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Annazon Fox

Last Updated:  4/15/2011

All I Want for Solstice   [Academy Solstice 2009]

Bacchus Remembers

Gabrielle and Xena are separating their belongings in preparation for Gabrielle's upcoming marriage to Perdicas. Meanwhile, Gabrielle can't stop thinking about when she and Xena were Bacchae. Having written about the Bacchae Incident in the Xena Scrolls, she can't shake the feeling that she has left out an important part of that story.

Betrayal   [Summer 2010 Challenge 1000 Words]

Doubt   [Summer 2010 Challenge 1000 Words]

Gambling   [Summer 2010 Challenge 1000 Words]

Her Type   [Summer 2010 Challenge 1000 Words]

Home   [Summer 2010 Challenge 1000 Words]

Godspeed, Amazons   [Academy Bard Challenge 24]

The Legacy of Lao Ma

Ever wonder what really happened between Xena and Lao Ma? This short story retells the events of The Debt I and II from Lao Ma's perspective, specifically recounting her reasons for trying to heal Xena physically and spiritually.

The Path Taken

Shortly after Xena comes back to life in "The Quest," Xena and Gabrielle travel with two of their Amazon friends to an annual Amazonian festival. Gabrielle believes the festival will provide the perfect backdrop to tell Xena of her love for her. As can be expected, complications ensue and Gabrielle find that she must make a difficult choice.

Redemption   [Academy Valentines 2011]

Some Friends In Deed

This is a post-Friend in Need tale of redemption. It includes Amazons, bonfires, and that ever-so-romantic setting otherwise known as "a cave."

Propositions   Law & Order: SVU

A politically-charged case threatens to bring Olivia and Alex's feelings for each other to the surface.

Perfect   Law & Order: SVU - Bones

A gruesome case leads Dr. Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth to New York City, where they must work with the Special Victims Unit. Personal tensions threaten relationships and the FBI/SVU collaboration.

Real Man   Law & Order: SVU

This story is a re-write of the (in)famous SVU episode “PC.” It is also a sequel to my story “Propositions.” A lesbian has been murdered in New York City and several suspects emerge, including the woman's ex-partner. Meanwhile, Alex and Olivia try to negotiate their new relationship.