My Knight

by Ri


Disclaimer: This story was inspired by the film Pretty Woman but took some strange and unexpected turns so please don't expect the same story the characters took on new professions and changed their own characters completely. There is a reflection of two special ladies we all know and love but really this is my own warped mind at work so please don't pilferJ There is a loving same sex relationship and some very mild violence and bad language. I would like to thank Larisa and MJ for their support and guidance in the making of this story. Please in enjoyJ

        She walked into her office at 5am and she knew it would be deserted except for her very able security guard.

        "Morning Miss Nicky," Said the older man with a sweet smile.

        "Morning Jack, How's it going?" Replied the tall woman with a smile of her own and a wink.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        She walked into her small apartment after a long night. She threw her keys on the counter and walked down the hall toward her shower discarding her hated uniform as she walked.

        "I wish I could find a real job. Something I could get some satisfaction from. Not wear this stupid almost non-existent uniform serving drinks to lecherous drunken slobs all night long. I hate my life," She cried as she stepped into the shower to try to wash off the disgust she felt for herself.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        The tall dark haired woman in the gray silk suit stretched her arms out behind her as she listened to the droning voice of the man pacing in front of her. Her lawyer was going on and on. He was talking about the assets they'd get when they pulled the new company they were after apart. She was so bored with her work; it was the same thing all the time. She made plenty of money but she didn't enjoy it. Her lawyer the little snot loved the kill, he had his uses but she had enough of his ramblings for one day.

        "I know all of that. Are you going to continue to bore me with things I already know?" She asked with a lift of an eyebrow over a pale blue eye.

        He looked at the pale blue eyes and swooned inside, He wished he could seduce her it would make his life so much easier. She could resist him completely she seemed immune to every line he threw out and he had given up. Now he just relied on her great instincts, she always knew which companies were ripe for slaughter and went right for the slaughter. He loved that.

        "I can't help it, This is such a biggie!" He replied excitedly.

        "Calm down, we've got a long road ahead of us on this one before we get them." She yawned and stretched again. She got up and pulled on her jacket and got the keys to her car, "I'm out of here I'm going to get some dinner. Night."

        "Night," Said the small man shaking his head.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        The small woman wearing the bodice and skirt of her uniform with her long blonde hair pulled up into a sweep walked with her cocktail tray to her next table. She watched as the hostess brought a tall beautiful woman to a table in the dining area. She sighed as she realized she wouldn't get to serve the raven-haired beauty.

        The tired corporate raider sat at a table that looked into the bar but was separated by a swinging door. One of the doors was open so she could clearly see inside. She sat back and yawned again after she ordered. She watched all the activity in the lively bar hoping it will keep her up long enough to eat her meal. Her sharp blue eyes spotted the beautiful blonde waitress as she avoided being pinched and admired how she handled the lout with a smile and a very quick movement of her lithe body. She admired the lovely shape of that body and thought, My Goodness, What perfect abs. I could wallow in exploring that luscious body. She shook her head knowing she wouldn't make a move in that direction. She had the worse luck with woman and avoided any encounter now.

        Just as the pretty blonde turned away from the table she was serving, a drunken man grabbed her around the stomach. Knocking the tray out of her hands the two glasses she had left shattered onto the floor. He was pulling her onto his lap and she was struggling to get away from him.

        "Let me go!"

        "Ah...Shweetie....I don't think sho...." He slurred as tried to kiss her neck.

        "I really think you should let the young lady go," Said a cold hard voice from above them.

        "She's no lady..."

        "Hey!" Yelled the struggling blonde, "Who the hell says I'm not..."

        "Tramp...look at this outfit....harlot...."

        A vice like grip grabbed his wrist and the voice said, "I said lady and that's what I meant. Now let her go or you'll be very sorry."


        There was a strong tug to the wrist and the young lady was freed. The drunken man was on the floor amongst the mess he created. The tall woman looked into the shaken cocktail waitress eyes and brought her shaking body into a soothing hug. "Are you ok, Miss?"

        Green teary eyes lifted to meet startling blue eyes full of concern, "Yes, Thank you"

        The tall woman smiled and said, "Nicole...Nicky."

        "Rebecca...Becca..."said the soft voice back.

        ***                ****                ****                ***

        "Becca your fired!!" Yelled a big burly man in an apron storming over toward them from the kitchen.

        "But...?" Tears came quickly to the big green eyes touching the blue-eyed woman's soul. The sharp blue eyes softened as she looked into misty green and she felt something like her heart beating faster. She looked at the big man and politely said, "Sir, this was not her fault that man attacked her..."

        "She must have come on to him or something, Miss. That man was a regular and has never caused any trouble."

        The blue eyes lost their warmth and became almost icy white as she asked through gritted teeth, "Has he ever been that drunk before?"

        The man gulped, the woman looked dangerous despite her expensive clothes, "No, but even so..."

        "Its ok Nicky, I'll go Bruno," said Becca in strangled whisper as she ran out of the diner.

        The icy eyes became slits and Nicky had to reign in her anger as she spat out, "You are a bastard aren't you?" She growled at the man who backed away from the woman who was clinching her fists. She then realized that the blonde was leaving and she had to catch up with her. She ran out of the dining room in search of her. She had no idea why but she had to find her.

        "Becca...Becca?" She called into the deserted employee's lounge.

        Big green eyes peeped out from behind the locker room door, "Hi."

        Nicky smiled and her eyes warmed up again, "Hi yourself."

        "Thank you for coming to my rescue and trying to save my job."

        "Um, I seemed to have gotten you into more trouble then I helped you out of..."

        "Oh no, It's me. That's my expertise getting myself into one jam after the other."

        "Would you like me to drive you home?" Asked Nicky quietly she really wanted to find a way to be with this beautiful woman.

        "No, it's ok; I only live a block away. I can walk..."

        "May I walk you home then?" Blue eyes looked deeply into green and Becca felt her insides melt.

        "Um...ok. I'll change and I'll be out in a couple of minutes, ok?" She asked as she slid back into the locker room.

        "Oh yeah it's ok, I'll wait forever my friend." Said Nicky with a tired smile as she walked to a wall by the back door and leaned against it.

        ***                ****                ****                        ****

        Becca came out wearing jeans and long-sleeved green T-shirt and black pleather jacket.

        Nicky who was desperately trying to stay awake while she waited for her new friend smiled brightly at how pretty she looked. Damn she's adorable, She thought to herself pushing her body away from the wall. She smiled at her and said, "You ready to get the hell out of this joint?"

