It Takes A Thief

by Teagen2


Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Alternative and Sexual Content Warning: This story also contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: This story is the second installment to my "law-less" series, called so because each has a crime within. The first being Standoff. Each is an independent story. The characters differ. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to

Long day. Very long day. All I want is for this day to end. I smile as I pull into my driveway. I’m home. Ten hour shifts kill me. I lock up my car and feel a sense of relief as I step up to my front door. Taking out my keys, I start to unlock my door. "Shit." In my haste to leave this morning, I left my door unlocked. I walk in, locking it behind me. Taking off my jacket, I toss it on the back of the couch. I moved into the kitchen. As soon as I passed through the doorway, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. There was a presence in my house, another person. Coward. He’s hiding. I turn left and see nothing. I turn right and see nothing. I quietly moved around the counter.

The moment I was behind the counter, a small blur stood from its hiding place and ran through the doorway. Nice move, waiting until the door was clear. He made one fatal mistake. He went for the door. The door was now locked. There was no need to run full force after him. Whoever it was still trying to get the door open by the time I got into the living room. "Hold it." I said in my sternest voice. I realized, with a smile, that it was a small woman. This will be fun. Scare the kid a little. Instead of running, she hysterically pulled on the doorknob. "Stop it." I reached around her neck, with my arm, I pulled her backwards away from the door. Her hands went to my arm as it tightened around her neck. She clawed at me in a panic. I spun her in a circle, trying to hold on to her. Several things crashed to the floor. I realized she was terrified enough. I released her neck. Thinking she was free, she made a run for it. She managed to worm out of my grasp. She was heading for my bedroom. "Damn it." I swear under my breath, for letting her go. She was trying to find the window lock to open the window when I caught up with her.

Grabbing her again, I pulled her away from the window. This time I grabbed her around the waist. "Please let me go." she strained, trying to get away. This time I was ready. She wasn’t getting away again. Hooking her foot, I tripped her. She fell face forward onto the floor. Bringing one arm back, I pinned her firmly on the floor. Luckily my phone was right next to us. I didn’t have to loosen my grip much to reach it. I quickly dialed 911. My invader became extremely quiet and still as I filled in the operator. Despite the woman’s wish of staying on the line, I hung up after giving her the information they needed. I tossed the phone onto the bed and leaned the rest of my body weight on my prisoner. "Owww." she whimpered. My heart contricted with hearing her pain.

"I’m sorry." I heard myself say and I eased up on the pressure I was applying. What the hell was I saying? She was now crying. I don’t think it was a physical pain. "Why?" Silence. "Why should I let you go?" She sniffed.

"I didn’t take anything." she said shakily.

"How do I know that?" I countered angrily. "Am I supposed to take your word for it? I’m not that stupid."


I heard the sirens approaching. I heard thumping as several people ran into my house and straight for my bedroom. Three police officers appeared behind me. "Okay. Let her go." I immediately let go and moved away. She didn’t put up any kind of resistance as they cuffed her and escorted her out of my house. For the first time, I got a clear look at her face. Her face was red from the struggle and crying, but she was beautiful. She had a childlike face. She did not look like a home invader. She looked as if she could never hurt anyone. She did choose to run and not attack me. She chose to continue to get away and never once did she try to hurt me, even when I hurt her. I made sure the police knew that. She never met my eyes or even looked at me as she was being pulled away.


With all the excitement over, the officer handed me a form to fill out. "You write down anything that was damaged or taken." he says. I nod, unable to form a word as I unconsciously follow the girl with my eyes through the living room window. They are shoving her into a car. "Ma’am?"

"Uhhh yeah. Got it."

"You’ll need to come down to the station at your convenience....You do wish to press charges." Why am I having to think about it? She broke into my house.

"Yeah, I guess." He nodded and wrote something down on his clipboard. He began to walk out of the front door.


Just as I was closing the door behind him, I noticed Eva jogging across my lawn. Eva has been my next door neighbor for over five years. "Hey, Eva." I wave. As I wait for her to catch her breath, I lead her into the house. "What’s so earthshaking?" I chuckle. "Came to see the excitement?" I gesture outside.


"How did you get so out of breath from running next door? You really need more exercise. I th......" She waves her hand stopping my thoughts. "What?"

