Semper Fi part 2

By Larisa

Disclaimer: See Part 1

The Candidates were standing at ease in the field behind the barracks, the grass was still damp from the night before, the platoon was split up into 3 groups to make training easier each DI instructed them on basic first aid, when it came to CPR they spit them up in to couples. Going into detail as what to do if a drowning happened. Ronnie stepped before Brennan, having her lay on the wet ground, she demonstrated to the others about clearing the air passage way, propping the neck up and how to find the proper placement of their hands to press on the body so as not to break any ribs.

"Now I want everyone to watch what I am doing, with your bunkie. Place the heal of your hand below the breast bone." Running her hands up Brennan's stomach she splayed her fingers so that they were touching the bottom of her breasts, flames showed in her blue eyes removing the coldness that had been their for the last couple of days. "Without pressing i want you to count to 15, those are the number of compression's to be given, then moving to the head you hold them under their neck, clamping the nose close give them 3 breaths, then resume compression's, when the individual has started breathing on their own or help has arrived is when you stop. Now try it after completing it twice switch positions. Brennan's heart beat out of her chest at the feral grin on her lovers face, Ronnie brushed her fingers under heaving breasts, her counting was more like 1 instead of 1-15 for the compression's, turning her back to everyone she moved to Brennan's head. Watching her, Brennan felt fear and arousement course through her body. Leaning over her lover she lingered falling deep into misty green eyes.

"Princess." She whispered. "Relax."

Pressing their lips together gently at first it then became a deep passion starved war of tongues. Breaking the kiss they were both in need of CPR from lack of air. Looking down at a flushed face Ronnie grinned. "Did I do all right?"

"Nope, I think you better try again!"

Ronnie did her quick count then ravaged Brennan's mouth again. Breaking the kiss. She asked on her performance.

"Nope." Brennan giggled. "Let me show you how to give life stealing CPR!"

Switching positions Brennan now attacked Ronnie's lips, the second time around Brennan sucked Ronnie's tongue into her mouth pulling a small groan from her chest, Lisa who was sitting by heard, giving Brennan a swift kick in the ass to break them apart. Crawling to her weak legs Ronnie called the platoon to attention and released them, which surprised everyone. Poni and Jack approached her afterwards. her face flushed and her breathing ragged. She yelped. "What!"

"Now we know why you've been trying to kill everyone?" Poni retorted. "Sexual frustration, ya think, Jack?"

"Oohhh yeahhh!!! Ya think we could get away with what she just pulled?"

"Not a chance!"

"Will you two amazons stop acting like I'm not here!"

"Ya know Poni, I think the old warrior here knocked off one of the Candies just so she could have her little princess all to herself!"

"Must have been that body they found in the ditch on the way to mainside!"

"All right jarheads, I'm going to run the course, see ya later."

The Sgt.'s were hiding out in their truck waiting for Ronnie to start the course, within minutes she came running by in full deuce gear including the old bullet proof vest that after 10 minutes felt like it weighed 200lbs. "She's finally gone off the deep end jack, come on we better track her in case she passes out." Giving Ronnie a couple of minutes head start, they headed off into the woods to keep an eye on her.

An hour later after the Sgt.'s had the shit scared out of them by Ronnie sneaking up behind them and jumping on them they decided to go back to their truck and wait.

"Jack where is she? She should have come out by now, how many times can she run the course?"

"I got a bad feeling, something's not right Poni, you get the princess, I'm gonna start back by the airwing gym and work my way back, you two split up and walk from this end."

Poni grabbed Brennan and Lisa from the barracks, figuring Lisa knew the course as well as her and jack, she could start from down by the Demo platoons Quonset hut and work her way from that end, once they all met up they would have covered a shape similar to a large triangle. on either side of the trail that the course was on was all kinds of drop off's, quiqley pits, ravines and a scummy pond covered in duckweed not to mention the copper heads and cotton mouths lerking around. Brennan took off through the trees, her heart pounding out off her chest from worry over her lovers disappearance.

Ronnie was running down one of the paths that was no longer used because of it's dangerous ravines that could only be crossed by running across a downed log over them. she had made it across two of them and was on the last one before she would cut back over to join the main trail that would bring her back to the beginning. Half way across she heard the cracking of wood, taking one more step she felt the log break throwing her body to the other half she clung for life, pulling herself along the log and mentally kicking herself for wearing all this damn gear, She had almost made it to the other side when the ropes holding the log to the other side rotten from never being replaced in years gave. Ronnie's end started to drop the 12foot into the ravine, with almost 250lbs excess weight on her body she could do nothing but fall and pray to the gods she survived, as she dropped all she thought of were misty green eyes. She yelled her lovers name as she dropped to the rock strewn ground below.