        Becca nodded. Nicky held out her hand and Becca looked at it then up at the blue eyes with a confused expression. Nicky cocked her head to the side and wiggled her hand again with a sweet smile on her face. Becca approached the tall woman and gingerly took the offered hand into her own. The warmth of the hands meeting was a bit overwhelming for both women but they didn't let go.

        Nicky cleared her throat and said quietly, "Come on lets get you home." She led Becca quietly outside and then stopped. She looked down at the smaller woman and asked, "Which way?"

        "Which way?" repeated the now very confused woman beside her.

        Nicky's eyes were twinkling as she asked nodding, "Home?" She asked in a throaty whisper.

        "Oh?" Then finally understanding what she was being asked she pointed and started to walk toward her apartment. "Um...May I ask you a question, Nicky?"

        "Sure, ask me anything you'd like."

        "Aren't you a bit overdressed for this neighborhood?"

        Nicky stopped and laughed holding on to Becca's shoulder for momentary support. Then she lightened up but didn't take hand away from the warm shoulder as she replied, "Yeah, I guess so. I was hungry and this place was near the project I was checking out..."

        "You look really tired, Nicky," Interrupted Becca quietly.

        "I am. Very tired," said Nicky not really believing she would be admitting it to anyone let alone a perfect stranger. She suppressed a yawn and said, "I've been up since 2am..."

        "Then why are you walking me home? You should be at your place fast asleep."

        "Cause I wanted to that's why," said the tall woman with the mesmerizing eyes.

        "Do you always do what you what you want?"

        "No," She said softly. If I did I would have been arrested for assault for what I wanted to do to that bozo Bruno and probably slapped across the face by you my little friend, she thought to herself as she was led to an old brown stone on a side street called Birch Road.

        "Here I am, I'll be fine. You go home and get some sleep...I just..."

        A long elegant finger covered her mouth gently, "Now what kind of an escort would I be if I didn't take you to your front door and see you safely in. Lead on Mcduff...,"

        Becca was going to protest but one look into those tired sincere eyes she knew she couldn't. She led the way to her small apartment and then she said, "Would you like me to get you a cab? You shouldn't drive when you're so tired."

        Nicky thought about driving all the way to her hotel in her condition and said, "Yes, thank you that would be very nice."

        They walked into Becca's apartment and Nicky's face lit up. Despite the drabness of the exterior, the place was done to perfection by the tastes of its occupant. It was one large and cheerful room with a couch, table and large bed with an end table. It had a divider where the kitchen was and a door leading to a small bathroom. It was tiny but it was done so beautifully it felt very comfortable. Nicky felt very at home in the tiny little place.

        She sat down on the couch admiring a needlepoint pillow that was in the corner. Becca went to her bed and took off her coat. Then as she turned back to ask the tall woman a question she heard a gentle purring coming from her couch. Nicky had curled up on the couch with the pillow nestled in her arms and had fallen fast asleep.

        Becca walked to her bed picked up a pillow and her extra quilt. She gently lifted the woman's head and put the pillow under it. Her hand was grabbed and nuzzled. Becca looked at the soft face with a sudden flood of affection. She brushed away the hair from the eyes and gently kissed her forehead. Then she covered her with the quilt with one hand. Then she very gently pulled her hand out of the strong grasp of her sleeping guest placing the large elegant hand back on the pillow, which the tall woman pulled closely to her body. "Sleep well my Knight"

        ***                ***                ****                ***

        Nicky woke up in a strange position in a strange room. The strange room was something she was used to she was constantly traveling and rarely slept in her apartment in Manhattan. The position on the bed was momentarily confusing her though till she remembered the night before and the beautiful blonde. A smile came to her face as she thought of the pretty girl till she realized that the vibrating against her leg was her phone and that was what probably woke her up from her deep sleep.

        "What?" She whispered not wanting to wake the woman in the bed across the room.

        "Where the hell are you?"

        The big blue eyes rolled heavenward as she whispered back, "Why?"

        "I thought you were going to check out General Brown's facility?"

        "I did. I was hungry and tired, do you mind?"

        "You're not at you hotel..."

        "So? That's none of your business. What the hell do you want?"

        "Brown wants to meet with you for lunch..."

        "Ok, where?"

        "Umm, this not a good idea I think you should..."

        "Would you mind stop trying to think for me. You're not very good at it. Now little man before you dig yourself a deeper hole what time and where?"

She could hear him breathing heavily and smirked as she lay back on the pillow behind her admiring the workmanship of the pretty needlepoint on the pillow that was still held against her chest. It was a scene of two women; the blonde woman was brushing the dark woman's hair. She looked over at the sleeping blonde and closed her eyes now seeing the significance of holding tightly to the pillow all night long.

        "He wants to meet you at the Ivy at noon."

        "Fine, bye." She said and then she disconnected the call. She looked at the time on the phone and her eyes widened 9am I can't believe it. I've never slept this late in my whole life. I guess I needed it though. She thought as she smiled and looked at the pillow and then the blonde again. She looked at her sweet innocent expression and suddenly an idea popped into her head. Maybe after a while this pillow could come true, huh? She thought as she got up.

        She walked to the bed and sat on the edge studying the blonde carefully. Then she called softly, "Becca, Becca?"

        Green eyes fluttered open and met the beautiful blue eyes above her. "Oh hi."

        Nicky's face broke out in a huge smile as she replied softly, "Hi, Would you like me to make you some breakfast before I go?"

        "Oh nooo, you don't have to. I'm sure you're a very important woman and I'm a ..."

        "Actually Becca, I want to ask a small favor."


        Nicky's smile broadened and she nodded, "How would feel about pretending to be my executive secretary for a week?"

        "What? Secretary? Week?"

        "Yep, yep ,yep. You do repeat very well and that would be helpful for what you'd have to do. I will pay you as I would a secretary and that should help you till you find a new job. I need the image of someone with a secretary for business I'm in town for."

        "What business exactly?" Asked the very uncertain young woman.

        "I'm here to buy something."

        Two eyebrows met over confused green eyes, "Like what?"

        Nicky smirked and shrugged, " Like a 20 million dollar company."

        ***        ***                ***                ***

        They walked to the diner's parking lot to get Nicky's rental car. She drove Becca to her hotel in Beverly Hills. She led the small blonde to the penthouse Becca grabbed on to Nicky's arm to steady herself as she began to hyperventilate when she saw the grandeur of the suite.

