It's all In the Playing of the Game

by Ri


Disclaimer: So I'm sitting in my living room watching A League of Their Own for the hundredth time and there are the years of AAGP, it ended in 1954. I thought to myself; "Self, What if I set a story with the League but with a whole set of different characters in a different period?" So that's what I did. I am not the owner of the name of the AAGP but all the characters in this little tale are all mine. There is a loving same sex relationship (Yes they do have some sex too). Mild bad language and really that's it.J I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart two of my fellow bards Larisa and MJ for allowing me to use them as wonderful sounding boards for this story. Thanks you two you came through again.

        It was the third season of the All-American Girl Players league. The war was over but the country was still trying to get back to normal. The new players for the season were gathered in a baseball diamond to see who would play and who would have to go home maybe never to return again.

        A tall raven-haired woman watched the other players with a wary astuteness. She was a great catcher and she was very confident that she would be chosen for one of the teams. What she was trying to do was figure out was which of the players on the field will become her new teammates. One person drew her sharp blue eyes away from all the others, a small blonde who was a hell of short stop. She looked sweet and scared. If she were chosen for her team she'd arrange for her to be her new roommate. She really did need a friend on the team.

        A voice called them all to order, "All right ladies if you'll all turn around you'll see several lists posted at the back of the field. Each team name has a list of players. Once you see which team your assigned to sit here in the field under the sign for the team. If not then we thank you very much for trying and hope you will come back next year."

        Slowly a lot of very nervous woman headed toward the board with the lists posted on it. Toni looked up and down till she found herself. The name of the team she was on was called the Sunflowers. She smiled and leaned against the board to wait and see where the little blonde would be assigned.

        The small woman approached the board very slowly filled with fear. She just had to make the team because she simply couldn't go back home. She looked through the lists and sighed audibly with relief when she saw her name.

        Pale blue eyes watched play of emotion with concern. She was glad when she watched the young woman go under the sign that said Sunflowers. She would be her teammate and hopefully her friend.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        After the meeting for the opening of the new season they were all assigned rooms and roommates. Melly looked at her room mates name and saw it listed as Antoinette Clark. Melly sighed as she walked down the long motel corridor hoping that this Antoinette was a nice person.

        She entered the room to find a tall beautiful amazon with pale blue eyes lounging on one of the beds reading a book. The tall woman sat up and smiled sweetly. She held out her hand and said, "Hi I'm Toni Clark, I hear were roomies for the duration." She finished with an amused smirk that made Melly relax a bit.

        Melly smiled and said, "Hi, yes I'm Melly Rogers. Its really nice to meet you Toni." She put her hand in the larger elegant one and shook it gently. The warmth of feelings from the handshake surprised both women but they said nothing of it they just smiled and nodded.

        "Um, I picked this side of the room is that ok? I can move to the other side if you're more comfortable over here." Asked Toni in a very friendly tone.

        Melly felt very comfortable with this woman for some reason, which was strange, she was shy and didn't usually talk much. "Sure I'm fine on either side. Stay where you are you look so comfortable," she said with a smile.

        The training was going to be two weeks long so they made themselves as comfortable as they could for the duration. They unpacked and put things up that would help make them feel at home. Toni had several books that she put up on a shelf along with trophies and medals for sports from school. Melly had needlepoint pillows and a lovely crochet afghan that she had made and was trying to find the perfect spot for it to be displayed on.

Melly was not calming down she seemed to be getting more nervous as she unpacked which confused Toni. The dark woman smiled at the very nervous blonde and asked gently, "May I ask why you seem so scared? You're on the team."

        Melly swallowed and sat on her bed, "When I came here I escaped a very bad situation. I'm scared it will follow me here Toni."

        "What kind of a situation?"

        "My uncle....he, he tried..."she broke down in a flood of tears.

        Toni went to the sobbing woman and gathered her in her arms holding her close. "Shh, don't worry. He can't hurt you any more..."

        "You don't understand he's a very rich and powerful man. He'll find me...He'll hurt me..."

        "No he won't Kiddo, I won't let him. I promise you that."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        The next morning Toni woke up blinking up at the ceiling yawning. Then she looked at the young woman across the room from her. She had held her in her arms till she cried herself to sleep the night before. Then she tucked her in, kissed her forehead looking at down at the sleeping woman with affection. When she settled herself in bed she didn't go right to sleep like she normally would have because she had a lot to think about. She fell asleep looking at the woman across the way with some undefined need beating in her heart.

        It is remarkable. I feel such a deep affection for someone I hardly know at all. I'm never like this. Ever! I'm always aloof and distant even with so called friends. There is just something about this girl. Something special. She touches my soul. I have never felt this deep need to protect someone so much in my whole life. She thought with a sigh.

        She sat up and stretched yawning as she looked at the clock on her bedside table with a smirk. She highly doubted anyone would be up yet, Good at least my habit of always getting up at the crack of dawn will get me some privacy. Toni got up and went down the hall to the communal bathroom took care of her private business and then hit a totally empty shower deep in thought.

        She was reflecting on what was discussed the night before, I guess in a way I am very lucky. I had very loving; doting parents and no one ever emotionally or physically tried to abuse me. She snorted as she rinsed the soap off her body feeling her own muscles stretch as she washed herself. I'd like to see anyone try to do that physically today. I'm stronger then most men. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself, as she thought about the girl still fast asleep in their room. How could anyone hurt that sweet little girl? She is as gentle as a lamb and such a caring young woman too. That bastard! I won't let him lay one slimy finger on her. I don't care what I have to do to him. I am going to keep my promise and protect her.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        Melly was still fast asleep when Toni came back from the shower. She sat on the edge of her friend's bed and gently moved some blonde hair out of the pretty face. Then she smiled and said softly, "Hey kid, come on wake up."

        She really didn't want the timid girl to have that battle-ax of den mother trying to wake her. She was pretty sure the big woman's method was less gentle then her own. "Melly wake up," She cooed again sweetly.

        Green eyes fluttered slowly open and Melly was confronted by a half naked amazon dripping wet and smiling very sweetly at her. She felt her heart jump-start at the sight but said quietly, "Hi. Is it time to get up already?"

        Toni laughed and said softly, "In about 10 minutes Atilla the Hun will come yelling down the hall. I thought it would be better if I got you up first," She was looking at her friend with an amused lopsided grin.

        "Yes, I do prefer you," muttered the blonde as she slowly sat up stretching and yawning. Toni felt her heart do the cha-cha at those words so she stood up quickly and walked to her side of the room. What the hell is wrong with me? She thought as she pulled out her uniform.

        Melly sat on her bed and watched with fascination as the muscles moved on the naked back of her friend. Why am I feeling so...funny? She suppressed a moan as she watched the soft tan skin slip into the soft white underwear.

        Toni not knowing what was happening on the other side of the room said, "Come on short stuff get moving you want to have some breakfast before we go through all that beauty crap they have scheduled for today."

        Melly nodded her head and put on her robe as she made her way out of the room toward the bathroom taking a last look at the tall woman as she slipped out, "Wow! I don't think I have ever seen anyone so beautiful in my life" She said under her breath as she walked down the empty hallway.

        ***                ***                ****                ****

        Toni rolled her eyes as one of the ugliest woman and the most flaming man she had ever seen walked down the line of nervous players. They were deeming what was attractive and what had to be changed. She gritted her teeth as they said that a naturally pretty woman down the line had to have half her eyebrows shaved off in order to look more fashionable.

        Melly was fidgeting very nervously beside her. The small woman was sure they would find a long list of things wrong with her and was agonizing over it.

        Toni looked down at her, shaking her head she whispered, "What's wrong?"

        "What do you think they will say is wrong with us?"

        "Absolutely nothing if they know what's good for them," Toni growled between her gritted teeth.

        Melly swallowed her bottom lip and Toni sighed whispering again, "Melanie calm down. Your are a very beautiful girl, why are you so worried?"


        "No the woman behind you," Toni joked and was very dismayed when her extremely nervous friend actually looked behind her. "Come on Kiddo, your fine stop worrying."

        The purveyors of beauty reached Toni and they both cooed at her. Toni's nails clawed into her hands to keep herself from slugging them.

        "Oh yes, she is very nice indeed. Tall, athletic, absolutely stunning a perfect symbol for the league. The only flaw I see is posture and that will work out with the ballet classes that the girls will take."

        Toni felt like kicking the woman. She hated for someone to talk about her looks but to talk right in front of her like she isn't there was absolutely maddening.
She kept her temper, she wanted to play and if this was part of the price so be it. Besides she had to keep it together in case Melly needed her.

