Invading My Dreams

by Ri


Disclaimer: You already know the drill, this is based on my feeble little imagination please don't pilfer it. There is a resemblance to certain ladies we all know and love but they are mostly based on my dreams and imagination. There is a loving same sex relationship but its not graphic and some minor violence.

I'd like to especially thank my friend and fellow bard Larisa for her help with this story I appreciate it as well the support and friendship you've always shown me. Please enjoy the story.J

        Kate sat in the unmarked patrol car as her subordinate and long time friend drove them back to the precinct. Her adrenaline was roaring through her veins and she was looking hawkishly out the windows for some kind of action.

        They had just come back from a drug lab bust. Though she was now at the high rank of Captain she loved to be in the thick of it when the shit was about to hit the fan. Her detectives knew that and it was one of the many things they respected about their tough commander.

        Brian was her Partner. He had known her since the academy days and he could read the signs very easily. He kept shifting his eyes toward the tall officer as she played with their police radio trying to find an interesting call and looking out the window to see if their was any action on the streets.

        “Kate, would you calm down we just busted one of the biggest drug labs in the Valley, actually with the stuff they had in there it was probably the biggest bust in the whole city and…”

        “I can't help it Brian. It's got my motor running. Make the damn radio louder will you?”

        “Kate…” Blue eyes narrowed and he rolled his. “Okay, okay.”

        There was a bunch of static on the radio that made the dark woman growl with annoyance. She rolled her eyes at Brian and then looked at the small radio and said anxiously, “Come on. Come on!”

        “What are you going to do if there is nothing interesting to get into before we get back to the precinct?”

        “Go straight to the gym and beat the crap out of the weight bags, that's what.”

        Brian shook his head and said, “You are one of a kind, old girl.”

        She smiled back at him and winked saying; “Yep…” then she stopped and listened closely to the call on the radio. She picked up the mike and told the dispatcher that they were in the area and would respond to the call. She looked at her friend with a wicked grin and then reached into the back seat to get the top hat.

        “Are you happy now?”


        ***                ***                ****                ****

        One young policewoman was holding back a wiry older blonde woman who was crying and yelling about her babies.

        Her partner an older man was calmly talking to the woman across the hall. Kate raised an eyebrow as the pretty tall strawberry blonde smiled and waved at the crying woman across the hall.

        This seemed to set the other woman off into a fit of hysterics. She yelled at the top of her lungs, “She smiled at me! Did you see that she smiled at me!” She proceeded to fall away from the policeman onto the ground crying hysterically.

        Kate went up to the older man with Brian behind her and asked, “Could you use some help, Bob?”

        “Captain! Yeah, we sure could. Would you mind going next door and getting a statement from the neighbor she made the original disturbing the peace call?”

        “No problem, Brian why don't you go help poor Dina. It looks like she could use a little help. I'll go have a chat with our concerned citizen, ok?”

        “Yes Ma'am,” Said Brian teasingly with a mock salute.

        “Wise ass,” growled the tall brunette with a smirk. Her eyes sparkled with amusement at her friend and he winked at her.

        She walked down the hall to the apartment next door to the strawberry blonde. She knocked on the door pulling out her badge from her leather jacket.

        “Who is it?” Asked a shy sweet voice.

        “Los Angeles Police Department.”

        “Oh?” The door opened and Kate saw one green eye and some messy blonde hair through the crack held together by a chain. “Yes?”

        Kate smiled holding up her badge and said gently, “Ma'am I need to talk to you about the complaint you called in…”

        “Oh, I am sorry. It's just that they were getting very loud and I was afraid that one of them might get hurt.”

        Kate's smile widened and her eyes softened as she said in a very quiet voice, “I really can't blame you Ma'am. I would have done the same thing. Would it make you feel better to take a closer look at my badge?”

        “Um…yes please?” Kate nodded and handed her the badge and watched fascinated as the tiny hand took it back through the crack in the door. About a second later it opened and Kate's eyes grew round as two huge blue lakes. The girl in the doorway had been invading her thoughts and dreams for years.

        She was a small beautiful blonde with soft shoulder length hair that was a bit messy at the moment like she had just woke up. It made the stunned officer want to reach out and touch it so badly that she actually slipped her hands in her pockets to keep herself from doing it. She had on black slacks and a black T-shirt, no shoes and reading glasses on the top of her head, like she just had been reading and pushed them up to answer the door.

        The young woman was staring back and saying nothing at all. She seemed just as transfixed. They seemed to stare at each other for a very long time. Kate was the first to get a hold of herself. She shook her head to clear it but it didn't do too much good. She was finally able to speak though she still felt just as dumbfounded as she did when the small woman opened her door.

        “May I come in please? I just need to talk to you for a few minutes, Ma'am.” Her voice was so soft and gentle that she didn't even recognize it as her own.

        “Um, Delta…Delta Davis. Ma'am makes me feel like an old lady.”

        “Believe me Miss Davis that was not the impression I got at all.” Kate was very confused and off balance. Her heart was beating so fast she felt like she was about to have a heart attack.

        Delta stepped back and held the door open for the other woman saying, “Please come in.”

        Kate entered the pretty apartment and her eyes twinkled with delight. Her smile was now so big she felt like it should continue on the next face. Nope, this is not me I think I have been taken over by aliens or something. She thought as she looked at the very warm and comfortable place. It was filled with warm colors and antiques. There were needlepoint pictures and beautiful sketches and family photos. All mixed with nick nacks, pillows and throws to make it look about as comfortable as you could get.

        “You have a lovely apartment Miss Davis.”
        “Thanks, you can call me Delta if you like.”

        Kate tried to remember to breathe as her heart skipped a beat. She smiled sweetly and said, “My name is Kate,” She held out her hand was truly not expecting her bodies reaction to the simple handshake they shared. She felt the warmth of the touch go right to her core. She felt a warm comforting blanket covered her soul just by touching this beautiful woman's hand.

        The green eyes widened and Kate could see that the young woman was being just as affected by the contact, as she was herself. Delta cleared her throat and asked, “Would you like to sit down please?”

        Kate nodded and was led to the couch by Delta who was still holding her hand.

        “Um, would like something to drink?”

        “Uh…No, thank you. Please sit next to me.” She looked into the nervous green eyes that were now right beside her and said softly, “There is no need to be scared of me. All I want to do is talk to you Delta.”

        “Um..Ok…Sorry.” Delta eyes dropped to the floor. Kate gently cupped her cheek and raised her head till she could see the frightened eyes again. “Really Delta, there is no reason to be sorry. Now tell me what happened with those two and why you called us.”

        “Well I was working on my writing on my computer in the bedroom when I heard banging out in the hall. That isn't unusual the kids are always running around the halls so I ignored it. Then they started to bang against the wall in my hallway by the bathroom. I mean really banging against the wall hard. So I peeked outside and I heard the screaming. Rose my neighbor was in her apartment but the…um…person across the hall was screaming at the top of her lungs and banging on the door. She was yelling about her stupid dogs….Oh I love dogs its just that…she never has them on a leash. They make everywhere and their always barking…um…”

        It was obvious to Kate that the young woman thought she was judging her by this statement. That she would see some flaw because of what she said about the dogs.

