The World's Shortest XWP Fan Fiction

55-Word Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction


Wishes read a book about Fifty-Five Word Fiction in "The World's Shortest Stories", edited by Steve Moss (Running Press, Philadelphia, 1998). She asked XWP fans if they would like to try their hand at writing 55-word stories that include their favorite characters and plot.   Their answer is evident right here. "It's fun and interesting to see how different people deal with the tight word limit….telling a story in different ways and with style."- Wishes. We agree. Each story is (or nearly is) 55 words, including title and author's name.



The Poem - alwayslooking

She read:

"When I look into your eyes
I see the darkness fade
And all the gentle voices there
Into my hands are laid

I would possess them, every one
And hold them deep within
As well as feel your gentle touch,
Or breath your scented skin..."

Then Xena's hands caressed.



Would You? - Bongo Bear

"Would you do me on a carpet of forest moss?"

"Would you do me at the inn, under smooth sheets in a candlelit room?"

"Would you do me on a horse? Under a bearskin?"

"Would you do me on a sleeping fur under a starry sky?"

"No, Joxer. Beat it."



FAITH - Cathy

At the top of the world, a tall dark woman takes in the scenery.

A lone figure, cold and trembling, extends her hand.

"Hi Xena, didn't think I'd make it did you?"

" I knew you'd come. I've always had faith in you Tam."


Conscience - Critter

Gabrielle paced around and around unsure of what action to take next.

Her inner sense told her what was right for her and it warred with what
others always said to do.

The voice of authority reached her mind.

"Gabrielle, come do your chores."

She grudgingly put down a toy.




The Sixth Sense - Danae

Xena approaches a boy who is standing next to Joxer.

Boy: (whispers to Joxer)  I see dead people.

Joxer:  You do?

Boy: (watches Callisto run by)  They're everywhere.

Joxer:  They are?!

Xena hands the boy her sword.

Boy: (points it at Joxer)  They want me to do things for them.



Hoping - Marie Foose

She looks intently into her face.
Eyes look back expectantly.
She starts to reach forward.
Eye's grow wide 'Could it be?'
Xena reaches forward and brushes
Gabrielle's face 'You have food on your face.'

'Oh, I thought ... Never mind.'
Xena goes back to sharpening her sword.




Xena kicks ass - Gabite

Xena kicks ass, looks to emerald eyes sparkling with love.

"Ill be with u in a moment" Xena kicks more bad ass.

Gabrielle looks on, warrior wraps it up.
The fighting's over

Xena grabs Gabrielle's hand. Looks to love.
"I love you Gabrielle. Even in uber, I shall never leave you."


Quill - Gabite

Xena , Gab, sleeping.

An owl swoops down and pulls a curl of raven hair.

An eyebrow rises, a sly smile, another swoop, sharp teeth, feathers, a grin.

Sunshine warms naked skin, Gabrielle stretches. A new quill resting on her
chest. She looks to Xena. presses full lips.

A ruffled old owl stumbles by.



Another Skill - Beth Gaynor

"Xena, did you know I have quite a few skills of my own?"

Xena looked up, surprised. "Sure I did. You're a great bard, you're good with a staff, ummm... you're my best friend..."

"And I'm a detective."

"Come again?"

Gabrielle put a bright box on Xena's knee. "Happy birthday."





"I feel so strangely, undeniably attracted to you," the small, adorable blonde with the heart of gold confessed to the gorgeous tall, dark stranger that fate had brought into
her life.

"Me too," the other woman replied. She was the strong,
silent type.

"Let's go have great sex."




The Story - Indigo

"What are you writing?"

"Well, I'm writing a new story."

"About us, right?"

"Well not exactly. It's complete fiction."

"You look bothered, what's the matter then?"

"Well, I'm gonna have to say it's about you and I anyway, because I don't
think anyone will be interested if it's not."

"Won't that piss em off?"