Brennan and Poni were about 25 foot apart 3/4 of the way up the trail when Poni heard a loud crack penetrate the air, stopping she listen further, it was hard to tell just where the sound came from, a few minutes later she heard what she thought was Brennan's name being yelled. Brennan's breath caught in her chest when she heard her name, running towards the direction it came from she came upon the ravine, looking down she could just make out cami's beneath part of a huge log. "Ronniiiie!!!!!" Sliding down the loose dirt she crawled over to her lover. "Ronnie, oh gods answer me, Ronnie." She cried, removing the steel helmet covering her lovers head, she noticed the long cut above her dark eyebrow, blood flowed down her temple to collect in her dark hair, her right cheek and eye were an ugly color and swelling. Tears flowed down her cheeks. "Oooohhh gooodddsss don't take her!" Throwing her head back she screamed for Poni.

Poni was heading towards where she had last seen Brennan when she heard her name screamed, running like the hounds of hell were behind her she came to the ravine, seeing them down there she launched off of the edge landing just a few feet from them.

"Damn you to tartarus Ronnie!" Checking for a pulse, she found one but it was thready. Brennan cradling her lovers head in her lap pleaded with Poni to do something. Standing up she looked at where the log lay across her friends stomach. "I can't lift this by myself, I need help." getting up she crawled to the edge of the ravine, sending out a whistle that pierced the air. Brennan's head popped up flash's of a forgotten past shot through her brain. seconds later another call was heard, then another one answering back. sliding back down to her friends Poni looked into the tear filled eyes.

"I know what those whistles meant Poni, I remember."

Poni knelt down behind Brennan, pulling her against her chest she rested her chin on top of her head. "It just keeps repeating itself doesn't it Princess?"

"What seemed like a lifetime went by before Lisa dropped down to join them. with Lisa's help Poni was able to lift the log off of Ronnie, seconds later they heard a horn blaring in the distance.

"That's Jack, she's come up the fire break."

Brennan was unbuckling Ronnie's gear while the other two went to get the back board from the truck and help jack with the first aid gear they kept there. Once she was on the backboard and out of the ravine Poni and Lisa went to retrieve her gear.

"Dite's tits." Poni groaned. "What has she got in this pack?" Opening the flap she pulled out 4 sand bags. "Look at what the idiot has in here Lisa, I told you guys she was nuts!" Lugging everything up they took off towards Stafford with Jack driving, Poni up front, Lisa and Brennan in the back keeping Ronnie from moving around.

"Aren't we going to the hospital?" Questioned Brennan.

"Nope." Replied Lisa. "We can handle this, she gives us good practice.... all the time!"

They had her in bed and Lisa was checking her for internal injuries when a tall dark haired women with silvery blue eyes came into the room. "How bad this time?" She asked. "Hey Aunt M, no worse than when she decided to play evil Knievel on the Amtrak trails." Pulling a quilt over her cousin Lisa gave her aunt a hug. "Come on lets go see the others.

Entering the kitchen Lisa and her aunt found Poni raiding the refrigerator and Jack comforting Brennan.

"Hey Melissa, how's it going, wanna beer!"

"Nothing phases you does it Poni? Jack how do you put up with her?

"Well the last time was let me see." Jack grinned. "Bondage, keeps her busy for awhile, oh Brennan this is captain Melissa Wilkins, mine and Poni's CO, and Ronnie's mother."

Brennan's mouth dropped open. "Your CO, and Ronnie's mother, oh gods I'm in trouble right?"

"No, far from it, I'm your savior."

"My savior, I don't understand."

"Aaaahhh don't worry, she's one of us not to mention your CO's main squeeze."

"Well Jack." Melissa laughed. "Your woman sure has a way with words, something's never change."

"Brennan, go see your woman, and don't worry I'll take care of everything with your CO." Jack touched her shoulder. "Go on."

She sat on a wooden crate beside their bed holding Ronnie's hand, a few hours had gone by and Ronnie was still unconscious, everyone had gone except Lisa, who said she would hang around a little longer, since just living 2 minutes down the driveway from Ronnie, she would wait until Lori got home then return to base in the morning. Brennan had dozed off with her head on the edge of the mattress, she jerked awake when she felt her fingers being squeezed. "Bre"

"Ronnie, gods you had me scared, how are you feeling? Don't you ever do anything like that again or I'll kick you into the next lifetime." Grabbing a glass of water she eased Ronnie up so she could drink. "Why aren't you on base, oh gods my chest hurts."

"Your mother said she would take care of everything, why didn't you tell me your mother was your CO?"

