by Cheyne Curry


“Okay, are we ready?” Audra looked around. “Did we remember everything?”

“Why do people always ask that? If we are forgetting something, we won’t know until we remember we forgot it, usually when we need it the most,” Mikki said, as she held the door open.

Audra raised an amused eyebrow at Mikki, then looked around her kitchen. “Coffee pot is off, toaster and most appliances are unplugged, JoJo is off to his grandma’s for the weekend.” She picked up her overnight bag, slung it over her shoulder and followed the shorter woman outside.

“She spoils that dog,” Mikki said, as Audra locked the door, then twisted the handle to make sure it was secured.

“He’s the only grandchild she’ll be getting from me so she’s acting accordingly.” They walked down the driveway to Mikki’s Subaru.

“Does she know you’re going away with me?” Mikki asked, hesitantly. She pressed a button on her key remote and the car unlocked after two beeps.

“She wisely decided not to comment except to say, ‘have a pleasant weekend with her’.” Audra said, mimicking her mother. She handed her valise to Mikki, who put it in the car with hers and closed the hatchback.

Her? She still can’t even say my name?” Mikki asked with a chuckle.

“Well…you did break her daughter’s heart,” Audra said with a smirk.

“I was a kid,” Mikki protested for the umpteenth time. “And, besides, it wasn’t all my doing. I tried to talk to you but your fragile ego had been bruised and you shut me out and wouldn’t let me explain.”

Audra sat in the passenger side of the vehicle and closed the door as Mikki settled behind the wheel. “What was to explain? You panted after what’s-his-name like a dog in heat and when I got pissed off about it, you said you wouldn’t be ‘owned’ and broke up with me.”

Their tone was teasing and light. Mikki laughed as she backed out of the driveway and pulled into traffic. “I told you I was an idiot. I really believed that I was expected to end up with a guy and I had fallen so in love with you that I needed to get away from you before I was forced to. I had convinced myself that I lusted after Clint.”

“He was good looking. But his parents had a horrible sense of humor. Clint Westwood. What were they thinking?”

“His younger sister used to say they were related to Clint Eastwood, just separated by direction.” Mikki entered the on ramp to the closest freeway and prepared to merge. “He was an asshole, though. My parents loved him and fawned over our short relationship, clearly grateful that I had moved away from my lesbian experimentation ‘phase.’ He was always after me for sex and constantly belittled me because I wouldn’t give in.”

“Didn’t want him to know you had already lost your virginity?” Audra waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Mikki blushed. “Yes, that honor was all yours. I simply had no desire to have sex with him. I really wanted my parents approval. Remember, it wasn’t like it is today. Things were changing but being in an open relationship with another girl was too bold for me and would have been the last straw for my folks.”

“Fortunately, my mom was and still is more enlightened.”

“She’ll probably never be a fan of mine,” Mikki said, disappointed.

“Not true. I think once she realizes you are sincere and committed this time, she’ll be fine. She just doesn’t want to see me get hurt again.”

“And I don’t want to hurt you again. Hurting you like that really hurt us both. I was never as strong as you, Audra. It took me a lot longer to come to terms with who I am and what you’ve always meant to me.”

Audra reached over and took Mikki’s hand in hers. She brought it up to her lips and kissed it. She held it while they listened to music, driving toward their destination of a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend getaway.


Audra Martin, a beautiful, willowy blonde, freely admitted to dying her hair now that there were more gray roots than dark brown. Her thick mane was now kept at shoulder-length as opposed to the long-style she once wore, where her nearly ebony locks cascaded down the expanse of her back. The once model-thin body was now covered with a soft layer or two of fat but she still knew how to dress to accent her figure in all the right places. Her tanned face had crinkles around her eyes, deep laugh lines around her mouth, a few forehead wrinkles, the beginning of jowls and a hint of sagging skin on her neck that suggested her approximate age. And Mikki Whelan thought Audra was never more beautiful. With time had come a sense of settlement and confidence, the kind someone only got after they reached that age where they no longer placed any value on other people’s opinions of them.

They had run into each other unexpectedly at a Farmer’s Market a month before, both startled to see the other, especially there of all places. The Farmer’s Market used to be a running joke in the crowd they used to hang out with because it was where the older, crunchy people went. Now, it seemed, they were the older, crunchy people.

Audra had been Mikki’s first relationship and she had fallen head over heels in love with the young woman, two years her senior. They had been roommates at college and stayed together a year after graduating, cohabiting in a cute bungalow in the city where their school had been. After years of excuses for not letting her parents visit her, Mikki’s mother and father surprised the young couple one afternoon by ‘dropping in unexpectedly.’

