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A.J Akechi

Last Updated:  10/28/2007

Tales of the Airaito: The Crimson Tide with N. D Matsunga  [Incomplete]

It is a universe far removed from the realm of humanity as we know it today. The race that was once Humanity had fallen, known now only as the Kojin (Those of Ancient Times) by the Airato whose ancestors adapted those forgotten cultures to their own. It is now 3130th, the Last Year of Enlightenment, and a new chapter dawns amidst the realm of the ordinary and the great.

The Sirn'oan Kingdom now stands on the precipice of a 'Dark Era' as the great clan that had heralded the Age of Enlightenment is torn asunder in the ravages of a great civil war. A war in which the price was not only existence, but the very philosophies which governed the lives of those within it's dominion. Far removed from the turmoil though, Two paths entwine, paths that seemed not unlike two sides of a coin both seek to learn their place together in the face of opposition from both fate and themselves.

The Crimson Tide has begun.

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