"It's top secret, only 5 people know, well 6 counting you, come here." Moving over she pulled her lover on to the bed beside her. "I love you Bre!" Kissing her neck Brennan replied. "back at ya, Lisa told me that if you hadn't had that flack jacket on your chest would have been crushed, and that the sand bags in your pack broke your fall and Poni wants to kick your ass!"

"Ha ha ha, ooowww...I feel like a truck hit me, and I can't see a damn thing out of my eye."

Smoothing the hair from her forehead Brennan placed a soft kiss to her lovers bruised and swollen cheek. "Lisa had to put 12 stitches above you eyebrow, and you have one hell of a black eye, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, anything!"

"What were you doing?"

"Aaahhmmm, working off frustration!"

"Did it work?"

"Nope, now it's worse and I'm to sore to do anything about it!"

"Well, we'll see what we can do about that later, right now you need some rest."

Brennan got up from their bed moving across the room she stopped at the sound of her name. "Bre, don't leave me!"

"I'll never leave you, I looked for you to long to do that!"

Saturday found one bruised, frustrated and pissed off gunny polishing the chrome on her hog while her princess straddled the bitch pad. "Do you have to sit like that?"

"Like what?" An innocent look on her face.

"Like that!" Pointing to her spread legs. "You trying to kill me?"

"Oohhh, you mean sitting here like this." Spreading her legs wider. "With no underwear on?"

"That's funny princess, no what would be even funnier?"

"Nope, what?"

"This!" Ronnie turned the garden hose on her, Bre took off running with Ronnie behind her. "Come back, I think you need cooled off some more!" She rounded the corner of the house to find Bre with the hose crimped in her hand. "No fair Bre, you get me all hot and now you won't let me work it off by drowning you!"

"I could think of drowning in a much more enjoyable way, oh horny warrior of mine." Dropping the hose Bre walked up to Ronnie and straddled her muscular thigh, sliding from her knee up she grabbed her ass. "I think you've suffered enough for the CPR training and trying to be Xena in the revine, but first you have to catch me!" Ronnie found her straddling her bike once again. "That was to easy Bre!" Brennan pulled off the old shirt of Ronnie's and tossed it at her. "I now why the guys call it a bitch pad but can you get me off without starting up the bike?"

Pressing up against her lover she ran her tongue across her top lip, flicking it lightly with the very tip. Dragging her short nails down the bare skin of her back causing chills to travel up her spine, kneading her ass Ronnie pulled her up tight against her grinding hips. Her tongue slipped inside her ear then around the outside. Brennan felt flames settle between her thighs being fed further with each thrust of hips, moving her hands in between them she undid Ronnie's Levi's sliding them down along with her boxer shorts, their wet curls meeting, Ronnie growled into her ear. Then she felt small fingers slip between her nether lips. After licking her fingers Bre whispered in Ronnie's ear. "Wanna earn your scuba pin?"

More growling was heard from her lover. Lips and tongue worked their way frantically down her body to her wet blond curls, Ronnie placed Bre's legs over her shoulders, burying her face she licked with the flat of her tongue. Brennan leaned back bracing herself on the seat, her hips grinding against a probing tongue. Ronnie pushed her tongue in feeling quivering muscles."

"Ronnie, growl ooohhh.... please....growl!"

Feeling the vibration against her she came covering her lovers chin with warm juices that continued to flow with each contraction. spent she fell forward over Ronnie's back, easing her down to the grass they lay entangled in Ronnie's Levi's.

"Do I get my scuba pin princess?"

"Oooohhh yeeeaaahh!!! Plus any other medal you want!"

"There is one I don't have yet." Wiggling her eyebrows. "My red wings."

"Red wings? I don't think I've.....oh gods Ron, your sick!"

Brennan pulled herself in to a sitting position, turning around she started to pull the tangled Levi's off of her lovers feet, before she had both feet free she felt fingers slid inside her. "Roooonniee, your bad.. baadd warrior!" Ronnie used Bre's thighs to pull herself down to meet her fingers. Teasing with her tongue she brought her princess back up to the edge, bending over Bre sucked a very swollen nub into her mouth, keeping in rhythm with each other Ronnie came first followed by her lover when the war cry vibrated against her swollen lips. Rolling off to the grass Bre laid there completely spent. They cuddled against each other and watched the stars come across the night sky.