Mikki had been at work so Audra had answered the door. They knew Audra to be Mikki’s housemate but nothing more. By the time Mikki got home from the office, her parents had figured out the true nature of their relationship, due to too many blatant clues lying around. To say they were not happy would have been a gross understatement and Audra wisely decided to leave them alone for a while since they hadn’t spoken a word to her upon seeing a framed photo of the two young women locked in a kiss that could be only described as romantic.

The arguments, accusations and yelling that ensued were some of the worst moments of Mikki’s memory. Tired of never measuring up in her mother’s eyes and always in the shadow of her smarter, older sister’s ‘perfection,’ Mikki lost her temper and threw her parents out. At 25, she was torn between really asserting her independence and staying on course with Audra or giving in to the pressure of perceived ‘normalcy’ and finally being acceptable in her parents’ eyes. Her guilt over needing her parent’s approval won out and she was too immature to realize at the time what she was giving up.

After going their separate ways, Mikki soon realized the mistake she had made, with her charade of ‘dating’ her employer, Clint Westwood, but too much time had passed and when she was finally able to get Audra to speak to her again, Audra had rebounded into another relationship. Seeing how much this devastated her, only then did she realize how badly she had wounded her ex-lover.

Even though she gradually got back into dating (women, exclusively, her parents expectations be damned), she never recovered from losing Audra. They would occasionally run into each other at events like Pride or other functions that were gay oriented but each time, one of them was with someone else. Finally, Mikki accepted a job out of state and had been gone for over a decade.


She thought there was something familiar about the statuesque blonde standing at a booth that sold wine made at a tiny vineyard from someone’s back yard. Her first instinct, which made her heart pound, was that it might be Audra but her ex had always had long, dark hair. It was only when the woman turned toward her after purchasing a bottle of the homemade vintage and she saw her smile that she knew for sure.

Clearly, Audra had instantly recognized her, even though she had a much shorter hairstyle, the color mostly silver as she had not bothered to keep up with dying it. She, too, had put on some weight as early onset arthritis had prevented her from getting the exercise she used to be obsessive about. She also wore glasses now because contact lenses had become too much of a bother.

Mikki smiled back and ran her hand through her shaggy, feathered hair, nervously. They walked toward each other both looking around for a significant other. They were alone, except for a dog of some unrecognizable breed tethered to Audra’s hand by a purple leash. Definitely a male, Mikki observed, as he sat when Audra stood still. The two women stared at one another, both sporting silly grins until Audra pulled Mikki in for a hug. Mikki used every ounce of strength she had not to burst into tears. When she realized she had probably held onto Audra much too tightly and much too long, she released her and stood back.

“Hi, Audra,” Mikki said, still grinning like an idiot.

“Mikki. Or are you going by Michelle now?” Audra’s voice had deepened and just hearing again sent a comfortable shiver down Mikki’s spine.

“Nope. Still Mikki. Cute dog,” she gestured toward the mongrel.

“That’s JoJo. He’s a rescue and no, I have no idea what kind of mutt he is.”

“He’s…um…interesting.” She returned her full attention to the woman in front of her. “How’ve you been?”

“Good. You?”

“Good, good.”

They continued to stare at each other, quietly appraising. Finally, Audra broke the silence and said, “How long are you back for?”

“Oh, I moved back last month. Long story.”

“I’ve got time,” Audra said, with a lopsided smile. “Still drink coffee?”

“Oh, no, sorry,” Mikki said, straight-faced. “I don’t drink it anymore.”

“You don’t?” Audra’s expression registered shock.

“No. I also don’t drink it any less. In fact, I’ve begun infusing it directly into my veins.”

Audra swatted her lightly on the arm. “Come have coffee with me.”


It was an unseasonably warm January day, even for Southern California, so Audra and Mikki sat at a table on the patio of the closest Starbuck’s. Jojo curled up by Audra’s feet.

“What have you been up to the past twelve years?” Audra asked, after she poured some flavored cream in her coffee.

“This and that. Drifted a bit. Decided about a month ago to come back here and see what’s changed. That and my dad is sick.”

“Dave is sick? What’s wrong with him?” There was genuine concern in her voice. She may have been public enemy #1 to Mikki’s mother but had always gotten along with Mikki’s father, especially after Mikki’s parents’ divorced.

“Emphysema. COPD. Smoking four packs a day for 40 years finally caught up to him.”

“Is he going to be okay?”

Mikki shook her head. “Probably not. He can’t improve or reverse the situation so, right now, he’s not as bad as he eventually will be but not great.” She took a sip of her coffee. “I’m staying at the house with him to help out. You know, to be there.”

“What about Melanie?”

“My sister? You’re kidding, right? She’s too important and too busy to be bothered.”

“But she lives right here in town. She can’t drive 10 miles to check on your dad yet you’re expected to drop everything, rearrange your life and come to the rescue?”

