All My Life
by Genea

Disclaimers-Sure they could be Xena and Gabrielle but, there not cross my chakram and hope to die, stick a quill in my eye. Seriously any resemblance to those guys is completely coincidental-really!!

Sex-Definitely might want to read this at home.

Violence-None unless you count really fabulous orgasms.

Last but most important to Abi the woman I'll love for all my life.

Here we are 12 years later and I can barely believe it. We're headed out to celebrate our 30
th birthdays. We've known each other since we were babies. We were born 30 minutes apart. Our mothers didn't know each other but were the only women to give birth that night. Max came out first-blond and screaming. A bolt of lightning struck the hospital as she came into the world-so bright in fact the doctor says he almost missed Max coming out. My mother was in labor right next-door and 30 minutes later during a lull in the rain, wind and lightning, but with a cacophony of thunder, I was born. Dark and brooding, my mother still says to this day. I was placed in my mother's arms and she swears I arched an eyebrow at her, grabbed her finger and stared into her eyes before falling asleep.

Our mothers shared a room. They named Max for a character from Where the Wild Things Are. She figured given her entrance it was fitting. My mother didn't know what to call me so she just went thru a list of names aloud. Apparently when she got to Alex I grabbed her finger and smiled so there you go. It turns out Max's mother, had just divorced her husband and purchased the house next door to ours. My mother was also single and from that moment the four of us were inseparable. Max and I did everything together: school, soccer, track, debate, baby-sitting; actually, she did cheerleading on her own but, other than that you couldn't tell where one of us ended and the other started.

When we were seventeen we had another first, our first kiss. It was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt and to this day her kisses still are. Things were different from that point, we just didn't know how different. Everyone seemed to notice, seemed to know we had shared a kiss. At school people invited us out differently. They asked if we come to this or that party, if we would be able to come over to study. Maybe they had seen something in my eyes when she came my way, I don't know. I picked Max up from her classes or she met me at mine. We made it a point to ask the other what we wanted to do after school and on the weekends. I was more conscious of what I wore, I even began wearing a light cologne. I held doors for her, pulled out her chairs. In a phrase, I was courting her without knowing it. This went on for about 6 months (by this time we were both nearly 18). I knew I was madly in love and had to do something.

Max and I always celebrated our birthdays with our families and then with each other. This time was going to be different. I had big plans. I was going to ask her to love me for the rest of her life.

After the family dinner, we got in my car and drove to the beach where I had rented a condo. When we walked in she gasped. The entire front room was basked in candlelight, with cellist Yo-Yo Ma playing in the background. She turned to me to speak but I stopped her with a finger to the lips, offered her my arm and escorted her to the table.

Dinner was delightful. We had all of our favorites: crab legs, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli with Diet Dr. Pepper. For dessert there was Tira Misu cheesecake and soy vanilla lattes. I know what your all thinking, that doesn't sound very romantic, but for us it was wonderful-all the things we loved the most including each other.

After dinner, we went to the front room with more Diet Dr Pepper and sat down in front of the fireplace. We sat quietly for a time and then both started to speak at the same time. I told her to go ahead.

“Alex, this was wonderful. How did you keep this a secret?”

She asked question after question in typical Max style, though this would annoy some I found it to be wonderful, vintage Max. The more I listened, the more I knew I could not and did not want to live without her. How could I put words to this amazing, unsettling feeling?” She stopped talking mid-sentence and asked “What?"

I looked deeply into her eyes and spoke, words that were just suddenly there. “Max, I have come to realize, no I know, that you and you alone are my past, my present and my future. When I wake in the morning you are my first thought, when I go to bed you are my last thought and then I dream of you all night. When we are apart, I can barely think straight, waiting for our next meeting. When we are together, I feel complete, like all is right in the world. I feel like I can fly. I love you, Max. I love you more than I can ever say. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and being loved by you. I want you by my side for the rest of this life and into the next. Max, will you do me the honor of being my wife, my lover, my best friend for the rest of our lives?”

I realized then that she was crying and began to think I had said something wrong, I started to talk but it was her turn to quiet me with a finger to the lips.

she said so quietly I barely heard her. I began to cry. I was so overcome and pulled her into a hug that I felt down to my very soul. We had not kissed since our first and when our lips met it was as if I had finally come home.

The kiss was everything I had remembered and imagined, intoxicating. I sought entrance to her mouth and was granted access immediately. I heard a moan and was surprised to realize it was me. She ran her fingers through my long hair and pulled me closer. I felt my nipples harden and I whimpered as I felt hers rub mine. I slowly unbuttoned her shirt never breaking contact with her lips.
Once her shirt was off, I grazed her nipples with my thumbs and a shudder ran thru her body. I left her lips and began kissing, biting and sucking my way down her neck to her collarbone. By this time she was moaning my name over and over. I was emboldened by her reactions and, although I had no idea what I was doing, I assumed this was good.