        "An adorable child, rosy cheeks, beautiful blonde hair, big green eyes. Very lovely. She needs some work on her posture too. What are they teaching children about deportment in this country," She tisked as she continued to study the shy blonde. "I think some classes in graceful movement as well as ballet for her. Also I do think we will have to lighten her eyebrows they are too dark for her pretty hair..."

        "No!" Interrupted Toni angrily, "You're not going to dye this child's eyebrows on my watch."

        "Antoinette, it is really none of your business..."

        "That's were your wrong Ma'am, you made it my business when you made us roommates. It is too dangerous to put dye so close to her eyes... I will speak to the team manger I'm sure he will have something to say about having a blind short stop on his team..."

        "Very well young lady, we will not dye her eyebrows we..."

        "Good," Said Toni with a wicked smirk.

        Melly looked at her gratefully and Toni winked at her friend.

        ****                ****                ***                ***

        Toni was lying on her bed reading her latest novel. She loved to read and had always spent her free time losing herself in the lives of fictional characters in books. It was so much easier then real life. She was trying to relax after what she felt was an utterly wasted day.

        Melly was knitting on her bed, she loved to knit because she could think and keep busy at the same time. Her Nanny never yelled at her for day dreaming when she had knitting or sewing in her hands. She looked across the room at her quiet roommate and said, "Toni thank you..."

        "Shh, no need to thank me Kiddo, you are adorable as you are. I wouldn't let them touch ya. So relax we have to go through their stupid classes tomorrow."

        Melly blushed at the compliment and Toni grinned at her saying, "You know you're even cuter when ya blush like that."

        Melly groaned and hid her face in her hands causing Toni to laugh. She marked her place in her book with a bookmark and then put it on her nightstand. Then she looked at her roommate and asked quietly, "So what did you think of today?"

        Melly looked at her friend and shrugged her shoulders; "I don't understand what all this has to do with baseball."
        "It doesn't. It's salesmanship. They're selling sex."

        "Toni!" Scolded the blonde really shocked.

        Toni shrugged and said in a casual voice, "Well that's what they're selling. It's a wholesome form of it but that's how they are playing up our league to public. They want the men to come to watch a bunch of girls in short skirts run and jump. Come on Kiddo, do you see one unattractive girl on this team? Nope, they're all babes and cuties. It's all schlock my friend but it is the only way I will ever play professional baseball and that's all I want to do."


        Toni nodded, "The war is now over and who knows how long these teams will last. They're already throwing the women out of the factories. Rosie the Riveter has to go home so the GI's can go back to their jobs. I want to enjoy myself while it lasts."
        "Toni, why didn't you join the league earlier? Your such a great player!"

        Toni blushed, she knew she was good but to hear Melly say it was something special. It meant something, "Um, I was overseas..."

        Melly's eyebrows shot up, "You mean in the war?"

        "Yep I was a WAC."


        Toni shrugged, "I wanted to serve my country. Now that I have, I want what I need and that's to play real baseball. I want to do it in the majors not the minors and this is my only shot. I intend to enjoy this."

        "Guess you think I'm pretty pathetic huh? I'm here to escape...I was a very spoiled rich girl. My parents were killed last year in a boating accident. The only thing I have of my own is playing baseball thanks to my Daddy. I love the makes feel close to Daddy..."Thinking about the person whom she was closest to on this earth who had suddenly been ripped from her life made her burst into tears.

        Toni was beside her as quickly as a rocket she pulled the crying woman into her arms and held her tight. She brought her mouth next to the small ear and whispered, "You're a great short stop. Your Dad would be so proud of you if he saw you out there. I'm sure he's smiling as he watches you from heaven..."

        "Really? Do you think so?"

        Toni pulled back and wiped the tears nodding, "Yes, I know so."

        ***                ****                ***                ***

        The teams were gathered on the field for their first practice. Toni and Melly were throwing a ball back and forth just killing time like all the other players till the practice game started. Toni smiled at her friend who smiled back they were comfortable in their stupid uniforms because she suggested that they wear shorts under the ridiculously short skirts. This way they would be able to do what they had to do and not feel like they were exposing themselves to the world.

        She kept her eyes on the look out for the new coaches who were suppose to start today. They were all suppose to be former players and she just hoped that their new coach would be competent. She had her doubts about who they were hiring; the dregs and the screw-ups of the league were most likely. If they got a lemon she would be the one to make it lemonade that was a certainty as far as she was concerned.

        The head of the league called all the players together and explained that they would have a practice game but first he was going to introduce them to the press.

        "So ladies it's picture time," He said with a smile.

        There was a collective sigh but the girls all went to their team positions to await further instructions. Toni and Melly sat together by the rest of their team. All the girls seemed to be nice and they we're all getting along so well that Toni and Melly had been enjoying getting to know the other players.

        "Hey Toni, Who do you think they will have coach us?" Asked the tall red headed pitcher from Bronx with a smirk.

        Toni shrugged and replied, " As long as he doesn't get in my way I don't give a damn."

        A petite brunette, who was their first baseman from Atlanta looked over at her with her big blue eyes fluttering, "You should coach us, Toni. You are a natural."

        Melly enthusiastically nodded her head in agreement. Toni smiled at her friend sweetly and put an affectionate arm around her shoulders as she replied, "Nope, I'm not management. Don't want to be and won't do it. All I want to do is play ball." Melly looked very sad and Toni chucked her under the chin and whispered, "Told ya Kiddo, This isn't going to last. Real life is going to stick its ugly head in so lets just enjoy it until the bastards take it away."

        Melly's eyes widened but she nodded in understanding. "I know."

        "Don't look so sad Kiddo, This is our chance to shine. I think its great!"

        Melly looked up into sparkling blue eyes and had the strangest urge but she ignored it, "Ok I will try to enjoy it."

        Toni was looking deeply into the beautiful green eyes and had to swallow a couple of times before she answered with a lopsided grin, "That's my girl."

        The reporters then descended so the moment was broken. As they got up to go where they were told to stand for the pictures Toni thought, shit, what is wrong with me? For a moment there all I really wanted to do was...kiss her?

        ***                ***                ****                        ****

        Melly and Toni were in the shower. Both of them kept taking peeks at the other when they were sure not to be caught. They both tried not to look at all but at the moment they didn't seem to have much control over themselves. Both women were noticeably flushed and flustered when they went into the locker room to get dressed.

        Their lockers were right beside each other and again they're eyes kept sliding over for a peek without the consent of they're agitated owners. Luckily, they both avoided being caught by the other. The other girls were all too busy trying to get out of there for their night out on the town to notice the friends little peep show.

                 Once they were dressed they quietly walked side by side to their motel room. It was across the street from the ballpark where all the new teams were training. They were both deep in thought, thinking of each other and what was happening to them.

        Toni opened the door to their room for Melly; Melly looked up into those sweet kind blue eyes and whispered, "Thank you."

        Toni had to control her heart rate, which was going very fast and replied quietly, "Your very welcome."

        Once inside their room Toni headed straight for her bed and the brand new novel waiting for her on it. Melly looked surprised, ", thought you'd be going out with the girls tonight."

        "Nah, not interested." Toni said getting herself comfortable on the bed so she could read her novel and forget her day.

"Your not? Why not?"

Toni shrugged and leaned against her pillows looking at her concerned friend with a sincere expression, "Nope, it's not for me. I have never been the type to socialize much. I also don't like to go places where men feel it's their privilege to paw at, Are you going?"

         "No, I don't want to go out...I'm not interested either."


                "I...I'm very shy...I don't socialize with people very well at all. It would only make me uncomfortable. I will go if I have to but I don't want to cause I can't talk with people very well..."

                Tony smiled and tilted her head; "You do pretty well with me, Kiddo."

                Melly swallowed and suddenly looked shy again with her friend, "I...your different."

                "Oh? How?"

                "I trust you..."

                For some reason this caused Toni to burst into tears. This was out of character for her and she turned away from Melly saying nothing just not wanting to show her friend that she had any weakness. She had learned a long time ago to keep such flaws to herself.

                Melly misunderstanding completely and was sure she had insulted or hurt Toni somehow and said crying herself, "I....I'm sorry...What did I do....I'm sorry Toni....Please don't be mad at me..."

