The 2017 Royal Academy of Bards April Fools (or whatever) Special

What happened to the Valentine Day invitational? Apparently the email I thought I had sent out, never sent. I just thought that no one was participating or life had gotten busy. So I'm asking for a re-do. On April 1st, we will have a delayed Valentine invitational for the Academy of Bards. But since it's April Fools day, I figure all things are a go. Any holiday, any story - you have free reign.
    ~ The Royal Academy of Bards Staff

A Bad Day For Sarah - D. J. Belt

The Incorrigible Janice Covington - Norsebard

Forever More - Carrie Carr

The Wall Dog's Ghost Sign - Geonn Cannon

Flea Market Flicker - Norsebard

Sally's Story - Mickey Minner

Ride Around Midnight - Norsebard

You Give Love A Bad Name - Del Robertson

Triplet-Not-Triplet - Lois Kay

Nobody's A Fool - Tey Holden

The Foolish Valentine’s Adventures of Brice Johnson - Silverwriter01

Make a Wish, Baby - Texbard

One Perfect Moment - D

Homecoming - Melissa Good

Tell Me Lies- SX Meagher


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