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Sex: Yes. Rated R. This story depicts two women who are very much in love.

Setting: This is a Kennedy and Carson short story, two characters first introduced in "The Bluest Eyes in Texas." It is set ten years in the future and may someday be incorporated into a longer story. Kennedy Nocona is an attorney and Carson Garret was a paralegal. Carson moved from Dallas to Austin to live with Kennedy, after they met and fell in love. This story is a stand-alone, but if you'd like to read "The Bluest Eyes in Texas," go here:
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September 2010

"Honey, can you help me with my zipper, please? It has one of those hook and eye things." Carson fussed with her hair, arranging the short blonde waves more to her satisfaction, then added a dab of perfume behind each ear.

"Depends." A husky voice answered from directly behind her, sending pleasant goose bumps across her skin. "You want me to zip it or unzip it?" Long fingers played with the metal tab at the back of Carson's tailored slacks. "I think I'd prefer to unzip it." Kennedy ran her hands lightly up Carson's sides, nuzzling her neck and inhaling her fresh clean skin and the light springy cologne. "Mmmmmm. Let's forget dinner. I'd rather just sample you."

Carson leaned back into her, purring contentedly as Kennedy's arms circled her, her hands cupping her breasts through her red silk blouse. "Keep that up and we're going to forfeit all that cash you forked over to hire that private jet."

"Would that be such a bad thing?" Kennedy kissed her neck, smiling as her partner turned in her arms and their lips met in an extended exchange that left both of them breathless. "Lord." She pulled back, studying sparkling gray eyes that peered back at her, the passion evident as Carson mapped her face with her fingertips. Kennedy closed her eyes, savoring the contact. "Ten years." She opened her eyes again, leaning in for another quick kiss. "Ten years and all you have to do is touch me, Darlin,' and I'm good to go." She smiled, pulling Carson into a warm hug. "But you're right. I intend to celebrate tonight, and do it up in style."

"Never thought I'd have a tenth anniversary with someone." Carson faced the mirror again, Kennedy's arms still firmly wrapped around her. Their reflections looked back at them, both women smiling contentedly. "Makes a really nice picture, doesn't it?"

"Don't know about me," Kennedy rested her chin on Carson's head. "But I'll never get tired of looking at you. You haven't aged a day, sweetheart."

"Have too," Carson objected, pointing out faint crow's feet around her eyes, and tiny laugh lines near her lips.

"Ah, but those make you even more beautiful in my eyes." Kennedy reached up, stroking Carson's cheek. "Every time you laugh." She kissed her head. "Every time you smile." She moved lower, tickling Carson behind her ear with tiny nibbles. "Makes my heart laugh and smile right along with you. You saved me, Carson. I was headed toward a very lonely future before I met you." Her face grew serious. "You're the most beautiful person on God's green earth. You are at thirty-seven, and you will be at eighty-seven."

"Second-most beautiful." Carson reached up and behind her, twisting a shoulder-length lock of dark hair around her finger. "What's your secret, anyway? I swear, I have more wrinkles than you do."

"It's the Comanche skin, sweetheart, but I do believe I've made up for it with the gray hairs. You, on the other hand …" she ran her fingers through Carson's hair. "Not a single solitary gray one in there."

"That's just because I'm a blonde, honey. You can't see mine. They blend in." She turned again, reaching up and stroking faint white streaks at Kennedy's temples. "I love this look on you. I always thought women with dark hair and gray streaks were drop-dead gorgeous."

"Don't know." Kennedy looked back in the mirror in mock seriousness. "I still think it makes me look every bit of my forty-two years. Might have to color it."

"Color it." Carson cupped her face. "Shave it." She kissed Kennedy's nose. "Corn-row it. I don't much care. You'll still be beautiful in my eyes."

"Corn-row it?" Kennedy laughed softly. "Remember that trip to Jamaica?"

