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AC Henley

Last Updated:  8/13/2009

2009 Hall of Fame
Story - McKee
2010 Hall of Fame
Story - Miss Match

A Defining Moment

A Slice of Life

A Meaning  [Academy Solstice 2006]


Just a little story about a PI. She has no special physical skills or supernatural skills. She finds plenty of trouble but in the end everything turns out just ducky.

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McKee 2 - Removed at Author's Request - Published

Miss-Match - with Aurelia

Clancy Fitzgerald's life was a mess. Thirty was approaching at light speed and she was still a virgin. Not even the experienced matchmaker, Minerva Goldberg, could ease her distress…at least not until Minerva organized an extraordinary blind date. Carmen Pratka had approached the date with no expectations but soon found herself challenged to not only convince the woman she was gay but that she was the right woman for the job.

One, Two Oh   [Academy Personals 2008]