        “Sounds like those dogs are being abused to me. She's breaking the leash laws and the clean act. I'm not blaming you for what that idiot does to her own dogs. Calm down…Its ok…”

        She looked like she wasn't sure but she went on. “Anyway the hall reeked of alcohol and I was worried about Rose so I called 911. Then you came…”

        Kate winked at her and nodded, “Yep here I am. Now would you be willing to sign a complaint…”


        “Delta, It's very important.”

        Delta nodded slowly.

        “Good, Now could you show me where you first heard the disturbance. So I can state in my report what kind of a wall her racket went through.”

        “Ok, this way please,” Delta got up and led the way to her hallway. Kate looked down at their still joined hands and felt her stomach get tight. She wondered if the other woman was even aware that they were still holding hands she was so innocent.

        Delta turned on her hall light and pointed, “Right by that bathroom door.”

        Kate looked at the wall and her eyes narrowed. In gold frames were jacket covers of novels by Kate's favorite mystery writer.

        “Delta, are you related to D. Davis?”

        “Sort of I'm D. Davis.”

        Kate was truly stunned. “Your D. Davis…I….um…Wow!”

        Delta was confused, her books were a moderate success but no one reacted as the beautiful police officer was now reacting. She looked so very pale and shocked, “Are you all right?”

        Kate leaned against the wall by the bathroom as she gently caressed one of the framed book jackets on the wall.

        “Delta, when you write your novels do you base one the characters on yourself?”

        Stunned Delta nodded her head.

        Kate swallowed and nodded, then she asked very quietly; “Who is her partner based on?”

        Delta shrugged and replied, “I don't know. It comes to me in my dreams and I write it down when I wake up.”

        Kate closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall. “What does the woman in your dreams look like?” She opened her eyes and looked searchingly at the smaller woman for the answer to her question.

        The gaze dropped to the ground and she shook her head no.

        “Please tell me, there is a really good reason I want to know.”

        Delta didn't look up but she replied quietly, “They all look like you.” Tears suddenly fell down the cheeks, which seemed to reach out and touch Kate's soul.

        “Please don't cry Delta, I've been dreaming of you too. I started to read one of your stories on a plane to New York and I couldn't stop. I felt like I was in it. Like I was one of the characters. I knew you too. I could see us together in my minds eye as best friends just like in your story. I've re-read them over and over. I've wondered how a stranger could touch my soul and look into my heart so accurately. You do that Delta, every single time. You just captured me and…”

        “I dream…it inspires me to write. I have no idea where the ideas come from…they just come…”

        “Delta I need to talk to you about this. A lot. A whole lot…but we have to finish this report. My partner is waiting outside. Delta would you like to have brunch with me tomorrow? It's Sunday and I have the day off.”

        “Yes, I'd like that a lot…Um, what do you need me to do?”

        “Come on, let's go back to your living room and be comfortable. I'll write up a statement and all you have to do is read it and sign it. Then we…can…talk about tomorrow. Ok?” Kate felt very off balance but she also felt like her life was changing for the better for the first time in long time. She was very happy about that as she took the little hand and led her new friend to the living room.

        ***                ****                ***                ***

        Brian eyes kept looking at Kate then moved swiftly back to the street in front of him as he drove them back to the precinct. She was unnaturally quiet and kept her eyes firmly glued to the scenery outside the window. She was either bristling with energy or antsyness but this silence was just unknown to her old friend and disturbed him greatly.



        “Are you ok?”


        Kate was staring unseeing out the window her whole mind was still focused on Delta. She could still feel the tender kiss they shared at the small blonde's door. It was so full of promise that it had invaded her very soul. She was amazed that an off the cuff snap decision on her part could lead her to this fateful moment in time.

        “Kate are you sure your ok? You're not acting at all like yourself.”

        “Yep, I'm sure.”

        Brian was very frustrated but they had reached the precinct parking lot. As soon as he parked the car she jumped out and said through the open door.

        “Brian I'm going home. Could you check me out?”


        “Come on Brian, I'd do it for you.”

        He knew that was absolutely true so he nodded and said, “Sure.”

        “Thanks. Night,” And she was gone in an instant.

        “What the hell happened to her?”

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Kate was pacing back and forth on her front porch. She looked like a woman possessed. She was wearing black stretch pants and a black turtle neck sweater with no shoes on. Her long hair was pulled into a ponytail. The only color were the intense blue eyes, which were now totally focused, in deep thought.

        She couldn't seem to sit still. She couldn't rest. She couldn't focus enough to work out. She couldn't sit still to watch TV. She couldn't work on her reports or even focus on her new novel that she had started before she went onto this shift.

        So she paced and thought desperately while she tried to calm her beating heart. She looked for the tenth time at the small piece of pale blue stationary that had a phone number scribbled on it. It was in a sloppy child like handwriting that filled Kate's heart with a deep affection. It was Delta's phone number.

        Kate glanced at her watch and rolled her big blue eyes. She looked at the clear sky and the stars twinkling down at her.

        “It's after midnight. The poor girl is probably fast asleep,” She growled at herself.

        She looked toward her door and just couldn't stop herself any longer. She went inside and picked up her portable and dialed the number on the little slip of paper. The phone rang only once and a soft uncertain voice answered it. Suddenly Kate felt like herself again all the pieces fell into the place as she answered the quiet voice on the other end of the line.

        “Hi, It's Kate.”


        “I'm sorry to call you so damn late but…”

        “It's ok, I couldn't sleep anyway. I was thinking of calling you too but…”

        “Really?” Interrupted Kate very stunned that they were both going through this strange phenomenon.

        “MmmHmm,” Kate sat on the big comfortable couch in her living room and asked what she so desperately needed to ask.

        “Delta, could I come over. I…I really just would like to be with you…”

        “I'd like that but it's so late aren't you tired after working all day?”

        “Surprisingly no, I'm not tired at all. All I want is to be with you. I want to talk to you and get to know you. Would you mind if I came back to your place now?”

        “No, of course not. I know it will sound really strange but I have been missing you since you left here…”

        “No, It doesn't sound strange to me at all. I've been missing you like crazy since I left. I can't stop thinking about you…I just have this aching need to see you and talk to you…”

        “Gosh…me too. Please come over but be careful. It's late and your tired so drive very carefully.”

        “I'm on my way and I'm always careful.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        The sight that greeted her after she knocked and told the pretty green eye through a crack in the door who she was enraptured Kate. The door opened and the sleepy blonde with an oversized bugs bunny nightshirt and big pink slippers greeted her. The big green eyes brightened when they saw Kate.

        Kate came in and closed the door. She hugged the smaller woman and whispered into her ear, “You are sooo adorable. Is that your Dad's shirt?”