                Getting herself together enough to control the tears Toni turned back toward her agitated friend and sat on the edge of her bed. She lightly tapped the space beside her indicating she wanted Melly to sit down. Melly with her head down sat beside her friend tears flowing down her own face. Toni raised the little face with her finger and dried the tears as she said, "You did nothing wrong and I'm not mad at you at all. I...I haven't had someone trust me in a long time. It...I...well it got to me. You hit a very vulnerable cord with those words. It means a lot that you trust me. Thank you my friend." Toni then kissed Melly gently on the cheek.

                Melly looked into eyes that were filled with pain and replied in a squeaky voice, "Your welcome...What did you mean that no one had said that to you in a long time? I'm certain your one of the most trustworthy people I know..."

                Toni hugged Melly close and closed her eyes as she quietly replied, "I am trustworthy. Its just your...well I don't usually allow people to get this close..."

                Melly tried to pull back but Toni's strong arms wouldn't allow her to. "No Melly, please don't go. I want...need this friendship. Don't leave me."

                Melly pulled back only enough so she could look into the tear-filled sincere eyes above her and said, "I won't go. Your friendship means the world to me."

                "Thank you," Toni whispered back in barely audible voice as she pulled her friend back into an emotional bear hug.

                ***                ****                ***                ****

         They were on the bus sitting beside each other deep in thought. To their teammates it appeared that Toni was involved in her novel and Melly was really into the cross-stitch she was working on. In reality they were both deep in thought about each other.

                Toni was staring blankly at the book in front of her not really seeing a word. I can't figure this out. I have never been like this before. I have such deep feelings for her. Last night...God, I almost spilled it. What if I do and I repulse her? What if I do and she runs away from me? I couldn't stand that. No Toni old girl, you will just have to keep your big fat mouth shut. I need her by my side. I need her friendship the rest of what I feel can just go to hell! She thought to herself with great resolve but she knew that she was kidding herself. What she was feeling for Melly would only grow and blossom. What she had to figure out was what she was going to do about that when it happened. Agitated she glanced at her friend who was looking out the window deep in thought. She sighed closed her novel and leaned back against the seat trying to sleep for a little while.

                Melly's fingers were briskly working on the piece of the cloth in her skilled hands but her mind was focused entirely on her own thoughts. What I want to do is be with her but it's what I'm feeling that's confusing me. I know I'm safe with her and I know she will always protect me. But...What if I....What if I let these strange feelings I have been having slip out. Or she catches me staring at her? I need to keep a lid on this. I can't lose her now that I found someone again that I can finally feel close to. I just can't. I won't. Melly thought to herself with a deep in born stubbornness.

                Toni opened her eyes and met Melly's they smiled at each other but said nothing.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                They were in the last inning of a very close game. The bases were loaded and all eyes were on the pitcher and the batter who was up waiting calmly for the ball. The pitcher threw a high ball with a nice spin, hoping to throw the batter off balance but the batter got a tip of it and it went right down the center of the field. The tall center fielder got it on the first bounce and threw it quickly to Melly who ran and tagged the runner from first and second and quickly threw it to Toni. Toni tagged the first runner from third but had to tackle the second one who tried get around her. That was the last out of the inning. The Sunflowers won! Toni and Melly were carried off the field on their team mates shoulders looking at each other with huge grins of pure happiness.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                They were all celebrating at a local restaurant with steak and beer. Melly and one of the other girls had volunteered to get the beer for everyone at the bar. Toni watched in great anger from across the room as some drunken fool kept trying to hit on Melly. The more the polite blonde turned him down the harder he tried. As soon as Toni saw him grab her arm she had more then enough and stormed across the restaurant to see if she could help her friend.

                "So pretty little short stop, ya wanna dance?"

                "For the tenth time no, please leave me alone." Said Melly trying her best to pry his hand from her arm. The other girl who was with Melly sighed in relief when she saw the tall angry catcher heading straight for them. She had tried to help but she was the same size as Melly no match for the crazy drunk.

                "I think the young lady had politely told you no. So if I were you I'd let go of her now or you will be very sorry." Said a seething Toni in a deceptively calm voice.

                Melly looked up at Toni and sighed in relief. "He won't believe me."

                "Well he'll believe me," Said Toni who pried the man's hand away from her friend's arm.

                The drunken man looked up at the tall beauty through a drunken haze and said, "So giant you wana to cha-cha?" He slurred swaying slightly.

                "Nope but I think you want to fly," Said Toni taking the fool by the collar to the front door of the restaurant and literally throwing him through it. Then she turned to the older gentlemen who owned the restaurant and in a very respectful voice said; "I'd keep that man out of here from now on Sir, he is nothing but trouble."

                 The man smiled sadly and nodded, "I do know that Miss but I unfortunately can't keep him out he's the Mayor's son. Don't worry the idiot won't remember a thing and your team will be gone by the time he sleeps this one off."
He said in a kindly voice, he had admired the way she had handled the town pest.

                "Thanks, that's nice of you to let me know that. I wish you the best, Sir."

                "Your welcome, I wish you and your team the same." He said with a sweet smile.

                Toni smiled back and nodded. Then she moved quickly back to Melly. She was now at their table again rubbing her arm. Melly suddenly felt a warm hand cover the tender area and rub it gently. It made her feel instantly better and she looked up into concerned blue eyes with a sweet smile.

                "Are you ok?" Asked Toni quietly sitting down as she gently rubbed the tender skin.

                Melly nodded, "Yes...I'm so sorry Toni..."

                "Hey, why are you apologizing Melly? He was the one in the wrong?"

                "I'm, I'm sorry I didn't handle it myself like I should have."

                Toni smiled gently, letting go of the arm and softly brushing some bangs away from the big green eyes, "Well you tried to....I...well I couldn't stand to watch it any more. I'm the"Toni was uncharacteristically at a loss for words.

                Melly smiled up into the confused blue eyes and said softly, "Saved me?"

                Toni lowered her head and said, "Your not mad at me for interfering?"

                Melly gently lifted her head up by the chin and said sincerely, "Are you kidding? No I thank you Toni. I needed you and you were there."

                She was rewarded by a shy smile from her suddenly insecure friend. "I want to be there when ever you need me." Toni said quietly.

                "You will be."

                ***                ****                ***                ***

                Toni was in the dug out at the stadium arguing with their coach about the line up for the game that was coming up.

                "She is not good enough for that position in the line up Toni and you know it!"

                "The hell she isn't your just to busy snoring through practice to notice."

                "The hell I am!!"

                "The hell you aren't!"

                The two angry people stared at each other trying to intimate the other into capitulating. Toni was the same height as they're coach Billy so she knew it was all nerves and she knew hers were of steel. So all she had to do was wait.

                The coach sighed, this tall pain in the ass intimidated the hell out of him and she knew it. He also knew she did and decided to end the stalemate with a compromise.

                "I'll tell you what, if you work with her and get her batting average up by game time I will keep Melly in her position in the line up. Deal?"

                A bright smile came to the dark woman's face and she said happily, "Oh yeah definitely, that's a deal. Thanks Billy. You'll see she'll be great!" She called over her shoulder as she ran into the locker room.

                Billy stood there shaking his head at the transformation he had just witnessed from a growling competitor that scared the shit out of him. To this tall playful sweet girl who shook his hand and was now running to tell her best friend of her victory.

                "She is amazing"

        ***                ***                ****                ***                ****

                Toni ran into the locker room in search of Melly. Candy, the tough-talking pitcher had changed into her street clothes and was now brushing her hair in front of the big mirror.

                "Hey Candy, Have you seen Melly?"

                "Shower," Said the gun-snapping pitcher with a nod of her head.

                "Thanks," Toni called over her shoulder as she hurried to find her friend. Melly was the only one left in the shower. She just stood there staring into the space as the spray of water hit her full on. Toni's happy expression transformed into one of concern.

                "Melly, what's wrong?"

                Melly turned toward Toni who swallowed at the sight of her friend's beautiful body. She had to remind herself she still had all her gear on. As soon as she saw her friends pale tear stained face all those thoughts flew out the window. She just walked in full gear right into the spray of water pulling the crying woman into her arms.

                "What is wrong? Please tell me."

                Melly snuggled her head against her friend's warm body and said in a sob filled voice, "My uncle has found me Toni. He sent a telegram and Mrs. MacCyver gave it to me after practice. He is on his way to take me home. He said, "I don't care if I have to knock you out and carry you out of there" He is going to hurt me Toni...I'm so scared...He'll be here soon." She then completely broke down sobbing uncontrollably onto her friend's shoulder.

                Tony picked her up and carried her out of the shower saying, "Don't worry Melly I won't let that Son of a Bitch lay a fucking finger on you. I promise."

                "How can you stop him?"

