I'm Only Human

by Ri

Disclaimer; This is a subject I have read and watched all my life starting with Bewitched. I am fascinated by Witches and all the different concepts that are in novels, movies and TV shows. I do not claim to be an expert in subject and I only went where my fascination and muse took me. The movie Bell Book and Candle inspired this story, my favorite ladies inspired the characters but the story is all from my over active imagination. I mean no offense to practicing witches the followers of Wicca, I have two good friends who practice the religion and after making one or two suggestions deemed it acceptable for the general populace of the planet, please enjoy J

Be careful what you wish for because I know from the experience I am currently having that it really can come true. My name is Prudence Hill and I am what you would call a witch. Not the kind you see in the popular media or the evil devil worshiper that is condemned in churches, nor even the good kind the followers of Wicca, a very nice religion; No I am the real genuine article. I was born a witch and lived by magic all my life. Well, I did till now. Now I live by love, but I am getting way ahead of myself.

I live in Westwood California near UCLA. I own an oddity shop and an apartment building above it. I have traveled all around the world to buy bits and pieces for my shop. I also take and teach on campus at UCLA, I have a doctorate in Anthropology. I had always been very content in my life style and was basically pretty secure in who I was and what I did. Except for two little things. I was increasingly bored by the people who surrounded me and I was very, very lonely. I saw the same people everyday, and I did the same things everyday. Oh Man, I was bored.

Then on my birthday I looked out the window and saw exactly who and what I wanted. She was my tenant and neighbor. Goddess, She looked beautiful and sweet and kind ....and human. I sighed as I watched the pretty blonde enter the building. My familiar Dante' was on my shoulder I looked up at her and smiled, "Dante' if you really love me you'd give me her for my birthday." I sighed again and walked to my room to get ready to go out. I was going out for my birthday party with my friends at a dive called the Aquarius. We discussed the latest in magic and gossiped about each other. It bored the hell out of me. I just didn't want to be alone. So I went into my room to change for the evening all ready planning on excusing myself early so I could get up for an early morning class I was teaching. Sighing again I got dressed.


Across the street from the campus of UCLA and caddy corner to a very respectable theater was a drug store and in the basement of the drugstore was the dive, T he Aquarius Club. I enter this den of iniquity and squinted so I could see my party in the smoky dark atmosphere. It was owned and operated by witches. The patrons were a liberal mix of every type of being imaginable. All types were welcomed and even encouraged.

I sat down at our table and said hello to all my friends. I saw the same old faces occupy the club just as I knew I would and I wondered to myself, Why the hell am I here? Then I mentally slapped myself and remembered, Oh yea, It's my Birthday. Whoopee! I shook my head and smiled at my friend Boris who handed me a drink.

I looked across the room and my eyes widened shocked, There she was sitting with some other girls. She looked absolutely delicious in a black lace dress. I licked my lips and closed my eyes shaking my head at my own insane needs. I didn't know her at all, and she was human. I saw her often because she was my next door neighbor. We passed each other in the hall nodding politely, and I often saw her crossing the campus on the way to one class or the other. I sighed sadly as I watched her chatting with her friends knowing she would never be mine.

"Checking out the fresh meat, Sis?" My brother Carl asked me with leer.

He was my younger brother and I loved him but I felt he was wasting his life in pursuit of only carnal pleasure. It was the norm for our set but I didn't like it or want it. Not that I didn't pursue it myself from time to time but it was not the focus of my life.

"No, I just noticed some students of mine."

"Why do you do that gig, Pru? With your talent you don't even need your shop."

I shook my head at his statement and my eyes narrowed, " I have a good mind, Carl. Unlike some people I enjoy using it."

"You're a Witch, Pru."

"Using your brain and being a Witch are not mutually exclusive."

"I don't get why you have all the luck in our family. You have the looks, the powers and the damn brains. It sure as hell leaves little left over for me, Big Sister."