        Delta looked up into the sparkling blue eyes and said quietly, “No, I just like to wear stuff that's bigger then I'm suppose to. It's more comfortable for me…”

        Kate chuckled, “Well you look so cute I could just eat you up…” she gently kissed her along her neck. Delta moaned and melted into the taller woman she felt like she was being swept away on cloud of warmth.

        Kate was being overwhelmed with a wave a need too. She wanted to hold her so close that you couldn't tell where she left off and Delta started. She never wanted to let the beautiful woman go again. She had never felt like this about anyone in her life before.

        She picked the smaller woman up and carried her to her couch. She had not stopped kissing her on her neck and face. She sat down cradling Delta in her lap.

        She whispered into a little ear, “I have never, ever felt like this before and I don't want to stop, Delta. I feel such a need…I don't want to let you go…”

        “Kate, I don't want you to let me go…I never…um, I never…I don't know how to….I…” Delta swallowed she now had tears falling down her cheeks.

        “Shhh,” cooed Kate gently drying the tears. “Don't worry about all that. All I want is to be with you. I want to love you….Delta, This going to sound nutso…I think I'm in love with you.”

        Delta eyes met love filled blue and she whispered, “ I know. I'm in love with you too. I think I have been reaching out for you through my writing…”

        Kate nodded with tears now falling from her eyes; “I know that. I wish I figured it out before. I am so grateful I finally found you.” She kissed her tenderly. The kiss grew deeper with more then a passion it was a fire that Kate would never have expected. She pulled the smaller woman closer as Delta opened her mouth wide and they explored each other greedily till a crash against the wall of the apartment disturbed their passion.

        ***                ****                ****                ****

        Screaming could be heard right through the walls of the living room. A loud crashing bang followed each scream.

        Kate was now near the door with her ear to it and then leaned against it with an annoyed look on her face. “I take it this is what you heard when you called us, Sweetheart?”

        Delta nodded and said, “Yes, I…Did you just call me, Sweetheart?”

        Kate smiled brightly and winked at the startled blonde. “Yes, that's what I will be calling you from now on. Now you stay right there while I see what Loony Tunes is up to.”

        Delta got up and ran to the door grabbing the officer's arm, “Wait!” She looked up into the startled blue eyes and said, “Your all alone and…”

        Kate gently cupped Delta's cheek, “Shhh, I can take care of myself…”

        “But I just found you…”tears we're pouring from her eyes again.

        A gentle hand wiped the tears as Kate replied softly, “And I just found you. Please don't worry. I will be just fine. I promise. Believe me Sweetheart, Loony Tunes has a lot more to worry about then I do.”

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Kate came out of Delta's apartment and was immediately surrounded by little balls of yipping fluff. She rolled her eyes and ignored the harmless creatures walking toward commotion down the hall.

        The drunken woman from the other day was running across the hall and banging her shoulder against Delta's neighbor's door. She was very drunk in fact the hallway reeked of stale booze. She was yelling at the top of her lungs at the door slurring her words and crying.

        “You Bitch! You cost me $500.00! Let me in there now! I'll show you!”

        Kate leaned against the wall shaking her head at the pathetic display.

        “Excuse me, could you please stop this? My friend and I can't have a descent conversation with you yelling like this.”

        “Who the hell are you? And who is your frigging friend?”

        “The young lady next door is my friend and I'm the woman who is going to shut you up. Did you ever hear of disturbing the peace? I can have you hauled in for it if you don't put a cork in it.” Kate growled. She hated the smell of whiskey and it was turning her stomach having to be so close to this woman who reeked of it like she bathed in it or something.

        The woman ignored her so Kate grabbed the arm that was about to ram into the door again and pushed her against the wall. The woman sagged and fell sobbing and calling for her babies.

        Kate looked down at the mess at her feet and shook her head in disgust. She pulled her cell out of her back pocket and called into office. When the night watch commander came on the line she explained her situation and how she wanted it handled.

        “Thanks Walt,” Said Kate leaning against the wall watching the woman pull a poodle into her arms and cradle it like a baby.

        “No problem McConnel.”

        Kate hung up the phone and looked down at the woman she said very quietly, “Ok, lets see if this will get you the help you so obviously need.”

        ***                ****                ***                ***

        About an hour and half later a very worried Delta opened the door to her apartment when she heard the soft knock. There was no chain this time the small woman just pulled the tall detective right in the front door and closed it behind them. Then she hugged the stuffing out of her.

        When Kate pulled back she smiled and caressed a cheek; “I'm fine, Sweetheart. I just had to wait for a unit to get here and take her away.”


        “Yep,” She pulled the smaller woman tight against her and gently ran her fingers through the tangled blonde hair. “I had her taken to the hospital for observation.”

        “What about the dogs?”

        “You are such a doll,” purred Kate. She pulled back and gave her a tender kiss. Then she led her to her couch sat down and pulled the small woman onto her lap and cuddled her close. “Even though those little spoiled brats drive you up the wall you worry about their welfare. Well the manger will watch them till Loony's husband comes back from his business trip.”

        “Oh…that's good….Kate, Um…?”

        “Do you always just step into situations like that?”


        “Isn't that dangerous?”

        Kate shrugged; she really didn't feel like talking about her work right at that moment. She just wanted to get to know the beautiful woman in her arms.


        “Shh, that's just who I am. You write about it, Sweetheart. I do what I have to do to keep innocent people safe and sound. Now I'd much rather talk about us then my work.”

        “Kate, I don't want to lose you, so soon after I found you.”

        “You won't…Can I kiss you, Delta?”

        Delta nodded looking into deep blue eyes with emerald green full of need. Kate smiled lovingly and kissed her passionately. She was determined to just enjoy the company of her newly found love.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Brian came into the precinct early the next morning. Around 10am he decided to see if he could help his partner with some of her paper work. When he walked into Kate's office he was not only surprised to see her so early but she was humming and happy.


        Kate looked up from her paperwork and winked at her friend. “Hi yourself.”

        “I didn't expect to see you so early.”

        “I wanted to get this done early so I didn't have to worry about it for the rest of my time off.” She replied with a happy smile as she went back to work.

        “You're in a good mood.”


        “Where we're you last night? I tried to call you for hours and just got your machine.”

        “I stayed at a friend's house. Why didn't you call my cell?”

        “I was just calling cause you acted so funny last night I was a bit worried about you. Which friend?”

        Kate looked up from her paperwork annoyed and said, “Just a friend.”

        “A specialist?” Asked the man slightly suspicious of that statement.

        Kate's eyes suddenly flashed with anger and she replied in an angry growl, “No. I said it was a friend, Damn it! I mean a real friend. Not a fling or something. Why? Don't you think I'm capable of that?”

        “Hey, calm down. What happened to you? I was just teasing…”

        Kate sat back down she had been so mad she didn't even realize she had gotten out of her chair. She took off her glasses and bit the earpiece. She looked at Brian appraisingly and said, “Close the door and sit down.”

        Brian was very worried so he quietly did as he was told. Kate put her glasses down on the desk and folded her hands. She looked down at her hands and tried to center herself. She then looked up at Brian her eyes seemed to sear into his trying to probe his thoughts.