        "Shh, It's going to be ok. It's just a perk of my job," said Nicky gently pulling the shaking blonde into her long arms holding her close. She ran her fingers through the long blonde hair and nuzzled her neck on top of the young woman's head. Nicky was enjoying the closeness and she found she wanted more but since this was a temporary situation, she kept reminding herself that she was only comforting the upset woman and nothing else.

        Becca was feeling very comforted but she was a bit nervous by the other feelings fluttering in her stomach. She made a decision to just enjoy this sweet attention while it lasts.

        Nicky felt the other woman's heart beat slowing down to a normal beat and she pulled back so she could look into the pretty green eyes, "You ok now?"

        "Yes, I guess so...I'm so sorry Nicky..."

        Nicky gently squeezed the shoulders in her hands and asked with a sweet smile, "Why are you sorry?"

        "For over reacting."

        "I grew up with this shit, but it's new for you. Don't worry about over reacting. It's natural." Nicky cupped her cheek and said, "Do you need a paper bag to breathe into?"

        Becca giggled and shook her head; "No I'm ok."

        "Good, here let me show you to your room for the week then I've got to shower and change." She took the little hand into her own and led her across the suite to the guestroom. It was equal size to her own but it was all the way across the living room she wished it were next door. She wanted the smaller woman closer. Oh well, it's probably less tempting this way.

        "It's beautiful," Said Becca.

        Nicky smiled and said, "Ok get settled and I'll get changed and I'll call down stairs for some breakfast."

        ***                ***                ***                        ***

        Twenty minutes later Nicky came out in a black sleeveless Armani Dress with a matching jacket over her shoulder and black Prada boots in her hand. Becca was sitting on a big comfortable chair reading the newspaper when she looked up and almost fell out of the chair. She felt like she was about to start hyperventilate again.

        "Wow, you look beautiful."

        Blue eyes twinkled as Nicky sat in the chair next to Becca. She put the boots down and the Jacket over the back of the chair. "Thanks Kiddo, Breakfast come yet?"

        "No I..." She was interrupted by knocking on the door. "Um, would you like me to let them in?"

        "That would be nice, thanks," said Nicky as she slipped on her boots.

        Becca opened the door and let the waiter in. The man nodded to both women and set up the large table in the middle of the living room. Nicky got up and pulled some cash from her pocket to give the man his tip. "Is the manager sending up someone from Sergio's down stairs like I requested?"

        "Yes ma'am."

        "Good, go eat Becca," said the tall woman as she gently placed her jacket over a straight back chair by the door to the suite with a matching bag. "Got enough on that plate, Kiddo?"

        The blonde looked embarrassed, "Oh? I'm sorry..."

        "Shh, don't apologize for having such a good appetite. I think it's adorable," She saw the waiter out and poured herself a cup of coffee, then she grabbed an untoasted bagel. She took a deep bite into it and Becca's eyes widened.

        "Don't you put anything on it?"

        "Nope, I love the taste of any type of bread. Just the pure taste I don't need anything on it."

        "Wow, I love cream cheese I could just eat that with out anything else."

        "Oh, I like cream cheese but I think it spoils the taste of freshly baked bagel," said Nicky with a chuckle at Becca's expression.

        There was a knock on the door so Nicky put her food down on the table and got up to answer the door. She smiled at the older man who was followed by three assistants who had a large rack between them. She stepped aside to allow them to pull the rack inside the suite and said to the older man, "Ah Mr. Sergio, Welcome." He smiled at her took her hand and kissed the top of it in a very European manner.

        Nicky smiled and then gestured for Becca to come over with a wave of her hand. The small blonde stayed put though so Nicky said, "The young lady over there is who you're going to set up. Price is no object."

        "Ummmm, Nicky?" Called Becca to the tall brunette.

        Nicky walked over to her friend and kneeled by her side, "Becca you have to have clothes to make you look the part. Don't worry It'll be ok," said the dark woman softly taking a small hand into hers and looking deeply into the worried looking green eyes. "I just want to bring out the beautiful woman that you already are its just dressing nothing more, you're already a diamond."

        "B B But price is no object....?" Becca stuttered.

        "The only thing I have in my life is money please let me do this for you?" She pleaded quietly.

        Becca looked into the beautiful pale blue eyes and said quietly, "I suppose I can always return them when the week is over..."

        "No, think of it as a thank you for helping me..."

        "Nicky you're already paying me..."


        Blue eyes and green eyes battled and then Becca lowered her head and whispered, "Ok."

        "Thank you my friend, Thank you."

        ***                ***                ***                ***
        Becca was frantically trying to figure out how to put all these fancy things on and she simply couldn't. She got up and peeked out a crack in her door and saw that only Nicky was in the suite now. She was at a desk staring at a report on a lap top computer.


        Nicky turned and saw a pair of frantic green eyes looking though a crack in the bedroom door. "What's wrong, Kiddo? You look terrified."

        "I can't figure this stuff out. There are so many false buttons and snaps I don't know how to put any of this on. Could you help me? Pleeeasse?" She begged.

        Nicky smiled and nodded getting up and crossing the room. Becca opened the door to let the tall woman in and Nicky had to catch her breath. Becca stood in a very revealing silk slip and undies. It not only showed all her curves but it showed that her silk underwear hid nothing. I knew she had a beautiful face and gorgeous abs but I had no idea she is just a goddess from head to toe. Ok I can do this, She thought as she once again approached the agitated young woman.

        "First of all, calm down. You're going to be beautiful in this. Let's get this skirt on," She held it out and Becca leaned against her shoulder as she slipped into it. Nicky could feel the warm skin against her arm and it sent chills up and down her whole body. She pulled back and reached inside to snap the skirt into place then she zipped it up. She took a deep breath and smiled, "Ok, now the jacket," She said as she held it out the small woman slipped into it and Nicky gently buttoned all the hidden buttons then snapped the Channel button's into place. She stepped back and admired the beautiful girl. "You look wonderful but I think I want your hair up. Come into my bedroom so I can put it up for you." Said Nicky, taking the little hand leading her to her room.

        "Ok, sit here," Then Nicky grabbed one of her brushes and slowly brushed out the long blonde locks till they shined. What the hell is going on, this is so damn innocent and I feel like I'm in the middle of foreplay. I have never wanted to kiss someone so much in my life...but no... she's my friend and she's an innocent I will not let her get hurt by someone like me. She thought forcefully while her body was fighting a force of electric currents she had never encountered before. She finished doing Becca's hair and quickly stepped away. She went to her jewelry box and pulled out a pair of small silver button earrings and said, "Ok I think your set, go put on these and your shoes and we'll get the show on the road." She said with a wink.

