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Bik and Cassandra

Last Updated:  9/9/2005

Gabrielle's Fable Series

New Friends

The story begins and ends with a Xena/Gabrielle vignette. The fable has an eager, young chicken meeting a free-range warrior chicken who helps the young chick rescue her family, with the help of a farm horse. The young chicken decides to travel with her new-found friends.

Sometimes You Get The Bear

The three companions see a caravan with a performing bear. Billie, the young chicken, wants to help him get away, and her companions reluctantly agree to help. Their plan succeeds; the bear returns to his family. Billie visits her family, and learns that her home is with her friends.

Ergo's Tale

Told from the point of view of Ergo, the horse. Our three friends expose a corrupt mayor and save a town from flooding. And if you don't think chickens and a horse can clean up a town, read the story.

A Dazed Life

Chronicles a day in the life of Billie, the young chick, Aquila, the warrior chicken, and Ergo, the former farm horse, who has to fight off the advances of a donkey. We lost count of how many X:WP episodes are hinted at in this fable. We do cover the entire rift in about two paragraphs; too bad the series writers couldn't have done the same.

The Rabbit And The Hawk

The three adventurers meet a rabbit who is after a con hawk who cheated his mother out of her savings. They come up with a plan to con the hawk, with the help of a travelling sales bear.

The Revenge Of The Hawk

The hawk is out for revenge on those who fooled him. But his foes are more resourceful than he realizes.

A Day At The Fair... And What It Leads To

Aquila gives Billie and Ergo a treat by taking them to a town that is having a fair. They are tired after their first day of seeing all the sights when they come across a chipmunk who loves a rabbit. But neither family approves of the union. The three companions decide to help the star-crossed lovers - with unexpected consequences. Our Shakespeare parody.

Pecking Order, Or, Hoist On Her Own Petard

Has the warrior chicken met her match? Can Aquila be defeated? Whose swan song will it be? On their way east to Ergo's ancestral homeland, Aquila, Billie, and Ergo meet up with an old friend who is helping the local folks fight a swan and her gang. One of the interesting things about writing these Fables is how easily some of the characters from the television show can be portrayed as animals. It's frightening sometimes!


A very short story in which we find out that warrior chicks just wanna have fun!

Pei Back, Or, Two Chickens In A Basket

The warrior chicken and her sidekicks go East in search of Ergo's heritage. A royal duck crash lands in the middle of their quest, and another adventure begins. The fate of a dynasty rests in their wings.

Life Is A Prairie

The next thrilling installment in the warrior chicken chronicles. The journey to rejoin Ergo takes a treacherous turn when Billie and Aquila are stalked by a snow leopard. They join forces with the snow leopard to help a moose who thinks heís a reindeer, in a fight for their lives. And Billie discovers a secret weapon and makes a fashion statement.

Whacked Series

Whacked - An Angel

Written in response to the 5th season opener. If you are going to be dead, you might as well enjoy the afterlife. Xena and Gabrielle are on probation from paradise, doing good deeds on earth.

Whacked - An Angel Again: Return Of Callisto

The "reformed" Callisto is getting on everybody's nerves in paradise so the powers-that-be come to Xena and Gabrielle for help. They hope that if Callisto can travel with our gals and see that doing good is a positive force, she may get back some of her old spirit.

Whacked By An Amazon Angel

The spiritual Xena and Gabrielle meet the spiritual Ephiny, and return with her to the Amazon village. They are greeted by the spiritual Solari. It seems there are still Romans lurking around the village, and the Amazons need all the other-worldly help they can get. Xena, in her usual style, makes everything right. Along the way Ephiny and Solari receive some much-appreciated pointers on afterlife activities. Once again that burning question - is there subtext in paradise - receives a possible answer.

Whacked By An Angel Too: Taking Care Of Joxer

Our favorite angels decide to see how Joxer is doing - at least Gabrielle wants to see that Joxer is okay and Xena goes along for the laughs. They convince him, they hope, to give up his idea of being a warrior and settle down with Meg, who can probably handle him.

Zeena and Bri Series

Incident At The Antiq**s And Eats Truck Stop

A cashier (Bri) at a truck stop meets her soulmate (Zeena), a sometime monster truck driver. She leaves her cash register and rides off with Zeena in her Mustang.

Life Is A Two-Lane Highway

Picks up several minutes after the action of the first story. Bri realizes that she has in effect quit her job and has nowhere to go. She takes Zeena up on her offer to stay with her for now.

Destiny Rides Again

Things are not moving fast enough in their relationship for Bri. She thinks maybe a movie will get her slow-moving friend in the right mood. After the movie they go for a drive; eventually they stop the car and look at the stars - for a few seconds anyway.

Bri Said, Zee Said

Our two clueless heroines have their first real fight. But since they are soulmates, they will make up.

The Beanbag Chair Incident

Zeena has a great day; Bri has a so-so day. But the day ends perfectly for both of them - finishing up with pizza.

Not Going Fishing

Bri and Zeena plan a weekend getaway to do some fishing. However packing becomes more of a challenge than either of them imagined. The fish can breathe a sigh of relief.