        “Come on Kate, what's wrong? You're scaring the hell out of me. Did something happen last night?”

        Kate leaned back in her big comfortable desk chair and nodded. “Yes…um, this going to sound so bizarre. You might want to have me committed.”


        “I fell in love.” She said quietly and then closed her eyes.


        “Shh,” her eyes snapped open again. “I am not going to come out with it yet. This is a very shy person and she's not ready for the kind of scrutiny she would get around here.”

        “Its that girl you interviewed isn't it? You were so quiet after that.”

        Kate nodded, “Yes. Do you remember that series of mystery novels I was so obsessed with that you were teasing me about?”

        Brian nodded mutely confused.

        Kate smirked but continued, “Well remember that I told you the reason I kept reading them was that one of the characters was so much like me we could be twins?”

        Again the man merely nodded. Kate lifted an eyebrow; he looked like a lost lamb. Kate sighed and said, “When I walked into Delta's apartment to interview her she was the woman I'd been dreaming of since I was a child. Then when she showed me where she first heard the bang from Loony Tunes I understood for the first time why those novels hypnotized me. I was the person Delta was basing one of the characters on and she was the other. It's fate Brian. I've finally found her and she's everything I ever dreamed of. More…she's bright, shy, sweet and innocent. The complete opposite of me. I couldn't help but fall for her. I am going to protect her and love her till the day I die…”she paused because there was a lump in her throat and she could feel tears well up in her eyes.

        Brian was flabbergasted. He had never seen her look or sound so emotional. He'd known her for twenty years and she was like a sister to himself and his wife. She was like an aunt to his two kids. He would do anything for her.

        “What do you want me to do, Kate?”

        “Help me protect her from the vultures around here. Please.”

        Brian nodded and was rewarded with blinding smile.

        ***                ***         ***                ****        

        Rose knocked on her neighbor's door to find out if her shy friend heard all the ruckus the night before after the police left.

        A strong voice from behind her scared the hell out of her.

        “Can I help you miss?”

        Rose turned to find the tall plain clothes officer from the night before.

        “Um, no…I was just checking on my friend. She…”

        Kate smiled and said, “You must be the nice one, Rose right?”

        Rose smiled and blushed slightly. “Yes, I'm Rose, Uh who…”

        “Let's just say Delta and I became fast friends last night. She is probably still fast sleep. I don't think she was really able to fall asleep until very late last night,” explained Kate discreetly.

        “Oh? I didn't realize you stayed with her.”

        “She was very upset.”

        Rose nodded and sighed. “Yes, I can't blame her. I wish that drunken idiot would just move out.”

        “Well she won't be bothering you for a while. I sent her in for mental observation she could be gone for a week to a whole month.”

        “Wow! Really?”

        Kate shrugged and nodded.

        “Thank heaven. I was getting paranoid. Tell Del I'll talk to her later ok?”

        “Sure, no problem,” said Kate. She waited for the strawberry blonde to go into her own apartment then she pulled out the key that Delta had given her and let herself in.

        She quietly entered the apartment and looked for the small woman. She didn't call out because if she was sleeping she didn't want to wake her up. She went into the bedroom and her heart fluttered. There she was in her adorable nightshirt; the sheet was thrown off in her sleep. She had her hands cradled under head and she looked like a sweet little angel.

        Kate quietly took the sheet and the quilt and gently pulled them up over the sleeping woman. Then she gently kissed her on the cheek. She pulled back and was about to go wait for her to wake up in the livingroom when green eyes fluttered open.

        “Hi.” She whispered smiling up at the tall woman.

        “Hi,” replied Kate softly sitting on the edge of the bed. “I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you…um, I couldn't resist kissing your cheek. I…”

        “I'm glad you can't,” replied Delta blushing as she took the large elegant hand into her own tiny hands. “I slept the whole day away. I am glad you're here though.”

        “You are?”

        “MmmHmm, How was your morning?”

        Unusual, I went in really early and worked only as long as it took me to get my paper work done. I didn't hang around looking for trouble. I…um, I thought about you all morning and all I wanted to do was get back to you as soon as possible.”

        “Oh that is so nice of you…”

        Kate smiled and bent down to kiss the sweet lips smiling up at her. Then she brought her cheek against Delta's and rubbed it gently asking, “Are you still tired? Would you like to sleep a little longer? Its only 1pm.”

        “No Kate, I'd really like to spend the rest of the day with you.”

        “Good, I think I have an idea you would like.”

        ***                        ***                ***                ***

        The two women came out of the underground parking lot and Delta's eyes grew twice their normal size.

        “I can't believe this is Hollywood Blvd. It looks incredible. Like we're in the middle of Beverly Hills or something.”

        Kate smiled and put an arm around Delta's shoulders bringing her close. “When you told me you hadn't had a chance to see this yet in person I had to bring you here. It's really touristy but it is an incredible job. What do you think? Do you like it?”

        Delta's head bobbed up and down, as she looked at the huge mall that housed many restaurants, stores and the new Kodak Theater where the Oscars were now broadcast.

        Kate chuckled and kissed her cheek. “Would you like to look around or eat first?”

        “Eat please, I'm starved.”

        “Ok, then we eat.”

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Brian was in his office finishing up some of Kate's paper work for her. He was really happy to do it if it meant that his best friend would be free to do what she needed to do.

        The Watch Commander stuck his head in the door and asked, “Where's Kate?”

        “She's off the whole weekend.”

        “Yeah, I know that. Since when does that stop her from coming in and seeing what's happening. She never takes the whole weekend off…”
        “Well she is this time. Believe me.”

        “You're kidding?”

        “I have never been more serious in my whole life.”

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Kate had never had so much fun. She was watching the smaller woman devour the whole side of cow and she was loving every minute of it. She reflected on the fact that she had never smiled this much before in her whole life.

        They were eating ribs at the Hamburger Hamlet across the street from Hollywood and Highland. It was re-done to fit the reconstruction but it was one of the oldest restaurants on the Boulevard. Kate always ate here when she was in Hollywood and she was really enjoying introducing Delta to it. It turned out that the smaller woman rarely left the Valley.

        Delta's face had sauce all over her lips and chin. Kate had an almost irresistible urge to lick it all off. She restrained herself but just barely.

        Shy green eyes looked up from beneath long black eyelashes and she said quietly, “I must look ridiculous…”

        “No, you look delectable…if we weren't out in public you wouldn't need a napkin at all.” She whispered with a huge smile.

        Kate laughed as Delta blushed a deep shade of red and then asked her quietly, “ You are so precious. Do you like the ribs?”

        “Yes, they're wonderful. I think this was great idea. Thank you.”

        “Your welcome, I'm glad you're enjoying it. After we explore around here would you like to come over to my place?” Kate was very quiet and unsure sounding even to her own ears. This was a first; Kate seemed to only become shy around Delta.

        Delta smiled sweetly and nodded her head. “Yes, I'd love to see your home. Um, Kate are you sure you want to shop?”

