April 1st, 2002

You've made it this far have you? <bg> In that case I have a treat for you having made it through my trick. Here are a few stories from some bards who know how to tell a joke...

Operation: Annihilate! (Or, A Faithful and True Account of the Thrilling Adventures of the Galactic Super Squad, With Extra Helpings of Big Scary Aliens and Some Gratuitous Sex, Hold the Anchovies) by Nene Adams

Her Majesty's a Pretty Nice Girl by vivian darkbloom


April Fool's, Charlie Brown by Kim Pritekel


Alias Smith and Jones by T. Novan and Advocate
Two con women are conned themselves and set out on a mission to give back a lifetime of ill-gotten gains. In this off-the-wall comedy where the insane collides with the divine, Delilah and Dixie figure out that going 'straight' isn't as easy as it looks.


The Joke's on You by Tara Kerry


Tree Huggers, Children & Broken Decoys...by Ali Vali
What happens when a star gazing, workaholic, gourmet coffee drinker comes into an inheritance she wasn't expecting? Add to that an annoying inspector that wants nothing to do with her at first and you get the title to this story.


In Your Court by Cephalgia


An Old Fool is an April Fool by T. Foolery


No Fool like a Young Fool by S. X. Meagher


The Joke by Anais
A short story


As Good as it Gets by Kamouraskan and Lariel


Foolin' Around by Idryth