Girl Corrupted
By Larisa


Disclaimer: This is an Uber based on the movie Girl Interrupted owned by Columbia Pictures. No infringement is meant.
Sexual content: Yep
Bad language: Of course

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        Have you ever confused a dream for life or stolen something when you had the cash, Have you ever been blue? Or thought you're train moving when sitting still? Maybe I am crazy or maybe it was just the 90's and I was just a girl corrupted?

        I can see the bright lights on the ceiling as they roll me down the hallway of the hospital; the noise of the rubber wheels of my gurney making hissing noises on the tile floor. What seems like hundreds of voice's buzzing in my ears as they throw questions at me and then talk like I'm not there? I can feel the restraining straps on my hands and feet being released but I don't remember having them placed there, to be truthful I have no idea what's going on or why. That night was a blur of lights, voices, surgical tubes that they used to pump my stomach and needles pushed into my skin to counter react what they thought I had taken to end my life. I can hear myself saying aspirins and watch my hand because there's no bones in it.

        Days later I'm sitting in this head shrinkers office and he's asking me the normal stupid questions. Like why did you take the overdose? I told him I had a headache. And the next thing I know! He's telling me about the local nuthouse Claymoore. He sets everything up for my visit even calling me a cab when my mother is sitting outside in her car. He says it will be easier this way to not have to see her. My cab driver looks like Ernest and can't drive for a damn because he keeps looking at me in the rearview mirror. He asks me what I've done because he knows what Claymoore is. I told him that I was different. And his reply was "Who isn't?"

        As my cab pulls up to the doors a tall black nurse is waiting for me, she tells me that her name is Valerie as she escorts me into the building. I'm finished with signing the papers saying that I have admitted myself to their care for 1 year. Now I know I must be crazy if I've signed them and not hauled ass out of this damn place. Val gives me the nickel tour of the place telling me to keep up with her because it's easy to get lost amongst all the hallways. She shows me the nurses office and says that she is the head nurse in this section and then shows me the living room that no one uses because they hate it. Next is a room full of people and I take it, that this is where I will be spending a lot of time staring out the huge windows that look out onto the lawn. And wishing I was out there looking in. Women are everywhere, some watching TV, some playing cards at a small table and then some just sitting and staring out into space.

        Val took me to my room and introduced me to my roommate Georgina. Who was somewhat strange but what could you expect in a nut house. Another nurse came in and whispered to Val. After telling Georgina to take me to the cafeteria for lunch, she left. I start to unpack my suitcase and notice that Georgina is reading The Wizard of oz. All I could think of was "I am stuck with Dorothy!" As I look out the window I see Val and other orderly's standing outside near a police car as the officer struggles with a very tall and dark woman in the back seat. My heart stops beating at the very sight of her. Her long dark hair hangs around her shoulders in disarray. I look over at Georgina who has looked out her window and now has a look of complete terror on her face. We can hear them coming down the hallway as the woman greets the other patients. Georgina and I stand in our doorway and watch as she takes off her black leather trench coat.
        "Hey girls! Gods it's good to be home!" Turning she sees a strawberry blond whose face and right hands show the scars from a severe burn.
        "Hey Torch, miss me?" She asks in a very deep growling voice.

        "Not much Lisa."

        After emptying her pockets she turns and ice blue eyes pin me where I stand. Georgina pushes past me to run to her bed where she pulls her knees up to her chest to hug them.

        "Who's that with Georgie girl?" She asks Val. "Where's Jaimie? Where the Hell is Jaime!" She screams as she pushes Val away and comes charging towards our room. I slam the door and move towards the corner where the window is. With in seconds the door is slammed open and she rushes me. Lisa towers over me by a good 6 inches, her eyes are ice cold as they stare into my green terrified eyes. Georgina backs up further on her bed looking for a place to hide.

        Where's Jaimie and who the hell are you?" She screams at me.

        "Her names Suzanna and she smokes Menthol cigarettes." Georgina whispers to her.

        Lisa has me pinned up against the wall and is yelling when Val and the other nurses come in.

        "What the Hell do you think your doing Lisa? A lot of shit has happened in the last two weeks!" Val yelled.

        "How'd she do it Val? How the fuck did she do it!?!"

        They struggled with Lisa as they pulled her from our room. She fought and thrashed trying to break free. Nevertheless, Val gave her a shoot and within seconds she was calmed down enough that the three orderly's where able to take her down the hall to a room.

        I looked at the quavering Georgina, pissed that I had just been attacked by a Psychopath and a bit curious as to why.

        "Who the Hell was that!?!"

        "That was Lisa." Torch said from the doorway. "She was Jaimie's best friend and when she ran away, Jaimie got sad and hung herself with the volleyball net.

        Later that night nurses kept coming in the room whispering "Checks." And making sure everyone was in they is own bed. So much for my first day.


        Suzanna sat in a chair by one of the many windows reading a book, the sun catching her short golden hair making it look like dancing flames. As she heard Lisa's voice coming down the hall she glanced up from her reading. Her green eyes watched as Lisa terrorized a girl named Daisy. As soon as she turned from Daisy's door their eyes caught and held. Lisa grinned at her as she made her way to the lounge, playing with another patient named MG, she laid down on the couch with her then placed her head in her lap. Then sprung up and approached Suzanna. Pulling a chair around she straddled it backwards; Raising a dark brow she motioned her head towards Suzanna's smokes.

        "Can I bum one?" She asked.

        "Help yourself." Suzanna couldn't break the eye contact, mesmerized by the ice blue color and the tingling feeling that rushed through her body. They sat and stared at each other for what seemed like a lifetime but in all actuality were only minutes. Allowing her eyes to drift down, Suzanna looked at the black leather bracers at Lisa's wrists and the white scars peeking out from under them.
        "Have you met Melvin yet? Fat bald headed guy, little dick and fat wife. Or Melissa?" She crossed her eyes and trembled in her chair. "Gives ya shocks. Or Doctor Dyke?"

        "No, I haven't met him yet?"

        MG says from her place on the couch. "Dr. Wick's a girl."

        "Yep, Wick's a chick. Hence the nickname." Lisa's look became very seductive as she looked at Suzanna.

Their silent communication was broken when Lisa's name was called by one of the nurses.

        "Lisa, its time for your check-up. You said you would be in your room."