I gently touched his hand and smiled, "You have wonderful looks and a very good mind. How about using it a little? We live two steps from a University you could get a degree..."

Carl bristled pulling his hand away and declaring, "I'm a Warlock, I don't..."

"Ok, ok, I don't want or need to argue about it all night. Its my birthday remember?"

His face transformed again as he smiled sweetly and kissed my cheek, "Yep, Sure did.
Happy Birthday, Sis!" He handed me a small wrapped gift.

I took it and as I unwrapped it I asked him, "What is it?"

"Its an amulet, it is said that they who wear it will have their deepest desire fulfilled. So put it on."
He said with a big smile.

I looked down at the necklace in my hand in pure wonder. I knew deeply what my greatest and deepest desire was but that was impossible. Witches couldn't fall in love.

"Go on." He nudged me gently in the ribs.

"I...Thanks Carl...I think I'll do it later..."

"Nonsense, I want to see it on you tonight. It's your birthday."

I swallowed a couple of times, If you lived by magic, as I had all my life, you take magic like this very seriously. If this prophecy was fulfilled, my life would be full and I would not be lonely ever again, my world of separateness would vanish. But I would also lose all my powers. My mind was racing, was it worth the gamble? I looked across the room at my neighbor. My heart beat faster and I realized that yes it was worth the risk.

I took the amulet out of its presentation box. It was beautiful, it was made of ornate silver.
and in the center it had a blue/ green stone. As I took it in my hand the stone began to glow and when I put it around my neck I heard a buzzing in my ears and my vision got blurry. Then I heard a pop. When every thing came back into focus I realized that whatever powers that were with in the stone had already started it's work. But when I glanced at my neighbor I noticed nothing had changed. She wasn't looking at me or coming to our table....or into my life. I smiled at my brother and said, "Thanks, It's a lovely gift."

"It looks beautiful on you. I knew it would."

I smiled again and said "Thanks, Little brother," And I kissed him on the cheek. I was disappointed. It looked like my life was going to stay the same. I smiled at my brother and friends but I sighed inwardly.
Little did I know it had already begun to work its magic on my life. It didn't happen in an instant like I thought it would but the amulet was already reaching out with its magic and my life would never be the same. Thank the Goddess...


I was sitting in what I call the statue garden its where the art department displayed all they're statues; I always ate lunch there its was so very peaceful and I felt comfortable just kicking back and relaxing. My birthday present was still around my neck and I was reading my latest thriller to keep my mind off being disappointed on not having my deepest desire fulfilled.

"Good afternoon, Professor Hill," Said a quiet voice off to the right from where I was sitting.

I looked up and was very grateful that I had on my really dark raybans because I knew my eyes would show how flabbergasted I was to see my neighbor standing there smiling down at me.

"Miss Johnson."

She smiled and I felt my libido jump a through a hoop. "Call me Audrey or Aud. We are neighbors and its silly to be so formal...I mean your not my teacher."

I nodded and smiled back, "True, Call me Pru then....Um, would you like to join me?" I couldn't believe this. She had been my neighbor for half the quarter and this had never happened before...The amulet, I thought as I looked down at it, it was glowing.

Audrey sat down and started to dig into her own lunch. We sat in companionable silence for a while when she asked, "Aren't you in my English Lit class?"

"I observe it once in a while, yes. I didn't know anyone noticed I sit all the way in the very back."

"Proff...I mean Pru your hard not to notice."

Now my heart and my Libido where doing a tango together, "I am?"

Aud rolled her expressive green eyes and replied with a huge grin, "Duh...Tall, beautiful, with hypnotic blue eyes. Yes, I think we did notice you when you came into our class. Not to mention that you always wear either black or red or a combination there of...Except last night you were wearing a dress in a beautiful leopard print..."Then her eyes dropped and she bit deeply into her sandwich.

I could now feel a pulse in my throat, it was like the amulet was picking up our mutual attraction and was projecting it so we both could feel it. If it could do that, I thought, No, that impossible I'm a witch.