Mikki smirked. “See? Some things never change no matter how long you’re gone.”

Audra shook her head, looking surprised and disgusted. “Unbelievable.”

“Why? It’s the pattern we’ve established. She’s never been made to step up, why should she start now?”

“I read in the social section of the paper that she remarried.”

“Oh, yeah. And he’s an even worse jackass than her first husband.”

“Did you come back for that wedding?”

“No, I wasn’t invited.” Mikki took a sip of her coffee. “Can we drop the subject of my sociopathic sister? Just thinking about her gets me agitated and -” she pulled her glasses down on her nose and smiled charmingly at Audra, “- I would rather not be agitated at this moment. At least not in that manner.”

Audra smiled. “Are you flirting with me, Mik?”

Mikki sat back and pushed her glasses back up to their normal position. “If you have to ask, then I’m going to say no.”

Audra laughed and shook her head. “Obviously you’re still good at it, I just wanted to confirm it. Where’s your girlfriend? What was her name? Grace?”

“Gwen,” Mikki corrected with a chuckle. She knew Audra intentionally called her ex by the wrong name. “We broke up about 5 years ago.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Audra said, sounding anything but. “What happened?”

“We grew apart. Decided it was best to stop trying to make it work when all we did was fight.”

“I thought that was half the attraction. You know, the conflict.”

“Even passionate anger fades.” She studied Audra, as the blonde woman added a half-packet of sweetener to her coffee. How could anyone so gorgeous to begin with get so much better looking? “How about you? Still hanging in there with Sue?”

“No. She stayed until I hit my mid-50s and then went off to look for a younger model.”

“Is she nuts?” Mikki blurted out before her brain could catch up with her mouth. At Audra’s shocked expression, Mikki then said, “Well, I mean, come on. You’re better looking than women half your age. What’s her problem?”

Audra shrugged. “Looks aren’t everything. They certainly weren’t enough to make you hang around.” Her tone was not bitter but it was matter-of-fact.

Mikki’s head bowed. “Yeah, well, I thought we already established that I was an idiot.”

“You won’t get an argument from me,” Audra said, amiably. “Are you seeing anyone now?”

Mikki looked up into pale blue eyes that still hadn’t lost their sparkle or mischief. She hoped the question meant Audra might still be interested. “Not since I’ve been back. In fact, I haven’t been steady with anyone in quite a while. You?”

“I’ve had a few random dates since Sue. Nothing that’s turned into anything. They haven’t gotten along well with JoJo and if my dog doesn’t like them or vice versa, it’s not going to go anywhere.”

Mikki’s light green eyes dropped to the mutt curled up at Audra’s feet. He looked up at her, skeptically. “So he’s your barometer?”

“Best one I’ve found yet.”


They had started to see each other again, cautiously taking it a step at a time so both were in agreement on the pace and progression of how the relationship developed. The best thing seemed to be that there were no awkward growing pains that happened, as in most new courtships. They fell into a familiar cadence, even though they had been apart for thirty years.

A vow in the form of a pinky promise was made so that, above all, they would be honest about their re-emerging feelings for each other. Neither wanted to screw up this second chance. Their dates had been at least twice a week and mostly chaste, usually ending with an escalating kiss or two.

This evening had begun with ordering a pizza and splitting a bottle of wine. Audra had gone to Mikki’s house so that they could relax and watch Netflix, without JoJo forcing them apart on the couch so he could sit between them. He seemed quite possessive of his mistress but, fortunately for Mikki, he seemed to like her, as well. Mikki’s father was out for the night, attending his weekly poker game at the Elks Club so they had the house to themselves.

During the second film, after the pizza was gone and the wine was finished, the lights were dimmed and they cuddled together on the sofa. This led to some restrained touching, then assertive kissing to a vigorous make-out session, leaving them both out of breath and wanting when Audra halted their actions. “Mikki, we need to stop or I don’t think we’ll be able to.”

Mikki sighed and placed her forehead in the crook of Audra’s neck. “I know,” she said, softly, grateful and disappointed. “Nice to know you can still get my motor running. I was beginning to think that part of me had died a neglected death.”

“I know what you mean.”

The women settled into an embrace that left them leaning comfortably against each other. “So…can we talk about the next step? I think I’m ready. I mean, I know I’m ready but I don’t want to rush you, if you’re not, okay? I want to do whatever it takes to keep this working.”

“Aw, you’d sacrifice your resuscitated libido just for lil ol’ me?” Audra teased.

“Shush, you,” Mikki responded, with a light kiss to Audra’s collarbone. “You make me feel like a damned teenager again. For someone going through the change, that’s a pretty big feat.”

“Oh, yeah, the change. Been there, still doing that.”

Mikki leaned back and looked into Audra’s mesmerizing baby blues. “You, too? Oh, God, we’re doomed. Menopause to the second power. The change squared.