        Lisa winked at Suzanna then went loping down the hall towards her room mumbling something that Suzanna couldn't hear.

        Later that day everyone was given their Meds, for those who were in the lounge the nurse came to them and handed over a small paper cup with their pills. Suzanna watched as a nurse handed Lisa her Meds, she dropped them in her mouth and as soon as the nurse walked away she stuck out her tongue with the pills on it. Pocketing them she grinned at Suzanna. When it was Suzanna's turn she copied Lisa's movements. This went on daily with all Meds given. In there, they could trade the Meds for other things as well as be their abnormal or normal selves, whichever way they felt they were.

        Suzanna sat in a chair in front of Dr. Melvin Potts desk, her parents sat near by. She listened to her mother tell the doctor of an accident she had while still an infant. Then went off into her own little world where pictures of Lisa flew in front of her eyes. The way she cocked her left eyebrow, how she seemed to look right into her soul with those beautiful blue eyes. The way she had every patient bent around her little finger. A warmness infused her body at the way Lisa's black leather pants hugged her hips and the tank top tee shirt fit so tightly across her full breasts. How her fingers where so long and fragile looking but strong at the same time, what she wouldn't give to feel those fingers caress her skin. She was sighing out loud unknowingly until the doctor heard her and brought her from her dreams.


        After she was returned to her ward she was sitting in the lounge when she was informed that she had a phone call. Picking up the phone she said hello.

        "So what did your parents say?" The voice said on the other end.

        "Who is this?"

        "What was the diagnosis?"

        Leaning back and around the corner of the phone booth she watched as Lisa leaned sideways and smiled at her. Lisa told her of a secret meeting place they had and to meet them there at Midnight.

        That night Suzanna made her way to where Lisa was along with a handful of other women. After drugging the nurse on duty they took off. Using the keys that Lisa had, they made their way through the abandoned part of the hospital. They came upon a room with a single bowling lane in it. They took turns throwing the ball and resetting the pins by hand. The whole time Lisa and Suzanna caught the other watching. The sexual tension could be cut with a knife. Suzanna could feel the heat build between her legs as she watched the muscles in Lisa's arm flex when she threw the bowling ball. With her hands on her knees she turned to look at Suzanna, her blue eyes sparkled in the sparse lighting, leaning over further she gave Suzanna a clearer view of her full breasts down the front of her Tank top. Smirking at the look on Suzanna's face she straightened up and walked away. Lisa's mind ran at a hundred miles an hour of what she would like to do with Suzanna. To run her fingers through her blonde hair and feel the softness of her skin pressed against her own. To taste the sweetness of her lips and hear her moan her name. She stopped at the sound of her name being called by Georgina.

        "Lisa, it's late we gotta go."

        "One last stop and we're done."

        They crept down a hallway to a large wooden door with Dr. Wicks name on a brass plaque. Jack used her lock picks on the lock. Once in Lisa went over to the doctors desk and found everyone's patient file. After handing them out she started to read hers out loud.

        "Lisa Rose, Sociopath. Patient does not seem to be having any effects from the medication; she shows no improvement from her sessions with Dr. Potts and still terrorizes the other patients into doing things her way. At this time we see no release in the future as an outpatient. What a big surprise!" She grinned over at Suzanna.

        "I'm a sociopath!" Jack said as she glanced at Lisa from below her dark brows. "Among other things."

        Lisa rolled her eyes then pinned Jack with laser blue. "Jack, your not a sociopath, your a psycho dyke."

        Suzanna's brows dipped down over her green eyes at what she was reading. "I don't believe this! Suzanna Chasim is a borderline split personality; she has trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy. Since here, she has shown that there are problems with casual sex. What the fuck!?!"

        Lisa grinned at her as she tossed her file back onto the desk. "Really, you have a problem with sex or is it who you have sex with?"

        "I don't HAVE a problem!" She enunciated each word. "They're saying I'm promiscuous! Where the hell do they see that at? What sex isn't casual and how many people do I have to fuck before I'm a slut?" She gave Lisa a questioning look.

        Wiggling her brows and licking her lips Lisa looked at her. "If you want to start a record, you can start with me." Suzanna's heart pounded once then slammed into her ribs and stopped. In those few seconds all kinds of things went through her mind and they had absolutely nothing to do with her so called split personality. But of 6ft of naked Lisa covering her body, her dark silky hair brushing her hardened nipples. Her heart started beating a staccato on her ribs when she felt long muscular legs straddle her. Looking around she found that they were alone in the office.

        "What are you doing Lisa?"

        "Ooohh I thought I'd see just how crazy I can drive you, and I figured this is the perfect place. You could lay back on the couch and tell me all your deepest darkest secrets and I can show you mine."

        "Lisa, I'm not that way. I've never done..." She moaned as Lisa licked and nipped her neck. "I...Gods.... Lisa we can't." Her shirt was raised and strong fingers brushed across her hardened nipples.
        After running her tongue across Suzanna's lips she asked, "Can't what?" Then pulling her bottom lip between her teeth and nipping slightly. "Explore our so called mental problems? My problem is I see you when I close my eyes and when I touch myself I fantasize it's your hands." Suzanna had closed her eyes, she listened to Lisa's purring voice in her ear and shivered at the warm breath that caressed her skin. Lisa leaned forward and brought their lips together in a soft kiss, Suzanna was the first to deepen it. Opening her mouth she plunged her tongue into Lisa's mouth, caressing her tongue with her own she brought a moan from deep in Lisa's chest. Raising her hands she tangled her fingers in dark silky hair and pulled Lisa tight up against her chest. They kissed deeply for minutes, swallowing each other's moans as they explored each other's bodies. Lisa broke the kiss to look into passion filled green eyes. "Tell me you're not wet and I'll leave you alone." Lisa was answered by being pushed to the floor. She lay on her back with Suzanna pushing her tank top up to free her breasts. Taking a hardened nipple in her mouth she circled her tongue around it. Lisa pushed upwards offering more to her while she pulled Suzanna's hips down to grind against her.

        "I want you Lisa." She moaned.
        "What you want is to get up and get back to your rooms."

        Val stood in the doorway with her arms across her chest looking down at the two tangled women. "NOW YOU TWO!"