        Becca came to her and hugged her, "Thank you," She pulled back and looked up at her with the sweetest most loving look that Nicky had to use every ounce of strength not to pull her closer and kiss her.

        "No charge, scoot." Becca smiled and left to finish getting ready. Nicky sat down on her dressing table chair and looked at herself in the mirror. "What the hell am I going to do?"

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        The two well-dressed women entered The Ivy. The lovely blonde was dressed from top to bottom in classic Channel. The Channel suit with the classic buttons and matching shoes all in lovely shade of Lilac and trimmed in white. Her hair was pulled into a perfect French twist by Nicky. She looked elegant and professional. Nicky escorted the nervous blonde toward the host, "Stop fussing, Becca you'll be great," she whispered into her ear.

        Becca looked up into beautiful calm clear blue eyes and couldn't help but straighten her jacket for the upteemth time.

        Nicky shook her head and said, "Stop fussing you look absolutely beautiful."

        "I feel funny Nicky, like it's not me..."

        "It's you all right; it's just you with new clothes. I'll tell you what after lunch we can go back to change into jeans and T-shirts and go to a movie. Ok?"


        "Really, is it a deal?" Becca smiled and nodded. Nicky led them to the host who nodded at the tall striking woman and said, "Madam Rogers, your party is already here and waiting for you."

        "Thanks Donald," The older man nodded and led them to a table that was centrally located in the elegant Old World restaurant. Two men stood at their approach an older gentleman who was very distinguished looking and a young handsome man by his side.

        "General?" asked Nicky quietly.

        The man nodded and said, "Ms. Rogers it's nice to meet you," He held his hand out in a friendly gesture.

        She accepted it gracefully and said, "That's very polite of you to say that General. This is my executive secretary and right hand, Rebecca Riker," Becca's eyes widened at the introduction.

        The General noticed it and shook the young woman's hand saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Riker."

        "Becca please sir."

        She charmed the older man, as well as the younger man by his side. A heat flushed through Nicky's body at seeing the suddenly attentive look in the young man's eyes.

        "This is my son, Robby."

        Robby's eyes were only on Becca as he said, "It's really nice to meet you both."

        "Yep, nice to meet you too," said the tall woman as she escorted her friend to a chair as far away from the young man as she could.

        They all settled down and ordered. Becca stood up causing the men to jump up like jumping beans. Confused green eyes looked into calm blue eyes; Nicky still seated in her chair raised an eyebrow in inquiry.

        "I just need to use the ladies room."

        Nicky smiled and nodded saying, "Up those stairs, Becca."

        Robby excused himself to make some phone calls leaving the two adversaries all alone at the elegant table.

        "So sir you asked for this meeting, what can I do for you?"

        "You can stop trying to tear my company up into tiny little pieces."

        Nicky smirked as she sipped her water and said, "I can't sir, I own 50percent of your company."

        "Let me buy it back."


        "Damn it, I spent forty years building up my company only for you to chop it up into a garage sale. Why?"

        "It was vulnerable."

        "And that pleases you?"

        "No," was the quiet response.

        Two gray eyebrows disappeared under the gray fringe of his bangs, "No?"

        Nicky shrugged and said, "That's what I said."

        "If you don't like it, why are you doing it?"

        Nicky looked the older man right in the eyes. She liked him and really didn't want to hurt him like this. "Put simply, it's my job sir."

        "Ms. Rogers, you're a bright woman you could do anything. You could build something wonderful why must you destroy?"

        Becca came to the table at that moment and took her seat next to Nicky. Her heart lurched as she looked into the sad blue eyes. She followed her instincts and reached under the table to take one of the other woman's hands into her own. The long fingers closed around her small hand and squeezed gently.

        Nicky took another breath gaining some strength from the warm hand within her own, "I don't know how to do anything else."

        "Let me ask you this, do you have feelings for anything in this world other then money?"

        Feeling the warm hand and the gentle fingers stroking the palm of her hand she lifted her misty blue eyes to meet intense hazel ones and nodded.

        "Well wouldn't it be better to build something for that then to make money for no reason at all?"

        Nicky stared down at her salad and said nothing.

        "Let's eat Ms. Rogers but think about what I said, please."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        The drive home was very quiet Becca noticed that though Nicky was very polite she hardly spoke for the rest of the lunch. It seemed that she was deep in thought the whole time. When they got back to the penthouse Nicky dropped her bag on the couch and went straight to the baby grand piano in the living room of their suite. She sat and just started to play and play deeply into the music as soon as her fingers touched the keys.

        Becca was astonished at how well she played. However the faraway sad expression on the beautiful face disturbed her. She walked over to the piano and sat next to her on the bench. Nicky looked at the beautiful blond and smiled slightly. Her fingers slowed and then stopped and she said very quietly, " Would you mind if we didn't go to a movie tonight? We can go tomorrow after the polo match. I need to lay down and think."

        "Are you ok?"

        "To be honest Becca, No...I just need to think things out for a while. Ok?"


        Nicky smiled slightly and caressed the soft cheek as she got up saying," Thanks," Then she walked to her room the air was filled with the tall beauties dejection.

        ***                ***                ****                        ****

        Several hours later Becca felt she should check on the tall woman. She was sleeping fitfully in only a T-shirt and panties. The restless woman had kicked the blanket and sheet off her bed. The long beautiful legs were exposed and Becca had to swallow as she admired them. She felt such a strong connection to the complicated woman for the first time ever in her life she felt she found someone special. She wanted so much to soothe that troubled far off look that she saw on her lovely face as she played the piano.

        She sat down by her side and pulled the blanket and sheet over the woman and then she reached across her to tuck in the ends. Nicky sighed in her sleep and turned over right on top of the smaller woman. The tall woman sensing who was beneath her embraced Becca and pulling her close sighing again. This time the sigh was one of contentment, she rubbed her cheek against Becca's and smiled in her sleep.

        "Nicky?" Becca whispered unsure of what she should do.

        Nicky was still fast asleep as she mumbled, "I need you Becca....I need you so much..."

        Becca felt her eyes sting with tears and she kissed the cheek next to her. She put her arms around the sleeping woman and pulled her close. "I need you too my beautiful knight in shining armor." She slowly fell asleep in the tall woman's comforting embrace.

        ***                ****                ***                ***

        Nicky smiled as she felt the soft cheek of the woman nestled in her arms against her own. Then her eyes popped open. The small woman was fully dressed and fast asleep nestled in her arms like she was exactly where she belonged.

