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Last Updated:  8/31/2017

Little Disquietude

Leah Fisher, a not-yet-famous-at-30 actress from New York City, finally gets her big break in a small, avant-garde musical in North Carolina. There, amidst the other shows of the summer season, she meets Sophia Medina, a young, ambitious understudy. She soon finds that trying to balance lust and drama isn't easy, especially when the director, the leading man, and the universe all seem to be conspiring to ruin her.

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Xena leaves for the north, and Gabrielle doesn't follow. Based on the events of 6x7, The Rheingold.

The Riches of Mercy

North Carolina prosecutor Natalie Ivanovich just needs a weekend in Wilmington to clear her head. But when a deer crosses her path, she finds herself swerving and stranded in a small town hospital. Her nurse, Merry Jameison, is her only anchor, but Merry has problems of her own and she needs a good lawyer. Natalie might be facing the trial of her life.

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Sail to Apollo

Captain Shaw is a feared pirate in the 17 th century just trying to make a living. A mysterious woman called Nous boards her ship in the middle of the ocean, speaking of a quest to save the world. Shaw thinks Nous is crazy, but that doesn't mean she's wrong.