        Suzanna was sitting in Dr. Wicks office. Pulling a smoke from the pack with her teeth like she had seen Lisa do countless times. She lit it and slouched back into her chair and waited for Dr. Wick to start her ass chewing or mind shrinking. She didn't know what she was in for today. Moreover, the rumor mill was in full force telling an exaggerated story of how she and Lisa were caught making out in Dr. Wicks office. She could just imagine what was written in her file now. Dr. Wick leaned back in her chair with a leveled gaze. Her watery blue eyes twinkling with mischief.

        "So Suzanna." She spoke with a slight German accent. "I have heard that you were participating in some extracurricular activities right here in my office last night. I must say that I was truly shocked to hear it was you, now Lisa I expect that from her. After all she has been here many years and has found a way in the system to get what and who she want's. But I never thought that you would fall under her spell." Turning her chair so that she could look out her window and still see Suzanna. "Can you explain to me why all of a sudden you had a desire to be with a woman. When I have right here in your file the interview that Dr. Potts had with your parents saying that you have had numerous boyfriends in the past and that they have wished for you to settle down and have a family?"

        Suzanna flicked the ashes from her cigarette into the tray on the edge of the doctors desk. She raised one eyebrow in a fashion somewhat like Lisa. "First off, my parents have no idea of what my personal life was like. They were to damn busy throwing parties for their high class friends and no attention as to what I was doing or where I was. And I just bet that there's nothing in there about the professor thinking that because he was such good friends with my father that he thought he could have sex with me and not have to worry about me saying something about it to my father or his wife. But that is not what I am."

        "Then can you tell me what you are?" Dr. Wick asked her.

        "No, I can't. My mind is spinning in circles. Nevertheless, what I did last night was not a mistake and I don't care what anyone says. So if you're done with me I have other things to do."

        As she was going up the stairs to the ward where her room was she passed Lisa on her way down to Dr. Wicks office. They looked into each other's eyes as they passed but could do no more for the orderly that was escorting Lisa. For hours Suzanna sat in a chair outside of Lisa's room waiting for her. However, she never returned. Day after day she waited, her heart ached without Lisa with her or at least near by. She didn't sleep nor eat and on the fifth day Val found her still in her nightgown laying on her bed. Val picked her up and carried her down to the bathing room. Dropping her into a tub of cold water she stood over her and watched her struggle in the water.

        "What the fuck do you think your doing and where the Hell is Lisa?" She screamed at Val.

        "What do you think your doing? Do you think their going to let you out of here if you just lay around all the time and do nothing for yourself? You need to get a life and forget about Lisa."

        "Fuck you Val! Are you a doctor now, have you been taking those late night welfare mother classes to become a doctor? Just how the fuck do you know what I need!"

        "Grow up Suzanna! I know one thing you are not crazy. What you are is a spoiled little girl who is trying to drive herself crazy. Don't be like Lisa. She's been here 8 years and she will never leave this place. But you can if you work at it. Now get your bath and rejoin the living."

        That night after lights off Suzanna lay in her bed still dressed in her cloths that she had changed into after her bath. She was just about to drift off when she heard a tap on her door. She opened it a crack to see Lisa standing there with her trench coat on.

        "Lisa what are you doing?"

        "I have to get out of here, they gave me shocks again!" She whispered in the dark hallway. "Are you coming?" Tears were falling from her blue eyes.

        "Where are we going?" Suzanna asked as she ran after Lisa.

        Once outside She ran up and grabbed Lisa by the arm. "Where are we going? We don't have any money and no way of getting any where." Just then a van came down the roads towards them. Lisa stepped out into the road and stopped the driver. Pulling open the side door she waited for Suzanna to get in then she followed. Two guys sat in the front, stoned out of their minds, they paid little attention to who had just gotten in their van. The others in the seats in the back where passing around a joint. When it came to Suzanna she shook her head no and passed it along. She was glad to see that Lisa didn't accept the joint either. Moving closer to Lisa she rested against her side. Looking up into the bluest eyes she thought she would never see again made a warmness rush through her body. Brushing her fingers across Lisa's high cheekbone she pulled her down for a gentle kiss that soon deepened with intensity.


        They found themselves in a biker bar with very scary men wandering around inside. Suzanna kept her hand within Lisa's who intimidated the men with one glance. One guy thought he'd be slick and try and come between them, only to find himself flat on his back in mere seconds with an engineer boot at his throat.

        "Hands off of my woman or I'll cut your damn hands off. Now get out of my way!" She growled at him and anyone else who had thoughts of any kind. They moved towards the back of the bar where they could stand and not be jostled around too much.

        "Stay here a minute and don't move. I'll be right back."

        "I don't like this, these guys look dangerous."

        "Two seconds, you'll hardly know I'm gone."

        She wandered over to a table where a guy leaned against the side of the booth unconscious. Sliding in next to him she searched his pockets for money. Finding his keys she slipped those into her pocket and then pulled his belt off to get to his chained wallet. She got up as soon as he started to stir. He reached out to grab her hand only to be met with a fist to his jaw knocking him out.

        She shoved her way back to where she had left Suzanna to find another ignorant biker putting the moves on her. She watched as her lover grabbed the roaming hand and twisted it backward by his little finger.

        "I told you no! Now you had better leave before my wife gets over here, because I just happen to be the nice one and she'll kill you."

        The grungy biker pulled his hand away. Smiling at her with his black rotten teeth he made the wrong decision. And reached for her again.

        "I guess you're a slow learner buddy." Lisa said from behind him. He turned at the sound of the deep growl near his ear. Before he could do anything she punched him in the throat, when he fell to his knees she brought her knee up under his chin.

        "Let's get out of here before I have to kill someone. Nice moves you got there, but next time break the assholes finger." She smiled down at Suzanna. "I heard that about being your wife. Was it situation or future dreams?" Suzanna lifted one eyebrow and gnawed on her lip. "Uuhhmmm, I'll have to think about it." They searched the parking lot for the guys bike and found it sitting along side the bar. Suzanna watched as a toothy smile formed on Lisa's face.