"Oh, god, but that was fun." Carson laughed with her. "But those two hours it took them to corn-row your hair, I thought I was going to have to tie you down, you were fidgeting so much. But you sure did look good when they finished." She smiled up at her partner. "Not that you didn't before."

"We've made some good memories, haven't we, sweetheart?" Blue eyes shone back at Carson, full of affection.

"The best." She took Kennedy's hand. "Let's go check on the kids and get going. I'd like to make a few more memories with you before this night is over."

"Can't wait for that." Kennedy patted her on the behind, and shouldered a garment bag, while Carson picked up an overnight case.

They made their way down the hall to a staircase, up to the second level. When they decided to start a family, they'd added on a second floor to their dogtrot house, a space they often referred to affectionately as 'the monsters' lair.' It consisted of two bedrooms, a playroom, and an extra bath, along with a large storage closet that housed an assortment of toys and adult and children's sporting goods equipment.

As they reached the top of the stairs, two exuberant voices could be heard in the playroom, along with the sounds of Disney videos. Both women poked their head into the doorway, and Kennedy held a finger to her lips as their nanny looked up from a low round table where two little girls were busy coloring. Kennedy paused, once again wrapping her arms around Carson, as they watched their children, un-noticed. My family. Kennedy rolled the words around in her head. She could hardly believe how much life had changed in ten short -- very short -- years. Happiest years of my life, she mused silently.

"Mommy!" A small head turned, and a high child's voice shrieked in delight. Little feet pattered across the floor, and a pint-sized bundle wrapped itself around Carson's legs. "Look what I drew, Mommy."

Carson knelt down at child's level, and took a scribbled drawing into her hands. "Oh, sweetie, that's a lovely drawing. Is that me and Nehemah?" They had decided to teach the girls to call Kennedy by the Comanche word for 'mother.' She tilted her head, her eyes taking in a mass of color and shape, none of it truly distinguishable.

"Yes!" A delighted voice piped up. "I go draw another one for you." She ran back to the table, just as her younger sister managed to toddle over, almost falling down as she ran into Kennedy's legs, grasping at her trousers for support.

"Hey there, stretch." Kennedy scooped her up, ruffling a dark head of hair and taking in her baby-powdered scent. A contented baby hugged her neck and planted a single kiss on her cheek. "Ne-mah!" She patted Kennedy's chest and cuddled up closer. "My Ne-mah."

"Oh." Carson stood up, hugging Kennedy and the baby to her. "I almost hate to leave them."

"Shhhh." Kennedy grabbed hold of her with her free hand, pulling her to her side. "We'll be back by tomorrow afternoon, and they're in perfectly good hands." She nodded in recognition of Shannon, the University of Texas student who watched the children each afternoon, and occasionally on weekends.

She gently placed her daughter back on her feet, smiling her gratitude as Shannon coaxed her back to the table with a bright green crayon. They watched the girls in silence for a few more minutes, then quietly backed away and snuck down the stairs. They had learned from experience that actually saying their goodbyes would send their youngest into a fit of separation anxiety, something their pediatrician assured them she would eventually out-grow.

"We'll call them when we get to Dallas, and tuck them in over the phone, okay?" Kennedy draped an arm over Carson's shoulders as they walked out the back door to the garage.

"Okay." Carson waited while Kennedy placed the bags into the hatch, then backed the family-sized SUV out. She climbed in and got settled, feeling a familiar hand rest on her leg. They always drove that way, Kennedy's left hand on the wheel, and her right one on Carson. It was comforting, and she twined their fingers, feeling Kennedy tickle her palm in the process.

"By the way," Kennedy turned on the farm-to-market road, headed toward the airport. "How did you know that was a drawing of us?" She chuckled. "Looked like a mass of melted crayon to me."

"Experience, honey." Carson looked over at her. "I color with them almost every day. I've learned to guess really well."

Kennedy grew sober. "Do you ever miss … ?"

"No." Carson squeezed her hand. "Staying home with them has been the second-most satisfying experience of my life."

A smile tugged at Kennedy's lips, although she kept her eyes on the road. "What's the first?"