Xena and Gabrielle: The Golden Years (The Battle Over Lesbian Bedroll Death) - jules

Xena rolled away from the campfire and the aged bard. Her hips crackled
signifying calcium depletion and she moaned out her pain.

What had happened to them? Where were her teeth? Had the change changed them? So as she lay there trying to remember her name she decided, "no more death...not on my bedroll."



Xena shifted uncomfortably from her position on the ground.
"Can't you get off!"

Gabrielle puffs, "I'm trying!"

"Hurry up, my hand is breaking. Why aren't you as quick as in all the stories
about us."

"Maybe because they're fiction."

Impatiently, Xena lifts her hands holding Gabrielle's foot and hoists her up
onto Argo.



The Question - P.D.

With shaking hands, Gabrielle unwrapped the package. She gasped and a sob of joy escaped her lips.

Xena cocked her head and raised her eyebrow. Gabrielle looked up and nodded as tears filled her eyes.

Xena began to breathe again and smiled.

Their kiss sealed their hearts and bound their souls.



Sigh - P.D.

I hate his whining voice. His touch is rough and his clanging clothes hurt my ears.

<Sigh> I do get an extra rub down, more apples and oats.

But why do I have to keep his company? <Whinny>

<Stomp> Did you ever think I might want to be alone with the blonde?




Crunch - P.D.

"Hey. Whatcha doin'?"

"Want a bite?"
< Nip >
< Shove >
"I meant the apple!"
"Oh." <Crunch >

"Um, Xena? Want another bite?"
"Sure." < Crunch >
"I meant of me!"
"Oh." < Nip >
"Umm. Sweet"
"Me or the apple?"

"Um, Gabrielle?"
"Got any cherries?"



Rescue [first season] - Liz

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I have to stop them Gabrielle."

"Wait for me."

"No! It's too dangerous. I'll meet you in the next village."

Xena rides off into the distance.

Sneaking into camp she peaks into the dark cage. "Gabrielle, how..."

"I wanted to help."

"Don't worry I'll rescue you."


Atonement [second season] - Liz

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm Surrendering. I don't deserve to live. I'm evil."

"Not now! That was the past."

"The people need Justice Gabrielle. I'll always love you"

The door slams shut and the lock clicks slowly into place.

"Don't worry Xena. I'll find a way to get you off."


Deception [third season] - Liz

"Gabrielle, what are you hiding?"

"No one.... I mean nothing."

"Are you sure?"

"YES Xena I'm sure. Anyway what are YOU hiding?"

"Me? I haven't done anything."

"Good. What's that you're humming?"

"Just my all-time favorite song."

"Xena. That's what I love about our relationship, no illusions just complete
trust and honesty."



Going My Way [fourth season] - Jacquee

"He's right I understand that's The Way to go"

"What way?"

"The Way Xena"

Slowly her anger boils over. Almost yelling...

"WHICH WAY is that?"

"My Way Xena"

"And what's wrong with my way?"

"That's your way Xena"

"So where do we go from here?"

"Any which way but loose"



The Game - Tango

Xena and Gabrielle were staying a few days at Cyrene's Inn and were playing hide and seek with Toris' children. Xena hid in a closet, and was surprised when Gabrielle slipped in. Standing very close, facing Gabrielle, Xena felt her heart beating faster. Overwhelmed with desire, Xena slowly kissed Gabrielle's lips.



The Point - J.C. Wilder

"Hey Xena," Gabrielle hugged her knees and licked her lips nervously.


"I...I'm just sorry."

"Forget it Gabrielle. It could happen to anyone."

"Really?" A ghost of a smile appeared.

"Yeah." Xena moved slightly and plucked the quill from her butt with a wince. "Just improve your aim will ya."



Now - J.C. Wilder

For years they traveled together, wanting to be more than friends while warm flesh prickled at every touch.

"Enough," Xena whispered, dismounting Argo.

Gabrielle's heart hammered furiously. "Now?"

"By the gods, yes," the warrior whispered again, and gathered her into her arms.

Gabrielle's body molded perfectly to her own. "Now," she breathed.