                "I can be very intimidating myself. Don't worry Kiddo, I'll protect you. It will be ok." She reached for a towel and started to dry off the blonde completely oblivious to the fact that she was naked and in her arms. Right now her mind was entirely focused on caring for her and protecting her.

                "Toni your gear is soaked."

                "Its ok kiddo it was a little big on me anyway," She said with a smirk causing her agitated friend to laugh. It was momentary reprieve but it pleased Toni that she was able to give her friend even that. "I need to get out of this and take a shower myself. Will you be ok for a couple of minutes?" She asked her friend who was cuddled in her arms as she wrapped a towel around her soaking wet blonde hair.

                "Yes, go ahead."

                "Thanks," Toni said with a wink as she stripped quickly grabbing a towel and ran quickly toward the shower.

                "God, she is so damn beautiful," Thought Melly as she picked up the gear and uniform laying them out on a bench to dry.

                ***                ****                        ****                ***

                A very nervous Melly was trying to eat a slice of pizza that Toni had gone out and picked up for both of them. She kept looking at the door and then tried to eat a tiny piece of pizza. Toni was watching her and trying to eat a slice herself. She had lost her appetite but had felt they should both try and eat after their long day. Now she was changing her mind as she watched her friend trying to stuff the unwanted food down her throat.

                "Kiddo, It's ok if you can't eat it just put it down. I don't want you to get sick."

                Melly nodded and put down the slice on the paper plate. She got up and began to pace nervously looking at the door like she was expecting a demon to come through it. Toni put her slice down and said quietly, "This is worse then watching you trying to stuff your face with unwanted food. Please come here and sit down I told you I won't let him hurt you."

                Melly sat on her bed and nodded absently. Toni got up and kneeled beside her friend putting a hand on each shoulder and looked her right in her upset green eyes asking, "Don't you believe me?"

                Melly looked deeply into the sincere blue eyes and said quietly, "I believe you will do everything within your power to protect me. I...He's just so powerful. Not just financially but physically. He is an ex-football player he is big and viscous. I'm very worried about you too..."

                Toni sat beside her friend pulling her close with an arm around her shoulders. "Kiddo, believe it or not I'm not at all worried about him. I can deal with a big guy. I lived on Navy bases all my life. My Mom was a Navy nurse; My Dad was a chief engineer on the USS Arizona. All I dealt with big burly men and boys who were full of themselves. I don't think your Uncle is tougher then the entire fleet, is he?"

                Melly looked up surprised. She didn't know any of that about her friend she looked astonished but Toni also saw a tinge of hope, which pleased her greatly. "Wow! You never told me all that before."

                Toni's face transformed into the grief stricken girl she was when she heard about her parents deaths almost a year apart. She said very quietly, "I lost my Dad on the Arizona when they attacked Pearl Harbor. I lost my Mom when the transport ship she was on in the South Pacific was attacked by a Kamikaze. The plane hit the side of the ship and it killed all on board. I don't talk about them much because I miss them so. I was already a Wac when my Mom was killed. I requested a transfer to the same area after I got word. I was there till they dropped the bomb and ended that horror. I try very hard not to think...I...."Toni broke down sobbing onto her friend's shoulder. She hadn't even thought about the loss of her folks for a very long time. She banished those thoughts from her mind it was just too painful for her.

                Melly gathered her friend in her arms and brought her close. She whispered into her ear, "We play a game in Washington in few weeks. That's close to Arlington cemetery isn't it?"

                "Yes why?"

                "Are either of your parents buried there?"

                Toni looked surprised and said, "They both are."

                "Lets go visit them while were there."

                Toni hugged Melly tightly and whispered, "Thank you...I...Thank you...."

                Melly had the deepest urge of her life. She tilted Toni's face so she could look into the tear-filled grateful eyes then she brought their lips together and kissed her lovingly. Toni was surprised at first but her heart fluttered with absolute joy as she gently ran her tongue against the bright white teeth. Melly's mouth opened wide allowing the joyful merging of the two souls who were meant to be together. They had known since they met that they were deeply connected. Now they felt they were both captured by a swirl of emotions as they explored each other joyfully. When they ran out of breath they pulled back and looked deeply into each other's eyes in joyful wonder.

                There was a banging on the door they looked at it with two very different reactions. Melly suddenly filled with fear and Toni anger. Toni kissed Melly's cheek and pulled out of the embrace saying gently, "Don't worry I won't let him in. He won't get near either of us."

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                The banging got louder and louder, Toni stood looking at the door with her head tilted and an annoyed expression on her face. "Whom ever is banging on the other side of the door better learn how to knock like a human being." She growled at the door.

                "Who the hell are you? Get my niece now!"

                "She has turned in for the night so go away!"

                "Listen, who ever you are, do you know who I am?"

                "Yeah some one with no manners at all. If you continue this I will call the cops on you for disturbing the peace Uncle or no Uncle!"

                 "On what charge? For wanting to see my own blood relative..."

                "No, for disturbing our peace and all the other people in this motel. She got your letter and became sick as a dog. I don't think that brings to mind any affection for you does it? Now go away!"

                "No, I...Hey...What? Do you people know who I am!!!"

                Suddenly there was silence on the other side of the door. The girls looked at each other with surprised expressions. Then there was a quiet knock on the door. Toni very carefully opened the door and was relieved when it turned out to be Billy.

                "I thought I'd help you carry through your threat. He's gone, I called the cops," said Billy watching Toni looking out into hall in both directions. "Look Toni, you and Melly have to think of something. The league won't like it if he keeps popping up."

                "Thanks Billy. Thank you for helping us, we'll try to think of something."

                Billy nodded and left. Toni closed the door and looked at Melly. She was curled into the fetal position on the bed. She was crying and looked up at Toni saying, "He'll come back...he...he wants to...."

                "I don't give a damn what he wants! I will never let him lay a finger on you. I will do anything to protect you. I promise," she said as she crawled back into bed with Melly. She pulled her into her arms and held her tight in a protective hug. Then she pulled the covers over both of them.

                The warmth of the hug calmed Melly. She put her head on Toni's shoulders and arms around her waist. They snuggled against each other and Toni felt like she had just arrived in heaven. She rubbed her head against the soft blonde hair smelling the sweet scent and sighed in contentment.

                "Toni about what happened, really...liked it...I felt..."

                "You were home? I know, I did too. I have never felt that way before like it was meant to happen. Like it was fate. I felt like I was finally where I belonged..."

                "Yes, home..." Melly pulled back and looked into the loving blue eyes and said, "I felt whole for the first time in my life...but..."

                "You were scared?" Melly nodded and Toni kissed her cheek. "I was too. I was scared because our friendship now means so much to me. You are so dear and I was scared if I told how I felt I would lose I kept my mouth shut."

                "You were scared too?" Asked Melly rubbing her head against the warm shoulder and looking into the warm loving eyes saying, "That's how I was too...but Toni this is right. I feel so..."

                "Loved?" Asked Toni very quietly she had hope sparkling in her eyes and it captured Melly's soul, Melly nodded.

                "Yes very."

                "Me too... Melly I'm in love with you."

                I'm in love with you too."

                They kissed deeply again but neither really knew what to do next. As the only girl on several Navy bases she did hear things but she didn't know if she should experiment or not. She wanted it to be right with Melly.

                "Sweetheart I really have no idea what we're suppose to do now. I mean I have some ideas but I don't know how you feel about experimenting."

                "I don't know either but as long as I'm doing it with you I don't care, I trust you my love."

                "Oh," Toni uttered quietly. She loved hearing those words coming from the woman she loved. "Ok, let's try..." said Toni with a loving smile as she brought the small woman back to her for a deep intense kiss. She brought her as close to her as she possibly could. She then brought one hand up to the buttons on Melly's nightgown and undid them as quickly as her fingers could. Melly copied Toni by unbuttoning her pajama top with nimble little fingers. When the kiss broke Toni slipped off her pajama top and Melly took off the nightgown never breaking eye contact. Very slowly Toni reached out with one finger caressing a very erect nipple. Melly flung her head back and gripped the sheets. Toni's eyes widened in delighted surprise. She smiled seductively and brought her mouth to the nipple flicking her tongue over it causing the small blonde to fall back against the pillows stacked up at the top of the bed. Toni went with her with bringing the nipple into her mouth and sucking on it like a needy child.

                Melly felt like lighting had struck her as she pushed her breast into the warm mouth wanting more but not sure what she wanted more of. Her hips began to automatically grind against Toni's stomach her hands pulling Toni even closer. When Toni felt Melly's body against her own she pushed back gently and said, "I think we need to take off our bottoms Sweetheart."