Audra smiled and took Mikki’s face in her hands, pulled her forward and kissed her nose. “I’m on some really good meds. I’ll give you the name of my OB-GYN. She prescribed something that really helps balance me out.”

“Oh, I’ll definitely call her. I have days where I’m like a six level typhoon all in one hour. Last week, I nearly throttled my father over a Snickers bar. Balance would be nice.” She ensconced herself back in Audra’s arms. “Are you avoiding talking about it?”


“Yeah, the inevitable fuck.”

“I’d forgotten how poetic you were,” Audra said, snickering, giving Mikki’s shoulders an extra squeeze.

“Oh, please, fuck used to be your favorite word. When we were in college you used it like a comma,” Mikki mildly protested. “It was your favorite noun, verb and adjective.”

“I’ve fucking matured, okay?”

Mikki barked out a laugh and the women started kissing again, an act that immediately became passionate. Mikki’s hands moved slowly from Audra’s shoulders to her breasts. She felt Audra’s hardened nipples straining against the fabric of her blouse. “Hi, girls. I’ve missed you,” Mikki whispered to Audra’s chest.

“And they’ve missed you,” Audra countered, bringing Mikki’s hands around her waist. “But you won’t be visiting them tonight.”

“Soon? I’m like Mount Vesuvius down below. That hasn’t happened in over a year and I’m not sure it’s guaranteed to happen again.” Mikki’s timbre was amiable but her undertone had a subtle urgency to it.

Audra kissed Mikki’s temple and then the top of her head. “I’m not exactly dead down below, either. I think I want to wait until we go on our little trip.”

“You want to wait until Valentine’s Day? How sweet and romantic,” Mikki said, meaning it.

“I could go on letting you believe that but the truth is that I don’t know if I’ll have the energy or stamina to get frisky more than once in a week’s time.”

“Ah. Okay, well that I understand.” Mikki said.

Audra sat up, repositioning Mikki. “On that note, I should go before your dad gets home and catches us necking like kids trying to get away with something. Are you packed for this weekend?”

“Me? No. You know me, I’ll procrastinate until the morning we leave.” Mikki took a deep breath. “I’m really looking forward to our Valentine’s trip this weekend, Audra.”

“Me, too.”

“Is there anything we need to talk about, like, perhaps changes in our desires, what we know each other likes? Things that are taboo, off limits?”

Audra was quiet while she thought about Mikki’s questions. Finally, she said, “Honestly, no, I think we’re good. I don’t think anything in that area has changed for me. How about you?”

“Well. I’m a tad slower than I used to be but still effective, as far as I know.”

Snorting out a giggle, Audra stood up. “I have no doubt.”

Mikki joined Audra and walked her to the door. “Still like toys?”

Turning to face Mikki, Audra lifted a still elegant eyebrow. “Yes. Not the length and circumference we used to play with but, yes, penetration still feels good. As long as I’m, uh, happy enough to take it.”

“Got it. Do you have toys or should I go out and buy some?”

“I’ve got a few that are adequate.”

“Okay.” She reached up and pulled Audra down to her for a searing kiss. “Call me when you get home so I know you’re okay.”

“Yes, mom,” Audra joked.

Mikki watched through the window as Audra drove away.


The excursion had been pleasant and uneventful once they had escaped the freeway traffic and followed the rural route through the mountains to the quaint, gay owned and operated Bed and Breakfast, where they had reservations for the night. Mikki had made a compilation CD of hit songs that had been popular when they were in college, which prompted them to reminisce about whatever they had been up to at the moment of the particular song’s release. That made the time on the road pass quickly.

The sign advertising the Prism B&B indicated that the Inn’s entrance was another two miles up the street, to the right. They reached the open gate access point and Mikki steered the Subaru onto a smooth gravel road with pine trees on both sides of the lane. The driveway ended in a circle that put them directly in front of a rustic, three story Cape Cod-style house.

“If you want to find a place to park and get our bags out, I’ll go in and register us and get our key,” Audra said. She looked over at Mikki, who was uncharacteristically silent. “Everything okay?”

Mikki smiled, nervously. “Sure.”

“But…” Audra waited.

“No, no ‘but.’ Just a little anxious, I guess,” Mikki admitted, sporting a slight blush.

“It will be fine,” Audra said, soothingly. “Look, I know we’ve both been looking forward to this but if it turns out we’re not ready yet, that’s okay, too. I’ll have no problem if all we end up doing is snuggling through the night.”

“I love cuddling with you but I’m ready for more,” Mikki said. “I want it to be perfect. I want it to be as wonderful and exciting as it was thirty years ago. I…I think I’m having an attack of premature performance anxiety.”