Jack and Poni found a party to crash in triangle, it was being held by one of the female MP's. Her house was packed with women, the bathtub was filled with ice and every kind of beer in Virginia, bottles of liqueur were in the sink chilling in ice and on the kitchen table was a huge punch bowl with some purple stuff in it, right next to a half eaten water melon which rumor has it drank half a gallon of everclear. Cloths where piled up in the middle of the floor in the living room, some woman ran around naked but the rest were covered in every color of bed sheet they could find. the partiers decided it as time to invade triangle. 25 stormed down the streets yelling toga toga, hail Caesar. They had gotten about a mile up RT1 when they heard sirens then seen blue lights flashing on dark green cruisers. "Oooohhh shit pons, heres they comes, gottsa runs for it!" Hiking up her toga jack took off with Poni behind her. Charging at a stumbling gait they headed for the woods. Stopping to catch their breath jack looked at her lover. "Pons, whats waz that's purple stuff?" One of Poni's eye's wouldn't stay open. "Thinks it's mojo." She slurred. "Tastes like koolaide." They made it to the side gate which was closed every night at dark. Looking through the guardshack window at the phone inside Jack sighed. "Knows what wover, cants drive, MP's wooking for Romans." Poni gave her a lopsided toothy grin. Reaching inside the top of her toga she pulled out her K-Bar and waved it in the air with an unsteady hand. "Tit-bar!" Jacks mouth fell open, Poni jimmied the door open, grabbing the phone she dialed with great difficulty with her one blurry eye. When the phone was answered all she could get out was. "We's drunk gets us sides gate."

20 minutes later a 4x4 truck pulled up to find two toga clad jarheads leaning against each other and the shack passed out.

"Damn Amazons." Mumbled Lisa tossing them in the back she knew she couldn't take them back to the barracks, there was no way she could get them up the back stairs to their room and no way in tartarus was she gonna go right through the front doors and ask the duty for help. nope only one place for them. She laughed all the way down the road.

Climbing out of the truck she got in back, putting her head between her friends she whispered in their ears. "Amazons, were being attacked by men, hurry in the hut, go." Two quick slaps woke them up. "Jack.. mens.. hut..." grabbing her lovers hand she pulled her out of the back of the bed. Stumbling through the door Lisa counted to 10 when she heard screams and a war cry, jumping in her truck she fled home.

"Son of a bitch, Poni get off me, you simple bitch! uuuggghhh!!! Jaaaaccccck....stop biting me!!! Ronnie and Bre were pinned under them, within seconds four women were tangled in sheets, the whole mass rolled on to the floor, Bre got loose, crawling across the heap of rolling bodies she hit the light on, jumping back onto the pile she started pulling on arms and legs sinking her teeth in to a limb here and there. Ronnie had Poni and Jack in headlocks while Bre still rolled around now tangled with the sheets, a leg moved in front of her, grabbing it she sunk her teeth in only to hear her lover scream "Breeennaan!!!!!" A blond head popped up. "Sorry baby!"

Two unconscious jarheads lay on the floor, throwing a blanket over them, Ronnie climbed back into bed. "Come on Princess, Roman orgies get me hot!"

Standing at the stove fixing eggs Ronnie sang at the top of her lungs in a rich alto. "From the walls of Brennan's pussy, to the firmness of her ass, I will lick my lovers nipples in the air, on land and sea. first I.... Oooowwww!" She spun around to find Brennan holding the flipper which had seconds earlier made contact with her bare ass.

"That's funny, new version of the Marine Corps hymn oh demented warrior of mine?"

"Uuuhhmm, yep, you like?" She asked giving her toothiest grin.

"You scare me sometimes Ronnie." Looking under her lovers arm at the eggs burning in the frying pan she snatched the pan off the stove. "These ones are for the coma patients, they deserve all this grease and burnt stuff, why don't you go wake them up." Kissing the top of a blond head Ronnie grabbed a pot and metal spoon. "Back in a minute." With a raised eyebrow Brennan turned to watch her leave.

Banging on the pot Ronnie yelled. "Rise and shine Amazons rise and shine!"

"Oooohhhh my head, please tell me I'm dead!"

"Not even close jack!" Ronnie grabbed Poni's ear. "Come on Caesar, time to get up breakfast is almost done!"

Two moaning women crawled across the floor heading towards the kitchen. they sat with their heads buried in their arms. Ronnie sat across from them. "Howd you guys get here anyway?"

Jack mumbled from the table. "I don't know but I think someone dragged us under an Amtrak, my whole body hurts!"

Poni threw her leg up on the table to examine the tender flesh on the inside of her thigh. "Jack did you bite me?

Brennan bit one side of her bottom lip as she dropped her head.

"Aahhh, no that would be me, sorry Poni!"

"You could have gone a little higher ya know. Oooowwwoooww!
that's my ear."

"Keep it up Poni and I'll be wearing it with my dog tags!"

"Hey Ronnie did I ever tell you what Jack likes me to do with her dog tags? She......yeeeoooowww... hey that was my hair!"

