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Bobbie Halchishak

Last Updated:  11/28/2018

A Chance Encounter

Kylie Rogers is a young brilliant business woman whose thriving chain of bookstores is the very center of her life. A published and accomplished writer, she also has a hard time making friends. One day after a strange accident, she meets Luce Donovan, a corporate investigator/hatchet man who shows her a moment of surprising kindness. Without expecting to, they strike up a sudden and deep friendship which leads Kylie to a life altering epiphany, forcing her to do some serious thinking about her life.

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Hades Promise

Gabrielle has died during the Thessolian Minatoin conflict, or so it appears. Before she discovers her fate, Hades demands a word with her. What could a god want with her and just what might the choice he presents to her mean for the future?

Letting Go

Xena and Gabrielle have spent the past week in the Amazon village helping them rebuild after Valesca's rampage. Once everything begins to settle back to normal, they have a chance to talk about Xena's death, the kiss and more. And one of them will finally let go.

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Paying the Piper

Solon is dead, killed by Hope. Xena and Gabrielle have been torn about by his death and each of their roles in it. Will they ever find their way back to each other and the love they once knew? Or will they turn from each other in despair?

Second Chances

Anila, a young and talented blacksmith of an easily forgettable backwater village is haunted by the death of her one and only student. Can she ever forgive herself for the role she played in her death? Or will she be forever haunted by it and her dark violent past?