Audra studied her for a moment. “Mik, it’s going to be what it’s going to be. We need to relax and let it happen when the time is right. You’ve never disappointed me in this area and it’s not like I’m going to be scoring you on all you moves.”

Mikki looked over at Audra and saw the grin. Chuckling, Mikki said, “Go get us registered. I’ll meet you in the lobby.”


The Inn’s owners’ dog followed them to their room on the third floor. Maggie, an enthusiastic Australian Shepherd, escorted them to the door and happily trotted away when they got inside.

“She’s a cutie,” Mikki said, closing the door.

“She is. I wonder if she accompanies everyone upstairs or if she smells JoJo on me.”

“Maybe she’s the inn’s courtesy chaperone.” She turned and observed the interior of the room they were now in. “Wow, this is nice.” A queen-sized mahogany-framed bed dominated the living area with a fireplace on one side and a hot tub on the other, between the entrance and the bathroom. The room also came equipped with a coffee maker, a microwave and a small refrigerator, which included a chilled bottle of Roederer Brut, with a huge red heart attached to it. On the sink was an ice bucket and two champagne flutes.

Mikki walked over to the window and pulled back one side of the drapes. The view was picturesque, like something out of a Thomas Kinkade painting – a dense forest complete with babbling brook and footbridge over it. All it was missing was the snow.

Audra moved up behind Mikki and put her arms around the smaller woman. “Gorgeous, isn’t it?”

She covered Audra’s hands with her own and leaned back into her and closed her eyes, reveling in the closeness and warmth. “Mmmm. Sets a nice atmosphere.” She turned in Audra’s arms and tilted her head up, kissing the taller woman lightly, then once again with a little more persistence. “I’m glad we’re here,” Mikki said, after she broke the kiss. “I’m glad I’m here with you.”

“I’m glad I’m here with you, too,” Audra stated, quietly. Audra placed her palms on each side of Mikki’s face, caressing her cheekbones with her thumbs. She leaned down for a kiss and it suddenly felt as though they melted into each other.

Mikki had thought this might be awkward but nothing had ever felt so familiar or right. When they parted, their lips barely an inch apart, Mikki breathed, “Oh, how I’ve missed your kisses.”

“Yours, too.” Audra lifted Mikki’s chin for another kiss. This one lasted several minutes, increasing the intensity.

“I could get lost in you,” Mikki said, closing her eyes. She leaned her forehead against Audra’s lips.

“What do you want to do? Go out and get some supper or order something to be delivered…skip dinner altogether and just move right to the champagne?”

“As much as I would love to just move right to the champagne, I need something in my belly first. Otherwise, I’ll be asleep before we finish the bottle.”

“Order in, it is,” Audra said. She released her hold on Mikki and went in search of the pamphlets she got with their keycard, that advertised local dine in and take out eating establishments.


Finally, after the meal was consumed, the mess had been cleaned up, the logs in the fireplace had been lit and stoked and the champagne had been opened with half a bottle already gone, the two reunited ex-girlfriends were ready to get the show on the road.

The only light in the room was from the hearth and the mood was set. After some ardent kisses had been exchanged, the women quietly removed each other’s clothing. Mikki, for one, was thrilled it was mostly dark. Although she wasn’t horribly out of shape, she had lost the tight, perky body she had the last time she and Audra had slept together and she wasn’t comfortable naked anymore. She had removed her glasses and placed them on the nightstand, unrealistically wanting to believe that if Audra’s form was blurry to her, it would be the same from Audra’s point of view.

Audra seemed to read her mind as she took Mikki’s hand and pulled her over to the bed. “You’re still beautiful, Mikki. We’ve both gotten older and gravity is a bitch but the body beautiful is not what attracts me to you. It never was,” Audra said, sweetly.

“Oh, thank God,” Mikki said, relieved.

Audra breathed out a quiet snort and then settled back onto the bed, pulling Mikki on top of her. The skin on skin contact felt exquisite to both of them.

Mikki slipped her arms under Audra’s shoulders and buried her face into the crook of Audra’s neck. “I can’t believe we’re here again,” she whispered into Audra’s ear. “I always loved making love with you. It was, I don’t know, so spiritual. You knew how to touch every part of me, including my soul.”

“And we broke up, why?”

“Because I was an idiot.” She nipped at Audra’s earlobe. “Really an idiot.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right,” Audra said with a chuckle. Her arms slowly slid around Mikki’s waist, running her fingertips lightly up and down the length of her back as Mikki began to kiss Audra’s neck, chin, cheek and mouth. A few minor but noticeable tremors went through Mikki.

“Are you scared?” Audra asked gently, when Mikki broke the kiss.

“No. I’m, um, cold, actually.”


Mikki’s arm slipped out from behind Audra and she touched Audra’s side. “Yeah, see?”

