Designs of the Heart

by Heartbrkn Bard


CHARACTER DISCLAIMER: The characters herein are mine. Any resemblance to real or fictional people is strictly part of your imagination. Some places in the story are real and some are fictional.

LOVE/SEX WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This story depicts an explicit love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Author's note: I want to thank my Beta readers MK and Stacia. They are one of the best there is <g> And thank my sexy wife for all the encouragement, kind words, and support she gave me. If it wasnít for her I probably wouldnít be able to have written this story.


Chapter 1


"Partly cloudy 68 degrees...."

Jack hated to wake up to a shitty forecast, but today didnít sound all that bad considering the heat and humidity theyíd had over the last few weeks.

Jack was tall, beautiful and successful . Her long hair and her baby blues got her where she was today. "Designs by Jack," that was her. Everywhere you looked someone was wearing something she designed. It takes a lot of hard work and imagination to come up with attire that will catch the publicís eye. One thing Jack had was an imagination, and an eye for style. With that gift and bank loans, "Designs by Jack" was created. It was a job that she enjoyed and kept her busy, and it was hers. People would kill to be in her position in life. All Jack wanted now, though, was out. Having it all and being single was not her idea of a perfect life. It really did get lonely at the top.

Jack longed for a soulmate. Actually at this point in her life she would even settle for a normal girlfriend. The designer knew it was her own fault she was alone. As soon as anyone would get close, Jack would run. She would pledge her soul to beautiful , innocent women and then sell it to the devil. She would play with the minds of these women. They would believe that she needed them, then bang! they were history.

Jack was a confident women .....sometimes too cocky. After thousands of dollars and years of therapy, however, Jack realized she was just terrified of commitment. Commitment, the "C word," EW!! Letting someone into her heart, with the chance they might actually get in, scared her to death Why? Because she thought they would not like what they saw once they got in. Jack didnít want to let anyone down, so to be safe she just shut them out.

Well, the blue-eyed women was tired of being that way. She stopped going to the bars and thinking women were just something you toyed with. She learned to appreciate them, instead of taking them for granted. Jack was ready now , she wanted to commit. She wanted to come home to someone every day, to be able to pass a card or flower shop and have a reason to go in.


Was it therapy that gave Jack this change of heart? Maybe partially, but the designer knew it was because of Desi. Anytime she thought of the "C" word one memory would pop into mind, Desi.

The memory of first meeting Desi was still so fresh. She was the only woman that meant anything to Jack .......the woman she had and lost because of her own pride and stupidity ..... The women that changed her life forever.

Chapter 2

Big day today. It was always a big day when a major department store buyer set up an appointment to meet with Jack . Her designs usually sold themselves, but presenting them always gave her butterflies. Rolling out of bed and grabbing a towel, she headed for the shower.

It was nerve-wracking days like this that made her think of Desi. She thought back to that first night. Jack began to reminisce under the hot spray. Desiree Jamenson. Wow, what a woman!! Those who were close to her called her "Ree." To me she will always be my Desi--a smart , talkative woman, always on top of things (especially me) Boy was she a hot babe..... Desi always knew what buttons to push to make Jack squirm. That was important, or at least Jack thought so then.

Rehashing the whole relationship in her head, she knew that Desiís physical appearance was not the most important. Her inner beauty was more important. It took a real woman to do deal with another personís issues and standing by their side. Desi was that, a real woman. Her method was merely to try to make the best of a situation. Jack needed that in a woman. While she would get irrational and self-centered , Desi did the opposite. Together it worked in solving the problem. Desi listened and helped. Helped in ways that Jack found amazing, but would never admit to. They were so different , yet similar in a lot of ways unknown to either one of them at the time. Jack was too complex, too headstrong, and never thought before she spoke. She hurt people around her, not purposely, but not caring either. But Desi understood her. Desi cared. The way she worked with Jackís fits and infidelity was amazing.

Actually, Desi was the first woman to show the designer some romance. The two of them were "the couple." Their friends were always jealous of the two of them, wanting what they had for themselves. Everything from candlelight dinners to singing a love song on her knees in front of crowd to the women she loved. These were things that Jack did for her lover. Desi brought out the best in her. And without her Jack was lost.

It took many years for her to realize that she could find another woman to be with, to get close to. It would take time and effort on her part, but she was willing to give another woman what Desi gave her. From the first moment their eyes met to the last words they screamed at each other, Jack was afraid--very afraid--that the one person in her whole life she had actually changed for, or who had changed her, might be gone forever. And why? Because she was too thick-headed to realize it at the time, or just didnít want to. The blue-eyed women remembered the day they met like it was yesterday, like she could ever forget it.....God, it's been... 8 years already? The memory of first meeting Desi was still so fresh. Jack began to reminisce under the hot spray.