        “Yep, I want to do anything you want to do.”



        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Hand in hand they strolled all around the mall and Hollywood Blvd. They looked into shops and looked at pictures that varied from Marilyn Monroe to Justin Timberlake. Delta thought it was really fun to look at the older pictures she loved old movies and collected them.

        Then they looked at the old Egyptian Movie Theater, which had also been spruced up. They explored the lobby of the old Roosevelt Hotel which was one of the oldest and prettiest in Hollywood. It had been re-done too. They both marveled at how they had brought back the feeling of the Twenties.

        “They say this place is one of the most haunted in LA.”

        “Yep, I saw that on TV, everyone from Montgomery Clift to Marilyn Monroe are suppose to walk around here at night in they're ghostly state.”

        “Marilyn is awfully busy since she's passed on if you think of all the places the lady has been spotted at.”

        They both chuckled as they left the hotel.

        They walked back across the street and Kate watched carefully as Delta looked over the list of shows that were coming to the Kodak. She wanted to get tickets to the one that Delta looked most excited about and then surprise her with them.

        “Sweetheart, have you been to the museum by Graumans? They have the old Enterprise Bridge from the original show.”

        “Really? I'd love to see that.”

        “Ok, we will go there, would you like to wander around Grauman forecourt too?”

        “Oh yes, I know its silly but I love to look at the footprints.”

        “It's not silly it was clever. You don't think they put it there for historical interest do you? They put it there to entice people to come and look, then maybe they will go to a movie in the big Theater,” said Kate with highly amused blue eyes.

        “Um Kate?”


        “Thanks for indulging me.”

        Kate leaned in close and whispered into her ear, “I love you.”

        Delta smiled and whispered back, “I love you too.”

                ***                ****                ***

        Kate was sitting in Captain Kirk's chair on the museum's Enterprise Bridge enjoying watching Delta play with every gadget and button on the panel at Uhura's station.

        Her cell went off and she growled but dutifully answered it with an angry whisper of, “What?”

        “Um, Hi Boss,” stuttered her secretary Carol. Kate rolled her eyes and groaned, Carol was an Idiot but she was dating the night Watch Commander who was smart enough not to have her on his own staff. No, he instead maneuvered to put her onto Kate's staff. He knew he could trust her and that she would not be interested in his ditsy love.

        “What do you want?” whispered Kate hoping that Delta wouldn't notice.

        “Um, There was an attack at…”

        “Carol, I am off this weekend and I am not coming in unless it's the end of the world. Tell John.”


        “I don't care if you two have a date you don't want interrupted my dance card is filled. Now don't call me unless it's World War Three.” Kate angrily disconnected the call and looked up to find very worried green eyes looking into her own.

        “Kate if you need to…”

        “I don't…”


        “Shh,” Kate brought the smaller woman close hugging her she whispered into her loves ear, “All I really want to do is to be with you from now on.”

        “But your work?”

        “I really don't care about that anymore. Not like I did before I met you. I gave the department twenty years of my life. I had no social life at all. They got a one hundred and fifty percent of me. They never had to worry about failed assignments or finding a good strategist because I was always there. I really didn't have a life Sweetheart. When I found you…you gave me a chance for a real life…”


        “Only you.”

        “Oh Kate,” Delta tightened her hold around her the taller woman as Kate brought the smaller woman onto her lap the other people in the exhibit be damned.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They were driving in Kate's old Caddy in perfect condition. It had been restored and reconstructed so that it would look normal enough to take on a stake out. Yet so fast that it would overpower any escaping drug dealer.

        They pulled into Kate's long driveway of her small home in Topanga Canyon. It was a pretty house surrounded by trees and woods.

        “Oh Kate, this is lovely.”

        “Thanks, Come on I want to show you the grounds before it gets too dark,” Kate took Delta's hand and showed her the lovely garden with pride. She pointed out a brook that peeked out of the woods that ringed the house and said, “Damn thing can over flow during the rainy season but I love it anyway.”

        Then she led her up to the back porch, pointing out the huge swing she made herself when she was kid in shop class. Then gently took her on tour of her home. It was like a log cabin very simple yet it was very modern with everything someone would need including a huge TV, VCR and DVD player.

        She led her back on to the porch sat down on the swing pulling her on to her lap and cuddling close. “So what do you think?”

        “I think its wonderful, Sweetheart.”

        Kate felt her face heat up from the blush and she kissed Delta on the cheek. “You called me Sweetheart,” She whispered into the little ear kissing her neck softly.

        “Well you are! Besides you call me that…”

        “I know but…um, no one thinks of me as sweet…”

        “I do.”

        Kate's smile grew so wide she didn't think it would fit on her face anymore. “You do?”



        “My pleasure.”

        “And this is mine,” whispered Kate as she pulled her closer and kissed her passionately.

        ***                ***                        ***                ***



        “I'm a little scared.”

        “Sweetheart, I'd never do anything that would hurt you.”

        “I know, it's not that…I just don't want to disappoint you…”

        “Oh Sweetheart, you couldn't. Now lean back and we'll count to three, Ok?”

        A nervous nod of the blonde's head was her reply. They were sitting on a boat with scuba gear on getting ready to take Delta's first lesson.

        Kate had instructed her very carefully and found out that her Delta was a very good swimmer so she was pretty sure she would be fine. “Ok, One, Two, Three…” They went out of the boat back wards over the side and straight down. Kate kept Delta in sight the whole way to make sure she was ok. When she met green eyes through the diving mask she could see that her love was fine. In fact as they began to explore the ocean floor the smile was hardly contained with in the mask on the smaller woman's face. She was having the time of her life much to Kate's utter happiness.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They were cuddled by the fire they had just finished dinner and were watching a movie. They were both very quiet. They had such a perfect peaceful weekend that neither woman really wanted it to end yet.

        “This was very nice.”

        “Mmm, I could get very use to this.” Replied a very relaxed Kate.

        “Me too.”

        Kate smiled and caressed Delta's cheek, “Would you like to?”

        “Um, yes…would you?”

        “More then I can even express.”

        They were silent for a while just caressing and kissing each other gently. Kate knew the one topic on both their minds was the one they hadn't even discussed at all their whole weekend together. Getting more intimate with each other. Kate also knew that they were both afraid of the same thing, they didn't want to lose the magic of the special weekend.

        Kate took a deep breath, it was time to discuss the most important topic of their lives and she knew it was her job to bring it up. “Sweetheart?”

        Delta's head was on Kate's shoulder; She had been staring at the fire deep in thought. Now those sparkling green eyes came up to meet hers, “Yes?”

        “How do you feel about us? Are you comfortable with me?”

        Delta nodded her head.

        Kate smiled sweetly and continued, “Do you trust me?”

        Delta nodded again.

        Kate chuckled and said, “Does the cat have your tongue?”

        Delta giggled and replied quietly, “No, I'm just really comfortable.”

        “Good. Um, would you…”

        “I do but…I don't want to ruin this…”

        “Why would you think you would ruin anything?”