"No one will know it's missing down there!"

"See what you started princess?" Ronnie chuckled.

"Oooohhh no, I'm not taking the blame for your jarheads, their all yours, sweetheart!"


Trouble brewed in the field, never caring what anyone said about her, Ronnie became quite livid at what was being said about her lover by the grunts in the field. Sitting by the fire in the middle of their bivouac (by the way this is Greek for camp) Ronnie ground her teeth so hard her jaws hurt, muscles stressed tight like bowstrings, she could hardly contain her fury! All the candidates were in their shelterhalfs, which formed a circled perimeter around the fire, off a distance where the grunts who would help train the women on field maneuvers the following day. Having escorted them on their march to TBS the men had a lengthy time to eyeball the young women, one in particular caught their lecherous eyes.

"Man, Hernandez what I wouldn't do to spend some time with that little blond in a fox hole on a cold night, just looking at her put me at fullmast!" The scumbag grabbed his crotch for emphasis.

Ronnie's blood pressure was climbing by the second.

"Well you know what they say about WAM'S {wide ass marines, I hate this term} they swing the wrong way, Vanderson."

"Well one night with me and I'd make a real woman out of her, I'd fuck her till she couldn't walk!"

"Sounds like operation D to me, and ya know once it gets dark and all the gunfire nobody can her a damn thing, whadya say to a good old grunt exercise?"

"Your on, but rank takes top."

Ronnie was walking around the fire headed in their direction when Poni stepped in front of her. "No Ron, let them go, their not worth your career, their just running their jaws, come on it's my watch now go get some sleep!" Ronnie shook her head then turned towards where her shelter half sat next to Poni and Jacks, grabbing her mummy bag she slipped out the back flap, walking behind the shelterhalfs she found Brennans. laying out her bag she blocked the rear flap knowing that the front was watched by Poni and with her at the back no one would get past her.

The candidates sat on the metal bleachers listening to the male instructors explain how boobytraps worked, the proper throwing of grenades and what to do if one falls in your fox hole. having received their M-16's the week before he told showed them the proper way of moving through the trees with it, to many Marines had been injured by their own rifle on maneuvers.

Pitch darkness came bringing with it a ferocious SDI, stalking through the trees as the tracer rounds flew over her head from m50 and m-16 and mortars. She was pissed at herself for losing Brennan in the mock war, there where to many sets of cami's running through the trees, bodies jumping in and out of fox holes to scurrying seconds later to another one working their way to the other side of the trees, in full combat gear it was hard to tell male from female, with all the grease paint on their faces their features were disfigured further. Poni and Jack where out there somewhere trying to keep an eye out for trouble, but with so many bodies running around it was hard to do anything. Ronnie took to the trees hoping she would be able to see better when the phosphorus flares went up illuminating the area below.

"Brennan had been separated from the others when her night vision was lost for a few seconds from one of the flares going off close to her, waiting for her eyes to return to normal she stayed where she was. rubbing her eyes to get the burning to stop from all the smoke floating through the air she never seen the two bodies in cami netting come up behind her. A hand covered her mouth roughly while an arm went under her arms and around her ankles, she struggled against them, kicking her legs trying to break free but it was useless, who ever they were they knew what they were doing. dragging her off into the trees she couldn't tell in which direction they was going. She was thrown to the ground and straddled by one while the other tied her hands to a tree. she felt her belt being ripped off her body, she tried to scream but the hand clamped down hard, bringing her knee up she hit him in the back throwing him on her. "You stupid bitch!" he brought his hand back punching her in the mouth splitting her lip, lights danced before her eyes, darkness started to claim her until she felt the knife cut through her webbed harness belt, cami jacket and T-shirt nicking her skin as it came towards her throat. blood ran down between her breasts. The one who had tied her arms was now tearing her cami trousers off her.

"Come on Vanderson, slam the bitch so I can have my turn!"

"Hold the bitches legs, cuz if she kicks me again I'm gonna snap her neck.

Ronnie scanned the area with the last flare, about 200 meters off she seen movement but couldn't tell what if anything it was, it looked like bushes but with the pink flare it was hard to tell. with the next flare she watched that area and seen the shapes gone, fear pierced her heart. dropping from the tree she ran with total unabandoned fear of being hit by a tracer round. branches slapped at her gear and body then a red flash burst in front of her face hitting the ground she moaned, rolling to her knees she covered her face, tears came to her eyes as a scream came to her ears, standing on wobbly legs she half stumbled half ran in that direction. through tears she seen movement of three bodies struggling. rage tore through her screaming her battle cry she ran.