“Jesus Christ! Your fingers are like ice,” Audra yelled, clearly shocked by the frosty digits when they landed against her warm skin.

“Sorry,” Mikki said and grinned. “I was hoping you’d warm me up. Any idea where I can put my hands to ward off the chill?”

“You won’t be putting them there until they warm up. I’m not going to have the first cryogenic vagina.”

“Come on, they aren’t that cold…are they?”

“Have you put them against your own skin?”

“Yeah but I’m used to them.”

“When did that start? I never remember you having that issue before.”

“I don’t know. A few years ago? Same thing with my feet.” She then placed a frigid sole on Audra’s calf.

“Holy Mother of God!” Audra quickly moved her leg away from Mikki’s foot. “Don’t you have any blood flowing through your veins?”

Mikki quirked an eyebrow. “Hmmm. From the amount of dark, thick hair that’s been showing up random places on my body lately – especially my toes – it might be Hobbit blood.”  She reached down to pull a blanket over them. “Come on, let’s get on with this before we lose the mood,” Mikki said, amiably.

“Yes but keep those feet and fingers away from me until they warm up,” Audra said in mock warning.

“Yes, dear,” Mikki said and resumed kissing Audra deeply. Mikki’s hands warmed up quickly and their interaction was kept to touching and making out, as they both wanted to take their time and savor the experience. Suddenly, Mikki started to fidget until it turned into a full-blown squirm.

Audra broke the kiss and looked into Mikki’s eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m too warm.”

“So too warm as in not getting aroused but too warm as in…?”

“Oh, definitely aroused but I’m also having a hot flash.”

“You were just freezing.”

“And your point?”

Audra helped Mikki push the covers off both of them. “I have to agree, it was starting to feel like an oven.”

Mikki kissed Audra on the forehead and then the nose. “Let’s not throw them too far back, I’ll probably need them in another five minutes.” She raised herself up on her elbows and let her gaze run over Audra’s upper body. Mikki’s loving inspection found her eyes riveted to Audra’s chest.

Audra looked down at herself to notice that her breasts fell to each side and nearly disappeared beneath her triceps. “Want me to find them for you?”

“Stop,” Mikki said with a laugh. “They’re still perfect.” She gathered one up and brought her mouth to the rigid tip. She licked, sucked and nibbled on one, then the other until she had Audra moaning. When Audra reached up to cup one of Mikki’s breasts, she gently pushed Audra’s hand away. “Don’t distract me. I’m on a roll,” Mikki mumbled and went back to tending to Audra’s nipples.

When Audra started to writhe, Mikki kissed her way down her lover’s torso until she reached the patch of fur that covered Audra’s center. “Hey…what happened?” Mikki’s hand felt the more-silky-than-wiry curls. “How did they get to be so straight?”

Audra looked down at Mikki’s genuinely curious face while Audra’s expression was nonplussed. “I don’t know…age?”

“Oh, interesting. Mine haven’t straightened, they’ve just kind of started disappearing. Well, there anyway. Whatever was in the middle has fled to my thighs.”

Audra was still staring at her. “Really, Mik, we’re having this discussion now?”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Mikki went back to her original goal of pleasuring Audra with her tongue. As much as she enjoyed this particular act, she was relieved when Audra’s breath caught and an orgasm surged through her, as Mikki had started to get a crick in her neck. She wasn’t sure if that was because it took Audra longer to get there or she was just rusty.

Audra’s gasps slowed and she reached down and touched Mikki’s hair. “God, you’re still so good at that.”

“Thanks,” Mikki said and slowly climbed back up Audra’s body. “I keep in practice by trying to get M&M’s from the bottom of an ice cream cone with my tongue.”

Audra shook with laughter. “You’re priceless. Maybe I should try that. I always feel like I’ve fractured my tongue if it takes longer than five minutes.”

“You never used to be like that. You used to be able to go on for hours.”

“Sure, when I was thirty years younger.”

“I bet you still have a strong tongue.”

“Only one way to find out, eh?” Audra asked, suggestively.

Mikki leaned in and kissed her. “Not yet. I’m not done.” She pressed her lips to Audra’s again, then opened her mouth and invited Audra in. They continued this activity for a few minutes. “Do you still hate tasting yourself?”

“It’s still not my favorite but I’ve gotten used to it,” Audra said and pulled her face back down for another kiss.

Mikki’s hand snaked down Audra’s belly to where her tongue had previously been. Audra was still wet. “Mmmm, nice,” Mikki said as she used her fingers, which were now much warmer, to part her and stroke. “I love that you’re still wet. I have a problem with that now,” Mikki whispered.

“I’m sure it’s more your residual saliva than my own juices. Although…you’ve got me pretty worked up.”

“Yeah? Good.” Mikki’s eyes locked on to Audra’s. “I want to watch you come this time.”

