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Andi Marquette

Last Updated:  11/28/2007

The Collector

Lady Sarah will do anything to find her father's gold and exact revenge on the privateer who took it. When offered a way to accomplish her goals, it's clear that the terms of the agreement might be a devil's bargain.

The Kindness of Strangers

Aidan O'Brien is on her way to grad school in Missoula in the wake of a nasty break-up and the uncertainty of a wide open future. On an already bad day, her truck breaks down outside Butte and she'll have to spend at least one night there, maybe another. But sometimes unexpected turns can lead down new roads, and Butte might turn out to be just what she needed.

Road Trip

Codie's moving back to Seattle from Orlando. She's got a long drive ahead of her, but a cute stranger at a rest stop gives her fodder for fantasy. Much to Codie's surprise, the cute stranger seems to be traveling the same route, and the fantasy has a chance to become reality and maybe a bit more.

Some Kind of a River  [removed by request ofauthor due to publication]

To tell or not to tell? That's Dez's dilemma. As an outdoor nut and river guide, she's spent 4 summers working with fellow guide Mel. But the 5th proves different because Dez's feelings for Mel have deepened beyond friendship. Problem is, she's not sure Mel reciprocates and if Dez tells her, it could ruin one of the best friendships she's had. But if she doesn't tell, Dez might be missing out on a chance for something beyond buddy with Mel.

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Tristan, a grad student in archaeology, is spending her summer in Athens. She has a rep among her student colleagues for her free-wheeling attitude toward sexual liaisons. Tristan insists there's more to her than that, but she's having a hard time convincing the object of her true affections of that.