"You noticed me?"

She didn't look at me but she nodded her head.

"Why didn't you come over and say Hi? It was my birthday party."

"I didn't want to intrude the man who gave that necklace to you looked like he was very close to you and..."

"He is, That was my brother."

"Oh...um....Happy Birthday."

"Thank you."

I felt so awkward, It was bizarre. I had more notches on my belt then a kamikaze pilot,
but this was....different. Very different.

"Pru are you going to English Lit today?"

I automatically nodded yes, I really wasn't going to, I had a lot of work to do. I had to write a test, a midterm really for next week. But...I wanted desperately to be with Audrey. I would have done anything even go to a church service.

"Wonderful, would you meet me here? We could...Uh... walk together?"

Again I found myself nodding. Oh Goddess, I thought my mind racing, What the hell am I doing? I knew the answer of course, It was what I had asked Dante' for, Something I dreamt of, Something I thought was impossible. I was following my heart.


Two very different people walked across the quad to an English the Lit class. Me, The tall, sort of striking professor of Anthropology all dressed in black escorting a pretty blonde coed dressed typically in jeans and mint green sweater. To my eyes she was anything but typical, She was the most ravishingly beautiful coed on campus, In the world.

As we walked to our English class together and chatted about this and that I realized I was in real trouble. All I could think of during my last class, And I was the teacher, was Audrey. It was as if I was under a spell, but that was impossible. I lived by magic all my life and I knew you could not cast a spell on a witch. It was definitely something though. I even felt different. I looked at the amulet hanging from my neck, it was radiant it was glowing so much. I knew now that I was the only one who saw the glow. My hearts desire was that I would find some one to love and who would love me with equal passion with no tricks. I shook my head at the irony of all this. This was gift from my selfish and cynical brother. Life could be so strange.

I smiled at Audrey and opened the door for her to the classroom. She smiled sweetly at me and said, "Thank you." I felt my knees go weak, Oh Boy! I am in such trouble.


There is no such thing as a witch's coven. That is a term made up by humans. I guess it makes us sound wild or evil or something. In reality we were grouped in clans like most ancient peoples. The head of our clan owned the Aquarius. She was waiting across the quad from out class when we came out.

When I spotted her I inwardly sighed and smiled down at my companion. I put a gently hand on her shoulder and asked, "Could you go and meet me at the apartment? I have to speak with that woman about some business... Please?"

Audrey had flicker of doubt cross her face, but when her shy eyes met mine and looked deeply into my depths she nodded and quietly left.

I walked over to the head of our clan, Helen and smiled.


"Don't you hi me, What the hell do you think your doing?"

"I think I am trying to converse with you, aren't I?"

"Ha, ha, ha, That's hilarious, Pru. What are you doing with that human?"

"What do you think I'm doing?"

"Will you stop answering my questions with questions?"

A wicked smile crossed my face as I replied, "Am I?"


"I'm not doing anything at all with her. We had lunch and we shared a class. That's it. Since when do you care what a member of the clan does with a human?"

"I feel a connection."

"Don't be absurd. I hardly know the girl."

"Nether the less..."

"Helen, your imagination is running away with you. Now if you'll excuse me I have a midterm to write."

"Pru, where did you get that amulet?"

"I got it from Carl for my Birthday."

"What does it do?"

"Nothing, it just looks pretty."

"Come on Pru, Where talking about Carl here. He wouldn't give you a simple piece of jewelry it just isn't in his character. What the hell does it do?"

I looked down for a minute and then looked up into concerned brown eyes, ""Its suppose to grant my hearts desire."

"Which is?"

"None of your damn business. I am entitled to some privacy."

"Are you breaking your pledge?"

"What are you talking about?"

"To be faithful to the clan?"

"No Helen, That I can assure you I am doing no evil and I am not consorting with an enemy of the clan nor am I doing any harm to any members. I do take my responsibilities seriously."

