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Last Updated:  1/28/2013

Queen Tarranna of Georstrie

Queen Tarranna of Georstrie is the introduction to the characters in a series of yarns. As such, it focuses on the characters and how they interact with each other. The main character is Tarranna who was born into a world where four of the five surrounding kingdoms are ruled by murderers, slavers and dictators.

This is story about a young girl who fights her way out of an abusive childhood to become Queen. It tells of how she develops as a person and finds love and a family.

Georstrie slowly becomes a land ruled by Queen Tarranna who is determined to exterminate evil, slowly and forever. Even if it means destroying the foundations of the world she currently lives in. In order to build this better world, Queen Tarranna is on the cusp of building a new religion, societal structure and even creating a little magic.

Queens Tarranna of Chandral   [Incomplete]

This story takes place in an alternate universe where the twins Tarranna and Chandral were not taken from their mother and were raised at home. In this reality they became Queens of Georstrie but Queens who allowed slavery. Gardenya has been destroyed, the ruling family killed. Lili and Tashan are refugees fleeing to Georstrie when they are captured and made slaves of the Queens.

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Guardians of the Mother

the Guardians have just been married and are enjoying a few days off. The dragon babies cause some trouble and of course their mums have to join in.