        "Very nice ride, wouldn't you say?" Throwing her leg over the seat of the Fat boy Harley she hit the start button and grinned as it came to life between her legs. "Almost as good as sex, come on baby hop on and let me show you what a giant vibrator feels like." Suzanna climbed on the back of the Harley and wrapped her arms around Lisa's stomach. Resting her face against the strong back she breathed in the scent of leather and something that was all Lisa. Soon they were flying down the road with the wind whipping against them. The night had cooled down and Lisa could feel Suzanna shiver behind her. Using one hand she unbuttoned her trench coat halfway up and moved Suzanna's hands under her shirt to rest against her warm skin. They were on a back road in the middle of no where and Lisa was exhausted, so she knew that Suzanna had to be the same way. It would be best to find someplace to stay real soon before she was too tired to hold the bike up. They traveled for another half an hour when she saw a sign for a motel 25 miles down the road. She didn't care if she had to share the place with giant size roaches; they were done for the night.

        Suzanna came awake when she felt the bike come to a stop. Her body was so stiff from holding on for dear life and from the cold wind that she couldn't even move.

        "Where are we?"

        "I found us a motel for the night, stay here and I'll see if they have any rooms."

        "Do we have any money?"

        Lisa pulled the bikers wallet from her hip pocket and opened it to show Suzanna that it was full of twenty's and fifty's. "Yep, we have plenty!" She flashed her a grin. "He'll be really pissed when he finds out that not only did he loose this but his hog as well."

        Suzanna sat there with her mouth hanging open. She couldn't even think of what to say. All she knew was that she was free and had never been as excited as she was now. She couldn't believe that she had just left the Hospital, hitched a ride with strangers, stolen a guys wallet and his Harley and now she was sitting outside of a motel waiting for the most beautiful woman she had ever seen to get them a room for the night. "My Gods!" She said out loud. "Can I do this? Have sex with a woman?" She rubbed her face with her hands.

        "Baby, I don't have sex with woman. It's much more than that to me." Lisa whispered over her shoulder. "But tonight it's sleep, just sleep because I'm exhausted. Come on we got us a nice quiet room for the night."

        Lisa pushed the hog up under a tree on the side of the motel to hide it from anyone who might be looking for it. Pulling the saddlebags off the back she carried it to the door to their room where Suzanna was waiting for her. Pushing the door open she guided a very nervous little blond ahead of her. "Will you relax baby, I'm not gonna jump you or anything. Why don't you go take a shower? It'll make you feel better. Not to mention thaw you out."

        "Good idea, I'll be done quick and I won't use all the hot water."         

        Lisa tossed the saddlebags on the bed and started to go through them. Tossing old jockey shorts and socks out. She kept the cloths that weren't disgusting or too badly worn. The stuff they could use she left in the bags.

         Suzanna used one of the little bottles of shampoo that was in the shower and tried to use the tiny little bar of soap that she knew they made for midgets. When she was done she came out of the bathroom fully clothed and her hair slicked back.

        "It's all yours. There's shampoo and stuff in the shower."

        "OK, relax for a while. Why don't you see if there's anything on TV."

        After Lisa was finished with her shower she came out into the room with a towel around her neck and nothing else. Suzanna looked up from the TV and looked away so fast the she thought she just gave herself whiplash.

        "Uuuhhmmm Lisa, Where are your cloths?"

        "Hanging up drip drying in the shower. Why, does this bother you?"

        Suzanna looked from below lowered lids. "I'm just not use to.... Well, it's just."

        She gasped as 6ft of naked Lisa stood in front of her as she sat on the foot of the bed. "Take your cloths off baby."

        "Why? You said that we were just going to sleep."

        "We are, but I'm gonna wash out your cloths so that they'll be clean and with the heat up they should be dry by morning. So strip."

        Lisa could only smile as Suzanna went into the bathroom and returned with the blanket off of the bed wrapped around her.

        "You sure are modest aren't you? What a surprise considering how you acted in Wicks office." She grinned at the jittery little blonde. "Maybe I should have kept some of those Meds for you?"

        Lisa came back into the room after washing Suzanna's cloths out to find her rolled up in the only blanket. Moving to the opposite side of the bed she pulled down the top sheet then grabbed the exposed edge of Suzanna's blanket. With a quick jerk she had the blanket in her hand.

        Using her arm and hand she covered herself. "For Gods sake Lisa! You could have warned me!"

        "And have you run off with the only blanket? No way! Now come on get under the blankets before you die of fright."

        Lisa watched her as she tried to get under the covers without showing any of her nakedness. Crawling under the blankets she pulled a reluctant Suzanna to her side where she placed her damp blond head on her strong shoulder. "Go to sleep baby." Placing a kiss on her forehead she hugged her tight and went to sleep. Suzanna lay completely still, her mind running in circles. She was so confused with her feelings about Lisa, on one hand she wanted to give herself completely to Lisa and on the other she was scared to death of what would happen if she did. Would Lisa just toss her aside afterwards? What would her parents think? Ahh who the Hell cares what they think! Her mind was still running when sleep claimed her.

        Lisa was the first to awake that morning, she lay with her legs tangled with the little blondes, she moaned deeply at the feel of her left breast being caressed by a small hand. "So your a morning lover?" She looked down as sleepy green eyes peeked open then closed again. A small sigh whispered from between her lips. Her eyes opened back up to gaze into smiling blue, she looked to where her right hand lay on Lisa's breast, still moving on it's own accord. Pulling it back like she had just touched a hot stove.

        "I'm sorry Lisa, I didn't know what I was doing."

        "What are you sorry about? What you were doing, I was enjoying."

        "I've never done anything like this before."

        "Suzanna." Lisa rolled onto her side so that she could look right into Suzanna's scared green eyes. Running her fingers through the sleep messed hair. "Does it scare you?"

        Suzanna lowered her head, whispering she answered. "Yes, it does a little. I'm really confused right now about my feelings."

        "I promise I won't rush you, I can wait forever if that's what it takes to make you comfortable with your feelings." She sealed her promise with a soft kiss to Suzanna's lips. Wrapping her arms around her she rested her head on tousled blond hair and they drifted off to sleep again.


        Lisa sat on the edge of the bed pulling on her engineer boots while Suzanna still lay sleeping. Dragging the saddlebags over she reached inside and pulled out the leather vest that had belonged to the biker. She tightened the laces that ran up the sides she then tried it on. Finding that it fit as if she had it made for her. After shoving her pack of smokes in the small front pocket she slipped the biker jacket that was also found in the saddlebags over her shoulders. Going into the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror.