I undid her bra, slid down her body and carefully took one of her breasts into my mouth. She gasped loudly and I continued to suck gently, then, harder as she arched into my mouth. I kissed across the valley of her breasts and took the other into my mouth, teasing it with my teeth, while continuing to stroke and pinch the other. She was moaning so loudly I could feel my own body throbbing with excitement.

I unbuttoned her pants, slid down her zipper and took them off. Immediately I could smell her scent-a mix of sweat, musk and a scent that was just Max. I realized a moment later that she wasn't wearing any panties and almost came right then and there. The second thing I realized is that she was talking to me

“Alex you, you are wearing way too much clothing."

She reached down and pulled me up to her, then shocking me by pulling my shirt apart, sending the buttons flying. I was not wearing a bra (I hate those things) and she reached out to touch me. Everywhere her fingers touched, I was on fire and I swear her touch was burnt into my flesh.

As much as I wanted her touch, I was driven to make love to her, to become one with her. I began my trek down her body; kissing, caressing, sucking, biting and then as I came close to my goal I stopped. I looked into her eyes with tears in mine said.
“I love you, Max-forever.”

I lowered my head and took a deep breath. My head began to swim and I was happy to be lying down already. I kissed between her thighs and worked my way slowly to her center. I could feel the heat radiating off her. I ran my tongue across her sex, up to her clit, and she shuddered. I shuddered I was in heaven.

I languidly began stroking her with my tongue, memorizing every inch, her lips, and the way the walls of her core felt on my tongue. I loved the feeling of her clit throbbing and pounding in my mouth.
I began darting my tongue in and out of her faster and then slower, responding to her cries and the movement of her hips. She was calling out with every stroke, every suck

“Alex, oh god, oh for the love of Athena. Alex, sweet Artemis, Zeus almighty.”
(Max loves Greek myth.)

She began to shudder. Holding her thighs tightly I continued to love her. Just as she began to come, I sucked her clit into my mouth-hard and sent her hurdling over the precipus, into yet another first. While the orgasm shook her body, I held onto her whispering sweet nothings, promising my love to her forever, to eternity and beyond.

When at last the orgasm was over, Max commented a solid "Wow." We burst into laughter for a good minute. Max had always been the queen of understatement and had done it again. She took my hand in her kissed every one of my knuckles, then took the other hand and sucked each finger, tickling each tip with her tongue.

I had forgotten, my own need and now it had been re-ignited. She whispered in my ear
“I love you and now I going to make love to you, the way I have fantasized for the last two years.
Did she say last two years? Oh, boy.

“First, I'm going to make you crazy and then I'm going to make you come so hard, the neighbors will feel it.”

At that point I swallowed and wondered who this woman was and what she had done with Max. I didn't have time to think too long. Soon she was biting my earlobe and breathing heavily on my neck. She kissed me again on the neck and I couldn't help moaning out her name

“Max, Max, oh yes, Max.”

She continued down to my collarbone, while undoing my button-flys and sliding them off my body with her feet. Max, now at the valley of my breasts, looked up at me her eyes so dark and emblazoned with passion that I grew wet with anticipation. She took my left breast in her mouth and I screamed out in delight. She looked at me questioningly and I smiled in answer.
She started again, sucking harder and harder until I thought I might explode. She moved on to my right breast and although momentarily missing her attentions, I quickly forgot space and time. I felt my body teetering on the brink of another first but somehow she pulled me back.

She slowly continued her torture down my body burning kisses into my skin. Max was in control of my body. She ran her fingertips down my body and then touched my clit, nearly sending me crashing over the edge. She continued her strokes, taking me closer and closer and pulling me back.

I continued arching, aching for her. She finally, mercifully pushed her finger into my moist center. I screamed in relief and my hips begin moving of there own accord. She kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue, caressing my lips. Max moved down my body, took my clit into her mouth and sucked and stroked me at the same time. My thoughts were incoherent. In my mind I saw flashes of a time long gone, of two people who looked like us, yet I did not recognize them. I came back to the present where I was writhing, waiting to come, being made love to by best friend, my heart, and my soul. With one final thrust, Max sent me careening over the edge.

Max, as always, kept her promise. Then we were holding each other, wrapped in the glow of new love, reassured by the reawakening of a love as old as time.

        That was twelve years ago, I look up and see Max smiling at me. She is beautiful, round, glowing with our first child. Children actually. Today we found out we're having twins, one girl for sure, the other is hiding behind her. Her eyes twinkle, crinkling at the corners knowing exactly what I'm thinking about. She walks over to me, sits on my lap and cuddles up to me.

“You love me?” she asks.

“More than life itself.” I reply.


I place my hand on her stomach and kiss it. One of the babies chooses this moment to make themselves known by kicking my wife. She lets out a surprised yelp.

“Soccer player, I'm thinking."

“Maybe I say, maybe Rugby.”

“I think not she says, I can barely stand to watch you play.”

I laugh my sweet girl always worrying.

“I love you Alex Rowling.”

"I love you Max Rowling and will for all my life.


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