"Who was that?"

"Some punk. She broke in here to steal something. Must have just came home when she got here, stopped her little ass before she swiped something." I smiled.

"No, Alley."

"No?.....What are you talking about?"

"I was in my garden, trimming my flowers when she walked into your house."


"That was over two hours ago."

"What? Are you telling me she was in my house for over two hours? Why the hell didn’t you call the cops?"

"I thought she a friend of yours. She walked up so casually and went in. I thought she had a key. She didn’t act suspiciously at all." I took a deep breath. "I’m really sorry. I should have called you at least to verify it."

"No, no. Its not your job to keep up with who my friends are." I said quietly. "Guess I better make sure everything’s here."



Together, Eva and I went from room to room. Starting with the living room, nothing was even disturbed except for the things that got moved in our little tussle. Next, the kitchen.

"This was where she was hiding when I got home."

"She didn’t hurt you, did she?"

"No, she tried to run." My heart was sad again. The image of the girl being led away was in my mind again. I began by looking in the lower cabinets while Eva checked the counter.

"Nothing out of the ordinary. Just your breakfast dishes in the drying rack."

"Wait a minute." I moved over and sure enough there were two plates and a fork in the rack. "I don’t eat breakfast at home, Eva. You know that."

"Are you saying these weren’t here when you left?"

"That’s exactly what I’m saying."

"What kind of thief would wash your dishes?" she chuckled. I met her eyes as the thought went through my head.

"A hungry one."


"She was hungry, Eva."


I turned and ran to my bedroom. Eva followed behind. "Alley, what is it?" The money I left in plain sight was still there. I pointed to the two twenties folded on my dresser. Not far from that money, lay my grandmother’s diamond ring. That too was undisturbed.

"She didn’t take the money or the jewelry........She didn’t take anything." I said.

"Don’t read too much into it."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Alley, let’s not forget this woman ‘invaded’ your house. She came in while you were gone and went through your stuff. You’re acting like you feel sorry for her. How do you know that she wouldn’t have taken that stuff if you hadn’t have come home. Given more time, she might have cleaned you out."

"Given time? Eva, she was here for over two hours. If she really wanted my money, she would have went straight for it......It doesn’t look like she even came in here."

"So, what are you going to do? Drop the charges?"

"I don’t know....Guess I better go down there." I sighed.

"You want me to go with you?"


"Alley, you’re really a softy. Don’t get all touchy freely over this. This girl could steal something from someone else down the road...all because you decided to let her go. Who knows, she could’ve all ready broken into someone else’s house and hurt someone."

"Give me a break, Eva. You saw her." I gestured. She shrugged.



I was tired when I first got home. Now I was wide awake, despite working all day. I went straight for the desk of the man who gave me the form to fill out. I dropped it on his desk.

"Hello." he smiled. I returned his smile. Picking up the paper and glancing at it, he frowned. "There’s nothing on the list."

"She didn’t take anything."

"Huh?" he looked up disbelievingly. "She didn’t even break anything?" I shook my head. "What about that stuff on your living room floor?"

"I pushed and grabbed her. I knocked it over in the process." He picked up a pen and jotted something in the margin.

"Well, we can still keep her for the trespassing, entering without your consent....." he trailed off.

"Can I see her?"

"I guess so. You wanna make sure you don’t know her?"

"Yeah." I lied. "That’s it." I put on a fake smile.



I’ve never been in a police station before today. Nor have I went to the holding cells before. There were only three women in the entire compound. Each in separate holding cells. I walked past the first one and found her in the next one. The minute she spotted me, she curled up on the bench, and placed her face into the corner of the back wall. I looked over, silently asking for some privacy. "I’ll wait by the door." As soon as he moved away, I concentrated on the girl in front of me. She was still curled up on the bench, turning as much of her body away from me as she could. My heart went out to her. I actually felt something squeeze my heart. The same feeling I had when they carried her out of my home.

"What’s your name?" No answer. "I’m Alley. I just want to talk to you." Silence. "I wanted to apologize." She began to move. She slowly turned her head towards me.

"Why?" she said quietly. I smiled at my small success to get her to talk.