"How about harm to yourself?"

"What by the Goddess are you talking about?"

"Losing your powers would harm you," Helen looked really worried.

I looked at her and shook my head. I smiled at one of my oldest friends and asked, "You don't believe that old wives tale do you?"


"Well its silly. We do not have the ability to fall in love so how on earth could it make us lose our powers? Any way old friend there is no reason to worry. I'm just bored and making new friends..."

"Harm to yourself Pru, you are a part of the clan."

"How would I harm myself? Come on Helen make sense."

"You'd be all alone and I think that would kill you."

"Enough Helen, You are over reacting. I got stuff to do, see ya." I left my old friend in a fake huff. If my hearts desire came true I know I would lose my powers but I wouldn't be alone. No, It would be the opposite for the first time in my life I would really be apart of something.


When I got to the shop I checked with my manger Pete and found that everything was running smoothly. Another clue that the amulet was working was that Dante' stayed down at the shop she hadn't been near me since the night before, when I approached her as she lay up on a shelf she left through a window to the street. I shook my head, I still had my powers because I could feel them but even my familiar knew that something was up. I smiled at Pete as he approached me with the books,"Is every thing all right, Pru?" He asked.

"Couldn't be better. Finish up laying out the new stuff I got from India and I'll go over these and give you the verdict."

"Right boss."

I winked at him and went out the back door and up the stairs. I put the account books in with my schoolbooks in my book bag and approached my apartment. To my astonishment Audrey was sitting on the floor in front of my door. I smiled at her, Her face lit up when she saw me and she smiled back.


"Hi, Why didn't you just wait at you place? I would have knocked."

Audrey shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know....I wanted....needed to be close to your place.
Weird, huh?"

I absently fingered the amulet, "Very weird," I quietly replied. I was astounded, It seems that the amulet was having an effect on Audrey's behavior too. I had thought it would only effect the possessor. I put my hand out to help her up which she accepted putting her hand with in my own. A jolt of energy went though me that almost knocked me on my butt. I resisted it and pulled the young woman on to her feet.

"Did you feel that, Pru?"

"Yep, must be static electricity."

"Must be, but it was quite a jolt wasn't it?"

We were now within inches of each other and I had an urge that went right to my very core.
"Yes,...Um it was...a jolt...come in....Lo....Audrey." I stammered. Then I stumbled to the door and opened it. If what I felt was about to happen, was indeed happening, I wanted to get her in my apartment.

I opened my door and saw the place was mess. I closed my eyes and envisioned it the way I wanted it. I opened them and it was still a mess. Oh boy, I am in such trouble, I thought as I closed my eyes and did it again adding a spell of words to make it stronger. I opened my eyes and the room looked perfect. Relieved I turned to my companion and said, "Come in, Please."

She was in the same grip as I but she managed to enter the apartment. I closed the door and we just stood there just staring at each other. I felt wave after wave of need envelop me. This need wasn't lust. I knew that well. No, I needed to hold her, feel her against me but...I didn't need to have sex with her, I needed closeness. A bonding of souls. I wanted to make love for the first time in my life not just tear her clothes off and have sex. Weird effect this amulet was having on me.

We slowly approached each other like two characters in a movie. We fell into an embrace and just stood there relishing in it. The waves of need suddenly became contentment and that buzzing returned to my ears whispering the word "home ." I could of stayed that way forever, maybe we did I really can't remember and neither can she. The spell was broken by her cell phone we both jumped and laughed.

We didn't let go of each other but we loosened our embrace so she could answer the call. It was her Mom. As she talked to her I watched her lips move and I knew all I wanted to do was kiss her. This is so weird, things are not this slow when I lust after someone. I'd have her on the couch and naked already. I wanted so much with more with her. I shook my head in wonder at such a thought. I had many affairs with humans this was nothing like that, it was so different I didn't know how to react. I didn't want this girls body I wanted her. All of her right down to her soul. I needed to feel her essence I wanted...Shit, I thought. You can't put a spell on a witch!" Could I have put a spell on myself? Was Audrey being swept into something of my own making? Unless....Is love stronger then magic?