"Oooohhh fuck!" Poni took off running in the direction of the unmistakable war cry. running past Jack on her way she grabbed her monkey harness by the straps jerking her to her feet. "Come on there's trouble!"

The full force of enraged warrior hit Vanderson broadside, knocking the air from his lungs, Hernandez shocked at what had just happened froze, cold icy eyes bore right threw him, his eardrums pierced by a scream like none ever heard before, he was lifted by his throat and slammed into a tree knocking him out cold. Vanderson staggered to his feet rubbing his ribs he gulped air, moving to the whimpering body on the ground her kicked her in the side of her face then her ribs suffered the same, kneeling on her chest he punched her only to be grabbed around the throat and thrown to the ground.

Poni and Jack burst through the trees to see Ronnie pounding a body into the ground, the screams coming from her sent chills up their spines, rage was an understatement for what was going through Ronnie's mind. Poni jumped her knocking her off the body, holding her down Poni even with her bulk struggled, catching the feral insane look on her friends face she shivered.

"Ronnie stop, for gods sake it's me, you gotta stop now!"

The red haze of rage cleared from her head as she looked into camel colored eyes. "Breeeennaaaan!"

Jack knelt beside an unconscious Brennan, running her hands across her cheek her hand came away wet and sticky. "Oooohhh gods!" Tears flowed unchecked down her cheeks "Ponnii... go get help!" Ronnie crawled to her lover, seeing her trousers around her knees she tried to pull them up while Jack cut the ropes holding her hands to the tree. A white flare went up above them as it drifted closer Ronnie seen a dark trail pooling on Brennans stomach. dipping her fingers in it she felt that it was warm and sticky. a wail came from deep in her chest, taking 10 years off Jack's life. She picked Brennan up in her arms and cradled her head to her chest, tears poured down her face. Jack sat in front of them with her arms around Ronnie rocking them as they cried.

All they heard was a commotion coming through the trees.

"Get the fuck outta my way you stupid asshole!"

"You heard her move your ass or i will!" Yelled Poni.

Lisa and Poni dropped down beside their friends, but where pushed to the side as corpsman tried to pull Brennan from Ronnie's arms.

"Get away from her!" Ronnie pushed a squid {navy personnel} away. Jack pulled the men aside "Give us the stretcher we'll get her to the ambulance, you take care of the scum over there!" Pointing to Hernandez and Vanderson.

Looking on the ground behind her Poni saw the unconscious Marine as she stepped back she ground the heel of her combat boot in his groan feeling the flesh give beneath her heel she growled with a sound close to pleasure. Lisa grabbed her and pulled her away. "come on Poni, we gotta get her out of here." Pointing to Ronnie. "Before she starts killing!"

Three female marines sat in the waiting room at the hospital on mainside as one paced back and forth wearing the floor tiles away. Their gear was piled against the wall except for the K-Bar slapping the palm of Ronnie's hand. Capt. Wilkins came running down the hall at break neck speed, seeing her daughter she stopped before her, taking the knife from her hand she tossed it to Poni. Cupping her daughters face she watched as the walls crumpled behind her eyes, pulling her in to a fierce hug she felt the flood gates release into choking sobs, sinking to the floor she held her until she fell asleep.

Hours later a doctor ushered a threatening Ronnie to the ICU area. Brennan laid in a hospital bed with tubes running out of her arms, stitches could be seen in her lip and cheek, a bright white bandage was wrapped around her head with blood seeping through. fresh tears pooled in Ronnie's eyes at the sight of her lover.

"Gunny, you can't stay to long, she needs..."

Ronnie spun on him growling through clenched teeth.


The frieghtened doctor returned to the waiting room to find 4 vicious women 3 of them still in green face paint and one with silver intense eyes glaring at him. The silvered eyed one came towards him making him step back trapping himself against the bulkhead.

"Now tell me how she is or I'll turn that marine you took to see her loose on this hospital, got that."

"Go mom!" the others yelled.

"Ok ok, she has a concussion from what we can tell it was from a kick, she has the imprint of a combat boot to her temple, we put 14 stitches in the side of her head, 22 in her cheek and 6 on the inside of her lip and 4 outside, 9 between her breasts that where from when her cloths where cut off, 3 of her ribs were broke, and she has numerous cuts and bruises, she is heavily medicated and sleeping. We will know more of her head injure in the morning.

Jack stepped forward. "Was she?"

"No! She was not violated!" Sighs of relief were heard.

"What about the assholes that didn't to her." Poni asked. "Are they alive?"

"One of them is at the brig sickbay with a concussion, the other one aahhmm... is still in surgery having reconstructive surgery on his face, we are waiting for a urologist." Lisa elbowed a smirking Poni. "To get here from Bethesda naval hospital for the rest of the reconstructive surgery." He cleared his throat and smiled at them. "He deserved worse than he got!"