        What happened? She thought to herself as she nuzzled the soft hair and realized several things. This is actually comfortable; it's making me feel happy. Wow, I need this. I need her. When the General talked of building a life for something other then money only one thing came to my mind. I want to build a life with this beautiful woman nestled in my arms. Is that possible? If it is how do I go about it?

        "Becca?" She whispered into the little ear.

        Green eyes fluttered open and Becca smiled and said quietly, "Hi."

        ", how did you get this...not that this isn't very"Nicky knew she was rambling but she couldn't seem to help it.

        "You had kicked off your covers and I tucked you in. When I did you rolled over on top of me and then you said that you needed me..."

        "I do..."


        "I need you."


        "I have no idea why...I just you mind...much?"

        They were looking deeply into each other's eyes nothing was going to break this spell as Becca replied quietly, "I don't mind at all."

        "When we were at lunch and the General's son was flirting with you...I felt...I didn't like it..."

        "But I didn't..."

        "I know you didn't do anything, Becca. I was jealous..."

        "You were?"

        Nicky nodded her head, "Can"

        "Can you?"

        "Can I kiss you please?"

        Tears came swiftly to the green eyes as she said, "Please."

        Tear filled blue eyes met the misty green as she pulled Becca tightly to her as she said, "Thank you," She then pulled the soft lips to her own and sunk into the wondrous feeling of happiness for the first time in her whole life.

        The kiss was interrupted by the phone ringing on Nicky's bedside, "What?" she growled into the crème colored instrument.

        "Nicky what the hell are you up to?"

        "Shit little man, don't forget who you work for. You are my employee not the other way around. I was very busy just now. What the hell do you want." Becca was moving out of her embrace so Nicky could have some privacy. Nicky dropped the phone and reached out to pull her back shaking her head frantically. Becca realizing that Nicky wanted her to stay crawled back into the bed and curled beside the tall woman. Nicky gently kissed the top of the blonde head and nuzzled her cheek against the soft blonde hair. She picked up the phone and growled, "Well?"

        "The General is under the impression that you might be changing your mind."


        "Yeah, he only wants to speak to you directly."

        "Ahh, and this hurts your tiny little ego, huh Stanley old boy?


        "Shut up and listen. I am this company. You are under my name and my money is what pays for all those fancy things you luxuriate in. I take the risks you reap the rewards. So stop trying to control me because you're out of your league. Now shut up and do your job or you'll be on the unemployment line faster then you can say Jack Robinson!" She yelled and banged the phone down. Then she realized how close Becca was and pulled back looking into the green eyes with concern.

        "Did I hurt your ear?"

        Becca smiled and shook her head; "No I'm fine." Nicky sighed and brought her back into the embrace. "Nicky, why was that man being so nasty?"

        Nicky smiled and brought the smaller woman closer, "Well my sweet, He's a snot. I have never really liked him but now I can't stand the sight of him. I haven't been able to for a while but I didn't realize why till now. He loves to destroy people so he's been hanging on my coat tails reaping the rewards of what I do and now that I'm thinking of changing everything he's reacting..."

        "Good, I'm glad your going to change, I..." Becca suddenly realizing what she was saying quickly shut up.

        Nicky looked into worried eyes and asked, "Oh?"

        "Nicky it isn't my place to say..."

        "Please say what you like, I want you to feel free to be honest with me."

        Becca looked into soft blue eyes and said quietly, "I don't think your happy doing what your doing and it breaks my heart. I think that ..."

        Touched by what she was saying but disturbed by one word she asked, "Think?"

        Becca's eyes lowered and said, "I can't presume to say what you should..."

        "Oh my sweet, presume away..."


        Lifting the little chin Nicky looked deeply into Becca's eyes and said, "I want you to..."

        Still unsure Becca bit her lower lip. Nicky reached out and traced the lip and said softly, "Really presume and say whatever you want." She then reached down and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

        When they parted Becca looked up and said, "I think you want to build something. I think the reason the General affected you is that you like him and don't want to hurt him."

        "That's true. Anything else?"

        Becca nodded and Nicky tilted her head to the side and asked quietly, "What is it?"

        "I've never felt toward anyone what I feel toward you..."

        Hope burned in Nicky's newly re-established heart, "And that is?"

        "I think I'm in love with you..."

        "Thank you," said Nicky kissing her passionately now allowing all the burning desire to come forth making the kiss sizzle like none had before. When they ran out of air Nicky gently cupped each soft cheek and said, "I'm deeply in love with you too."

        ***                ****                        ****                ***

        The little man paced the length of his office angrily. "What the hell is wrong with her this time? She is going to throw away everything we worked for if she keeps this up. I have to find a way to stop her..." He walked to the phone and hit a speed redial button.

        There was an angry frustrated growl at the other end and barely contained, "What?"

        Stanley punched out in frustration hitting his hand against the desk breaking several fingers. He grimaced and growled back, "Are you going to show for the polo match?"

        "Yeah." And then the dial tone was in his ear.
        He growled in frustration and then fainted from the pain.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Becca was dressed in a black Donna Karan sweater with matching slacks and Charles David shoes.

        Nicky smiled admiringly at how beautiful her love looked and said gently, "Turn around." She was dressed from head to toe in Armani, as was her custom. She had on black sweater and black jeans with her Prada ankle boots. She had some pearls in her hands, which she was now gently draping around Becca's neck. Then she pulled back the collar and kissed her on the back of the neck murmuring against the soft skin, "Mmm, you taste so good."

        Becca leaned back into the tall woman enjoying the attention. "Nicky why are we going to this thing?"

        Nicky pulled her close and stretched her neck so she could kiss her cheek. "Mmm, business." She then started to nibble the earlobe that had been tantalizing her right by her mouth.

        "Um...Business polo?"

        Nicky pulled back and looked the smaller woman over with love sparkling in her bright blue eyes, "You look so incredibly beautiful." Becca blushed and then Nicky pulled her into a hug and said quietly, "We go to these things and socialize so we can act like we like each other but in reality were waiting for our chance to cut each other's over inflated throats." She pulled back and tilted her head with a sad look on her face.

        Becca looked very confused as she said, "Your not like that."

        "I am..I mean I was...I mean...Damn I don't know what the hell I mean." She took Becca's hand walked to a chair collapsing into it then pulling her new love into her lap.

        "What do you mean you don't know what you mean?"

        "Becca my sweet, I have spent the last ten years as a heartless viscous corporate raider. I don't think I can do anything else. I've been that way all my adult life. I'm stuck..."

        "No your not," said Becca cupping Nicky's cheeks and looking deeply into the teary upset blue eyes. "All you have to do is follow your heart. Help the General like you want to. In fact maybe with your help he can not only save his company but make it better."