"Lying in your arms." Carson felt a gentle caress to her inner thigh. "Listening to your heartbeat until I fall asleep. Waking up and seeing your face first thing each morning."

Kennedy didn't respond, at least not verbally, but Carson didn't miss the quick swipe of her hand, as she brushed a tear away from her eye. She lifted Kennedy's hand, softly kissing her knuckles, before depositing it back on her leg.


The jet landed at the Addison airport, a small commuter airport just north of Dallas. Kennedy steadied Carson as they stepped out of the plane, and guided her over to a low building. A quick phone call summoned a limousine, which pulled up in the circular front driveway.

"What on earth?" Carson felt Kennedy take her hand, leading her to the long black vehicle, which had a front end like a pick-up truck, along with a comical-looking truck bed in the back. The middle, however, was all limousine, with a long row of dark tinted windows, and small running lights along the bottom of the doors.

"Figured you deserved to go out in style tonight." Kennedy waited as the driver hopped out, smartly opening the door for them. She helped Carson inside, getting them seated onto what amounted to a long comfortable leather couch. Kennedy reached over, lifting a chilled bottle of champagne from a pre-ordered bucket of ice.

"Where to, ma'am?" The driver opened an electric window that separated the back from the front.

"The Grape." She popped the cork on the champagne, pouring it into two cut-crystal flutes, as the whir of the small window indicated their privacy. She handed Carson a glass and clinked hers against it. "To the love of my life."

Carson's eyes glowed, as she took a few sips of the dry bubbling liquid, laughing as it tickled her nose. "Wow." She swallowed. "That's really good."

"I know something that tastes even better." Kennedy took her glass, setting it with hers in two secure holders, then pulled Carson into her arms, kissing her soundly for a long bit. Their hands wandered mindlessly, finding buttons and soft warm skin. "You ever made love in a limo, Carson?"

"You know I haven't." Carson felt herself lowered down on the soft leather, her partner's long body stretched out next to her. They took things a little farther, all their clothing still on, more or less. Carson relaxed into her lover's touch, feeling a knee slip between her legs, and getting lost in the little shivers and thrills she felt as Kennedy explored her neck and shoulders, her lips moving ever lower along the placket of Carson's open blouse. "Whoa there, stud." She placed a hand against Kennedy's heaving chest. "Maybe we should hold that thought until after dinner."

"I wanna have you for dinner." Kennedy nipped a finger as it traced her lips.

"How about for a midnight snack?" She carefully sat up, bringing Kennedy with her and holding on, as they simply snuggled, watching the houses and buildings go by outside the dark windows. She felt Kennedy's touch soften, gentle fingers merely stroking the skin of her stomach, then watched as her lover carefully buttoned her blouse back up for her.

"Dessert and a midnight snack." Kennedy's eyes roamed appreciatively over Carson's body.

"Deal." Carson kissed her, then rested her head on a broad shoulder, feeling a strong arm wrap around her. She sighed, closing her eyes, hearing Kennedy breathing beneath her ear.


The Grape was a small intimate restaurant, with only a dozen or so tables. It was dark inside, save for candlelight, and was decorated to look like an old Italian wine cellar. The two lovers shared a meal, trading bites and small talk, and sipping from glasses of aged red wine. Carson nibbled at roasted chicken and steamed brown rice, while Kennedy sampled a dish of Portobello mushrooms in tomato sauce. She was still a vegetarian, and Carson was still a carnivore, but somehow they had managed to blend their lives, although vegetarian fare was generally the rule when the dined together at home.

They were seated in a corner, their knees touching under the table. Kennedy offered Carson a slice of bread, smiling as the blonde removed a dab of butter from her thumb in the process. "Good stuff." Carson licked her lips.

"Yeah. I love home-made bread." Kennedy took a healthy bite, chewing with satisfaction.

"Oh." Carson winked at her. "The bread was good too."