REPLAY - Wishes

Xena ordered the slavers, "Tell Draco Xena protects Potidea."

Gabrielle invited, "Come with us. Mother will treat your wound." Xena strode to Argo. Without weakening, she rode away. On a hill, she met a dark figure. "Remember our deal. This time, Gabrielle will be happy."

He nodded.

Only Argo remained on the hill.



The old woman sat at the crossroads crying. Gabrielle offered her food
and kindness.

The woman said, "Behold! I'm a goddess. I'll grant you one wish."

Gabrielle wished, "Please end Xena's guilt. Let her sleep undisturbed." That night, Xena's sleep was innocent and sound. The next morning, Xena the Conqueror was reborn.




Awakening - Claire Withercross

It was hard for Xena to let go of her love in the mornings knowing it could possibly be the last time they lay together.

She nuzzled the blonde hair by her face and smiled at the satisfied groan coming from the awakening woman.

"What’s for breakfast?" came a sleepy mumble.




Crossroads - Claire Withercross

Xena and Gabrielle paused at the crossroads.

"Which way?"

"North," said the bard, and started walking in that direction.

"South," said the warrior, and started walking in that direction.

Gabrielle stopped and turned to look at the retreating back of Xena. "South is good," she agreed and hurried to catch up.




THE HEARTBEAT - Claire Withercross

I can hear your heartbeat.

I can hear your heartbeat when I go to sleep.

I can hear your heartbeat when I'm asleep.

I can hear your heartbeat when I wake up.

I fear sometimes that I'll never hear it again.

My greatest fear is that you can't hear mine.





"Xena, trouble!"

Men appear with swords.

"Stay back."

Swords clash, skin breaks, blood spills.

"Behind you!"

Sword turns and thrusts. The warrior grins. She knows she’s good.

"What did they want?"

The warrior shrugs. "They didn’t say."

"You could‘ve asked?"

"It wasn’t in the script," explained Xena.




Words - Claire Withercross

Gabrielle studied the strange runes intently.

"What do they say?"

"I’m not sure. They seem to be appearing out of thin air."

"Message from the gods?"

"Maybe. It’s not Greek, though."

"Can’t you read any of it?"

"Hmm, only the last two."

"Great! What do they say?"

"The End."

The End




First Time - Wordee

Gabrielle looked at her companion. Better late than never, she decided.

"Xena, do you ever..." She couldn't finish the thought.

Xena stopped stomping on the bad guy's head and glanced at her sidekick. "Do
I ever what?"

"Have that not so fresh feeling?"

"Yeah, but I got over it."

"So heroic."




Hurt/Comfort - Wordee

"Ouch!" Gabrielle cried, blood flowing instantly.

"By the Gods, that's quite a wound." Xena's brow furrowed as she examined the gash. "After tending it, I had better hold you in my arms for the next two weeks."

Gabrielle snuggled against Xena. "You're so understanding. Most people would laugh at a paper cut."




PERFECT – IseQween (3/07)

“Too bad about Paradise, huh? The peace. Purity.”

“You warned against things too good to be true.”

“With one exception. For me anyway. Wish yours didn't always go ‘poof.'”

“I've seen the light now. It's missing something. Could never be truly complete. For me anyway.”

“A portable hot tub?”

“With you? Purrfect.”




PERFECT II – IseQween (4/07)

“`I'm the ultimate fantasy.' Some obsession, eh?”


Gabrielle pointed to the constellation shaped like that illusive fish Xena'd launched into the heavens with the Mystic Diamond in its mouth. “Should feed yours forever.”

“Same as that perfect star in the night sky can always remind folks of you.”

“As what? Bait?”

“Works for me.”


MOTH - IseQween (8/07)


Some village girl turned warlord without his blessing? Resplendently dark. Consuming her enemies with eyes as merciless as her sword. A smile more frightening than his own.


He felt … passion? A flame worth pursuing. Oh, to burn in such a mortal! To claim her blood his. Reason enough, finally, to be a god?