It was a hot summer night , after a long day at the office. Jack wanted to go out for some drinks. She was just starting out back then , so going out unnoticed wasnít a problem. Jack quickly made a few phone calls, and before she knew it the gang was meeting her in a nearby local bar. The Lavender Chair was the local hot spot.

"Corona, please," Jack ordered.

I always thought that bartender was cute. Something about her butch look and feminine personality just turned Jack on. With one elbow on the bar, and the other hand on her beer, she noticed this tight skinny ass walk right past her. Now thatís an ass I havenít seen naked yet. Wouldnít mind seeing it either...<smack> Went the bartenders hand across the back of Jackís head.

"Sheila, what the hell was that for?"she asked innocently.

"Need you ask?"


"Come on Jack, for months you ask me for my number. I finally give it to you and you donít call. I ask you about it, and you give me some cockamamie story about not wanting to be with anyone right now.... needing your space........not wanting to hurt me......"

"Well, that was the truth" Jack said , all the time looking for that babe that had just walked by.

"You wouldnít know the truth if it bit you in the ass." Sheila was getting annoyed at the lack of attention. "Besides, if you donít want to be with anyone right now.." <smack> " why the heck are you checking out that chick??"

"Quit it, will you....... I have something to tend to" Jack said with a smirk, grabbing her beer and walking away.

She walked over to the dance area to get a better look at the chick with the nice ass. As she scoped her surroundings she found her...dark, long wavy hair, Jackís type. Hmm wonder if sheís here alone. The mystery women turned around and locked eyes with Jack.


Chapter 3

"Hey Lor, did you see that hottie by the bar?" whispered Desiree into her friendís ear.

"How could you not!! "she said sarcastically. "She almost choked on her beer when you walked by."

Pushing her playfully, "So is it so bad when I get the attention once in a while?"

"Once in a while??? Desiree, you just came to the realization about your sexuality two months ago. Youíre like a new toy in the store........ Everyone wants one!!" teased Lori.

"So maybe in this case thatís not such a bad thing." She looked for the brunette with the beer. "You know. Lori, one day I will find myself that "woman of my dreams" and live happily ever after."

"Babe, in this lifestyle, happily ever after is something you read in the fairy tale books."

Finding her prey a few feet away, she replied, "You wait, Lor, Iíll prove you wrong...Iíll prove you wrong........"

Brrrr... Chills went up Jackís back. Well, if you donít get your lazy ass over there now, she may leave and youíll never see her again. Eyes still locked, Jack walked up to the women.

"Excuse me," tapping her on the shoulder, "Care to dance?"

When the woman turned around, Jack was stunned. My god, she is more beautiful than I thought. Her smile is breathtaking! With those sparkling green eyes and flawless skin, she can probably have anyone she wants...I wonder if I even stand a chance.

" I thought youíd never ask," shouted Desiree over the blasting music.

Jack loved to dance. She didnít want it to seem like she was showing off, so she just handled herself gracefully. Since when did she care if she was showing off? Jack loved to do drove the women nuts. This time felt different. She didnít want it to be a sexual thing this time....or did she?

"So whatís your name?" asked Jack as she leaned forward so she wouldnít have to scream.

"Desiree......Desiree Jamenson....but everyone calls me Ree."

"Well Iím not everyone, so can I call you Desi?"

Desi thought that was the cutest thing. "Weíll see if you earn that privilege,"she said, blushing slightly.

"And yours?"


"Very funny, your name, please"

" My name? Jack , just plain Jack"

Raising one eyebrow, Desiree thought, sheís going to be a tough one......."Come on, Jack,. Plain ole Jack ....I guess you think youíre a comedienne?"

Laughing "Ok....Itís Jack...Jacqueline Moore...but DO NOT call me Jacqueline....please."

"You got it." Desi thought the brunette had a beautiful name. Why would she want to be called Jack for? It sounds sooo boyish...Reality smacking her in the head, she realized, oh, thatís why. Well, I could live with that. What am I thinking?? Live with that? I meet someone for the first time 30 seconds ago and I am thinking about how I can deal with calling her the pet name she desires? Desi, youíll never change...You came out of the closet two months ago. You dance with the first women that asks you, and you think about forever already?? Watch it, youíll get hurt.

They danced as if they had known each otherís moves forever. It was a weird feeling to be so in sync' with someone after having just met them.