        Nicky looked into the loving green eyes full of confidence in her and asked very unsure, "Do you think I could? Do you think I'm capable of such a complete turnaround? I want to so badly but I'm terrified."

        "I think you can do anything you want to do. You have a great business mind. Now you just have to adjust it a bit. I believe in you ..."


        "Yes," Nicky quickly pulled the smaller woman closer and kissed her with all the love in her heart.

        "Ok, I will do it then for you...for, ok?" Becca saw how fearful the normally controlled woman was and caressed her cheek saying softly, "For yourself and us is more then ok."
        ***                ***                ***                ***                ***

        The small angry man carefully kept himself out of sight as he watched the two well-dressed women enter the enclosed polo field in the San Fernando Valley. Nicky led Becca to her box and sat close to her love as they watched the player's practice. Stanley noted the arm affectionately around the smaller woman's shoulders as Nicky leaned in close to explain what was happening on the field.

        "Are you the reason for this you little bitch?" He muttered to himself as he watched Nicky smile and wink at the pretty blonde. He had never seen her so happy. "Ok this is going to end really soon, one way or another." He said coldly under his breath as he slowly approached the two women carefully hiding his bandaged hand in his pocket.

        He stood behind them watching them laugh and touch each other gently. Then he cleared his throat and said, "Hello Nicole."

        Nicky turned toward the man her blue eyes suddenly were like ice. "What are you doing here?"

        He looked calmly into those now narrowed slits that he's only seen directed their enemies that they were out to destroy together. He actually quaked inside but he said quietly, "I'm looking out for your company's best interests."

        Nicky growled and stood at her full height just inches from him in seconds. She towered over him as she said in a deceptively calm voice, "Oh? And just how are you doing that little man?"

        "Robby Brown is on that field, I'm here to keep an eye on him since you'll be busy with contacts and...other things..."

        "How the hell is he going to be any kind of a threat while he's on horse in the middle of very physical game. Don't be an idiot! Get back to the office. Now!" Her anger now clearly was showing by the clenching of her fists.

        Suddenly scared he backed up and said in a very frightened voice, "Ok Nicky, calm down. I'm out of here." He said leaving quickly. For now but the game is not over yet miss big shot! He thought angrily as left to go back to the office.

        Nicky was calm again as she sat down next to Becca. She put her arm around her shoulders pulling her close and saying, "Thought that twit would never leave."

        "Um, Is he"

        "The jerk, creep, ass hole? Yep that's him. He doesn't know it yet but he will soon be out of job. Very soon in fact."

        "Good, he scares me," Said the girl nuzzling her head against Nicky's warm shoulder.

        "Don't worry my sweet, He will quit when he finds out I'm going to work with the General and not against him." Said Nicky kissing the top of Becca's head her eyes twinkling in pleasure.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Nicky walked Becca into her palatial office and led her by her hand to the desk. She said, "Ok my sweet, Here is your play ground for the next hour or so. You get to play in here while I finish up with the General and Robby..."

        "Why can't I go too...?"

        "Um, to be honest you're a bit distracting..." admitted Nicky sheepishly.

        "I'm sorry I could go home..."

        "No Becca no, Shh, its in a very good way my love. Its just I find that when your in the room I only want to look at you. My mind could care less about business all I want to do is kiss you. And if I saw Robby flirt with you even a tiny bit, I might do what I wanted to do before and bust him one in the chops."

        Becca giggled and Nicky smiled cupping her cheeks. She kissed her deeply and then brought her close for a life-giving hug. She pulled back and looked into beautiful green eyes "I love you and tonight I will show you how much uninterrupted by that ass holes constant damn calls. Because he will be gone forever." She said with a smile.

        "I love you too, I thought this morning was fun despite the interruptions." She said looking deeply into the sparkling blue eyes.

        "Oh I did too. We'll just have even more fun tonight."

        "No movie, huh?"

        "We can rent one." Said Nicky sweetly. She kissed her tenderly then pulled back. "Love, I got to go. Here is my computer and here is my credit card," she pulled out platinum American Express card from her wallet, "Go shop till you drop."

        "Oh, I couldn't do that..."

        "Sure you could, Have a ball my sweet and get some warm clothes..."

        "Warm clothes? Why?"

        "I'll explain later. The General is waiting and so is the board. My code name for the computer is Warrior have a lot of fun, cutee." And she was gone.

        Becca looked up at the space she had been in and then down at that silver card in her hand, "Warm clothes?"

        ***                ***                ****                ***

        The little man was in a rage as he read the contracts on the table in the luxurious boardroom. "What the hell is this? This isn't what I ordered. What the hell is going on here?"

        The General and his son were sitting across the large table from the angry lawyer. They were both glowing they were so happy. "It means young man that were are here to build something great, not destroy my company."

        "How? We stopped all of your government contracts..."

        "I released them that's how," said a throaty voice from the doorway of the boardroom. Nicky was leaning against the door with huge lopsided grin on her very pretty face.

        "What!?!" Roared the angry man.

        "Yes, I'm going to help the General make his company a bridge between the Federal Government and the airline industry." Said the tall woman as she strode to her seat at the head of the table. She sat down gracefully smiling and nodding to the General and his son.

        "Your what? Why?"

        "I have no idea, divine inspiration, old age, what ever it is I'm very happy for the first time in my life. I'm going to build something instead of destroy." She said turning sparkling happy eyes to the General who smiled back winking at the young woman. She actually blushed in reaction and her smile widened.

        Stanley got up and paced in front of the woman then turned her chair around and said seething, "You can't do this?"

        "Why ever not," she asked shoving him away from her.

        He steadied himself and looked down into the calm blue eyes saying, "We had plans..."

        Nicky shrugged nonchalantly as she leaned back in her chair stretching her arms over head with a shit-eating grin on her face. "I changed my mind. It happens. It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind so I decided to exercise it for a change of pace."


        "Oh and Stanley?" She said sweetly.

        "What?" Asked the little man burning with controlled anger.

        "Your fired, get your crap together and get the hell out of my building. I'm giving you an hour."

        The small man opened and closed his mouth unable to speak then he suddenly stormed out of the room.

        "Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen let's get down to building this great empire of ours."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Becca had finished shopping on line. She put the credit card in one of Nicky's drawers and smiled. She had bargain hunted and had not cost her love as much money as she suspected she thought she would. She had made some really great deals and got some pretty stuff.

        Now she was reaping the rewards of surfing she had found a really good fan fiction site and was deeply involved in great story. I think I'll print this out I bet Nicky will love this. She thought as she hit the print button on the computer.