        "Very traditional look, Stud." She heard from behind her. "Pulling her small round sunglasses down off of her head she slipped them over her eyes. "You think so Baby?"

        "Ooohh yeah!" Green eyes twinkled at her in the mirror.

        "Lets go find someplace to eat. I'm starving and I want real eggs!"

        Leaving Suzanna to get changed in the bathroom, Lisa went back into the room and packed up their stuff in the saddlebags. She had the hog waiting out front when Suzanna came outside.

        "Come here Baby, I need to check something before we take off."

        Suzanna approached Lisa with slow steps, apprehensive at first until she saw that Lisa was holding up her black leather trench coat.

        Lisa winked at her. "Slip this on and see how it fits."

        "But that's your coat, it'll never fit me."

        "Humor me will ya, just try it on."

        She couldn't refuse the puppy dog look Lisa gave her. Slipping her arms into the coat she was shocked to find that it indeed did fit, even the length was right. Pulling the collar up she inhaled the smell of leather and the lingering scent of Lisa.

        "How did you make it fit me?"

        "Ooohhh I have many talents." She replied with a grin. "Come on lets get going before I start looking for road kill to chew on."

        They road for an hour when they came to a small diner along the side of the road. The waitress gave them a funny look when she watched Lisa let Suzanna sit first and then sit beside her on the same side of the table. But changed her mind about saying anything when ice blue eyes drilled into her. Leaving the menus she returned minutes later with coffee. She gave Suzanna a double take when she ordered 3 breakfast meals for herself and gave another look to Lisa when she did the same. Sharing grins they chuckled at the thought of the poor waitress trying to carry the tray to their table.

        "Serve her right for giving us that funny look. It's not like we're gonna make out on the table or anything. Or are we?" Suzanna asked as she gave Lisa a funny look of her own.

        "Maybe for supper, I don't usually have desert after breakfast but I'm not totally against it either."

        "You're a riot."


        After they shocked the waitress and everyone in the diner by eating all six breakfasts they hit the road again. The sun was riding high in the sky and it warmed them with its bright rays caressing them like a lovers fingertips. Lisa had unzipped her coat; the wind pushed it and her vest back against her sides. Suzanna let her fingers trail over her tight stomach muscles under the T-shirt, reveling in the feel of them. With her own coat opened she pressed her breasts against the warmth of Lisa's back. A soft moan came from her lips but was lost in the wind. With the hum of the engine and the warm sun she drifted off to sleep. She dreamed of a very tall and dark woman holding her as she slept under a shady tree beside a gurgling stream. The smell of blooming flowers and grass surrounded her and filled her senses. Soft lips gently kissed her awake. Opening her eyes with a start she was surprised that she was not dreaming but laying in Lisa's arms.

        "You can sleep through the damnedest things can't you?"

        "Well, yep I guess I can." She grinned. "It was that big breakfast, when I eat that much it always makes me sleepy. I'm just glad I didn't fall off of the bike."

        "No chance of me letting that happen. I'm not about to loose you for anything." They kissed softly at first then more demanding until Lisa stopped them. "There's nothing I want more than to make love to you under a tree beside a beautiful stream. But not yet baby, I want it to be perfect."

        Suzanna ran her fingertips across Lisa's high cheekbones. "You are so beautiful, one look from your blue eyes takes my breath away."

        "And you little one are the one that brings the light to my dark soul." They shared a soft kiss then got back on the road. They still had a long ways to go before they got to their destination. Lisa's mind was spinning with thoughts of her little blond. "One minute she wants to rip my cloths off the next she's running away at warp speed!" She thought to herself. "What the Hell did someone do to her?"

        They traveled for hours until it became dusk; they came upon another small town that had a bed and breakfast. After they got a room they followed the same routine that they had the previous night. Except this time Suzanna still shy about her body came out of the bathroom with a bright blush covering her. She felt more at ease when she noticed the beautiful smile gracing Lisa's face.

        "You have a beautiful body. You don't have anything to be shy about."

        "Thank you, it's just that I'm so use to having people make me feel self conscious because I don't look like my mother."

        Holding her hand out Lisa motioned for her to join her on the bed. Pulling her close to her side she kissed her forehead. "I don't give a damn what your mother looks like, it's you that makes my blood boil."

        "You wouldn't say that if you saw my mother, she has a body like Sharon Stone." She sighed as memories ran through her mind at the way she was always belittled by her parents for not slaving away at the health club like they did. And for not caring about the amount of food she ate. She could hear her mother now. "Suzanna, no man will ever want you if you eat like a pig and bloat up like Orca. Just look at you, you look like a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers." She didn't know that she had spoken the last part out loud until she heard Lisa tell her she most definitely did not look like a linebacker. "I like muscular woman and wouldn't change a thing about you. I'm sorry but your parents sound like superficial fake people."

        "I think superficial is to thick for them!" Suzanna said. "Lord forbid if I said that I could careless what any man thought of how I looked."

        Stroking Suzanna's cheek she rounded up the courage to ask her the question that could pierce her heart. "Baby, can I ask you a personal question?"

        "Sure, I'll answer it if I can."

        "The things we've done together isn't to piss off your parents is it?"

        Suzanna raised up on one elbow to look into crystal blue eyes clearly showing worry. She leaned forward and kissed Lisa with all the passion she had in her. "No Stud, what we have done together was for me. It has nothing to do with my parents. You make me feel things that I have never felt before. But I want to take it slow. Is that OK?"

        "Baby, I never break a promise."

        She ran her fingertips up and down Lisa's arm "Can I ask you something?" Suzanna asked shyly as her fingers stopped at the top of the black leather bracers on Lisa's wrists. "What are these scars from?"

        Lisa smiled at her. "Playing with very sharp knives."

        "You tried to kill yourself?"

        "Nope, it's from a gang fight. Actually I was getting out of the gang and had to go through the Gauntlet and the other members had knives and machetes. I got cut up trying to get a blade away to defend myself with. But of course when I went to the hospital they didn't believe me and had me committed for attempted suicide."

        "But Val said that you've been at Claymoore for 8 years. Why?"

        Lisa chuckled at her. "That's easy, free room and board. I am a Sociopath but that doesn't keep me from leaving. It's the women who are their that does. They're the only friends I have." Caressing Suzanna's cheek. "Besides you."

        "So if you wanted to be completely free you could?"