                Melly nodded pushing her panties down with the desperation of sexual need. Toni quickly pulled off her pajama bottoms and lowered herself back onto her love. Once their flesh was in contact it seemed to guide them as they caressed each other's bodies. Worshipping each other.

                "Your so beautiful, my Melly" cooed Toni sweetly.

                "You take my breath away," said Melly back in a breathy voice.

                They kissed deeply again their hands gently touching as much soft skin as they could. When they pulled back Melly asked uncertain, "Do you know what we're suppose to do next?"

                "Yes," purred Toni as she kissed the sweet neckline, "But I want to go very slowly. This is our first time and I want it to be perfect."

                "It is...per..."Melly moaned as the kiss suddenly deepened. Toni gently started to caress the soft skin of her love's body. She was trying to touch every inch of skin within her reach. Gently caressing the strong back and shoulders. Melly was doing the same. She was trying to mimic everything Toni did. When they ran out of air they pulled back. Melly asked unsure, "Am I doing this right?"

                "Melly there's no right or wrong. Were trying to get to know each other's bodies. You are very beautiful, Sweetheart."

                "I am?"

                Toni smiled and nodded, "Your so soft I have never felt anything as wonderful as your body. It's such a heady experience I feel like I'm floating on a cloud." She kissed her along the jaw line till she got to a tiny earlobe. She pulled it into her mouth gently sucking it.

                Melly's eyes closed and she moaned in delight. Toni had an amazed expression on her face as she asked, "Did you like that?"

                "Yes, would you like me to do that for you?"

                For an answer Toni put her ear close to her loves mouth and waited. Slowly the warm mouth sucked on her earlobe. It felt like a tiny shower of bolts hit her body. She moaned and hugged Melly tighter to her.

                When Melly pulled back she asked, "Did I do that right?" Unfocused blue eyes met unsure green and she smiled sheepishly, "I guess I did, huh?"

                In a lazy almost unrecognizable voice Toni said, "Oh yeah, it was wonderful." She pulled the soft lips to hers and kissed her exploring her mouth with a passion she didn't even realize she had. Melly moaned, her arms caressing the warm back feeling the silky skin beneath her fingers she pulled Toni tighter to her body.

Slowly Toni brought her hand down to her love's breasts again and began to play with the nipples with a callused thumb on each. Melly moaned deep in her throat, which caused Toni to moan and deepen the kiss even more. She began to knead the breasts till the kiss broke and they both fought for air.

                Toni smiled into the darkened green eyes as she began to slowly kiss her way down Melly's body. This was moment she had wanted for so long that now that it was here she was savoring each and every second of it like it was a perfect dream. When she got to the belly button she kissed it then began to suck on it till the small woman shuttered. She looked up and asked in throaty voice, "Did I hurt you?"

                "No, It was....So....Wow!"

                Toni smiled and continued to taste the skin that covered the strong muscles. She then began her descent again. When she reached the soaking wet mound she was stunned by the amount of moisture.

                "Your very wet my love," she said softly. She no longer recognized her own voice it was so throaty with desire. Melly's eyes were closed as Toni began to lap up the liquid with a need so deep that she didn't even question its source. Melly was now beyond speech she never thought this would feel so good. She was now soaring fast and was pushing herself toward Toni wanting something from her but she didn't even know what to ask for.

                Toni was in rapture she felt her own wetness pouring out and knew she was very close herself. She discovered that through pleasing the one she loved she became more excited herself. She hadn't known about that but she was enjoying it.

                As she felt the tiny veil with her tongue she pulled back. She hoped that she was about to do the right thing. She had read about it in some trashy novels she had gotten a hold of at different bases but had no idea of the reality of what she was about to do. She pulled away and leaned toward the unfocused trusting green eyes asking, "Melly this will hurt, are you sure?"

                "Yes," moaned the blonde it was all she could say she now needed the release so much. Melly's hips pushed up and Toni very quickly broke the veil and then began to pump as quickly as she could with one and then with two fingers to bring pleasure and to banish the scream of pain she had just caused. Suddenly Melly stiffened and she then fell back shuddering, calling her Toni's name over and over causing Toni to follow her over the edge with Melly's name leaving her lips.

                When she recovered Toni quickly crawled back up to her and pulled her love into her arms holding her very close. As the quivering woman slowly calmed down Toni whispered, "Are you ok my little love?"

                Sated green eyes looked into the concerned blue and nodded.

                "Did I hurt you too much?" Toni asked still worried.

                "No it was perfect."

                "Really," Toni asked suddenly smiling.

                "MmmHmm, Now it's your turn my love," said the determined blonde pulling the surprised dark woman into a deep and passionate kiss the small hands all ready at work to bring her the same pleasure that she had just experienced.

                ***                ***                ****                ***

                They were snuggled against each other under the covers resting from their first experience at lovemaking. Toni brought the soft lips to her own kissing her love with another surge of passion making the small woman purr in pleasure.

                When they pulled back Melly's eyes were sparkling with pure joy as she asked shyly. "Did I do ok?"

                Toni smiled and gently rubbed her cheek against Melly's replying in a whisper, "You were perfect of course. I hadn't expected you to be ready so soon. I have never felt such pleasure in my life." She pulled back and looked into happy green eyes as she said with a lopsided grin, "You're a little tiger you know. I think you actually were growling."

                Melly looked shocked, "I was?"

                "MmmHmm, I think you shot me into orbit."

                "I did?" Said the stunned woman her face was priceless she was now beet red and Toni was enjoying watching the play of emotions in the beautiful eyes.

                "Well it had to be you, huh? There was no one else here at the time. I know for damn sure the only one I'd ever allow to touch me so possessively is you, so I guess that answers that question, huh?" Toni maintained a stoic face but inside she was about to burst into a fit of laughter.

                Melly laughed which caused Toni to let loose. They laughed against each other for several minutes then Melly said with a kiss to her loves nose; "You're a nut."

                "Yep but you love me anyway, right?"

                "Oh yeah. I love you forever no matter what."

                "Thank you, I hate to ask this but what are we going to do about your Uncle?"

                "I don't know...Toni maybe...Uh, I should quit..."

                "NO!" Roared the dark woman she pulled Melly closer and held her as tight as she could almost afraid that if she let her go Melly would leave right at that moment. "I will not allow that man to steal your dream. I....Please don't go. I can't stand the thought of you leaving me. Even if it's temporary." There were tears slipping from the blue eyes that broke Melly's heart.

                "Ok, shhh. I'll stay but...."She held Toni close gently wiping the tears with her thumb and forefinger.

                "There has got to be a way my love..."

                "But what?" Now Melly was crying too. Toni kissed the salty cheeks and rolled so she was on top of the smaller woman. She balanced herself on her arms covering the smaller woman like a warm blanket. She looked deeply into tear-filled eyes and said quietly, "I don't know but we'll think of something. You are going to stay on the team and in my arms..."

                "I never want to leave them..."

                "Sweetheart, I won't let you," said Toni lowering herself so her lips touched the smaller woman's. She kissed her passionately all her love was pouring into her beloved via the sweet kiss. She then rolled so that they were side by side and rubbed her cheek against Melly's saying quietly. "I think I know a way..."

                ***        ****                        ***                        ****                        ***

                Melly was pacing in the locker room. She kept her eyes on the door and then her watch. Her face was a picture of pure worry.

                "She didn't say anything?" She asked the pitcher for the tenth time.

                "Kid I told you. Toni just said she had some business to take care of and she will be back in time for the game..."

                "But it's almost game time now..."

                "And here I am," said an amused voice from behind them. Melly ran to her and hugged her tightly. "Where were you? I was so worried. It was getting so late and..."

                "Shh, I was working on the finer points of our plan. I think we will be rid of your Uncle very soon," Said Toni hugging the smaller woman back. Then she pulled out of the embrace and quickly walked to her locker to change for the game.

                "What plan? You never told me anything...."

                "I will. I'll tell you everything after the game..."


                Toni motioned Melly over and when the small blonde sat next to her she whispered, "Sweetheart please trust me..."

                "I do. Its him I don't trust," she whispered back tears forming in her eyes.

                Toni was already dressed in the uniform and was pulling out her protective gear as she whispered back, "The plan is to catch him with in his own perversion." She smiled saucily and winked at the confused blonde. She put on her breastplate and turned so Melly could buckle it from the back.

                As she buckled all the straps she replied, "I really don't understand what you mean..."