Kennedy felt herself choking up again, as she had in the truck on the drive to the Austin airport. She looked down, twisting a platinum band on her left ring finger. "I love you so much." She looked up into concerned gray eyes, which softened at her words. She swiped more annoying tears away, trying to hide them with a smile. "Don't know what's gotten into me."

Carson reached across the table, taking her hand and resting it so both their rings glittered in the candlelight. "Same thing that's gotten into me, I suspect." She sniffled, feeling gentle fingers tilt her chin up.

"I want fifty more years with you, Carson." Kennedy stroked her cheek. "I want to dance with you at our grandchildren's' weddings."

"Ohhhhhh." Carson lightened the mood. "I want that too, but not so loud. I'm not ready to be a grandmother, just yet."

"Me neither." Kennedy smiled, thinking of their daughters. "I figure in another forty years I'll let them start dating."

"I feel sorry for the boy … or girl …" she smiled. "… who has to go through you to get to them, honey."

"You better betcha." Kennedy laughed lightly. "Anyone messes with my kids, and I'll pull out my longbow and shoot them in the …"

A warm hand clamped over her mouth. "I get you, honey. No worries there. If it comes to that, I'll be handing you the arrows so you can shoot faster."

"That's my girl." Kennedy whipped out a credit card as the bill was delivered to their table. "I wanna dance with you tonight, too."

Carson's eyes were already dancing, and after the credit card was returned she stood, pulling Kennedy to her feet. "Let's go, cowgirl. I wanna be swept off my feet and then go for a nice long ride."

"Oh, Darlin'," Kennedy followed her willingly back out to the limo. "Your wish is my command."

After a quick call home to say goodnight to the girls, they were off again to the Oak Lawn area, where they had first met.


"Place hasn't changed much, has it?" Kennedy escorted Carson into the Bit 'N Spur, her eyes roving around the crowded room before they fell fondly on a well-loved dance floor.

"Nope." Carson tucked a hand into Kennedy's elbow, following her over to a corner table.

Kennedy paused, turning to take both of Carson's hands in her own. She looked down, gathering her words, then looked back up, drawing both hands up and brushing her lips across them. "Ten years ago, a cute little blonde fell into my arms on that dance floor over there. I danced with her for the rest of the night, but I was already in love after the first dance."

Carson listened intently, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. "I seem to recall two strong arms catching me, and then I looked up into the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. Once I felt your arms around me, I never wanted to leave them again."

Kennedy pulled her close, ducking her head and kissing her soundly, as the room, the crowd, and the music faded out for a bit. "Dance with me?" She pecked Carson's lips again.

"Always." She led Kennedy to the dance floor, and as if on cue, an old slow song started up. They melted together, swaying slowly in time to the music, following each other perfectly, a tribute to many dances shared over the ten years they'd been together:

I'll always remember the song they were playing,
The first time we danced and I knew.
As we swayed to the music and held to each other,
I fell in love with you.

Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?
Would you be my partner then every night?
When we're together it feels so right,
Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?

I'll always remember that magic moment,
When I held you close to me.
As we moved together I knew forever,
You're all I'll ever need.

Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?
Would you be my partner then every night?
When we're together it feels so right,
Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?*

As the song ended, Kennedy kissed Carson, then pulled her closer, as a slow waltz began to play. They spun and turned around the dance floor, mixing with the other dancers, occasionally drawing an admiring glance from the other patrons, many who longed to dance as well with their partners as the obviously-in love couple did. A few hours passed, that seemed like minutes, and Kennedy glanced down at her watch, a handsome piece that Carson had given her for Christmas the year before. "Well, Cinderella." She led Carson back to the table where two half-full bottles of water sat. "It's an hour until midnight. What say we go find your coach and take you back to your castle?"

"Only if my princess charming plans to come up to the castle with me, and tuck me in." Carson batted her eyelashes innocently, watching the frank grin that spread across Kennedy's face.