        “Um…Well I did try once…” Delta turned her face away from Kate's and looked at the flames again. “She said I was an idiot who didn't know how to even kiss.”

        “Who the hell said that?” Kate was now pissed but trying not to scare Delta with her anger.

        “Just a girl I knew in college. We were at a party and she was very drunk. She kissed me and felt me up. I wasn't interested in her and she was very rough not gentle like you…I squirmed away from her and she said I was hopeless. I was just too childish for anyone to ever love…”

        Tears were flowing down Delta's cheeks as she continued to stare into the flame. Kate gently dried them as she replied, “She is the idiot my love. Is that why you never…?”

        “Well that and…um…”


        I was really hoping to meet the person in my dreams. She was so sweet…so gentle… she was you…”

        “Oh my Sweet Delta,” Kate kissed her love passionately tenderly bringing her right on top of her. “I have been waiting for you too. Please don't let what that ass hole said worry you. You are a sweet, bright and lovely woman who I fell head over heals in love with as soon as you opened your door and I saw that pretty green eye. I would never hurt you. I will never do anything that you don't want me to do. I promise.” She said all this while gently kissing every bit of flesh she could reach with her hungry lips. She sucked gently at her loves pulse point till she could hear the smaller woman moaning in reaction then she pulled back and looked into the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen.

        “So, what do you want me to do?”

        “What you were doing,” Whispered Delta as if far away. She felt very dreamy like she was floating on pink cloud.

        Kate's arms were holding her close their faces were so close they were now breathing each other's air. “I'll go very slow. All you have to do is say stop if you don't like something or your scared, ok?”

        Delta nodded, Kate brought her loves lips to her and kissed her tenderly slowly deepening the kiss till she felt herself flying and knew that Delta was too. She pulled away and kissed her way to where her loves ear met her neck and sucked at the pulse point. Her fingers were nimbly unbuttoning Delta's blouse. Slowly removing the garment and then she pulled back so she could take off her own T-shirt. She was reward with the wonderful feeling of warm skin touching warm skin. Her mouth lowering to below the neck to kiss her way gently to her loves breast as she unhooked Delta's bra.

        Delta was just following instincts she didn't know she had. She was busily tasting the flesh of her love's neck and rejoicing in each moan she received from the dark woman. Delta shivered as Kate licked her between the breasts.

        Suddenly Kate stopped and Delta's head snapped up, “Why did you stop? What's wrong?” Her face worried sure she did something wrong.

        “My God Damn cell phone went off!” Kate whispered in an angry growl. She was mad as hell she was soaring from what was happening between them and really didn't want to answer but she was on call.

        “Oh? I thought I…”

        “No love, you were perfect, I am on call so I have to respond. Shit!”

        “Go ahead.”

        “I love you so much,” said Kate softly kissing her love tenderly on the lips. Then she pulled back and angrily dialed the precinct.

        “This one better means the sky is falling!”

        Brian could tell his partner was ready to rip his throat out, “Very close. We are on red alert there was a riot at BUR and they are in shutdown mode.”

        “Shit! Ok, I'll be there in 25 minutes.”

        “25 minutes?”


        “Ok, ok, hurry we need you.”

        Kate disconnected and looked at the upset face of her beloved. “I have to go, Sweetheart. Do you want me to take you home or would you like to stay here and wait for me?”

        “Could I stay here please?”

        “I'd love for you to do that. I'll be back as soon as I can.”

        “What's happening?”

        “Apparently a riot.”

        “A riot!”



        “Shh, I'll be ok.” Kate pulled her love to her and hugged her as close as she could. Then she pulled back so she could give her a very passionate kiss full of promise.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Kate arrived at the scene about twenty minutes later. Brian handed her the riot gear he had taken from her office as soon as she got out of her car.

        “Where the hell is John?” She asked as she expertly put them on.

        “He was shot.”


        “He's fine. They took him to UCLA Medical Center.”

        “So who's in charge.”

        Brian looked up at her.

        “Shit! Ok lets get the God Damn show on the road. What's the situation?”

        “Well It's not a riot. It's a take over. Two men have taken over the outer counter area of the American Airline's terminal. They have let go of most of the hostages except for three employees."”
        “Is it a terrorism attack?”

        “We simply don't know yet, Boss. We've been trying but they won't communicate with us.”

        “They won't huh? Well see about that. Are all the terminals connected to through the vents and plumbing?”

        “What do you mean?”

        “Electricity, water, so forth?”

        “Oh? I have no idea. Why?”

        “Find out. Evacuate the airport and then turn off everything. Call the Burbank DWP and get them out here so they can do it safely. All I want working in that terminal is the God Damn phone. Got it?”


        “Brian were in the middle of a heat wave. It's 100 degrees here in the Valley. If it gets hot enough and they have no water they will call us.”

        “What if they start killing hostages instead?”

        “What good will that do them. They can't communicate through dead people. And the dead are not drinkable. No they will want water and the air back on. They will have to call us to threaten and then we have them. Go!”

                ***                        ***                ***

        Kate was in a large white van in front of the terminal. The command post was filled with people who were trying to get control of what was happening in that very confined area. Everyone was evacuated and all flights had been re-routed to either LAX or Oxnard.

        Everything but the phones had been shut off. The only thing that hadn't happened was someone using the damn things.

        The Airline security and the FBI surrounded Kate. She knew what was happening up to a point. She knew how she wanted them approached but she needed them to call first.


        The tall man hurried by her side and said quietly, “Yeah?”



        “Shit! What is the temperature in that building?”

        “About 105 and growing.”

        “They are going to bake to death before they tell us why they're doing this. Are they nuts as well as viscous?” Kate felt her cell vibrate. “Yeah?”

        “Kate?” Delta's voice came over the phone softly full of anxiety.


        “Yes I…”

        “Wait a sec,” She muted the phone and said, “Brian I'm stepping outside for minute. If the Bastards call…”

        “I'll come and get you.”

        Kate smiled and squeezed his shoulder, “Good Man.”

        She walked out of the trailer and walked away far enough so either the press or her men wouldn't over hear her. Then she released the mute and said softly, “Sweetheart, what's wrong?”

        “I thought you were shot.”

        “What? What are you talking about?

        “I heard on the news that the officer in charge of the siege at Burbank Airport was shot and taken to UCLA. I…”

        “Oh Honey, that was John. He stormed in there at the beginning of the siege like he was John Wayne or something and got shot in the leg. I'm fine, it happened before I was even called in. Stop watching TV. Put in one of my tapes. Read. Go to sleep..."”
        “I can't. I'm so scared for you…”

        “I know love. Um, put in a tape I have a stack of comedies toward the front the cabinet. Have a film festival keep the TV on the grid. Don't watch any TV at all except the tapes. I will call you back as soon as I can. I have to get back in there, love…”

        “I'm sorry I…”

        “Sweetheart, why are you sorry?”

