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Last Updated:  9/2/2005

The Burning Candle

Xena is on a mission in Syria when a sudden injury changes her into a woman with a mind of a child. Gabrielle finds her and soon afterward they are both captured to be sold as slaves in Baghdad. This is a total Gabfest as the spunky bard must find a way out of their predicament and help bring back the Xena she knows and loves. Contains violence. Read warning first as some scenes are disturbing.

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Make A Wish

A terminally ill girl named Jenny is transported via her dreams to ancient Greece. It is here she finds a grieving Xena who blames herself for Gabrielle's death. Yet in Jenny's own timeline a grim nurse unwittingly becomes emotionally involved in the young woman's life. A three hanky story.

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Hypatia's Shadow

In a former High Priestess's wake, dire doings abound in the Vestal Virgin's secluded cloister. A new, non-X&G, original fiction after a very long hiatus.