Without a word, she led Carson back out to the waiting limo, instructing the driver to take a long route around the city before depositing them at the Melrose Hotel, telling him not to open the privacy window, that she would do so when she was ready. With a firm push of the button, she closed the window and turned to her partner, watching a blush creep across Carson's fair skin. "All this time." She stroked a pink cheek. "And I still have that effect on you. Come're."

Carson fell willingly into her arms, closing her eyes as Kennedy's lips nibbled a path from her lips to her top button. A gentle tug, and then a few more, and the blouse was open, as skilled fingers played against her skin and warm lips found hers again, kissing her until she was humming with desire. Her own hands roamed, divesting Kennedy of first her top, and then her slacks, and soon they were reclining on the leather seat, arms and legs tangled together as skin brushed against skin in an explosion of sensation.

Kennedy explored Carson with wonder, finding sensitive spots on a body now familiar as her own, her knowing touch drawing Carson up, the blonde's hands clutching at her as quiet little noises of pleasure escaped her lips. Kennedy laughed, deep and low, her voice almost inside Carson's ear, as she licked and nipped the baby-soft salty skin just below it. "Music to my ears." She nibbled some more. "I love hearing you, sweetheart.

Carson yelped as Kennedy moved lower, placing tiny love bites in a path from her breastbone to her navel, which she circled with her tongue, giving a gentle tug to the ring Carson still wore there. A lightening bolt shot from her belly button to her groin, and Carson shifted, giving Kennedy more room, and pushing her head lower, indicating exactly where she wanted her to go.

"Mmmmmm." Carson's scent reached her flared nostrils, and she placed several kisses on Carson's inner thighs, then moved in closer, giving her some even more intimate kisses. She shifted again, stretching out beside Carson, continuing her attentions as she felt her partner's hands stroking up and down her back. Carson slipped a hand between Kennedy's legs, causing her to moan against Carson's skin.

"Feels so good, baby." Kennedy opened up to her. "Come with me, Carson." She kissed her partner again, feeling her start to shake as Kennedy drove her over the edge. The brunette was not too far behind her, and they held each other for a long while, catching their breath as their hands wandered in comforting touches.

Kennedy kissed Carson's head, then her face, then found her lips for a long lingering moment. "Just as amazing as the first time," she whispered, feeling Carson hug her tightly. She savored the bare warm skin against her own, sighing as she realized they probably needed to get dressed and direct the driver to go on to the hotel.

"Yeah." Carson smiled and nipped a convenient bit of skin, causing Kennedy to jump. "And it was nice to not hear 'Mommy, Ne-mah' on the other side of the door."

Kennedy chuckled silently, giving Carson an affectionate squeeze. "That it was. What say we go on back to the Melrose, and pick up where we left off?"

A kiss was her answer.


After a generous tip, they exited the limo and quickly checked into the hotel, making their way to the honeymoon suite. They laughed together, as they once again shed their clothing, taking advantage of a large Jacuzzi tub, and another bucket of chilled champagne.

Much later, two sated bodies lay in bed, wrapped contentedly around each other. Carson traced gentle circles on Kennedy's bare stomach, as they listened to soft jazz music. Kennedy brushed her lips against Carson's head, enjoying the post-lovemaking ritual. After ten years, she still loved falling asleep while Carson stroked her belly.

Carson rose up, leaning down and kissing her soundly, before resting her head against Kennedy's chest, and continued with the loving touches. "Happy anniversary, Kennedy."

"Likewise." Kennedy wrapped her arms around the compact body, closing her eyes. This was peace.

"I love you," two voices spoke in unison in the darkness, then laughed quietly together.

Carson also closed her eyes, her motions slowly stilling, as Kennedy's strong steady heartbeat lulled her to sleep.

"To the love of my life," Kennedy whispered, repeating her toast from earlier in the evening. She kissed Carson's head one more time, then followed her in sleep, and pleasant dreams of her family and their future.


The End (or more appropriately, just the beginning).


* Lyrics by George & Johnnie Eddins, as sung by Anne Murray.

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