"Thank you doctor, how long before we can see her." Capt. Wilkins asked.

"Not until tomorrow morning, I must go now to check on other patients."

The Capt. turned to her daughters friends and her niece, looking at the floor she shook her head. "I can't help Ronnie with this, those Marines are going to press charges against her, this is going to be one huge mess, the NIS and CID are going to investigate this because of the injuries and with it being an attempted rape."

"We understand." Jack replied. "Is there anything we can do in her defense?"

"Just tell the investigators what you know, then we wait and see. I'm gonna go see Ronnie, you guys get back to the barracks, everyone was pulled out of the field and are back at ocs.

Ronnie looking like hell had tried to wipe the grease paint off her face, to stop after finding she had burns from when the tracer round had hit her helmet dropping bits of the phosphorous onto her skin, her eyebrow had been opened again from a branch or when she hit Vanderson, she had no idea, in her rage she felt no pain. sitting on a chair next to the bed she held Brennans small hand in hers. Her mother stood in the door way watching, her heart went out to her stoic daughter whom very seldom showed any emotion, seeing her now she understood just how deeply her feelings where for this little blond, and because of it, it may be the end of their careers in the Corps.

Standing to the side Capt. Wilkins gazed down at Brennan's sleeping form, running her hand through her daughters dark tresses.

"The doctor said she'll be fine, she just needs to rest."

Ronnie broke contact with her lovers face to look up at her mother. "ma she wasn't...." tears pooled in her eyes as she looked to the bruises covering Brennan. "No Ronnie she wasn't, you kept that from happening, I don't need to tell you what is going to happen to you for what you did to those Marines, this is more serious than any of the other times, the one guy will be disfigured for the rest of his abnormal life not to mention he will be squatting to piss from now on." Ronnie's eyebrows drew together with this news, not remembering much of the beating she gave him.


Brennan was released from the hospital 5 days later, pissed be on words, two days after she had awoke the MP's came and took Ronnie away, when Jack and Poni came to see her they told her that she had been put on barracks restriction to await the investigation and the hearing before the judge advocate. Brennan had been put on light duty until her ribs healed and was able to finish her training, but that didn't help the fact that Ronnie was being held in her room on mainside and she was at OCS, she was bouncing off the walls and Lisa was at a loss as to what to do for her friend, Poni and Jack gave her messages form Ronnie but it still didn't help the fact that she wanted to be with Ronnie.

She couldn't stand it anymore being stuck in her room was killing her, if not for the fact that every hour up until 2100 she had to trek across the back of the barracks to H&SBn to check in with the duty, she knew she would have beat someone into a pulp to break the boredom. she got letters from Brennan via Poni and Jack everyday and in just a short time they were worn enough from reading to look like they belonged in the Smithsonian. While she was down stairs her ma showed up to tell her that NIS and CID had interviewed the two male marines about the night in the field, and where going to be seeing Lisa, Poni and Jack the next day, so she was to plan on being next. after her ma left she headed over to check in with the duty.

Poni and Jack pulled to the back of the barracks parking their truck they took off running to the basement door with, scouting the area for anyone in the laundry room, they ran down the dark area that led to the back stairs to the NCO quarters, at each landing they checked the hallway for marines until the reached the third floor. Poni went through the hatch first, running down to the next one she stood watch, when the area was clear they sprinted down the hall, Poni with her tit-bar slipped the lock.

"Pon you scare me with that thing, why must you carry it their? Her lover asked.

"What else am I suppose ta do with all this cleavage?"

"How come I've never found it there when you know we ahh."

"Becuz, ya always go lower first, gives me time ta toss it!"

Jack blushed red, she just couldn't help where her mind went first when it came to her lover! "ok pons, I got it, lets go before she gets back and beats us to death." As they went down towards their room they ran into Ronnie. "Hey Ron, done with the assholes for the night, you know with checking in?" Questioned Jack.

Ronnie gave them a funny look, they were up to no good, she just knew it, Poni never could keep a poker face around her. "Yeah, I'm done until tomorrow morning, why don't you come on down to my room and well hang out for awhile?"

"Ahhhh, we'd." looking to Poni. "Aaahhh like to but we have laundry to do, yeah that's it, you know Poni the pig, she won't wash cloths, so she wears my underwear!" Jack gave her a raised eyebrow.

"Like I." A stern look form Jack. "Just love her thongs, yep that's it, makes me feel close to her all day long, yep sure know Ron she....owowowow!!!!! That's my tit!"

"Yep sure is, well Ron gotta go see ya!"

