Into Each Life...

Part 4

by Ri


Disclaimer: See Part One

        Two extremely tired women were sprawled around their living room surrounded by boxes, newspapers and a large box of pepperoni pizza.

        Sandy glanced at the pizza and said tiredly, “You know I think I'm too tired to eat that now?”

        Mandy laughed and shook her head replying, “Actually I'm starved but I think the move to the table might just kill me.” She tried to arch her eyebrow in a well-known gesture that the great surgeon gave her staff.

        Sandy broke up laying back and laughing at her loves attempt to mimic her. She was laughing so hard she couldn't seem to reply. Mandy cracked up at the great surgeon reduced to a hysterical ball of mush and joined her laughing on the floor.

        Once Sandy regained control of herself she took a paper plate and placed a slice of pizza precisely in the center presenting it to her partner with deep bow, “Your Majesty.”

        Mandy smirked accepting the plate saying, “Why thank you my sexy serving wench.”

        Sandy chuckled as she took her own slice replying with a wink, “We'll discuss my being a wench after we take in a little fuel.”
        Mandy had a huge mouthful as she replied, “We will, will we?”

        Sandy shook her head and said, “Um my love, Didn't your mother ever teach you that it isn't polite to speak with your mouth stuffed with food?”

        “Nope, Guess not and neither did yours smart ass.”

        “Touché'…So, do you want to retire after we finish so we can pursue the royalty-wench scenario?”

        “I do like the sound of that, so yes.”

        “Your every single wish is my humble command, My Mistress.”

        “Mmm., That sounds kinky.'

        “Only if you want it to be, Mistress.”

        Sandy replied almost choking on the pizza in pure mirth at the expression on Mandy's face from the last comment.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They were tangled together in bed gently caressing and kissing, basically recovering from the lovemaking they had just finished. Sandra had a very amused expression as she purred into a little ear, “To look at this innocent little face one would never suspect what an aggressive tiger you are.”

        Mandy laughed and nuzzled the breast she was lying against causing Sandy to moan in pure reaction. Mandy giggled as she replied, “Looks can be deceiving you know. Besides Sweetheart you are so easy to please.” She kissed gently between the beautiful breasts causing Sandra to throw her head back against the pillows.

        She took a deep breath and ran her fingers through the soft blonde hair as she replied, “I'm only that way with you. To tell you the truth I never felt anything with anyone till you came along. Just your caress sends my heart pounding and you can almost throw me over the edge with a kiss. No one has even touched the real me before you. With anyone else I just went through the motions with you, Hell you just looked at me that first night and my heart began to pound and I got wet. It's like a miracle…You are my miracle.”

        “And your mine,” They kissed deeply as Sandy's hand went down the soft strong back. She brought the smaller woman as close to her as possible making the kiss even deeper till they both ran out of breath when they pulled back Mandy looked into the loving sparkling blue eyes and sighed. She caressed the beautiful cheek saying, “You are so sweet with me. Sandy why are you so distant to everyone else? You are so gentle and tender with me, What on earth did I do to deserve this…”

        Sandy put her hand over her mouth and kissed her nose. She smiled and said, “You didn't do anything. You were just so adorable that first night that I simply tumbled…”

        Mandy kissed each finger then pulled it against her cheek as she replied, “My love, you were exhausted…”

        “I know and I'll tell you a little secret if I hadn't been I would have probably made at pass at you,” Sandy burst out laughing at the shocked look on her beloved's face. “I wanted you the moment I saw you, Sweetheart. I fell in love with you instantly. I don't know why I just did. I really don't know why I'm so distant with other people. I was just never very comfortable with anyone till you came into my life. I always thought they felt I was strange because of my likes and my brains. So I learned to be polite but distant. Now as the head of a department I find it better to be that way I can keep my staff disciplined and no one crosses the line. I guess it's strange to you because everyone loved you with in 24hrs,huh?”

        “Oh I wouldn't say that. I'm the one who always has bad news. Remember I'm the one who makes people do their paper work…”

        “Yes I do, Um…No one else got invited to lunch I hope?”

        Mandy laughed and snuggled closer, “Nope…I…well I just couldn't help…”

        “It was the best invitation I ever got in my life…”

        “It was the best invitation I ever gave. I never even considered asking anyone else to that. I don't know how I came up with the suggestion. I just needed to see more of you, I…”

        “It was an excellent suggestion, My love,” Said Sandy who then leaned down and began to gently nibble on a delicious little ear.

        “Thanks…I …love….youuuuu” Moaned a highly aroused Mandy.

        “Mmm., I love you too,” Murmured Sandy as she kissed her way to the soft neck sucking gently on the jugular. “I love you more then life itself…” She said softly as she then kissed her way to a heaving chest. Mandy couldn't answer, she really couldn't think at all with the assault the tall dark haired woman was committing on her more then willing body. Sandy didn't mind in the least as plunged her tongue into an appealing belly button causing the smaller woman to fling back in pure reaction. Sandy knew that Mandy felt the same way she just needed to tell her and as she continued south she was going to show her. She was enjoying the journey just as much as the writhing blonde beneath her.

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