        "Well, well, well Nicky's little friend. You two seemed awfully chummy at the match today." The angry man purred from the doorway behind her effectively trapping her between the desk. a wall and the large window.

        "Nicky isn't here..." Said the suddenly scared blonde.

        "Yes, I do know that she is in the boardroom destroying everything we built. I wonder little girl what you had to do with that?"


        "Well she was fine, normal till she found you. What did you do slip her some drugs?" He was now very close and Becca had pushed the chair to the corner of the large desk unit. "Well I want to feel better too. So I think I will participate in your therapy," He said as he grabbed her by the shoulders and tried to kiss her savagely. She squirmed out of his arms and screamed. As she pulled back her hand brushed against an open cloth box in the corner of Nicky's desk feeling cool steel against her fingers.

        "Leave me alone!" She yelled grabbing the steel and holding it tight in her hand.

        "No, I don't think so..." He purred pulling at her blouse.

        "Stop!!!!" She took the steel ball and aimed it against the man's temple hitting him as hard as she could.

        "Becca!!!!!" Screamed Nicky as she ran through the door followed by three security guards.

        Becca ran to the tall woman crying, "He tried to...he tried to..."

        "Shh, my love. I'm here...I'm here. Take that son of bitch out of here before I kill him with my bare hands..."growled the angry woman holding the smaller woman in a tight embrace.

        "Ma'am the man is out cold," The head of security said after securing the unconscious man with handcuffs.

        Nicky looked surprised and said, "Well carry him out and call the police. Tell them I want to charge him with assault."

        "Yes, Ma'am," he said as they carried the small man out of the big office to a holding cell in security.

        "Becca, What on earth did you do to him?" Asked Nicky leaning down so she could look into the now calm green eyes.

        "Um, I hit in the temple with one of these," said Becca sheepishly holding up a steel ball that was in her hand.

        Nicky smiled and shook her head, "That's one of my Chinese mediation balls." She hugged the small woman close chuckling; "Well that is one way of reaching inner peace. Good job, my sweet."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Becca was sitting on the large comfortable couch in the penthouse. Nicky was pacing in front very agitated not speaking just pacing. Becca finally couldn't stand it anymore, "Nicky what's wrong?"

        "I have a few things to discuss with you and I'm scared."

        "Of what?"

        "You," said Nicky sheepishly she had stopped pacing and was standing across the room from the shocked blonde.


        "Yep, in reality you are the only being on this planet that could scare me. I really care what you think and I...Becca would you consider giving up your apartment and moving to New York with me?

        "What? Are you sure?"

        Nicky nodded and sat down waiting like she was an inmate on death row.

        "But why?"

"What do you mean why?"

Becca swallowed her bottom lip and replied quietly, "Why would you want me?"

    "Because I love you..."

    "Nicky you don't know me...."

    "I don't care! Damn it, Becca I love you. You mean everything to me and I thought that you loved me..."

    "I do love you...I adore you....I um....I'm just not good enough for you and..."

    Nicky had began to pace the floor again in pure anger and frustration but the last words stopped her in her tracks, "What? Wait a minute. Why would you say something like that?"

    " I do love you but you're a rich well educated woman and I'm....well let's just say that I'm not..."

    "Do you think I give a damn about that?!?" Nicky was now walking toward her, hands on hips, confused by the words coming out of the other woman's mouth.

    "Maybe not now, but what if I embarrass you later? What if I completely screw up? What will you do? Ship me back home? First class of course," Said Becca crying into her hands all of her insecurities were now pouring out of her mouth and she couldn't seem to control it.

    Nicky recognized what it was and kneeled down beside her. Her voice was now soft as she gently took the hands away from the red face and looked into the tear filled green eyes, "Is that what this is all about? Your afraid I won't love you anymore because your uneducated or poor or something?" The blonde head bobbed up and down, she wasn't able to speak. "But Becca I don't care about any of that. I love you for you. All of you. Every beautiful inch. You're a bright, sweet, loving woman who makes me feel loved and special. I don't want you for a short fling in New York I want you with me forever."

    "Really?" Asked the soft emotional voice as the red rimmed eyes with tears pouring out of them looked deeply into loving blue eyes that seared into her own.

    "Forever," said Nicky carefully drying the eyes with the back of her hand then bringing her closer, " I love you Becca. I need you. Please believe me."

    "I do...Its just... I was scared that you'd get bored..."

    "Forever my sweet, I promise."

    "Then I'd do anything you want me to."

    "Right now all I want to do is to make love to you," said Nicky as she brought the smaller woman into her lap kissing her deeply showing with her actions how much she loved this bright special woman.


    They were cuddled up in bed together trying to get their breath back. Nicky had crawled back up the small body after she had caressed touched and tasted every inch of the woman she loved. She purred as she thought about how soft Becca's skin was and she licked her lips as she reflected on how sweet she tasted on her own lips.

    She nuzzled her head against the soft warm shoulder kissing the tender skin of her beloved's neck. Becca had been floating in a pink cloud ever since Nicky had sent her into orbit. She was just coming back to earth when the dark woman started to kiss her again.

    "Did you buy warm clothes?" murmured Nicky against the soft neck.

    "Mmm?" Becca did not quite understand words yet.

    Nicky pulled back and saw the expression on her loves face and smiled. She caressed the cheekbone and said softly, "Open your eyes please."

    Green eyes fluttered open and slowly focused on Nicky's blue eyes, "Mmm?"

    "That's a little better," Nicky said with a chuckle, "Did you buy the warm clothes?"

    Becca nodded and said, "Yep, I bargain hunted but I got some very nice things."

    Nicky was very amused; she ran her fingers through the soft blonde hair as she asked, "Why did you bargain hunt?"

    "Because its against my religion to pay retail."

    Nicky burst out laughing rolling onto her back and bringing her love with her in pure amusement. "Who do you worship the Goddess of Bargains?" She said between snorts.

    Becca was laughing too and nodded. Nicky brought her on top of her kissing her deeply. "You are just too adorable," She said when she pulled back. She started to kiss her way down to the inviting neck as she asked, "Mmm, would you like to go to your apartment tomorrow to pack up what you want to ship to New York?"

    Becca's was enjoying the attention but she mumbled, "Sure that's fine," The she pulled slightly back so she could look into Nicky's eyes, "Are you really sure...?"

    "Love, let's not start that again, I am far too comfortable right now to have another fight."

    "I'm very comfortable too...but Nicky I worry..."