        “For bothering you when your sooo busy. I was just so scared and I…”

        “You never, ever bother me. If you're scared, you call me. That's fine with me. I just have a very messy situation here and I'm stuck in the middle of it…”

        “Your not thinking of going in there are you?”

        “Don't worry everything will be just fine. I love you so much. I gotta go. Bye Sweetheart.” She said it all in one breath very fast and then hung up. She leaned against the pillar and closed her eyes. She just couldn't tell the love of her life that yes she had every intention of going in there and ending this as soon as possible.

        ***                ***                ***                ****

        Kate crawled through the vent in the airport till she reached the one on the grid that was over the ticket counter where the suspects had barricaded themselves with their hostages. She was followed by several members of Swat and they were all bristling with armor in the tiny heating vents. Kate was very uncomfortable but determined to end this as soon as she could before anyone else got hurt.

        On the other side Brian and his team reached their positions and he signaled her through Morse code on the walkie-talkie.

Kate motioned for absolute quiet she was trying to hear what was going on with the people who were holding the hostages below her. This whole thing was a blow up from love triangle. One of the hostages had dumped one of the perpetrators in favor of her fellow employee. The terrified victims were all tied up and against the counter sitting on the ground being screamed at by one of the men holding a sawed off shot gun. There were only two men with guns holding the three innocent people below. Kate had thought of several plans to distract and disarm them. Now she was trying to gage which one would work best considering the ranting that she was hearing from the jilted lover below her.

        Kate's first job was to separate the victims so they can get them out and then take out the idiots with the guns. Hopefully no one else will get shot. Including me.

Brian pulled the vent back and Kate nodded at him. He shook his head no. She rolled her eyes and the fierce look she gave him convinced him to stop arguing with her.

Brian pulled a can of coke from a backpack and threw it right under the vent that Kate was at. She smiled a wild feral grin and prayed that one of the ass holes would come and investigate the noise.

One of the men came right toward her. His gun pointed down and he was carefully looking around the counters for anything that might have caused the disturbance that he had heard. She had backed up so he could not see anything out of the ordinary and patiently waited for her chance to clobber him silently.

        He came closer and discovered the exploded can of coke. Kate smiled wickedly and dropped down behind him as he bent down to examine it. She slugged him right in the jaw. She silently caught him and motioned for one of the Swat team to come and take care of him.

        Once he was handcuffed and gagged, they all came behind the counter and waited silently for his partner to come and find out where he had gotten to. At least that was Kate's plan she knew there was always a possibility that he would be too smart to follow in his friend's stupid footsteps. She prayed for his stupidity because she wanted to end this quickly.

        “Andy!” was called from down the hall.

        Come on Idiot, I want you away from your victims so I can kick your stupid ass. She thought as she silently waited for him to come down the same path as his now useless partner.

        Cautiously the other man came down the hall. This one was more careful the gun was pointed toward them and it was cocked and ready to fire.

        “Andy!” He was looking for his friend and looked very surprised to see the results of exploded coke can.

        Brian suddenly threw the another can at the wall. The man swirled in the direction of the whoosh and fired the shotgun.

        There was a cry of pain but Kate had flown into action. She jumped over the counter right on top of the distracted man and kicked the gun out of his hands. He landed on his back looking straight up into very angry icy eyes.

        “You better pray that you didn't kill anyone you Son of a Bitch,” She purred into his ear just before she slugged him knocking him out cold.

        She looked at the SWAT commander and said in an angry growl, “Take this filth in. I better see who got hit.”

        “Yes Captain,” He said as he motioned for his men to take the two out cold suspects out of the building.

        She walked over slowly to where the paramedics were treating the wounded officer. Her guts tied into a knot when she saw the familiar features of her best friend. She knelt by his side taking his hand and gently asked the paramedic, “How is he?”

        “He's ok, Ma'am. He was hit in the shoulder and vest took most of the hit. He must have banged his head in the tunnel when his body reacted to bullet. He has a concussion but he isn't in any danger.”

        Kate nodded and she gently rubbed her friend's arm, “Take good care of him, Ok?”

        “You bet Ma'am. Let me be the first to congratulate you on a brilliant plan.”

        “Thanks…I wish..never mind, thanks.”

        ***                ***                ***                ***

Several hours later she arrived home very tired and down hearted. She was very angry with herself that her clever little plan got her best friend shot. She knew that she didn't tell him to do what he did. That he was thinking of her and protecting her back, which only seemed to make the guilt seem worse.

        She opened the door and sight she saw made her feel a bit better. Delta was fast asleep on the couch. She was holding Kate's stuffed Tasmanian Devil cuddled in her arms. She looked so adorable she really didn't have the heart to wake her. She just wanted to cuddle with her so she would feel better.

        She went into the bathroom and took a shower. She then put on her Taz nightshirt on and came back into the livingroom. She bent over and picked up her love the Taz doll and all. Then she simply carried her to bedroom. She sat down on the bed with her love cradled in her arms and pulled them both into a comfortable sleeping position. She kept her close and fell into a deep much needed sleep.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Tiny little kisses woke her up the next morning. She slowly woke up to the pleasant tingling sensation and a heavenly weight of her love on top of her. Her eyes fluttered open to see the top of the blonde head as Delta was gently kissing her along her neck just above her breasts.

        “Mmm, that's a very nice way to wake up after the hell I went through last night.”

        Green eyes lifted to meet twinkling blue and Delta said, “I heard another officer was shot last night…”

        Kate nodded and pulled Delta up so their lips met in gentle kiss. Then she pulled back cupping her loves cheeks and rubbing them softly with her thumbs. “Yes, my best friend and partner Brian. I want you to meet him later…I…Brian, was trying to distract the creep against my orders. He got shot trying to cover my ass. Luckily it was his vest and not him that got hit. He knocked his head against the wall of the vent he was in…um, would you like to come with me to the hospital. Like I said, I really want you two to meet each other.”

        Delta nodded, “Yes, I'd like that. I was worried till they said it was 40 year old male…”

        “Those ass holes released that?”

        Delta nodded. Kate was mad as hell, “Those vultures knew that was not to be released till his wife was notified. I better call her…”

        “Um Kate…?”


        “I'm glad your ok…”

        “Sweetheart, I'm grateful I had you to come home to. You don't know how much I just needed to hold you last night,” She whispered as she softly began to kiss her love on the nose. Then the eyes and then tenderly on the lips. The kiss became more and more passionate till she was pulling Delta so close she forgot where she left off and the other woman began.

        When the ran out of oxygen she whispered, “Um, would you like to try…”

        “Yes, but I'm scared…”

        “I know. We will go very slow,” Whispered Kate she brought her love even closer kissing deeply. Her hands were rubbing gently against the cotton of Delta's sleep shirt. Kate could feel the heat of her loves skin through the material and she wanted to feel it against her own skin.

        “May I take your shirt off?”

        Delta nodded against her shoulder, her eyes closed tight.

        “Sweetheart, open your eyes please.” Kate was gently kissing her face till nervous green eyes fluttered open.