"I wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt you. I know I scared you and I’m sorry." I said sincerely. Her face was now completely visible to me. Her expression was one of disbelief. I guess it was kind of strange for me to be apologizing to her. "What’s your name?" I ask again.


"You're a beautiful woman." I smile. She casted her eyes down. "Can I ask you something?" She nodded. "Were you planning on stealing my stuff?" She shook her head vigorously.


"What did you want?"

"Food. I haven’t eaten in two days. When I saw you left your door open, I went in. I’m sorry." She wiped her eyes. I moved closer, placing my hands around the bars. So it was true. My analysis was right. She didn’t want my money or jewelry. I found myself smiling even wider.

"I’m dropping the charges." Her head lifted.


"Yeah......You’re welcome to come back to my house." I saw the thought behind her eyes. "I promise I won’t wrestle you to the ground."

"I know that." she said quietly. I moved back to the officer.



I got a few strange looks from some of the men when I told them I wanted to drop the charges and I got even stranger looks when Crystal got into my car. I had no idea what I was going to do with her. As we pulled up to my house, she became nervous again. She had not uttered much in the car on the way here. Now she was staring at the front door.

"Let’s go." I was hoping she would follow my example and get out of the car. By the time I walked around to the passenger side, she exited. Crystal followed almost five feet behind me. I unlocked the door and gestured for her to enter first. "Here we are." Some of the objects knocked over in our scuffle were still on the floor or out of place. She began to pick up the most obvious ones. "You don’t have to do that."

"I want to." she replied. Then, she noticed one of my porcelain figurines that was completely destroyed. "I’m sorry. I really am......I’ll get you the money to replace it."

"Don’t worry about it. It was a gift and besides......" I knelt down beside her and began to help her pick up the pieces. "If I hadn’t have tackled you like a linebacker, we wouldn’t have knocked it over in the first place." She didn’t reply. Crystal returned to helping me pick up the pieces.


After the clean up of my living room and bedroom, we were silent. Apparently, she had nothing else to say. I turned on the TV in the living room and left her to watch it as I finished up my house chores. Every time I would pass near her, she would turn, look at me, and follow me with her eyes until I was out of sight. As I finished up in the kitchen, I turned and saw her standing in the the doorway. Crystal looked at the dishes that were still in the rack. "I was going to put those away before you got home."

"Are you still hungry?" She shook her head.

"Why are you being so nice to me?.......Are you really as insane as I think you are?" I laughed in response.

"I’ve been called crazy at times." I smiled. My smile faded into a content look as I gazed into her eyes. I strided to her, closing the distance between us. She held my gaze as my mouth lowered to hers, giving her a soft kiss on the mouth. "Are you still hungry?" I repeat, this time in a whisper mere inches from her lips. A soft chuckle parts her lips. I take the opportunity to kiss her again. She did not pull away or stiffen. She wanted me to kiss her. I smiled internally.

"I am actually." Taking its cue, her stomach rumbled. We both smiled.


After a rather large, late dinner. I was tired. She would not admit she was tired, but the constant yawning told me otherwise. "You can share my bed......" Crystal looked directly into my eyes, expressionless. "Or you can use the couch..whatever you want....." I trailed off as she continued to look at me. "What’s wrong?"

"I can’t stay here."

"Why not?"

"Its not right." She turned away from me. Crystal couldn’t face me as she said, "This is crazy. I...I don’t know you. I broke into your house, you drop the charges, and ask me back." She turned back around faced me with an odd look on her face. "I mean...what the hell is this? Are you some kind of weirdo or something?" My joyful mood fell. I had no idea she was thinking along those lines.

"No one is forcing you to be here. I think you know why you’re here."


"For the same reason I dropped the charges."

"Which is?" I stepped up and made my point with another kiss. Once again, she was speechless, but I wasn’t.

"You can go anytime you want to." I whispered. "You can stay with me or on the couch. Goodnight." I couldn’t and wouldn’t hide the hurt in my voice. I wanted to meet her eyes, but I couldn’t. I closed my bedroom door and began removing my shirt. Stripping down completely, I slid under my covers. I would sleep with nothing tonight. Closing my eyes, I listened. I didn’t hear a sound from the living room. From where I was lying, I could see that the lights were still on. I was fighting sleep. I wanted to stay awake, but the long day was catching up to me.