    "Well stop already, I love you. All of you. Every delectable inch. And that's the way it is..."

    Becca giggled, "Who are you Walter Croncite?"

    "Would you be in bed with Walter Croncite?"

    Becca's face was playful as she said, "Wellll???"

    "Hmm, He is cute but I'm sexy..."purred the beautiful brunette as she kissed her way down the soft body cuddled against her.

    "You are that, very, very, sexy..."

    "So tomorrow we pack up your apartment?" She asked as licked a very erect nipple, pulling it hungrily into her mouth.

    "Pack...apart..."panted the small blonde totally lost to the meaning of the words being spoken to her. That was ok because Nicky was completely involved in devouring the breast that was in her mouth and concentrated on tasting her love all over again.


    Becca sat on the floor taping the last box. Nicky was standing in the middle of the small apartment with her hands on her hips trying to make sure that Becca hadn't missed anything.

    "Um Nicky....What's New York City like?"

    Nicky heard the nervous tremble in the little voice so she went behind the small woman and embraced her brining her very close, she whispered in her ear, "Exciting."

    "What will I do..."

    "You'll have a lot of fun with me..."

    "I'd have fun with you anywhere. It's just that I've never been out of Los Angeles before. What if I don't fit in with your friends or family?"

    Nicky pulled Becca into her lap and held her very close kissing her neck. Then she pulled back and said very quietly, "You are my only friend. I have no family. My parents were killed in plane crash when I was eight and I was raised in boarding schools and private summer camps. I had a lot of anger boiling inside me for a very long time. I think I was getting even with life for taking away the only two people who loved me. It's why I became a raider. It was either that or become a crook and I was too honest to be a criminal."

    "You had no friends? You only socialized for business?"


    " sex?"

    "Yep pretty cold, huh?" Asked Nicky nervously.

    "I'd say sad, actually. What did I do to change that?"

    Nicky smiled and said softly, "You melted the ice around my heart my love. The General helped me to realize it...I guess he is a friend. I do have a nice friendly relationship with my security people and my cleaning staff. They are about the only people besides you that I was just simply friendly to. No ulterior motives. In fact until you literally fell into my life I was pretty much alone. That's why I have been fighting so hard for you." Said Nicky kissing the sweet lips tenderly.

    Nicky was surprised that tears were falling from the green eyes. She dried them and rubbed her cheek against her loves soft cheek. Becca hugged Nicky closer and said quietly, "I have been alone my whole life too. I was an orphan and raised in an orphanage. I have lived by my wits all my life. I was always nice though; I had a few friends. No one ever touched my soul till you. I was bowled over by you from the first encounter in the diner. I think I fell in love with you when you ripped me from that drunk and held me close."

    Nicky nodded against Becca's cheek and pulled back to see the pure love reflected back at her in Becca's eyes. "Me too...I don't think I could have possibly recognized it though. I only felt one thing; I needed to protect you. Very slowly I realized why I felt that. It's really strange how two people who are so different are so alike where it counts." She said as she pulled Becca's lips to her own for a loving kiss.

    When they pulled back, Becca said, "I know, and I'm so very grateful."

    "Oh believe me my sweet, so am I."


    The two woman were on a Lear jet Becca was in her seat curled into a little ball of pure fear from just the engines coming on.

    "Becca...Becca my sweet," Cooed Nicky trying to lure her out of the fear that her love had suddenly found herself in. Nicky cocked her head to one side and sighed. She unbuckled her seat belt and then Becca's and picked the small woman up. She sat back down in her seat with Becca cradled in her arms. She then settled Becca so she was leaning across her placing the belt around both them. She then signaled to her pilot that it was ok to taxi.

    Becca coming back to herself safe in Nicky's arms whispered, "Isn't this illegal?"

    "Do you see a FAA rep on my plane?" Nicky whispered into a little ear, licking it around the rim causing the other woman to moan. Then she pulled her into a deep passionate kiss exploring her loves mouth till they ran out of oxygen.

    Nicky kissed her cheek and whispered, "Your in the air, My Sweet."

    "Mmm, That's nice," said Becca as she pulled the tall woman back to her lips for another passionate kiss.


    When they entered Nicky's Penthouse high over Central Park the first thing the tall woman said, "We can change anything that you don't like."

    Becca looked at the beautifully decorated place and she couldn't seem to even work her mouth. Nicky was right behind her, warm arms snugly holding her from behind just in case. It was a good thing because Becca did feel faint.

    Becca leaned into the tall woman who kissed her on the neck. Then when the doorman came up with their luggage Nicky balanced her love in one arm as she pulled out a tip with the other. The tall man smiled and nodded leaving the two women alone.

    Nicky picked up Becca in her arms cradling her she walked out the thresh hold and then carried her back in closing the front door with her hip. Becca looked into sparkling blue eyes smiling at the symbolism of what Nicky had just done.

    As she carried her love down the long hall she said, "Don't worry I will be making an honest woman of very soon but I thought it would be more romantic at my cabin up in the mountains."

    "Really ?" Asked Becca as she was gently deposited on the bed.

    "Yep," Said Nicky sitting down beside her taking her hand and kissing the open palm. "What do you think of the old place?"

    "Its beautiful Nicky."

    "Would you like to change anything to your liking."

    "No it's perfect, it really reflects your personality," as she looked at the white and blue room with the beautiful very old white oak furniture.

    "Thank you, I'll be right back. You just relax," Said Nicky softly caressing her arm as she left the room. A few minutes later she came in carrying Becca's needlepoint pillow. Becca's eyes widened as it was placed in place of honor on love seat directly across from their bed."

    "Why that?" Asked Becca astonished.

    Nicky smiled as she got back onto the bed and pulled Becca onto her lap holding her very close. "That symbolized us since I first saw it. I slept with it cradled in my arms the first night and wished it were you. I think it helped me to realize that I was falling for you but I was too slow to see it."

    Becca leaned into the arms cradling her head against the warm shoulder as she said, "That came from a dream...I guess my dream came true, huh?"

    Nicky kissed her love deeply and then when she pulled back she hugged her tightly to her. "My dream came true too."

    "Do you think it really works with that Picasso? That's real isn't it?"

    "I think it does, yeah its real."

    Becca looked deeply into the blue eyes she loved more then life itself, "Sort of like us, huh?"

    Kissing the sweet nose, then each eye, she murmured, "Exactly....separate and yet the same. That's us....I love you soooo much my Becca...."

    "I love you too..."Nicky's lips captured Becca's interrupting her declaration but that was ok actions speak louder then words.

    The End

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