Audra smiled. That used to be one of their favorite practices. Mikki leaned her face down and passionately kissed Audra while she fondled her. It took a while for Audra to start reacting to the stimulation but she didn’t seem to be escalating to the point Mikki wanted her to be.

“Audra,” Mikki said, softly, her mouth inches away from her partner’s, “are you getting closer?”

Her face appeared to be scrunched in concentration and her body was moving to the rhythm. “Maybe a little longer. I’m getting to that edge.”

“Um, okay.” Thirty more seconds passed. “Audra? Baby?”

“Sorry, Mik, you should probably stop. I’m getting sensitive and it’s not happening. Sorry.”

Mikki sighed, relieved and stilled her fingers. “No, don’t be sorry. My fingers were cramping up, it’s probably for the best. Jeez, this getting older shit is for the birds.”

“We can take a break, if you’d like or I could love you for a bit.”

“No, I want to go on. I have to keep up the momentum or -”

“You lose it?”

“Yeah.” She began to descend her lover’s body again and Audra stopped her.

“I need a minute for that area to calm down a little. Feel like going inside?”

“Fingers or toy?”

“Let’s start with fingers.”

Mikki reached down and rimmed Audra’s opening until she gathered some moisture and started to slowly thrust.

“Wait, wait. I think I’m still too dry.” Audra saw the crestfallen look on Mikki’s face. “No, no, Mikki, it’s not you, you’re doing everything right, it just takes a lot more now to get me lubricated.”

Removing her fingers, Mikki rolled over and reached into her bag on the side of the bed. She found the tube she was looking for and squeezed some of the contents on her hand. She rubbed the substance on her fingers liberally and repositioned herself to easily pushed two of her fingers into Audra. She pumped them in and out while Audra began to move to the rhythm she set and then she curled her fingers and rubbed against that spot that, in the past, always gave Audra the most pleasurable climax.

Mikki was really starting to get into it and she began to rock with Audra. Just as Audra’s breathing increased, Mikki’s carpel tunnel locked up her wrist. When that happened, her fingers shot upward in rigid stiffness, which made Audra jump awkwardly.

“AHHH, AHHH, Stop, shit! OW, ow, ow, ow, charley horse! Move. Please, move,” Audra yelled, painfully.

“I can’t, my wrist is locked,” Mikki responded, just as painfully.

Audra took a deep breath and flexed her foot which pulled the seized up calf muscle back to a relaxed state. When the cramping subsided, she reached down and circled her fingers around Mikki’s wrist. “Relax your hand, if you can and I will move in a direction that will give us the least amount of resistance for you to pull out.”

“No, no, I think I’m good,” Mikki said, apologetically.

“Um, Mik? Your fingers are digging into my bladder. Trust me, you’re not good,” Audra said, trying not to get a case of the giggles at how their romantic evening was panning out.

“Oh, shit, I’m sorry, Audra. They’ve gone numb, I was hoping they’d straightened out.” Mikki, with Audra’s help, started to remove her fingers slowly. But the momentum of Audra’s grasp and Mikki’s pulling back, caused the digits to pulled out with a loud ‘pop’ because of the suction.

“Yeeeouch!” Audra cried, placing her hand over her crotch, pressing firmly to help stop the stinging.

Having been unintentionally pushed out of the way, Mikki leaned back in to see if there was anything she could do when suddenly a shooting pain flared up from her butt to her shoulder blade. “Fuck…I think I just threw my back out.”

Both women lay next to each other, wounded, not speaking words for several minutes, just emanating moans of discomfort. Audra recovered first and looked over at her lover. “You okay?”

Mikki tried turning slightly. It was much less painful than before. “Yeah, I think I just twisted the wrong way. You okay?”

“I’m feeling less like a shaken up bottle of champagne, so, yeah, I’m okay.” They looked at each other and couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces. Grins soon became laughter. “We are a pair, aren’t we?”

“That’s for sure. A pair of what is the mystery.” Mikki let the ache in her back dwindle and slowly rolled back into Audra’s open arms. “Well, that was educational. Feel like going another round?”

“I’m not entirely sure how to interpret that.”

“More orgasm, less torture?”

Audra appeared to be assessing her body tenderness. “Sure let’s try again. Why not? What else could happen?”

“Is that a challenge?” Mikki asked.

“You’re a brat.”

“I told you some things don’t change,” Mikki said with a smirk.

“How about we switch positions and I’ll return the favor?”

“Ha. I think not. Let’s save the ‘getting even’ for later. I’d rather just start over, you know, without the torment this time.”

“That would work nicely for me,” Audra said, and pulled Mikki’s mouth down to hers. It seemed to take no time for both women to become aroused again. Kissing, touching, licking and fondling without penetration caused Audra to sail along that edge. “Use the toy, Mik,” Audra breathed.