        Delta looked at beautiful blue eyes full of love and need.

        “Delta, I'm going to take off my shirt first. Then I will take off yours. Ok?”

        Delta nodded again.

        “Sweetheart, I'd really enjoy hearing your sweet voice.”

        “Ok.” Was the tiny reply.

        Kate smiled and chuckled gently, “Your so beautiful I love your shyness. It touches my soul.” She pulled her shirt off and asked shyly. “Do you like?”

        Dark green eyes blinked and Delta said, “Yes..I…um….”

        “I'm going to gently take your nightshirt off too. Ok?”

        Delta nodded her head biting her bottom lip.

        Kate kissed her nose making the small woman smile. Then she gently took off the beautiful woman's shirt off. They admired each other enraptured by the others beauty. Very slowly Delta touched the soft skin of Kate's stomach. They were both on their side as they their hands slowly caressed the others skin. Kate closed her eyes enjoying the sensational feelings from the tiny hands softly stroking her skin.

        Kate simply stroked the other woman's back letting Delta take the lead she whispered, “You can do anything you like. You're already making me feel wonderful.”

        Delta wasn't sure what to do so she touched what she really wanted to. She very delicately began to explore Kate's breasts. Kate's breathing became ragged as she felt soft touches of the small exploring hands caressing her breasts for the first time.

        “Kate, I don't know what I'm doing…”

        “Mmm, you're doing fine, My Darling. Just follow your instincts I'm enjoying what you're doing.”

        Unsure but the need was so great she slowly brought her mouth against her loves breast and tasted the soft skin for the first time. Kate moaned deep in her throat in utter bliss and pushed the breast further into to the exploring mouth. Her whole body felt like it was on fire and she felt like she would launch into orbit any minute now. When the little mouth began to suckle her breasts she grabbed the sheets as wave after wave of the purest electricity ripped through her. She couldn't believe what was happening but she fell over the edge screaming her loves name at the first contact.

        Unsure what was happening Delta moved away as Kate shivered and moaned in total bliss.

        “Did I hurt you?” She asked scared when Kate calmed down. Her voice was teary she was sure that she blew the most important moment of her life.

        Slightly unfocused blue eyes met the scared green. Kate reached out and pulled the terrified woman into her arms hugging her close. “No, you just gave me such intense pleasure I reacted very strongly. Thank you my love that was wonderful. Perfect.” She was softly kissing the smaller woman all over her face.

        Delta pulled back and asked softly, “Are you sure. I love you so much my darling. I…don't want to ever hurt you.”

        “You didn't. I really loved it.”


        “Uh huh…Um, may I…?

        “Yes, but I don't know what to do….”

        “Sweetheart you don't have to do anything. Just enjoy what I do. Ok?” She wanted to love this woman so badly that her body ached to do it. But she would never hurt her so she knew she had to be slow and gentle.

        Delta nodded and stiffened up. Kate shook her head and rubbed Delta's back gently. “Open your eyes and calm down. I promised, I will never hurt you and I meant it.”

        Delta looked trustingly into Kate's loving gaze and nodded. Kate smiled and brought her love close again. She kissed her deeply till she felt her completely relax against her. Then she kissed her way to her loves breast never breaking eye contact. She gently licked one nipple with tongue while stroking the other with her fingers.

        Delta closed her eyes and Kate could soon hear soft little moans of delight coming from the now relaxed woman. She then began to suckle the breast with her mouth as she gently kneaded the other breast with her hand.

        Suddenly Delta stiffened and yelled incoherently. Kate pulled back to make sure she hadn't hurt the smaller woman. When she looked at her loves face she could see it was flushed with pleasure not pain and was happily very relieved. She crawled up the bed and then pulled the smaller woman in her arms. When Delta calmed down Kate asked quietly, “Are you ok, Sweetheart?”

        Delta's eyes opened and she nodded.

        “Honey, are you sure?”

        “Yes Darling, I'm sure. Thank you.”

        Happy and full of passion Kate said quietly, “Your very welcome. Would you like to do more or would like to rest?”

        “Do more please.”

        Kate's smile broadened as she happily fulfilled her loves every need and desire. “Of course, anything I have to give is already yours.” She kissed Delta passionately and allowed the waves of passion to sweep them both into a state of pure bliss.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Brian was very grumpy. He was not allowed to watch TV or read and or take aspirin and his head still hurt. He couldn't even use the telephone. His wife tried to cheer him up but he sent her home because he could see she was exhausted from the strain and worry.

        Kate gently knocked on the door to his room. Brian's face brightened as soon as he saw her.

        “Kate! Oh thank heavens a human being that is not at all sappy!!!”

        Kate eyebrows shot up and she said, “I've brought someone very special to meet you. Do you think you can be a good boy while she's here?”

        Brian was now very excited and pleased because he figured he knew who this person was, “Really? Wow! I'm honored.”

        Kate blushed beet red and she looked over her shoulder. “Delta, come on love he will be a good a little boy.” The small woman came in and Kate immediately put a gentle arm around her loves shoulders bringing her close. She closed the door with her other hand behind them and lead Delta over toward Brian.

        Delta was looking down at her shoes as they neared the bed. Kate looked at Brian whose eyes were twinkling up at her with delight.

        Kate smiled and raised an eyebrow. She used her free hand to gently lift the little chin she was looking into her loves shy eyes.

        “I promise Sweetheart, he won't bite. His wife would kick his ass if he did.”

        This brought a tiny smile to the beloved face. Brian chuckled and held out his hand saying, “It's an honor to finally meet you.”

        Delta shook his hand and looked at him through her bangs, “Its nice to meet you too.”

        Kate smiled and gently brushed the bangs out of the pretty green eyes. “Come on, Sweetheart. I want Brian to see the beautiful eyes I've been going on and on about.”

        A lovely pink blush covered the shy woman's face and she looked up Brian very nervous. “Um, she's been talking about me?”

        “Oh yeah. She talked about you before she ever met you. And once she did meet you, when she did talk, it was only about you. Don't worry your family now so it's ok.”

        “I am?”

        “Yep, it's a small family. Just my wife and kids and Kate. She's my adopted sister so now you are apart of that little happy group, right?”

        “Absolutely,” replied Kate with huge loving smile.



        “We've only known each other a very short time how do you know someone better won't come along who…”

        Kate put a gentle finger to the quivering lips. She couldn't resist caressing them as she replied softly, “There is no one better. There is no one else. I have been waiting for you all my life. I love only you.” Then she bent down and kissed her love tenderly.

        When they pulled back Kate continued, “You are my family and I need you. I love only you. I have one desire and that's to devote myself to you till I die…I…I want to be with you forever.”

        Green eyes filled with tears and she nodded.

        “Will you marry me?”

        “Yes.” Was the barely heard whispered reply.

        Kate heard it she picked her love up cradled her in her arms and kissed her passionately.

        Brian leaned back against his pillow sipping his water. When they finally parted he lifted his water glass as if in a toast said with a huge boyish grin.

        “God Bless our happy family.”

        The End

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