I woke up to the sound of movement in my house. Without thought, I grabbed my jersey. Slipping it on as I made my way into the living room. It was pitch black. The moonlight seeping in from the edges of the blinds was the only illumination. The couch was empty. The blanket I had left for her was still folded on the coffee table. Looking around, I saw nothing. I heard someone move behind me. "Crystal?" Suddenly the lights came on, temporarily blinding me.

Two hands grabbed me from behind me. Large hands. It was not Crystal. Another man appeared in front of me, leering. "What do you want?"

"Where’s Crystal?" he snarled. The questioning look that appeared on my face, earned me a vicious slap. "Bitch, where is she?" The man holding me allowed his hands to roam. My attacker now smiled. "Beautiful ain’t she?" he commented. The man behind me ran his hand down my hip. I panicked as his hand drifted under the edge of my jersey. I had enough. Harnessing my energy I extended my right foot, striking the man in front of me on the chin. He fell flat on his back in front of me.

"Hey!" the other man yelled. Grabbing the arm around my chest, I twisted. The popping sound told me his wrist is now broken. "Ahhhh!" Spinning around, with his hand still in my grasp, I twisted his entire arm violently. Another pop and his shoulder is now dislocated. I shoved him down onto the floor.

I made one flaw in my picture perfect attack. I turned my back on my second attacker. I felt a large weight poking me in the back. "Damn, you’re good." he smiled. "Back up." I moved backwards, away from the man knowing writhing on my floor. Grabbing my shoulder, he spun me around. I looked at the small caliber pistol. "Where’s Crystal?" he repeated.

"Fuck you." I said defiantly. There was no way I was going to tell these lowlifes where she was.....if I knew. He loosened his grip on the gun, turning it around. Just as he was about to pistol-whip me, we all heard footsteps outside. The knob of the front door turned and Crystal appeared. I was both relieved and terrified. Relieved she came back, terrified of what might happen to her for making that decision.

"What the hell are you doing, Larry?!"

"Crystal, are you all right?" He forgets me and moves towards Crystal.

"I’m fine!" she yells and steps around him. Her eyes are filled with concern. "Alley, are you okay?"

"Physically, yeah."

"Larry, what the hell are you doing?" she repeats.

"I saw you leave in a cop car.....I thought that you were in the slammer because of her..So, I went down to see if I can talk to you and they said you left with this bitch." He turned and gestured to me. "But you weren’t hear when we jimmied the window open and came in. I was scared. I thought she hurt you." I watched him carefully. He was showing genuine concern for her safety. Boyfriend maybe.

"She didn’t hurt me. She offered me a place to spend the night. I snuck out to tell you where I was, but you were gone when I got there." She turned her attention to me. "I’m so sorry, Alley.......This is my brother, Larry......and his brainless goan." she added. The man she was referring to was beginning to get his ability to stand back. Larry turned to me.

"I’ll leave you guys alone then. Come on, Ted." I smiled as Ted limped heavily, holding his arm, out of my door. I walked behind both of them and locked the door behind them.

"Oh gods. I’m so sorry, Alley."


I leaned my forehead against the door and took a deep breath. Without moving I said, "You didn’t have to sneak out......You could’ve just told me.....Why didn’t you just call him?"

"No phone in a cardboard box, Alley." I didn’t move. "Are you hurt?"


"I’m so...."

"Stop." I interrupted. I turned around. "Alley, I’m very tired. I’m scared....I just want to curl up in my bed and go sleep. You want to stay?"


"Fine. Goodnight." I stepped around her and made a beeline for my bedroom. I heard the sound of her closing the open window.



Without realizing it, I left the door open. Also without my knowledge, Crystal followed me. I pulled off my jersey. I started to get in bed when I heard her behind me. I turned around, giving her a full view of my body. I expected a dumb look of shock on her face. What I saw was another form of hunger. I motioned with two fingers for her to come closer. She did. She stopped inches away. I slowly reached up and began to unbutton the shirt she was wearing. Her hands began to roam over my breasts, distracting me. I could barely perform the simple task. Her thumbs grazing my nipples deliberately. "Ohhh." I groaned as she pinched my right nipple. Crystal’s shirt was now off. The button of her jeans was next on my list. Again, she distracted me by bringing my left breast to her mouth. I felt the wetness coating my thighs as I felt....and heard her tonguing my nipple. I quickly finished with her jeans, desperately pushing them down her legs. Crystal released my breast to step out of her jeans and remove her bra. Now I realized that Crystal had turned off the light in the living room before entering my bedroom. The only light source was the moonlight, but I could see her beautiful figure and I know she could see mine.

