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Barbara Buncle

Last Updated:  9/10/2005

Stochastic Resonance   [removed by request of author]

Set in the future, Stochastic Resonance explores a time when nothing is left to chance. Humans are constructed for specific purposes, and designated by their jobs; forbidden to breed or touch each other because of fear of disease or dysfunction, their lives are spent tending the huge ships that take them from planet to planet. Only the ships have names, gobbling resources and alien civilizations as they go.
But not all aliens are such easy pickings, and perhaps some of those supposedly obsolete forbidden customs were not eliminated as successfully as the rulers would like to think. When the aliens begin to fight back, everything on shipboard begins to fall apart, leaving one researcher a chance to discover new things about herself and some of her crewmates. Meanwhile, a spy is abandoned on a hostile planet, just as she too makes a new discovery.