        "Ohhh yeah, maybe one day I will be. What about you, where will you go when they let you out?"

        Green eyes sparkled and took a far away look as she visualized the trees, stream and the surrounding mountains of her property. "I have land up in the West Virginia mountains that I bought years ago. I had a small cabin built there a year ago. But the best thing is, my parents don't know about it!" She gave Lisa a huge grin. "My Grandma left me money that my parents didn't know about. The rest of my money is frozen in accounts until the doctors at Claymoore deem me fit to live among the so called normal people."

        They lay cuddled around each other, letting the warmth of their bodies seep into each other. Whispering of dreams and lost friends well into the night. It was at this time that they definitely knew they shared a connection to each other. Something they each had felt at their first meeting but still couldn't explain and didn't tell the other about.


        Suzanna's parents were in Dr. Wicks office. Her fathers pacing back and forth like a caged animal, while her mother sat in the guest chair in front of the desk.

        "What the Hell do you mean that she just took off one night!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. "And with this Lisa person who is most definitely a lesbian from what the other patients have told us. She has most likely corrupted my daughter!"

        "Mr. Chasim, this is not a state mental hospital. The patients here are not dangerous so we do not have guards at the doors." Dr. Wick explained to the over emotional man. "Suzanna is a very smart young woman, she is not unstable and does not possess a danger to herself."

        "Not a danger to herself!" He yelled. "Then what the Hell was she doing trying to kill herself with an overdose of aspirins!"

        "Sir, if she truly wanted to kill herself I don't think she would have used baby aspirins to do it."

        Mrs. Chasim looked up into Dr. Wicks watery blue eyes. "Did you say baby aspirins? Why use baby aspirins when my medicine cabinet is full of all kinds of prescription drugs?" She became quiet for a minute. "My God, those aspirins where from when she was a baby! They're almost 20 years old! Honey?" She looked to her surprised husband. "We have to get a new housekeeper, that woman clearly doesn't know her job if we had 20-year-old baby aspirins in the house! She's fired the minute we get home!"

        "Yes dear, we'll call the agency at once and have her replaced. Now Dr. Wick, we will be notified the minute she is found and not a moment later. Is that understood?"

        "Yes, you have my word. We will find her and Lisa and return them to their ward."

        Dr. Wick rubbed her tired face with her hands. "Asshole son of a bitches! No wonder Suzanna tried to get away from them anyway she could. Another piece of the Suzanna puzzle fits into place." Writing something down in Suzanna's file, she then flipped it closed and left her office.

        The police had been notified the minute Suzanna and Lisa went missing. It was hospital rules set up for them by their insurance company to protect them from lawsuits if any of their patients did harm or damage while on the loose. What Dr. Wick hated most of all with these two was that she would have to contact Suzanna's parents when and if she was found. Lisa had no relatives so it didn't matter with her. It was days later when she received a phone call from the police telling her that Lisa had stolen some guys wallet and his motorcycle. And that a small blond woman was with her that matched Suzanna's description. Lisa's time there would now be lengthened again. Dr. Wick knew that Lisa would take all the blame for their actions away from the hospital so as not to cause any harm to Suzanna. What they didn't know was that she had been watching them and had concluded that they were meant to be together. Except they were doing it the wrong way, they had to be free of their secrets and totally free of the hospital, until that day they were prisoners of a sort. She held the key to their freedom.


        Lisa and Suzanna had just crossed the Maryland state line when they saw a state trooper whip out behind them. His lights came on as well as his siren. Suzanna started to panic, she knew he was after them. Some how they had been found and running would only make it worse. Leaning forward she yelled in Lisa's ear for her to pull over. She shook her head no and yelled back that they could escape. She was just about to go full throttle when she looked over her shoulder into tear filled green eyes. Her heart was pierced with the stabbing pain of failure. That they could never escape from where they came from and would be hunted like common criminals until they were returned to the hospital. She eased off the throttle and pulled the bike into a parking lot of a gas station. Shutting the engine off she got off the bike and then helped Suzanna. She pulled her into a tight embrace, kissing her lips like she would never see her again she let go. Her blue eyes filled with tears as she took one last look into Suzanna's pain filled green eyes. "You will always be in my heart. I love you." She then took off at a sprint through the parking lot and through the woods that stood behind. The state trooper got on his radio and called for back up as he grabbed Suzanna before she could take off to. She struggled in his grasp and screamed for Lisa to come back for her. She collapsed onto her knees in tears, screaming for Lisa the entire time until the trooper put her into the back of his car. She pulled Lisa's coat around her and cried until their where no more tears to shed. "I never told her!" She mumbled to herself. "I never told her."

        Hours later she was taken out of the back seat of another police car that had been part of the relay of cars that got her back to upstate NY. Val came out the front door of the hospital to meet them. Wrapping her arm around Suzanna she helped the exhausted woman inside. Back in her room she lay and stared at the ceiling. Her heart ached; she had never before felt so alone. Tears fell from her eyes to trail down her temples and soak into her pillow. Her door opened slowly to reveal Val peeking in at her.

        She whispered the word "Checks." She was about to leave when Suzanna asked her if they had found Lisa.

        "No they haven't but they're still searching."

        "What will happen to her if they catch her, will she go to jail?"

        Val came into her room and sat on the edge of her bed. Brushing back her wet blond hair she looked into the worried green eyes. "No, they'll bring her back here the same as they did you."

        "We didn't hurt anyone, we just wanted to be free." She broke down and sobbed into her hands until Val pulled her in and hugged her. "I've never felt so in control as I did when we were together. We just took it day by day. We rode for miles in the country. It's the happiest I've ever been. My past disappeared out there."

        "You have to help yourself before you can be free, talk to Dr. Wick. Tell her everything you've just told me. If you can't, then write it in your journal. But put it out in the open and it will all be over and gone. I don't want you to drop anchor here like the others have. Now get some sleep."


        Weeks went by with no word about Lisa. I started to write in my journal and notebooks and any piece of scrap paper I could find. I spent endless hours spilling my guts out onto paper and then on Dr. Wicks couch during our sessions. Then one day I was waiting in her office for my session to begin when my parents walked in. If looks could have killed I know for a fact that I would have been buried a dozen times over. My father jerked me up by my arm and pulled me nose to nose with him. He did his usual. He started screaming at me and telling me that I was a complete disappointment to him and my mother. By this little stunt I had showed exactly how immature I was and that I would never be able to leave this place or home. In addition, to forget about ever seeing that lesbian again, that she would never be able to corrupt me again. I went off before my mother could start in on me.