As I stepped closer to her to get a taste of her mouth, her hands grabbed my backside. She pulled me closer. I groaned as my mouth went to hers. We hungrily searched each other’s mouths. Her hips continued to grind slowly against me. One small barrier. Just one, between me and her. She was pulling my hips harder against her. Going underneath her underwear, I grabbed two handfuls. Picking her up, I laid her down on my bed and placed myself on top of her. She immediately rolled me over, pinning me. Straddling me, she began to grind against me again. Desperate, my hand went to her waistband. As she moved, my hand clamped down on the material, pulling it to make a point. I wanted it off. I wasn’t about to ask her to stop. My center was dripping as she continued to grind. I felt more and more of her center as the material became increasingly damp. "Take ‘em off." she breathed as she placed her hands on my breasts. I held my breath and yanked. The ripping sound echoed in my ears. We groaned together as we finally felt each other fully. Pushing my hand between us, I entered her. She screamed and rode me harder. The weight of her pushed my own hand against my swollen clit. I moved with her as she sped up, slamming me harder into the mattress. I was ready. She was getting there. I felt the first tremors go through her center. I literally focused on something else. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on stopping it. I wanted her to be with me. "Alley!" she screamed. I gasped as I let my self control go. Just as my climax began, she looked right into my eyes and right into my soul.

She collapsed on top of me. Her hair was soft against my bare skin. I concentrated on calming my breathing, as she calmed hers. "Do you believe in fate?" she breathed. I chuckled at the first statement after our lovemaking.

"Yeah, I guess." I breathed. Unconsciously, I began to stroke her hair.

"Fate brought me to you." Crystal said softly.

"How do you mean?"

"I never come down this street."


"I never come into this neighborhood." I coaxed her to raise her head from my chest.

"Why did you?"

2My brother was casing this neighborhood. I came with him. I saw you walk out of your house and I felt this....incredible feeling of....I don’t know....happiness when I saw you. I went with my brother and came back....I just stared at your house before I went in. I was hungry and......"

"I know. Its okay. I understand.....So you deliberately waited for me?"

"Not exactly. I did want to see you again, but I thought I had more time. When I was here, I really felt like I was home....I didn’t want to leave." she whispered. "That’s why I believe in fate........I know. Its stupid."

"No, its not.....Stay with me."

"You’re kidding."

"No I’m not." I say sincerely.

"You don’t know me. I’m a wanna be thief."

"You’re not your brother."

"How do you know?"

"You have a good heart, Crystal."

"I’m sorry my brother came here."

"I would have done the same if you suddenly disappeared."

"You would?"

"I love you."


"I said......I love you."

"Alley....I love you, too." I knew my smile was wide. Her face matched mine.

"One thing."

"What?" Her smile disappeared as she suddenly became worried.

"Tell your brother to use the door."

"Yeah.....I did." Her smile returned.

"I’m serious about you staying with me."

"I’m serious about staying."


"Are you sure you want a thief, who was in your house, stay for good?"

"You are not a thief. The only thing you took from me was to survive. I have a feeling that’s what you’ve been doing all your life....surviving. Not stealing."

"Is there a difference?"

"There is in my eyes."

"You always thought like that?" she questioned.

"Not at first. I didn’t understand.....I guess it took a thief to change my mind."


"My mother."

"What?!" She sat completely upright. Crystal had been resting on her forearms on my chest. Now she was off of me and wanting an answer.

"My mother is a kleptomaniac." I smiled. She didn’t. My voice took on a serious tone even though my heart was light. "She spent a lifetime in and out prison. I guess I snapped when I thought I was a victim. I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions like that. I guess I had a a pretty biased opinion on stealing."

"Technically I did steal from you."

"Stop it. Please. Just forget it. I don’t care about your past. I want your future." Crystal leaned down and kissed me softly. She did take something from heart.

the end ...


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