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Boudica X

Last Updated:  7/8/2011

Amor Vincit Omnia

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My Domina

This story is set in ancient Roman times so there is slavery, violence, sexual violence, and sex that are portrayed very graphically. Please take this into consideration before reading. This tale is about the struggle of a slave to protect her mistress when she has no protection of her own.

A Season of Loss

A story of loss and what two women must go through to find out if they really are meant for each other.

A Season of Change

The second in a line of stories that is quickly becoming a series. Jess and Mac continue on in thier lives...together?

A Season of Renewal

Jess and Mac have been down a long hard road together. Will they be able to reconcile their differences and make their family whole again? This is the last story in a series of three.


Tracy Ross and Bell Rivers weren't planning to meet today necessarily, but Chase seemed to create strange circumstances for each of them. Det. Ross reluctantly enlists Bell's help and ends up with the confession of a lifetime.

Through Her Eyes

A short story about how the person that you love sees you.