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Last Updated:  9/9/2005

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Hope Full Series

Book One: Sacrifice Survived

Book One deals with what happened after Gabrielle fell into the volcano with Hope in Sacrifice 2. It attempts to answer all the questions which the show never did as to where she was, and why she did not remember what had happened to her when she reappeared in Family Affair.

Book Two: The Bound Bard

The Bound Bard takes place during A Family Affair, and goes through that story, adding things that were not shown during the ep and giving insight into Gabrielle's thoughts and actions as based on Book 1 of Hope Full, Sacrifice Survived.

Book Three: Devi's, Demons And Deceits

Devi's, Demons and Deceits takes place during Devi. The story takes a quick look at all of Season 4 up to the India Arc, and then follows Xena and Gabrielle to India and through the story of Devi, but with extra scenes and delves deep into Gabrielle's mind as well.

Book Four: The Cross Roads

This story is my own look at what happened in Alti's vision of Xena and Gabrielle being crucified, and differs substantially from what happened in the show.

Book Five: This March To A Different Drum

Continues and finishes the story Hope Full, by again departing the cannon of the show to tell my version of Xena and Gabrielle's final meeting with Caesar and a little bit more.