                "I promise I will tell you everything after the game. Come on Sweetheart hurry. We don't have time to discuss this. Help me with these leg guards please they are going to be announcing our names from the field any minute."

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                They won the game. Actually destroyed the other team and were in their room exhausted collapsed on their bed. But Melly wasn't too tired; she pounced on the wiped out catcher with questions about her plans. "So what are you plotting? Where did you go? Why are you being so mysterious?"

                Toni smiled and shook her head. She pulled Melly into a hug and kissed her tenderly. "You don't give a girl a chance to relax do you?" She asked not really giving the smaller woman a chance to reply as she kissed her deeply.

                Then when they pulled back she smiled into the beautiful green eyes and whispered, "Ok lets talk."

                Toni pulled Melly onto her lap and gently guided her head to lie against her shoulder. Melly cuddled close and then raised her eyes to meet the beautiful pale blue eyes sparkling with love. She kissed Toni's cheek and asked, "Ok spill it. What your brilliant plan?"

                "I'm going to set a trap with a little help from a friend."

                "What kind of trap?"

                "The kind that if it works your Uncle will no longer be able to torment you or anyone else."

                "How are you going to do this?"

                "You'll see..."

                "Toni," growled the smaller woman.        

                "Don't you trust my judgment?"

                "Yes but..."

                "Do you know how much I love you? How much I need to protect you?"

                "Yes I do. Hopefully you love me as much as I love you..."

                Toni pulled back surprised, "Hopefully?"

                Melly saw the pain and said, "Definitely."

                "That's better," Toni kissed her and pulled her back fully on to the bed.

                Melly pulled slightly away murmuring, "Don't distract me..."

                "Am I?" Purred Toni into the ear licking the rim.

                ""She moaned deep in her throat as Toni began to suck on the little earlobe.

                "At the moment to conquer this beautiful body beneath me..."

                "Toni what...Ohhhh!" Melly moaned as Toni's active hands reached the beautiful breasts beneath the white team T-shirt.

                Toni was now actively sucking on the blonde's pulse point at Melly's throat. She lifted her head for a moment so she could murmur, "Sweetheart we have more important things to do..." Then she went right back to loving the woman who was now her whole life causing to Melly to forget everything but the feelings soaring through her body.

                ***                ***                ****                ****

                "Toni if you don't tell me I'll go crazy," cried Melly cuddled in Toni's arms.

                Toni smiled affectionately at her love and said chuckling, "Ok, ok. You know all the horrible stuff that you told me about the sick son of a bitch?"

                Melly swallowed and nodded.

                Toni kissed her tenderly on the cheek and then said, "Well I have a friend who lives in the next town who is...well sort of a camp follower for service men. Since the war ended she has brought her talents to local..."

                "Do you mean a hooker?" Asked Melly with wide green eyes.

                "Um yeah, that is the term...."

                "How on earth are you friends with a hooker?"

                "She came to my rescue one night when I was very, very drunk in Honolulu and about to do something stupid. I was in deep grief after my Mom was killed too so I almost...anyway she stopped me..."

                Melly pulled back so she could look into Toni's eyes and all she saw was torment and pain. She asked in a whisper, "What did she stop you from doing?"

                "I was in a bar trying to enter her profession..."

                "Toni! Why?"

                Toni now had tears slip from her lowered eyes as she said in a barely heard whisper, "Sweetheart you have to understand. I was angry at the world. I hated everything and everybody. I wanted to die but couldn't bring myself to do that. So I got really drunk and decided that it would be way to kill of my soul if I just slept with anyone for money. I was hoping some guy would get rough and kill me...I just wanted the pain to end..."

                "Oh my poor Toni," cried Melly hugging Toni tight and kissing as many tears as she could. Toni was feeling that icy feeling inside once again but the heartfelt reaction and the sweet kisses brought the warmth back to her hurting soul. She hugged Melly tightly like she was her only lifeline whispering back, "Its ok...I was saved...nothing happened..."

                "You wanted to die and I'd have never met you," replied Melly crying now too.

                "Shh, it didn't happen. Nothing happened. Loraine saw me and dragged me out of the bar to her room. She dumped me into her shower and then poured black coffee down my throat till I sobered up. She really gave it to me. She explained that doing what I was thinking of would have shamed my parent's memory. That it wouldn't have blanked out the pain and with my natural reactions and body I wouldn't have been killed I would have probably killed them. She suggested that I do something useful. Something that would make them proud of me. That's when I requested the transfer to the South Pacific. I wanted to go to the same base my Mom was suppose to go to and do something helpful for my country."

                "Thank God..."

                "No my love, thank Loraine. She was my guardian angel that night. She saved my life. She saved me for you. I would never have believed then I could be this happy with someone. Now she's going to be our angel and save us."


                "Lets just say that Loraine has set up a not so pleasing surprise for the ass hole when he tries to strike next."

                "Is she?"

                "No better then that. Loraine has arranged it so your Uncle will wake up with someone shall we say more interesting." Replied Toni with an evil smile causing Melly's eyebrows to meet in worry. Toni kissed the eyebrows and said, "Don't worry she knows exactly what she's doing and the bastard won't know what hit him."

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                Melly had left practice early running across to their motel and locking the door and flinging herself on the bed. She had received another telegram saying that he would arrive before the game tomorrow and take her home. Billy saw how upset she was and said she should go to the motel and rest.

                A few minutes after she arrived a key was in the lock of the door and the tall woman still in the team uniform came quietly in. Toni was red in the face and breathing heavily leaning against the door she studied the small woman in the fetal position on one of the beds.

                Once she caught her breath she asked Melly gently, "Why didn't you wait for me, love?"

                "I...I...don't know..."stuttered the crying woman.

                "Shh, Its ok. Everything is going to be ok, I promise," said Toni softly as she walked over picked her up and cradled her close in her arms. She then sat all the way back on the bed against the headboard nestling her head against Melly's. Once Melly seemed calmer she asked quietly, "May I see it please?"

                Melly nodded and pulled out the crumbled piece of yellow paper out of her pocket. Toni read it and growled, "He is as rude on paper as he is in person, isn't he?"

                Melly pulled back and met compassionate blue eyes, "Yes. He and my Dad were so different. I really can't believe they were brothers. My Dad put up with him because he was the only family he had except us. He took measures though to keep him away from us. I never even met him till after they were killed. Now he feels he owns me since he is my only blood relative left."

                "Well the bastard is wrong. I like how your Dad handled him. It sounds like he was very sensible. Wasn't their provisions in his will that protected you from him?"

                "Financially yes he did. I don't think he realized how he would come after me for all of the money. Dad left a generous allowance for him but I think he feels that if he can control me he will get his hands on all of Dad's money. He feels he's entitled cause he's my Dad's brother. He's wrong. Dad earned this money he built his company from nothing with out help from anyone. This... man is a viscous, lazy and horrifying beast and he terrifies me."

                "Don't be Sweetheart, He won't even get near the Stadium tomorrow."

                "What exactly is Loraine planning on doing?"

                "How do you think your old social circle would react to pictures of your ass hole uncle in bed with a male prostitute? Oh and of course they will be going to town with each other in the picture," asked Toni with an evil grin.

                Melly pulled back and said, "You're kidding?"

                "No, It was all Loraine's idea. After I told her what he's done to you she hatched this evil little plot. What do you think?"

                "I think that it will destroy him...Um, Toni did you tell her everything about us?" Asked the nervous blonde.

                Toni kissed her nose and said with a sweet smile, "Yes, everything," Then she kissed the sweet mouth passionately pulling her back against the pillows so that Melly was lying on top of her. When she pulled back she brushed the blonde hair out of the pretty green eyes.

                They were slightly dazed from the kiss but Melly was able to ask, "What did she say?"

                Toni snorted and said with a huge smile, "To quote my friend exactly it was, "About damn time you sorry cow!""


                "Her joke I was a skinny tall girl when we met, she still calls me that." Toni said with a shrug.

                "Um, she knows you...?"

                "She said she always had an inkling."

                "Wow! Is she a psychic?

                "I guess, a little you have to be in her profession." Said Toni pulling Melly back to her gently and kissing her deeply. Right now she had other things on her mind.

                ***                ***                ***                        ***

                The screams of anger could be heard through out the four star hotel that night. Flashing lightbulbs were seen coming out of the penthouse, then a small woman was running from the room with a delighted expression on her face.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                The team was not very happy as they left the stadium. They had played well and it was a close game but the Sunflowers lost by 1 run. So they went to their rooms to pack for the next town and get a good nights rest.

