  I caught them on my finger.

“I feel so confused, “ she admitted.

“I do too, “ my agreement.  “Let’s just give it time.  No tears though.  It was too awesome for tears, ok?”

She sniffed and wiped her eyes, “Ok.  Birdie?” her voice was soft.  “I love you.”

“I love you too, “ was all I could say, but I took her hand as we entered the inn, “I guess we have two lifetimes to sort it out.”

“I am not sure it needs sorting out, “ she said softly, “I loved sharing it with you.”

“I did too, “ I brought her face close and kissed her lips lightly, “Love is a big ol’ word, isn’t it?”

She blushed, “yes, it is.”

“Hi kids, “ it was my mother, (by the gods!!) , “Did you have fun on your picnic?”

“It was beautiful, “ most of the time, Rach was the cooler head at answering questions than I was, “It was an absolutely perfect day, and we best go clean up before dinner.  Meet you at the pool, Bird?”

“Sure.”  I scampered away quickly as the Conqueror approached.

“What was that all about?” she asked Gabrielle.

“I don’t know, “ the bard pondered, “but it was something.  It was definitely something.”

“They are young and in love, “ Xena ran an arm around the waist of her lover, “There are things which cannot be explained.”

Gabrielle stood on tiptoe to plant a kiss on the Conqueror’s nose.  “That was one of those things, I am almost certain.”

“Kids are kids, Gabrielle, “ the bard was lifted from the ground into a strong circling embrace, “and love is love.”

The bard wrapped her arms around the warrior’s neck, “Works for me, “ she cooed, “love is love.”


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