        "You listen to me! I am not some child you can bully around anymore! I'm 23 years old and I refuse to have you tell me what I can and can not do! You two have been trying to live my life for me, if it wasn't the people you were choosing to be my friends. Then it was the men that I would date. And then...." She gave a short laugh. "THEN you chose an old man for me to marry because it would be a good investment deal for your God damn bank account! Well FUCK YOU BOTH! I WILL leave this place and there's not a damn thing you can do about it and if by chance I find Lisa, we will be together whether you like it or not! I love her and there's not a damn thing you can do about it!" She turned to Dr. Wick with a smile on her face. "I will be in the lounge if you wish to speak with me."

        A week later I went before the board about my release from the hospital. It seems that my little outburst with my parents showed the members of the board that I was strong enough to stand on my own two feet in the outside world. Not to mention the reports that Dr. Wick had shown them of my progress over the last weeks. At the end of the meeting the members gave me my release date. I would be free in 2 weeks, but I would have to come back for sessions with Dr. Wick for a month afterwards. Then monthly check ins.

        It was during my last week when I was leaving the lounge that they brought a very sick Lisa through the doors. She looked terrible; her long black hair hung limply around her shoulders. Her cheeks looked angled and sharp beneath her empty blue eyes. She was still dressed in her black leather cloths but now they were covered in mud. As they walked her down the hall to her old room her body twitched and her legs were wobbly. If not for them holding her up I know she would have fallen to the floor. As she passed me our eyes met and I could see a small spark fire there then disappear. Tears slid down my face as I looked at the woman who held my heart in her hands. They kept her in her room and every hour one of the nurses would go into take care of her. None of us were allowed to go in her room all we could do was look through the small window in the door at her body strapped to the bed. She was kept medicated to the point that all she did was sleep. My heart cried out to her each time I pictured her so helpless and in pain. One night I heard a loud commotion out in the hall, MG was being hauled away in a straight jacket. I found out the next morning that she had gone over the edge because of not being able to see her champion Lisa. Lisa was the only one who treated MG like she was human and lack of that tender care from her sent MG into the arms of oblivion.

        My last day there, Val let me go into see Lisa. It was her parting gift to me and I will forever be grateful to her for her kindness. She had told me shortly after they had brought Lisa back that Lisa had taken full blame for everything. Which I knew she would. When I opened the door Lisa was laying with her eyes closed but I knew she wasn't sleeping. Her breathing gave her away. I pulled a small stool over to the side of her bed and sat down. I brushed her dark bangs from her eyes and waited to see the beautiful blue eyes. When it didn't come I whispered her name.

        "I knew it was you, I can smell your cologne." Her voice was gravely from sleep and lack of speech. "Guess I turned out to be a big disappointment to you huh?"

        "Never, you did what you thought was right. I know that you tried to protect me by taking the blame for everything. Dr. Wick knows that we did it together and that it was my choice to leave with you." Tears slid down her cheeks as she dropped her head down to try and hide them. "Lisa, they're letting me out today. I hate leaving you here like this. I wish I could..."

        "Don't worry about it baby. You walk out those doors and make a life for yourself."

        She pulled a piece of paper from inside her pocket and placed it in Lisa's hand. "This is where I'll be, so when you get out I want you to come and see me." Standing up she leaned over Lisa and placed a gentle kiss to her lips. "Promise me you'll come."

        "I never break a promise you know that."

        Suzanna left her room before she broke down completely; Lisa's tears fell for hours after Suzanna left. All she could do was lay there and remember the time they had shared together while they were free. She was happy for Suzanna, she hoped that everything worked out for her on the outside world.

        Suzanna hugged everyone goodbye then went out to get into the rental car that she had delivered to the hospital for her departure and arrival into the world. Val went with her and gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek. "Your gonna make it out there, I know you will. Your a strong person and don't let anyone tell you any different or I'll come and kick their ass! Got that?"

        "Thank you Val for everything you did for me and that includes kicking my ass. If not for you I wouldn't be leaving this place."

        "Now get going before it gets dark. I don't want to worry that you got lost out there somewhere."


        Months had gone by with Suzanna living in her cabin in the mountains of West Virginia. She had decided to write her life story of the time she spent in the hospital, and of how she found her true self with the help of another patient. However, she was blocked, she didn't know how to end the story. She wanted it to be a happy ending and the way it had ended was not happy for her. She felt incomplete and lost. She didn't know if she would ever feel like she had during the time she was with Lisa. All she had were the memories. She closed the Microsoft Works program on her computer and stared at the picture of Lisa on the background of her monitor. It was a picture that they had taken at one of the diners that they had stopped to eat at. The sun was coming at an angle lighting Lisa's hair to give it chestnut high lights. Her ice blue eyes blazed with a seductive fever like nothing Suzanna had ever seen. As she sat she could almost hear Lisa's deep melodic voice caress her ears.

        "Don't you ever lock your doors?"

        Suzanna spun around in her chair, leaping out of it at the sight of Lisa. She threw her arms around her neck. "My Gods, your here!" Tears flowed down her cheeks as she kissed her entire face. "I've missed you so much!" Lisa pulled her away far enough to look into the green eyes that she would walk through Hell to see. "Remember I never break a promise."

        Suzanna ran her fingers down Lisa's face, reaffirming her memory of the soft skin. "I never let a day pass that I didn't think of you." She brought her finger across Lisa's bottom lip then replaced it with her own lips. Their kiss started out gentle at first but soon became much more. Their moans were swallowed by each other as their hands worked their way under constricting clothes. Suzanna pushed Lisa's leather vest off of her shoulders, then peeled her T-shirt up and over her head to drop it on the floor where the vest lay. She trailed her fingertips down from Lisa's neck to cup her full breasts in her hands. Her thumbs worked their way across rising nipples. "I've waited a long time for this." Suzanna led her to her bedroom. She pushed her backwards until her knees hit the edge of the bed. Sitting down, Lisa brought Suzanna down with her to lay across her chest. She grabbed the bottom of Suzanna's shirt and pulled it over her head. She ran her fingers down the muscled back loving the feel under her fingers.