                Toni and Melly were cuddled together. Toni was reading her latest novel and Melly hands were busily working on a cross-stitch. Her eyes though were constantly going to the door. She was trying very hard to unwind but found that the more she tried the more worried she became.

                Toni's eyes looked over her book and saw the back of her loves head. "Love, Loraine will come through."

                Melly nodded. She put her cross-stitch down got off the bed and diligently began to pack both their bags.

                Toni put her novel down and asked quietly, "What are you doing?"


                "I thought we were going to wait till later. Why are you packing my stuff?" Asked the tall woman gently.

                Melly sat down on one of the beds and sighed, "I can't relax. I thought if I packed both of our things it would distract me..."

                Toni had come over to her love scooped her up and sat down with her cradled in her lap. She brought their lips together and kissed her deeply. Then she slowly kissed her way to the little ear and whispered, "Ok I'll help you pack." Then proceeded to pull the earlobe into her mouth gently nibbling on it.

                "Mmmm, pack?"

                Toni kissed her way to pulse point her hands slowly removing the nightgown from her love. Packing can wait, thought Toni as passion took over and she began to lovingly work her way down the body nestled in her arms.

                ***                ***                ****                        ***

                There was a gentle knock on the door of their room. Melly literally jumped out of Toni's arms. Toni pulled her back to her and whispered, "Shh, its probably just Loraine."

                Melly curled close to Toni and whimpered, "I thought..."

                "If I remember right your Uncle lacks the knowledge of how to knock gently on a door."

                There was another knock and Toni pulled on her robe and handed Melly hers, "You stay here. I'll make sure it's safe."

                "NO! Please what if it's him?"

                "Sweetheart, I won't open the door. If it is Loraine we will want to see her," said Toni bending and kissing her loves cheek tenderly. Melly relaxed the grip she had on the tall woman's wrist. Toni gently slid her wrist free and said, "I'll be right back."

                She went to the door and said roughly, "Who is it?"

                "Guess? You big brat!" Said the muffled voice on the other side of the door with a thick southern accent.

                Toni smiled and winked at Melly who visibly relaxed. Toni saw that Melly now had on her robe so she opened the door and smiled at her old friend. She looked at her with a wicked smile and asked, "How is my favorite crone?"

                They hugged and then Loraine entered the room saying, "Sexy robe."

                "It's not designed to be sexy, It's comfy."

                "Yep, I can definitely see that," said Loraine with an amused smirk. She looked at the shy girl sitting on the bed with her head lowered. She glanced at her young friend and asked with sweet smile, "Well brat, where are your manners? Are you going to introduce me?"

                Toni's face lit up like a Christmas tree delighting the older woman. Toni nodded and walked over to Melly sitting next to her and pulling her close she gently chucked a finger under the little chin till the green eyes met her own. Toni smiled and said lovingly, "Sweetheart, I want you to meet a very good friend. This is Loraine." With sparkling blue eyes she met her friends affectionate hazel and said, "Loraine, I'd like you to meet the love of my life, Melly."

                Loraine kneeled next to them and took Melly's hands into her own saying, "From what Toni told me you practically stole her heart at first sight. I can feel the love when I see you together. It is more then a pleasure to meet you."

                Melly was slightly red in the face as she met the kind hazel eyes with her own shy ones and replied, "Thank you Ma'am. And thank you for saving my Toni too."

                Loraine looked at Toni surprised, "You told her about all that?"

                Toni nodded and kissed Melly's cheek saying, "Of course. I am totally open with her. She's...Loraine you saved me for her. She's everything to me..."

                Loraine looked at the two of them lovingly and nodded, "Yes, I can see that as clear as sunlight. Good. Now my pets lets get down to business," Said Loraine as she stood up and walked to her purse on the table by the door. She picked up her purse and took out a proof sheet from a newspaper. She walked back by her friends and handed it to Toni who eagerly grabbed it.

                Toni looked at all the pictures and her face lit up with a very wicked smile, "Oooh, very nicely done my friend. You used Leroy, He is such a handsome black man is he still trying to be an actor?"

                "Thanks brat. Yeah he's good too, He was in a play in town and he got great reviews I'll be losing him soon."

                "This won't hurt him will it? Cause I like him and we can set that ass hole up with..."

                "No, it might actually help him. You'all know what scandal mongers the Broadway set are." Said Loraine with a smirk. Toni smiled and winked at her old friend. Loraine looked at Melly's face and asked gently, "What do you think, Little one?"

                Melly's eyes were huge and said quietly, "I'm not sure. I mean he deserves this but...."

                "What is it, Love?" Asked Toni gently.

                "Should we have done this? I mean is it ethical?"

                Loraine smiled and sat on the bed next to her friends. She put an arm around them both and said to Toni, "Darlin' you have excellent taste. She is definitely a keeper, Brat" Toni smiled and nodded. Loraine looked at Melly and said quietly, "No Little one, It is not ethical. But you have to look at the man in question. He is not a good man. Was what he was doing to you, Ethical? No. He's viscous and he wanted to hurt you. Toni loves you and wants to protect you. I love Toni and I knew that if I didn't do something she would. This was a necessary evil to protect you both. Do you understand my reasoning, Pretty one?" Her southern accent was even stronger because she was trying to convince the small blonde that it was reasonable.

                Melly nodded, "Yes I understand you worried that Toni would confront him physically and you wanted to protect her from that. I agree with that." She looked up at Toni who looked down at her with tear-filled blue eyes.

                Toni pulled Melly closer and kissed the crown of her head as she whispered, "I would go to hell and back for you, Love. Thanks to Loraine, I didn't have to."

                Melly nodded her head against Toni's strong shoulder, "He was a bad man and he had to be stopped."

                Toni's head was now on top of Melly's and her hand was stroking her hair, "Yes, he had to be stopped. My only hesitation was for your sake. I really thought about it that's why I was so long at Loraine's we debated all these issues. In my opinion this was the best outcome. You won and he lost."

                "We won."

                "Ok Children, I think that is enough. The deed is already done and I'm bushed and want to go home." She kissed both women on the cheek, winked at Toni and left the room.

                Come on love, why don't we get some sleep too. We have to get up early and pack." Said Toni gently as she pulled the blanket over them both.

                "I love you..." said Melly as she drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

                "I love you too." Toni looked at her love then snuggled as close to her as she physically could and then followed her into a deep healing sleep.

                ***                ***                ***                ****

                It was a huge newsflash the next morning as the scandal hit every paper in the country. SCANDLE ROCKS HIGH SOCIETY! The article went on to say, "Well known socialite Michael Rogers was caught in a love nest gone wrong by police in a small Maryland town. The former all star college quarterback was caught in a well known four star hotel in a homosexual lover's quarrel. He was discovered with a well known black prostitute who claimed that, "Old Mikey, promised to make me a star. But he lied and he's sick. I was so relived when the police came and rescued me." Aparently the man wanted to be an actor and was told by the wealthy man that he'd back him. Only Rogers was arrested because of attacking his lover and then the police when they were called onto the scene."

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                Toni woke up enjoying the warm weight of her precious one on top of her. She felt a warm mouth kiss her between her breasts. She opened her eyes to find sparkling green ones looking lovingly down at her.

                "What did I do to deserve such a lovely wake up call," Toni purred with a sweet smile.

                A gentle laugh was her gift in return. "My God Toni, what haven't you done for me? You have given me everything."

                "Well it's a fair exchange because you've given me everything too." Then Toni reached up and pulled her love down for a deep loving kiss.

                When they pulled back slightly Melly began her slow descent down with sweet kisses with a determination to show her love how much she means to her. Each kiss was like a sweet lightning bolt for the tall body beneath her. When Melly reached her loves breast. She started to love it with such torturing slowness that Toni couldn't speak she just moaned and tried to push her breast into her loves mouth.

                But Melly took her time and suckled each breast lovingly feeling Toni's strong arms gripping the bed with brute strength. She looked up and met blazing blue eyes dark with need. She smiled and continued to kiss her way down toward her goal.

                When she finally came to the soaking wet mound she kissed it tasting the sweetness on her lips. Toni moaned in ecstasy deep in her throat. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were now closed. Melly smiled and lovingly lapped up the sweet liquid causing Toni to push her center up and grunt out the one word, "Please..."

                "Almost there my love," Melly said sweetly as she kissed her loves apex and then entered it with her tongue. Toni's blood pressure shot through the roof and her grip tightened on the sheets. Then a finger entered her started to pump in and out in the ancient rhythm till Toni stiffened then yelled "Melly!!!" falling over the edge while the busy blonde drank the sweet ambrosia that now poured out of her love.