Breaking out of thought, Desi smiled at her dance partner. She is definitely attractive.. Those blue eyes are so piercing, I feel like they are looking right through me. With her beautiful dark, straight hair sticking to her sweaty face she couldnít help but wonder if sheíd had many lovers.

"How long you out?" asked Jack.


"You know ..Gay..umm..a Lesbian," she answered teasingly.

Quite embarrassed, and blushing profusely, green eyes looked down. "Iím a newbie, is that a problem?"

"No, should it be?"

"Well its not for me, but I donít know how you experienced women like it," Desi said teasingly.

" So just by looking at me you can say I am an experienced women?"

The dance floor was getting crowded. The more people that showed up, the hotter it got in there. Jack spotted a couple of her friends walking in. She needed to go say hello to them since she had invited them to come out. "Iíll be right back," she shouted to Desiree, walking away from the dance floor, and over to her buddies.

"Hey, Jackie baby ,whatís up??" asked Lisa , her best friend.

"What does she look like she is up too, stupid?" answered her girlfriend, Cody.

Jackís friends knew her all too well. Would they believe her if she told them that she was actually interested in someone other than for having sex? Probably not. Peer Pressure was a tough thing to fight, being 22 years old. At that age, there was also an image to uphold, and Jack attached a lot of importance to her image..

"Come on guys, I was just dancing with Desi." Jack answered nervously.

"Ooo, Desi.. Is that her name?" teased Lisa.

Spotting her other friend, TK, walking in, Jack was starting to get very uncomfortable. Changing the subject she said "Look itís TK " pointing at the door and waving her friend over. She never did know her friendís real name. Rumor had it , it was something girly like Taylor.

"Hey TK, howís it hanging?" asked Cody.

"A little to the left" TK replied.

"We were just asking Jack over here about her newfound friend, Desi." answered Lisa.

Jack would never be able to explain to her friends that she got a different feeling when she danced with this woman. It wasnít an automatic sexual attraction thing going on in Jackís was...different. Just different. Why? Even the brunette couldnít explain it just yet. It was a new feeling, a different feeling, a strange kind of butterflies in the stomach feeling. Butterflies in the stomach?? Jack, what is going on? she thought.

"You know Cody, I am allowed to dance with someone without wanting to jump right into bed with them" checking her beeper that had just gone off " or is that a crime all of the sudden?"

It was her father beeping her. He only paged her at this ungodly hour if he was fighting with her mother and needed a place to sleep. For as long as Jack could remember , her parents fought. Her dad put up with it because he didnít believe in divorce. Her mother would kick him out and Jack would take him in. Her father was her best friend. Always was and always would be. She would do anything in the world for him even if it meant putting an end to a wonderful evening.

"Listen guys I have to go, personal you know." grabbing a pen and paper from Sheila, the bartender, she jotted down her number. "Tk do me a favor? She pointed to the green-eyed woman she had shared a dance floor with just moments before, "See that woman over there.."


"Give her my number and just explain to her that I had an emergency and I had to run" as she turned around walking away, she hesitated. "Oh and Tk please tell her I am sorry"

"Will do Jack . Go now, run. Call you tomorrow."

Jack really didnít want to go. But not answering her father and hanging out with that woman would have been the wrong thing to do. I hope Tk does the right thing by me... friends you never know who your real ones are.


Chapter 4

" So Desi, what happened?" inquired Lori.

"I donít know. We were dancing, her friends walked in, and poof she was gone."

" Be careful Desi, most lesbians are like that."

" I thought she might be different, maybe I just hoped she would be." answered Desi sadly.

The beautiful green-eyed woman spotted one of Jackís friends coming her way.

" Hello there" putting out her hand "Iím Tk, Jacks friend."

She put out her hand in return " Hi, Tk, Jackís friend. Iím Desi, but I guess you knew that already. What can I do for you?"

"Well, Jack had to run, personal she said, but asked me to come over here to give you this ..." She handed Desi the paper with a phone number on it, then continued, "and to apologize for not saying goodbye herself."

Looking down at the paper Desi couldnít help but wonder if everything was ok. "Thanks, Tk, will you be seeing your friend again sometime soon?"

"Actually , yes, tomorrow, she just moved into my building. Why?" asked the friend curiously.

Grabbing a piece of paper of her own, Desi wrote down her own number and handed it to Tk. "Please tell her that I am sorry we didnít get to finish dancing together , and that I hope everything was alright, and when she has the time she could buzz me, if sheíd like of course."

"Will do, bye" Tk waved and walked away.

"Bye" whispered Desi, sadly hoping in the back of her mind that Jack would get the message and call her....

To be continued....


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