        "Would you believe I walked all the way here just to be able to touch you like this?" Blue eyes twinkled with laughter. "And it was worth wearing my boots out."

        "I'll buy you a new pair. Now make love to me."

        They removed the rest of each other's clothes with tenderness. Lisa laid Suzanna down on her back then stretched out above her, taking her bottom lip between her teeth she pulled it into her mouth to suck on it with such gentleness. Her kisses were deep and slow, she didn't want to rush one bit of this. She let her tongue work it's way down to lavish firm breasts, circling each nipple until it hardened from loving attention. Suzanna's soft moans were driving her nuts. Rising onto her knees she straddled Suzanna's hips. Pressing down on her she let her lover feel her wetness. Suzanna groaned at the contact and pushed up with her own hips to feel more. Running her hands down Lisa's sides she circled around to her soft curls, pushing her fingers through them she felt the juices soak her fingers.

        "You feel so good Lisa, let me taste you"

        "Later baby, right now I have a couple of hours planed out just for what I want to do to you."

        Suzanna continued to run her fingers through Lisa's juices, amazed at how wet she was getting just by touching her. Lisa slid down to lay between her lovers legs, placing small kisses on her stomach and hipbones until she came close to blond curls. Taking her time she licked up each side of the blond strip of hair. Never touching the quivering bundle before her. Suzanna's hips kept pushing up trying to get her to move further down.

        "Please Lisa, lick me!"

        "In time baby, in time."

        Putting her lovers legs on her shoulders she licked the newly exposed flesh before her, teasing the line between her outer lips and her thighs. Coming closer each time. Suzanna was thrashing on the bed, her moans becoming louder with each touch of Lisa's tongue. She gave out a loud moan when she felt that soft hot tongue slip between her lips and taste her juices for the very first time.

        "Gods! Please Lisa...I want your tongue in me!"

        Her hips came up off of the bed the second she felt Lisa's hot tongue push into her. Using her thumb she moved it across the bundle of nerves while she moved her tongue in and out of her lovers throbbing walls. Suzanna had her hands tangled in Lisa's long dark silky hair holding her head down. With her other hand on her lovers stomach she felt the muscles start to ripple. Pulling her tongue all the way out she plunged it back in as she pressed the bundle of nerves between her finger and thumb sending Suzanna over the edge. Before the spasms could end she sucked on the bundle throwing her lover back over the edge. At the sound of her name being screamed she started licking the juices flowing from her panting lover. She couldn't help herself as she moaned against the sensitive flesh and was surprised when it sent Suzanna over again. She knew she had to stop before she fell over the edge or Suzanna passed out. When she crawled back up the bed she found that her lover had indeed passed out on her. Kissing her softly she then whispered her name.

        "Baby, nap times over."

        Suzanna's eyes blinked open half way to look into Lisa's smiling face. "By the Gods, I think you killed me! But if I have to go then that's how I want to do it!" Pulling Lisa's head down for a deep kiss, she said what she had missed telling her before.

        "I love you Lisa. I've been in love with you from that first day you looked at me."

        "You mean the day I tried to scare you to death?"

        Suzanna chuckled. "Yep, that day."

        "I love you to. Always have always will."

        Suzanna rolled Lisa over on the bed and lay between her parted legs. Kissing Lisa with wild abandon she left her mouth to bite the tender flesh at her neck, sucking hard she got a moan from Lisa. Her hips started pumping against Suzanna's stomach spreading her wetness across her skin. She trailed her tongue down to each breast, licking around her nipples until they hardened. Pulling each one into her mouth she grazed them with her teeth. Lisa was close to going over the edge. Suzanna stopped what she was doing and made her way down Lisa's long frame. Brushing her lips across dark curls until she made her way down to lick the juices from Lisa's thighs. She felt her own wetness begin to flow once again. In addition, it made her impatient, using her fingers she spread Lisa's lips and began to lick all around her center. Wrapping her arms under and around the muscular thighs of her lover she pushed her face deeper, burying her face in the wetness. Licking and sucking with greed she pushed Lisa over the edge with a scream of her name. She crawled up her body to straddle one strong thigh, grinding herself into Lisa she came with such intensity that she collapsed from exhaustion.

        "I love you so much Stud."

        "I love you to Baby, go to sleep."

        Lisa pulled a blanket over them and soon followed her lover to the land of dreams.


        The next morning Lisa woke to see green eyes watching her. Putting her arms over her head she stretched until she heard a pop come from her back. "Been watching me sleep?"

        "You looked so at peace, so I didn't want to wake you."

        Lisa then noticed that her lover was dressed in a T-shirt and boxers. Snuck out of bed huh? What'd ya do?"

        "I made us some breakfast. Are you hungry?"

        "Starving. I hope ya made a lot."

        Lisa sat at the small breakfast nook with only a button down shirt on which she had seemed to forget had buttons on it. Her feet crossed at the ankle and resting between Suzanna's legs on the chair across from her.

        "I finished my book this morning." Suzanna said around her toast.

        "Is that what you were doing when I got here? Cuz it looked a lot like staring at my picture to me." Lisa said with a seductive grin.

        "You got here right on time. I had writers block and I was able to finish because of you. You gave me the ending."

        "I did?" She gave her lover a questioning look.

        She explained to her about her book and her trouble with how to end it. Lisa was amazed. "Well, your gonna have to change it. 'Cuz it's all wrong." She watched green eyes start to tear up. She raised from the table and went to where the PC was sitting. Opening up the program she found the story. Skipping to the very last page she read it through. With Suzanna standing over her shoulder watching, she went to the last paragraph and deleted it. She heard her lover gasp and try to reach over her shoulder. Grabbing the offending hand she placed a kiss on the palm then placed it against her breast. Stretching and cracking her fingers she started to type. When she was finished she moved to the side and let Suzanna read it. Tears were falling fast now, trailing down her cheeks to drop off onto the keyboard.

        "Do you mean this?" She asked as she looked into the most beautiful blue eyes.

        "Yes, I do." Pulling Suzanna into the chair with her she took both of her hands in hers. "Will you be my life mate?"

        Her answer came from a heart stopping kiss.

        Years later Suzanna and Lisa collaborated on numerous books and became well known among the Lesbian and gay people for their heartfelt alternative story's.

The end

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