                 Then Melly crawled up and cuddled the still reacting woman in her arms. Long loving arms pulled her close capturing her in a passionate kiss allowing Toni to taste herself for the first time mingled with the taste of her sweet love, which almost caused her to fall over again.

                When they finally parted in the need of some air, Toni brushed some blonde bangs from the green eyes and said, "You are something so special, did you know that?"

                Melly shrugged and said quietly, "You inspire me."

                "Oh My Melly, that's mutual, I assure you." Said Tony lovingly bringing Melly close and kissing her with all the love in her heart.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                They were in the last inning of a game in Washington DC the opposing team's batter hit the ball with the tip of her bat. It was a pop ball and Melly backed up held out her mitt and it seemed to just plop into it. She looked shocked as she held up her mitt for the referee to see the ball. Her teammates were throwing up their hats and yelling her name joyfully.

                Melly's first solo out won the game for her team and she was carried off the field on her teammates shoulders. Her eyes sought the only eyes that counted when they finally found them focused joyfully up at her she smiled slightly. Sparkling blue eyes glowed with joy. One of the blue eyes winked at her as a familiar war cry echoed through out the stadium.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                They were all alone in the shower. Toni went to the door and made sure they wouldn't be interrupted. The locker room was empty so she closed the door and walked back to the blonde who was innocently washing up. She put her arms around her from behind and pulled her close giving her a loving string of kisses on her sweet neck.

                Melly was shocked but the warm arms around her waist and sweet kisses against her neck had her shooting into orbit.

                "Congratulations my love! That was such a wonderful play. Perfect. I am so proud of you," Toni purred into her ear then she pulled the earlobe into her mouth sucking it gently.

                "" Melly was not really able to say more she was so aroused by the loving assault on her body.

                "Oh you are sooooo welcome," Toni said throatily, as she turned the smaller woman around so they faced each other. "Wait till you see how I congratulate you when we get back to our room." Then she kissed her passionately.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                Two very quiet women stood at the edge of Arlington Cemetery. The wind whipped their hair. They were both dressed in black dresses and wore white gloves. Toni wore one of her Dad's old Fedoras and Melly wore a small hat on the back of her head. Hand in hand they started down a long line of graves following a map that Toni was given so she could find her parents.

                "Toni, how did you get them buried next to each other when they died a whole year apart?" Asked Melly very quietly.

                "I called some friends of my Dad's who called in a few favors," Whispered Toni as she led Melly down a small side street following the map carefully.

                Though her face was stoic, Melly could tell that her love was fighting a flood of emotions. Then they reached the two graves that they were looking for and Toni took a deep shuddering breath. She walked to the graves placing flowers in vases beside each grave of her parents.

She knelt between the two graves and gently stroked the head stones. She had tears falling from her eyes as she said very quietly, "Hi Mom and Dad, I've missed you both so much. I'm finally doing my dream. You both always said I would. You had more confidence in me then I did." She looked up at Melly who was quietly crying watching the tall athlete. She motioned for her love to come closer and held out her hand. Melly knelt beside Toni and took the taller woman's hand holding it tightly.

                "Mom and Dad, This is my, were in love with each other. You always said that would happen too. Isn't she beautiful? Thank you for loving each other and me. You taught me what love is all about. You taught me how to love her. Thank you for that. I love and miss you both so very much. My love for Melly brought you back to me in a way though you were always in my thoughts."

                Melly put her flowers in each grave's vase mingled with Toni's flowers. She looked at the red and yellow roses mingled together. Then her eyes came back to Toni and she hugged her tightly. Toni hugged her back and kissed her cheek tenderly.

                "Say hi to them, Love."

                ", thank you for bringing me Toni. She is the most wonderful person I have ever known. You would be so proud of her. I...I promise I will take care of her for you...."She put her head against Toni's shoulder crying.

                Toni kissed the top of her head and said, "And I will take care of you too, My Melly."

                Melly nodded against her shoulder and said in a whisper, "Forever."

                "And ever," purred Toni as she pulled back and they looked lovingly at the gravesites. "We'll be back very soon, Mom and Dad, I promise you."

                ***                ***                ***                ***

                It was the last inning of the World Series and they were at the bottom of the ninth with two outs. Toni smirked from within her mask as the next batter came up she remembered this girl from when they played before. She signaled Candy to throw it low and inside. She chuckled knowing she couldn't hit them and kept trying for them.

                She and Melly had decided that after the game was over they would stay in New York City till the next season. There was a lot to do there and Melly had a house from her parents that they could live in for the duration.

                Toni was feeling great the first three pitches were balls and she was pretty sure the last one would be too. Then she and Melly could celebrate and plan the rest of their lives together. The smile faded when the hitter not only hit the ball but it was a line drive right down center field toward her Melly. Melly ran back wards with her glove out to protect her face as she ran into position to catch the fast moving ball. All of the sudden Melly felt a sharp pain in the palm of her hand and heard a thwack as the ball hit her glove. Melly looked inside her glove her eyes as big as a baseball she was so shocked to see the ball resting there.

                Toni was stunned for a second too. Then the war cry was heard echoing across the field. She threw her mask and helmet into air as she ran toward her love.
She ran so fast that she was the first to reach the stunned woman hugging her tight. All the other players whooping and hollering came around them till they formed a huge group hug. The Sunflowers won the World Series and it was all because of Melly. She was carried off the field on Toni's shoulders the others following with huge smiles on their faces.

                ***                ***                ****                ****

                They were on the train from Washington to New York City snuggled close together. Toni was reading a novel and Melly was looking out the window with a far away look on her face. Toni looked over the top of her novel and then smiled slightly as she put the book away in her carry all. She gently took Melly's hand, which brought the thoughtful green eyes toward her own.

                Melly then looked alarmed there was a deep emotion behind that calm looking face so the first words out of Melly was, "What's wrong?"

                ", in fact everything is wonderful."

                "Then why do you look like you're about to cry?"

                "Well....I am a bit scared at the moment."

                "Of what?" Melly asked shocked tightening her grip.

                Toni reached out with her other hand gently pushed some hair out of the pretty green eyes letting the hand drift down to caress her cheek. "I've never done what I'm about to do before..."

                Now Melly looked terrified, "What do you mean?" She was sure that Toni was gathering the courage to leave her.

                Reading her loves thoughts as easily as she did one of her novels she knew she had to ask the important question she had on her mind before the smaller woman jumped to the wrong conclusion. "Shhh, stop thinking so negative. I am never going to leave you."

                "How did you know...?"

                "I could read the panic in your eyes," She said as she gently rubbed her thumb against the palm of the smaller hand.

                "Then what are you talking about?"

                "I'm talking about how much I love you. That you mean everything to me. That you are now my life and that I can't live a second of mine with out you...Melly my love, Will you marry me?" Now Toni had tears falling from her eyes and her heart was doing the cha-cha.

                Melly burst into tears and hugged Toni tightly to her. She didn't say anything she just held the tall woman and sobbed against the strong shoulder. Toni hugged her back and stroked her hair but the suspense was killing her. "Is this a yes or a no, love? Please tell me I'm dying here." She whispered right into the little ear.

                Melly pulled back and kissed Toni all over her face not caring that they were in public as she said, "Yes, yes, yes."

                Toni's face turned beet red but her eyes glowed with joy as she pulled slightly back to look into tear-filled happy green eyes. "Thank you. In that case I have a little something for you." She pulled a beautiful pale blue presentation box out of her pocket and handed it to Melly.

                Melly with shaky hands opened it up her eyes widened in reaction to the beautiful pear shaped engagement ring. "For me?"

                Toni nodded as tears fell down her cheeks unashamed and she leaned back against the seat taking the small woman with her. "Yes Sweetheart, it could only be for you. It belonged to my Mom. She must have had it safely in her cabin it was one of the few things they recovered of hers from the wreckage of her ship...Um, Do you like it?"

                "Yes, it's beautiful. I love it. Thank you Toni. I love you so much."

                "I love you too...We can have a real celebration when we reach New York."

                Melly nodded as she leaned against Toni's shoulder and admired the beautiful ring.

                "What's the first thing you want to do when we get there?" Asked Toni trying to get a little balance back to her emotions.

                "Go to our apartment and celebrate this," Said the quiet blonde holding the ring up toward Toni.

                Toni brought the fingers up to her lips kissing them sweetly and said in a very happy contented voice, "Deal."

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