Mikki hated to stop stroking but was eager to bring Audra some painless pleasure. She quickly reached in her bag again, felt around, grabbed the smallish, pliable dildo, pulling it out and wiping what was left of the over abundance of lube from her fingers onto the toy. She was pleased when it slid right in and she immediately began to pump it in and out. Audra’s erotic reaction stimulated Mikki into being all hot and bothered and she couldn’t stop herself from joining in. She rode Audra’s thigh, which also helped her thrust the object harder and deeper into Audra.

And as Audra’s muscles constricted and kegeled around the toy and she began to release, something inside her squeaked. Not like a creak or a screech but an actual squeak. One that kept gasping out a cheeping with every squeeze. Outside the door, the B&B owner’s dog began to bark and whimper. “W…what…the…fuck…is that…noise?” Audra panted, trying not to get distracted.

Mikki, who didn’t want to ruin the mood again, kept pumping the dildo in and out until Audra came down from her orgasmic flight. “I don’t know. It sounded like it was from you.”

“Ok, stop, stop,” she panted.

Mikki did.

Audra, still breathing heavy but calming, said, “Where, exactly, did you find that…toy?”

“On your nightstand. Remember I asked if you remembered the sex toy and you said no and look on the nightstand?”

Audra closed her eyes. “No, I said IN the nightstand. In, not on. You need to get that thing out of me.”

“I don’t understand,” Mikki said, slowly withdrawing the somewhat phallic-shaped hard, blue, rubber object and held it up so they both could see it.

“Squeeze it.”

When Mikki did, it loudly gasped a high-pitched squeal and the dog outside the door began to bark again. Mikki looked at Audra questioningly.

“It’s the squeaker from JoJo’s stuff toy that I told you he finally tore apart last week. I took that out before he could chew that up and swallow it and threw the beaver away.”

Mikki burst out laughing, “Beaver? It was a beaver? Well, isn’t that apropos.”

Audra glared. “No and it’s not funny, either. That thing has been in my dog’s mouth and has not been sterilized.”

“Well, let’s hope you don’t get mange then.”

“Says the woman who won’t need the tetanus shot,” Audra said, wide-eyed at Mikki’s nonchalance.

“Oh, relax, there was so much lube on that thing, I’ll be surprised if the surface ever touched your innards.” When Audra didn’t look appeased, Mikki rolled her eyes and inserted the object into herself. “There. Now we’ll both get gingivitis of our sugar walls.” She then squeezed it a few times causing the dog to bark some more.

Audra couldn’t help herself and, with Mikki, their giggling bubbled into hysterical fits of laughter. When they were finally able to catch their breath, Audra said, “I have to say, I have honestly never had so many laughs in bed.”

“Thanks. I think,” Mikki said, removing the squeaky toy. She held it up. “Should we leave it as a tip for Maggie?”

“Gross.” She took the object from Mikki’s hand and threw it across the room. “I’m going to have to boil myself for an hour.”

“Hey, there’s a Jacuzzi. We can simmer our lady bits in there.”

“Wait, though, I haven’t given anything back -”

“Oh, yes you have,” Mikki countered. “Besides. I don’t want to push our luck. Let’s go soak for a while and if we don’t fall asleep in the tub, maybe we can canoodle a little more after our muscles are loosened and our aches and pains are gone.”

“Canoodle? How old are you? 90?”

“Some days I feel like it.”

Both women rolled over to different sides of the bed and slowly sat up, then stood. As Audra was closer to the Jacuzzi, she flipped a switch and set the timer. When Mikki joined her, they carefully stepped into the effervescent, heated water. “It’s a shame that this is one of the best times I’ve had in bed and we can’t tell anyone about it,” Audra said.

“Well, there ya go. For that reason alone we have to stay together the rest of our lives so we’re never tempted to blackmail each other.” Mikki saw the amused look on Audra’s face. “Okay, maybe not just for that reason…”

They sat in momentary silence, soaking in the calming warmth. Audra studied Mikki with unabashed affection. “I still love you, you know.”

“I’m glad. I know now I never stopped loving you,” Mikki responded. She moved from her side over to Audra’s and sat on her lap, facing her. “If I truly do have you again, I’ll tell you right now, I’m never letting you go.”

Audra’s arms went around Mikki’s waist and pulled her closer so that they were nose to nose. “You have me. And I’m not letting you let me go ever again.” Their lips met in a kiss of tenderness and promise.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.” Mikki then brought out the dog toy she had picked up off the floor and brought into the tub with her, hiding it from Audra. She pressed it several times to make it squeak, causing Maggie to start barking outside the door again.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love,” Audra said, once she stopped chuckling and the dog quieted down.




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