She had hung up from her Mom and looked at me. Her eyes brought me deeply within her being. She quietly whispered to me, "Your eyes overwhelm me I feel like I'm drowning in pools of blue."

I nodded and swallowed my throat having suddenly gone dry, "I feel the same way. Um...Do you want to kiss me?"

"More then anything else I ever wanted."

Our lips then drew together and the sparks that I had seen from spells were nothing compared to the roaring fire created by our first kiss. I picked her up and carried her to the couch. I knew my knees were about to buckle and I suspected hers were about to do the same. Once the kiss broke it was followed by another one even more passionate then first. It was then I felt like my body exploded. This time when we parted I felt completely different. I felt like a whole new person and it was at that moment I realized that the legend was true...I lost my powers. I smiled into the eyes that loved me and you know what? I couldn't have cared less about my powers.

"I love you, Audrey." She was about to answer but I put my finger against her sweet lips, "Wait, I have to tell you about my past..."

She took my fingers and gently started to stroke my hand, She smiled into my spellbound eyes and said, " I don't care. I know you were a love them and leave them type of woman, that's why I kept my distance before..."She was looking deeply into my eyes and said, "Gosh, I don't think I have ever seen such beautiful blue eyes before....I love you too ,Pru. I feel in my soul that no matter what you've done in the past you will be faithful to me."

I was shaking from head to foot I was so overwhelmed,"Till the day I die. I love you. Only you...Umm, Do you really...?"

"Yes silly, I love you. I always liked you since I first saw you the day I moved in. I wanted you for the longest time. However since lunch...I ...Please believe me, I really love you..."

"I believe you." I am now powerless and yet with Audrey's words I felt more powerful then I had ever felt as a witch. I felt liquid leak from eyes. Tears, I thought. Witches don't cry. I'm human. I really am human.

"Why are you crying?" Audrey asked as she gently wiped my eyes and kissed each eye, then my nose, then finally my mouth. I didn't answer. I just kissed her then I let nature take its course...

We've now been together for a year. The amulet disappeared during the night. I don't know when it left my neck I was too deliriously happy. I couldn't have cared less if my whole building disappeared as long as my love was in my arms and stayed there forever. Daunt' left my building and moved in with my brother. She's his now and she's one tired cat if I know my brother and his love life. I still see all my old friends and were still friends. I just couldn't care less about magic. It's all they know, so I don't see them very often. Carl is still my baby brother and I love him but we rarely see each other or speak. We just have nothing in common any more.

Audrey knows everything about my life and my past. She finds the life style I led fascinating and worries I would get bored with an ordinary girl like her. It took me months to convince her that she was what I was looking for all my life. Now she believes me because she has daily proof of my love and devotion. We run my shop together and I love running it like a human. Its much more challenging. I can't close my eyes and fix things. I have to use my wit all the time and I love it! We travel together for the shop and we both teach on campus. She is a student teacher of English and I still teach my Anthropology classes.

The only magic in my life now is the love in my heart for the woman of my dreams. Fate brought the amulet to Carl and my spirit asked that the amulet be given to me. For that I am very grateful.

On our one year anniversary we had an intimate dinner. We exchanged vows in our rooms at the apartment with only Carl as a witness. After we exchanged rings and said the vows we wrote he smiled and kissed us both.

I think I have now cried an ocean since I became human. After Carl left I felt the tears come again.

"Why are you crying, Love?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Aren't you happy?"

I nodded, "Yes, deeply and utterly."

"So am I," She said as she kissed the ring she had put on my finger committing herself till the end of life and beyond, "Then why are you crying?"She again asked me gently hugging me and bringing me down for a kiss. After our lips parted I looked deeply into her beautiful green eyes and said,"I don't know, Love. I'm only human."

The End

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