Ronnie shook her head as she walked down the hall, she could still hear her friends as they went. "Poni one of these days, thongs? You no damn well I don't wear thongs!"

"Oh, well that must have been....Yeow! Just kidding sweetheart, I would love to see you in one of those little thongs, a nice black leather one, oh boy makes my blood boil just thinking about it, will ya?

"Will I what?" Poni gave her a pleading look. "Ya know wear one for me?" Coming to their door Jack pushed her in. Would ya settle for nothin for now?" As the door closed an amazon war cry was heard.

Ronnie talked to herself on her walk down the hall. "They sure are sick bitches, leather thongs really!" A huge grin covered her face at the thought of her top drawer full of leather thongs. She walked into her now dark room, feeling something amiss, she crouched, seeing movement on her rack she pounced, fully intending to kill who ever was there, with her fist raised ready to pound she heard her name whispered, flipping the light on she gazed down into misty green eyes. "Oh gods, Bre I'm sorry, I didn't know!" Pulling her close she kissed her neck. "how did you get in here?" Realization hit. "Ooohh no they didn't!" Kissing the soft lips of her lover she whispered in her ear. "Remind me to thank them in the morning!"


Cami's flew through the air caused by Jack's inpatient hands, holding Poni's foot in her hands she pulled on her boot, with all her strength she tugged, Poni put her other foot on her lovers ass and pushed, the boot came free sending Jack through the air to land on her stomach across their rack. A yell was heard from outside from someone down below. Poni crawled on top of Jack's back, pushing blond curly hair out of the way she nuzzled soft skin. "What was that yell?" she mumbled against her lovers skin. "Ya know your boot, well it kinda went out the window!" Raising her head she glanced at the opened window. "Oh well, whats another one!" Pulling Jack's T-shirt up over her shoulders trapping her arms Poni ran her tongue up her lovers spine, nipping her skin across muscled shoulders she felt the body below her squirm, pushing her naked hips against a cami covered tight ass she moaned. Sliding her hands down along Jack's ribs she reached her web belt, pulling it free she then undid the buttons and pulled trousers and underwear down around tanned thighs. Jack could feel the wet curls of her lover when she ground her hips. Pulling heated skin into her mouth Poni sucked at the back of the neck, rolling Jack over with out breaking contact she continued to assault her lovers skin. "Aaahhh....harder Pon!" While Poni squeezed firm breasts in her strong hands she sucked harder. kicking her legs free of her trousers Jack wrapped her legs around thrusting hips. she felt a strange sensation in the side of her neck and face but ignored it, wrapping her fingers in dark hair she forced Poni to let go, and receive a growl for it. after. pulling her lovers lips to her she nipped a full lower lip. Running her tongue across white teeth Jack gained entrance. her kiss deepened plunging her tongue inside as one hand found wet swollen lips. slipping 3 fingers inside she swallowed a moan from Poni. bracing her hand against her own aroused lips she pushed up to Poni, locked together they thrust as one. ragged breathing and moans could be heard from the lovers as they pushed each other higher towards the heavens. Within seconds they were overcome by thunderous orgasms. screaming was heard through out the third deck. All that was heard from room 333 was laughing from a dark SDI and her blond princess.

Between ragged breaths Jack kissed Poni's lips." It's never been that intense before!" Camel colored eyes crinkled at the edges. "I never thought of ya in a leather thong before!"

"Guess I'll have to get one then!"

"Can we do somethin else I've been dreamin about doin ta little Jack, huh baby, can I huh huh?"

Jack groaned. "That all depends, is it gross and disgusting?"

"Me!" In a shocked voice she squeaked. "Gross and disgusting, I'm aahhh...a sheepish grin formed on her face. "Guilty!" reaching into their night stand she pulled out a jar of blackberry jelly, showing to a groaning Jack she pleaded. "Pleeease baby, I promise afterwards we can shower and aahhh try out our new pulsating shower head!"

"You dirty dog, but only if I get to use this!" Leaning under the bed Jack pulled out a can of whipped cream. She was answered by a war cry.

Ronnie and Brennan lay in the very uncomfortable rack, with their added weight the center bar kept digging into their lower backs, so they tossed the paper thin mattresses on the floor along with the blankets and pillows.

Brennan rolled over putting her chin on Ronnie's chest. "I never asked you about that night, how did you know it was me that they had?" Ronnie was silent for a while trying to put into words how she had felt that night. "It's hard to explain, it was like something inside was screaming, I felt...pain....anger. All sorts of things went through me, it's weird."

"Whats going to happen with all this, I mean with us, I don't want to loose you! If they discharge you then what."

"Don't worry about it ok, let me ask you something what do you think of leather thongs?

To be continued.

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